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To start off I’m going to give you two celebrities and you pick which one of the two you’d rather fuck. T.I. or Ludacris? And why? T.I. ‘cause he’s sexy. Nas or Jay-Z? Nas, of course. He seems more fuckable than Jay-Z. [Jay-Z] doesn’t seem like he can do much in bed. Ok, how about Lil Wayne or T-Pain? This is hard because neither one I would do. Lil Wayne. I don’t know, he just…I don’t think I could be high enough or drunk enough to go there [with T-Pain]. Big Boi or Andre 3000? Big Boi. Because Andre seems like he would be too weird in the bed. I ain’t into all that weird shit. Alright. I’ll give you one more: DJ Drama or DJ Khaled? Drama. Because Khaled got a belly and it just looks disgusting. He don’t look like he got nothing. Let’s talk about your song “Smell Yo Dick.” Do you actually smell your man’s dick? Of course. So, what’s the reasoning behind smelling a dick? Well, it can be a couple reasons why you can smell your man’s dick. On the song I made it was to find out if your man was cheating. Another reason would be, you smell it before you suck it, because if it smell kinda musty you ain’t finna go down there. That’s the other reason why you would wanna smell your man’s dick. So, what does it have to smell like for you to suck it? It damn sho’ betta not smell musty, or smell like somebody else’s pussy. It just needs to not have a smell. The best thing to do would be to just take a shower before that. What’s your favorite position? Doggy. Is that the same position that you’re best at? Nah.

Riding. What’s the worst sex you ever had? It was less than five minutes. It made me wonder why even bother. What’s the best you ever had? That went on for a long time and it was many positions I’ve never tried before. How long was it? Three hours. Does size matter to you? Yes. I don’t care what nobody says, men with little dicks have to do more fucking than men with bigger dicks. They get straight to the point. I don’t like nobody humping and they not getting no work. Do you send text messages about fucking? Yes. What types of messages do you send and receive? Just messages about how I liked to be fucked, and the same thing comes back to me. What’s the best message you ever got? When I was told that he liked to eat ass. That really did it for me. So you like getting your ass licked? I don’t know about that. Yeah, of course. It’s like, if you’re not expecting it and then you feel it, it’s like, “Damn, that shit’s right. Eat that ass.” I mean, you’ve never had your ass ate, but I know guys that like getting their ass ate. Do you use toys in bed? Yes. My Jack Rabbit, and I got this little vibrator for the clit. Do you use it on the men, too? No. They get to use it on me. Do you think its better when you use toys? I like the toy thing because I know how to hit my spot. And then I ain’t gonna worry about trying to make somebody else nut. I can get my nut at least five times when I use my toy... Look out for the rest of this interview, which is featured in OZONE’s upcoming sex issue.

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