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What’s your background as a singer? Ms. Williams: I sang at church and at school. I was a director of my youth choir at church all the way up through my teenage years. I was always in chorus at school. Shortly after I got out of school I started taking vocal lessons. I always wanted to sing but I didn’t know exactly how I was gonna do it. This came along in my life and this is where God led me so this is where I am. How did State come into the group? State: About a year before the group was started, I ran into Souljah and we became friends. He was always telling me about stuff he had going on and how he was recording. I went to New York and when I came back I ran into him. That’s about when we got serious, sat down and put it together. With the “All da Way Live” song, were y’all pushing it a while before it got on radio? Or did it make its way there on its own? Souljah: We had to push it, just like any other major or independent label would push a product – through radio campaigns, advertisements, promoting, different marketing schemes, all the way to paying to open up for major artists. We did everything, street teaming, anything that has to do with promoting a record and the group. It’s on radio in other cities too. Plus, it’s just one of those songs that grew legs. We did the same thing with “In da Bikke” and we didn’t have nowhere near as much success with that as “All da Way Live.” Where did the group name come from? Soujah: The name just came from spirituality I guess. Before I even met the group, the name was always in my head. I was a teenager when I was using that name and the group came about three years later. You know how some things happen and they don’t make sense until later? Once the group came together, that’s when the name made sense to me. I think the

name just came from the spirits, I don’t know how that sounds, but that’s how it happened. What’s the story behind the masks you wear? Soulja: That’s part of our group’s signature. Every time we perform we wear masks. It mostly represents the unknown, just like the question mark on the end of Military. Do you have plans for Super Bowl weekend? Soulja: We’re going to be doing a couple teen nights and plus I’m sure we’re gonna be booked for some shows. We’re gonna put on for our city and make sure we get noticed even more and add more momentum to the project. What are some other things y’all have in the works for the upcoming year? Souljah: My plan for the next six months is to sign with a label and use everything we get from signing with a label to brand the group Militant Military? as a major group and not a one-hit-wonder. Ms. Williams: I’m just basically staying focused with the group, maintaining a positive attitude about everything, and doing what I have to do on my part. We’re just following suit with our leader. State: I’m just working real hard. I don’t plan on stopping no time soon. We’ve been grinding out here for years so we’re ready. Words by Ms. Rivercity OZONE MAG // 25

OZONE Mag Super Bowl 2009 special edition - Side A  

Side A: Chris J & Plies cover