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So do you have a wife or are you out on the road having fun? What’s your situation right now? I mean, shit, you know, I got three kids – twin boys, and I’m with they mom right now. I know you’re a popular guy in Tampa. You’ve probably had some groupie love and all that. Does having kids slow down your sex life? Nah, not really. I do my thang. It’s slowed down a little bit. Do you have females coming up to you wanting to hook up because of who you are? What’s the craziest groupie approach you’ve had? Let me see, I’ve had a couple of ‘em. I done had some of ‘em catch me in the club and just start sucking on my medallion, shit like that, I guess implying what she’ll do to me. Did you let her get what she wanted? Nah, actually I didn’t get a chance to catch up with her. When I catch her I’ma see what she’s about. What about celebrity females? If you could hit any three celebrities in the world who would they be? Definitely gotta be Eve. I have the biggest crush on Eve. I’d have to get on Eve real proper, real decent. Why Eve? I don’t know. It’s just something about her, you know what I’m sayin’? A lot of people say she looks funny but to me she fine as hell. Eve and let me see who else…I did like Diamond from Crime Mob but Scrappy took her from me. It’s a lot of ‘em out there but the biggest crush I can think of off the top of my head is Eve. She definitely could get it. You know she had a lil sex tape. Maybe you could make one with her. That’s what made me think I could say something to her ‘cause it ain’t like she green to the fact. I know she got that type of side in her so the shit I’m sayin’ wouldn’t be foreign to her. Even though I wouldn’t approach her like that, but us being human, that’s gonna come eventually. Have you ever filmed yourself? Nah, the most I done got into some shit like that was I’m doing my thang, and me and my homeboys had this thing where I’d call them and just sit the phone on the dresser or some

shit and let them hear how it’s goin’ down. And then they’d call my other homeboys on three-way and everybody just be in there listening. That sounds like some high school shit. Do y’all still do that? Nah, we don’t do that shit no mo’. We outgrew that shit. Nowadays, most of the time, we run into chicks that gon’ pop it off with everybody or she might have a friend and they’ll pop it off with everybody. Or we all in the same house, or the same room if we on the road, and they can hear the shit. You like the females that let the whole crew get it in? Yeah, sometimes. I don’t do it like that all the time, I got my picks, I wouldn’t call it crabbin’ or cuffin’, but I got picks that I’ll slide off with and I got my picks that pop it off for the whole click. What’s the largest number of people you’ve had in the same room at the same time? You know what? That’s kinda like a fantasy of mine. I ain’t never really been a part of no big orgy, well, you know, I been a part of shit like that but not where everybody’s just off the chain with everybody. That’d be some shit that would spark my interest. Do you have a favorite porn star? I’m feeling the girl with pink hair from Atlanta. What’s her name, Pinky? It’s a girl with some hot pink hair from Atlanta and she’s pretty decent. It’s her and it might be one or two mo’ but I don’t really know they names. I just know ‘em by face when I see ‘em. Why is she your favorite? I guess when I first seen her doing her thang, you know how niggas be ridin’ around with that shit in they car when they stuntin’ with them screens, when I saw her I was like, damn. She caught my attention. Usually I don’t even pay that shit no attention. I see that shit all the time, but when I saw her, she caught my attention. And then one time we was in Atlanta, we went to some strip club called Tootsies or something like that, and when you walk outside they had a whole table of just shit with her on it. So I’m like, damn, I’m kinda locked in on her as far as porno stars go... Look out for the rest of this interview, which is featured in OZONE’s upcoming sex issue.


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