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14. Mighty Mike /D-Boy Swagg – Bangin Bay

Contact: Mighty Mike – 850.319.3365 Haters will probably do what they do best on this song, but can you blame them? It’s hard not to hate on someone with a flow like this and can afford to blow a grand on a whole outfit! 15. Mister Sandman / Doing My Thing – Liquor House

Contact: Mister Sandman – 404.402.7740 Old school hustler songs featuring an OG with a high pitched voice singing the hook, will never die. This track is so hot, it should have been Frank Lucas’ secondary theme song in American Gangster.

17. Nephewblaq ft. Rock and Toni / Hey Shawty – Loudmouf

Contact: Nephewblaq –321.250.0059 Maybe it is possible to find love in the club. Play this sexy single and see if you don’t go home with someone special.

18. D Woodson / She Crazy Bout Me – Oklahoma G

Contact: D Wood –918.759.3220 A girl who loves someone else’s dirty draws may be just plain crazy! But if she gets to hear D Woodson’s seductive voice over the early nineties-inspired guitar and piano lead everyday, it’s understandable how she may be a little loca for him!

19. Khia / What They Do – Big Cat

Contact: Mel – 404.840.4391 Rhyming ‘Absolute’ with ‘prostitutes’ shows in this club banger that Khia lives up to her raunchy lyricreputation we all know and love. 20. TRP ft. King Green / Cash is What I Need – TNT PRO

Contact: Trace Trahan –813.394.6822 I need to be at whatever club these two attend if they are throwing enough money around to buy a new Bentley. An ode to the Almighty Dollar, this is that song you want to bump in your stereo on payday.

16. Modesy XO / What You Got – Frazier Mktg.

Contact: Temekka Frazier – 205.226.9015 The heavy trumpets and use of other marching band instruments add a Trick Daddian quality to Modesy’s Southern syrup.

1. Baby D / I’m Bout Money – KOCH

Contact: Gazelle MCI – 212.353.8800 x266 The paper chase never sounded so good.

2. Vic Damone ft. Boosie / Check My Swagg – B.O.B.Q.P.

Contact: Guccio - GUCCIO.GUCCIO@GMAIL.COM Just as promised, your boy’s swag is NICE. For any skeptics, Vic Damone and Boosie definitely deliver on this one.

3. Lil Ru / Nasty Song – Head Hunter

Contact: Big Will – 803.476.2709 This song should be stored in that box hidden in your closet with your “special” DVDs, magazines, oils, candles. Not to be handled by amateurs; this is meant for the grown and sexy only! 4. D Woodson / Where Dem Ladiezz At –Oklahoma G

Contact: D Wood – 918.759.3220 With a soulful track like this, it’s highly unlikely D Woodson has any trouble finding ladies interested in what a real G has to offer. After all, the ladies are waiting for you to deliver that ‘thug passion’ you promised. 5. The Truth / I Don’t – Truth

Contact: Nick – 305.519.1118 You know maybe it’s the synthesized beat with the strings in the background, the catchy flow of the hook, or perhaps it’s the sweet & simple title that makes me happy to hear the truth. 6. 9th Ward / Chopper – So So Def Jam

Contact: Nick – 305.519.1118 You know maybe it’s the synthesized beat with the strings in the background, the catchy flow of the hook, or perhaps it’s the sweet & simple title that makes me happy to hear the truth.

7. Empress Raw / Goon Luv – Hidden Gem

Contact: Bossy Bisi –786.426.3688 Every girl fantasizes about having that one dangerous dude with the prison tats, diesel physique, and criminal record always ready to rock her world. Even the hardest of goons and gangstas would have a soft spot for this song. 8. Chop Chop / Red Dirt – Presidential Traphouse

Contact: Smiley – 405.200.4357 I must say I’m rather impressed and somewhat amazed. Who knew Oklahoma could rep so hard on a track? 9. The A-Team / Get Money – TNT

Contact: JDP – 850.210.9100 “Get Money” is the quintessential club banging, money-making anthem for 2008. 10. Noah-O / Gwop Gettah – Charged Up

Contact: Robert “Chubbs” – 804.922.0569 This should serve as an inspiration to all of us to step up our grind in so we can hurry up and enjoy the finer things in life.

11. Geno and Skunk Boogie / Not Like We – Original

Contact: Red Lion – 941.518.3594 No one else could have served this song justice like these boys did.

12. Big Sid ft. Tum Tum, Killa Kyleon & Yung Red / Cash on Deck –Playaz Choice

Contact: Big Sid – 337.802.5436 Every now and then you stumble upon the perfect relationship between lyrics, beat, and artists. This is a lyrical love triangle.


14. . Jap / Take Flight – Sandhill

Contact: Kenyan Tinsley – 404.983.5807 This hot dance is already taking flight. Feel free to get stupid in the club to this one. 15. Diggie Die ft. Mister Sandman / Puttin In Da Work – Liquor House

Contact: Mister Sandman – 404.402.7740 The game may not be easy, but Diggie Die and Sandman make it seem like it’s all play and no work with this song.

16. Teflon ft. Birmingham J / High Roller – Frazier Mktg

Contact: Temekka Frazier – 205.226.9015 The rule of thumb is if you start your song off with a Scarface sample, it better be hot! Well Teflon and Birmingham J definitely obey the letter of the law with this one.

17. Thorobread ft. J-Bo / Got Bread – Felonious

Contact: Derek Mason – 615.566.5495 Looking for ballers only with hot tracks; thankfully Thorobread answered the call on this song so no others need apply. 18. The Truth / Let’s Roll – Truth

Contact: Nick – 305.519.1118 The hook is guaranteed to put you in that feel good mode when you hear it at the club. 19. M.O.E. Betta / See Me In Da Club – Deepside

Contact: Christal Jordan-Mims – 678.499.0297 When you see him in the club, buy him a drink for providing such a hot track!

13. J. E-Dubb / Like Me – I.M.

Contact: Donald Murphy – 404.606.9112 “Make money, don’t let it make you;” finding little proverbs in the most unlikely places is what music is all about.


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