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You first came out with “Gimme Dat,” which was real aggressive. It gave people a certain image of you and now with the “Independent” record are you kind of trying to switch up the way people view you? Oh yeah, I just make all kinds of music. You know “Gimme Dat” was my club banger for my girls but you know I couldn’t dance with my sister or grandmother to “Gimme Dat.” I respect women. I got my two twin daughters coming up; they’re gonna be independent women. My grandmother raised me to be independent. My sister is independent. I just tried to make something that inspired them too. People took “Gimme Dat” the wrong way. What way should they have taken “Gimme Dat?” Why do you say people took it the wrong way? ‘Cause I was just being me. I was just having fun. You know, a lot of girls like when a boy tells ‘em shit like that. So you’ve been getting good feedback off “Independent” from your family members and what not? They diggin’ it? From everybody. It’s not just for my family members; it’s for all independent women. You and Boosie are so respected in the South but it seems like you haven’t really reached that whole worldwide level that you should be at. What do you think it’s going to take to get everybody to recognize the talents that y’all have? What do you think it’ll take to get you to that next superstar level? It’s gonna come. We just gotta be patient and keep grinding. I mean, we made it this far. So what’s the next record from the album you’re gonna drop after “Independent?” I have a single with Letoya Luckett called “I Miss You.” Is that dedicated to anyone in particular?

(laughs) It’s for everybody. It’s for every man ‘cause they can play it for their ol’ lady. How does Savage Life 2 compare to your first Savage Life album? It’s still me. I’m savage. You know? They call me a savage. It’s a savage life. I’m just running my life. It’s my life; I’m living it. I’ma just keep going ‘till Savage Life 100. I know you’ve been making a lot of money these last couple of years. Have you bought anything lately that you’d like to tell people about? What’s your favorite luxury purchase that you’ve gotten for yourself? I don’t know. I been buying a lot of stuff – cars, clothes, jewelry. I’m buying my sister and brother a house. You know, just buying all kinds of shit. Do you have a favorite car or anything? My favorite car is probably my drop top, the old school ’73 bandit. You know this is for the drug issue, right? I know you’re a weed connoisseur. Do you have a favorite type of weed? (laughs) Yeah, purple weed. What’s so special about it? That’s just my favorite one, the real purple. When you look at it you ain’t even got to ask what kind it is. It’s just so purple it looks like somebody colored it or something.

Just the purple? Yeah. How much do you spend on weed during an average week? I smoke like an ounce a day. An ounce costs like $600. I can spend up to at least two or three Gs a week. Do you think weed should be legalized? Yeah, in California they got the stores you walk in and just buy the weed from behind the shelf. You gotta have your medical card or whatever so they should just go on ahead and [make it legal]. You know, they just wanna get they tax money off the shit. So you have a medical marijuana card? When I go to California I’m straight. What’s your ailment? What does it help you with medically? Oh, I don’t know. That’s just what the people who own the store say in California. I just been smoking weed since I been in middle school. You know what I’m saying? Do you remember the first time you smoked weed? Hmm, not really. Me and my cousin just started smoking it…

So do you have any other drugs of choice? Or are you just basically a weed dude? Oh no. I’m straight with weed.

And you fell in love? Yeah.

Why do you avoid other types of drugs? It just ain’t for me.

How’s the road been treating you? They feeling me. My fans been keeping it real.


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Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

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