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5. Cino / Thang Thang – Triple P


Contact: Tony Neal – DJSONLY@GMAIL.COM This is the perfect party song after a long week. Put some Patrón in your cup and vibe out.

1. B.O.B ft. Amy Winehouse / Grip Your Body – Rebel Rock/Atlantic

6. D-Lo ft. Boosie / How I Roll – Light Grey

Contact: TJ Chapman – TJ@TJSDJS.COM This is sexy track from two of music’s finest newcomers, with two of the most unique voices. And the hook is so damn catchy, you’ll be singing it for weeks!!

2. Bloodraw ft.Young Jeezy / Louie Bag – CTE/Def Jam

Contact: D-Lo – 850.728.0990 D-Lo has a very laid back, star quality voice that rides smoothly through this track. I’m loving how he rolls in this one 7. Drop / Oops My Bad – 4 Trey

Contact: Erica Bowen – 917.238.4753 BloodRaw and Jeezy definitely showcase their swag in this beat-heavy street anthem.

Contact: Edna Rivers – 321.299.7114 A comedic edge is the way of the future for rappers. If you can’t enjoy shaking the haters off to this song, then it’s your bad!

3. Geno & Skunk Boogie / Bucket – Original

8. E-Dubb / Big Money Talk – I.M.

Contact: Red Lion – 941.518.3594 Geno & Skunk Boogie have a really nice flow and vibe together. This may be the new song to blow out your stereos in ‘08. 4. Beadz / D-Boy –Manatee

Contact: Calvin “Doc” Flowers – 312.226.9034 It seems like the D-Boys are the hot boys of the year. This clever ode to the game separates the men from the D-Boys.


Contact: Donald Murphy – 404.606.9112 On this one, just let the money talk for you and name this hot joint your money-making theme song for ’08. 9. E. Mackey / 2 Girls, 1 Cup – Edwin Mackey

Contact: E. Mackey – 850.339.5498 Disclaimer: This is NOT the internet travesty featured on Best Week Ever. E. Mackey does the title justice and turns it into a big tune about living the ultimate male fantasy.

10. J White ft. Rican Diplo and DJ Boos / That Girl – Down North

Contact: J White – 863.381.7410 A sweet combination of Hip Hop and R&B that would make any girl want to be the object of J White’s affection flows seductively throughout this record.

11. J White ft. Rican Diplo and DJ Boos / That Girl – Down North

Contact: Wendy Day – 917.501.6100 This is the kind of song that gets everyone hyped and makes the whole club erupt in synchronized step, wiling out and acting a fool! 12. Jap / My Folk – Sandhill

Contact: Kenyan Tinsely – 404.983.5807 You know in a society where it’s cool to hate on everyone and everything, it’s so refreshing to hear a song about love for your crew with no homo. 13. Jor’el Jebre / I See a Diva – Diamond Cut

Contact: D.CUT –850.524.1039 While the term “Diva” nowadays has a slight stigma attached to it, Jor’el shows that there is still nothing sexier than a beautiful, confident woman who has her s**t together. The ladies are going to love this one!

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Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

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