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10 Things I’m Hatin’ On PART 2


s we’re finishing the annual “drug issue” I’m also arguing with our distributor, who doesn’t think it should be allowed in stores because of the controversial subject matter. This is a battle that I fight nearly every month. Everywhere I go people complain that they have a hard time finding OZONE Mag. Well, just like radio station playlists are controlled by people sitting in a cubicle in some random location who have no clue what local listeners want to hear, chain stores that carry magazines are controlled by one buyer who decides which content is acceptable and which isn’t, so I have old white people who hate rap music sitting behind a desk hundreds of miles away telling me I’ve got to “tone it down” because the consumers don’t want to see such naughty language.

by Alexyss Tylor a.k.a. the Vagina Power lady

4. WOMEN’S STANKIN’ PUSSY I’m hating on women with bad hygiene. I’m sorry, even though I am a woman, I’ve been noticing this and I’ve smelled it. And the people are telling me, too. A lot of times we need to just go check ourselves. We need to go to the bathroom: work bathroom, public bathroom, it don’t matter. When I go to the public bathroom I see it a lot, we don’t wash properly. Women leave a funky ass bathroom, so I wish that when we go places we would take us some damn fresh wipes or salt water, or something in our pocketbooks. It’s a problem if I’m walking by you, or am standing in a close area—in a restaurant even and you got fishy smelling pussy. 5. SKID MARKS IN THEIR DRAWERS Women are tired of these niggas lookin’ good; fine ass niggas with they expensive ass suits on, and expensive shoes and socks on, and then they take they draws off and they ass is stankin’ and they dick is stankin’ because they shittin’ and not washing they ass properly or getting all the shit out. I don’t know if they need to shave the hair around they asshole, or if they need to get a wax ‘round they asshole, or spray that muthafucka wit some Lysol, or something, but they really need to change they hygiene. Women are tired of laying


I then pointed out that our annual “drug issue” and “sex issue” are always top sellers, so clearly the consumer is more turned on than off by our raw content. Apparently it’s okay for Playboy to have women posing naked, but if I ask a recovering crack addict what prompted him to pick up the pipe that first time, that’s a problem. Clearly, drug addiction is a problem in our country - not just in our country, but worldwide. How are we supposed to find solutions without pinpointing the original problem? I’m not encouraging anyone to sell drugs, do drugs, or even think about drugs. My opinion has always been that there are too many natural highs in life to waste time, energy, and money on putting chemical substances into my body. I believe in the natural order of life: what goes up must come down. But I think we’d be doing a disservice to ourselves to avoid discussing issues that are a reality in our community: alcoholism (pg. 82), lives destroyed by crack cocaine (pg. 24), intelligent minds behind bars (shouts out to Zo, Tampa Tony, & Smoke D); the negative effects of cough syrup abuse which hit home recently with the death of Pimp C (pg. 56, 85) and how it affects their loved ones (pg. 70); rappers glamorizing crack cocaine in their music (pg. 60); all the money that’s spent on drugs that could go to more positive uses (pg. 42, 67, 78). My lil rapper friend always jokes that I’m the “Hip Hop missionary” sent to save rappers from their lives of misogyny and destruction and sin, and we laugh. Although there might be a little bit of truth to it, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to preach at anybody or tell anybody to change. Can’t knock the hustle. But it’s actually frightening how much knowledge I’ve gained about the drug game simply by publishing a rap magazine. Our worlds are truly intertwined.


3. Men WITH BREATH THAT SMELLS LIKE ASS I’m just tired of these men approaching me when their mouth hygiene is real fucked up, and every time they talk, all that ass-breath hit you in yo gotdamn face. Clean yo damn mouth, brush yo teeth, get a new partial, or fix that muthafuckin twisted partial, or start some golds up, or something, ‘cause this is ridiculous out here. All these men get up in yo face wanting to talk and they got that funky ass breath in a raggedy ass mouth.

Webbie & I in New Orleans

Me & Big Boi in Atlanta


2. Women who wear OBVIOUS WEAVE Go get your fucking hair fixed! If you gon’ wear a weave, or if you gon wear a portion of a lace front wig, get it touched up on a regular basis or style it in a way that we cannot tell that it is a weave, and so we don’t see nappy ass hair hanging out, or tracks hanging out so that we do not know that the textures do not match. We know it’s white folks’ hair and nigga hair blended together, or on the same head in different locations.

Young Jeezy, me, & Young Buck in Las Vegas

Mistah FAB & I in the Bay


1. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME In Dekalb County [Georgia] where I am there a lot of black boys who are so full of self hatred and shame that they are creating gangs, or joining gangs that go around doing initiation by shooting other black boys just to prove that they are men. This shows me that we still have a lot of young black boys that hate themselves. It’s so easy for your young black boys to shoot each other down like dogs, and shoot anything down that looks like a reflection of themselves. If we keep going at that rate, we ain’t gon’ have another generation. The generation we gon’ have is gon’ be in jail, on dope, and on the streets and have nothing to offer to the women that are coming up and the children that are coming up. We are basically committing genocide. When one black boy shoots another black boy we are destroying the sperm cells that could bring forth a whole prolific generation of new black men


Alexyss had so much hate last month we had to split it into two parts!

Malik, me, & Slim Goodye in Miami

From a strictly business standpoint, I respect the entrepreneurial skills of organizations like BMF; the skills of the Frank Lucases and “Freeway” Ricky Rosses (pg. 36) and the fictional Tony Montanas. My point is that it’s such a waste of great business minds. If they had put that same time and effort into a legitimate business they might not have made as much money, but it would’ve lasted longer and they would still have their freedom. Granted, I’ve never had the luxury of blowing millions of dollars, so I can’t tell you how it feels, but I think if you ask most of them (pg. 26), at the end of the day it wasn’t worth it. On one OZONE trip, our wrapped CRUNK!!! truck was looking pretty grimy after a long day on the road so I asked a local rapper to take us to the nearest car wash. After we ran it through the wash he directed a homeless crackhead to clean up the rims. Now, dude was into it. I mean, he was on a mission. I was impressed. He got down on his knees and put his all into it. I tried to give him a can of CRUNK!!! Energy Drink and he barely noticed. No distractions, no breaks, and by the time he was done thirty minutes later, our rims were sparkling clean. And then I learned why: Our local tour guide paid him with a crack rock. So it got me thinking: Wouldn’t the world would be a much better place if we all worked as hard as crackheads when they’re about to be rewarded with a rock? We all should desire to win as bad as a fiend desires their next fix. And no matter what your job is, we all should be hustlers; we all should have “the world is mine” mentality. Just stay away from that cocaine. It’s the devil (pg. 79). - Julia Beverly,

Rick Ross f/ Trick Daddy, Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne “Luxury Tax” Webbie f/ Rick Ross & Birdman “Miracle” Rock City “After The Club” Blu “Just Another Day” B.G. “Ode to the Hot Boyz” Plies f/ Trey Songz “Bust It Baby (remix)” Scarface “Git Out My Face” JC f/ Gorilla Zoe “Nobody Gotta Know”

RE’Splaylist Curren$y “Spitta” Jean Grae “Love Thirst” Common “The Light 2008” Snoop “Neva Hafa Worry”


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