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J. Green, who is originally from the Polk County group OHB, is flying solo and still trying to regenerate the success he had with the club classic “Paralyzed.” Recently beating a murder charge that had him incarcerated for 30 months, J. Green is back in the streets working on a new mixtape. A lot of rappers say they have lived that street life, but this rapper can’t be denied his creditability. What have you been working on since you’ve been out? Just working on this new mixtape called Fresh Out The Gates. What DJ is going to be hosting the mixtape? Well right now it’s undecided, but I think I’m going to go with my boy Supastar J Kwik, that’s my nigga. He’s Gucci Mane’s DJ. I know you were recently locked up. How long were you in jail? I was gone for 30 months. I beat the murder charge they gave me, so I’m back out here in the lab trying to do my thing. 30 months had to be tough. How did you get through that? Shit, to be honest, I lived pretty good in jail. I can’t complain. I listened to my iPod, smoked good reefa, and everything like that. So I can’t really complain. A nigga was living real good to be in jail, but this my county right here so I’m gonna get love. You had an IPod and smoked good reefa while you were locked up? If I ever get locked up in your county I need to talk to your connections. (laughs) Yeah man, you got to have that connect. It’s all about that vibe, it’s some real niggas in there. If you a real nigga they going to fuck with you and look out for you. Since you had an iPod, what music were you listening to that helped you keep your head up while you were locked up? I’m not even gonna lie, while I was down we didn’t have no radios or listen to no music in there, just so happened I had a couple of correctional officers that fucked with me in there. I was on that first Plies album, Rick Ross’ first

album, and a lot of niggas are sleeping on Rich Boy, but I fucked with that nigga. Since you beat the murder charge, can you explain to me what exactly happened that night of the shooting? Well, this fight broke out between two groups of sets in the club. Then after the club, it started again at the Denny’s. Everybody knows that I’m from one of the sets and the dude that got shot is from the other set. Basically everybody knows me because I rap and I do my music thing, so people told the people I did it and the cops came to get me just off that. When I got locked up for that, I had some people come testify for me and they let me go because of that. What happened when the cops came to get you the second time? When the police came the first time, they kicked in my house while me and my daddy were in the house. They tore up the house trying to find a pistol, but they didn’t have any success with that. Me and my brother have another house next door that we rent out, and then they went into that house and found a pistol. I guess they felt like that was the pistol they was looking for. So they left, and let me go because I wasn’t under arrest. Then they came back 13 days later and said I was under arrest for murder. I could have ran and I would have ran if I would have knew I was gonna be locked up for 30 months. I would’ve ran, but I opened the door because I figured I hadn’t did shit. So from that day I didn’t see the streets for 30 months. Are you still with OHB? I originated that, so a part of OHB is going to always be mine, but I’m doing my own thing right now. Those still my niggas though. One of them is locked up, and the other ones are doing their own thing. What’s your favorite song off the new mixtape you have coming out? My favorite one so far is “Going to Trial.” For 09 we ain’t taking no pleas because niggas is copping out too much. How do you feel you stand out from other rappers? If I haven’t done the shit I’m not going to rap about it at all. If you not living like that you don’t need to be rapping about that shit. People want to hear about niggas that’s really going through some trials and tribulations. //


OZONE Mag Super Bowl 2009 special edition - Side A  

Side A: Chris J & Plies cover