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OZCETERA A still from Angie Tribeca, starring Rashida Jones

North Creative Takes On Big Projects

64 Over 8’s cast and crew

Extras Get the Spotlight in 64 Over 8


tlanta-based full-service post and production house North Creative continues to expand their portfolio with exciting new projects. Writer/producer Kristen Walter and senior editor Parker Davidson produced a 60-second behind-the-scenes look at TBS’s new hit show Angie Tribeca as well as a digital trailer for season 10 of American Dad. The team, along with senior colorist and compositor Rob Lederman, also collaborated on campaigns for Golden Corral, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and Grady Hospital.


ave you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in Atlanta’s entertainment industry? In May at the Plaza Theatre, audiences discovered just that with the premiere of the hilarious new show 64 Over 8, presented by Monolopolus Productions in association with Vaslov Entertainment. 64 Over 8 is an unconventional dark television comedy about a group of extras navigating their way through long hours, boredom, bad food and,

sometimes, demeaning treatment. The pay? $64 for eight hours. Starring Edward Reid, Ryan Monolopolus, Olga Filatova, Jaime Griffon, Walter Hendrix III, Josh Jordan and Michael Kam, the show’s creative team includes writer, co-producer and co-director Edward Reid and co-producer and co-director Ryan Monolopolus.

Panavision Ups the Ante


anavision has added a new line of filters to its portfolio of unique products for rent, now available from Panavision offices and facilities around the world. “Until now, cinematographers using traditional ND filters to control exposure have always had to deal with color shifting and optical performance degradation,” says Haluki Sadahiro, Panavision’s director of new product development. “Unlike traditional filters, PanaNDs are made with the highest quality glass and advanced coating technologies. As a result, they are truly neutral—cutting the light without altering the color temperature.” Panavision has PanaNDs


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PanaND filters are available in a wide range of options from one to seven stops and come in 4x5.65 and 6x6-inch sizes. The filters feature a sturdier construction and patent-pending tactile markings so users can quickly identify the depth of the ND filter in the dark. “PanaND filters are another example of Panavision’s close collaboration with filmmakers that goes back 60 years,” adds Sadahiro. “Our focus on motion picture production allows us to better understand the needs and methods of cinematographers. Supporting them with the right tools and unparalleled service is our passion.”