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VICE PRESIDENT lulia Beverlv Anthonv Pittmafi Erne'st Wilson


Cyndi Atkinson


Julia Beverly




rir* Our August 2001 SUMMER



EDITION of Orlando Source Magazine features MISS PUERTO RICO of ORLANDO, JULYMAR FIGUEROA. She is shown

here, and on the preceding page, rn a .CAPRISTAN

bathing suit. Photo by



llRlA]IIIll Gll]I GTRI R TUITWS Over the past month, events in Orlando seemed to be double-booked. For any of you that had trouble deciding which show to attend, or just stayed home, we've given you an overview of the concerts that took place locally in July 2001.

PALLADUM / BIG LIFE ENTERTAINMENT JADAKISS For those who missed it...there isn't too much to say. For those that did make it to the show, as you know, there still isn't much to say. Jadakiss did his thing though, for the whole ten minutes. - DC (Right: Jadakiss autographs a poster of himsell photo by Julia Beverly)



LA MESSA PRODUCTIONS BLACK ROB & G.DEP with D.O.A. Labeled as the "Bad Boy Blowout", Bad Boy invaded the Palladium. Orlando's own D.O.A., the opening act, ripped through a couple of hot songs from their upcoming CD. However, there were entirely too many people on stage, which made it hard to figure out who was who. The main event, though, was off the hook. G.Dep came out and did his thing. Then the intro from "Whoa" blasted from the speakers and Black Rob came to the stage, just ripping it. The whole crowd stafted bouncing and singing along. Even the hit "Let's Get It" sounded hot without Puff...uh...P. Diddy. - DC (Left: G.Dep & Black Rob. Photo by Julia Beverly)

PALLADIUM / BIG LIFE ENTERTAINMENT DJ KID CAPRI Kid Capri, arguably the greatest DJ in the world, took over Uptown Thursday Night. Even though there was a small crowd, for a Kid Capri show, he had the whole club dancing all night. - DC CLUB AT FIRESTONE



D12 with STDC BLACK PROPHET, BC & the JAGGANOTS, & NORTHSTAR D12 has the #1 selling album in the country right now, so it's hard to figure out why this show didn't sell out. DJs s Remington Steel, Jesse lazz lazzand and Question euestion kept the mostly white hip-hop crowd dancing until showtime. The first opening act, Stix, did a hot joint about people being fake. Next was Black Prophet & BC & the Jagganots, a local group who had a #1 song on 95.9. When they did their #1 song "2000 BC," the crowd loved it. At the end of their set, they told the crowd that they hate the out of town big acts sh*ting on Orlando's own who are trying to make it. This comment was geared towards D12, who complained about having too many opening acts. The next act was Northstar. His song, "How Many Cats," had the crowd hype, but he went over his time limit and security tried to take the mic while he was still performing - a big no-no, Before you knew it, there was a big brawl on stage. Bottles were cracked over

people's heads; fists were flying and people were thrown off the stage. pretty soon there were cops surrounding the club, and no one else was allowed to enter. After things were under control, the headIining act D12 performed. The crowd loved them and was singing along to every song they performed. I don't think anyone even

noticed, or cared, that Eminem wasn't there. When D12 did their #1 song, "Purple Pills," the crowd went bananas. - DClnbove:

a nght breaK out as someone gets thrown off the stage. Right: police surround the club. Photos by Jerry Elmore.)

TABU / CAI ENTERTAINMENT LAURYN HILIV GREG EYMA & DJ ICEBERG SLIM NYC DJ Iceberg Slim kept the music pumping throughout the night in between performances. Haitian-born Greg Eyma, an adult contemporary acoustic artist who has been peforming professionally for many years, set the mood for Lauryn. A few minutes into Lauryn's performance, one of the club security guards was overheard mumbling that he was "bored." Obviously, he didn't understand the spiritual aspects of her performance. It is rare to see her perform, especially in Central Florida, Her peformance was one of several events organized by CAI Enteftainment in honor of the WNBA AllStar Game on Monday night. Lauryn arrived at the club low profile, in an SUV driven by Rohan Marley. No bodyguards, no stylists, no backup dancers, no entourage. Her performance was much different than most hip hop shows, which allowed her the opportunity to truly display her talents with no distractions. She only performed new material from her upcoming album, which was a little disappointing for those who were hoping to hear some classic Fugee or some of the hits from her first solo album. One of the songs was so new it was hand-written on a small notepad and she had to pause between verses

to flip the pages, to the amusement

of the audience. A baseball cap covered her new haircut, which shocked some when she performed at the BET Awards Show. Even then, you couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was, which only added to the mellow, spiritual vibe of her performance. She peformed two songs acapella, to the whistles and cheers of the audience. - l8 (Above right: Dl Iceberq Slim with Lauryn Hill. Photo: Julia Beverly)





DJs Prostyle and Nasty prepared the crowd for Lil'Mo, who finally performed about an hour before the club closed. The almost-full club seemed to be into the performance, and even the first two songs which most people had never heard before still had some heads bopping. Her oversized bodyguard stayed close to her on stage to prevent any more bottle-over-the-head incidents. - JB T.D. WATERHOUSE CENTRE SHAGGY & RAWON

The crowd was spellbound and eating out of Shaggy and Rayvon's hand. They knew every song, which was an indication that Orlando fans appreciate them. I had the opportunity to interview Rayvon, whose upcoming album is going to be called "Reality", Angel is also #1 everywhere! We look forward to all the elements of Rayvon on his upcoming album. - Roxy gen: shaggy with Roxy) NAMEBRAND NITECLUB KILLAMANJARO & BLACK ROZE In a brief interview with Killamanjaro after the show, Freddy says we have much to look forward to. Even though Trooper left, they have continued to soar. They toured the world and are confident they will continue to be the #1 sound here and abroad. I also interviewed Black Roze, a local sound. I was impressed with Negus. He spoke with enthusiasm about their plans to grow. They are looking for opportunities to work with other aftists on the rise. - Ro,rry HOUSE OF BLUES RZA RZA peformed to a small, mostly-white crowd at Disney's House of Blues. I tried to stay awake, but eventually I had to leave. I was extremely bored, so that's why this concert review is going to be brief. I think you get the point already. - DC





HrGH, oLIVIA, & TONE LOC 102 adveftised this event to death as if it was the biggest event of the year, but in reality, it was just a very weak attempt to replace Vibe Live. City High and Olivia's peformances were good, but Tone Loc? Come on. The audience mostly consisted of curious tourists and screaming teenage girls. - JB (Right: City High. Photo by Julia Beverly.)




T.O.K. T.O.K., which stands for Touch of Klass Unique, really impressed me. They have voices like angels. They sang a song from the album to me and it actually brought tears to my eyes. It will be released sometime this year. I was curious as to what a Chi-Chi Mon is, and they explained that it is all negative forces and things morally wrong. Special thanks to Richard "Shams" Browne. Love you all from the heaft! - Roql JULY 4th BLOCKBUSTER / 95.3 PARTY STATION VOODOO & SERANO, SERENA PARIS, & MANY OTHERS Perhaps the gloomy, humid weather contributed to the lackluster atmosphere at the 95.3 block pafty on Central Ave. in downtown Orlando. Or maybe it was the lack of a strong headlining act. Whatever the reason, the relatively small crowd seemed bored and apathetic as various semi-well-known techno and house acts took the stage throughout the 4th of July afternoon. - JB (Left: Serena Paris. Photo by Julia Beverly.)

CARIBBEAN SUNSHINE LOUNGE / PETER DALY BUST OUT CREW LADY Gr RED RAT, & MERCITESS Once again we were not disappointed with the show held at the Caribbean Sunshine Lounge, which featured aftists such as the Bust Out Crew, a talented group of youth from Miami. They've displayed their talents by opening for several shows in Central Florida recently. They aspire to record some nice riddums for their first record, which they are sure will be a top ten. Lady G, what can one really say to describe the lady she is? Think about the fact she is in a male dominated worldl She feels that her persistence and dedication are what really keep her on top. She said there is a great deal of stumbling blocks to overcome. I wanted to know how she handles the tours, being the only female, and she said she is strong enough to handle it. She was out of the scene for a while, but is back strong strono as ever. Her fans never give oive up uo on her. She said she is "aiming for the moon so as not to fall among the stars." Lady G continues to give women much-needed encouragement. Her upcoming album and video features the tune "Girls Know What Guys Want." Red Rat has the face of a baby but the mind and talent of a man. His first child was born a year ago and he took the past year away from the scene to spend time.with his daughter. Now that he's back, he has some new tunes he is working on in collaboration with the ICONZ, the late Tupac Shakur, and Treach. He is aspiring to reach an international level of distribution. Watching Jamaican aftist Merciless perform is like watching him slay people with his musical tongue. The audience feels as though his words truly come from the heart, but we know it's all a show. Merciless describes himself as "a very humble man." He has some new tunes he is working on with top aftists in the industry as well as producers such as Stone Love and Que 45. - Roxy (*ove:

Red Rat)

.o.6ox s{zsn T-qojtrt 3.2s9...qj



Carinhean Beach Cluh*lopmSam| THUR ryaq U PTOWN r^TH II RSDAY N I G H @ Pal l{di u*' I nteTnationa




ffrnra KY FRIDAYS i9 -["::g:-rygt' t c I u h' r r c_HTtr.tVEffi[,'$ FRI


,qAr+#gATUnOAy ry @ Headlights Night CIuh""'IOpml_2 SU t $$UPER SUIIIDAYNIGHTA 9 _Cg_!! a1{ iy mJ n ! 9_"y,Jl at i o n a ffio pi;6"1

First of all, lets get one thing straight about word on the street. Every story is known to be a fact. In some cases the name has been changed to protect the innocent. But you know this is coming from the street, so anything is possible. Some people may say, "Man, that story is not true." But at Orlando Source it's Word On The Street to the best of our knowledge. In this article, some sections are going to be "raw and uncut" about certain people. But if it offends anyone just remember it's the Word On The Streetand don'ttake it personal.

F Some people took this magazine real personal, but


shouldn't. Lets face it, if everyone told you that everything you say is right, wouldn't you staft to think something is wrong? In other words, the places I go, you may not go, the things I hear, you may not hear.'Word On The Sfreef was put here so you can read the garbage that's in the streets. New promoters Rock Entertainment and Life Productions are coming on the scene. Word On The Streetwlll be trying to find out who is behind the scenes of these new promoters for the next edition. Maybe I will have something good to say about them. Also, "Hollywood East" is trying to make a comeback. Make sure to check Rock Entertainment's Celebrity Summer Fiesta Splash at Wet'n Wild on August 4th.


..RAW and UNCUT!" I spoke with Jesse Jazz again and he said, "G. I'm upset with you". I replied, "Why dawg?" He said, "The promoter still owes me. You should have put his first and last name in the magazine. I also have his SS#." Well Jesse was hot, but he did say, "Ray, I would like to get paid." Some guy named Harrell is out of jail and everyone is tripping. The Pro AM Basketball has started going again at the Smith Center' To start it of[' Chris, on the Dawgman team, was double tech and ejected from the game and was escofted out by the police. It was good to see my dawg Nino back on the coutt. The #1 Stunner T-Coop is saved, like holy. Well, if so please pray for me dawg! Also Big Al said he enjoyed The Come Together day in Jacksonville, but hated the limo service. He should have used Royalty Limousine Service.

Well Word On The Street (Rated As No Brainers) Around town there's a chick that keeps coming up to me saying, "I can write Word On The Street better than you. So I ask her, "How can you write better than me?" She replied, "You have to make it raw & difi and say stuff that make people want to fight."

I laughed and said to her, "You will be knocked the f*xk out after the first edition." That is not reality and you must have the heart to play the paft!


Hippest Party for the Month

#1 Hard Rock Live First Friday by Frontline Promotions. It was another hit with guest star Cedric The Entetainer and that was off the meter at Hard Rock

It was slam packed and Cedric looked like the 2001 Godfather. He was "So Fresh and So Clean!" Clean! I love all his work. Each month is getLive.

ting better and better for the


Grown Folks.


Pac Jam @

the Carib-

bean Sunshine Lounge


once again off the heezy for seezy. Thrill da Playa, Return of the Big Bronco,

good luck dawgl DME/Clientell

DJ's promoted this. This month's Pac C'RLANDCD SOT'RCE

Thrill (pictured at right) tore the club up. He performed everythlng from his new album, The Return of The Big Bronco, including the single Brg

Jam was off the hook.

Bronco. No one could sit down when he performed including me. Also, Eatonville's finest, Dice Records, which

includes YGO, were off the hook. Everybody and their baby daddy and cousins and aunties were there. Next month, fellas, please don't bring yo baby mama drama cause Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys will be there. So please, no fighting, baby mama drama, or ex's and all that next month. They don't want any BIA BIA's there and that's real. Last month, I represented for Mercy Drive but this month I have to keep it real for the PH (Pine Hills) and Richmond Heights. One time for one Pig, he was also at the Pac Jam representing for the heights. One time for Tara cause she was there representing for PH. To move on, the pac Jam was another hit which no other teen club can accomplish. Stay tuned for next month's edition. A shoutout to Melt and 91.3 Clientell Boys, Keep the radio bumping. But until next time back to you G. -Shika Turner #3 the 4th of July @ Empire Nightclub, promoted by Hi Ho Enteftainment/DMEf Mert Deezine & Street Beat Promotions. The Empire Night Club on the 4th of July was off the chain. The event was tight work. peopie partied outside for a couple hours, then went inside the club around 7 PM. K-Funk rocked the mic. It was a blast. Good job DME & Meft Deezine.

Runner Up: The Black Chippendales, promoted by O-Entertainment

at Empire Nighclub.

What's Hot Def Jam has an Orlando Street Team. Almost everywhere you go, you1l see Def Jam aftists posted everywhere. But the really hot thing is the Redman mascot (see picture at left). In case you didn't know, the mascot is the same seen in Redman's video. They have the mascot in all the clubs chilling on stage, walking around the club dancing with girls and everything. A special shoutout to the Clientell Family for bring Peace In The Hood Day. The first was at Cafter Street, better known as Beirut. The second was at Barker Par( "bka" Orange Center. This event is a very positive one.

What's Not Hot?

Hard Rock Cafe Bartenders.



lst Friday, but Word On The Street, some people felt as if it was not the same and they


really didn't like waiting at the bar for 30 minutes

for one drink. They needed about 10 bartenders that were fast and not ones with attitude! Some people say they miss the stairs at Motown. You know, if you're cheating on your man, you can hide out at Motown, but at Hard Rock, nope! You are wide open. There are a lot of stylists around town who don't have their licenses and are the main ones talking sh*t in the shops, you know who you are. Stay tuned for exclusive interviews with the people behind

tions and Rock Entertainment.

Frontline promo-

If you have anything HOT and would like to tell your side to Word On The Street you can e-mail us at 261limo@bellsouth.net Tributes of Love

In Remembrance of Leola

East, RIP

Rayon "Junior" Payne, better known as NSX, the Howard Stern wannabe formerly on the air on 95live, was arrested in April for allegedly raping a female at the Club at Firestone, so he was understandably nervous about going back to the club for the D12 conceft on Sunday, July 15th. He first called every DJ and promoter he could think of and tried to convince them to go with him because he had "free passes." When that didn't wor( he tried to sneak in the back door with the Dls before the club opened/ but security recognized him and demanded he leave the premises immediately. After NSX's arrest and incarceration, his longtime business partner Malik, aka Copafeel, bailed him out. NSX was unappreciative for this gesture, which led to a final split between them. Copafeel took his equipment and used it to start 93.9. The frequency 95.9, formerly known as 95Live, has been taken over by Max-A-Million, who have renamed the station Hot 95 in an attempt to clear it of NSX's bad reputation.

Q. Mistress, I live with my boyfriend, and he says he wants me to work. When I used to work, we argue because he feels I do not need him. I love him very much and we have been together for a long time, but he says that when he's afraid I'll leave him. Help me please! Signed, Confused

I am able to suppod myself,

A. Remember, communicate with him, ask him what he really wants you to do. Sometimes, women are afraid to ask questions and assume they have all the answers. One impotant thing you need to ask yourself is, do you love him only because you have been together for a long time? Maybe you feel like you have no one else to turn to (like family or friends)? Please be true to yourself. As women we are needy and so are men. First, we must appreciate everything in our lives, then you will know true love. Love does not look for it's own interest. Is he? Are you? Think about it. The decision is yours. Signed, Mistress Q. Why do women always want men to change after they have been with us for years? All of a sudden, they demand that we act differently, dress differently, etc. I'm not feeling it at this point. Signed, A good man going bad!

A. Don't become something you're not just to make a woman happy. But ask yourself if the changes she wants you to make are for the better. Will they make your relationship better? After several years in a relationship, problems may staft to build up. Issues that bothered her, but she never mentioned before, may be sudacing now, Maybe you always went out without her and she never said a word. Trust me, that silence does not mean she was happy about it. At the time, she may have let it slide, but now that you have been together for several years, or maybe have recently married, she is becoming more comfortable with you as a paftner and is more likely to mention things that upset her. The key to solving problems like this is communication. Explain to her how frustrating it is when she expects you to change for her, and maybe you can resolve the problem. Signed, Mistress

you have a question for the Mistress of Love, please submit it by email to Rudegalll@Juno.com, or by regular mail to the office of Orlando Source Magazine, attention Mistress of Love, 2469 N. John Young Parkway, Orlando, FL,32804.


ar,rcusT 2('(l{

ffi#HGH#$WWffi First, I would like to send a special shout out to Biggie and his crew at On-Cue Styles, Iocated on E. Colonial Dr. in the Video News Plaza. I've known

Biggie since I moved to Orlando and he is truly a cut above his craft. Estab-

lishing his own business, Biggie.has combined the cultures of Caribbean with Hip Hop. Through music and fashion, his spot reminds me of the shops in NYC. He is the only Boriqua who can pass for Dominican, Jamaican (except when he speaks Patois... u know I'm playin Paftna), Trini, Guyanese, and Barbadian simultaneously come Carnival time.

apparel is called Bob Marley Footwear. From the "Buffalo Soldier" camouflage boots, to the "Jammin" Wallabies, Marley Footwear provides comfort for all. Is this really right? He has become the Michael Jordan of music.


don't want you to

get the wrong idea; I


Bob Marley, but footwear?

If you look at some of the designs, someone better inform those Bab-


designers shoes

that these

Lets get down to business.

are along the same lines of Nike-reject shoes.


There are many talented artists and groups out there trying to put Orlando on the map. Artists like War-

headz, Da Few, Max-A-Million All

Stars, R-SENAI' O.F.F., Magnus, Paradox and Swamburger offer diversity, lyricism and realism. In their struggle, some people may love them and some people may not. However, people in Orlando need to support them. Is it unrealistic to see some of our talent blessing the mic with hip-hop's most elite? Whether you like them or not, they are putting us on the map, getting us connected to the rest of the music world. Not too many hip-hop headz realize that groups like the Warhedz released an album. Not a demo, not a promo single, but an actual album for public consump-

tion. It's ignorant to assume


they're not from NY or LA or Philly; they're not talented. No one is forcing you to support local artists, but if you're not out here doing it, don't criticize or complain.

A Buffalo Soldier would have

been shot for wearing some of those designs. What makes this even more amusing is, apparently there is supposed to be national distribution of the product in major stores. I don't think the Magic

Mall is considered a "major" store. M.C, BRAINS Not too long ago, I was in the parlor and a discussion was raised concerning the best intellectual emcee. Names

were thrown around, like KRS-ONE, Wise Intelligent, Chuck D, Rakim and

Canibus (Whoa!) just to name a few. As a hip-hop connoisseur, I felt like Rakim was intellectually the best emcee. Many felt Nas was the best and others said KRS-ONE is the best emcee. KRS-ONE's intellect surpassed the microphone and stage by far because he brought it to the people and the community. This is a tough call, so let me ask you...

Who do you think intellectually is the best emcee? Email your responses to clmecca@hotmail.com



Lyrically, few could comprehend

Ifyou haven't heard, Bob Marley has footwear. The latest line of Bob Marley

Rakim's intellect. Chuck D's and KRSONE's militancy expressed EDu-tainment and revolutionary realism. Personally, I


don't know who is the most intellectual; but KRS, Rah, and D definitely revolutionized our brain patterns with intellect rather than just street knowledge. PROMO PRO BONO Everyone loves a good concert. Women love spending money in hopes that male artist will drool over them approach them. Guys love the mosh pit incident. They toss each other all over the place, and if they're lucky, they get to toss a girl or two in the mix.


Recently, I am seeing an epidemic that call "Promo Pro Bono," and it's severely affecting the Orlando urban nightlife. This strange epidemic takes place when an advertisement is posted stating that an artist is performing at a ceftain spot and time for an unceftain amount of money. The night of the concert, people already know where the artist is performing, and what time he is suppose to perform. When you become curious about the price of the concert you call the club; ask a friend; call the promoter on the flyer and suddenly you've got three different prices. When you get to the door; the price is $10-15 dollars higher than what was advertised.


Amazingly, many people let their wallets suffer for sub-par concerts. There are venues and promoters charging nearly $50 for one person to perform, and their sets are not even 30 minutes. "Promo Pro Bono" is a disease that might deteriorate Orlando's urban nightlife. Those of you who have the "Promo Pro Bono" disease need to seek help. If a promoter or club owner is offended by this and you're wondering why people don't come to your shows, it's cause someone knows you have the proiono Disease also. - CL Mecca


s 'h'

t' f

LAST CALL by Spankey Where: Cheesecake Factory in Winter Park Village, on the corner of N. Orlando Ave. & Webster Ave. Bartender: Phil Adler His Last Call: Raspberry Lemon-Tini

chilled martini glass (rim w/ sugar) 114 oz. stolichnaya vodka 3/4 ounce chambord 1 ounce sweet & sour shaken w/ ice & strained into sugar rimmed glass garnish w/ lemon twist 1


:; d**-ffi

si Er

Phil has been a bartender with Gheesecake Factory for more than three years and moved here from Las Vegas to help open this location. Trust me when I say this martini is taking over where the cosmopolitan left off. *Always remember to tip your bartender at least 20%, and your bartender will always remember you.

auciusT 2('('1

IC0NZ Presents SUPASTARR: Da lcon ]'lama My mama told me, "WHAT'S YOUR WILL ALWAYS BE YOURS," says Supastarr, aka Da ICON Mama, as she reflects on her life. "I always knew I would be in show business...(phone rings) Hold on!" and with a phone in each ear, she juggles from one conversation to the next almost effortlessly, while reading incoming messages on her two-way pager and never misses a beat.


is obvi-

ous that this


can-born hoftie is very serious about her career. Multitalented, she dab-




from acting



modeling, and has a natural ability to captivate audiences with her explosive stage performances. Not only

did she spit one of

the most


ble verses on Get Crunked Up, arguably the hottest club

song in 200012007,

but she


to write and co-produce songs for her soon-to-be-released solo project. This 23-year-old dynamo is no stranger to diversity' She says Get Crunked Up was just the calm before the storm. More than just a versatile rapper, her singing and danc-ehall reggae skills will surely make her stand out from the other ladies in the rap game. She can be heard spitting on the ICONZ CD "street Money Volume !" (Elektra / Stip'n Slide) along with labelmates Stage McCloud, Chapter, Tony Man-shino, and Luc Duc. - Naiha Dharma (Above: photo by JIJLIA BEVERLV makeup by SHAZZ) For booking information, call Landmark Entetainment at (305) 945-6786'



On July 12, 200L, Melvin Holland was shot and killed at close range by Deputy Charles Mosely. Holland was affettionately as Fat Boy. His nickname was a contradiction. In actuality, he was a 6'2", slender man. The various stories being reported

regarding this tragedy appear to contradict


HELP by Lamb I can't take it away! If you won't let me help I'm not in this for me but I'm worried about yourself Sister I'm here In the shadows If you would just open your eyes But it's swollen from the punches And nourished by your cries And I despise the way he's at you And the way you make up lies I can see your swollen jaw It's something you can't hide But you let it ride Like an impala on 2O-inch chrome While you're curled in a ball taking kicks to the dome And I want to step in for the murder We would have cause to plead my case But you'd murder me because you love him Although you're in a neck brace So your all bandaged up With a new diamond bracelet Your believing what he says And the hate I can taste it And its hell for me to face it (pause) See



I called you the other night

I got a 6usy tone

called right back And heard the drop of the phone And the click filled my mind 'Twas the click of a nine And in no time (pause) Someone please call 9-1-1 And the cries of your son Filled the ambulance car And now he's on the run Afraid of being behind bars And I'm swerving and dipping Almost wrecking my car To see if you're okay So

each other as well.

Deputy Charles Mosely pulled to be a stolen pickup truck. Apparently, the owner of the vehicle over what he believed

Iet the young men borrow the truck. When

the owner did not get the vehicle back


time, he reported it stolen. The driveri Timothy Lamar Thomas, pulled the pickup truck into a driveway on Ferguson Drive, just a few houses from where Fat Boy lived. Both men got out of the truck and walked toward the deputy's car. Deputy Mosley claims he saw a gun in Thomas' pants. Thomas ran from the scene and Mosley tried to arrest Fat Boy. Mosley motioned to frisk Fat Boy and Fat Boy grabbed the deputy's wrist. Fat Boy was shot in the stomach and was rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center. Thomas turned himself in later that night. Fat Boy was unarmed,

and the gun supposedly seen on Thomas has not been found. This isthe l0th deputy-involved shooting since January 1, 2000. Officials claim it was an accident, but the Orlando Sentinel repofts that Deputy Charles Mosely has more than 5 complaints against him. At the time of the incident, Mosley had a guest in the patrol vehicle. Is this how the OPD trains future officers? Fat Boy was 20-years-young. He played JV basketball for Evans HS in 1996 and spent most of his free time playing ball at the community center off of Mercy Drive. Those who knew Fat Boy know he was not an auto thief. He was laid-back and "so fresh and so clean". His friends, Montana, Pac-

Man, Poke, Rico, and Dante miss their 'roll dawg'. Much love and respect to the Holland family. For Fat Boy, Melvin Holland, and ALLthe 'SoulJahs'on Mercy Drive - by ReBorn

If the bullet went throuqh If there's internal bleeding

And what's gonna happen to you And I stand here on Sunday Coping with bad news You fouqht a hard battle And it'si battle you had to lose And I choose to cry Because you're not the only sister we've let die! And I wish I could have helped! And I'm sorrv because thele was nothing I could do Yes there was! But you wouldn't let me through.


Spring Flowers / don't grow in the hood Instead / SoulJahs are born where stems once stood No one can overstand their position in this mission No one will take time to stop and listen / U think it's funny to say they ever left their hometown These SoulJahs / are here to stay and will not bow downl There are TRUTHS TO BE TOLD that need to be spoken Cycles of police brutality that need to be broken Lionhearted SoulJahs / on the frontlines fighting to be FREE Lionhearted SoulJahs / on the Drive

shouting ... MERCY!!l 2OO,I

Klem & Jerry Elmore. Photos bY Julia

Any given Friday night, at

3:00 AM, Club Rory closes its doors to Phat Friday and the crowd pours into the Parking lot. Dressed in their best, most stick around for a few minutes to say their goodbyes and exchange phone numbers with anyone they might have missed in the club, VIPs and others who can justify PaYing

for valet wait patiently

for their cars to be retrieved. The others head to one of the various surrounding parking lots: Boston Market, Taco Bell, and others, to find their car. fhe cbnfuslon hits first as the unsuspecting Roxy patron asks their friends, "Isn't this where we parked?" They shrug at each other and wander around for a few moments before coming to the conclusion that their car has, indeed, been towed. If they're lucky, one of them has a cell phone and calls the number on the clearly visible signs. Vost'ilf the time, they've left their phone in the car, in which case-they stand arbund in groups, generally looking pissed off and waiting for a friend to offer a ride or at least change for the pay Phone. The "Tow-Away lone" signs posted are from "The Tow Truck Company." Calling the number on the sign doesn't guarantee you will get your car back; in iact,-it doesn't even guarantee that anyone will answer. Most of the time, you will get an answering machine of a gentleman who sounds much happier than yo_u do at the moment, standing outside stranded at 3 AM. If anyone does answer, you will sometimes get a short, angry response giving you their address before they hang up on you. Under normal circumstances, it would be common sense not to park in an area marked as "Tow Away Zone." However, this company which calls itself "The Tow Truck Company" has come up with a simple' but effective' scam-that earns them a fat profit every weekend. Helping to make the scam even more effective, both the Orlan<jo Police Depaftment and the Better Business Bureau are aware of the problem, but have done nothing. Research shows that "The Tow Truck Company" is not even registered with a fictional name (a form allowing them to use the name to represent a legitimate. business) in the state of Florida. However, they are listed in the Yellow Pages, under an address in mid-west Orlando. Their real headquafters, however, are a deserted, hardto-find back lot, blocked off with an imposing gate and barbed wire, near Colonial


Drive and Semoran. The simple scam works like this: between 9 PM and approximately midnight, a man sits atthe entrance to parking lots near Roxy, such as Boston Market and Taco Bell, and sells $5 tickets that supposedly allow the car to be parked in the lot. Around midnight, the fun begins, when the ticket taker leaves, and the tow truck come back and tow as many cari out of the lot as they can, while time permits. The same tickettaker was, on at least one ocassion, later spotted working behind the barbed wire fence of"The Tow Truck Company's" lot, either operating a tow truck or collecting

the minimum of $100 required to return the

Recently, the company has become slightly more

intelligent, by hiring someone else to take the

ticket money for them, Asking the tickettaker who he works for will earn you a look and a mumbled response.


Some of the smarter RoxY patrons call the police instead of calling "The Tow Truck Company," and

file a stolen car repoft.


times their car is returned peacefully, sometimes not. 4 AM on a Friday night will generally find


groups of at least

or 10 angry pounding





of the "Tow Truck Company's" gates

lots, demanding their

car back (see photo at right). The employees generally ignore them. Occasionally a police officer arrives


attempts to restore things to normal, but after

weeks and weeks of

seeing this happen,

one has



why the OPD isn't doing anything to stop this scam permanently, rather than running through the same story every weekend. "The Tow Truck Company" certainly isn't planning to stop on their own - pulling in $105 dollars, minimum, for each car they can tow, is a pretty damn good profit for one night's work. The Better Business Bureau also is aware of numerous complaints filed against "The Tow Truck Company." To be fair, the BBB has no authority to shut the company down, they simply receive complaints from unsatisfied customers and forward these complaints to the offending company. According to the BBB, "The Tow Truck Company" has neither responded nor resolved any of these customer complaints. Be careful not to park in any lots near Roxy that are marked with Tow Away signs, even if you have paid for a ticket. - l8




- The Sou',co gtagazine (OeJ'ggt

OS: How did you first become a part of Clientell Radio? Baby Lac: About five years ago, the station was called 91.7 or Nine Seven. They were throwing an event and they let me have 30 seconds on the microphone, and I just straight represented. The owner of the station, Gigolo D, liked what I had done, and the rest is history. OSr How did you come up with the name Baby Lac? Baby Lacl (he laughs) Well, I always liked the Cadillac. I owned a Ford Escort and couldn't afford a Cadillac at the time, so...I took the symbols off my Ford Escort, went down to Massey Cadillac, asked the guy to order me Cadillac symbols, and I slapped them on my Escoft. I was riding too. I had vogues on the car and all. At first everybody Ioved the car, but then when they'd really look at it the hatred came out. People said I was a fake. They even spray painted "Ford Escort" on my car. But you don't even see that anymore. We're waiting on the Baby Lac birthday pafi, when I will be riding on some 22s and all that in the Sedan Deville for you haters. OS: How has the station changed since you first joined the team? Baby Lac: Well we still have some the original 91,7 clique: Romie Rome, Freddie B, Lick'em Low, E to Da Dolla, and myself. Back then it was all fun and games, but now there is a business side to it as well. 91.3 is doing things for the community. OS: Tell us about your non-profit organization we hear about on the radio. Baby Lac: It's called Peace in the Hood Foundation. We stafted what we call "FundaySunday". Each Sunday we go to different neighborhoods in the community and doing carwash/fundraisings. The goal is to raise money for families who may not be in the position to get school supplies, clothing, shoes, and other necessities for their children.

OS: Now, what about "Baby Lac Florida" we've been hearing about? Are you seriously running for mayor? Baby Lac: I came up with the slogan just

to let people know that there is a


election coming up in the year 2004. People thought I was joking around,

but this is serious. Orlando has a black police chief, the head of the school board is black, the director of Lynx is black, so why not a black

I have voter registration forms available so we can get the community registered. I'm not joking about this at all. I go to the town meetings every week to find out what's going on in town. I've got three years to show the people that I can represent them. mayor? At each event,

We can make a change.

OS: In last month's issue of OS, Sport Kutz stated that it is time for you to 'surrender the belt'. What's your response? Baby Lac: I've always tried to separate the different sides of me. There's Davon Utson aka PIMP Von (Powerful Individual Making Paper), O-town's finest barber, and then there's Baby Lac, the party rocker, the spark plug. PIMP Von is the relaxed guy who just like to cut hair, the barber champion. I teach classes and all sorts of thing. So to Sportz Kutz, before they can even staft to challenge me, you've got to do something. Go to Tampa and teach classes, go to hair shows... you can't just get your license and think it's all gravy.

OS: What events do you have coming up in the future? Baby Lacl There's the Celebrity Summer Fiesta Splash at Wet'n Wild on August 4th, which is also my birthday pafty. We'll be there with Dominique Wilkins, Rock Entertainment, DJ Biz Markie, and many well known Orlando DJs. It's going to be off the chain.



2l; I I

E q

--= g, --G u, -c -fLi ia rv,

-a ry T t-



ff s hip-hop music and culture has gradually L\ become prevalent in American society over I \he past several decades, styles and trends have changed as a result. Music and fashion have always gone hand-in-hand. Pop culture influences

the trends more than anything else, especially in today's socidty which is packed with media outlets and advertisers who will do anything to convince you that their product is the best. As more and more music CEOs set their sights on the future of fashion, one has to wonder, is hip hop taking over the fashion world?

Russell Simmons. Sean "Puffy" Combs. Jay-Z. Master P. And, more recently, Outkast and Snoop Dogg. The list could go on forever of big names in the music industry who used their connections - not to mention their finances - to expand their empire to include the fashion industry. It would take a whole issue to explore them all in detail, so we'll just focus on a few.

Master P, always the has

a large "NO


LIMIT" empire which

includes various ventures. One of them is clothing. He is shown at right wearing a cap that says "I GOT THE HOOKUP"


a "NO

LIMIT" jersey. Master


and his NO LIMIT soldiers were one of the first groups to make it big with BLING BLING and a much different style than other musicians on the market, which paved the way for a lot of other cliques with similar styles, both musically and stylistically, to be heard. P's clothing line appeals to the same group of people who rushed to buy his music - he found his niche in the market and kept it. Sean "Puffy, um, P, Diddy" Combs, of course, is a big name in the entertainment industry. He has impeccable style and poise to begin with and has mastered the aft of public relations, so he is the perfect model, so to spea( to display his own line. His clothing is not all that inventive, stylistically, but it does sell. Why? It sells because of the image, nothing more, nothing less. Some of the earlier ads for the line showed him with Mase. The survival of his fashion line, much like others, depends


It helps that he makes appearances at his fashion shows. He even attended the release of his new line during his much-publicized trial. on his popularity as a CEO/producer/aftist.

Jay-Z threw a Rocawear pafty at the Club at Firestone a few months ago. The party itself was cut short because of fights in VIP, but what was most interesting was the fact that Jay's life really is like he says it is. When you listen to some of his lyrics, you might think it is a fabrication, or at least an exaggeration. But, seeing the craziness surrounding him, he really lives the lyrics. And it is reflected in his clothing line. The whole night, there were models prancing around in Rocawear baby tees, the only ones who were allowed to roam freely between the ten or so massive bodyguards Jay had.

Snoop made his appearance at the BET Awards wearing a shid from his newly released fashion line. You can now pick up that same shirt at many outlets around the country along with Snoop Dogg Clothing T-shirts, jeans, jean shorts, and much, much more.

Outkast is one of the more recent groups to release a clothing line. The fashion show which introduced their line, held at Club Duex Plex in Atlanta, was impressive. The show, in fact, was much more impressive than the line itself. The mostwell known performer signed to Outkast's record

label, Aquemini Records, is Slimm Calhoun. He performed a few of his songs for the audience, as well as an R&B group called 4 Shades, who appeared couftesy of Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Records. The show, no matter how impressive it was, didn't mask the fact that the clothes themselves were really not all that different. Coming from Dre 3000, you'd expect something outrageous. The styles were typical - denim full-body suits, T-shirts and shorts for men, shoft jean shorts and baby tees for women. (Right: one ofOutkast's models coming down the runway with Dre and Big Boi. Photo: Julia Beverly)

Whether or not they are wofthy of role-model status - the fact is, hip hop CEOs and peformers alike are looked up to by thousands of youth across America.

It makes sense

that they would use their influence to not only affect the way we thin( but also the way we dress. But doesn't this undermine the whole purpose of design? An ordinary clothing designeq no matter how talented they are, has a long way to go before their designs will be as financially successful as Puffy's plain white T-shirt with black letters on it. How much is a brand name really worth? We are brainwashed to think that if our jeans don't have a label, they are of inferior qualitl. The next time you buy clothes, remember that you are paying for the name, not the product. - JB Gogo ittustrations by Louie Rodriguez)


1. Disco's Birthday Party at


Beach Club 2. Gadield and Mr, C of Home-

bass Enteftainment 3. AJ of the Orlando Miracle with Trish of CAI Enteftainment & friends 4. Phat Fridays at Rory 5. Orlando bodybuilders Lloyd Daler and Anthony Schuler received awards from the WWF'S Sabre at the annual Deke Warner bodybuilding competition 6. Street Dwellaz at Palladium 7. DJ Scream of the Def Jam Street Team (wearing Havoc Apparel) with DJ Jesse Jazz 8, G-Money with Boyz II Men 9, G.Dep reading Orlando Source Maga-

zine 10. Monday night boxing at Rory 11. David of CC & the Reggae Ambassadors at the Clientell Family's 4th of July party at Empire Nightclub 12. Palladium's great-

est baftender 13. The Florida Hot Girls

during the 4th of July Car Wash at Circle K


tf z, o



EVER WANTED TO MODEL? If you've ever dreamed about pursuing a career in modeling, there are a few things you should know before you get started. Orlando isn't exactly a hotbed of activity when it comes to high fashion, but with Disney and Universal in town, there is still a lot of work available for aspiring models and actors. Not all of it pays well - you should expect to do jobs for free until you have built up a resume. There are many people in the industry who will try to scam you out of your money. There are several things you should watch out for. First of all, a modeling agency, by law, is not allowed to charge you ANYTHING up front. If they are legitimate, and they think you have serious potential as a model, they will make their money off their clients by booking jobs for you and NOT by taking it out of your pocket. A legitimate agency has an identification number which can be verified with the state government. If any agency or company wants to charge you money up front to get you stafted, DONT DO IT,

Scam companies such as Studio 58 and EModel (which are, in actuality, under the same management) will charge you hundreds of dollars to put your photos on the web "promote" you. You may have to put out a little money up front to have some photos taken and a comp card done, which is your first step to stafting in the industry but be wary of"agencies" who charge you money up front to "promote" you. A comp card is usually a half-sized sheet of paper printed on cardstock that has your headshot on the front and several other photos on the back along with your height and stats. The best way to get started is to have some professional photos taken and comp cards printed. You can even print them on your home computer, although having it done professionally leaves a better impression. You can then send your comp cards to local agencies. Many of them will ask you to come in for an open call and meet them in person. Expect to be rejected - it's part of the business. Make sure to collect tearsheets of any local work that you do - that way, when you are ready to approach larger agencies, in Miami and beyond, you have some experience under your belt. SOME CENTRAL FLORIDA MODELING AGENCIES Ariza I92B Bouthe Circle, Longwood, FL 407-332-00n Azuree Talent Agenry 140 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park, FL 407-629-5025 Central Florida Talent 2601 Wells Ave., Suite 181, Fern Park, FL 407-830-9226 MTM (John Casablanca) 1060 W State Rd. 434, Longwood, FL 407-265-1507 Model Scout 651 Rugby St., Orlando, FL 407-420-5BBB Reeve Agency 7771 W. State Rd. 434, Longwood , FL 407-33I-1784 Susanne Haley Talent Winter Park, FL 407-644-0600 Unique Management 110 W. Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 407-426-9037 Bailey's Model Management Orlando, FL 407-423-7802 Christenson's Group 235 Coast Time Road, Sanford, FL 407-302-2272 Diamond Agency, lnc. 204 W Bay Avenue, Longwood, FL32750 407-830-4040 Dimensions 5205 S. Orange Ave., Edgewood, FL 407-B5I-2575 Global Model Registry 405 Douglas Ave., Altamonte Springs, FL 407-865-9101 Hurt Agency 400 N. New York Ave., Winter Park, FL 407-740-5700 The Reeve Agency 1917 Boothe Circle, Ste. 151, Longwood, FL32750 407-33I-1784 Sandi Bell Talent 2582 S. McGuire Rd. Ste. 171, Ocoee, FL 407-656-0053 Skorman Productions 3660 Maguire Blvd. Ste. 250, Orlando, FL 32803 407-895-3000 Strickly Speakin g, lnc. 7 Executive Dr., Winter Park, FL 32789 407 -645-2LIL



SOME CENTRAL FLORIDA MODELING / ACTING SCHOOLS Ashley Camille's School of Image 1928 Booth Creek, Longwood, FL 407-332-0L95 L.A. Acting Workshop 407-876-0006 Barbizon 7775W. State Road 434, Longwood, FL 407-331-5558 John Casablanca's 1060 W. State Road 434, Longwood, FL 407-265-1501 Lisa Maile 999 S. Orlando Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789 407-628-5989

AUGUST 2('().1






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DON LEGEND,S baseball cap, tank top, and pants by HAVOC APPAREL, Orange Ave. in downtown"P"."RLAN DO, Ph








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and MAI

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in a complete ouffit from







GETTING THE DROP O1,l THE FASI|ION BOt'/lB? o9,C=' O.= o96q .= o- >




uoc -: I dr

s'=iE .!lo(uts> f J.= --F


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.pt96P -O >-.-'=




bipeds' are the result of the over time, these cells negai'i; ;prit iiJ teptoouce', w"e' not onlv sive life to mankind, did g'"oiv beach the ii ;;;;t i;rd r1"rot ir,1ir J"irtii'r.ii but a plethora of ideas as well. fashion retail This is the .ur" i6i'Bomb,s Threadz, a downtown orlando rather challenging game of store. It's owned and op.rut"o ov il"Jttrer eomu. ffter a orlando fashion o]vrpi. r-"""i pn"nJ iuej, o3- *ut'uot" to lock in on Heather to discuss plot to blow the retail detailed her uncovered w" iti"iJi. and the future of Bomb,s

rPvL' sDot.



what drove Heather


to start-lrei own business? "It was just like one of thosethings

on October_7th, 1999, the where I didn,t want to wort-foianyOody etse," she g1Vs. 5o Orlando. Since then, the in drive W. Colonial doors to Bomb Threadr retail clothing,store, adding its'personal touch store has grown to n" morlihan iiffi of OrtanOot o*n tit'C,-OME's Black Kitty, and even some clients from

;;;; ;iti6 iuiii



"I love what I of her worl inirudes stvl-

do"' says Heather'


also confessed to OS that



;1H. M;;i "i gomu's problem telling them to',..take that sh*t off,', if asked her of mouth and she has no as a 'Fash-

ioritr:oriingivil.rut she-has become affectionatelv known her success a title she dotin,t take too seriously. Rather than letting local sponsoring by coming and up to the gGi hand fo qo to her head, Heather videos' music and ohoto shoots "pt, numerous for lr'"i"t"'u.J pi""ioifig *ir-Jrobes you will also find the creatio'nso?a flw tocat designers in her store. Her personal theory themselves'" uii i6ort networking...nobody gets to the top bv ir fashion,.note some We take u tllor.ini'io lifbdt-on our tocai ctrjn scene and


"b,ri".. i,in eoaa.rr,,

i*ii"ii iit

by a political issue' The imorovements such as strijei oieJs codes, then get sidetracked trafchrt'em down early earlv to control drug tratCitv's oosition to shut'em

;l[;"-;;:;i^; ii tiC

uni uius.' is this a plot to undermine the under-

oi"unAi il"uther makes her plea for liberation, "IF YoU 6br,ri crr our nuo vorE, You woN'T GET wHAT You WANTI"

Heather's future plans for Bomb's is to "Fran-

ctrise." OroJ gomb's everywhere. Heather is currently checkfoiations in both Atlanta and South Florida' As



i; il; pfi;1. o-i



would love to have a store full

oae't-oolce & Gabbanal, but I don't think orlando


ready for that." So what is Orlando ready for? Heather quickly reaches for a piece of paper to divulg.e her. fall lineup' una Lti'tint t her'position. "I don't want any of this t guess you'll just have to stop bv and see for i"



yourself. - PJahbril

at GiusT 2()(,'l


to everyone who

contributed to the Orlando Source SUMMER FASHION EDITION, CLOTHING PROVIDED BY: ALL TIED UP 355 W. Church St., Orlando, FL 32801 Phonei 407-48I-0771 BOB MARLEY FOOTWEAR Phone: 1-800-576-2766 Website: www. bobma rleyfootwea r. com

BOMB'S 318 W. Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32801 Phone: 407-650-9232 Website: www.bombsthreadz.com

CAPRISTAN 977 N. Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL

32807 Phone: 407-3t0-7924 Email: mcswimwear@cs.com

DNA BOUTIQUE Hollywood, FL Phone: 305-949-4380


Orlando, FL Phone: 407-590-0991 Email : reborn333@hotmail.com HAVOC APPAREL Orlando, FL Phone: 407.540.9901 Email: mmwarp@aol.com Website:

www.havocl3.com IRENE'S SECRETS 9 Aviles Street, St. Augustine, FL32084 Phonei 904-824-2447

KICKS & THREADZ 6203 W. Sandlake Rd., Orlando, FL Phone'. 407-363-1427 MON AMIE SWIMWEARWinteT Par( FL. Phone: 407-579-398L Website: www.monamieswimwear.com RP55 Email : bigearlprod@aol.com YNKISHNI : Apparel with Attitude Orlando, FL Phone: 407-299-2402 Email : ynkishni@usa.net


JULIA BEVERLY Orlando, FL Phone: 407-963-6360


Orlando, FL Phone: 407-310-7924 GREGORY DAVIS Orlando, FL Phone: 327-277-4890 FEATURED MODELS: Kisha-Blu ne, Lawrence Crumedy, Christy Cutliff, Essence, Julymar Figueroa, James -Don Gilchrist, Hennessey, Ivan, Legend, Jessi Magsan, Maribel, Robert Marley Jr., Shawanna Paris, Germain Phanoid, Kathy Rodriguez, Sabre, and Tatanisha Williams. For booking information please call 407-963-6360 or'visit our website, www.younik.com.



SHAWANNA PARIS 21325. Conway #111, Orlando, FL 32812 Phone: 407-B9B-97I2 Email: exoticas@mail.com




m{ij,!,lfiri I.Y

lS iu*u*s#,",,, ,"", ''


-€ . -M





Dice Records is an up and coming record

label in O'town, located at 4823 Silver Star Rd., Suite 190, Orlando, FL. We are currently sculpting four new HOT GROUPS - YGO, PIE, ALL FAM, and CORRUPTED SEED. YGO's album will drop in

late September, followed by PIE's album in late October. Keep your ears open for ALL FAM, their album will drop in late December. Also available for any new artist's use is HITTIN LICKS STUDIOS. Studio rental is $25lhr and $12lhr for an engineer. Please call to schedule an appointment. Dice Records also has to their credit the production of the Hit Gospel Play - "I Don't Want to Cry No More" starring Lashun Pace, Howard Hewitt and Erica Gable. VHS Tapes of the play are on sale on our website, for the month of August' it is $15 for one and $25 for two. You can purchase any of the aftist CDs and the VHS Tape of the pfayoffs on our website, www.dicerecords.com, or call 4O7-294-1060.

In addition to being in the music industry,

SHREDDAR, one of the CEOs of

Dice Records, is also the owner of Top Quality Car Car, Inc., a mobile automobile detailing business, Family owned and operated since 1994' our motto is "Don't come to us - we'll come to you." We are a fully operational mobile detailing company with a fleet of vans supplied with our own water and electrical power - all we need is your car. Please call 4O7-a34-57L4 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to check out our web page at www.tqcccorp'com.

IttS all OVef.

No more bone-crunching, late-hitting, back- break-

ing football, slap-shooting, glass-breaking, and puck-flying hockey in Orlando. The Orlando Rage and Orlando Solar Bears have both ceased operations. Both teams were favorites among fans all over the tiJ t{*;J}il :flil liJ? U U.S.

The Rage, in their first


looked as if they would win the XFL title before bowing out in the second round of the playoffs. The Solar Bears, in their last year of the IHL, went all the way to the finals and won their first Turner Cup. (Right: A ticket stub from the Solar Bearg last game)


+nx i1;1'riFfi





$st-&R BFfiR$ -\rq-



rD htlL)-:.rJst (tNTRl tAT ffi,.4Y t6 ?n01 7:SCIPl4

If you think the Rage were the only exciting football team to come to Orlando, apparently, you've never been to an Orlando predator's game. Arena Football, known as "The brawl between the walls," is a very exciting sport. The Orlando predators have won the Arena Bowl twice, in 1998 and 2000. This year, they started off winning four games in a row. Even though they lost one game, they're still one of the best teams in the league. With the passing attack of Craig

Whelihan and Chris Wallace, along with the receiving trio of Siaha Burley, Clif Dell, and Brett Cooper, they should do very well in the upcoming season. On the defensive side, the Predator's

Kenny McEntyre is a leader in interceptions. - Andrew Beverly











Katelyn and Alyra during

the July issue photo shoot

$ilffI$ mwle &


cnefirhfled fHrbw*

that flre

Fast and the Furious had tts opening delayed a couple, of times, had its name changed twice, and had impoft fans linihg up by the hundreds at the start-

ing line (a ticket line), I walked into this movie expecting a car movie packed with hot fast cars,

great chase scenes, and nothing more. I didn't go to this movie looking for a plot, well-developed characters, or even good acting. I wanted to see a movie that would

kick in my adrenaline, leave me plastered to my chair, and salivating over the tricked out cars and that's exactly what I got. If you've ever seen the surf movie from the early 90's, Point Break, you'll notice a lot of similarities in the plot, but who really cares. I must say, the cast in the movie did an excellent job and did sell the roles of being a man or woman on the street-racing scene. I was sorry to see that Ja Rule only had a small cameo; but I'd say his performance was quite good for such a small role, in comparison with the likes of Vin Diesel (can you possibly get a better car guy name?) Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez and Paul Walker. This is a movie that is definitely worth checking out, if you're into the impoft scene or not. P.S. A note from my girlfriend, "Ladies, 2 words.... Vin Diesel!" The only reason I allowed myself to be dragged to Legally Blonde was so I could finally write a harsh and cutting review about a movie. However, as it turned out,



was sorely disappointed. This movie was surprisingly better than thought it would be. Reese Witherspoon's acting carried the movie. I haven't seen such a diDy blonde since Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. The one expecta-

tion that this movie lived up

to was its

blondeness. However, this movie actually had a plot and character development. Guys should go see this movie just to see the hot girls, while women tend to like the movie because it's empowering and true to life. If you want to laugh, have fun and maybe

gain a little bit better understanding of women, go check this movie out, it's definitely worth the time. C'RLANDC' SOI,.lRGE

tilsioffi ilrder


l/Ourciuhlvear for ften & women

silver& iewelrv le\^'elry asses

Everyone has seen import cars. cru.ising around Orlando dropped perilously low to the ground or blazing oy you at rnsane speeds, while switch_ ing four lanes without hesitation on I-4. The Fast and The Furious has hit theatres and given the average person a glimpse into the import scene.






members of

(on the web




o !J o 3


Pastrana, Jazmyne lvonnet -and

John Fabian. They all loved the movie and have seen it at least twice. They felt the cars and race scenes were absolutely incredible, well done and life like. They were also amazed by the cars, not only did they look amaz'ing; but they had the horsepower to back them up. In an import enthusi-


d !

z â‚Źo



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asts'.mind, the movie brought together the best of both worlds,-speei and style. Jazmyne also felt that ihe movie



o did a decent job of portraying how a o woman in the import scene is treated. o Women are either loved and respected, or ignored and stereotyped as a giri that knows nothing aboui cars. I was amazed to.learn .what the impoft scene is all about. Some of these 4 cylinder engines are cetting the performance,-horsepower and speed of a rarger v-8. Just because a car rooks gloa, boesnt ;ea-i iis rast or that the driver wants to race off the line. cars that are ioud in traffic, due to ihe rrigrr p",toirunl. ,nrfr"," ro, rgluce.d back -pressure and a high pertorminielrtcr,. oo""iri,t n"i,"rijiiiy.i"j, U.'" driver is showing off or trying to lraw attention-.- - --TeamRizensun meets every saturday night at the sound Advice by the Florida Mall on sand Lake at ro pm. to Miguer, :azmvne, anaiorrn. -rharti-6g.i"r I am going to be diving further int"o ortanao"t cjr-ic-en'e,i#I.ii. o,. ly:ry,Tontl rmport, regal or not. check back nexthonth to find out how the local ilthoiiti", ,"u the sse.ne. If,you think your car has what it iites to ue reatureo, oiop .t



LoudpipesTS@hotmaii,com. - Mike B

Miguel Pastrana owns a 1995 Nissan 240 SX, which was in the car show that coincided with the opening of "The Fast and

the Furious" at Citywalk.







"We ready, we ready, we ready!"Who could forget that chant when Pastor Troy's No Mo Play in GA bangs in the clubs. Face Offis Pastor Troy's third solo release and first major release. Pastor Troy is not a new name to heads in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee or Alabama. This album has a lot of songs from Pastor Troy's early solo releases plus 5 new songs. Ihrs That City, the first single, was remixed from the original version and is still crunk. Even if you have the early albums, this one is worth picking up. If you don't have any Pastor Troy albums yet, you should check this one out. You won't be disappointed. - DC


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INTERSCOPE RECORDS The man who killed it on the 6th Sense by Common finally has put out his own album. Bilal dropped his first hot single SoulSrsfato create abuzz. Fast Laneis a hot combination of Dr. Dre's funk backing up tsilal's singing. Bilal mainly rocks over hip-hop drum kicks and a quirky synth sound for good measure. Reminisce has Common returning previous favors alongside Mos Def. Songs like Sally, All That I Am, and When Will You Call are also hot tracks, bordering between hiphop and R&8. Home ventures into roots-reggae tenitory equally as strong. Bilal has dropped a near perfect album. Cop it. - DC



SHADY RECORDS D12, comprised of Eminem, Swifty, Kon Artis, Proof, Kuniva, and Bizarre, has releashed its twisted sound on the population. Not even the NBA is safe. give a fxxk about it like the next U Clippers game." Sh*t Can Happen and Pistol Pistol kick off the LP with a head noddini pass the mic around the room sound. Dr. Dre's drum kick bangs hard on Nasty Mind and the made-for-radio hit Ain't Nuttin' But Music. DI2 *umbles on Instigator and American Psycho, both ftiling to compare to the rest of the album. But still, D12 has at least managed to do something the St. Lunatics haven't: establish themselves as an entity apart from their superstar group member. Forget everyone else in the group, including Eminem himself: Bizarre is the sickest person that has ever touched the mic. - DC


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features Florida's hottest male dancers, actors, & athletes. Order on the web at www.y0unik.com.




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