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Atlanta , GA

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During the group’s stint at Elektra, Dolla met a gifted but slept-on singer named Akon, who at the time was producing for the label. The two upand-comers became friends, and when Elektra closed in 2003, Da Raskals disbanded, while Akon’s journey was slightly more storied. Yet the relationship Dolla formed with Akon was a lasting one, and eventually Akon not only signed Dolla to his Konvict Muzik imprint under Jive Records, but also gave the young’n his one imprint, The Gang Entertainment. “I’ve been knowing ‘Kon before ‘Kon was ‘Kon, so when he got an opportunity to put me on, he did that, and he believed in me,” acknowledges Dolla. “He gave me the chance to not only be a rapper, but also a young mogul.” The rising ATL rapper at-


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Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008  

Ozone Mag #65 - Mar 2008

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