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CITRUS processing

Bertuzzi has gained a wide experience in the design and production of CITRUS processing machinery: equipment for freshly squeezed high quality juice, NFC pasteurized juice, FCOJ, essential oil recovery. We can supply complete citrus processing lines on turnkey basis as well as single machines to meet specific requirements.


RECEIVING, WASHING, SORTING Fresh citrus fruits are fed to our washer INOXALL. The unit has been designed for washing by immersion, supplied with large tank and fruit elevator to feed the subsequent sorting line model SELINOX. This unit consists of a roller belt conveyor which, slowly rotating, allows to inspect carefully the citrus fruits as to eliminate the rotten or unsuitable ones which cannot support the subsequent industrial process. We manufacture different models of BRUSHING MACHINES suitable for citrus- or other fruits. Our brushers have a heavy duty structure in stainless steel; the rotating brushes are in nylon with external motorization.

ESSENTIAL OIL EXTRACTION For the extraction of essential oils from whole fruits Bertuzzi has designed the CITRORAP which pierces the peel by rotating rollers. Designed in several versions for different hourly capacities two adjustable motorizations allow to optimise the oil extraction cycles varying the fruit advancing and speed of the scraping rollers thus having a versatile machine suitable for any work. It is furthermore an excellent solution to decontaminate from chemicals the peels of fruits used for the extraction of fresh juice.

DEPULPING/REFINING The juice is depulped by means of helicoidal extractors and centrifuges in order to meet the customers’ requirements for pulp content. Our helicoidal extractors model ESM and Super have been designed especially to refine citrus juice. These units are suitable to treat the high-pulpy juice coming from the extractors as to gently squeeze the pulp in a progressive way in order to obtain a low-pulpy juice.


JUICE EXTRACTION Bertuzzi provides two different types of extractors: • roller type (CITROTAL) • individual cup type squeezing and refining (CITROSTAR) CITROTAL is mainly used for the production of juices to be concentrated, while CITROSTAR juice extractors are preferred for the production of high quality fresh juices. Our CITROTAL extractors can process any kind of citrus fruits without grading (calibrating) with a limited amount of essential oil getting into the juice and a very high productivity. In the CITROSTAR the juice flows down from the centre of the fruit without contamination of the peel. This unit works calibrated fruits and its operation cycle includes 4 phases: feeding & positioning of the fruit on the extraction cup, closing of the fruit between two cups, compression of the fruit and pushing of pulp and juice into the refining cyclinder, juice squeezing and refining. The machine is available in three versions, depending on the required capacity: 1-head, 3-head and 6-head.

CONCENTRATION Rising film plate evaporators are used in order to keep retention times and product temperatures low.



Depending on the final use of the juice it may include: • refrigeration only • pasteurization • sterilization

We have realized a large number of filling applications such as ASEPTIC FILLING of concentrate, regular DRUM FILLING (NFC or concentrate) to be frozen and of course fresh juice going straight into the PET bottle, glass- or also pouch.

It can be carried out by either a tube in tube heat exchanger, plate- or scraped surface- depending on the operation parameters and the type of final product required.



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If a single machine, a pilot plant or an industrial-size processing line, we will be pleased to find the right answer to your needs. Every product means different requirements. Tell us your requirements, because we do not only supply machines, but solutions.



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