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he sex issue is always our most interesting issue, not to mention our best seller. Any artist featured in the sex issue either gains a bunch of new fans/groupies/stalkers, or it turns them all off. Last year we had some great freaky stories from Weezy, Ray J, Bishop Lamont, Roccett, and so many more. Julia is definitely the Queen of the Sex Issue. She has these guys wide open when it comes to talking about their sex life, so this year, she did all the interviews again. Thanks, JB. I just couldn’t be the one. I play the sister role when it comes to most West Coast artists. It’s a new year. We have a new president. It’s time for change, not just as a country but as individuals. So we all need to look inside to see where we can make a change. There are a couple things I’d like to see change in 2009. How about these counterfeit cops that stand in front of clubs during events? You might also see them guarding the backstage or standing in front of the stage at your favorite club or concert. These fools take their job way too seriously at the wrong times. They’re never there when it’s time to clear the stage or when the funk jumps off, but they’re quick to hassle the wrong people. You see me everywhere. Why are you sweating me? Since I’m a female, you assume I’m a groupie, but I’m just doing my job and keeping it 100. It’s cool, though. I always get in. My wiggle game is crazy. I know it seems like everywhere you look, you see these half-dressed girls with a camera trying to wiggle. But where do their photos go? You see them getting drunk and dropping it like it’s HOT on stage with the groupies, but don’t forget I paved the yellow brick road to be a girl photographer out here on the West Coast. To finally get the respect of great OG West Coast photographers like J Lash and Arnold was lovely, due to the amount of groupies holding cameras today. They are flat out makin’ a sista’s job difficult.

Secondly, let’s talk about these stage jumpers. Man, I cannot believe these people. Have you seen them? Of course you have. It doesn’t look good from any standpoint and it makes it hard to see the artist, let alone get a dope performance photo of the stage. And then you ask me why you don’t have an END ZONE photo in OZONE? Well, we can’t tell who is on stage - you or the crowd! Sometimes I pull off a shot, but it’s too much stress to do that all the time. So when you see me walking away, figure it out! I’ve been blessed to see a lot of the new breed of West Coast stars performing as they were coming up, and boy, does it switch. First, nobody wants to be on stage with you. Then you start to get a buzz and everyone that ever met you needs to be on stage. Really, they should be in the front going crazy and getting everyone hype. Instead, they’re on stage standing in front of the star, on their phones (as if they can hear), texting, rolling weed, jumping around. I’m so glad to quote the great Too Short, “GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE!” Short also feels the same way. He calls them male groupies. If you have no purpose - you’re not the DJ, you don’t have a mic, and you don’t dance for the act - you do not belong on the stage. All the greats have great stage shows, and that’s not an accident. Smart artists who know that the majority of their income comes from touring have a clean stage show and no one is on the stage without a purpose. They know that people are paying money to see them, not their homeboys. Get it together, people! Change is upon us. Don’t be afraid. If you want to chime in on these subjects, hit us at - D-Ray Editor-At-Large

COVER CREDITS Juice photo by King Lawrence.

Me & Chuy Gomez @ Blush for Streetcred’s Christmas party in Burlingame

Skin Head Rob, me, & Paul Wall @ The Mezzanine in San Francisco

Jay Rock f/ Skyzoo & K Dot - “Talk My Shit” Keak Da Sneak & San Quinn - “Hot N Cool” Erk Da Jerk f/ Too $hort - “Plane In the Air” Balance & Big Rich f/ Ya Boy - “We Fresh” Jimmie Reign - “Different Person” Ya Boy f/ E-40, Kurupt & G Malone - “Superstars” Mitchy Slick f/ Guce, Gucci Mane, & Messy Marv - “Smoke One”

Me & J Diggs @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas in Petaluma

Me & Rydah J. Klyde @ Pinky’s for Merry Thizzmas in Sacramento



Knoc-Turnal - “Ya Boy is Back” Grafik ft. Federation - “99 Bottles” Zion I - “Coastin’”


Vanessa Monet: Patiently Waiting-Porn By Eric Perrin

Vanessa Monet sounds a lot like valley girl Hilary Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but if Uncle Phil heard the kind of salacious conversation that this Bay area porn star spits, he would inevitably slip into cardiac arrest. While she is still new to the scene, Vanessa is well on her way to top of the porn game. And having worked with such established porn stars as Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Jada Fire, Vanessa Blue, and Wesley Pipes, this gangbang loving Californian is industry certified. How did you get started in the porn industry? It was an accident. My first agent was straight-up stalking me and my cousin in the mall. My cousin was like, “What the fuck are you following us for?” And he gave us his card and was like, “You look so hot. Have you ever thought about getting into the adult business?” So, that just kinda happened. I wanted to move [away] from the Bay so I called him, and he told me what the deal was. He was like, “I’ll pay for your ticket to come out here [to L.A.], I’ll put you up in a room, and I’ll take you to all these [porn] companies.” So, I just took a chance and did it. What was it like when you first started? What was your first scene like? It was in a regular house, and I was so nervous. Nothing was going on and I wanted to leave already. But I started drinking, and I did my first scene so drunk. When you watch the scene, you can’t even tell that I’m drunk. I’m like, “Oh my God, I did so good.” What other porn stars have you worked with on scene? I’ve worked for Vanessa Blue, I’ve worked with Lexington Steel, Mr. Marcus. Jada Fire is like, my all-time favorite. Wesley Pipes… Wesley Pipes is a funny guy. Did he say anything crazy to you during your scene?  // OZONE WEST

Oh my goodness, you know he’s always talking shit. He’ll fuck a bitch and still be talking shit while he’s fucking her. What’s the most common misconception that people have about your career and porn? Everybody automatically thinks you wanna have sex every minute, every second of every day. But no, I have to live my life too. I can’t run errands and fuck at the same time. People just always think you want sex, sex, sex. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sexaholic. But I don’t spend all my days fucking, fucking. I do spend a lot of my time masturbating though. (laughs) When you masturbate do you think about your scenes, or do you watch porn or what? I don’t watch porn, but I’m always surfing around on the internet, and I’m always surfing different porn sites. And I’m like a tit fanatic, I like girls with like big tits. And I’ll come across a girl with great tits and a great page, and I’ll look at her the whole time I’m masturbating. In my head, she’s totally there looking [at me]. (laughs) Do you like guys or girls better? I definitely like guys better, but I do have an infatuation with girls. Is there anything you won’t do on camera? I won’t eat ass on camera. I’ll lick a girl’s ass, but I won’t lick a guy’s ass on camera. On camera, I think I’ve done it all. What’s your favorite thing to do on camera? I think it looks better when I do anal sex. I think that just looks way better on camera. Cause I get fucked in my ass well. It’s fast and it’s hard, man, it’s fucking lovely. I can’t get fucked in my ass slow, then you can feel every inch of the dick going in and out of my ass. I always tell people, you fuck me fast, and you fuck me hard. We’ll be able to cum that way, and I’ll fuck you back and everything. (laughs) Do you really get off by getting fucked in the ass? Oh, yeah, definitely. I’ll say that’s my favorite way. When you cum it’s intense anyways, but when you cum anally, it feels like…you know when you get shivers, like a ghost just walked through your body? It feels like that, you’re whole body is just tingling. What’s your favorite way to touch yourself? I always tend to break my vibrating toys, so I have to go back to fingers. It just takes me longer to cum when I use my fingers. But when I use a toy, I cum like in three minutes. On camera, do you really orgasm or is it all fake? No, it’s half and half. Half of it is real and the other half is fake, because behind the scenes they’re telling me, “I need you to cum three

times.” So, I have to fake it, you know. Has there ever been a guy or girl that you refused to work with? I hate to say it, because I just did a scene with this guy, but I didn’t want to do it. He paid me money just so he could shoot me. It’s Brian Pumper. I don’t know, I just don’t feel him too much. A lot of people in the business really don’t feel him. He’s a cool person, but he’s really cocky and conceited. And Max Hardcore, he’s been on my “no” list since I first got into the business. One of my really good friends did a regular blowjob scene with him and he pissed in her mouth. She was screaming “get away,” and the whole time he’s loving it. And she went to take a shower, cause she’s pissed now, she’s ready to leave, and he just goes in the bathroom and freaking pisses on her in the shower while he’s videotaping. So, I refuse to work with him, he can never book me in life. What goes on behind the scenes at a porno shoot? It depends on the company. Some companies have a big production. Like Playboy, I’ve worked for them, and they have like ten people on set. But everybody’s doing something, they’re not just standing around watching the scene. Everybody’s got a job. Some companies it’s secluded. They might have just the makeup girl, the light guy, and the camera guy, and then the people that are in the scene. And it’s a lot of stop and go, [so] I’m always playing around, goofing around, cracking jokes. Has there ever been anything embarrassing that had to be cut out of the scene while you were filming? I [was] getting work done on my teeth, so I’m doing this scene, and it’s like this five-guy gangbang. So, I’m doing the scene, and I’m sucking like three dicks all at the same time, and go to leave from sucking one dick to go suck another dick, and these guys are rough, so they’re moving my head like, “suck my dick,” “no, suck my dick,” and while I switch dicks my retainer totally flies out. It was like a denture retainer, [not] a wire retainer. I was like, “Oh my God.” I wanted to leave, but we were only halfway done. We haven’t even gotten to the fucking yet. Everybody was like, “Don’t worry about it, it’s cool, it’s happens.” So, it was cool, but it was really embarrassing for me. Do you enjoy gangbangs? I haven’t done that many of them, but I totally love to do them. I love being thrown around. I like a guy to [be like], “Come here, bitch,” and manhandle me. You have a lot of fans that are rappers. I heard Mistah FAB is infatuated with you? (laughs) Yeah, he totally loves me, and Mac Mall. Every time they see me, they let me know that

they’re my biggest fan. They love what I do. And it’s so funny cause I knew them before I started doing porn. I was introduced to them through my ex-dude. So, for them to see me grow and transition it’s weird but it’s funny all at the same time. I love Mistah FAB, he’s an awesome rapper. If you could do a scene with any rapper, who would it be? If I could do a scene with any rapper, it would be Mac Dre, God bless his soul. But it would be Mac Dre. Then it would be Rick Ross, and then it would be Jim Jones. (laughs) And I can’t forget Plies. Plies…[I’d] take him down. Rick Ross? Wow. What about Rick Ross would make you want to do a scene with him? I love me a big nigga. I love me a big chunky, fat, thick, big muscle bound, and I’m sure he’s not all muscle underneath them clothes, but I just love the bigness. Cause I’m a tall girl, and I’m only getting bigger. I love to feel smallness when I’m being with a big guy. I interviewed Roxy Reynolds last year, and she was saying he’d be a good porn star because he has a “life saver” around his mouth. I was like what the fuck is a “life saver?” She was like you can catch the cum in his beard. I thought that was the nastiest shit ever. (laughs) That’s funny. Finally, how can fans find your work? My Myspace is My page is private though, so if you’re page is a little weird, you’re probably gonna get denied. So, if you’re some crazy gangbanger, or some pimp, or some crazy hoe you’re probably gonna get denied. But most of the time, if they wanna show love on my page then they’re approved, I totally try to respond to people that show me love. //

Everybody automatically thinks [porn stars] wanna have sex every minute, every second of every day. But no, I have to live my life too. I can’t run errands and fuck at the same time. OZONE WEST // 


You got a lot of attention at the club last night. Do you get approached more by guys or girls? It seems to be everybody. Guys [approach me] because I’m a black dude making porn, so that’s a given. When women come up to me, that says something. That says that she’s a consumer. She’s a consumer because sexuality is a need. It’s just like going to buy milk. They need that shit. Porn sells because we need that shit. I can’t see it being any other way. What I wanna do with people is make them better at sex, obviously. You seem to be one of the most well-known porn stars, even among mainstream Americans who aren’t necessarily porn aficionados. You’re kinda like the Snoop Dogg or Lil Wayne of the porn industry. How do you think you’re able to have that broader appeal? Effort. Nothing but effort. You get into something and start in one market and blend into another market out of effort and the desire to be more than what you are. That’s really where it started. I was fuckin’, but I hated the way they treated me cause I was fuckin’. Some people treated me really bad. It would come down to [the attitude of ], “You’re fuckin’, and that’s all you’re doing. You’re a walking dick.” That’s what people who never met me would say. I was doing a radio interview with a lady and they were recording it. They sent me the audio later and there was a time when my phone had got disconnected so she didn’t know it was still recording, but she was still talking. She said, “Oh, he’s just a walking dick.” I thought, there’s a lot of girls out there who wouldn’t mind having a walking dick. They know what to do with that muthafucker! Most guys wouldn’t mind being just a “walking dick.” Why is respect so important to you? It doesn’t really bother me. I know I’ve got more going on than that, but you wouldn’t know it til you actually sit down and talk to me. Are you more fascinated with the sex or with the business of the porn industry? The business, definitely. But I like the sex and I feel like I’m pretty good at it. (laughs) Being from the streets and trying to do shit differently, you learn a lot of things. You learn how corporate [sales] works. You learn about marketing and what territories and quarterly sales mean. They don’t tell you that shit if you’re a nigga that’s [just fuckin’]. That’s what I’ve been learning. Is there a difference between sex on the job and sex in your personal life? My personal sex life is as interesting as the porno shit. (laughs) And it’s a hell of a lot more challenging. It’s a lot of creativity. There used to be


a time when I thought this shit would fuck me up, but sexually I think I still learn things. I try to apply what I know and be open to learn some more. I learn about sex from every person I’m with. You do too. Everybody you fuck will teach you something. Bad things, good things, things you like, things you don’t like, things you wanna be better at, things you wanna do yourself. What are the ingredients of a good porno? Passion, commitment, and thoroughness. See it through, everything, even in porn. If you could do a scene with any female celeb, who would it be and what would be the storyline? I’ve got this thing for Regina King. She always seems to have a strong sense of self, and I like that in a woman. [In our porno], I’d be a football player trying to renew my contract. I’m kinda frustrated cause I can’t get respect. I’m hangin’ in there cause the agent I got is so dope. Regina comes over to me and says, “It’s okay, Marcus. You’re the man.” (laughs) Looking back in American culture and seeing how much more open society has become sexually, do you think that 30, 40 years from now porn will be mainstream? Nah. The porn industry has a certain element to it that’s like, it’s “bad.” It’s “naughty.” It’s always relegated to the back of the store. I think for that reason alone it’ll never truly have mainstream appeal. And there’s a difference in quality. Porn will never match the quality of mainstream features. There’s few people in the industry that really have the eye or determination to create the integrity that’s needed. It takes time [to create quality] and in porn it’s all about quick money. What’s your approach to teaching your kids about sex? You know what I’ve learned? People don’t learn about sex from their parents. Just give it up. Stop disillusioning yourself to think that you’re gonna sit there and explain and get your kids to understand about sex as a parent. It’s difficult. The things we know about sex [are things] that I guarantee our parents didn’t teach us. We kinda learned it on our own. Real shit. I think the best thing to do is inspire them to make better choices. Some chicks get with the wrong dude, and some guys get with the wrong chick. Since you’re a pretty recognizable porn star, does it make it harder or easier to hook up with normal women? Girls are horny as fuck and they don’t care if you’re a porn star or not. You just better be good at it. (laughs)

INTERVIEW & PHOTO by Julia Beverly

You mentioned in another interview that you’ve given your wife STDs. How prevalent is that in the porn industry? It’s prevalent with people who are just getting into the business and have never had an STD test. They catch a lot of things because normal people are not getting tested, and when they finally do get tested they probably are positive. That’s why diseases are so prevalent. Sexual diseases are rampant, to be honest with you. We’re human beings and we don’t listen [to the warnings]. So when I gave it to her, yeah, that was a mistake. That was a strike [against me]. So I just try not to do it again. Do you think it’s safer to fuck a porn star or a regular person? I would say it’s safer to fuck a porn star, but I’m biased. We get tested monthly. Wasn’t there an HIV scare not too long ago? Yeah, Darren James. It’s unfortunate. When he tested HIV positive it was public [knowledge]. His name and picture was all over the media. Another dude [before that] had faked his test. He was HIV positive and continued to work [in the porn industry] and infected a bunch of people. The media was nowhere around when that happened. How long do you see yourself being in the porn industry? Do you plan on moving behind the scenes or doing different things? I hope to do better things. I don’t wanna just do porn. Change is good, but growing is even better. I’m a different person than I was a couple years ago. I’ve got a lot more control and give things a lot more thought. I’ve got a lot more commitment. And you’ve got your clothing line coming out too, right? Daddy Inc. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. That’s my clothing line. The goal is to get it in stores, and I’ve just realized how possible that is. People were telling me that in the beginning and I was like, “Yeah, right.” This is just something I’m developing as I go, but yeah, just recently the opportunity came to actually put it in stores. I’ve gotta tighten up a few things and get my logo trademarked so I can make it official. T-Pain came through your AVN afterparty last night. Are there any other rappers you’ve become cool with? Are you thinking of branching off into Hip Hop? I’m not gonna be a rapper. I could probably rap my ass off if I wanted to, but I peep game. I appreciate them cause I’ve always been a big fan of Hip Hop. Do you get drunk or high to loosen up to do a scene? Never. How do you bring out that passion that you

need to do the scene? Imagination. We’ve all got it and we all use it differently. The way we dress is imagination and the way you think about somebody is your imagination, so why not use it when you’re fuckin’ them? Do you ever get carried away? Does your imagination run wild in everyday life at the grocery store or something and you just come up with a crazy fantasy? I’m having one right now. I’m afraid to ask. Right. (laughs) You don’t wanna know. Is there a sense of – you can never go back to normal life? Do you ever regret getting into the business for that reason? Yeah, I’ve realized that within the last year or so. I couldn’t just go get a normal job. Things have started to change. People know who I am now, and I have no clue who they are. Literally, I’ll be in Buttfuck, Egypt, in the desert, and I pull up to the gas station and a dude is like, “Aren’t you….?” It’s crazy. Well, you could shave the goatee off. Yeah, I already know. Shave the goatee off, take the hat off, put on some glasses, and you’re damn right. Mr. Marcus is gone. What goes on behind the scenes of a porn video set? Have you ever seen something go down that shocked you, or are you to the point where nothing could surprise you? Nothin’ but debauchery. I mean, I’m not numb. People say and do the craziest shit. It’s all love. I just realize how unique we are by what they do. People have fetishes. I can’t tell you how many fetishes niggas have tried to include me in, and I was like, “Nah, I’m good.” I’ve got my own [fetishes]. I’m solid. I see how they do. Freakaholics! Since OZONE is a rap magazine, what would

“There’s a lot of girls who wouldn’t mind having a walking dick. They know what to do with that.” you say are some good rap songs to put you in the mood? Well, to put me in the mood it’s gotta be R&B. But if I had to choose rap, the perfect soundtrack for a porno would be N.W.A all the way. Anything with Eazy E in it would fit. One of the best fucks I ever had was listening to Janet Jackson, the last album she did. It was phenomenal. We just turned it on and by the time we were done the CD was over. I like Ne-Yo, too. I’m glad he came along. I love R&B. I grew up listening to Ready For The World and Guy, and catching the tail end of Marvin Gaye’s career. I was split between total gangsta shit like N.W.A and DJ Quik, all those West Coast artists, and the jheri-curl Ready For The World, New Edition R&B side. All in the same package. That’s pretty much who I am; I’m both. Do you think the attitude towards porn in the black community is different than in the white community? Hell yeah. Blacks in the industry just want respect. They wanna be acknowledged. It’s funny because within the industry it’s kinda like a middle-of-the-road type love. Within the industry, racism is prevalent. But outside the business, my direct connect is with other blacks. The support doesn’t really come from the white cats. It surprised me at the AVNs that a big burly white

dude came up and said, “Yo, I love you, man.” That shows the reach. The support for black porn and black performers is strong, but we didn’t get that support from the industry. It comes from an even better place outside the industry. At the AVNs, the same white guys will win [awards] over and over again. When Lexington Steele won [Performer of the Year] three times in a row, that was rare as fuck. How are the AVN winners selected? The editors of the [AVN] magazine and the film reviewers select the winners; the people who watch movies all year long. Companies submit their product to be reviewed and they whittle it down. Then, somewhere along the line, politics definitely plays a part. That’s where the racism comes in. So there’s actually people who review porn for a living? I’m sure some of our readers would like to apply for that job. A friend of mine has a [business] card that says, “Will watch porn for food.” (laughs) The guys in the office - who came up with half of these interview questions, by the way - have put together a list of your female porn counterparts so you can rate their skills.


I don’t know if rating female [porn stars] is my thing. You don’t want to say anything bad about them and then have to fuck them? I’ve done that before. It’s a foot-in-my-mouth thing. But it’s genuine; they’ve all got something. If the guys in the OZONE office know who they are, they’ve done their job already. It’s not really about whether I rated them or not. They’re standouts already, definitely. It’s all about preference. Some of the girls I wouldn’t necessarily make a beeline for [in real life] but if it’s in a work environment, I’m gonna make sure I’m connected. I’m gonna find something [about them] to connect with. What porn star would you make a beeline for in real life? I got little fetishes. I like brunettes. I like Sophia Santi. She’s sexy. I like Jenaveve Jolie. A real porn fan will know exactly who they are. They’re not big [names] so not everybody knows who they are, but they’re so fuckable. They want to [fuck], and that alone is why you make that beeline. Do you ever develop feelings for your co-stars? Sophia Santi. I had feelings for her and still do. A lot of the girls I do. Once I establish a relationship it’s usually on solid ground, so I know I can build on that. In our industry we go right to the sex, and the crazy thing is that most [women] know more about me than I know about them. So I have to develop some kind of connection to build on. So you’re learning about each other afterwards. You have sex and then it’s like, “What was your name again?” Yeah, it’s all backwards. “So, what does your mom do for a living?” Do you have to put in a lot of time at the gym to keep up your physique? I work out a couple times a week. It’s a lifestyle. You have to incorporate it into your life, and you do it without thinking. I realize now that I actually feel better after I work out. I feel better about the day and a lot of things. It’s easy to see why a guy would want to have sex for a living, but for females, often the assumption is that they must have been abused or raped or had something bad happen to make them want to be a porn star or stripper or prostitute. Do you think that’s accurate? No. Sometimes it’s just misguided [ambition]. They’re lost and they don’t know. They come into the business thinking it’s gonna be one thing, and finding out something different. For some of them it’s a traveling course. If you looked into the history of [some of them] you’d probably find abuse, but there are also people who are abused that don’t get into the porno business. Maybe this is a gay question, but who are some rappers that you think would make good porn stars? Like, if you started your own production company, who would you want to hire? Well, as far as R&B, obviously Ray J. Maybe Too Short. Too Short is a freak. He’d be good. DJ Quik would be pimp too. Tupac definitely woulda been a great porn star. Those would be some incredible post-humous DVD sales. Right. If the Tupac sex tape emerged right now


it’d kill the game. (laughs) Oh my God. The internet has obviously hurt the music industry. Do you think it’s helped or hurt the porn industry more? It’s obviously made porn more accessible to the mainstream, but is it hurting DVD sales? It’s “piracy” in music terms, but with porn, there were websites that would rip the scenes and post them up for free so cats didn’t have to buy the movies. People like free shit on the internet – isn’t that a revelation? The way they’re trying to stop it is by encoding it and giving them more value for their money. Something Larry Flynt said at the AVNs is that the quality has to step up. If the movies were quality from beginning to end, they’ll be able to make money. Larry Flynt and Joe Francis asked for a $5 billion dollar bailout. I think the intent was sarcastic, but what do you think? Does the porn industry need a bailout? Yeah, we can use that five billion fuckin’ dollars. We know just what to do with it. The same thing everybody else does – spend it on sex. We’ll have an AIG-style retreat and make it a big party. When you started out, did you think this would become your career? Nah, I didn’t think it was a career. They were like, “Do you wanna come have sex with this girl?” I’m like, “I’m on my way. Where do I need to go?” (laughs)

“I didn’t think porn would beCOME my career. They were like,‘Do you wanna come have sex with this girl?’I’m like,‘I’m on my way. Where do I need to go?’” Before you started getting paid for sex were you secretly taping your exploits? That’s one thing I remember about Justin [Slayer] that caught my attention. Before he entered the business he was making his own private movies. He’d go to swinger parties and just have sex and film it. Fuck it. I wasn’t that way, but I think more people are doing that now. The cameras got smaller and muthafuckers got freakier. I remember my boy, when he first got his own place, the first thing he did was set up a camera inside the closet on a tripod with the door cracked just a little. He showed me the whole thing. I thought that was crazy. Did Superhead live up to her name? Was it the best head you’ve ever had, or is she overrated? I’d have to say she’s overrated. It was just the way [our scene] was captured. We shot it and it wasn’t the complete scene, it was totally busted. But they decided to put it out anyway. She likes to suck dick; she really does. But she does it because she’s out to prove something; prove her [reputation]. That’s what happened.

Do you think there’s a difference between porn stars, strippers, hookers – the whole adult genre? And do you have more or less respect for those professions? Porn stars are the best hoes in the world because they like to fuck, they will fuck, and they like to do it for the camera. They’re into the upkeep; the makeup, the hair, the wardrobe, the whole presentation is to fuck. Since you’re married That’s right, I am. Fuck. I forget sometimes. ...Is your wife allowed to do her thing on the side too or is it one-sided? It’s not one-sided. But it’s not encouraged. (laughs) I don’t stop her from doing anything she wants to do. I encourage her to do anything she wants. That’s the rule. You can go wherever you want and stay out however late you want, but don’t bring shit home. We have that mutual respect and we have that same respect at the house. When we’re home, it’s our home. Have you had any bad sex experiences? A whole bunch of ‘em. One girl had an odor. But you fuck her anyways, cause the odor goes away eventually. (laughs) That happened pretty early on [in my career] and it was for a movie. That’s when I knew it was all about the upkeep. We’ve seen women like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian become famous just because they had a sex tape. Do you think the obsession is the fact that it’s more authentic than a staged porno? I think it’s just part of the fantasy. [Men] already have the fantasy and now it’s completed. The dick and the pussy. It’s all about the dick and the pussy. (laughs) Do you have any advice for amateur celebrity porn stars and how they can make their next tape bigger and better? To be real with you, I thought Ray J did a pretty good job. He didn’t have nobody but him filming. I’ve been there, done that. Kim was just…. there. That’s a great fuck though. I know it’s a great fuck cause you just fuck away, and she looks good. Yeah, man. I was rooting for him. So women really don’t have to do anything for it to be a great fuck. Yeah. You know that. Most women are just happy to get a [guy with a] hard-on that lasts longer than five minutes who puts in work. It’s funny when I fuck a girl and she fucks me back. I feel like that’s the way she was trained; somebody taught her that. “Move your hips, fuck me back, throw it on me, go hard, swallow it,” all that talk and all that encouragement sticks with you through your partners. So, how are you sexually? What’s your thing? Trying to flip the interview on me, huh? Do you like sex? Of course. Who doesn’t? Alright. How do you like your sex? Wouldn’t you like to know. Yeah, I would. You remind me of someone I know that’s very sexual. What makes you wanna fuck somebody? Mental foreplay. Right, the verbal sparring. (laughs) //

(above L-R): J.T. Tha Bigga Figga & Too $hort @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam in San Jose, CA; San Quinn & Keak da Sneak @ Rasputin’s Music in Berkeley, CA (Photos: D-Ray); Julia Beverly & DJ Big Dee @ Poetry in Las Vegas, NV (Photo: Julia Beverly)

01 // Skin Head Rob & Paul Wall @ The Mezzanine (San Francisco, CA) 02 // NVUS Twins & CandyLand @ Pink Diamonds for Mistah FAB’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 03 // RahMean & Dru Down @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party (Stockton, CA) 04 // Ray J & KIP @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 05 // Demolition Men @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party (Stockton, CA) 06 // Jay Rock & Kuzzo Fly @ Pink Diamonds for Mistah FAB’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 07 // Mr Marcus & DJ Franzen @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 08 // Kilo & Rydah J. Klyde @ Pinky’s for Merry Thizzmas (Sacramento, CA) 09 // Turf Talk & AP9 @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party (Stockton, CA) 10 // Chaz & Turf Talk @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 11 // Soulja Boy signing autographs @ Fort Mason for YouTube Live (San Francisco, CA) 12 // Mistah FAB & BooBee @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) 13 // Zion I @ Oakland City Hall for Oscar Grant rally (Oakland, CA) 14 // G Malone & Keke @ Who The Fuck Is G Malone concert (San Jose, CA) 15 // D-Ray, AP9, & DJ Backside @ UGMX Open Mic Night (San Jose, CA) 16 // G-Minor, Cecilia Tha Mamacita, Big Dee, & Dre Dae @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 17 // Romper Room Gang Kilo, Big Dante, & J Diggs @ Pinky’s for Merry Thizzmas (Sacramento, CA) 18 // Too Short, Black, & DJ AM @ The Mezzanine (San Francisco, CA) 19 // Chris Lee & Mistah FAB @ Lil Wayne’s concert (Oakland, CA) 20 // B-Legit & Big Daddy Rich @ Rasputin’s for E-40’s Ball Street Journal release (Berkeley, CA) 21 // Big Kuntry & Black Walt @ Club 4400 for Midwest Rap & Producer Battle (Kansas City, MO) Photo Credits: D-Ray (01,02,03,05,06,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,17,18,19,20); Julia Beverly (04,16); Ms Rivercity (21)



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01 // Paul Wall, Travis Barker, & Skin Head Rob @ The Mezzanine (San Francisco, CA) 02 // TI & Nessa @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 03 // Laroo, Keak Da Sneak, Shad Gee, Boo Banger, & DJ Backside @ The Sharks Club for the Wake It Up Tour (Costa Mesa, CA) 04 // DJ Pizzo & Balance @ Rasputin’s for E-40’s Ball Street Journal release (Berkeley, CA) 05 // Dem Hoodstarz & Stress of The Federation @ The Sharks Club for the Wake It Up Tour (Costa Mesa, CA) 06 // Mugzi & E-40 @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party (Stockton, CA) 07 // Roc & T-Pain @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 08 // Kafani da Ice King & Turf Talk @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 09 // Slaver Slave & Cellski @ DNA Lounge (San Francisco, CA) 10 // AP9 & Tito Bell @ Tito Bell’s birthday party (San Jose, CA) 11 // Shorty & Chuy Gomez @ Blush Nightclub for Streetcred Christmas party (Burlingame, CA) 12 // J Diggs & guest @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) 13 // Traxamillion & HoodRat Miguel @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) 14 // Young Doe & Hypeman P @ Hawkman’s album release (Ft Collins, CO) 15 // Chris Hicks Jr & Chris Hicks @ Lil Wayne’s concert (Oakland, CA) 16 // Mohawk Marlon & Deltrice @ Pink Diamonds for Mistah FAB’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 17 // Keak Da Sneak & Omeezy @ The Sharks Club for the Wake It Up Tour (Costa Mesa, CA) 18 // DJ Franzen & DJ Big Dee @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 19 // Big Mike & DJ Backside @ UGMX Open Mic Night (San Jose, CA) 20 // Crest Kids @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) 21 // HoodRat Miguel & Manny @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) Photo Credits: D-Ray (01,02,03,04,05,06,08,09,10,11,12,13,15,16,17,19,20,21); DJ KTone (14); Julia Beverly (18)



(above L-R): Glasses Malone & Jay Rock @ The Sharks Club for the Wake It Up Tour in Costa Mesa, CA; Mistah FAB & AP9 @ Who The Fuck Is G Malone concert in San Jose, CA; Travis Barker & Richie Rich @ The Mezzanine in San Francisco, CA (Photos: D-Ray)

01 // Kafani, John Costen, & Winston @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 02 // Turf Talk & Mozart @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party (Stockton, CA) 03 // Slim & Magnolia Chop @ Lil Wayne’s concert (Oakland, CA) 04 // The Gorilla Pits @ The Record House Studio (Fremont, CA) 05 // E.P.A & Santa Helpers @ Blush Nightclub for Streetcred Christmas party (Burlingame, CA) 06 // Ray J, DJ Franzen, & Shorty Mack @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 07 // Rydah J. Klyde, Kilo, & J Stalin @ Pinky’s for Merry Thizzmas (Sacramento, CA) 08 // Mistah FAB & Zion I @ Town Bizzness Oscar Grant emergency meeting (Oakland, CA) 09 // Kilo, Keak Da Sneak, Miami Da Most & San Quinn @ Rasputin’s for Keak da Sneak & San Quinn’s meet & greet (Berkeley, CA) 10 // Shad Gee, Big Rich & Cannon @ The Sharks Club for the Wake It Up Tour (Costa Mesa, CA) 11 // Beeda Weeda & Lil Al @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) 12 // AP9 & Irish @ Who The Fuck Is G Malone concert (San Jose, CA) 13 // DJ Fresh & Black Walt @ Club 4400 for Midwest Rap & Producer Battle (Kansas City, MO) 14 // E-40 @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 15 // Mr. Silky Slim, DJ NikBean & Tef Dollaz @ The Sharks Club for the Wake It Up Tour (Costa Mesa, CA) 16 // Matt Daniels, Pinky, & Shout @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 17 // DJ KTone & Young Doe @ Hawkman’s album release (Ft Collins, CO) 18 // DJ Backside & Twelve @ Pink Diamonds for Mistah FAB’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 19 // Gary Archer, B Real B Funny, & Mark Curry @ Oakland City Hall for Oscar Grant rally (Oakland, CA) Photo Credits: D-Ray (02,03,04,05,07,08,09,10,11,12,14,15,18,19); DJ KTone (17); Julia Beverly (01,06,16); Ms Rivercity (13)




This February Phoenix, ARIZONA hostS the NBA All-Star game, WHICH INEVITABLY BRINGS MORE HIP HOP STARS TO TOWN THAN BASKETBALL PLAYERS. but EVEN AFTER the lights and cameras of the glamorous weekend end, Hyp/Black Wall Street artist Juice PLANS TO cement the city as an oasis for music instead of just a desert incapable of cultivating its own talent. A protégé of The Game and BUSINESS PARTNER of NBA PLAYER Amar’e Stoudemire, this Philly native AND Phoenix transplant is determined to place himself -- AND HIS CITY -- in a Position of Power.

So you’re signed to Game’s label, right? Yeah, I’m signed with The Game, but I’m also signed with Amar’e Stoudemire too. He has a label called HYP. So I’m signed to HYP/Black Wall Street. I was introduced to the industry by The Game. Game wanted to end up retiring and he was looking for a young dude that had the same qualities as he did. He heard my flow and thought I was nice, so he put me on. He taught me the ropes, taught me how to create a nice classic album, took me around the globe and stamped me as that next premiere artist. Are you originally from Phoenix? I was born in Philly but raised in Phoenix. I think it’s good to be an artist who can get respect on both Coasts. I go out to the East Coast and niggas fuck with me, and of course I’ve been living on the West Coast so niggas fuck with me out here too. So it works in my favor. Nobody’s really put Phoenix on the Hip Hop map yet but it seems like there’s a lot of upcoming talent there. I think honestly Phoenix is going to be the next big market just like Houston, Atlanta, Miami, or New York. A lot has been happening here, like the Super Bowl and All Star weekend, and you’ve got artists like myself and others who are carving out their own lane. Once people hear what I’m bringing to the table along with other people, I think they’ll start aligning us with some of the other cities that are musically inclined. Musically, do you think Phoenix fits more into the West Coast sound? To me, Phoenix is at the forefront. We don’t have a West Coast sound, we’ve kinda created our own lane. You’ve got niggas from so many different places that live in Arizona and are starting to create a new sound that the industry is checking for. Do you think that being affiliated with Game, who’s been notoriously involved in beef with several artists, will stunt your growth as a new artist because you kind of inherit those beefs? I knew what I was getting into before I even started riding with Game. Ultimately I don’t think it’s going to stunt my growth because at the end of the night I’m my own man. One thing I can say about Game is that he’s given me the opportunity to learn from his successes and his mistakes, and that’s why he put me in the position where I don’t have to beef with all these niggas. As long as I ride for Black Wall Street and become a successful artist, I’m good. So he’s not expecting you to fight his battles like 50 expected him to fight G-Unit’s battles? Nah, nah. Game has learned a lot from the GUnit beef. I think if he could turn the tables back, him and 50 and the other niggas would try to sit down and take it another direction. [The beef ] not only affected Game’s career but G-Unit

as well. So, no. He wants me to get into the business and sell a lot of records and become a premiere artist. Fuck them other niggas. Let’s get it to the West and get it poppin’. Have you been focusing on mixtapes to get your name out there? I have a mixtape coming out during All Star weekend called The Position of Power. Right now I’m doing a lot of collaborations but at the same time I’ve been highly focused on my album that’s coming out late spring or early summer. It’s called The Anticipated. I believe it takes a lot of time and craftsmanship to put together and execute a proper album. A lot of [artists] just take shit and throw it together. For me, I’m trying to align my shit with The Documentary, Illmatic, and Chronic, and things like that take time and patience. Grooming myself is really all that I’m doing right now before I really release my project. Do you think putting out so much mixtape material will help you sell more or less albums? There’s been some controversy about that, but then there’s always exceptions like Lil Wayne, who bombarded the streets with so much music that it actually helped him sell a million records his first week. I’ve got mixed emotions about the mixtape. I totally don’t believe that you can oversaturate yourself, but the way that music is right now, I think you do have to keep music out there or at least viral footage to keep your face out there. But I think mixtapes can hurt you if you don’t continue to elevate your game. As a prime example, I thought Wayne’s album was poppin’ but Wayne dominated the mixtape game so much that people took away from his album because he had so much heat out there on the mixtape. I think you have to play it by ear, depending on what type of artist you are. If you can consistently grow and mature in your music and you have that drive and work ethic to consistently drop mixtapes and still take the time to make a classic album, do that. But if you don’t have that type of ability and you’re wasting all your good music on mixtapes, by the time your album drops people are gonna be disappointed. Every artist claims that they have “something for everybody” on their album. If you had to categorize it, or walk us through a couple tracks on your upcoming album, what would it be? Everybody automatically assumes that since I was branded by Game, I’m coming with that hardcore N.W.A. West Coast Blood mentality, but at the end of the night I’m on some real-life mentality. When you listen to my album you should be able to close your eyes and visualize it. I’m kicking real-life music stuff that’s relative to what’s going on in today’s society, in the life of a young man that’s trying to be successful and be an entrepreneur. We came from nothing to something. So I’m really taking my listener through a walk in my life; where I came from and where I’m ‘bout to go. Give us a few examples. What are some reallife situations you’re speaking on? I got a record called “The Anticipated” which is basically the intro, produced by Street Runner. On the West Coast people say I’m the most anticipated West Coast artist since Game, and people believe I’m gonna have the most anticipated album since The Documentary. But I’m trying to create my own shoes. I’m not trying to walk in The Game’s light. I’m not a Memphis

Bleek type of artist, ya dig? I know Jay-Z kinda groomed Bleek but he never had that ability to step out on his own and shine like that. I want to show that I’m different. Game is a successful artist but I’m not him. I’m trying to show you how I ball and how I do it and bring you to my state. Then I’ve got a record called “Walk With Me.” I feel that a lot of artist go through things in life and you need a higher source to stay by your side. Everybody that comes from poverty and humble beginnings goes through trials and tribulations, especially with this recession shit. Sometimes you need a higher faith to stay in your corner. No matter what I go through day to day, God is walking with me. There’s another one called “Do Right By Me” produced by Drumma Boy, which is kinda the same scenario. You can’t make anybody else happy or take care of anybody else in life until you take care of yourself and set your own foundation. You can’t get a little bit of bread and bring a whole bunch of niggas on board until your foundation is set for yourself. I’m touching on a lot of real topics that young men or women who are trying to be successful are dealing with. We’re just day to day niggas trying to win. Being on the road with Game, what are some other things you’ve learned about the daily hustle of the music business? It takes a lot of consistency. You’ve gotta get up early and go to bed late. Everybody’s gonna try to knock your hustle but you can’t let nobody stop the ball. Business don’t stop for nobody so you shouldn’t stop either. Second, prepare yourself as an artist. Game really prepares himself for his albums; he zones out and gets in with the producers and takes his music to a whole ‘nother level. He’ll sit back and listen to a track 30 times to make sure it’s arranged the right way and the album flows right. Just making sure the right person is on the record and not just a nigga being on the record because it’s his man or it was a cheap collabo. One thing about Game is that he will not take shortcuts on his album or his career, and that’s one thing I’ve learned and totally respect from him. Being signed to Amar’e Stoudemire’s label, I’ve gotta say, even though it’s a good look it seems so cliché for a basketball player to start a record label now. How is your situation different from all the others that have tried and failed? Well, people always compare it to the Ron Artest situation when he was trying to rap. Basically, Amar’e came to me with a good solid business deal. At the end of the night everybody’s just trying to create their own lane. He asked me if I wanted to be partners with him on a record label. We sat down and talked numbers and figures and we also talked about really staying in each other’s lane. He’s a basketball player but he’s an intelligent businessman as well. He’s not gonna try to jump on my shit and start rapping and I’m not gonna lace up my kicks and be going out there [on the court] trying to keep up with him. We tried to find the right people who know how to win in their lane to make this label go the right way. We just hired Jason Geter from Grand Hustle as our consultant to help us orchestrate the moment properly. He understands the role he’s in and I do too, so we’re just gonna make it happen. We’re gonna win. Have you picked a single yet? I’ve got two on deck. One is “Crush My Crew” featuring Bun B and I’m trying to get the clearance to get T.I. on it. The other one is called OZONE WEST // 17

“Breath On Me” featuring LeToya Luckett. Right now I’m just trying to balance between those two. The second part of this interview is for the sex issue. Oh, I’m with that. What’s your status right now? Are you a single man out on the road having fun or do you have a lady at home? Right now I’m single. I’m looking for one right now but it takes a strong woman to really deal with the type of profession I’m in as a recording artist, y’know what I mean? So I’m single. Are there any celebrity females you’d want to holla at? Real talk, I gotta say my girl Cassie. I just like her swag. She was real cool. I’ve seen her around a couple times and she said I was fly, so I took that for what it is. You might get Puffy pissed off at you. Y’know, Puffy’s gotta deal with that. I’d also say Lauren London, and Ciara. She’s gotta come holla at the boy, straight up. Ciara, come holla at the new breath of the West Coast, baby. I got it. Do you have a favorite porn star or is that not really your thing? Not really. Porn doesn’t really turn my knobs like that. I mean, it’s solid but I’ m not really on I tlike that. What’s her name, Lola? That chick is a monster, straight up. What kind of car gets you the most action with females? I’ve got a Range [Rover] so that does pretty good, but I really like the Bentley GTs and shit like that. You’ve got a whole other feeling about yourself when you pull up in something like that. Who do you think is the gay rapper? Shit, hopefully it ain’t 50. (laughs) Ya dig? Have you ever paid for sex? Nah, nah. Real talk, I’m too handsome for that. There’s two things in life I won’t pay for: sex and water. No Vitamin Water either, huh? Nah, nah. Can’t do it. I’m good in that department. If a female called in to our Groupie Confessions hotline about you, what would she say? If a groupie called in about me, she’d be like, “That’s that nigga.” Bottom line. Walk me through a night with Juice. Are you having a security guard pull females out of the crowd after the show or do you like the aggressive females that come at you, or what’s your approach? Nah, nah. I’m a realist, so all that fake pretend shit is not me. If you’re rolling with J-U we’re gonna hit the city and do what we do. We’re gonna have some drinks, a lil cosmo or two. I do Hennessy straight. We’ll have cool conversation for a minute; we’re both grown. And if we’re into the moment, we’re into the moment. If not, it is what it is. But I’ve never had a complaint from a woman that’s been out with Juice. What’s the best line a groupie has approached you with? Matter of fact, a chick told me straight up, “I wanna fuck your dad, because he made you so 18 // OZONE WEST

perfect.” How real is that? Did she get the opportunity to fuck your dad? Nah, nah. She fucked me though. (laughs) But I didn’t bring her home to meet my dad. Have you had any bad sex experiences? Not really. Well, one time a chick was so shy she broke down crying. I was like, “What’s wrong with you?” She was like, “I’m so nervous. I’m so shy. I can’t believe I’m here.” C’mon, you gotta miss me with all that bullshit. We’re tryin’ to get it poppin’ and you’re over here starstruck? Save that shit for the ride home, baby. That’s about it, though. Have you had sex in any interesting locations? Yeah, up in the air, on the plane of course. I was in the very, very back of the plane. I was on my way back from L.A. on a red-eye and me and this chick were choppin’ it up. One thing led to another and she sat on my lap, and it was a wrap. So on the plane, at the movies, and at the hospital where my baby moms worked. I had to give it to her at her job. She’s a nurse practitioner so they’ve got their own little rooms. I was feeling myself one night and went up to the job and made her do what it do. What’s the difference between groupie sex and baby mama sex? Groupie sex is what it is. It’s spur of the moment and there’s no emotions involved. You aren’t tryin’ to wine and dine them or have sex games or love potions or none of that. When you’re with your significant other, you really take your time and nurture the pussy and show the real sensual side of yourself that every woman can’t see. Only the special ones see that. What’s some music that you would put on during sex to set the mood? I’m always killing the Usher’s Confessions album. I’m always on that Donnell Jones “Where I Wanna Be.” And you can never go wrong with R Kelly. Those would be the top three. If you met a female like Superhead, would that turn you on or off to fuck with a girl if you knew she was gonna eventually write a book about you or put your business out in public? I’m more low key and reserved. If you already know what type of chick she is, you’re setting yourself up. I’m about to start following what Nas was doing. I heard that when Nas was smashing chicks before [he got married] he was making them sign confidentiality agreements, ya dig? I think I’ve gotta follow that. That might kill the mood a bit, don’t you think? If it’s a groupie situation, it ain’t like you’re making love. She already knows what it is. Nowadays you’ve got people writing books, doing movies, sex tapes, snitching on everything. Have you ever been pussy-whipped? I gotta admit, one time. My son’s mom. She’s the only one that had that type of impact on me. Have you ever used ecstasy or weed or any other type of drug to enhance your sexual experience? Nah, I’m good. I’ve got control. But I am a Hennessy drinker. If you give me a couple shots I might get extra aggressive.

Would you rather get head or have sex? Head, cause she can’t get pregnant through her mouth. What’s the difference between different races of women in bed, and do you have a preference? I’ve been around the world twice and had my fair share of women. I can’t classify them because of race, but I can classify them based off where they’re from. A woman from Atlanta would be in a whole different mindstate than a woman from Phoenix or a woman from New York. I like them all: black, white, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Asian, whatever. If they’re on point, I’m with it. I’ve had a couple white chicks but I really couldn’t beat it up like I wanted to. Some of the black chicks, I can go hard and do what I gotta do. Asians, same situation as the white women. They like it all soft and tender. How does the mindstate of a woman in Atlanta differ from one in New York or Phoenix? I’ll take it to another level and tell you about different countries. Women in Europe are more sexual. They’ve got nude beaches and sex is a part of their day-to-day regimen. In America women are more covered up. Have you ever videotaped yourself having sex? Nah, I can’t be on TV like that. I can’t do that at all. That’s not my lane. Anything else you want to say? The mixtape The Position of Power is coming out February 17th, All Star weekend. We’re gonna do it big in my city. We’re poppin’ every bottle in the state of Arizona. HYP/Black Wall Street, we’re gonna get it poppin’. Check me out on Myspace. com/Juice or Tell Ciara and Cassie to holla at me. I’m only a phone call away. I’ll have my publicist reach out to your publicist so my people can get in touch with your people so we can get it poppin’. //

(above L-R): San Quinn @ Rasputin’s for Keak da Sneak & San Quinn’s meet & greet in Berkeley, CA (Photo: D-Ray); Julia Beverly & T-Pain @ Poetry in Las Vegas, NV (Photo: Julia Beverly); E-40 & Band Aide of Dem HoodStarz @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party in Stockton, CA (Photo: D-Ray)

01 // Why B @ Town Bizzness Oscar Grant emergency meeting (Oakland, CA) 02 // Turf Talk @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party (Stockton, CA) 03 // Gary Archer & Boobee @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) 04 // The Dragons @ The Record House Studio (Fremont, CA) 05 // TD @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 06 // Kafani da Ice King @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 07 // Kardinal Offishall @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 08 // Meezy Montana @ The Record House Studio (Fremont, CA) 09 // X.O. aka Scipio @ The Game’s ‘Camera Phone’ video shoot (Los Angeles, CA) 10 // D-Lo @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) 11 // J Espinosa @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 12 // Jay Rock @ Pink Diamonds for Mistah FAB’s birthday party (San Francisco, CA) 13 // Hed @ The Who The Fuck Is G Malone concert (San Jose, CA) 14 // DJ Backside @ UGMX Open Mic Night (San Jose, CA) 15 // K-Loc of The Gorilla Pits @ The Record House Studio (Fremont, CA) 16 // MoneyTree Entertainment @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party (Stockton, CA) 17 // Rydah J. Klyde @ Rasputin’s for E-40’s Ball Street Journal release (Berkeley, CA) 18 // Saba G @ Oakland City Hall for Oscar Grant rally (Oakland, CA) 19 // T.J. & Balance @ Rasputin’s for E-40’s Ball Street Journal release (Berkeley, CA) 20 // DJ Slowpoke @ Who The Fuck Is G Malone concert (San Jose, CA) 21 // D.E.O. & Sanchez @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 22 // DJ B-Eazy @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 23 // DJ Mike Smoove & Topic @ The Sharks Club for the Wake It Up Tour (Costa Mesa, CA) 24 // Omeezy @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 25 // Mugzi @ Stockton Civic Center for E-40’s release party (Stockton, CA) 26 // DJ Amen @ The Phoenix Theater for Merry Thizzmas (Petaluma, CA) 27 // Big Kuntry @ Club 4400 for Midwest Rap & Producer Battle (Kansas City, MO) 28 // 40 Glocc (Los Angeles, CA) 29 // DJ Franzen @ Poetry (Las Vegas, NV) 30 // DJ KTone @ Hawkman’s album release (Ft Collins, CO) 31 // DJ Jay Espinosa & Gary Archer @ Wild 94.9 (San Francisco, CA) 32 // DJ Leslie Perez @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 33 // Davey D @ Town Bizzness Oscar Grant emergency meeting (Oakland, CA) 34 // Chuck @ HP Pavilion for 94.9’s Wild Jam (San Jose, CA) 35 // Abe @ The Record House Studio (Fremont, CA) Photo Credits: D-Ray (01,02,03,04,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,23,24,25,26,28,31,32,33,34,35); DJ KTone (30); Julia Beverly (05,22,29); Ms Rivercity (27)



You’re known as part of the Mob Figaz, but would you describe yourself more as a rapper or a pimp? I been having hoes since like [the year] 2000, but I don’t consider myself a pimp. I’m a hustler, I’m not a pimp. It’s pimping, it’s in the game, it’s having hoes and shit, but I’m not a pimp. A pimp is a nigga that has a hoe, but if he loses that hoe, he’s gotta knock another hoe to survive. I don’t have to knock no bitch to survive. I’m a man of many trades. I have many hustles. How do you “knock” a hoe? Me, I ain’t never had to recruit a hoe. Hoes done chose up on a nigga. I ain’t never have to sweat no bitch and be all in her ear like that. A bitch sees a fly nigga with something who’s doing his thing. A bitch gets tired of living underneath the earth; she wants to fly through the sky and see the stars so she’s gonna come fuck with a real nigga. I ain’t never had to recruit a bitch, but I have had hoes that recruited other bitches. I like my hoes to knock hoes. I don’t have to get out there and do no footwork.

have to go through those problems. You said you have a number of different hustles. From a financial perspective, is the pimp game better or worse than your other hustles? What is your typical income? Hoe money is good money. I live in Vegas. My hoes got regulars. I don’t have my hoes out there walkin’ the carpet or walkin’ the hoe stroll. They done knocked a millionaire muthafucka and he’s like a sugar daddy to them and wants to take care of ‘em. They still get out there, hit the clubs, and do what they gotta do. But hoe money, that’s some real good money. They can get $20,000 or $30,000 at a time from these muthafuckas. It ain’t like the rap game. The rap game is going under and sales are going under. You gotta keep your hustle. I got a million different hustles. I’ve even got a barber license. I can cut hair but ain’t nothing like hoe money ‘cause they get it every day. With this music business, I gotta wait for a check every three months. I’ll get paid $100,000 or something but I gotta wait three months. Every day these bitches are getting $5,000 or $10,000. You know, you’ve got your slow days, though. The most a hoe ever gave me was $120,000. I couldn’t even believe it, I thought I was dreaming. I’ve had hoes choose up with like $10,000. I won’t accept anything less than $10,000, but this bitch chose me with $120,000. That was something big to me. Hoe money is the best money to me ‘cause it keeps coming. It’s like legal dope. Sex sells.

What’s the benefit for them? What can you offer a woman that would make her give up her freedom and choose you? I got a lot to offer. First of all, I’m a good nigga. I know what a female likes. To understand the game you gotta know what bitches like. These bitches wanna be taken care of. A bitch doesn’t wanna be out there puttin’ her life on the line if a nigga ain’t doing shit for her. Being in the game, these bitches know they have to be up under somebody ‘cause it’s hella gorilla pimps out there. The game is shady. It’s muthafuckas that be kidnappin’ these hoes, beatin’ these hoes up, holdin’ these hoes for ransom, all types of shit. But I got a lot to offer a bitch. Look at me, I live in a nine bedroom mansion, I’m driving Maseratis, Corvettes, Range Rovers, anything I wanna drive. Bitches see that lifestyle and want it. Like I tell a bitch, “To make a million dollars you gotta look like a million dollars.” When they get out there on these tricks you can’t have no raggedy lookin’ bitches. You want your bitch to be lookin’ top notch. I ain’t never had to beat up my hoes or none of that shit ‘cause my bitches are supposed to be out there lookin’ good. If I gotta beat her I sho’ don’t need her. Some of these bitches need to get the shit slapped out of ‘em, but me being me, I’d rather fire these hoes. Having a bitch is too easy for me. It’s nothing.

What’s the typical background of a female that chooses to be a hoe? Why go that route? Half of these bitches have never felt loved in their life. They ain’t have no family, or they were fucking niggas for free so they might as well get paid for the shit. If you’re just a slut, running around fucking niggas, why not get paid for it? You’re doing the same thing, but now you’re benefitting from it. Some of these bitches chose to be that way. Some of them come from rich families, but they wanna get out there and make that money. Some of these bitches are addicted to doing it. I got this one hoe right now, she don’t give a shit, every day she wanna hit the track. The track is so old-school to me, but she’s just such a down bitch she always wants to go to the track. She came from a good family in Portland, but she’s just so used to going out there and gettin’ it. She can’t quit. She just likes the hustle of it. She’s like, “Damn daddy, I gotta go get some money.” She’ll make $5,000 and I’m like, “Okay, it’s cool, come in for the night.” She’s like, “Uh uh, fuck that, I’m finna go make some money.” I take my bitches to do nice shit but they constantly wanna go get it so I ain’t gonna tell ‘em no. [They just want me to] be there for ‘em if they go to jail or anything happens. That’s how a lot of these niggas lose bitches, cause they go to jail and these niggas don’t bail ‘em out. It’s a lot of shit [other pimps] don’t do that they supposed to be doing.

So how are they disciplined if they disrespect you? I mean, I’ma check a bitch. I’ll snatch a bitch up or something but I’m not gonna beat the bitch up. If I feel the bitch is really a problem, I’ma fire the bitch. The thing is, bitches don’t even disrespect me like that. If you’re a solid nigga, your bitch ain’t gonna disrespect you. Your bitch knows how to stay in pocket and hold it down. But if you’re a punk-ass nigga, these bitches are gon’ smell that shit and try to run over you. They’re gonna smell that you a softy so they’re gonna do whatever they can to get over on you. But I don’t

You referred it “legal dope,” but technically, prostitution is illegal. Are the laws in Las Vegas more accepting than the rest of the country? No, they don’t play. They do these sweeps called P.I.M.P. where they arrested 300 or 400 hoes a night. They be crackin’ down on that shit. People think [prostitution] is legal in Vegas. Hell nah, that shit is not legal. It’s legal on the outskirts of Vegas, but prostitution is not legal in Vegas. You know [most] bitches are hoes because of the way they’re dressed, so I stepped my game up. I’ve got my bitches lookin’ like tourists. They look like party girls, like, “Hey, we’re in Las Vegas, let’s


go party. Let’s hit a club.” I don’t have my hoes at the bar tryin’ to knock a trick. That’s so old now. Hopefully whoever’s reading this is gonna learn. I’m giving them the game. I ain’t no greedy muthafucka. Start putting these bitches in the VIP at the clubs and knocking these millionaires. On a typical night in Vegas, what percentage of females that you see out are working? Oh my God, shit, at least 90-95% of them bitches are out there working. Who’s paying for all this? What’s the typical demographic of a trick? Your hoes aren’t supposed to talk to no niggas. Nobody black, period. Niggas aren’t trying to pay no bitches. C’mon, man. Niggas are trying to knock bitches. Niggas are trying to pimp these hoes, not pay a bitch. Don’t get me wrong, though, there are some trick-ass niggas out there. Some niggas act like they’re pimps but they’re tricking on the low. But my bitches know they aren’t even supposed to look at a nigga. Keep it moving. If you’re with me and we’re shopping or whatever and I’m talking to a nigga, my bitches know to keep it moving anyway. Go look for something in a store. But the typical [tricks] are white, Indian, or Chinese. The muthafuckas that [are] out there drunk and partying, sitting at the crap table spending hella money. Do your hoes live with you? Nah, none of them live with me. I’ve got three hoes right now – two of ‘em stay together and one stays in her own place. I can’t have hoes living in my mansion. But they’ve got nice places though. They’ve all got nice cars – one of ‘em has a Jaguar and two of ‘em have Mercedes [Benzes]. That’s all from me doing my job, making sure they’re riding nice and looking good. I ain’t got time to be driving these hoes here and there so I get ‘em their own shit. They make good money. If you wanna keep a good bitch you gotta take care of them hoes or they will choose up very fast. Do you have sex with them also or is it strictly a professional thing? Two bitches I got, I ain’t never slept with. One of ‘em I have slept with, but before I slept with her she wasn’t out there [hoeing] like that. I try to keep my dick out [of ] these bitches. It’s diseases and shit going around out there. The thing this, a bitch ain’t meant to be kept. These bitches don’t belong to me, they belong to the game. That’s what a lot of niggas don’t know. [Since] I’m not fucking these hoes, I know one day they’re gon’ be gone, ‘cause they want some loving and some dick. But me being me, I really can’t do it like that. If you don’t have sex with your hoes, what kind of women do you have sex with? I’ma sleep with a real lady. These hoes can’t be my bitch like that. I want a real lady. There’s nothing like having a solid lady who understands what you have going on, who’s really there to have your back. I ain’t trying to wife these bitches. I want a real lady who ain’t in the game so I can fuck her hella good, bust a nut all in her mouth and in her pussy, and do whatever I wanna do. Like I say, it’s shit going around and these niggas be raw-doggin’ the shit outta these hoes. I know. These bitches are sleeping with hella different muthafuckas and sucking hella different muthafuckas’ dicks. It ain’t just about AIDS, it’s all types of shit you can get. You can wear a rubber and still get something from these bitches. You can get crabs, anything. You’ll be

wondering why you got a rash around your dick. But the bitches I’ve got, honest to God, half of the time they don’t even sleep with the [tricks]. These muthafuckas just wanna be around ‘em, they escort these bitches around and look good. Some of my bitches are like, “I didn’t even do nothing, I just gave him a hand job,” or, “He just took me shopping.” It ain’t always fucking. If you lace a bitch right and she’s got a mouthpiece, she ain’t gotta be out there fucking all the time. She can use her mouthpiece and get thousands off top. What’s the difference between a female on the track getting a few bucks for a blow job and a

female that’s bringing in $120,000? You gotta have a pretty bitch fa’ sho’. The way she looks and carries herself off top. Just like niggas be on bad bitches, tricks are the same way. Niggas see Kim Kardashian and be on her, but it’s hoes out there that look way better than she does. There’s real hoes walking around here making that hoe look like she’s an average piece of shit. Niggas see bad bitches and they be on ‘em. Do you think the game is degrading towards women, or do you feel like they chose to be in that lifestyle? I don’t feel like it’s disrespectful women because they chose to do whatever they did. Nobody put a gun to their head. A lot of these bitches act like they’re not happy with certain dudes they fuck with, but if you wanted to you could get away from that muthafucka. It ain’t hard. You ain’t around that muthafucka 24 hours a day so if you ain’t happy you can go. That’s what you choose to do. That’s part of the game. If you choose to [be a hoe] you gotta accept whatever comes with it. I don’t think it’s disrespectful to women, unless you kidnapped the bitch and threatened her. I tell my bitches, before any of this shit, you a lady. You’re a woman so I’ma respect you like that. This is just a hustle. It’s not a job for me. I don’t wake up, puttin’ on a pimp suit, walkin’ around knocking. I’m a hood nigga, so you’re gonna see me in some Timbs, jeans, white tee, and a fitted cap. What is your ultimate goal as far as rap is

concerned? My ultimate goal is to be a young billionaire. If I don’t make it with rapping like I should, I’m happy with the little bit I got. Pimping is just a hustle to me. I don’t want to be like that my whole life. I’m just a young street nigga. To what extent do you have to provide protection for your females? You can’t always be around the hoes like that. There was one nigga that sweated my hoe too tough and put his hands on her and I had to go check him, but he didn’t know it was my hoe. A hoe can’t say, “I fuck with AP9.” She’s outta pocket right there, as soon as she opens her mouth. So I’ve had to check a nigga before, but once a nigga finds out that’s my bitch, he’ll leave her alone. I’m a factor. I ain’t a regular-ass nigga, so niggas respect me. I’m just a real nigga. My street credibility and background is real tough. I’m solid all the way. When it comes to sex, what’s the differences you’ve observed between different races of females? Crazy white bitches love sucking dick. I had this one bitch that’s all she ever wanted to do was suck my dick. It was like a whole month and I ain’t even get the pussy. I was gettin’ scared like, what the fuck? This bitch ain’t giving me no pussy. This bitch ain’t wanna do nothing but suck a nigga and swallow me. All types of races of bitches are freaky in some certain way. Me, I go for that exotic shit. I like exotic bitche,s man. I never really had no blonde chicks. I had hoes like that, but I ain’t never had just a blonde chick. I love my sisters, don’t get it wrong, I love that thick shit. I like ass, I’m not a titty dude. Who brings in the most money? I got this one white bitch who gets some good money, man. I mean, that’s all I’ve got is white bitches, so they all bring in good money. This one had been in the game and when I knocked her she had regular tricks already. They’re flyin’ her to Cancun and she went to Brazil and the Bahamas with them. So she brings home good money. Every bitch brings good money home, but that one, she really goes and gets it. On another note, should we be expecting any new music from you? We’re doing another Mob Figaz album but we’re waiting for Hus to come home in 2010. Everybody’s doing their little solo thangs. I’ve got a new album called I Am Legend that’ll be out in February. It’s almost done. I’ve got my own label, Mob Shop Entertainment. I’m running my own label, young entrepreneur, getting this independent money right now. I’m paying myself, writing my own checks. How would you describe your sound? I’m just a hood nigga. I’m from the Bay Area so a lot of people think I’m on that hyphy shit. But I’m not with that bullshit. I’m a reality rapper. I’m on some hood shit. I’m on some busting-anigga-head-open shit, gettin’-money type shit. One of my favorite rappers is Young Jeezy. Jeezy keeps it so fuckin’ hood, I love it. That’s the type of rapper I am. I like that type of shit. I just gotta be me. I was a “hyphy” muthafucka. Man, I don’t ghostride my whips. My shit cost a hundred and some thousand, I ain’t finna jump on my hood. How can people get in touch with you? or If there’s some hoes reading this and they’re ready to choose up, hit me up. I’m ready. // OZONE WEST // 21

The Slave Trade Go Inside the Dungeon with a Dominatrix Slaves in the 1800s had a choice: spend all day bending over to pick cotton, or face the wrath of massah’s whip. today, slavery is a little different. slaves are still bending over and taking the whip, BUT now they’re asking for it. Though slavery in America was officially abolished by 1865, it’s recently been coming back with a vengeance. But this time slavery doesn’t take place on cotton fields in the south, no—in 2009 it goes down in dungeons with metal cages and steel beds. And the slavemasters are hot.



eet Mistress Agave, a 5-foot 2-inch, 120pound Filipina/ Hawaiian / Salvadorena bedroom bully who has a corporate day job, but spends nights and weekends torturing her male customers by sodomizing them with strap-ons, spitting in their faces, calling them names, stepping on their balls in stiletto heels, and several other forms of severe pleasure. Imagine the nastiest, most perverse nightmare your mind can conjure, and then double it, and that’s the world of the dominatrix. In the realm of BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadomasochism) men from coast to coast hire dominating mistresses to satisfy the desires their wives won’t, or simply can’t. How’d you get into the dominatrix profession? I’m a very dominate person, and if you watch porn a lot you’re gonna see something that sparks your interest. I saw some dominatrix scenes and I said to myself, “I can do that. That’s something that’s an extension of me.” At first it was a hobby, and then I found out I could get paid for doing it. But this profession is not something that is for everybody. You do have to have a level of intelligence. You don’t just show up, lay back, and cock your legs open to get fucked. That’s not what this is. I’ve met a lot of girls who think they want to do this, but I can already tell it’s not for them. They’re gonna giggle, not be severe enough, or not have enough control, so the slave is not going to respect them. The way I do it, it’s nonsexual. I don’t do this as a secret. It’s not on the low or anything, this is a part of who I am.

respect, and what I have to do is respect whatever their fetish is. If that’s what you desire, that’s what I’m going to give you.

of the cage, so they have no control over that. Sometimes I’ll piss in a dogbowl and make you drink it.

What kind of fetishes do your customers have? As a pro, I’m in this for the one hour sessions, meaning that my time is their money, so they are going to make sure that the scenario is very well laid out. What a typical scenario involves is strapon play, humiliation, face slapping, spitting, cage punishment, flogging, stepping on people’s nuts, cock-n-ball torture—there’s a lot of words I can throw out, but what people generally want is for me to be in control and for me to give the orders.

What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done to one of your clients? One of the things I really like to do to a client is get him a baby bottle full of piss and throughout the next day have him send me video of him drinking from the bottle while he’s at work in the bathroom stall. I enjoy that shit. I like coming up with humiliating scenarios for my clients. I have one client who I use an electric anal plug on and I zap him if he gets out of hand—that’s fun.

What is “flogging”? Sounds violent. That basically means spanking somebody. You can call it torture or pleasure, but there are a lot of different instruments I might incorporate into my theme that also impart a different level of pain. When I’m [dominating someone ] in a dungeon I know what is going to happen in the amount of time I give you. Some people want to get treated like a dog for the whole time. They want me to lead them around with a collar on and they wanna be taught how to piss. Other people want strap-on play, they want to be punished, and that’s their thing. Sometimes I may just put them on a St. Andrews cross and just whoop them for an hour.

Do you get sexual pleasure out of dominating and torturing clients or is it just for the money? I wouldn’t say that I get pleasure out of it, but I will say that it’s fun. I’m really picky about who I deal with. If anybody shows up for a scene unclean or irresponsibly drunk or high I won’t play.

Is there any request from a customer that you just say “hell, no!” to? I would not do things that can seriously hurt somebody, or that I’m not skilled enough to do. Some mistresses do all kinds of things with blood. Some put Saran Wrap over your head and poke out a little hole for you to breathe. I don’t do anything that could potentially kill someone. If I was a new customer, how would the session start off? A typical session generally starts off with a little bit of small talk; you want to make sure you establish a certain level of respect. Basic questions like “How was your weekend?” After we get comfortable in that sense I’ll switch it up, and immediately I’ll tell you to get naked, get on all fours, or whatever I may choose to make you do. I’ll demand that you kiss my feet.

How do you find customers? I’m really big on networking. A lot of mistresses out here in the Bay are different than me. Their bitch persona is more than just a persona. Some of them really are bitches, and I’m a really friendly person so how I started was networking with other mistresses. I found that some people were willing to talk to me and some just shut me down right at the gate. But I promoted myself.

Okay, I like feet. That doesn’t sound too bad. There’s a lot of people that like to lay and foot worship, so if that’s your thing we’ll start out with that. I don’t do anything fully nude. The gear that I wear is for what people like to see and what they want to have, but I’m never fully nude. Some people want ass worship, some people want to be smothered; they want me to sit on their face until they can’t breathe, and clearly what follows is strap-on play. I get a lot of good feedback on my strap-on game, and I don’t have a problem with that. I will say that all my stuff is clean. I use condoms on all my equipment, and I use a lot of latex gloves as well. But what they really like is a lot of humiliation and degradation. I’ll slap you in the face, call you a little bitch, and tell you that you have no rights. I choose to make you wear a skirt, you’re gonna wear a skirt. If you’re gonna be my whore while I’m fucking you then that’s what you’re gonna be. Then the final thing is going to be the golden shower.

When you first started were you nervous, or were you a pro from the start? (laughs) I’m good at it. Mistress Agave is a bitch. It’s just a natural thing for me. I’m very fierce. I demand the respect of my clients or whoever I’m playing with. This is a business that’s about

Please tell me you don’t piss on them on your living room floor? (laughs) No, it depends on what dungeon I’m playing in. Sometimes I’ll do the golden shower in the tub; sometimes I’ll do a cage scene where I lock them up in a cage and I’ll piss on the top

What does the dungeon look like? Is it like a scene from a black and white horror movie where water is dripping and it’s dark and gloomy? Not, it’s not corny like that. But there’s gonna be a lot of equipment. There will be cages and a saw-horse you can strap somebody to. There’s always some type of a cross, racks and racks of dildos and strap-ons, floggers, different canes, condoms, lube, and sanitary stuff. There might be a steel bed you can chain someone to. I’ve been to some dungeons where there are so many different types of equipment you have to just figure out what it is. I envision your average client as a skinny, nerdy type dude. Is that accurate at all? (laughs) I hate to generalize, because one of the things that really appeals to me about being a dominatrix is that it’s about acceptance, not judging. It’s a lifestyle that lends itself to the theme of “be who you are.” The average client tends to be an older, white male, but not always. What does an hour-long session with Mistress Agave cost? Well, I don’t speak in terms of “cost.” It’s considered a “tribute” or “donation.” That’s how I refer to it. So if you wanna play in a dungeon, you send a deposit by Paypal, which guarantees you’re actually gonna show up. The tribute would be around $150 - $175 for an hour. I imagine it’s pretty profitable then. How long have you been dominating people? A little over a year, seriously. I have day job, a pretty demanding, corporate day job as well. This functions as a hobby and a hustle for me. There are times when I consider devoting myself to this full-time, but for right now it’s just a hustle. Are you very dominant in your real life relationships, or is Mistress Agave just a character? I’m pretty dominate in real life. I think I have the short-person complex, because I’m only 5’2”, 120. But I’m definitely more than a handful. I’m a piece of work. Do guys reach orgasm from this? It all depends. Some of my clients are into orgasm denial, which means I won’t let them cum. Sometimes I’ll force them to cum on the floor and lick it up, or I’ll force them to cum in their own hand and lick it up. There are different devices you can use that will literally deny them the ability to cum, and some people are into that. // Words by Eric Perrin OZONE WEST // 23

Interview and Photo by Terrence Tyson


If you’ve ever visited 93.5 KDAY The Beat FM DJ and personality Devi Dev’s myspace page (, chances ARE you’ve gone back again to look some more. Looking something like your favorite R&B singer in your dreams, it’s literally not hard to see why she’s increasingly becoming one of the most popular voices on the West Coast. But, after talking to Dev, you’ll find out that her looks have absolutely nothing to do with her rise. At least that’s how she feels. Ozone caught up with Dev for A quick chat about flirty rappers, office etiquette and um, porn? Is it true that Californians have better sex than people who live on the East coast? I guess I wouldn’t know since I’m not on the East, but I understand why they say that. Here, it’s always warm and sunny. You always feel like loving somebody; getting up close to somebody on the West. On the East it’s always cold and you have to wear all those clothes and jackets, so you don’t feel like getting up on anybody. California is almost synonymous with sex, so you would know, wouldn’t you? No, not me. I’m not with meaningless casual sex. A lot of people get real buck wild out here though. Especially with the porno industry be-


ing in the valley so you’re always running into someone like Lexington Steele or Brian Pumper. The girls go crazy for them. Do you have a favorite porn star? Hell no. I think male porn stars are so cheesy. It turns me off. I like a guy who has discretion. I’m more prone to wanna deal with a dude who is discreet about his life and doesn’t have to be overtly sexual all the time. I don’t want a dude that every chick can see his techniques and maneuvers. I don’t like dudes who are all out there like that.

So what have you said when one of them tries to holler? Ha, how’d you know? I have gotten that before since I live out here and run into people who are in that industry. But I’m like, “No, you get enough [sex] at your job. I have no desire to talk to you.” Do you watch porn at all? Yeah, we’re all grown. I’ve seen a few. There’s nothing wrong with it, if you’re in a relationship and that’s how you get down. Have you picked up any tips from them? Nah, I’m cool with the way I work. (laughs) You’re pretty easy on the eyes. Is being attractive helping or hurting your career? Its a fine line you have to walk, if you’re a woman who actually wants to have longevity. I’m not talking about video models, but if you’re trying to be in radio or be DJ, its a fine line to walk. I don’t want to be gawked at or have people looking at me or treat me better because I look good. I have a lot of skills to bring to the table. So, it’s a plus that people find me attractive but it wont make or break me. So you’ve never used anything you have to

your advantage? A low cut blouse, a short skirt? No, I’m too grown for that. My work ethic speaks for itself. I’ve had to let go of a few of my interns for doing that though. I’d bring them on to help me, but they’ll start flirting with artists or getting extra flirty with the managers at the station trying to get put on. I don’t like that type of shit so I’ve had to let go of interns who resort to that. Have any artists tried getting at you? Name names, please. Definitely not naming any names. I’ve had my share of that, though, [Artists] definitely come at you sideways because some of them are used to getting extra-extra groupie love or used to women constantly being all over them and be excited to talk to them. This is my job, so I have no desire to try and talk to you. I’m trying to work like you are. There’s [artists] I’m attracted to, but on the real I don’t like industry dudes, I like nerds. Regular around-the-way dudes who’ve got a little nerd swag in them. I’m not trying to deal with these industry cats. I want somebody that’s around more often. How nerdy are we talking? Book-smart nerd or computer-geek-who-doesn’t-talk-to-girlsoften nerd? Um, no. I definitely want a grown-ass man, but I like intellect. The sexiest thing to me is brilliance and intellect, more than anything else. I want us to be able to talk and learn from each other. I get tired of teaching other people things. Do you ever see women give ultimatums, to guys trying to get in the game? Hell. Yeah. Cougars are the new thing in the music but especially the movie industry. The older women are going for the younger men nowadays, especially now that they have the element of power, they are telling them “what you gonna do for me to put you on?” I’ve even heard that some radio females are doing that to guys who are trying to get spins. // Words by Maurice G. Garland

E-40/The Ball Street Journal/Warner Bros. The Wall Street Journal is as worthless as any stocks these days but E-40 is here to save the day with his solution, The Ball Street Journal. 40 Water’s eleventh solo album is a solid effort which may not be far from the expected but offers a nice dose of hyphy for those who need a quick pick-me-up. Standouts “Pain No More” and “The Recipe” are just some of the tracks that help make this a satisfying sonic journey with the Bay’s finest. - Rohit Loomba DJ Ames & Roccett/Grind Time: CTE Edition CTE rapper Roccett sounds poised to take off. With a mix of West Coast flavor and Southern spice, he puts on for the streets. “Run These Streets” and “Ride With A G” are banging records for all the people pushing weight and getting stacks. Roccett also proves he can hold his own with rappers Young Buck and Gorilla Zoe on their collaborative tracks “G Move” and “Throw Your Hoods Up.” No hipster rap here, just official gangsta tunes. - Jee’Van Brown DJ Skee & Evidence/The Layover Mixtape Over a year since his critically acclaimed solo debut, Los Angeles rapper/producer Evidence hooks up with DJ Skee for the The Layover Mixtape. The Dilated Peoples emcee is as impressive on this mixtape as his solo album, The Weatherman LP. A handful of quality remixes, and number of guest bars from underground all-stars like Crooked I, Blu, Bishop Lamont, Little Brother, Mitchy Slick and a gang of others, help make Mr. Slow Flow’s mixtape one for the iPods. - Randy Roper

MC Eiht & DJ Nik Bean/All-Star & Straps (Streetz of L.A.) O.G. MC Eiht returned to bless the old heads, and maybe some of the new generation, with that original West Coast flavor. MC Eiht delivers on “Def Wish pt. 2,” as the production and lyrics makes you want to ride down the streets of L.A. with the top back. Other notable tracks are “Golddigger” and “Keep it Pushing”, but MC Eiht falls short on most of the CD, as most of the tracks sound dated. Maybe Eiht should stay retired, and manage or produce up-and-coming West Coast rappers. - Jee’Van Brown Damani/Congratulations Player Damani pretty much turns his ego meter up to 10 and uses this mixtape to let you know just how much better he is than you and everyone you know. Though it’s centered around his Congratulations Player Adidas sneaker, Damani only raps about the shoes on the first and last tracks, using the rest of the time to flex his skills. He especially shines when he beat jacks Outkast’s “Royal Flush” for “Wrong Nigga to Rap After.” But at the end of the day, this mixtape feels more like a quick moment, not something that warrants repeat play. Since it’s really just a marketing accessory for his new Adidas sneaker, mission accomplished. - Maurice G. Garland Juice & DJ Don Cannon/Position of Power With the first offering from his Hypocalypto Records partnership with NBA star Amar’e Stoudamire, Juice sets out to solidify himself as a relevant solo artist and not just a Black Wall Street associate. Juice displays more maturity and comfort with his style than years past as he treats each beat with caution rather than just busting as hard as he can. Though his hooks can use some work, Juice does exhibit potential to finally put his city of Phoenix, AZ on the map in a major way. - Maurice G. Garland



E-40 Event: Wake It Up Tour Venue: Shark’s Club City: Costa Mesa, CA Date: October 23rd, 2008 Photo: D-Ray



Ozone West #74 - Dec 2008