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want to buy my CDs or get my autograph, say ing they enjoyed my performance, it was an indescribable feeling. Have you been in Memphis all your life? Yeah, I actually grew up in North Memphis, the same neighborhood as Three 6 Mafia and Yo Gotti. Memphis has a lot of musical history, did that influence you at all? Not in general. What really influenced me was my mom before she passed. My mom was shot and killed when I was 11 years old. I was singing in church since I was five. After my mom passed, it became a dream for me to become a household name. My brothers were in a band and the older I got they said I could really sing. They actually fired their two lead singers and put me and my nephew in when we were like 14 years old. We were young, singing in the band, singing at black tie affairs, sororities, those kind of events. That really inspired me to be a big time star and work on my own stuff. So singing in a band probably made you pretty popular in high school huh? Oh yeah. I’ll never forget, I was singing in a nightclub and I was a basketball star at Northshire High School. My coach always asked me why I was so tired. One night he was in the club when I was singing on stage. He said, “Oh, now I understand why you’re so tired.” I was like, aw man, here I am at one o’clock in the morning singing and I had to go to school at 7:30. Were you ever nervous on stage or were you a natural? I never had stage fright. When you’re born to do something you feel comfortable doing it. It always felt natural to be on stage to entertain, whether it was talking or singing. Besides the “Bubble Bath” song, you also have the “Balcony” single. Talk about some of your music and what people can expect to hear. I got another song called “Lunch Break.” It’s saying all I need is 45 minutes of your time, the first 30 minutes we can use to bump and grind, then we’ll take 10 for a shower and get fresh, and use the last 5 to say goodbye with no regrets. I got another song called “Breakfast in Bed” and I’m not talking about scrambling eggs. I’m talkin’ about throwing back the sheets and tasting something sweet, with my head up under the covers, waking you up out your sleep. I got some real behind-closeddoors type of music. Everybody knows me for bedroom type music.


So do you mess with one particular person in the bedroom or are you single and mingling? I’ll leave that one alone. I’ll just say I’m alright right now. Back to the “Balcony” single. is sex on a balcony something you’ve actually experienced? Yeah. Everything me or my crew writes about is realistic experiences – whether I’ve had ‘em, or my friends and relatives have had ‘em. I don’t like to write music I can’t relate to. “Balcony” is a song that really went down like that. But I didn’t write “Balcony.” Adonis and Sonny Black in Atlanta wrote that. I can relate to it because I’ve experienced it. What’s the big deal with sex on balconies? We interview a lot of artists that say that’s one of their biggest fantasies. For me, just enjoying the right setting outside, a beautiful day or just the right temperature. You gotta have that right setting, just before the sun goes down, with your candles and bubble bath, your rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries, and whipped cream. You gotta have all the ingredients before you get to the balcony. What are your album plans? I can’t wait for my album to drop. It’s called Secrets. We got about four or five major labels interested in me right now. There’s some meetings being set up. It’s gotta be the right situation with someone willing to invest in Chris J. I will say that I’ll give 110% and be a consistent artist. It’s not just two or three songs on my album that sound good and the rest are fillers, I’m not that type of singer. I want you to love my album from the beginning to the end. Plies set the bar for the label and I want to come right behind him. Unique Image and Zack King are on the label too. We appreciate music and we do it because we love it. So what else is coming up for the new year? You been working with any other artists? I got some collaborations on Secrets. I’m not gonna give away all the goodies, but there’s a song about to come out that the women are gonna love. Women, you think you love “Put It On You,” but when this song hits the radio you’re gonna love it like “Bust It Baby.” My album is a host of good music from start to finish, money back guaranteed. If you go get my album and you don’t like it and you see me out, you can get your money back. Naw, I’m just kiddin’. But most definitely it’s gonna be one of those albums that makes people say, “Why wasn’t this guy signed a long time ago?” I have confidence in myself as a singer and performer. I’m here to make some noise. //

OZONE Mag Super Bowl 2009 special edition - Side A  

Side A: Chris J & Plies cover