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just handling some family business and now they’re ready to come out and play. Why did you film the video for “Ridin’ Dirty” in Dallas instead of Houston? Throughout my whole mixtape career Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Arlington showed me the most love out of any other area. I started pushing so many mixtapes out there in the Metroplex that I couldn’t keep up with the demand. I shot my last video in Houston, so this time I decided to show love back to another city that had been treating me like a king. I sold a lot of records out there and every time I go back they always treat me like family. A lot of Houston artists run with their own clique. Do you look at yourself as the solo/renegade/loner artist out of Houston? Do you prefer it that way? It may seem like I’m just off in my own world but I get love from most of the groups in Houston and vice versa. Some others do act confused about me, but I don’t see what’s so confusing about me minding my own business and keeping to myself. We’re in the music business, and a lot of times people are really only friends with you when it’s good business for them to be friends with you. I don’t talk on the phone or party with people as much as someone else

would because I’m just tryin’ to stay sane in this crazy business. I don’t care about who said what to who, or who doesn’t like who, so it ain’t much to talk about unless we gettin’ money together. I’m a serious workaholic. Some people take that the wrong way like I don’t mess with them, but really it’s because I have real-life morals and not rap world morals. I could see how people could look at it that way because at the end of the day what I’m pushin’ is me and my own. Much respect and love to everybody else, but last time I checked there wasn’t another clique or group that went out of their way to see that my bills get paid. I been standin’ on my own two feet for a while and that has made me a stronger individual. Have things cooled down in your “beef” with Mike Jones and Paul Wall? Yeah. Congrats to Mike. Congrats to Paul. Congrats to me. Everybody is doin’ well, and I’m not just sayin’ that to be politically correct for this interview. If I didn’t mean it, I wouldn’t say it. The instigators have died down, even though a lot of the fan feuding hasn’t. I’m just glad I can focus on being a good artist now. Rap beef just seems so stupid nowadays no matter how personal it is. I don’t even wanna hear the word competition anymore. I don’t think about what he or she is doin’. I’m in a different zone right now and just wanna make music that I like.

On the set of Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty” video shoot in Dallas, TX:

Cham with Bone Thugs

Big Tuck, Play & Skillz, and Cham



Cham with his brother Rasaq

Cham with Tiny Lister a.k.a. D-Bo

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Ozone Mag Super Bowl 2006 special edition

Ozone Mag Super Bowl 2006 special edition  

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