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editor’s note I’m Just Sayin’tho by D-Ray


eah, this is the sex issue, so I know my editorial should be about sex. But because I’m a very private individual, I’m going to share another feeling with you:

LIFE IS AMAZING! Some of us live with extreme caution, while others hit the fast lane without a care! Again, we must remember that we’re here on borrowed time. We should live life to the fullest without forgetting that with all of our decisions, there are consequences. Good and bad. Some people make radical impulse decisions, which almost always lead to bad outcomes. You might end up behind the walls of the penitentiary, or even worse, in a permanent bed in a coffin six feet deep. Some people live life with a little more care and purpose. These are the people that we need to strive to be. With a little focus and purpose, miracles and dreams can happen more regularly. I’ve been on the move gettin’ it in tough. I went to Miami twice in one month. I was lucky enough to get a lot of exclusive Lil Wayne footage and photos before he had to turn himself in. I have to salute Lil Wayne on how hard he’s been working these past few months leading up to his incarceration. I’m sure it has to be hard to stay focused, knowing that your freedom is being taken away. Regardless of the amount of time you’re down, anytime being down is stressful, I’m sure! The haters can’ t help themselves, trying to uncover any rumors they can use to keep their hate alive. I can only speak on the way Wayne is when I’m around, and he’s a REAL and SOLID person to everyone around him - whether you’re someone in the industry, an everyday fan, or just a worker backstage or on a video set. I’ve been around many artists and camps and Young Money is like an EMPIRE! They have the business down and hold nobody in the camp back. They understand the business aspect of it - you need to keep planting seeds or your crop will die off! He’s been planting those seeds with his new camp. I’m trying to remember how many videos he just did, not for himself, but for countless other artists both inside and outside his camp. I just know it was the most videos shot in consecutive days I have ever witnessed or heard of. There is going to be so many surprises in store for their fans

Me & T-Woods (R.I.P.)

Fuzzy & Me @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas

Mos Def f/ Slick Rick “Auditorium” Reflection Eternal “Back Again” Jay Electronica f/ Mos Def “Exhibit B” DJ Quik f/ Suga Free “Nobody” Strong Arm STeady f/ Talib Kweli “Get Started” Dil Jackson (J Rocc) “Player Has Butterflies” U-N-I f/ Miguel “Lately” Verse Simmonds “Buy You A Round”


while Lil Wayne is locked up. This way, as soon as he gets home they can jump straight on tour to touch the people. That tour is gonna be crazy. Shout out to my nephew Lil Chuckee & Lil Twist; they are future superstars. See y’all when you get to the BAY AREA! As great as the trip to Miami was, I lost a few of my close homies to senseless murders while I was gone. I hate getting those calls when I’m out of state: “Hey, D-Ray, I know you’re out of town, but do you have any pictures of [insert name here]?” All I could think was, damn, seriously? Another very hard day at my computer to find R.I.P. photos of fallen stars. Going through my archives of pictures brings a lot of emotions out of me. I find myself drifting away in memories. I often see multiple people in the same photo that are no longer alive! It’s crazy! Lost to the fast lane, and now they’re diamonds in the sky. I don’t just shoot national “superstars,” but I hoot neighborhood stars and celebrities. I’ve branded myself by shooting reality as well as real hood figures. R.I.P. to fallen stars T Woods and Green Eyes. I’m blessed to be able to live my dreams. I’ve made the transition from the hood to the red carpet, from the streets to the suites! People tend to lose themselves in the bright lights of Hollywood; that’s something I refuse to do. I wouldn’t be me without my street and hood support. That’s who I do it for: the people that can’t and won’t leave the hood. They can now live through my camera and pictures. Life becomes stressful when you forget where you come from because you look up and everyone around you is a new face. Nobody can do it all alone, and I’m thankful for my support group. My grandmother always told me it’s better to give than to receive. So when I feel like I’m not receiving, I know in my heart I must give even more. That’s why I must continue my journey, because it’s bigger than me! R.I.P to all my fallen soldiers and one love to all the homies locked down! - D-Ray, OZONE West Editor-At-Large dray@ozonemag.com

Jeremih & Me @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas

Me & Snoop with our matching Chuccs



Sade “Skin” Goapele “Milk & Honey” Flying Lotus “Zodiac Shit” Collie Buddz “Phone Call”


efore I ever had sex, when I was still a virgin dreaming about getting my dick wet, I always wanted the prettiest girls. I’ve always been into the beauty, not the booty. I’ll take the girl with the small tits and lil ass but pretty as hell over the girl with the big booty and big tits but an ugly face (it’s a California thang). I never doubted the fact that beautiful women were in my future. I loved the Jet Beauties of the Week. I’d been looking at my daddy’s Playboy, Penthouse, and Players magazines since my elementary school years. I knew what I wanted several years before I got it. I pasted pictures of beautiful women all over the walls of my room. When I first learned how to masturbate, those were “my bitches.” I didn’t know ‘em, but they were all mine. I was a true player in the making, laying the foundation to my player career. And boy, has it been a good one! Girls used to say, “Why do they call you Too $hort? Is your dick little?” I would just pull it out and shut ‘em up. I’ve made a lot of “good friends” like that. I lost my virginity at 14, but I only had sex once at that age. When I turned 16, I had a girlfriend who was a year older than me and way more experienced. She literally taught me the basic fundamentals of how to fuck. I was in training for six months and she truly created a monster. I thought I had a little dick. She told me it wasn’t and how good it felt, but the problem was that I didn’t know how to do it right. After my training lessons, we broke up and I started trying what I had learned on other girls. I realized I was good at it. Around that time, I started getting a little fame, and that allowed me to get the pussy I wanted. From the age of 16-21, that’s how it was. Five years of just doing okay. The best was yet to come, but I had no complaints. When I dropped the song “Freaky Tales” and the album Born To Mack, everything changed. I was having money and cars and doing shows and taking down some of the prettiest young thangs in the whole Bay Area. I love those Bay Area bi-racial mixed girls, and I seriously fell in love with a half-Filipino, half-black girl from San Francisco. We were together damn near every day for around 18 months until I got a call from Eazy E asking me if I wanted to go on tour opening up for N.W.A on the Straight Outta Compton tour. I said, “Hell yeah!”, packed my shit, told my girl I loved her, kissed her goodbye, and jumped on the plane with four ounces of the best weed you could find in Oakland. The first show was in Nashville. A groupie jumped on the tour bus and was showing us all her private parts, so me and my homie took her to my room and had her doing some thangs while the other homies banged on the door yelling at us for being stingy. After we were done, we let the crew have her cause she wanted more. I went somewhere quiet and called my girl talking all innocent, lying about everything. The next morning, it seemed like everybody had a story about what they did to her that night, and I felt kinda proud cause I set it off. The next night we hit Memphis and I fucked one of those thick-ass Southern redbones with a country accent. I love Cali girls but they don’t fuck like girls from the Dirty South. That night, I didn’t call my girl and I never called her ever again. As much as I loved her, my dream was coming true and all these pretty girls were mine. They weren’t on the wall now. I had ‘em in bed doing anything I wanted them to do. Sometimes they would beg me to take ‘em with me or just beg me to fuck ‘em again. Too many stories to tell or even remember. After the tour ended, I couldn’t get the girl I really loved back so I made another album and went on another tour and did the same thing. This time I was co-headliner on a tour with Ice Cube. It was like instant replay, me and all my beautiful women. When that tour ended, I was doing a video and had a cold crush on one of the girls in the video. We became friends first and then we started liking each other and I fell in love again. Truthfully, I like it better when I have one quality woman instead of a bunch of groupies, but when that relationship ended, I swore to myself that I would just be a player for life. Every now and then love tries to find me and I try to resist, but sometimes you just can’t. I still don’t have kids and I’ve never been married. Dudes always say they wish they had it like me, but I’m thinking, I wish I had it like them. I wish I had a wife and kids. You gotta watch what you wish for. All those years, I dreamed of all those beautiful women on my bedroom wall and finally the shit came true. Now I look back and think, what the fuck did I do that for? Did I jinx myself? Hopefully, one day I’ll settle down with the right woman cause now I’m telling myself, I don’t wanna be a player no more... but I am. Biiiiiiitch!!!!! Hit me up on my crackberry at ShortStories@ozonemag.com 6 // OZONE WEST


(above L-R): Yukmouth & DJ Franzen @ Party Heights Nightclub for Street Cred’s Christmas party in San Francisco, CA; Rich Boy & Roccett @ The CORE DJs Retreat in Las Vegas, NV; Jeremih & Ray J @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas in Los Angeles, CA (Photos: D-Ray)

01 // 211 & Terrace Martin on the set of Snoop Dogg’s “Malice in Wonderland” video shoot (Los Angeles, CA) 02 // Husalah & Mitchy Slick @ Street Symphony Studios (Fremont, CA) 03 // Travis Barker & Damani @ Vanguard for Snoop Dogg’s release party (Hollywood, CA) 04 // U-N-I @ Club Independent (San Francisco, CA) 05 // K-Boy, Jay Rock, & Pooh @ Tatou Nightclub (Los Angeles, CA) 06 // Young Doe @ Club Theorie for Young Doe’s record release party (Denver, CO) 07 // New Boyz & Ray J @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 08 // Second to None, Too Short, & DJ Quik @ The Nokia for When The West Was One Tour (Los Angeles, CA) 09 // Devi Dev, 40 Glocc, & Cecilia Mamacita @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 10 // J Diggs, Cecilia Mamacita, DJ Dre Dae, & Devi Dev @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 11 // G Malone & B Fly @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 12 // DJ Impact & Donata Elis @ The Stratosphere for The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 13 // Lola Luv & TJ Chapman @ The Palms for The CORE DJs Jam Master Jay DVD premiere (Las Vegas, NV) 14 // Mars, Brodie, & Renz of 1500 or Nothin (Los Angeles, CA) 15 // Kuzzo Fly & Big Omeezy @ Phoenix Theater (Petaluma, CA) 16 // Rob Love, Roccett, Smurf, Mitchy Slick, & K-Loc @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 17 // Ray J & Tony Neal @ The Stratosphere for The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 18 // Baby Bash & Skillz of Play N Skillz @ Magic Convention (Las Vegas, NV) 19 // D-Lo & Problem @ Tatou for Rob G’s C-Day party (Los Angeles, CA) Photo Credits: D-Ray (01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,14,15,16,19); Julia Beverly (12,13,17); Santiago Interiano (18)


(above L-R): Young Dro & BG @ Magic Convention in Las Vegas, NV (Photo: Julia Beverly); Problem, Kurupt, & Roscoe on the set of Problem’s “I’m Burnt” video shoot in San Fernando Valley, CA; Jay Rock & DJ Eque @ Styles P’s afterparty in Los Angeles, CA (Photos: D-Ray)

01 // DK Quik & Devi Dev @ The Nokia for When The West Was One Tour (Los Angeles, CA) 02 // J Diggs & the Dirty Girls @ The CatHouse on New Years Eve (Las Vegas, NV) 03 // Hawkman, Nuch, & Young Doe @ Club Theorie for Young Doe’s record release party (Denver, CO) 04 // Trell, Tyga, & guest @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 05 // Lil Fly, Husalah, & AP9 @ Phoenix Theater (Petaluma, CA) 06 // Nipsey Hussle & Lola Luv @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 07 // Keyshia Cole @ Acts Gospel Church for her Christmas turkey giveaway (East Oakland, CA) 08 // The Jacka & Kilo @ Rasputins (Berkeley, CA) 09 // Ray J & 40 Glocc @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 10 // Yae Neech, Starbuks, & Baydilla @ Gold Rush (Fairbanks, AK) 11 // Mercedes & DJ Tex @ Rum Jungle for The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 12 // Fuzzy & T-Pain @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 13 // John Costen, Kafani, & Ras Kass @ Rum Jungle for The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 14 // DJ Dre Dae, Mixmaster Ice, DJ Big Dee @ Rum Jungle for The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 15 // B-Real & Freeway Ricky Ross @ Vanguard for Snoop Dogg’s release party (Hollywood, CA) 16 // Chuck, Big Von, & J Valentine @ Heights Nightclub (San Francisco, CA) 17 // Big Rich, BandAide of Dem Hoodstarz, Shad Gee, & Kafani compare chains on the set of “Laughin’” (San Jose, CA) 18 // Baydilla & Madeleine @ Elixir’s (Anchorage, AK) 19 // Jeffro & Traxamillion @ 17 Hertz Studios (Hayward, CA) 20 // Rob G getting some love @ Tatou for his C-Day party (Los Angeles, CA) Photo Credits: D-Ray (01,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,12,15,16,17,19,20); Julia Beverly (10,11,13,14,18); Malik Abdul (02)


(above L-R): Travis Barker & Sean Paul @ Vanguard for Snoop Dogg’s release party in Hollywood, CA; Problem & Murs on the set of Snoop Dogg’s “Malice in Wonderland” video shoot in Los Angeles, CA (Photos: D-Ray); Jadakiss & Baby Bash @ Magic Convention in Las Vegas, NV (Photo: Santiago Interiano)

01 // Nik Bean, Stress, & Roscoe on the set of Problem’s “I’m Burnt” video shoot (San Fernando Valley, CA) 02 // J Diggs & DJ Daisy Dukes @ The Stratosphere for The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 03 // Traxamillion & D-Lo @ Toons Nightclub for Tito Bell’s birthday party (San Jose, CA) 04 // Jay Rock, Trey Songz, & Mike Green @ Styles P’s afterparty (Los Angeles, CA) 05 // Matt Kemp & Fuzzy @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 06 // Problem & Terrace Martin on the set of Snoop Dogg’s “Malice in Wonderland” video shoot (Los Angeles, CA) 07 // Keak da Sneak & Ya Boy @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 08 // The Jacka & Husalah @ The Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA) 09 // T-Wayne & his daughter on the set of “Laughin’” (San Jose, CA) 10 // Layzie Bone, Big Sloan, Nipsey Hussle, & Fuzzy @ Club 720 (Los Angeles, CA) 11 // Andre Nickatina, Gary Archer, & Garrett @ Andre Nickatina’s listening party (San Francisco, CA) 12 // DJ Amen, DJ Jon Static, & DJ Shabazz @ Andre Nickatina’s listening party (San Francisco, CA) 13 // Baydilla & Don Megga @ Elixir’s (Anchorage, AK) 14 // Ro & Big Rich @ 17 Hertz Studios (Hayward, CA) 15 // Roccett, Mitchy Slick, guest, & J Diggs @ The Stratosphere for The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 16 // DJ Shabazz & DJ Amen @ Phoenix Theater (Petaluma, CA) 17 // Ya Boy & Big Rich @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 18 // Fatal Mack & Matt Kemp @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 19 // Guest, P-Nut, Julia Beverly, Dorrough, & Baydilla @ Elixir’s (Anchorage, AK) Photo Credits: D-Ray (01,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,14,16,17,18); Julia Beverly (02,13,15,19)


Since you have access to a lot of celebrity women, are there any that have caught your attention? Maybe I’m a little old school, but I just feel like they’ve got too much going on. Not in a bad way, but they’re busy as hell and I’m busy too, so if we were in a relationship at some point somebody would have to give in. And it’s not going to be me. I’m all for the woman having her life and being independent, but I am old school and I want home cooked meals and that’s not going to be the case when you’re dealing with a celebrity or fame. Trying to make somebody choose between you and their career isn’t fair.


San Francisco, CA singer, songwriter, and producer J Valentine may not be a household name yet, but along with his Song Dynasty production team (which includes singer Tank), he’s written records for the likes of Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole, LeToya Luckett, Pleasure P, Omarion, Tyrese, Mario, and N’Sync. “My favorite thing is to write records and produce records for other people,” he explains. “I never really chased fame.” Even though he prefers being a low-key celeb, he doesn’t eliminate the possibility of pursuing a career as an artist a la Ne-Yo or The Dream, and has plans to drop his own album later this year. Do you have a special somebody at home or are you just out having fun? I had a girlfriend but I’m single now. I’m selective, though. Groupies aren’t my thing. I would be lying if I said there hasn’t been situations in the past, but that’s not really what I go after. What do you go after? Of course the first thing is physical attraction, but I like conversation. I like a woman with some sense. Not always book sense, but common sense also. The saying that “common sense isn’t common” is a very true statement. A lot of people don’t get it, and I can’t deal with a dumb pretty woman. Physically what’s your type? I love women’s bodies. You can be skinny and sexy or you can be thick and sexy. It comes in different shapes and sizes and I’m attracted to both. I like a woman that’s fly; a woman who can dress. There was some controversy recently when the rapper Maino claimed video model Rosa Acosta wore “cheap shoes” and it turned him off. Are “cheap shoes” a turn-off to you? It doesn’t have to be name-brand shit to look fly, if you know how to make it work. I’ve seen girls that have on a gang of expensive shit looking foolish. You can’t buy fresh. Everybody doesn’t look good in everything. I’m from the hood where girls used to have on cheap jellies and make it look like something even with their feet fogged up cause it’s hot outside. As long as you’re clean and are presenting yourself right, you ain’t got to paint the red bottom on for me. You say you’re selective, which is almost a rarity now. Because even if you listen to the radio, every song is about meeting at the club and hooking up the same night and that type of thing. That’s not my thing. I try to at least spark up conversations to see what they’re about. Niggas act like diseases ain’t floating around. I’ve got to know you. It ain’t my thing to just see a chick in the club and throw her in the car. It’s more personal to me. As far as the music, I guess that’s a sensitive subject to me because I do write music. But it is what it is - entertainment. You don’t have to take it literally. A lot of the cats that are rapping and singing are bold face liars, and I know because I’m really in the studio with them. I know what’s real so I don’t think people should live their lives off records. Do aggressive females turn you off, or if they give it up too soon? Lately it seems like women don’t understand the fact that men do like to chase. It’s not cool to just throw yourself at us. That’s not sexy to me. There is no ideal timeframe as far as getting intimate because we’re all adults and you can do as you please. I don’t judge a female off of that. 12 // OZONE WEST

Do you think achieving a bit of fame and celebrity status has made it easier to meet women or made relationships more complicated? I haven’t really reached fame level yet. I’ve been a writer and producer for a minute, so maybe some women are looking at me with money signs on my forehead. I’ve been dealing with that for a minute so that’s why you try to get to know people. If you ask questions, they’re gonna tell you something. You can find out a lot just from having a conversation. There are certain things that set off alarms to me. But, I don’t look at women as being gold diggers anyway. I think it’s natural for a woman to want to be taken care of. If they’re doing the right things, why wouldn’t you want to take care of somebody you care about? If [money] is the only reason they’re there, you have to watch out for that. But if you care about somebody, they’re family. I look out for my family. If I care about you I’ll make sure you’re good, but I’m not gonna frivolously just fly somebody I met out to Bora Bora. It ain’t gonna happen. Do you have a favorite porn star? I fuck with the porn every now and then to see what’s poppin’. I don’t really know their names like that, but the girl with the pink hair, she goes hard. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? Outside is always good if you can find a little cut somewhere. I’m big on fashion, so I stay out in the boutique and the malls. I ain’t never mad about sliding off into a dressing room. Have you ever been caught in the dressing room? I’ve never been caught, period. Well, wait. I take that back. I got caught when I was in high school by my brother’s baby mama, getting some head. But if you lock the door it takes away from the excitement. What do you think about the groupie tell-all books? That whole kiss-and-tell shit is whack. At some point you’ve got to grow up. As people in the music industry, you do have to be a little more careful and cautious of who you’re dealing with. But you don’t always know. A female might be super cool but if you don’t call her back, now she’s doing a YouTube video. And it’s so easy to lie now. I believe you should deal with people face to face and y’all deal with it or bury the hatchet. What’s your style in the bedroom? I’m tastefully aggressive. I want to make sure a woman feels comfortable with me but also knows that I’m in control of the situation. All women are different, though, so it depends on what she wants. Have you seen a difference sexually between different races of women? I think it’s more of a rhythm thing with black women; at times it’s almost like you’re dancing. I haven’t really been around the world yet so I can’t comment on women from different countries. I think that women from other countries [outside America] are more open with their bodies, period. American women are a little more guarded. I think in a lot of other places they don’t get labeled as a “hoe.” I think they’re a lot freer. Do you have any safe sex advice for our younger readers? Strap up and be selective. You definitely don’t want to catch the monster, so you always want to be safe. If you’re lucky you might just have a baby, and that’s a whole other thing. Do you really want to have a baby by somebody you don’t know? I actually said on Twitter one day, “Shout out to the girl who trapped a broke nigga on accident.” If you’re chasing a nigga down for $150 a month in child support, I feel sorry for you. What do you have coming up musically? I’m putting out my album this year, called I Swear To Tell The Truth. Keri Hilson, Tank, and Twista are on the album and I’m doing a duet with Chris Brown. We just did Tank’s first single with a verse from Drake for the remix. We just did a deal with Atlantic Records for our company, Song Dynasty. We’re working on Keri Hilson’s album and LeToya Luckett’s album and we just did some stuff for Mario and Jamie Foxx. We just did seven songs for Pleasure P; he’s transitioning into Marcus Cooper. Ron Isley just came home and we wrote some records for him; I was super excited about that because I grew up on him. We’re just trying to make sure R&B is here and alive. //

(above L-R): Tito Bell & Keak da Sneak @ The CORE DJs Retreat in Las Vegas, NV; Husalah, Andre Nickatina, & Paul Wall @ Street Symphony Studios in Fremont, CA; Pitbull & DJ Felli Fel @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas in Los Angeles, CA (Photos: D-Ray)

01 // Kuzzo Fly & his son Lil Fly @ Phoenix Theater (Petaluma, CA) 02 // The Clipse & Steezy @ Club NV for Steezy’s birthday bash (San Francisco, CA) 03 // Even Odds & Theo @ Where Hip Hop Meets Couture (San Francisco, CA) 04 // Karl & Monte Ellis @ Highline Jewelers (Hayward, CA) 05 // Problem & Dae One @ Club 720 (Los Angeles, CA) 06 // Rick Edwards, D-Ray, Roccett, & Julia Beverly @ The Palms for The CORE DJs Jam Master Jay DVD premiere (Las Vegas, NV) 07 // Chamillionaire & DJ Felli Fel @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 08 // Yung Black & Slim Thug @ Gold Rush (Fairbanks, AK) 09 // T-Pain & DJ Felli Fel @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 10 // Matt Blaque & Scoot of Dem Hoodstarz @ Heights Nightclub (San Francisco, CA) 11 // DJ Amen & Big Von @ Club NV for Steezy’s birthday bash (San Francisco, CA) 12 // Jay Rock & J Grand @ the New Boyz FYE in-store (Los Angeles, CA) 13 // Guest, HK, & Ray Rizzy @ The Stratosphere for The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 14 // Roccett, DJ Dre Dae, 40 Glocc, Ras Kass, & J Diggs @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Las Vegas, NV) 15 // New Boyz & Big Boy @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 16 // Travis Barker, Russ, & Warren G @ Vanguard for Snoop Dogg’s release party (Hollywood, CA) 17 // B Legit & Erk Tha Jerk @ Club NV for Steezy’s birthday bash (San Francisco, CA) 18 // Bad Lucc & CeCe @ Vanguard for Snoop Dogg’s release party (Hollywood, CA) 19 // J Diggs & Baby Bash @ Prive for Billionaire Mafia Magic afterparty (Las Vegas, NV) Photo Credits: D-Ray (01,02,03,04,05,07,09,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18); Julia Beverly (06,08,13); Santiago Interiano (19)


She would say that I’m hella freaky and hella good at what I do. I’m a pleaser. I just get off on women getting off. I’m passionate and affectionate and I like to please. I like to be in control and I get satisfied off the women getting satisfied. That’s my turn-on. What type of women are you into? Conservative, educated, classy, sexy, strong, powerful businesswomen. The type of women you would find at lunchtime in downtown New York or Atlanta. I don’t like strippers or sluts or groupies. Who’s your favorite porn star? Myself. If anybody would be my favorite, it would be myself. My name would be Thang Long a.k.a. Mr. Clothes On. I would only come out of my zipper, because I know it’s a lot of DL niggas that watch porn to look at the men.

SEX ISSUE Bay Area rapper KUZZO FLY tells men why honesty is the best policy, and tells women why it’s important to pass the scratch & sniff test. So you lived with three women at one time? How did you manage that? Yep. I was also married to one. I lived with three women and I married another woman while I was living with the other three. Are you a pimp? Were they working for you or what? Nah, it was just a sexual situation. They were bisexual. They like girls, and I like girls that liked girls. How did you end up marrying someone else while living with those three? It was love at first sight. But she didn’t believe me when I told her that I lived with three women. She wanted to come and see. I was upfront about it when she asked me if I had a girl. I said, “I have three.” When you got married did you still have a relationship with the other three? I stayed in the house with the three girls and me and my wife had our own place too. But we’re divorced now. We were married for three years. Did the divorce have anything to do with the three other women? That somewhat came into the situation. But honestly, I would recommend it to other men, because you would be surprised what women actually want or will let you do when you’re just honest with them. There was a lot more too it than that. There were other women involved. I was being hella greedy trying to add a fifth, a sixth, and a seventh. I kept trying to add on and it just got out of hand. You were trying to have your cake and eat it too for real. Did you meet them on a personal level or was it more about the rap persona? The first and second women I would say it was more on a personal level. The third was kinda more into the rap scene. After that, I really don’t know. Has your rapper status increased your luck with the ladies? No, because before my name started really ringing like that I was already living like that. I think it was more or less that I was honest about the situation, and that the women were curious. Now that you are getting more attention as a rapper, do you get a lot of groupie attention? Are super aggressive women a turn-on or turn-off? Total turn-off. I don’t like that at all. I’m low on the [rapper] totem pole, so if you’re throwing yourself at me, I can only imagine what you would do for somebody higher [on the totem pole]. I did have one girl who just came in my hotel room and got butt naked, instantly. Straight assholes and elbows. What’s the difference between sex with your wife and sex with groupies? You rock raw at home but you can’t rock raw on the road. But once I know you, it’s no holds barred. What did you enjoy more, the married committed sex or the threesomes? [Getting married] was honestly just like a phase; a fluke. I honestly would’ve rather just stayed the way it was. If we had a Kuzzo Fly Groupie Confession, what do you think she’d say? 14 // OZONE WEST

Having been with three women at once, do you find that being with one woman is less exciting or is it more passionate because it’s more of a one-on-one connection? What’s the difference between the two? There’s not really a difference to me because I’m passionate either way. With three women there’s more pleasure points that can be hit at one time. Like, I can’t lick the left and right nipple at the same time. But when you’re with more people you can work it out. But that doesn’t take the passion away from being with one woman. It can be passionate either way. What kind of music do you put on to set the mood? I don’t listen to music when I let it rock. I like it quiet so I can hear the voices and the moans and the yells and the screams. I like to talk during sex. I ask questions. I want to know, “Does it feel good? Do you want me to go harder? Do you want me to go lower? Do you want me to stop? Do you want me to pull your hair? Do you want me to smack your ass?” It’s not that I don’t know what to do, but I like direction because every woman doesn’t like things the same way. So I ask questions and try to fulfill their fantasies. Most dudes really don’t take the time to wonder what the woman wants; they just throw the rubber on, rock, nut and then they’re out. I really want to know what you want. Have you gotten any crazy answers to your mid-sex questions? I was about to rock this one girl but she told me she couldn’t because she ate onions earlier. I don’t know what that meant. She wasn’t kidding either. I was taking her pants off and she was like, “Nah, I don’t want to do that because I ate onions earlier.” I was like, what the fuck does that have to do with it? It seems like [the onion smell] would affect your breath, not in between your legs. But I just left her alone to get back dressed cause that threw me the fuck off. Maybe she thought she was going to taste funky. I wasn’t going to taste nothing. I’m not tasting you if I don’t really know you, especially if you don’t pass the scratch & sniff test. So if she doesn’t pass the scratch & sniff test you would still hit it? Yeah, sometimes even if you fail the scratch & sniff I’ll still provide a hitting, but not a licking. There’s a difference between a little regular sweat and an odor where something’s wrong. There’s two different kinds of odors – really three. On is the “I’ve just been in the club dancing” odor. Two is the “I’ve got something going on and I need to get it corrected” odor. Three is the “I tried to get this shit corrected and it’s not going to get corrected so it’s wrong” odor. It’s just like when you see a dog go up to something and sniff it. If he doesn’t lick or continue to bother it, something’s wrong with the odor. If the odor is category one, I’m hitting. If the odor is category two or three, I’m not hitting. Sometimes you can’t even really tell because it doesn’t come out until you actually start hitting. So you really want to moisturize with the fingers and let it get wet because then you’ll be able to tell. You might want to rub around a little more just to make sure. I met a woman once who smelled like ice water. Somebody asked me what ice water smelled like. I was like, “You’re dumb as fuck. Ice water doesn’t smell like anything.” She smelled like ice water so I gave her the full service treatment. Hygiene is important. You’ll see women wearing all this Gucci and Louie shit and then when you touch them between their legs, they smell like hot fish. That ain’t cool. Before you worry about your outer cosmetics, worry about your inner cosmetics as a woman. I ain’t gonna put nobody on blast but I met some bad chicks at the OZONE Awards that didn’t pass the scratch & sniff test. What do you have coming up musically? My album Old Guns New Money is coming out under Smoke A Lot Records. I’m also in the group Atlfornia and our single “Inside Outside” is out now; we’re about to shoot the video for that. Of course they can find me on Twitter @KuzzoFly and on Facebook under Kuzzo Fly. //

(above L-R): Kafani on the set of “Laughin’” in San Jose, CA; Lee Majors @ 17 Hertz Studio in Hayward, CA (Photos: D-Ray); Nelly reading OZONE @ Magic Convention in Las Vegas, NV (Photo: King Yella)

01 // Terrace Martin on the set of Snoop Dogg’s “Malice in Wonderland” video shoot (Los Angeles, CA) 02 // Warren G reppin’ Terrace Martin @ Club Independent (San Francisco, CA) 03 // The Jacka & PK @ 17 Hertz Studios (Hayward, CA) 04 // Scoot of Dem Hoodstarz @ 17 Hertz Studios (Hayward, CA) 05 // Selomon Goitom & Fabolous @ The Sports Arena (San Diego, CA) 06 // PK & Gary Archer @ Toons Nightclub for Tito Bell’s birthday party (San Jose, CA) 07 // Lana Fuchs of Billionaire Mafia & BG @ Magic (Las Vegas, NV) 08 // Cellski @ 17 Hertz Studios (Hayward, CA) 09 // Mohawk Marlon @ Toons Nightclub for Tito Bell’s birthday party (San Jose, CA) 10 // Traxamillion @ Toons Nightclub for Tito Bell’s birthday party (San Jose, CA) 11 // Nipsey Hussle & AB @ Tatou Nightclub (Los Angeles, CA) 12 // Baby Bash @ Magic (Las Vegas, NV) 13 // Legacy of the New Boyz @ Magic (Las Vegas, NV) 14 // David Banner on the set of “Laughin’” (San Jose, CA) 15 // Jadakiss @ Magic (Las Vegas, NV) 16 // Selomon Goitem & DJ Fubu @ Spring Break afterparty (San Diego, CA) 17 // Honest Bob @ Suede (San Francisco, CA) 18 // Young Dro @ Magic (Las Vegas, NV) 19 // JBar @ Spring Break afterparty (San Diego, CA) 20 // DJ Dre Dae, BG, & DJ Big Dee @ Magic Convention (Las Vegas, NV) 21 // B Fly @ Power 106’s Cali Christmas (Los Angeles, CA) 22 // Dem Hoodstarz @ 17 Hertz (Hayward, CA) 23 // Freeway Ricky Ross @ Magic (Las Vegas, NV) 24 // Goldie of The Federation @ Magic (Las Vegas, NV) 25 // K Loc & Big Lucc @ Club Independent (San Francisco, CA) 26 // Gary Archer & DJ Franzen @ Party Heights Nightclub for Street Cred’s Christmas party (San Francisco, CA) 27 // City Spud @ Magic Convention (Las Vegas, NV) 28 // B.G. @ Magic Convention (Las Vegas, NV) 29 // DJ Devro @ R5 for Gorilla Pits’ in-store (Sacramento, CA) 30 // DNI Mike @ Blunt World (Livermore, CA) 31 // Shake the Mayor & sons @ his video shoot (Burlingame, CA) 32 // The Dragons @ R5 for Gorilla Pits’ in-store (Sacramento, CA) 33 // Jose Garcia @ Blunt World (Livermore, CA) 34 // Droop-E @ Club WET (San Jose, CA) 35 // DoItMovin @ R5 for Gorilla Pits’ in-store (Sacramento, CA) Photo Credits: D-Ray (01,02,03,04,05,06,08,09,10,11,14,16,17,19,21,22,25,26,29,30,31,32,33,34,35); Julia Beverly (07,12,13,15,18,20,23,24,27,28)



s a fifteen year veteran of porn movies, IT’S ONLY APPROPRIATE THAT internationally recognized and award-winning porn star Mr. Marcus HAS now literally WRITTEN the book on how to fuck. But it wasn’t always that way. In this excerpt from THE FIRST CHAPTER OF his upcoming book The Porn Star Guide To Great Sex, HE BEGINS BY RECALLING his less fortunate days as a typical male high school student trying to get laid. . . . A year came and went, and by the time I started my sophomore year, the waiting had become unbearable. I wasn’t the most popular guy in school, never really part of any clique, so even though I knew plenty of girls, I wasn’t having much success getting them to go out with me. But by my second year, I’d determined that I was going to get me a fine-ass girl and fuck her silly. That’s when I met Elaine. She was a pretty Latina, a sophomore like me. We met in a history class. I sat behind her. I never really said much to her, just sat there, staring at the back of her head, sending her these crazy sexual vibes. I’d just focus on the back of her head and flirt telepathically: “I want to fuck you…” “Come here and suck my dick…” Just wild stuff. I know she felt me, although, at first, she didn’t provide much indication that she did. But every now and then, when class would end, I’d catch her looking over her shoulder at me, smiling a satisfied smile, as if we’d yet again completed some heated round of passionate sex. Eventually, we started talking. And one day we arranged for me to come over to her house. Her mom would be gone to work. And one morning, at her mom’s house, the sexual energy that’d been building between us erupted. I’ll never forget it, partly because it was my first time actually having serious sex and partly because the TV was so loud while we were doing it. We screwed like greyhounds in heat, humping, grunting and, all the while, “The Price Is Right” blaring in the background. I wasn’t great then (even though the sex was). I didn’t know how to make it better. But I knew I wanted to get better, not because I lacked confidence but because sex just seemed to offer so many endless opportunities. I could meet women, get inside them at one of their most precious entryways, and share myself with them. Likewise, there was a “dirty” side to sex that was equally appealing. Some of the best sex induces a sense of vulnerability, a permissiveness that allows your lover unlimited access to your erogenous zones and G-spots and pressure points and nether regions. She’s spreading her legs, letting you lick her here, sucking you there, fondling and fingering and whispering your name. You are a part of her, and her you. She’s yours to do what you will—as long as you do it right. This vulnerability gives you a certain power when making love, the power to manipulate, to compel her to act out her wildest, darkest fantasies. She wants to be filled, to be used, to be satisfied. Even as a teenager, I found a paradox in sex— that she’s giving you permission to violate her—that was in itself an aphrodisiac, an addiction that would quickly morph into my avocation. Sex is for me, and should be for everyone, a unique and personal experience. My early experiences and interest in sex has taught me what not to do and how to do to get exactly what I need sexually. I’ve experimented with many women, looking for new and exciting experiences and for ways to improve my technique. I know for a fact that the more sex you have the better you are at it, and the better you get to know yourself. Remember, practice makes perfect sense.


I accidentally discovered porn in ’86. I used to borrow my step-dad’s socks. He always had brand-new clean socks, so I would sneak into his drawer and take a pair. One day as I was digging for a matching pair, I discovered his stash of hardcore adult magazines. No one was home, so I pulled out the stack and went through all of the magazines. There was a mixture of black and white photo spreads and a series of color photos all set to differently themed magazine titles. They immediately caught my attention. All of the magazines were hardcore, so there was a photo or two to establish a sort of story, followed by immediate action and ultimate penetration. Here were these complete strangers engaged in something so intimate. Or so I thought. The women had smiles on their faces and the men looked commanding and competent. It was the picture of sex taken for my viewing pleasure. This discovery of porn, stashed in my dad’s sock drawer, had given me a view into the future. Women had a commanding role in my sexual experience and they were about to get a new script. I wanted to be the commanding and competent man in the pictures with the smiling women. At the time of my discovery I was 17 with only a few sexual conquests in my life. I want to be in those magazines. But it was clear these porn models were much more experienced. So I did the next best thing, I masturbated twice a day to the images in my mind from the magazines. Both were vivid and explicit, creative and narrative. I had a running story, an established relationship with these pictures. I viewed them over and over sometimes forgetting to put them back where I found them. I couldn’t erase the impression they made on my mind. I became resolute in my decision to become a part of the adult industry. I did my homework. Who produced the magazine? Who were the models? I checked out other magazines like Club, Penthouse, Hustler, Cheri, Black Tail, Fox, High Society and Oui. But they were tame compared to one’s in my dad’s drawer. They were soft-core. No penetration, only the simulation of sex and there in the pictures there was only the act of fucking, everything was implied. What I’d discovered at the bottom of my dad’s sock drawer were a group of underground magazines that catered to the hardcore fan. I quickly sought out hardcore magazines, where the sex was real and I could see a real sexual connection. These magazines weren’t in the mainstream newsstands; they were in the sex shops. And they were expensive, so I’d have to read as much of them as I could absorb there. Then leave as discreetly as I came. Those early images left me with a hard on I could not escape. The twice masturbation sessions were not enough to squelch the desires I had. Pussy became my motivation. Getting into those magazines assured me there would be a constant stream of pussy. By the time I turned 23, I not only knew I wanted to be a porn star, but I knew what porn models I wanted to fuck and what lucky porn guys were lucky enough to fuck them. I even knew the names of porn companies I wanted to work for. So I read up on the stars and the industry in L.A. Express, a very cheap and accessible magazine that informed the reader of what was going on in the porn industry. From what movies were being made to what parties they were going on, to what new starlet was making headlines. So when I read about the annual porn awards show in Las Vegas I made the 300 mile trip. Right place, right time, because before I knew it I was handed a card and told to call if I wanted to get in the business. A porn star was born. When I discovered sex, it changed something in me, it brought out what I believe was a talent, the knack for bringing out a sexual nature in people. The changes I felt first was that I felt more confident, I became certain in my actions and thoughts towards women. I also felt a need to please them and if I came on sexually strong, then I would satisfy them as

well. All this came from having a sexual presence that I was beginning to understand. I didn’t really discover - or better yet, appreciate - sex until I was I older, around the age of 20. This is when I was briefly a male stripper. I met a guy by the name of Kalif who had started a group called The Men of Color. I met him one night in a club, we were both checking out girls, we took turns taking a pretty girls to the dance floor and turning them out. 2 or 3 songs and it was time to switch, all the girls wanted to dance with us. One night he asked me to join his group Men of Color, they were a group of 5 guys who would go to different events and dance for a bunch of women. I fit in easily, because I love to dance and I especially like to dance for women. And I was going to get paid for it. At one of our first events, we were at this club called Backwaters. The dance floor was sunken in the floor and it was surrounded by railings. This particular night I came on first, so I had to look up at the girls surrounding the dance floor. They all were leaning over the railings trying to reach for me, but this one girl in particular was especially attractive, so I started to dance just for her, creating this invisible connection. As she responded to what I was doing I did more of it. That night I learned something about what I did and how women responded to it. I know I was a dancer, so it came with the territory, but this was different because it became a mental bond not just a physical connection. Snoop Dogg would have the hit song “Sensual Seduction” later in his career, but I felt that song could have easily been written for what I was doing 18 years ago. Her attachment to me continued off the dance floor, she followed me off to a corner where she channeled an interest into my mind as well as my body. She wanted to fuck and I knew I could fuck her back. I would later that night to the same beat in my head that had only been playing a few hours earlier. I needed her to be satisfied by what I was giving her, a thorough mind fuck. This type of sex was going to be my specialty. I sent thoughts out to have them returned pleased. It was the beginning of my discovery to provide content, in a sexual way. Now that I had uncovered this new ability I needed to know what it could do. I had to know my limitations and strengths. I knew my mind had the message and my body was the messenger, but if my mind wasn’t right then the body wouldn’t be either. Important to get the mental aspect solid and this would take practice and failure and practice again. My relationships during this time varied; I met women, girls and ladies who were all down to help me get my mind right. My stripper career was brief. I only lasted a few months with Men of Color. My friendship with Kalif remained solid. He continued to dance with the group, and I just continued to dance. I wasn’t a very good stripper anyways. I’d knock over drinks and didn’t know how to please so many women at once. I was better when I had one girl to focus on at a time. And that’s what I did for a while: focused on one girl at time, time after time, leading up to porn. Sex was still very mental for me, I just used my body to express what I was thinking. From that first experience of realizing the effect sexually you can have on someone to continuous use of that ability gave me a sexual power that had been 15 years in the making. Stripping unleashed it and I worked to develop it. I see the same qualities in female strippers. Many are comfortable in their bodies, they are aware of the reaction they provoke and they are very confident in their sexual abilities. I was no different. I didn’t feel any different because of this discovery, but I did feel enhanced. And I was determined even more to do

something useful with this elevated state. I decided on porn long before I had realized I was heading in that direction, even though I unconsciously went in that direction, it could be argued I was already consciously there. My first adult porn set was out in Palm Springs. The girl who had brought me into the industry, Heather Lee, she was out there doing a shoot. She wanted me to drive out there to meet the director. If he liked me, he might hire me in the future. His name was Roy Brewington and he was actually a photographer who happened to also be a director. What I would learn later is a lot of the successful producers in porn were also very good photographers. He was one of the best. I drove down to Palm Springs and met up with Heather. She had talked highly of me, so when I showed up, Roy was very hospitable and professional. I felt comfortable, like I belonged. Heather pulled me off into a room and asked how I was feeling. I was good, especially since I didn’t know what to expect, but I was game. Me and Heather had had sex a few times before at her place and mine, and she was already a successful porn star so it was her suggestion I get into porn. I guess she had been fucking me just to make sure I was ready and up to the task. After a few minutes, she says, “Roy wants you to be in the scene”, I was like “Okay, no problem”. I was a 23 year old kid, and I had already said, “Okay, no problem,” to stealing, robbing, and driving without a license. Shit, what was going to stop me from fucking on film? Nothing. I was where I belonged and everyone knew it, but there was one catch. There would be another guy in the scene. “Huh? How’s that going to work?” I asked. Heather looked at me with a look that said, “Don’t worry I can handle it.” I realized that this was perfectly normal. 2 guys and 1 girl was normal in porn. The girls could handle it or in this business, they better be able to handle it, because it’s normal. I was still a young guy in a very mature business, naivety abound. It wasn’t long before the other guy showed up, Mr. Sean Michaels. This guy was cool from top to bottom. He strolled in all suited up, clean as fuck, and the first thing I noticed was how clean and pimped he was. One of a kind instantly. I couldn’t think of anyone like him, a very unique cat. I was also familiar with his work. I had been a fan of porn since I was 16 years old and I remembered all the black dudes I had seen. I wanted to be like them, and here was someone I had admired right there in front of me. He came over and shook my hand and said, “Wanna smoke?” Without hesitation I said, “Yeah”. I didn’t even know what we were going to be smoking, but I didn’t give a fuck. I thought it was cool that he asked. Roy only hired the best and Sean was the best. 2 other guys arrived shortly after Sean, Marc Wallace and Peter North. More legends. I knew their faces and I had seen their work. I was in good company, and this solidified my feeling of belonging. I stood there thinking I couldn’t believe my luck. It was like meeting Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh and KRS-1, except this was 1 black guy and 2 white dudes and they made porn. These were the top 3 in the business. I had been placed squarely in line with distinction. If they were the porn version of celebrity, I was sure to be of significance . . . The Porn Star Guide To Great Sex will be available at all major booksellers on June 22, 2010, and is currently available for preorder on www.MrMarcus.com AND MANY OTHER ONLINE BOOKSELLERS.


porn starAurora 10 RULES Jolie’s FOR PROPER

Sex etiquette


One of my biggest pet peeves is girls who are “models” or “video vixens” trying to talk down on porn stars because we fuck for a living on camera. Bitch, you fuck for a living too! The only difference is that the world doesn’t see it. They only see the byproduct of that, which is, of course, the girl getting casted in the video. I’m not saying that ALL these girls are fucking to get jobs, but the ones that do need to stop talking foul and thinking they’re “holier than thou.” Just accept that we are ALL WHORES. Thank you ;)


Group sex can be a wonderful activity for experimentation and pleasure, but when done incorrectly, group sex can also end relationships and friendships. As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to the traditional threesome (Boy/Girl/Girl), it is essential for


The lead female to choose, or have a say in picking, the second female partner. B) the love must be mutual all the way around. There’s nothing worse than a threesome where the guy is getting all the lovin’ and the females aren’t into each other. C) obviously all participating females must be bi and attracted to each other. D) the love must be evenly spread; all parties must do their best to keep everyone active during sex, because if the second female is getting more attention from the male than the other girl, that’s where jealousy and other problems arise. Other threesomes (Boy/Boy/Girl) are less demanding because generally guys aren’t as quick to become jealous during sex and less catty than the females. That being said, there’s many ways to carry on this way. Guys can take turns or while the girl gets fucked she can suck the other guy off and then switch. Of course, there’s always the good ol’ DP action. Anything beyond that and you pretty much step into gangbang territory or an official orgy. The point is, in all cases, the parties must be down and willing to please one another and leave all baggage and insecurities at the door. That is the recipe to a SEXessful group sex session!


I started dancing a few years ago when I was 19 years old. At the time, the world of strip clubs was so foreign to me. Very quickly, through the school of hard knocks, I learned what the Do’s and Don’ts of the gentleman’s club. There needs to be a list of rules for customer etiquette, because some men just don’t know what to do when they go to the club. Here are some tips: If you aren’t getting dances and are at the club to mingle with friends, drink, and watch sports, TIPPING IS A MUST! No, you don’t have to “make it rain,” but every dollar counts. When a girl comes off stage, even if she didn’t do a phenomenal set, just stuff a couple dollars in her g-string or hand it to her. She WILL appreciate it! B) If you’re sitting at the stage watching a girl go through all her best dancing/pole tricks, don’t wiggle your measy $1 bill in her face. That will more than likely piss her off. C) DO NOT.. I repeat.. DO NOT try to stick your dirty ass dollar bill in her pussy or asshole. Any self-respecting stripper will go off at this totally unsanitary action. D) You know girls are at the club to work, not for the hell of it. So if a dancer sits next to you and starts a conversation which goes on for more than ten minutes, it is your obligation to tell her if you’re not intending to buy a dance and let her move along, because every second at the club equals money or wasted money.



If you do take a girl back for a lapdance, before the dance starts, ask the girl what her personal boundaries are and what you can and can’t touch. She will surely appreciate this. F) DO NOT pull your dick out of your pants while the girl is dancing. Freaky girls won’t care, but most dancers think this is foul behavior. G) Like Chris Rock said, there is NO SEX IN THE CHAMPAGNE ROOM. Obviously, we all know what really goes on back there, but is it really worth it? With all the raids going on, it’s too much of a liability for all parties involved, including the actual club. If he’s trying to fuck and you’re into that sort of thing, just get a damn hotel room! Champagne rooms are icky cuminfested rooms anyway, even by my porn star standards.



I really shouldn’t have to tell you this, but believe it or not, there are some men out there that just don’t know! One thing I’m known for in porn is that I was the only porn star who was a vaginal virgin (hymen and all). I only did anal scenes on film and wasn’t yet ready to take the vaginal plunge on or off camera. My first vaginal experience was horrible! It hurt a thousand times worse than any anal experience I’ve ever had, partly due to the breaking of my hymen muscle. The man who popped my cherry didn’t know what he was doing! Men, if you ever get the blessed (some say cursed) experience of de-virginizing a girl, there are rules you must follow. Here are some guidelines:


Make sure this is what SHE wants. Don’t ever force a girl to give up her virginity, because it is sacred! B) Once she has expressed that she’s ready to lose her V-card, make sure she is as comfortable as possible. C) Get her WET. Even if you don’t normally eat pussy, you might have to make an exception. She’s a virgin – what are you worried about? D) Go with whatever position makes her most comfortable, whether missionary or cowgirl. The key is to let her control the pace. E) Some women are extremely tight so if it takes more than one night, don’t fret (it took six months and two different guys for me). F) GO SLOW. I really shouldn’t have to say that but some guys are morons. G) If worst comes to worst and the girl is in so much pain that she’s crying, don’t call her a baby. Don’t get up and leave and never speak to her again. You know who you are and YES, YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE.


These tidbits of advice are for girls and gay guys. Anal sex can be wonderful! It can also be painful and messy, but if you follow these rules, it should be great:


Preparation is key. If you’re planning on having anal sex, don’t eat burritos or beans and make sure you’re clean in that area. Take an enema (don’t use the liquid that comes in the bottle; pour it out and put warm water in the bottle) at least an hour before. B) Make sure your ass is well-lubricated. Don’t use crappy lubes either, because they will get sticky. KY Jelly is the worst, but Vaseline works rather well and is inexpensive compared to EROS or some of the other high-end lubes you can find at adult stores. C) Start off slow. There’s nothing I hate worse than a guy who thinks he can just shove 12 inches in my ass with no warm-up. That shit hurts! Go in one centimeter at a time. D) Ass to mouth is hot! Once he starts pounding your ass, ask him to put his dick in your mouth so you can see how your ass tastes. I never met a guy that didn’t like that shit! E) Have fun and be safe! I know anal is no fun with condoms, but HIV is definitely not fun either!



Okay, maybe just sex and drugs. Both can be euphoric wonderful joyous experiences (the best sex I ever had, I was either drunk or on E). I mean, who hasn’t heard about Tiger Woods’ infamous sexperiences with Ambien? This is quite popular among some people. To be safe, there are a few things you should know:


In order to have the best possible journey when getting high, make sure before you take your drug of choice (weed, alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine, whatever) that you make sure you’re in good frame of mind. If you’re worried or troubled, taking a controlled substance could bring about paranoia or anxiety. B) Make sure your partner is someone you know and trust! DO NOT and I mean DO NOT have a drug-fueled sex romp with a stranger! This can lead to potentially disastrous and cataclysmic events! C) Be safe and don’t take too much of anything. Needless to say, overdosing really sucks. I know this makes me sound like a junkie, but I really am not. I smoke weed every day thanks to my medical marijuana license. I have tried other drugs in the past, but I was fortunate to get this experimentation out of my system. You won’t know whether or not you like something if you don’t try, right? D) From what I’ve heard, apparently cocaine is good for women during sex because it makes women uncontrollably horny, but it can make a man’s dick go numb rendering it useless. E) Sex and drugs are fun but never let the altered mindstate allow you to do stupid things like having unprotected sex. I have heard that meth is rampant in the gay nightlife community and you don’t want “feeling good” to lead you to your demise (AIDS). Wrap it up! F) When incorporating drugs and sex, certain chemicals should never be mixed. This can cause ODs and even death. You can always go to Drugs.com and input whatever you’re taking to make sure it’s safe to do so. G) Engage in these activities at your own risk. I’m not condoning drug use, nor am I denouncing it. We’re all adults and you’re going to do what you want to do whether the government condones it or not. But there is a safe, smart way to do it.


Everyone has heard stories in Hollywood or the music industry where people are fucking for work. It’s even worse in the porn industry. There may be a casting couch in Hollywood, but any producer or director in the adult film industry who tells a girl that she has to fuck before she gets a part is a LIAR! If anyone tells you that, you’re obviously not dealing with a true professional. When I started out in porn at age 18, I was fortunate enough to have a good agent who only dealt with reputable companies. Not all girls are so lucky though. I can’t tell you how many girls I’ve met that were green to the industry and fell into the hands of some shitty pimp, not a real agent. I’ve also met girls who were freelancing and searching talent websites and met some sleazy producer that told them to come “audition” for a role in a hot new porn movie by fucking him ON TAPE. Then, he sends the girl off and she never gets a call back and certainly doesn’t get paid. Let me explain a typical REAL porn audition. If you’ve ever seen America’s Next Top Model, you’ll know what a “Go See” is. Generally, a girl’s agent will arrange a day full of Go Sees. A girl might visit 10-15 companies in one day. During a Go See, a girl will present two forms of ID and fill out a bio sheet with info including measurements and what she is willing to do (and not willing to do) on camera. At some point she will be asked to undress and take a series of Polaroids. After that, the producer/director may ask you a few questions, and that is it. Now, a personal experience I will share to discourage any girls from jumping on the casting couch. When I was 18, I went on a Go See with another girl from my agency. As we were leaving the producer called the other girl back to the room. After fifteen minutes, I headed back to the office to see what was taking her so long. The girl was getting fucked on the producer’s desk! As it turned out, the producer booked me but did not book the girl he fucked earlier. What a dumb bitch, I thought. Ladies, if you want to get into porn and a director or producer wants to fuck you, DO NOT fuck him off camera. Tell him to book you in a scene and trust me, he will!


Around 90% of the girls I know in the sex industry (porn, dancing, & beyond) had or have some type of “management,” myself included. Most girls who say otherwise are either lying or too blind to realize that their so-called “boyfriend” who was taking their money for “savings” was really a PIMP. I may get a little flack for this but it’s more important to be open and honest about such a tough subject than to lie because I’m concerned about

a superficial image. I’ve met many girls who loathe and abhor pimps and I’ve also met many girls who were absolutely infatuated and enamored with their pimps. The point is, the relationship can be either PARASITIC or SYMBIOTIC. Beware, the PARASITIC pimp is exactly what you think he’d be. He takes everything he can from you and gives you nothing but trouble and pain. These so-called men are the pimps that beat and steal from their women. They’re constantly playing mind games and forcing the girl to do things she doesn’t want to do out of fear. He’ll have his goons watch her constantly to report back if she gets “outta pocket,” even going so far as to steal her identity (passport, ID, birth certificate) just to make sure she doesn’t leave him. They aren’t real pimps, they are just weak, scared, and insecure. A pimp shouldn’t have to punch a bitch to keep her in line. If she wants to walk, a real pimp will let her walk no questions asked. The second type of pimp is the kind that bitches love, the SYMBIOTIC pimp. This pimp cares for his bitch and his bitch cares for him. He doesn’t feed off her; rather, they feed and take care of each other. He never makes his bitch do anything she doesn’t feel comfortable doing. He never beats her. The true pimp isn’t insecure and worried that his bitch will leave him, because he knows he can always get another, badder bitch because he has game. Therefore, there’s no need to steal her identity. Just because a girl has a pimp doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a streetwalker or call girl. There are many dancers who have pimps that would never want them to fuck another guy. Even in the porn world there are “suitcase pimps” who drive girls to the set, pick them up, and make sure they get their hair and nails done. Pimps are people too. Some are bad, wicked, horrible people. Some are loving sons and devoted fathers and overall good men.


A little known fact outside the porn industry is the fact that porn is even more racist than Hollywood. At least Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, and Jennifer Hudson have won Oscars. A black woman has never won an AVN (the Oscars of porn) but has rarely even been nominated. The same goes for black men in porn as well. Most of the top porn companies like Vivid, Wicked, Hustler, and Adam & Eve don’t even have one black contract girl (Vivid has had three black contract girls in the past 25 years). And these companies want to know why sales are slipping? Clearly all the free porn websites have played a part in slipping sales, but maybe these companies aren’t catering to their audience (which is mostly white, but there is a large market for interracial porn). Sometimes I just feel thoroughly disenfranchised and I know I’m not the only one. Ethnic women are so underappreciated in the porn industry. I have respect for AVN and all the companies mentioned so I’m not bashing them, just airing my opinion. My only hope is that one day soon the industry as a whole will evolve and appreciate minorities. If Hollywood can have Academy Award-winning minorities, AVN needs to accept us as well.


One thing that’s always irked me long before I had my first kiss was the groupie stigma. Growing up, I didn’t listen to much rap. I was raised on The Doors, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, etc. I read up on rock & roll history. Long before there were Hip Hop groupies, there were rock & roll groupies like Pamela Des Barres and Plaster Caster and Bebe Buells. When I got my hands on Des Barres’ infamous book “I’m With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie,” (I have a signed copy) I couldn’t put it down! I imagined what it would’ve been like to be her and live through all the debauchery she’s been through. The power she must have felt when she fucked Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and Jimi Page and Robert Plant! She was like my idol! Being a groupie back in the day didn’t have such a negative connotation. It was almost a romantic ideal. Pamela Des Barres and a lot of the other rock & roll groupies weren’t just fucking these guys because they were famous; they really did love and appreciate the music. Even the groupies in L.A. during the whole 80’s hair metal scene – a lot of those so-called groupies were supporting the bands, feeding them, getting them drugs, promoting them, and putting up signs. They were like unofficial roadies. Groupies have even contributed to some great songs, maybe not on the record but behind the scenes. Behind every great musician is a great groupie! //


I hope you had a babysitter. Naw, the kids weren’t there.

Compton rapper Problem is apparently not only a problem in the rap game, but also in the bedroom. Here, he tells us why two baby mamas are better than one. You must have quite a reputation because everybody on the West Coast told me I’ve gotta talk to you for the OZONE West sex issue. (laughs) I don’t know if I have a reputation. I’m just free with what I say, that’s all. Are you a groupie lover or do you like a little more of a challenge? I’m not really into the groupie thing. Rap ain’t never got me no ass. I was cool with the ladies before rap. So I don’t really get turned on by the Problem groupies. I like somebody that really doesn’t know who I am and we get it poppin’. It’s way better like that. I have had groupies and it’s cool but I prefer somebody that really likes me for me. That means I can go all the way in and do everything. I guess you don’t have too many exciting groupie tales from being on the road yet. Fuck a groupie tale. I’ma tell you some wild shit. They’re probably gonna be mad at me, but I don’t give a fuck. My baby mamas – I had ‘em both at the same time. Wait, what? You had a threesome with two women and they both got pregnant? No, they both had a kid of mine already. It took a lot of talking [to convince them] and they hate each other to this day because of it. I was with [my son’s mother] and I wanted to do a threesome and she didn’t want me fuckin’ nobody new. I was like, “Well, my daughter’s mother is bisexual.” She was like, “Fuck that.” It took a good minute to convince them. One good loaded night it happened, though. They had another homegirl, one of their friends involved. They fought afterwards though.


How did you split your attention up evenly in the bedroom? That’s when it got tricky; the actual fuckin’ part. It was like, “Oooh, you makin’ all that noise for her, huh?” I’m gonna moan, man. I’m not gonna try to be Mister Tough Fuck. That ain’t my thing. If the shit feels good, I’m like, “Oooh, shiiit.” And they kept getting jealous, you know? But there’s a lot you can do [with three women] if you’re a visionary. I’m an artist first. My imagination is wild. You just gotta do it, you know? We all have tongues and there’s all kinds of tongues that need to be filled. You just gotta go for what you know. If you can handle it, man, it’s a hell of a story to tell. And I speak the truth. I wish I could get them on the phone so they could vouch for me. I hate niggas that lie on they dick. That shit is dead. But they didn’t get along afterwards? It got bad afterwards. A fight ensued. I felt bad about it, cause I was like, this is gonna have some lingering effects on my relationships with these two. To this day they can’t stand each other. But we’re cool, nobody’s trippin’. This was a few years ago. Have you paid for sex? Everybody pays for sex. When we go out on a date, I’m paying for sex. I’ve never walked up to a prostitute and given her money and said, “Fuck me,” but if I pick you up, put gas in my vehicle, risk an accident driving around, pay for the hotel room – if any money comes out of my pocket before we fuck – I paid for sex. The condoms I bought, the food you ate, everything. At least you’re a gentleman taking them out to eat. Not everybody gets that. But we’re talking about the good ones. The ones that get fucked just get fucked. I’m trying to nut as fast as I can and get out. I got in trouble tryin’ to make love to everybody. When you try to make love to everybody, [women] think you love them. I used to go all out, lickin’ everything from head to toe just cause I was on one. I was raised around women so I know what they like. Every woman is the same, from your granny to your daughter. There ain’t too much difference. What’s the distinction between somebody you’d treat like a gentleman

and somebody you just wanna get a nut and get out? It’s a thin line, I’ll say that. It’s just a certain vibe. If you get off by calling me Problem, I’m just gonna fuck you. I’m a pretty good judge of character. I can tell if somebody wants to fuck Problem or if somebody wants to fuck Jason. I’ll eat it though. I’m probably gonna eat it most of the time cause I’m just like that, but if I’m into you I’m doing everything. I’m tryin’ to make you cum a few times before I fuck you because I want you to remember me. Even if you’ve got a nigga or got problems in your life, whatever’s going through your head, I want you to be like, “This nigga was on one.” What kind of car gets you the most attention from females? I’m telling you, I was fucking bitchies on my auntie’s living room floor with no money. That shit doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ll take a nigga’s girl who’s got a Bentley. I don’t give a fuck, honestly, man. Some females are into cars and stuff but the majority don’t give a fuck. Some niggas just buy cars to overcompensate for what they don’t have. Have you made a lot of Bentley-driving enemies by stealing their girls? I can’t say I’ve made enemies. I don’t know these niggas personally so it’s not my place to respect their relationship. I’ve had a nigga call me like, “Who are you?” Apparently you know me very well if you’re calling my fuckin’ number. He was like, “Hey, my nigga, why you calling my girl?” Bro, she calls me. I don’t know you, my nigga. I ain’t gonna get in no trouble though. A long time ago this nigga was mad as hell over some girl I didn’t even fuck. It was the craziest shit in the world. He swore I was fuckin’ his bitch. Are there any celebrity females you have your eye on? I can’t say. I wanna say but I can’t. I have my eye on a few and I think they have gazed my way as well. But I can’t say because I gotta get ‘em first. I can’t be putting it out there and then I don’t win. It’s like a game. But trust me, if we do a part two [of this interview] and I win, I’ma give it all to you. Do you send out sexy text messages? I’m into the shock factor. I’m not into that smooth shit. I’ll be like, “I’m hungrier than a muthafucker. What you got to eat over there? I’m about to come wherever you’re at and lick you from the crack to the…” you know. It’s gotta be on man. Especially if I’m drunk. The liquor makes me a lot bolder. I’m gonna say [those types of things] anyway, but liquor gets me to the point where I’m like, “I’ma come over there and fuck the cum out of your pussy.” That type of shit. What type of liquor is an aphrodisiac? For me or for a female? For females, I don’t know, because I don’t like fucking a drunk bitch. That shit is annoying. It’s cool if you’re a little buzzed but if you’re drunk as fuck, I might kick you out of the house. Sounds like you’ve had some bad drunk sex experiences. Hell yeah, millions. My shit will just go limp. I just get so unenthused, like, “What am I doing?” I remember being drunk once and I did a show at some pool party. I met this little broad and we came back to the house. We were both loaded and she was irritating the fuck out of me. I fucked her anyway and then we got in the shower. The whole time she’s been calling me Problem and I’m calling her whatever her name is. We get in the shower and she looks down at my dick and then looks at my face and she says, “I know you.” I’m like, “Huh? Yeah, you know me.” She was like, “No, we fucked before.” I said, “What are you talking about? I’ve never seen you before in my life.” She was like, “Yeah, your name is Jason. We fucked a few years ago.” That shit tripped me the fuck out. Neither one of us remembered and we had been kickin’ it the whole damn night. That’s when I knew I was doing too much and I had to slow myself down. Yeah, that is a bit much. I’m not proud of all that stuff, man. I’m really trying to make love to somebody right now. I’m just not into the bam-bam, coming over there and knocking that shit out. I want to fuck and suck and get fucked. I want to do everything. I’m at a freaky point in my life where I want to do everything. I might just pull the car over and be like, “C’mon. Get on the hood.” Boom! I’m into that shit right now. That shit is crazy because you’ll get a female who isn’t used to the spontaneous, crazy shit. It’ll drive her nuts and she comes all over the place. Like, we’re at the movies and I put you on my lap, boom boom boom. If a female gives it up quick would you say it affects your perception of her later in the relationship? Hell naw. We could die tomorrow. Nobody has time for that shit. If you want to fuck, I won’t judge you. Are there any Problem sex tapes floating around?

(laughs) I hope not. I’ve filmed myself before but I don’t have the tapes in my possession, so you never know. She has them. Honestly, I should put it out. A lot of these weak dick niggas don’t know what they’re doing. It might help your career out a little bit. They get mad at me for doing songs like “Fuck Your Man,” but it’s a reason those songs are created. You niggas aren’t doing your job, man. What kind of female do you prefer physically? I go off a vibe. I can’t say I just like light skin or I just like dark skin. I’m into good people and sex and chemistry. Like if we fuck and I’m to the point where I have to control my mind to keep from cumming, that’s the shit. I had this one female and I swear every time we did it I thought I was going to cum every time I put it in there. She had me feeling like I was about to nut for ten minutes straight. I fucking can’t find her. Her name is Nikia. Nikia, if you’re reading this, you can twitter me at @ItsAProblem. I just want to talk to you and find out what you’re doing, because I know if another nigga’s been in that shit he ain’t letting that go. When you have to control your mind what do you think about? Baseball? Hell yeah, because that’s a boring ass sport. Then I start counting shit on the wall. Then I might pull out and start eating pussy to re-up real quick. Would you fuck with a female like Superhead knowing she was going to write a book about you? Are you more private with your sex life? I’m private, but the competitiveness in me would make me want to do it to see if I can stand up against the niggas she be talking about. [Fucking Superhead] is kinda like, you made it. It’s like playing at the Apollo. The newest Superhead wannabe is texting rappers on Twitter, hooking up with them, and blogging about it. If a female hits you up on Twitter would you fuck with her or are you more cautious meeting people on the internet? The internet is the craziest shit on earth. It’s funny. I’ve met so many beautiful people off Twitter. Shouts out to everybody I met off Twitter. I really don’t get into Twitter as far as females hitting me, but I do get some crazy DMs. Twitter is like a great stress relief. I can say what the fuck I want and that’s why people fuck with me. I love the ladies on Twitter. I love hearing what they’ve got to say, good or bad. My DM shit is crazy. I get all kinds of invitations so I could just imagine what Soulja Boy and them niggas’ DM boxes look like. I know that shit is crazy. Since you like a variety of women, have you seen a difference between different races of women as far as what they’re into sexually? The Spanish women that I’ve had sex with, their pussy is insane. It kinda grabs you. Have you ever had Malt-O-Meal before? Get a box of MaltO-Meal and put it in a warm bowl and stick your finger in it. That’s the way some bomb ass pussy feels. Spanish chicks have the Malt-O-Meal. Black women be trying to fuck you like they’re on TV. The white chicks I’ve chilled with were cool. People say white chicks give better head, but I can’t say that. I’ve had some super head from black chicks. This one girl made me cum three straight times. My mind was blown. Like when they say “blow your socks off”? I literally had to take my shoes off. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. I never experienced anything like that before and I probably won’t ever again. That shit was insane. When did you lose your virginity? When I was 10 that was the first time I had sex. The girl was older than me. When you’re that young you just get the shakes. You ain’t developed nutting yet so it’s like this little feeling, I don’t know what it’s called. The next time I had sex I was like 14. But when I got my heart broken, I haven’t been right ever since. I was 18 when I got my heart broken. I got her ass back, trust me. I ain’t the only one that was heart. But that was the thing that triggered it. I was a totally different dude. I really believed in trust, one girlfriend, and all that bullshit. All that shit had to get thrown out the window and I went on a fuckfest that’s still going on to this day. I’m 24, about to be 25. But as soon as I find that Malt-O-Meal I’m gonna calm down. Do you have a favorite porn star? I’ve never been into porn. I don’t really do strip clubs too much either. I don’t see the point of getting my dick hard if nothing else is gonna happen. I like a women’s titties touching my chest. I’m into grabbing your waist while you’re riding me. I’m into the controlling thing, so porn movies really don’t do it for me. You mentioned the movie theater. Where are some other creative places you’ve had sex? continued on pg. W24 >> OZONE WEST // 21


HANK ME LATER THANK ME LATER T ANK ME LATER THANK ME LATER TH NK ME LATER THANK ME LATER THA K ME LATER THANK ME LATER THAN ME LATER THANK ME LATER THANK LATER THANK ME LATER THANK ME LATER THANK ME E-40 knows that you love him, LATER THANK ME he also knows that you hate ATER THANK him. But all he wantsME you to LATER THANK ME L know is that he’s been in this Words by Maurice G. Garland Photos by Trevor Traynor

eyebrows. With most fans growing either accustomed to or annoyed by the constant barrage of free music via the internet and mixtapes, asking fans to buy one album is a hard sell, so how can you expect them to buy two?

game for 20-plus years and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

“I was sellin tapes out the trunk of my car, when you was running ‘round drinking Simalac” - E-40 on ”Record Haters” from the album Hall of Game The rapper born Earl Stevens is aging quite well. Not a wrinkle in his skin or a grey hair on his head (thankfully, he cut those dreads off last year), E-40 in 2010 looks almost exactly the same way he did on the cover of his 1992 album Federal. “They tell me I’ve been drinking out the fountain of youth. They say I’m aging backwards,” he chuckles. “I’m not trying to be 21 again, but I do think I’m in my 3rd childhood.” After years of debating if it wanted to stay young or mature, Hip Hop is finally looking as if it wants to act its age. For the first time the “young man’s game” is seeing some of its stars and most powerful voices achieve success and maintain relevance at and past age 40. Rappers like Jay-Z, Too $hort and most recently Raekwon are showing and proving that being “over the hill” doesn’t mean that their career is headed downhill. In E-40’s case, age has never really been a factor. He’s been able to stay ahead of the curve by being active in every change and trend that Hip Hop comes up with. When the South was on the rise, he was recording with 8Ball & MJG, Master P and Cash Money. When the South began reigning supreme, he made songs like “Rep Yo City.” When snap music exploded, he hopped on Lil Jon’s “Snap Yo Fingers.” When Hyphy became a movement, he helped lead the charge with his 2006 hit “Tell Me When To Go.” “I stay woke,” 40 states bluntly. “I don’t use ancient slang. Ain’t no nigga my age rapping like me. I’m on some updated shit, and I got that OG in me. I got that 80s game in me and today’s game in me. I can whup these youngsters with their own game.” That’s what 40 hopes to do with his new 2-part album Revenue Retrievin’. Similar to what Nelly did in 2004 with his Sweat/Suit concept, 40 will be releasing a Day Shit and Night Shift version of the album separately on the same day, giving consumers three choices at the store. “I had so much material, I took the budget that I had and squeezed it into two albums,” he says. “It’s two separate albums; two different packages with two different barcodes. Some may like Day Shift but not Night Shift or vice versa. If I was an E-40 fan I’d just snatch both of them. You’ve got to draw interest in selling albums nowadays. A lot of people are curious to see how this pans out, and that’s why I did it. One album wasn’t enough for me. If I did a single album I don’t think it would be this much awareness around it.” Revenue Retrievin’ isn’t 40’s first crack at dropping a double album. He released the 1997 compilation SouthWest Riders on his Sic Wit It label that featured two discs worth of music with UGK, 8Ball & MJG, The Luniz, Twista, Three 6 Mafia and virtually every artist from the South, West and Midwest that was hot at the time. In 1998 he dropped his first solo double, and perhaps his most hyped album, The Element of Surprise. So if anything, this should prove that 40 knows what he’s doing. However, releasing a double album in today’s musical climate does raise

“A lot of people who do mixtapes do it to keep their name hot, and that’s cool,” says 40 when asked why he elects to release albums and not mixtapes. “But my music needs to be documented in the history books and barcoded. I don’t like wasting music because I put my all into my raps. There’s certain things you have to do for free, like shows for radio or shows when you’re first starting out. But I’m already a well-known dude, so I feel like that’s not something I have to do. But I understand why the newer artists do it.”

“In case you suckers didn’t know, I told you once before / I ain’t rapping too fast, see y’all just listening too slow.” - E-40 on “Fallin Rain” from the album Grit & Grind Call it a gift or a curse, but there is no such thing as a fair-weather E-40 fan. You either love him or you hate him. If you have one E-40 album, you probably have at least four more. If you have none, you probably won’t be planning on get one anytime soon. Though he didn’t mean to become it on purpose, E-40 is secretly one of the most polarizing and most unappreciated figures in Hip Hop. While he has a fanbase that has supported him for nearly 20 years strong, he’s yet to appear on the cover of a mainstream music magazine (excluding OZONE). He has four gold albums and one platinum, but he’s rarely invited to sit on the couch of your favorite talk show. He had two of biggest hits of 2006 with “Tell Me When To Go” and “U And Dat” but wasn’t nominated for any awards that year. Only BET was nice enough to realize their oversight and invite 40 to narrate their Hip Hop Awards show the following year.

“Every rapper got a little E-40 in them and don’t even know it. I’m not knocking, I’m just letting it be known that a few pages been ripped out of my book.”

“People don’t like what they can’t comprehend,” shrugs 40, comparing himself to the likes of Roger Troutman and George Clinton, artists who weren’t fully appreciated until decades after their prime. “It goes right over their head like the balloon boy. They’re game goofy; they don’t get it until years later. They want everybody to rap the same, but I’m in my own lane and I’m comfortable in my lane.” “[E-40 is] the most original MC to ever record,” says Bun B of UGK, who has had a working relationship with 40 since the mid-90s. “[He is] the most copied MC ever to spit. One of the most underrated lyricists in the game, with the most credited and uncredited additions to the Hip Hop and world lexicons of slang. One of the best natured guys in the game.”

It’s probably that same good-natured spirit that’s kept E-40 from griping about not getting more props for his props and contributions. Sure, he addresses it occasionally on songs like “Why They Don’t Fuck With Us” (“partly from the fact that I’m a force / they never put me on the cover of The Source”). But he’ll never fix his own mouth to talk down on anyone or say that Snoop Dogg stole his slang or that Jazze Pha copied his swag, even though his fans will. “Improbably the most bitten rapper in the game, people don’t even realize they’re biting me,” he says, mentioning that he has love for those that acknowledge, but none for those who don’t. “Every rapper got a little E-40 in them and don’t even know it. I’m not knocking, I’m just letting it be known that a few pages been ripped out of my book.” OZONE WEST // 23

40, who was the first rapper to feature T-Pain on a hook, continues, “I put it all in the hands of God. I know I’m unorthodox and not like everybody else. I’ll be griping all my life if I started griping. I just know they’re gonna appreciate me later. In due time they will look back and say, “That was a sick muthafucka rapping.” That griping shit don’t get you nothing. It makes you sound like the mad rapper.” “I got the gift of gab I’m off the choo choo tracks / I want the fetti, fuck the fame, y’all can have that” - E-40 on “Earl, That’s Your Life” from Charlie Hustle: Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire Retrievin’ will “A lot of people who Revenue be E-40’s eleventh aldo mixtapes do it to bum (and twelfth if you to be technical). keep their name hot want However, the energy and that’s cool. But surrounding it makes album feel like a my music needs to the fresh start. After spendover a decade on be documented in ing Jive Records and then a the history books couple years on Warner Bros., Revenue Retrievin’ and barcoded. I will be 40’s first fully don’t like wasting independent album 1993’s The Mail music, I put my all since Man. This will also be into my raps.” the first E-40 album to not be released through his Sic Wit It Records. E-40 is now signed to his 22-year-old son and producer Droop-E’s label, Heavy On The Grind Entertainment, which has a direct distribution deal with EMI. “We cut out the middleman,” he explains, mentioning that he still has Sic Wit It and plans to release albums from his groups through a partnership with E1. “He had a better situation than what I would’ve had so it was a better look. I had offers from major labels but we wanted to go straight through. I felt like I could do it with me and him together with him as the producer and me as the hard worker I am.” The album also signals somewhat of a return to a strictly Bay Area sound for 40 after his last two albums flirted heavily with both a Southern and crossover sound.

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“This album is vintage E-40,” he says, also insisting that the word “hyphy” isn’t even mentioned on the album. “I kept it all the way Bay’d Out and worked with a lot of Bay Area artists and acts on my label. Gucci Mane and Jazze Pha are the only Southern features I have on this album.” The album features a number of Bay Area artists including San Quinn, Tha Jacka, Clyde Carson, Ya Boy, Husalah, Keak Da Sneak, Turf Talk and of course Too $hort and his family members from The Click. It also has a bit of Southern California sprinkled throughout it with appearances from Snoop Dogg and Suga Free. With the way the game operates now, it’s a feat in itself getting to work with so many people on one project. “I think the days of working with more artists from your immediate area are going to continue because of all of the politics in the game now,” he says. “You might have a rapper you’d really love to get down with and they do a song with you, but the label won’t clear it. So that keeps them from appearing on local or up-and-coming artists albums. But one thing about me, even when I was signed to majors, I never acted like I was too good to work with anybody.” Year after year 40 proves this by hopping on songs and remixes with whoever is on the rise. “I’ve done so many guest appearances over the years, I should’ve been ran out of bars. Some rappers save their bars for remixes for songs that’s already hot. I do remixes too, but I also do shit that people will never hear because it’s underground independent shit.” E-40’s decision to keep this album Bay’d Out also signals that 40 is at a point in his career where he accepts his place in the game and can do what he wants, which may be a potential risk. Outside of “U And Dat,” 40 has never been known for blatant radio singles or attempts at mainstream success. Couple this with 40’s assertion that all of the urban radio stations on the West Coast have been replaced with stations that only play crossover hits, and this puts 40 in a spot where he has to return to the underground roots that made him. “It’s back to blood, sweat and tears,” he says. “Record sales are down so its not even about first week sales now. It’s back to the grind, hitting cities, rubbing shoulders, kissing babies. Using these social networks and creating visuals for the internet.” He pauses. “Fuck double platinum, I’m trying to go double profit.” //

talk we had? I knew you were going to have a big one like your daddy.” That’s a pretty open relationship. My mom is like my best friend. She knows everything I’ve done. Have you ever used drugs to enhance your sexual experience? I used to pop a lot [of pills] but the reason I don’t like fuckin’ with ecstasy is because I don’t get to cum. I’m not tryin’ to fuck for two hours and not cum. A lot of niggas are like, “I’ll fuck for an hour.” Man, I don’t know what type of money you’re getting, but I’m out here chasing it. I don’t have time to fuck for an hour. Honestly, females, if you have time to fuck for an hour I don’t need to be fucking you. And if I can’t make you cum within the first ten minutes, we’re not working. I don’t need drugs. I like fucking in the daytime. 2 o’clock. A lunch time quickie? Not a quickie, it’s just random. Spontaneous shit. On the music tip, what do you have coming up? My new single is called “Fuck Your Man.” That’s doing really well. Malice In Wonderland just dropped; check out the big homie Snoop Dogg. I’m in the movie, and I wrote and produced on the album. I’ve got a lot of new things coming. Problem all day. Compton is back. Is there anything else you want to say for the sex issue? Lil Wayne turned the world out talking about eating pussy, but you niggas don’t got nothing on what I’m going to do to your girl. Try to see what I’m doing, because I can make her cum in three minutes with my tongue, I swear. Do you have any techniques you want to share? Hell no. These niggas ain’t getting my shit. Have their girl hit me at www.itsaproblem.com and then they can run back and tell you what we did. That’s how you’ll find out. Three to five minutes to find out the small simple shit. They’re too busy looking at TV thinking you’ve gotta be licking fast with all that speed tongue shit. Get the fuck outta here, my nigga. This ain’t 1992. //

Bueno Can’t Knock The Hustle SMC Recordings Sacramento emcee Bueno starts off his Can’t Knock The Hustle album impressively on opening tracks “Bueno Season,” “Unstoppable” and “Fuck Goin’ Broke.” From there, with the exception of “Presidential,” his ”can’t knock the hustle” theme starts getting redundant (especially since Jay-Z did it best in ’96). But since Bueno is spittin’ hard throughout the album, we won’t fault him too hard for his cliché rhymes. - Randy Roper Skeme Black FriDAY The “New West” is producing an abundance of hard-edged lyricists and Inglewood, CA’s Skeme is one of its most promising offspring. He can successfully reinvent beats like Andre 3000’s “She Lives in My Lap” (“I Live with My Strap”) and F.L.Y.’s “Swag Surfin,” as well as formulate original concepts like “Head Above Water” ft. Big Bank Black. Black Friday could use a few more dominant singles, but it’s not lacking in versatility. Skeme is a strong rapper who molds well with any instrumental, making Black Friday an impressive and intriguing listen. – Ms. Rivercity Dom Kennedy From The Westside, With Love On From The Westside, With Love, Dom Kennedy takes listeners on a stroll through LA’s Leimert Park, where Dom’s throwback rap flow over new school beat is a refreshing listen. From a trip down memory lane on “1997,” to the rude boy inspired “Play On” featuring Skeme, to the neighborhood reppin’ “A Leimert Park Song,” Dom delivers gems. The album’s only flaw is the abundance of sappy R&B influenced songs like “The 4 Heartbreaks” and “She Go.” Those songs notwithstanding, From The Westside just about rides from opening to closing. – Randy Roper

Kendrick Lamar The Kendrick Lamar EP Kendrick Lamar’s name isn’t among the list of New West MCs—Nipsey Hussle, Pac Div, Fashawn—bringing the Left Coast back, but the sounds on The Kendrick Lamar EP adds to the list of quality music coming out of Cali these days. This newbie Compton rapper’s flow could use some work, but his good beat selection and in-depth subjects throughout this 15-track project makes for a fresh sound on records like “Is It Love,” “P&P” and “She Needs Me.” This EP isn’t groundbreaker, but it’s enough to make Kendrick Lamar a name to know in 2010. – Randy Roper Richie Rich Town Bidness Considering the fact that Richie Rich has literally been in the rap game for 20 years, is probably best known for his collaborations with 2Pac, and hasn’t released a solo album since 2002, the Oakland veteran doesn’t sound too rusty on Town Bidness. There are songs like “Wet It” and “Twitted” that should have been left on the cutting room floor, but Richie’s flow and rhyme skills are still decent, and tracks like “#1” and “Fire” make this mixtape worth a listen. – Randy Roper Ayomari The Peanut Butter & Jelly Solution Much like his counterpart TiRon (check back to issue #81 for TiRon’s Patiently Waiting feature), Ayomari’s music represents an atypical Los Angeles rap sound. And on The Peanut Butter & Jelly Solution the LA emcee’s carefree approach to music makes for a collection of standouts like “Happy Thoughts,” “The PB&J Manifesto” and “Just A Dreamer.” No, Ayomari won’t blow you away with his lyricism, but this mixtape is the perfect soundtrack to kick back, make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and unwind to. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. – Randy Roper


Snoop Dogg & Too $hort Event: When the West Was One Tour Venue: The Nokia Theatre City: Los Angeles, CA Date: November 19, 2009 Photo: D-Ray