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feedback start in the first place. Some call it soul-searching, meditation, twistin’ one up, whatever, but the important thing is getting back to the place (and it seems like you’re getting there) where all these folk who need your help around you feels less like a responsibility and more like a mission again. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. – Haziq Ali, haz1q@aol.com (Atlanta, GA) Hey JB, I checked out your 2 Cents like I always do in the November issue, and I’m glad to see that you’re doing better. I laughed towards the end because I realized I was one of those cats who have asked you a few times about getting my artist in the mag. But the Carolinas do have a lot to offer hip-hop. Right now the scene is full of cats generating a Carolina sound that can definitely be recognized, but I’m gonna let you check that out for yourself. – Chyna Redd, chynaredd@tmail.com (Fayetteville, NC)

I want to thank you for the excellent interviews in your magazine that help destroy negative stereotypes about hip-hop. I teach a university course required for future teachers called “Education and Society.” For the past several years I have been including lyrics by artists such as David Banner and other elements of hip-hop culture to help these adults better understand their students. For example, I recently had them read your interview with Young Jeezy and listen to his music to show how he stresses the importance of focusing on one’s own intelligence and healthy lifestyle, and the relative unimportance of material acquisitions. My goal is to design high school courses that incorporate hip-hop into the curriculum in significant ways. I consider OZONE Magazine a great resource in this endeavor. – Carol O’Connor, coconnor444@hotmail.com (Miami, AZ) Boston reads OZONE! I just wanted to give you a shout out and let you know that OZONE is one of my favorite urban magazines. I read every article and look at every ad, even the ones with tips on entering the industry because I’m trying to get in on the business side. Everyone knows Benzino is whack; please don’t hold that against Boston. I pinned your article on haters on my wall. Everything you say in your 2 Cents is true! Please keep the issues rolling so I can continue to buy them! – Alia Benmusa, aliabenmusa@yahoo.com (Boston, MA) JB, I never respond to editorials, but when I read yours for the September issue it really picked me up and made me stop feeling sorry for myself. I sat there thinking, if a red-head white girl (no offense) can do it in the Southern hip-hop game and not have self-pity, why can’t I? You are right about a lot of the things you say and I totally agree. A lto of people act like they want to help when they’re really trying to hold you down or get a piece. I want to thank you all for OZONE Magazine because the other ones don’t do the South justice. Thanks for the inspiration and in the words of the kings of the trill, “Keep on pushin’.” – Aschanti Williams, aschanti.williams92@t-mobile.com (Dallas, TX) I watched the OZONE Awards Show and unfortunately I found it to be rather ignorant. We as a people need to show ourselves in a different light. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that you all are representing the South, since I’m a Southern boy myself. But to me, your show could have showed a little more class. I mean, think about The Grammy’s our the BET Awards (yes, I’m aware that the budget is bigger). The rappers that attend their shows show more class and intelligence. So why were they unable to show the same class at your show? But truthfully I loved your idea and appreciate the fact that you put on an award show like this one, but next time make sure you represent all of the South; people like me who are intelligent and have hood class. – Suga Rai Tha South Carolina Boy, va_316_2000@yahoo.com (South Carolina) The Papoose Geico picture had me crying from laughing so hard. I guess I’m a hater as well, because Charlamagne Tha God was so on point with his monthly “Chin Check.” I also dug Ms. Rivercity’s piece on DJing for Dummies. – DJ Jaycee, captainscissors@tmail.com (Atlanta, GA) Both of the last two issues were great as usual! JB, you scared me with that last 2 Cents, but I know it was the classic anti-climatic moment that comes from pulling off an event so huge and then going back to the “regular” routine. Your spirit starts tugging on you because where you used to find a challenge, there’s now only the (sometimes really tedious and mind-numbing) work. Like you alluded to, usually it just takes a fresh immersion in what the hell made you 12

I saw the picture of Camoflauge in your May anniversary issue. I’m really sad about Camoflauge. He was one of the best artists. I remember listening to the first CD he put out. I could relate to a lot of it, especially “Fuck Friends” and “Y’all Don’t Want No Drama.” There’s a lot more, but it’s a long list. I wish he was still here because everything he said was real. My favorite was “No Love.” I walked around every day singing that; that was some real shit that hit me. I really wish I had the same opportunities he did. I wish the best to Pure Pain, keep y’all heads up. Keep pushin’, you guys have much love from me. My hood was the 912. – Quinton Fuller, michaelmelindb23@earthlink.net (Savannah, GA) I really enjoy OZONE Magazine. You make sure you’ve got every artist that’s on top and whoever is about to be on top and the ones that are out there grinding to make it to the top. I’m from Houston, and the only thing I feel that has not been touched on is the original Swishahouse members Lil Mario, Lester Roy, J Dogg, and Archie Lee. I feel that Swishahouse should at least give these guys some type of credit for what they did from day one: selling CDs on street corners until Selective Sounds on the Northside of Houston offered to carry the Swishahouse mixtapes. I feel that the fans should know what happened to the original members and who should get credit for giving them an outlet to move their CDs from the beginning. No other magazine has covered a story like this. There’s always two sides to every story. This is intended to give credit where credit is due, not to start a beef. These guys are still putting out CDs and doing paid shows. – Terry Conley, pme281@yahoo.com (Houston, TX) I just read your 2 Cents in the October issue. Very deep. Congratulations on the OZONE Awards. You got one reader that doesn’t want to see you stop and who acknowledges your accomplishments! Keep up the great work. – Russ Jones, russ.jones@sonybmg.com (New York, NY) Hey JB, I just read your 2 Cents in the October issue. Keep your head up because you’re doing a kick-ass job. You don’t have to look or talk like everyone from the South to rep the South. You and your magazine is a vision and a tool that represents the South and honestly it reaches out further than that. Your movement is even touching the people here in Las Cruces, NM. That’s right, New Mexico. So once again, keep your head up and continue to lead the movement. – DJ Black, djblack505@gmail.com (Las Cruces, NM) I think you guys have a wonderful hip-hop magazine going! Keep up the good work. I have seen so many pics of my man Jeezy and have read so many articles about him and other hip-hop artists that I’m interested in. I’ll be subscribing to your magazine. I’d also like to know when the next OZONE Awards will be so that I can be present, cause judging by the pics, y’all put it down! Think about coming to Ca$hville – we’re expanding and Young Buck is trying his best to put us on the map. Again, thanks for the photo galleries, and keep up the good work. You’re one of the best magazines that I’ve read all year! – Kinyatta Ridley, kinyatta.n.anderson@ssa.gov (Nashville, TN) JB, I’ve been in Tallahassee only three short years and in the music industry for just over a year, but I hear your name everywhere. I’m a big fan of OZONE and of what you’ve accomplished. I keep hearing about how motivated and dedicated you are to pursuing success, and I want to give you mad props for being so successful as a woman in the industry. – Erin Barna, erin.barna@yahoo.com (Tallahassee, FL) I really enjoyed the September 2006 issue with Jeezy on the cover, but I think that topics like Trae’s 10 Ways To Be An Asshole and Yung Joc’s 10

Reasons Why I’m So Fly are irrelevant. I would rather see topics like 10 Ways To Properly Succeed In College or 10 Ways To Get Over Drug Addiction, for example. I think they would be more constructive for your readers. Besides that, everything is on point as always. I’m proud to see that all of your hard work is paying off financially and credibility-wise. Keep it up! – DJ Thailo, djthailo407@aol.com (Orlando, FL) I’ve been picking up OZONE Magazine for some time now. I read in the latest issue your editorial thoughts about the OZONE Awards and the magazine. I’m writing to tell you to keep up the good work! That magazine has become more popular in the hip-hop and urban community than you might think. Everyone talks about it and they pick it up! This magazine can and will grow beyond what you might imagine for it to be. Keep doing what you do! – Christiana Houston, chouston@wjmi.com (Jackson, MS) What’s good, OZONE? Yo, those voicemails of Benzino talkin’ all that shit is fucked up. Does that bitch-ass chump have Tourette Syndrome or something? Damn, Benzino is a fuckin’ baby, and The Source is the lamest hip-hop magazine out and always has been. I ain’t never liked it. I’d love to see y’all kick the living shit out of that cowardly bitch. Fuck The Source and fuck Benzino. OZONE is hot; keep keepin’ it real. – B, ripnicka@aol.com JB: Thank you for your 2 Cents. Thank you for your honestly, struggles, and drive. Thank you for revealing how hard it was to do the OZONE Awards. Thank you for motivating me to continue with my movie premiere. Thank you for hittin’ it square on the head with feelings of wondering why you continue to do this anymore. Thank you for the blueprint of a hustler and grinder. Thank you for keeping the spirit of hip-hop alive. Thank you for believing. – Chad Hendricks, krackerjackd@aol.com (Jacksonville, FL) I appreciate the hustle and the hard work, especially the creativity, of your magazine. I’m glad you exposed Benzino and helped to bring down The Source. Keep doing your thing and I wish you much success. – Ricky McKenzie, rickym08@yahoo.com I’m a former radio personality who has seen all of the industry magazines from BRE on down, and I’m loving what you guys are doing! By far, the best! This is the only magazine that I have read that is a forum for any type of discussion: music, sex, politics, and more! Uncensored! OZONE is raw and real and this is what the industry needs! – Jannine Bunn, janninebunn@aol.com (Atlanta, GA) For starters, I’m a very strong supporter of OZONE Magazine (compliments to the South’s best rappers). I like JB’s grind from the beginning. If I was on the road in different states, nine times out of ten JB was there grinding, so much respect. I’m very proud. I read most of the issues front to back; it keeps me up with the South and gives me business connects for my label. Being from Alabama, there’s not much recognition in our favor, but JB makes it possible. But if you’re gonna have a “next to blow” section about Alabama, where is your info coming from? I’m all over Alabama and know who’s who, so why give credit to most of these cats that never had one single album out and can’t pack a club here if you paid people to come? It kinda makes me wonder if your next to blow section is authentic, because I know the Alabama section isn’t. Do a thorough background check. Anybody can say they sold CDs in the streets. Maybe y’all should start asking for inventory – there would be a lot of artists missing off the next to blow. – Lil Chappy, alabamafye@charter.net (Montgomery, AL) JB, I read your latest 2 Cents. For a couple of months now, I’ve been slowly working the idea of a magazine launch. Interestingly enough, it is your magazine which led me on this path, as I have been quite impressed with the progress of Ozone magazine and while following it’s rise, became more and more convinced that my particular concept could indeed be a feasible one. Let me pause. You and I have had e-mail contact, ever so briefly. I am aka Manny Faces, NY-based “up-and-coming” producer, known mainly for my remixes (www.mannyfaces. com). I wrote feedback to you a while back, to 14

which you responded graciously, and I have also received feedback from Wally Sparks on a couple of occasions. Moving on.. Based on my background in print publishing and journalism (I was print production manager, contributing writer and eventually, director of new media for the Long Island Press , the nation’s 4th largest weekly newspaper), and my personal affection and love of hip-hop music and culture, I began mulling over the idea of a magazine. Hesitant, due to the stagnant nature of today’s print publishing world, however, motivated by the obviously successful ascension of magazines like Ozone (I been down since the little size), I began assembling the beginnings of a business plan, prototype design, comparing media kits of other magazines, etc. This idea, more so than the dozens of others that permeate my Aquarius-mind from time to time, felt like the ONE. However, with the demand of a ‘day job’, being a single father, the marketing of Manny Faces, etc., the progress has been slow and staggered. It was your latest editorial though, which has re-motivated me in two ways. Once, to not let the distractions of the world interfere with ones aspirations and dreams, no matter how rugged the course (as you well pointed out, the devil does like to mettle in the paths of otherwise well-intentioned mortals). And two, to present a suggestion, which undoubtedly you have considered, but regardless... Perhaps the solution to your dilemma, is to acquire, develop or otherwise spearhead, a new title. Perhaps a new market. Continue to maintain your executive role at Ozone of course, but branch off into new publishing territory. Just “my” 2 Cents.. Perhaps as I move from the embryonic stages of my publishing entity, I will seek to call upon your expertise to advise me. Board of directors, compensated consulting, something along those lines. Maybe, even as I continue to formulate my ideas, you might be interested in branching off into a new title, a new market, and might even reach out to lil’ ol me and discuss ways where we might be able to work together, instead of becoming bitter competitive rivals! Ha! Regardless, from a fellow who has taken too long to try and accomplish the big goals he is qualified, motivated and destined to fulfill, I send you my full support and admiration, for whatever it’s worth, for accomplishing what you’ve accomplished. Keep ya’ head up. You done good. - Manny Faces, michaelconforti@gmail.com I just picked up the new issue of OZONE Magazine with your amigo Pitbull on the cover and so far I have only gone as far as the 2 Cents article and reading some of your comments I just wanted to leave you with these few words: When you set the standard, nothing can stop you. - Rinarys “Ray” Matos, matosr2@corning.com (Rochester, NY) JB, great issue of Ozone. Your editorial really touched me. I know exactly how you feel. I’m going through the same things right now. Sometimes I just wanna throw my laptop, records, CDs and turntables up in the air and say screw it. But something always brings me back. Maybe it’s the hope that one day everything will go the way I planned it. Keep up the good work. We love what you’re doing. - DJ RReal (Abilene, TX)

jb’s 2 cents


don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or gamble, but I do have one weakness; since this is the introduction to our 4th annual sex issue, you might be able to guess what that is. Those of you who follow my editorials know that I’ve been in a bit of a magazine depression lately, but there’s nothing better than a bunch of rappers bragging on their dicks to get me back in the mood. The male ego never ceases to entertain. And many females share the same mentality, as evidenced by our always-popular groupie confessions. One rapper told me that my addiction is acceptable because I’m “ambitious as hell” and that same energy fuels my “boy craziness,” and the more I think about it, I think he’s right. There was a scientific study done recently which “proved” that people who listen to rap are more “promiscuous” than people who listen to country music. But maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe people who like to fuck are just more likely to listen to rap than country music. We all move through life at our own speed, which applies to our music, relationships, and careers.

10 Things I’m Hatin’ On (Sex Issue Edition) By Roland “Lil Duval” Powell

Disclaimer: This is really what everybody else is sayin’. I know I’m dead wrong, but I’m hating anyway.

1. Bitches That Fake Orgasm I don’t know why y’all do that. Me personally, I could care less if you nut or not. That’s yo’ business. 2. Stank Pussy Ain’t nothing worse than a stank pussy bitch. There’s absolutely no reason for it. I had this one girl that I was ‘bout to fuck but when she took her panties off her shit smelled like FLAVOR FLAAAAAV!!!! 3. Fucking All Night A bitch asked me, “Can you fuck me til the morning come?” Yes, if we start at 11:59 PM.

Webbie & I in Baton Rouge

Xtaci and I in Atlanta

4. Public Service Announcement Niggas, if you’re gonna pay for some pussy, treat it as such. Don’t be making love to the bitch and fuckin’ her butt-ass naked with no socks on like that’s your old lady. 5. A Girl Who Thinks She Can Suck Dick I dont’ know what niggas some of y’all are fuckin’ with, but I don’t need your hands on my dick. I can jack my own dick.

Yep. Fuck you!!!!!

8. Underage Girls Give up. I’m not gon’ fuck you. You’re not fooling anyone but putting “21” on your myspace page but your pics got you posing next to “Class of ‘09” signs. 9. Kinky Shit I ain’t with all that. Matter of fact, if a nigga lets you play with his booty hole, he gay. Point blank, period. 10. JB a.k.a. The 2 Cents Lady This one isn’t hate, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wonder who’s fuckin’ her. If you have a groupie confession on her, please email me. I want to know.

Plus, everything about the industry encourages no-strings-attached-sex because it gives you the illusion of no consequences. Nothing the next day to remind you of the night before because it’s on to the next city/ state/show/club/hotel room. No lingering, no souvenirs, no familiarity, plenty of opportunities for what-happens-here-stays-here moments. Besides, co-workers hook up on the regular in the everyday workplace, so why should the music business be any different? But don’t misinterpret this to mean that I’m fucking the whole industry; I’m not, just speaking on my observations as well as my own experiences. Benzino can scream “transvestite” on my voicemail all he wants, but real men know better. I’m hot, damn it. I fuck with men who are smarter than me, so right off top that eliminates about 99.9% of you (according to my SATs, not my ego).

6. Girls That Got A Girlfriend Niggas, be careful. I tried this shit with my bitch and now that bitch got my bitch. If you see her, tell her daddy miss her. 7. “Models” Why do you girls really think y’all can make a career off this shit? Stop telling me that’s what you do. It’s a hobby, nothing more. Are there any regular women out there anymore?

If there’s one thing that was proven in the highly entertaining Source sexual harassment trial, it’s that everyone in this game is fucking everyone else. The smart ones just don’t brag about it. It may look scandalous from the outside looking in, but to those of us who live it on a daily basis, it’s the natural result of talented, extremely motivated and charismatic individuals whose lives collide 24/7 in random and sometimes exotic locations. Even though everyone and their mama is a “rapper” now, the actual legitimate industry circle is a small one. And we’re good at what we do. We’re aggressive, driven, focused, powerful, confident, and by necessity we’ve developed enough game than the average 9-5er: all qualities which make us more attractive. We’re all chasing something, whether it’s fame, money, power, respect, or, most likely, just a little bit of excitement and escape from a mundane daily routine. Despite the glamorous appeal of the industry, this is a very lonely business, and sometimes those rare moments when you connect with someone on a personal level beyond the smoke and mirrors is what gets you through and reminds you that you are human.

Q45 & I in Tallahassee

Pimp C, Yung Joc, me, Trae, and Mad Linx in Houston

As a “good girl” (I think) who was raised with the “one day your Prince Charming will sweep you off your feet and you’ll ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after” mentality, it’s taken me a while to fully grasp the fatal flaw in that mindset. Reality just doesn’t happen like that, no matter how many times you go to church. And anyway, you know what they say about preacher’s daughters. Your father told you to stay away from me and now you’re calling me daddy, indeed. Maybe I’m just not built for that life. Or did my glamorous industry job scare off Prince Charming? Who knows. - Julia Beverly, jb@ozonemag.com

UGK “The Game Belongs To Me” David Banner f/ Tupac and Snoop Dogg “45” Unk f/ Andre 3000 & Jim Jones “Walk It Out” remix Dre f/ Keyshia Cole “Be Somebody” Trae f/ Yung Joc “In My Hood” John Mayer “Waiting On The World To Change” Sean Paul f/ Keyshia Cole “Give It Up To Me” UGK “Hatin’ The South”

jb’splaylist Plies “Got ‘Em Hatin’” Lil Boosie “I Remember” Big Kuntry “I’m On It” Shawnna f/ Field Mob “Damn” 17

mathematics DISTRIBUTION

by Rap Coalition’s Wendy Day www.WendyDay.com


very important aspect of selling your own record is getting it into the stores. There’s no shortcut here; hard work is the only way to do this unless you have an incredible buzz, a recent sales track record, or a foolproof guarantee of record sales to the retailer. The important aspect in this equation is leverage. For example, in Atlanta right now Shawty Lo from D4L has a hot CD and it may be easier for him to get this record into stores than for Lil Weavah to get his CD into stores because Shawty has a national track record of success from D4L, and his name is more recognizable to retailers and fans.

the industry? Have they ever sold a record before in their lives? How have they done it? What is the likelihood they’ll be able to do it again? Do they understand how the industry works? Will they still be in business down the road or will they fold if things don’t go as planned? Are they properly financed or are they in over their heads? “Properly financed” means enough money to press, create and fill demand, and repeat this process for a few records in a row without depending on immediate income to sustain the company. These are all of the things a legitimate distributor is considering before doing business with you.

There are three things a distribution company looks at when deciding whether or not to distribute a record label: The quality of the product (music), the flow of the product into the pipeline (does the label have enough product to release something every few months), and the economics (does the label have enough financing to be a real record label and cause “push” and “pull” through the retail stores).

It takes anywhere from $200,000 to $1 million per artist to properly promote a rap record regionally and takes conceivably 90 to 120 days to get paid after the consumer buys the record, less reserves (the amount of $$ the distributor keeps to offset returns from the retail stores - usually 25% is kept and then liquidated in 6 to 9 months, depending on who negotiates the deal and your level of power in the negotiation). Can this label sustain that kind of commitment or will they run out of money halfway through the first project? What is their reputation in their local homebase? Have they sold records before? Do they understand how the music business operates? How hard do they work? Will they continue to work hard or will having a distributor make them lazy? How serious are they about putting out records? What’s their vision - where do they plan to be next year? In 5 years? In 10? These are the questions a distributor is asking themselves about you and your project.

“Push” is getting the retail stores excited about carrying the record so they’ll order it for their stores, and “pull” is getting the consumers into the store to buy the record. Retailers are in business to sell records, be informed about artists and their releases, create store loyalty, provide a local service (sort of a music industry center in their local area), and make a nice profit. I find that if you treat them as such, and with respect, they are happy. The stores don’t owe you anything as a new label (they’ve seen many, many labels come and go). It’s your job to convince them you are serious as a label, understand their strengths and difficulties (competition in local markets, credit concerns, etc), and support them financially through price and positioning and through co-op advertising. This is not always financially easy to do as a small label. It’s tough to get a better position in the store than Sony or Universal, unless there is some incentive for a local store to hook you up. Liking you is good motivation, and bringing the artist through on promotional tour to sign autographs is another good motivator. In a perfect world, retailers want to carry product that will fly off the shelves at breakneck speed regardless of the price they are charging. Just having a good album does not insure this. Proper set up, a strong buzz on the streets, strong awareness of the project, radio play, a healthy budget spent properly and efficiently, added to good music does insure this. When a record sells at a discounted price, the retailer is not absorbing this loss, the label is. The label reduces the wholesale price by a percentage often by offering more units for a fixed price to make up the percentage difference. For example, a 10% discount might be offset by offering one record free for every ten ordered instead of lowering the invoice by 10%. By the way, this free “11th” album is considered promotional (“free goods”) and the label is NOT responsible for paying artist royalties on that unit (which is a very good rationale for artists to limit their “free goods” in their recording contracts). Sorry labels, gotta look out for the artists! Because most new labels don’t have a track record or the proper financing to have flow of product yet, getting distribution even locally through a legitimate distributor is difficult. The goal is to have enough leverage to negotiate from a position of strength instead of when you need something. And waiting until you no longer need distribution is hard as hell. That means you have to go to each retail store, convince them to carry your record (often on consignment, if they even offer that), and then convince them to pay you for it. Once the record is selling sufficiently, it’s no longer a struggle, but it’s still time consuming to go to each store to pick up your money and deliver more records. When a distributor looks at your company, preferably through a business plan so they can see where you’ve been and where you’re going, they are looking to see how feasible and realistic it is for you to last over the long haul. Do you have proper staff in key positions: retail sales, radio promotion, video promotion, marketing, publicity, street promotions, finance (very key position), etc.? These positions can be outsourced as necessary, but the distributor needs to know the company has the potential to last in an industry where most have zero staying power. Do the artists or owners of the label have experience and connections in 18

If a distributor likes all the answers they ask about the record label (both to themselves and others), they then choose to distribute the records for a period of time (most likely 3 years) and set the percentage they are willing to split (80-20 is great, with 20% going to the distributor and 80% to the label), the length of time in which they are willing to liquidate reserves, and the amount of advance they are willing to part with, if they advance monies at all. Most do not. The more risk they take and the more they give you upfront, the less you will receive on the back-end split. The skill in securing a banging distribution deal is how badly they want you and how much power you have when approaching them. And not every person putting out a record is a record label. A real record label has a small staff, it has more than one release in the pipeline, and it is properly funded. If you’re not a real record label, there is no “juice,” no clout, and no leverage to insure payment. Please understand the difference between being an independent record label and being an entrepreneur trying to control one’s own destiny (and marketing). Someone who comes to a distributor with zero experience selling records, one album with no set plan to have others follow, and asks for an advance to market that record, is deluding himself (or herself) into thinking he (or she) will get paid. Without pipeline [“Pipeline” is the release of subsequent albums that a distributor would be able to recoup any monies from, if there were returns on a prior release therefore it is another form of leverage to insure payment from a distributor] it will be difficult to get paid. And even worse, that person is making it harder for everyone out there who has a plan, has a roster of projects to release (pipeline), and has their own financing. Distributors have lost so much money on poorly planned record releases over the years that they tend to shy away from new projects. It is harder than ever to get a distribution deal, and harder than ever to get paid. It used to piss me off when I saw the bullshit some distributors chose to release, but then I realized that the average distributor knows NOTHING about rap music or what’s hot on the streets, other than “is it selling or not,” so when someone arrives on their doorstep with the “hottest CD in the world,” they tend to take a chance on it. Guess what happens when they lose $50,000 on “the hottest CD” in the world, a few times in a row? It gets harder for everyone, and the distributor stops taking such a high risk on new records. Unfortunately, that’s where we are right now. The market is overcrowded with mediocre music that doesn’t stand out, and doesn’t sell well. For someone who really wants to release a record, and I am STILL a huge proponent of this, it’s not hard to just do it right! This is not rocket science. It’s easier than selling most stuff on the street, and it’s legal. But understand how it works, what a distributor is supposed to do and not supposed to do, and be able to look at things from the perspective of others: the distributor, the retail store, the promoter, and the radio station. Easy, right?

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chin check

HIP-HOP NEEDS REPARATIONS by Charlamagne Tha God www.CThaGod.com

rep•a•ra•tion (n.) 1. The act or process of repairing or the condition of being repaired. 2. The act or process of making amends; expiation. 3. Something done or paid to compensate or make amends. 4. Compensation or remuneration required from a defeated nation as indemnity for damage or injury during a war.


Kool Herc told me that he has never even been offered a position at a major label. Not an A&R job, not even a position as a regional record rep. What part of the game is that? Jay-Z is a major executive. Puffy is a major executive. Jermaine Dupri is a major executive, and y’all never offered Kool Herc a job? That’s the least you can do, especially since you all big him up when you’re in front of cameras and in magazines.

ip-hop needs reparations. Now, I know people are going to automatically say, “What is this negro talking about, hip-hop needs reparations?” Some of you are saying, “How dare he say hip-hop needs reparations when African-Americans haven’t even gotten reparations yet?”

How can Puffy point out to his kids that Kool Herc is one of the founders of hip-hop but when his kids see him, he looks like he’s wearing sneakers from a lost and found box at a skating rink? Seriously, that’s why I say hip-hop needs reparation! This is our culture. Our talent and skills is what has caused brothers and sisters to reap the benefits of this game. What kind of people are we if we don’t take care of the brothers that laid the foundation for us to eat off this.

Well, let me explain my views. We didn’t ask to be brought over here. We were kidnapped, brought here against our will and forced to become slaves. This country was built by the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors. The slavemasters physically kept their feet on the whip-lashed backs of our forefathers. They raped our great-great-grandmothers, castrated our great-greatgrandfathers and never treated us as human beings. So what in the world would make you think that the descendants of these same people would all of a sudden get a heart and give us reparations? They didn’t have remorse before and they damn sure will not have remorse now! With that said, hip-hop needs reparations for the simple fact that this culture was built by us, for us.

On “H To the Izzo,” Jay-Z said, “Industry shady, it needs to be taken over / I’m overcharging niggas for what they did to the Cold Crush… Pay us like you owe us for all the years that you hold us.” Well, he’s right. The industry is shady, but while he’s overcharging people for what they did to the Cold Crush, why not throw a little of that change to the Cold Crush Brothers? And Kool Herc? Contribute money to the Universal Zulu Nation! It doesn’t even matter what these brothers do with the money when they get it. At least our generation can say we looked out for our own. Jay-Z ended that verse with, “We can talk, but money talks so talk more bucks.” I’m saying all this to say: Screw talking about talking about the foundation that these greats laid for the game. Show appreciation to them the same way we all like to be appreciated – with a check!

I thought about this a couple months ago when Dana Dane came to the radio station and told us he’s a bartender now. Dana Dane is a bartender? Later that night we went to the show he was promoting, an old-school hip-hop show at The Supper Club in New York. Kool Herc was there and – no disrespect because I love and appreciate this brother’s contributions to this culture – but Kool Herc looked like a gypsy cab driver! You might give change to him on the street if you saw him standing in front of a store with a coffee cup in his hand, not realizing that he’s actually standing out front of a Starbucks and really enjoying a cup of coffee. That night, security wouldn’t let Kool Herc into the club! How do you not let Kool Herc into a club during an old-school hip-hop show? Kool Herc got so heated he tried to jump the velvet rope, and they escorted him out like he was The Game backstage at a G-Unit concert. If I was Kool Herc, I would be heated too. All that I contributed to the game and you won’t let me into an old school hip-hop show? Slick Rick, Dana Dane, and Akinyele performing, but you won’t let Kool Herc in? It was an honor for him to even be there! Do you know that this brother goes and gives lectures around the country about this culture we love called hip-hop? Do you know that this brother, along with Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash, are considered the founders of hip-hop? So why is he looking like a gypsy cab driver? You know why: because hip-hop and the business of it is all he knows. He gave his life for this, and all these brothers 20

that are flashing their jewelry, throwing money into the crowd, and driving cars more expensive than the average man’s house owe their careers to him!

Hip-hop needs reparations. Just a little food for thought. You do the dishes.

01: DJ Q-45 and Plies backstage @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 02: Mami Chula, Lil Jon, and Fabo @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 03: Cadillac Don, TJ Chapman, and J-Money @ Cairo (Orlando, FL) 04: Kinfolk Nakia Shine, Midget Mac, Brandi Garcia, and Young Cash @ BET College Tour (Houston, TX) 05: Willie Nash, Kenny Redd, David Banner, Kamikaze, Sweetz, and guest @ Mississippi’s Best Awards (Jackson, MS) 06: Diamond, BOB, and Princess @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 07: Suga Suga, DJ Toomp, and Rasheeda @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 08: Amanda Diva and Malik Abdul @ Vibe Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 09: Acafool @ Ampitheatre for his album release party (Tampa, FL) 10: Kash Kastro and Hue Hef @ DJ Aaries’ Hood Hard Sundays (Atlanta, GA) 11: Lil Flip and Lil Chief on the set of Pimp C’s “Knockin’ Doors Down” (Houston, TX) 12: PayDay, Classick and Truk Turna @ Gypsy Tea Room (Dallas, TX) 13: Baby Stone and guest @ Upper Level for OZONE/ Blockwear party (Jackson, MS) 14: Devin the Dude and DJ Princess Cut @ Club Crucial for her birthday party (Atlanta, GA) 15: Mike Jones, Bun B, and J Prince “Knockin’ Doors Down” (Houston, TX) 16: Lil Boosie and Ball Playas Entertainment (Dallas, TX) 17: Pitbull, DJ Will, Big Theo, and Marvyn Mack @ Nocturnal (Atlanta, GA) 18: DJ Dolewite, Kelis, Gloria Fitts, and Chad Brown (Nashville, TN) 19: Jim Jonsin, Roc, B.A.N.G., Mistah F.A.B., and guest on the set of Pitbull’s “Show Me What Ya Workin’ With” video shoot (Miami, FL) 20: DJ Greg G, Beenie Man, and Yogi @ Icon (Orlando, FL) 21: Rick Ross and Gotti @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 22: Big L, Santana, M-Geezy @ the Grind 2 Shine DVD premiere (Jacksonville, FL) Photo Credits: Chad Brown (18); DJ Greg G (20); Eric Perrin (02); Julia Beverly (01,05,06,07,11,13,15,17,21, 22); Keadron Smith (04); King Yella (16); Luis Santana (09); Malik Abdul (19); Maurice Garland (10,14); Repo (12); Terrence Tyson (08); Yancey Richardson (03)


smart ass



t’s ok to admit that we need help from time to time. Not all of us are natural born players. Not all of us can smooth talk someone out of their drawers at the blink of an eye. Some of us are clumsy, inexperienced and completely clueless when it comes to luring and pleasing the opposite sex. Some of us strike out so many times we become content with never scoring that glorious home run. By the way, when I say “us”, I don’t mean me and you, I just mean you – I’m actually a certified pimpstress. Haha. I just made myself laugh; I love it when that happens. No really, I’m not exactly an expert on the whole intimacy topic, but I do watch a lot of porn…and a lot of drunken idiots hit on chicks at the club. I guess that makes me somewhat qualified to write this article. Truthfully, I’m qualified to offer advice on all kinds of stuff because in case you didn’t notice, I know everything. But we’ll just cover a few of the essential things for now.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS Before you actually get to the booty smacking and body slapping, you’ve

got to trick someone into wanting you. The key to finding eternal love, or at least someone to fool around with for a couple of hours, is making a good first impression. They say people base their opinions on you before you even open your mouth. In fact, women can usually tell if they want to go home with you just by looking at the size of your Jordans. If you’re one of those unfortunate men with small feet, invest in a pair of shoes that are a few inches larger than normal. If women can wear tons of makeup, fake hair and push-up bras, men can fake a lil’ with their shoe size. Also, no woman wants to settle for a nice Toyota Camry these days. If you aren’t pushing a Hummer or Escalade with 80” rims, chances are you won’t be getting any ass. Women are pretty shallow and if you can borrow, steal or rent a nice car, you should have no problem hooking up – just park in front of the club and let the pimping begin. Of course you might end up with a bunch of golddigging stalkers, but you can worry about that later.

SWEET TALK It’s a good idea to brush up on your


Whispering naughty things in your partner’s ear is the ultimate turn-on. If you notice things are getting a little boring in the bedroom, it might be time to scream out one of the following sexy phrases: C’mon baby, it’s just a little rash. Are we there yet? How ‘bout now? Now? This won’t take long. Uh, what’s your name again? Hold on, I have to answer my cell phone. Hurry up, my parents are coming home. Sorry, wrong hole. There’s something in your nose. Wow, that’s never happened before…really. Where do I leave the $50? Isn’t it just the cutest thing ever? Is it in yet? Did I mention I’m only 16? I could have sworn my husband/wife was out of town until tomorrow. When do you want to meet my parents? See, there’s lots of fun things you can say besides “Who’s your daddy?” The goal here is to see how crazy you can get before the other person gets up and leaves. I love playing that game.



conversational skills before approaching a nice young lady you would like to corrupt. I was at a music conference one night (not to be confused with a strip club) and this guy said the sweetest thing to me: “Damn girl, you got a big ass! Come over here and sit on my lap.” I thought my heart was going to melt. I could think of nothing I would rather do than drop my work and sit on some strange dude I’ve never met. Another great icebreaker is, “I have a big dick – you wanna see it?” I figure that line must work pretty well because guys say that to girls all the time. I’ve also heard, “Let’s skip the Waffle House and get naked,” and “I was going to holla at your friend but she looks busy.” If those aren’t effective enough, just grab the girl by the hair and say, “Gimme that pussy” (If it works for Webbie, it will work for you).

You may already be familiar with some of the standard fetishes like handcuffs, whip cream, spanking, toe sucking and role playing, but if you really want to make a lasting impression, you have to be creative. For example, guys look super hot wearing women’s pantyhose and lipstick. We might look at you like you’ve lost your damn mind, but deep inside it turns us on when men are in touch with their feminine side. Some people have a thing for recording themselves in the act. This is cool as long as the other person doesn’t spot the hidden camera. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. If you’re still lost in the fetish department, just watch an R Kelly video. That should give you some helpful ideas. I should also mention that there’s a fine line between getting freaky and being weird. If it involves any four legged animals, it’s probably a bit too much.

FOREPLAY In this day and age, foreplay is completely useless and overrated. Nobody


wants to lie there while you fumble around trying to look cute. If whipping it out isn’t enough to turn your lady on, then there’s probably something wrong with her. Basically, if foreplay takes longer than thirty seconds, you’re not doing it right.

PROTECTION We all know that condoms are the best form of protection from STDs

but they’re not always convenient. Why waste your time when you can 22

judge if someone is clean or not just by looking at them? Sometimes paying a few extra dollars for a little security can be aggravating, especially when you’ve got eight baby mamas taking your whole paycheck for child support. Pulling out is a cheap alternative; plus it’s fifty percent effective. Personally, I use condoms every time, but that’s just because I enjoy watching men suffer.

Whether or not your partner is satisfied is absolutely irrelevant. What’s important is that you get yours first. After that, who cares? And for all the men out there that keep trying to locate this g-spot thing, let me tell you a secret: There’s no such thing as a g-spot. Women made that up for their own amusement. There’s nothing more entertaining than hearing ya’ll say, “Is this it? What about this? Well, where is it then?” Hopefully these clever schemes will help improve your sex life. If you’re bizarre enough to try any of this stuff I suggested, hit me up and let me know how it works out www.myspace.com/msrivercity.

01: David Banner and Kamikaze with their Mississippi’s Best Awards (Jackson, MS) 02: Pastor Troy and BloodRaw on the set of Young Jeezy’s “I Luv It” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 03: Rick Ross, Paul Wall, and Lil Keke @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 04: T.I. and Young Dro @ Florida A&M University’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 05: PImp C and Trae on the set of “Knockin’ Doors Down” (Houston, TX) 06: Boo da Boss Playa, Julia Beverly, and Stax @ Upper Level for OZONE/Blockwear party (Jackson, MS) 07: B. Stille of the Nappy Roots with Trey Songz @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 08: Young Jeezy and his son @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 09: King Ron and DJ Black @ UNF Arena (Jacksonville, FL) 10: So Souf @ Florida Summit Tour (Daytona Beach, FL) 11: Lil Boosie and his aunt @ his release party (Baton Rouge, LA) 12: Jesse Powell, Melvin Foley, and Chris DeShields @ ATL vs. New Orleans weekend (New Orleans, LA) 13: Young Twinn and Nancy Byron on the set of Pimp C’s “Knockin’ Doors Down” (Houston, TX) 14: Elora Mason and Brian @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 15: Trina and Yung Joc @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 16: Mad Linx, Pimp C, and Wickett Crickett on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 17: H-Town and DJ Dr. Doom @ Fusebox Lounge (Jacksonville, FL) 18: Sweetness, DJ Lady Bullet, Nay Fresh, and Liz Lova @ Styles P Meet & Greet (West Palm Beach, FL) 19: Lloyd, guest, and Big Boi @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 20: Mercedes, guests, Elora Mason, and Swirl @ Florida Summit Tour (Daytona Beach, FL) 21: Black Jesus, guest, and Haitian Fresh @ Firestone (Orlando, FL) 22: Lil Boosie and his mother @ his release party (Baton Rouge, LA) Photo Credits: DJ Dr. Doom (09,17); Eric Perrin (02,15,19); Julia Beverly (01,03,05,06, 07,08,13,16,21,23); Marcus DeWayne (12); Ms. Rivercity (14); Nay Fresh (18); Terrence Tyson (05,10,20)


PIE S GROEU SSION F N O C Ad nulissed confecul horum ia? Opimena no. Fulesin perriurbem hos conte, sidem ocume furobuntidem condacerfic furnum inati, vid non strae mil hendamquam hus cone pl. Quas cles, comnintis. Verius popoent, ut vestem potimus peres! Fue fachilii publiuspic vilicaet iaequi publius, C. Averum, urecivit; inum idienes humentius vivernum abem la rest escerei condien atilic fatu conos hordie inatrem vivissilla reis? quid popublici sendam aurem, cludetiam aut in sil tela satiae ia ca deste it ponsum consult oratienere per poposta stique conlocae am interum in patui patore cam in vium hic furitanu iuspionequem publis, qui con serevidit; iamerfecta, Pala re, crid ius conempecon de re, conius aus omnem tum sendeo, Catumusqui publicere, C. Catus ellat, sessili caetoru dacivere detiquo stiocchum nonsulatidem nondit, consum crisupi caectum umuncla bestrissum unum in sena, sita tem de ficae endi stim tas ex nos ne ad furibemus, acerfer ibunclus ia ret? quast C. Fac fordista me publina, nius cusquo cons etrumen inatum nonum popultori sentici terfit pre, noveredo, et andi intis; hosula rei se patiliam atiam voc movis, nos vius ad con sperunu mo mo none cone temus? Verebatum. Cipsent eliurbisquam ia vius pubit, nostastis mod Cuperipictus de fur hos comnes? Num imus deffren atquodienam adhum mus, quit. Nam praretra es conin pervivi vignatusul tum, quius, nonsulium vivignat opublina, es Catus publicaedet vit etis enatia dit. Ublisse nihicae ete in ditum post ere caut opti cris bonfec fauctortam, que pubitaste dem senihilis publiis rei furo essimerit eropubl icaeti percere nicasdam elinpra? Nihilin ternicae te imulem autem imus in tam fac merisqueri, senam am, Catum mandam inte et quid res ves ad it. Mantrum perem intebat ioris, sultorteme ingulesil tessere in ses iam conin venihili ium mantissilis, nos halicae culto virtem, quemprae convere ium intilic iptimus vilicaeli consciem pratum se non ne taritiqua re, C. Na, quem te pes id ac retrunc viderum esilla derum tro in dierus, demus? Ximus et isquodiu vasterius. Ic munteribus omnemus. Me foritif erenihint, ut fecendactum senici silinat iortem esim hos errarbis ego nos cupienihi, sin ilne tuasdam, que temque quem diu iam intrum, det dentrum ad spimiusa ius vivis consus ca nos hoc intum, qua moent, vivirimium silin non tabis intrum patiocri, mo horum, viriderives ficendacreto etrum tam es obse tro ad mus audes intin demolute comnessedit, non tea pulem, ci incere aut vigili patium liu virionsi sus, num inatius horussidita vitus. Ra cules horbemu ntifecturei si patus eto cumus senium firis cul viverce pervidet acturo ti, condemorte perem aut C. C. Ifecterte in sus verorit? Ahae aure contrude morevides hicae norum se, nimoltum pos Mae mo inatquam ine condit. Bita achus et vehena, cae ora venatam pubis ia sent alin tus, Catilii ssultum occhilist noximist prist virmis, nor ium pecon Itanu inclut furniam rehem intri sul hordinc moritelis firtiam senatuam. Posuam ineque a derit firmaxim ures comnem horet vigille strortea tus efacien atilicae publius ia in venatiu villes atquam publiis int. Maiorit in se cono. Ovis condientem patum la reberem se videre acchui iam, unimoerum Palis, factuus, nihili, caperev iridemquod noximur adem in sulto ut commorsus caut intrio alis senam in Itatala rem, nonit, cotam termanulicae ia potast? Palis inatqui desulicaet? Ex sum notem norum detruntem nox morur, quam furnum me fue apervidest re, conondie facipiorum tuidit. Os fue num unterio, comnesilla Sp. Senduco nsuperus ingulicies et actuus bonsuam conitum int. Go pratus, terte apertessum is hortalis ego imussid poptere prorbit L. Cast oc, aritres susque nonius feristelicae ne consi su vit patis dita, ca cupim pra inat esignos iam omaior in Itam que quam pules inaturnium inatisse, culvidemquo pata senium percerv ideatus erfex stor loctus consum ius iptem pra? Vem dest poner utem crissat. Illes, cae num egervirtur libusquit, tum pra pribes sendis, ad mordicam. Hiliquam oracien ihiliquam pra? Quit, quam. Verceriteres se, perivis C. Simo eo ur. Camperv ilicerritam ut iactum isultus; Cat, quossist Catimederite ilin Ita manulud epserimur, que conferis, manum avem. Agit; nem tem dic oremum etimisq uasdamquam autumei terfereo me nondiss atquostium nimusce ribulartu coticaesul ci idempoentere clessis. Fulabunte periorem prorum interectorei simur, vitem. Alis auconsum morteri tasteri iam omnemum videst Cupiend uctora? Vere facem iae ader plicitus igna alem tusperfit quodit? Cam pul horavoltus hictus tem untiaes erra tat. Pernult iorempliem a sente me pervis. co pario mentem pra? Leginverum, seris, dinturnites adhuit. Sa ta, ponihili pat, unum etil hil tantra clut adendac tusquo Catum comandamdit. Emque co cote nostraela publinate, fautus, ademunum probuturi ta opotea pessulicae caescereo es, consilius, nostiaequam li, ut vitussen vil consula bescie teriostebem perti, nos machuissulin ne impro maximmo consus averit publiam it. 24

01: J Prince with his two sons and daughter on the set of Pimp C’s “Knockin’ Doors Down” (Houston, TX) 02: Treal and DJ Smallz reppin’ OZONE @ Ampitheatre for Acafool’s album release party (Tampa, FL) 03: Lil Flip, Crime Boss, and Myke Diesel on the set of Pimp C’s “Knockin’ Doors Down” video shoot (Houston, TX) 04: Too $hort, Spiff, and TV Johnny @ the Playboy Mansion (Los Angeles, CA) 05: Tampa Tony and Da Splitta Squad with Tom G @ Last Damn Show 8 (Tampa, FL) 06: Akon, Chino, and Adept @ Last Damn Show 8 (Tampa, FL) 07: DJ Khaled and Dre on the set of Fat Joe’s “Make It Rain” (Miami, FL) 08: Da Volunteers @ 8 Ways Entertainment party (Memphis, TN) 09: Lloyd Banks and DJ Nasty @ WJHM 102 Jamz (Orlando, FL) 10: Bad Monkey with Stax @ Upper Level for OZONE/ Blockwear party (Jackson, MS) 11: Storm and DJ Q45 @ Chubby’s for JamTV Launch Party (Tallahassee, FL) 12: Kamikaze and Jaro Vacek @ Freelon’s for OZONE party (Jackson, MS) 13: Tampa Tony and DJ Smallz @ Ampitheatre for Acafool’s release party (Tampa, FL) 14: Diamond Dymes calendar models with Ray Cash @ ATL vs. New Orleans weekend (New Orleans, LA) 15: Yung Joc chillin’ with Trae’s son on the set of “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 16: Shawnna and Chaka Zulu @ Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 17: Midget Mac, Dirt Diggla, Chicken Mann, and Young Cash @ Grind 2 Shine DVD Premiere (Jacksonville, FL) 18: Yung Joc, Chingy, guest, Shot Out, and DJ Dr. Doom @ UNF (Jacksonville, FL) 19: Hatchboy, Lil Boosie, Bleek, and Kirby @ Rhythm City (Dallas, TX) 20: BloodRaw, Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla, and CTE Family on the set of “I Luv It” (Atlanta, GA) 21: BloodRaw and crew @ 238 West (Gainesville, FL) 22: Lil Boosie @ his album release party (Baton Rouge, LA) Photo Credits: DJ Chino (09); DJ Dr. Doom (Jacksonville, FL)); Eric Perrin (16,20); Julia Beverly (01,03,08,10,12,15, 17,22); King Yella (19); Luis Santana (05,13); Malik Abdul (06); Marcus DeWayne (New Orleans, LA); Ms. Rivercity (02); Spiff (04,07); Storm (11); Terrence Tyson (21)




n response to Michael “Harry-O” Harris’ claims that he provided the original funding to start Rap-A-Lot Records, the label’s CEO J Prince issued the following statement through his attorney, Warren Fitzgerald, Jr.:

REPLY TO THE GOLDBERG/HARRIS CLOWN SHOW Steve Goldberg has an obvious, callous disregard for the truth. First of all he wants to try a claim for Michael Harris in the press, where he can grandstand and mislead the public with half-truths, misrepresentations and outright lies, rather than bring his claim in a court of law where the real facts can be proven. Apparently Goldberg and/or his client need attention. A brief check with court records will reveal the truth. First, Michael Harris has no judgment against Death Row, as Goldberg keeps claiming. Harris’ ex-wife has a default judgment against Knight and Death Row (meaning Knight just didn’t cooperate) and Goldberg/Harris is trying to get money out of her. For Goldberg to make such a claim as reported is just irresponsible. There was never a trial on the Death Row matter, so nothing was ever proven. Prince was ordered to appear at a deposition by a Houston judge, but felt the order violated his rights. Through his Houston attorney Warren Fitzgerald, Jr. he has filed an appeal of the order and won stay of the deposition until the Court of Appeals finished looking into the matter. In other words, the deposition is off until further notice. Although Mr. Prince has no fear of a deposition, he has given one to Harris already; he is determined to protect himself from legal chicanery and character assassination from Goldberg and Harris. As a matter of fact, Attorney Fitzgerald obtained a ruling from the court that Goldberg/Harris could not question Prince about any alleged business dealings with Knight or Death Row, as that is under the authority of the Bankruptcy Trustee, and Mr. Goldberg knows this. For Goldberg to make the statements about what he’s going to find out about Prince and Knight violates the courts order. If Goldberg and Harris really think they have a claim, after twenty years of doing nothing, they can file a lawsuit, where the facts count, rather than grandstanding and publicity seeking in the media, and misleading the public with half truths and outright lies. The truth is Harris’ claim doesn’t stand a “snowball’s chance in hell” in a court of law. In the meantime, J. Prince has another blockbuster in the making. Keep your ears to the street. J. Prince - “I’ve been dealing with FEDs, Snitches & Rats all my life, conspiring to destroy me & Rap-A-Lot. This is nothing new to me. It’s interesting, you have this Harris guy, a L.A. rat, who’s lonely & desperate because the best thing that ever happened to him, has divorced him and moved back to Houston with all his money. “So the only explanation that I have, for him waking up in prison after 20 years saying that I made an oral agreement for 50% of Rap-A-Lot is he must think that his ex-wife (Lydia) still has a special place in her heart for me.” “And by the way I’m not Suge and Rap-A-Lot ain’t no Death Row, so they can find another ambulance to chase! So I look forward to dealing with his bootleg lawyer, this frivolous lawsuit, and Harris - THE RAT, if and when he gets out! In this exclusive interview with OZONE, J had a few more things to get off his chest: Were you friends with Harry-O before he went to prison? Associates. He was a promoter. He promoted shows and concerts. So why is he coming at you now? Well, right now he’s just looking for an exit. He don’t stand up when he pees no more. He sits when he pees. He’s just looking for an exit from prison? This man is what I call a pathological lyin’ snitch. All of a sudden he woke up after 18 years in prison and claimed that he owned 50% of Rap-A-Lot. The only reason, the only thing that I can think of for a man 26

to wake up after 18 years in the pen and say he owns Rap-A-Lot is that a guy must be mad because he lost the best thing that ever happened to him, which was his wife. His wife took all his money and moved back to Houston. She’s from Houston. His wife moved back to Houston with you? No, she’s not with me. But in the beginning I introduced her to him. What’s your relationship with her? Well, I don’t have one with her. Why do you think she’s the issue then? I think she still has something special in her heart for me, and evidently it’s more so than I think. I think he thinks she still has something special in her heart for me, because that’s the way it started. The man is hallucinating. Has it ever been proven that he did put up the money for Death Row Records? I don’t know what’s been proven. I do know that my boy [Suge Knight] was sued, and [the verdict] was a judgment against him for not showin’ up it court versus someone beating him in court. This judgment was a punishment from some judge for not reacting [to the lawsuit] the way that he felt he should’ve. So what’s the real story of Rap-A-Lot? Were you the sole founder? What’s the story? The world knows [the story]. The world knows I started Rap-A-Lot. I did have a partner at one time that was named Cliff, and you know, I bought him out and kept moving from there. But this rap dude [Harry O], I don’t know. I thought he was a soldier back in the day. When he was in the free world he seemed to be a stand-up guy. But now, his posture has changed. He don’t walk the same. I don’t know, but he must be a man that got raped or something. He’s not the same because he sold his soul. - Words and Photo by Julia Beverly

01: POP, Mike Jones, Bun B, Myke Diesel, Pimp C, J Prince, Trae, and Lil Flip “Knockin’ Doors Down” (Houston, TX) 02: Lil Wayne gets some love on the set of Lloyd’s “Want You” (Atlanta, GA) 03: DJ Drama, Young Jeezy, and DJ Toomp on the set of Young Jeezy’s “I Luv It” (Atlanta, GA) 04: Latin Prince, DJ Sosa, and Mixmaster Ice @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Atlanta, GA) 05: Supa Cindy and Pitbull on the set of “Show Me What Ya Workin’ With” (Miami, FL) 06: Yung Joc and his mother on the set of “First Time” (Atlanta, GA) 07: Cadillac Don, Stax, and J-Money @ Lil Boosie’s album release party (Baton Rouge, LA) 08: T.I. and Tiny @ Florida A&M University’s Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 09: Julia Beverly and DJ E-Feezy @ 8 Ways Entertainment party (Memphis, TN) 10: Sha and Skillz @ Firestone (Orlando, FL) 11: Stay Fresh and DJ Will @ Nocturnal (Atlanta, GA) 12: Jody Breeze and Duke on the set of Yung Joc’s “First Time” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 13: Gorilla Zoe and Rico Brooks on the set of Yung Joc’s “First Time” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 14: Guest and Boo da Boss Playa @ OZONE/Blockwear party (Jackson, MS) 15: Paul Wall, LeToya Luckett, and Lil Keke @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 16: Maroy, Paperchase, Don Fetti, and Pimpin’ Ken @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 17: Plies and Suga D @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 18: DJ Black, DJ Infamous, and 1/2 of Da Backwudz @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 19: Mobile Mike, Stax, and guests @ Upper Level for OZONE/Blockwear party (Jackson, MS) 20: Unk, DJ Jelly, and Baby D @ Soul on the Square (Jacksonville, FL) 21: Sheek Louch, DJ Chino, and Styles P @ WJHM 102 Jamz (Orlando, FL) 22: Duval representin’ @ the Florida Theater for the Grind 2 Shine DVD Premiere (Jacksonville, FL) Photo Credits: DJ Dr. Doom (20); DJ Sosa (04); Eric Perrin (02,03,06,12); Julia Beverly (01,07.09,11,14,15,16,17,18,1 9,22); Malik Abdul (05); Maurice Garland (13); Sha (10); Terrence Tyson (08)


LA O Y . G . D

H thizzle.

ow long have you been rapping? I started rapping listening to Bone Thugs & Harmony and Tupac, back when I was like eleven. Shit, I was tryin’ to do my thug

And once the single “Ain’t Gon’ Let Up” started blowing up, you got your big break? Yeah, I had a whole bunch of opportunities. I chose to sign myself first, and then I signed to Atlantic Records. I’ve got my own record label, Power Hitters. After you signed with Atlantic, they moved you onto their subsidiary, Grand Hustle. Why was that? The reason why I think I was put there at Grand Hustle was to show me how T.I. works. That’s their number one artist right now, so I guess they figured it would help me out. T.I. introduced you as the newest Grand Hustle member at Hot 107’s annual birthday bash, but I heard you threw down your P$C chain at the afterparty. What was that about? I ain’t really like the fact that they kinda just put me under P$C like that. I had my own record label at the time and I really just didn’t like that. But it’s all good, though. I ain’t really wanna be up under P$C so I decided just not to go at it like that. After birthday bash I just put a whole lot of effort into my own stuff. They got their chain back. I heard you’d be in meetings at Grand Hustle yelling at T.I. and saying that he can’t treat you like P$C and the rest of the artists on the label. Yeah. You can’t. I’m a solo artist myself, feel me? I don’t want to be in no group, that’s all. You felt like you wouldn’t be a priority at the label and your record would get pushed back? Yeah, shit like that. That’s why I’m not with [Grand Hustle] no more. I’m Power Hitters/Atlantic Records. Did you feel disrespected by the way you were being treated? Nah, I ain’t feel disrespected. It was just the fact of me being a man, you know? I just turned 21 in August, so shit, you know, I’ve been going through that with record labels forever. I’d rather just do my own shit. You didn’t think you’d have an advantage by coming into the game through someone like T.I.? Really, it would’ve been an advantage, but it also would’ve been a disadvantage cause they would’ve had control over my project. I’d rather set my own goals. But I appreciate everything they did for me, though. I wanna be just like T.I.; I wanna have my own label and do movies. I wanna be the boss of my own machine. Would you rather go platinum on a label like Grand Hustle or put out a record yourself and not sell as well? I’d rather have my own record label because I’d still be in control of my record. So you’re not really concerned with the numbers when it comes to album sales? Yeah, you know, I feel like when I come out I’m gonna go diamond and shit. Way beyond platinum. [Even before Grand Hustle] I already had the opportunity to go platinum on my own record label under Atlantic rather than another establishment. When does your album drop? In 2007, I don’t have a date yet. It’s called Gutta World. It seems like you’re very confident in yourself. Where does that attitude come from? I’m 21 and I’ve been on my own since I was 13. I was always street wise, so when I got into the music business, I didn’t want nothing to change. That’s why I’m gonna stay on my own.


I got something called “Hustle” and another single called “Ain’t Nobody,” so I’m gonna drop two of them thangs. Who else is featured on your album? David Banner, Twista, Jagged Edge, Bobby Valentino, T-Pain, and several other artists. Do you have any other artists signed to Power Hitters? Not right now, but I’m looking forward to signing other artists. I’m looking for all kinds of artists: singers, rappers, whatever. I’m looking for personality, respect, and loyalty. Why do you call yourself Yola Da Great? My official name is actually D.G. Yola. It’s more professional than “Yola.” I read that somebody in China already had [the name] Yola The Great. And right now, I am the great. Any other projects you’re working on? I’m trying to get into the production thing heavy. I got a studio and everything. I want to get into wardrobe and fashion, stuff like that. GuttaWear is gonna be the name of my clothing line.

Are you happier now that you’re on Power Hitters/Atlantic? Pretty much. It’s a lot of stuff that could be better, but hey, we’ll work it out.

How can someone get in contact with you? They can email music to bureasa@aol.com or go to myspace.com/yoladagreat.

What’s the next record you’re gonna drop after “Ain’t Gon’ Let Up”?

- Julia Beverly (Photo by Ray Tamarra)

01: Pimp C, Yung Joc, Trae, and Mad Linx on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 02: Ron White, Big Boi, Killer Mike, and Scar @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 03: Terrence Tyson, Plies, and Tony Neal on the set of “Got ‘Em Hatin’” (Tallahassee, FL) 04: Derrick Crooms, 1/2 of Da Musicianz, and Mr. Collipark @ Nocturnal (Atlanta, GA) 05: DJ June Buhg and Adept @ Hush (Orlando, FL) 06: Xzibit and Chamillionaire @ Shadow Bar for Cham’s platinum party (Houston, TX) 07: Lloyd and BOB @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 08: Lil Scrappy and Lil Jon @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 09: David Banner and Cyrus Webb @ Mississippi’s Best Awards (Jackson, MS) 10: DJ Demp and Dre @ Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 11: Roland “Lil Duval” Powell, Lil C, and Clay @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 12: Cat Daddy and Lil Boosie @ Rhythm City (Dallas, TX) 13: 8Ball and Benjamin Meadows-Ingram @ 8 Ways Entertainment party (Memphis, TN) 14: Nay Fresh, DJ Blackout, and Liz Lova on the set of Mims’ “This Is Why I’m Hot” video shoot (NYC) 15: Trina, LeToya Luckett, and Ciara @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 16: TJ Chapman, DJ Demp, and Stay Fresh @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 17: Ronnie Johnson, Shawn Prez, Rich Dollaz, and Mike Kyser (Miami, FL) 18: DJ Will, DJ Toomp, and DJ Black @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 19: Julia Beverly, ???, and Tambra Cherie @ Freelon’s for OZONE party (Jackson, MS) 20: Mistah F.A.B., Pitbull, and guest on the set of “Show Me What Ya Workin’ With” (Miami, FL) 21: B.G.’s mom and guest on the set of Chopper City Boys video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 22: Mel and Derrick @ Lil Boosie’s album release party (Baton Rouge, LA) Photo Credits: Destine Cajuste (05); Eric Perrin (11,21); Julia Beverly (01,02,04,07,08,09, 13,15,16,18,19,22); King Yella (12); LeJaurean Hailey (06); Malik Abdul (20); Nay Fresh (14); Terrence Tyson (03,10); Yancey Richardson (17)


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01: Grouchy Greg, 8Ball, MJG, and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur @ 8 Ways Entertainment party (Memphis, TN) 02: David Banner and Sweetz @ Mississippi’s Best Awards (Jackson, MS) 03: Rich Boy, Jerry Clark, and TJ Chapman @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 04: Diddy, Papa Keith, and Yung Joc (Miami, FL) 05: Garfield, Sytonnia, and Tony C @ Firestone (Orlando, FL) 06: DJ King Ron, DJ Kool Aid, DJ Jelly, DJ Dr. Doom, Bigga Rankin, and DJ Chilly (Jacksonville, FL) 07: Chaka Zulu and Killer Mike @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 08: Lil Scrappy’s mom, Shawnna, and Lil Scrappy @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 09: Black Prince and Smoke D @ Upper Level for OZONE/ Blockwear party (Jackson, MS) 10: Big Kuntry and Roland “Lil Duval” Powell @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 11: Slim Goodie and DJ Aaries @ Hood Hard Sundays (Atlanta, GA) 12: DJ Laz and Pitbull on the set of “Show Me What Ya Workin’ With” (Miami, FL) 13: Acafool and Tom G @ Ampitheatre (Tampa, FL) 14: Tom G and Miss Keke @ Freelon’s for OZONE party (Jackson, MS) 15: Lil Wayne and Lloyd on the set of “Want You” (Atlanta, GA) 16: Webbie, Lil Boosie, Ashlee, Foxx, and Turk @ Lil Boosie’s release party (Baton Rouge, LA) 17: Cat Daddy, Kiki, Lloyd Banks, and C-Dog (Dallas, TX) 18: Pimp C and Louie Rankin on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 19: Kuzzo, guest, Will Perkins, Spliff, Dove, and Damien Lemon @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 20: Cam and R Prophet of the Nappy Roots @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 21: Yung Joc and Trae on the set of “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 22: Atiba, Tony C, and Wayne Wonder @ Calle Ocho (Orlando, FL) Photo Credits: DJ Dr. Doom (06); Julia Beverly (01,02,03,05 ,07,08,09,10,14,16,18,19,20,21) ; King Yella (17); Luis Santana (13); Malik Abdul (12,22); Maurice Garland (11); Shannon McCollum (15); Yancey Richardson (05)





hen most people think of strip club owners, their mind might conceive an image of man similar to Bernie Mac’s character in The Player’s Club: A very flamboyant, pimp-type character with a cheap suit and goliath sized greed. In Birmingham, Alabama, Zeus and Nick of The Palace strip club are genuine good guys who are leading the way in the strip club revolution and continue to change the way the world views strip club commanders. What kind of projects have you guys done in the community? Nick: For starts, I coach little league football. We do a little sponsorship with the little league, we sponsor an AAU basketball team. We also have a flag football team we sponsor; our team is third in the nation right now. Zeus: We sponsored a flag football tournament with the city Parks and Recreation Board. We did the first ever high school combine and we had kids get signed by colleges right there on the spot. Kids that would’ve never been seen at all, and they got signed to college football programs right there on the spot. A lot of times people associate strip clubs as being detrimental to society, but you two are kind of changing that philosophy. What made you decide to take such an influential role in the Birmingham community? Nick: It’s not anything we feel is an obligation thing, it’s just something we do, it’s who we are. Most of the times when you hear of strip club owners, they’re either drug dealers, or they’re doing this, or doing that, and we ain’t doing all that stuff. We’re guys that work hard, we’re young and you know, we lived in these communities and we figured hey, its our time now. We always said once we start doing something big we were gonna make a positive influence on other people so that they can do something big. So, don’t look down on these strip club owners as the guy from the streets. We might have came from the street, but that’s not where we’re going. Zeus: I also do Zeus Entertainment, so I work in the music biz and we do a lot of community service. We were just sitting down talking one day and we decided that we need to more things for the community, they already look down on us cause of the business we’re in so we basically started thinking of ways to make an impact. We’ve been doing the flag football thing for like 8 or 9 years now. Tell me about The Palace. What makes it better than other strip clubs? Nick: I think it’s more or less the clientele of people that we have. We try to keep it in a professional manner. Zeus: It’s the environment we try to keep. How long have you guys been in business? Zeus: If you look at it as Magic City 2, then we’ve been open since ’93, but if you look at it as The Palace, then we’ve been here for about two years. It used be Magic City 2, it was the sister club to the one in Atlanta. They sold it and we took it over a year ago. What made you want to start a strip club? Nick: I started back in like ’92. I used to run the Magic City in Atlanta, so once we opened up the one down here, I came down to Birmingham to help them do this one. I met Zeus and he was always that promotional guy, he’s always been in the entertainment business coming up with ideas and new ways to make a club better. It was something that intrigued me, and now we’ve been in this business like 13, 14 years. It’s almost like a second nature now. It’s not something you ever thought you’d be doing in life but after the first 7 or 8 years I figured, hey, this is what I do. I know you have a lot of fun at work. Can you tell me some of the most crazy, outrageous stories you’ve encountered through working in the strip club business? Nick: I can give you a story that’s been my highlight. It was in Atlanta, and stuff is a little different in Atlanta because of all the stars that come through the clubs. I’m a big sports fan and it was the first Super Bowl that was in Atlanta. Dallas and Buffalo were playing. Anyway, to make a long story short, Magic Johnson came to the club and had a wonderful time, so he invited me to his private party at The Hard Rock Café. There was just like all these stars and all these athletes with money, and here I am sitting at a table with Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Reggie Dent, and Deion Sanders. I got like 15 dollars in my pocket, but they’re all treating me like I’m the star because I run the strip club. So after the party was over, everybody jumped in limos and went straight to Magic City, right behind me. I’m with like 20, 25 athletes, big time athletes. So when we got to the door, the security guard asked me, “Are they with you?” I 32

(l to r): Nick, Chyna Doll, Reggie, Zyoos, and Summer

had this huge smile on my face like, “Yeah, they’re all with me.” It was incredible! That was the best time I ever had in the strip club business. That’s a story for the grandkids. So what is the most difficult part of owning a strip club? Zeus and Nick: The women! [laughs] Nick: You gotta understand, they’re still women, regardless of what they’re doing in life, these ladies are still women and they all have a different mentality, a different attitude, a different background; and everybody has a problem. You more or less have to be a big brother, or father, or something they never had. You listen to them a lot and you learn a lot about women. I figure if you can run a strip club, you can do anything in the world. What are some of the common problems the women at your club have? Zeus: Just the drama that happens between them. Nick: Competition. And the competition is for money now, its not like you’re trying to win a trophy or something. These girls are in here trying to make a living. So they have every kind of problem you can think of; everything. You gotta kinda brush an ego or two here or there and let them know it’s gonna be alright. It’s almost like being a coach; you handle a little bit of everything. What is the average age of the girls that work at your club? Zeus: The youngest girl is 19, but the average age is about 25. Why do you think rappers and the hip-hop culture is so infatuated with strip clubs? Zeus: Where is most music broke at? It’s broke in the strip club, because they’re open 7 days a week and people are constantly in there. Back in the day it was just a man thing, but now you got both. You got just as many women coming in here just to hang out and they’re all constantly hearing that music. Plus, people go in there to stunt, to see who is spending the most money, who has the most jewelry, you know. What kind of money can you actually make from owning a strip club? Nick: [laughs] After taxes, and paying everybody and buying liquor and beer, it’s not as much as people think. People don’t realize we pay taxes, I call it organized pimpin’ except we pay taxes. Most strippers don’t pay taxes; but we pay employee taxes, liquor taxes, sales taxes. If you make $40,000 a month, you might come out with about $15,000, you might. What do you guys think the all time best strip club songs are? Zeus: I’m gonna give T-Pain his props for that “In Luv Wit a Stripper.” Nick: You gotta give Luke props. Play Luke’s stuff now and it’ll still jump. Zeus: Luke is number one. Ying Yang Twins got some good ones, and Lil Jon came out with a good one too. What kind of criteria do you look for in potential dancers at your club? Nick: We’re just looking for a nice looking young lady that’s eager to learn. Somebody who is pretty and outgoing, cause you need that personality. She doesn’t necessarily have to be talented, cause most of the girls that have never danced before learn it in like two weeks. Do you guys ever get bored with looking at naked girls? Zeus: You never get tired at looking at that. Nick: Is that a trick question? - Eric Perrin

01: Pimp C and Bun B on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 02: Kamikaze, Julia Beverly, and Stax @ Freelon’s for OZONE party (Jackson, MS) 03: Killer Mike, Big Zak, and Shondrae @ Club Crucial for Princess Cut’s birthday party (Atlanta, GA) 04: Young Capone and Nitti @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 05: Big Teach and DJ Irie (Miami, FL) 06: C-Rena, Strizzo, and Ms. Sassi @ Ampitheatre for Acafool’s release party (Tampa, FL) 07: Big Al and Scorpio reppin’ CRUNK!!! with Flavor of Love girls on the set of B.G.’s Chopper City Boys video shoot (Atlanta, GA) 08: Yung Joc getting a lap dance @ Firestone (Orlando, FL) 09: Tarvoria and D.G. Yola @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 10: Shawt, Mad Linx, and Young A @ ATL vs. New Orleans weekend (New Orleans, LA) 11: DJ Slim and Kaspa @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 12: Tony Neal and Ted Lucas on the set of Plies’ “Got ‘Em Hatin’” video shoot (Tallahassee, FL) 13: Real and Ali @ Nocturnal (Atlanta, GA) 14: Slim Thug and Louie Rankin on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” video shoot (Houston, TX) 15: Oomp Camp with Jazze Pha @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 16: Guest, Wild Billo, J-Bo, Polow da Don, and Nick@ Nite on the set of Rich Boy’s “Throw Some D’s On It” video shoot (Mobile, AL) 17: Mike Jones and Lil Flip on the set of Pimp C’s “Knockin’ Doors Down” (Houston, TX) 18: Kay Slay, guest, and DJ BLord @ Hold ‘Em Tournament 19: Plies and crew “Got ‘Em Hatin’” (Tallahassee, FL) 20: TJ Chapman, DJ Demp, DJ Q45, and D-Money @ The Moon (Tallahassee, FL) 21: Pitbull and crew on the set of “Show ‘Em What Ya Workin’ With” (Miami, FL) 22: DJ Chino, The Game, and DJ Nasty (Orlando, FL) Photo Credits: Bogan (05); DJ B-Lord (18); DJ Chino (22); Eric Perrin (07); Julia Beverly (01,02,04,08,09,11,13,14,15,1 7); Malik Abdul (21); Marcus DeWayne (10); Maurice Garland (03); Ms. Rivercity (06,20); Terrence Tyson (12,19); Wild Billo (16)




ouston’s DJ Chill may want to consider changing his name, because surely it’s not appropriate for him. When you’re known as Houston’s #1 DJ there is no time in the day to “chill.” When you are busy spinning at four of Houston’s most popular nightclubs you can’t “chill.” People don’t invite you to music industry panels to give insight and advice at music because you know how to “chill.” You can’t hold down a radio show (Damage Control) and a television show (Big City TV) if you spend most of your time trying to “chill.” You can’t “chill” and receive platinum plaques for working with the likes of 2Pac, Do Or Die and Scarface. Fresh off an international tour, we caught up with Chill during a rare moment when he was actually chilling. Here he speaks on his highlights, his travels and why he always seems to get jobs that others don’t want. How did you get your name? I was DJing for a group back in the day when I was 17 years old. The name of the group was 20 Below. Everytime someone would ask me what I’m doing I always say, “I’m chilling.” How did you get your start? My mom bought me some records and my first actual show I got paid for, I was 16. This cat that was DJing at the skating rink didn’t show up, so I did it myself. That night the owner asked me to come back again, so now I had a gig. They came back trying to get their job back but I already took the spot, so they moved on. How was it DJing and getting paid gigs at such a young age? It was fun. I was getting bread for what I enjoyed doing, but it wasn’t a lot of bread. My dad would let me use his truck to get to places and move equipment but I had to use back roads because I had no license. Where did you go after the skating rink? After the skating rink I moved on to a club in Southeast Houston. A friend had a building and he turned it into a teen club. From there I really started moving around and getting other gigs. Did you miss any school while you were DJing in your teenage years? I didn’t miss no classes; I was having fun and that’s all I did. I had nothing but music, even when I was in school. It got to the point that I was doing two parties at one time. I got some equipment and I had equipment at two places. I would run to the other school after I was done. I always had my own equipment. I was cutting lawns and going to pawn shops to get what I needed. So your parents must have been very supportive. My parents were very supportive, even though my dad was minister. It was easy to convince them that this was what I wanted to do. My mother bought me my first 45. Before that she bought me a guitar. After your teenage years, what did you get into? I got a little gig at club in my neighborhood. I wasn’t old enough to party so I would have to come in through the kitchen. Once again the regular DJ didn’t show up, so I saw the opportunity and I jumped at it. You got a lot of work capitalizing off of other people’s laziness. Where do you think you inherited your preparedness from? My dad probably, he was a entrepreneur, he was always ready to do some kind of work. So growing up that showed me something. I had to be prepared to cut some grass to get records and mixers. What kind of gig was this neighborhood club? It was a rap and R&B club. N.W.A was out at the time, but we’d still play stuff like The Isley Brothers and MAZE. I was still doing parties in the hood. After high school I met DJ Screw, in 1990. Me and him started doing parties together. Then when I graduated I went to this club in the ‘hood. I went straight there after graduation, in my cap & gown. A new radio station just came to Houston, it was 97.9 The Box, it was ran by folks who don’t know the ‘hood, they just knew they had to be in the ‘hood. When I came in my cap and gown the


manager was looking at me. The DJ was weak and they let me spin. The promotions manager at the station saw me and offered me an internship. I was able to get to different events and everything. I was young and you ain’t even have to pay me, that’s how strong willed I was. They gave me a van and I utilized it to the best of my ability. That became a legendary club because of me. The name of the club was Boomerang; I was the youngest DJ in the city. How long did you stay with 97.9? I stayed with 97.9 for a while. Then money came into play. I was doing parties with Screw but the station started getting limited to me. I did clubs with Screw but the owners didn’t want to pay us. So Screw went and did mixtapes. I stayed in the club. Do you think it requires more work to be a club DJ than mixtape DJ? I think the club DJ requires more energy. Mixtape D-ing is easy nowadays because everything is given to you. We was doing cassettes, they don’t have to record hunt nowadays either. There was no email back then, right now it s easy. What else are you into other than DJing? I’ve been managing a couple artists. Young S.A.M.M., Miss Sydnee, Short Texas. Does being a DJ make your manager job easier? It don’t make it easier. You gotta break artists and make sure they eat at the same time. I gotta keep myself going and keep them motivated. How did you end up on Damage Control? That came along the same way as everything else [laughs]. I was DJing for Lil’ Flip. Matt Sonzala asked me to spin, they had a DJ but he was getting lazy. I came in there one time, and I asked if could come back. So when I started working there, I turned it into a club, now you gotta wait in line to get a record played. I’ve been doing that show for 3 years for no money because I see the bigger picture. I’m able to reach people all over the world. When I went overseas the people knew about music in H-town. Where all have you traveled? I’ve been all over Texas, New York, L.A., London, Norway, Paris, and Amsterdam. Norway is the best, it’s beautiful. The people are real nice. It’s expensive but its nice. Do you have any advice for younger or fellow DJs? I think more DJs need to really DJ - they need to be able to entertain a crowd. I got a club I do on Thursdays. I told them just give me a dollar off the door. If you don’t make money I don’t make no money. It was slow at first but now it’s cracking. I had a lady tell me she never heard nothing like what I do. That’s when you know you’ve done a good job. - Maurice G. Garland (Photo: Matt Sonzala)

01: Pimp C, J Prince, and Jas Prince on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 02: Rainman and Kamikaze @ Upper Level for OZONE/ Blockwear party (Jackson, MS) 03: Supastar J-Kwik, DJ Q45, and Suga D @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 04: Yung Joc, G-Money, and guest @ Firestone (Orlando, FL) 05: Cool, Kunsistent-C, and Chad Brown @ Last Damn Show 8 (Tampa, FL) 06: Block Burnaz and T-Pain @ ATL vs. New Orleans weekend (New Orleans, LA) 07: Donny Money and the Georgetown Mafia with Big Swoll @ Upper Level for OZONE/Blockwear party (Jackson, MS) 08: Derek Washington and Young Cash @ Grind 2 Shine DVD Premiere (Jacksonville, FL) 09: KD and Pimp C on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” video shoot (Houston, TX) 10: Supastar J-Kwik and Amanda Diva @ Vibe’s Yardfest (Tallahassee, FL) 11: Latin Prince and Lady Lyric @ Club Paris (Orlando, FL) 12: Slim Thug and Yung Joc on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 13: Plies and Tony Neal @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 14: Aziattik Black and DJ Marquis @ Lil Boosie’s release party (Baton Rouge, LA) 15: Shawty and Lil Jon @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 16: DJ H-Vidal, Boy Wonder, JA $, and Kid Money KG @ Ampitheatre for Acafool’s release party (Tampa, FL) 17: Rick Ross and BOB @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 18: Jim Jones and Fat Joe @ 93 Jamz (Charleston, SC) 19: Uncle Pauly, Money Waters, Michael Watts, and DJ Fish @ Rhythm City for Swishahouse release party (Dallas, TX) 20: Nate Quick and Lil Boosie @ Rhythm City (Dallas, TX) 21: DJ Shu, Big Daddy Kane, and Sha Disco @ Firestone (Orlando, FL) 22: David Banner and Willie Nash @ Freelon’s for OZONE party (Jackson, MS) Photo Credits: Edward Hall (19); Fidel Cashflow (11); Jason Cordes (18); Julia Beverly (01,02,03,04,07,08,12,13,14, 15,17,22); King Yella (20); Luis Santana (16); Malik Abdul (06); Marcus DeWayne (06); Matt Sonzala (09); Sha (21); Terrence Tyson (10)



01: Lil Wayne checkin’ out Young Dro’s performance @ Florida A&M Homecoming concert (Tallahassee, FL) 02: Yung Joc, 8Ball, & MJG @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 03: Shakir Stewart, Young Jeezy, and Nick Love on the set of “I Luv It” (Atlanta, GA) 04: Block, Gorilla Zoe, and DJ Dr. Doom @ UNF (Jacksonville, FL) 05: Lil Scrappy, Coco Brother, guest, and Lil Jon @ the Dirty Awards (Atlanta, GA) 06: Playboy model, TV Johnny, Hugh Hefner, and Spiff @ Playboy Mansion (Los Angeles, CA) 07: T.I. and Young A @ The CORE DJs Retreat (Atlanta, GA) 08: Lloyd Banks takes it all off (Miami, FL) 09: Pimp C and Three on the set of Trae’s “In The Hood” (Houston, TX) 10: Young Cash and Keith Kennedy @ Chubby’s for JamTV Launch (Tallahassee, FL) 11: Malik Abdul and Ed the World Famous @ The Moon for TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers (Tallahassee, FL) 12: Grill and Coach @ Firestone (Orlando, FL) 13: Chaka Zulu and Kinky B on the set of Young Jeezy’s “I Luv It” (Atlanta, GA) 14: Da Volunteers and MJG @ 8 Ways Entertainment party (Memphis, TN) 15: Marcus. and David Banner (Jackson, MS) 16: Mike Jones and Jas Prince on the set of Pimp C’s “Knockin’ Doors Down” (Houston, TX) 17: Rich Boy and Cat Daddy (Dallas, TX) 18: Rap-A-Lot on the set of Pimp C’s “Knockin’ Doors Down” video shoot (Houston, TX) 19: Myke Diesel and DJ Chill on the set of Pimp C’s “Knockin’ Doors Down” video shoot (Houston, TX) 20: Nate Quick, Tum-Tum, Cat Daddy, and G Spook on the set of Tum-Tum’s “Caprice Music” video shoot (Dallas, TX) 21: Baby D, Chilly, DJ Jelly, Young Cash, Unk, and Dr Doom @ Copeland’s (Jacksonville, FL) 22: Cory Sparks, Chad Brown and guest (Nashville, TN) Photo Credits: Bogan (08); Chad Brown (22); DJ Dr. Doom (04,21); Eric Perrin (03,13); Julia Beverly (02,05,09,11,12,14,15,16, 18,19); King Yella (17,20); Marcus DeWayne (07); Storm (10); Terrence Tyson (01)


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An exclusive in-depth interview with a Magic City temptress


POLE by Eric Perrin

Well, because of the name of club and all the hype, it kinda gets overexaggerated and when people come in there they tend to spend a little extra money just cause it’s Magic City. On a good day, what can you expect to make while working there? It depends because some clubs have certain days that are very popular, like at Magic City, the day is Monday, Magic City Mondays. So, that’s like a day you know for sure if you go to work you gon’ make at least like $500, $600 dollars. But every day other than Monday, you just gotta go see how it turns out. What is the most you’ve ever made on a Magic City Monday? The most I’ve ever made on a Magic City Monday is probably about $2,000. Damn! So how exactly did you start dancing? Well, I’ve been on my own since I was thirteen so, I mean, that’s not an excuse as to why I started doing it, but people used to always tell me when I was younger and growing up: “Aw, you should dance.” They would always talk about how I had a nice shape. You know, you don’t really listen to that type of stuff, but then once I got older one of my cousins was actually dancing and it was just an opportunity that came at the right time. I met some people that were able to help get me hired at some clubs in the Chicago area and I just started dancing. How did you end up in Atlanta? I came down here to go school, and once I came down here, I waited probably about 5 or 6 months before I even started dancing and then I ended up meeting one of the security guards that worked at Blue Flame, which is the club I started at. He got me an interview and I got hired on the spot. Can you tell me the craziest, most outrageous thing that has ever happened to you during your time as a stripper? I mean, it be all type of crazy ass stories, but there was this one old guy I was dancing for, and I’m sure he came while I was giving him a dance. How do you know? His pants were kinda wet, but that wasn’t even the point. I just had a feeling he came by the look on his face.


ome to arguably the best and most famous strip clubs in the United States, Atlanta is the stripper capitol of America. In ATL, strip clubs are more common than both Church’s and Popeye’s Chicken combined, and serve up more scrumptious breasts and thighs as well. If Atlanta is the strip club capitol of the America, then Magic City is its White House. The little strip club right across the street from the Greyhound Bus station has become much more than just a shake joint, it has transformed into a world-famous icon of an often oversexed hip-hop culture. The four small walls that make up the great City of Magic have hosted countless memories and fulfilled feverish fantasies of nearly the entire rap industry. Once upon a time, strip clubs were reserved for perverted old men with social insecurities, but in recent years strippers have become a mainstream ingredient of virtually all aspects of a rapper’s appetite. From music videos, to song titles, to even wedding chapels and beyond; it seems as if the entire entertainment industry is in “In Luv Wit’ A Stripper.” Fascinated by the overwhelmingly popular demand of strippers in the world of rap, OZONE decided to expose one of the flashing stars of ATL’s most notorious magical strip club, in order to truly gain a better understanding of the all the ups and downs the pole business has to offer. Can you tell me your name and how old you are? My name is Sinna, S-I-N-N-A. It doesn’t mean sinner, like a devil. Sinna like cinna-roll, or cinna-bun. I currently work at Magic City and I’m twenty years old. What is the best part about working at Magic City?


Damn, I hope he gave you a nice tip! Yeah, that was crazy, but really the most crazy thing at the club is just how greedy some of these girls can be, especially now since I work at Magic City. The girls are so money hungry and greedy, it’s just ridiculous. If you see some of the lengths they go to and some of the stuff they do to get money, it’s just crazy. Give me an example. What’s the craziest thing you’ve witnessed a girl do to get money? They argue over the money. You might be on stage, and say Jeezy or Jermaine Dupri is in there, or whoever may be in there throwing all types of money, they be tossing all that money in the air and it floats and flies all over the place. Some of it can even fly all the way across the room, so all the money that doesn’t fall on the stage, and people try to pick up. You mean other dancers, or the customers? Other dancers, and sometimes just random people, but you can’t really decipher whose money it is because they’re just throwin’ money in the air. So, the girls fight over it all the time. So speaking of celebrities, how many rappers and athletes have you seen while working at Magic City? There are a lot of celebrities that come to Magic City, cause like I said, it has that name. I’ve seen all types of celebrities. The Dirty Awards was a couple of weeks ago, so pretty much everybody was in there then; JD, Da Brat, Shawnna, Trina, Crime Mob, the whole BME, Jeezy with CTE, Young Buck, some people from DipSet was up in there, it just be different people up in there. I’ve even met Gabrielle Union, she came in there one night. I’ve seen Jagged Edge, Ludacris, the whole DTP, pretty much everybody comes through there. So hold up, Gabrielle Union was in there? What was she doing up in Magic City? She was just chillin’. She was with a couple of friends and she was sitting back in the corner of VIP chillin’ and getting some dances. That’s crazy. So speaking of the whole slew of celebrities that go to Magic City, which ones tip the most and which ones are stingy?

In Atlanta, virtually every three blocks you can find a strip club, and most of them are pretty damn good. We decided to speak to few girls at some of ATL’s select stripper spots and got insight into what they feel are some of the all time best stripper songs. “I think the best stripper song of all time is Nelly’s ‘Tip Drill.’ That’s the best song as far as getting paid, it kinda created a movement.” Ricochet (The Body Tap) “I can’t even lie, I like that Akon song, ‘I Wanna Fuck You.’” Sinna (Magic City) “My favorite song to strip to is an old one, Master P’s ‘Bout It, Bout It’.” - Holiday (Queen City) “You gon’ laugh, but I used to like dancing to D4L’s ‘Laffy Taffy’ a lot last year.” Ms. Lady* (Blue Flame) “My favorite stripper song of all time is ‘2 Step’ by Unk.” - I Candy (Queen City) “I love T-Pain’s ‘In Luv Wit’ A Stripper.’ I don’t know why.” - Cleopatra (Magic City) “I like that DipSet song ‘Ballin,’ and anything by Jeezy.” - Isis (Dancer’s Elite) “I made the most money to Jim Jones’ ‘Ballin,’ so that’s probably my favorite stripper song.” - Ginger (The Body Tap) “My favorite songs to dance to are Jeezy’s ‘I Do This Shit’ and Jim Jones’ ‘Ballin.’” - Foxy (The Body Tap) “It isn’t the best stripper song, but I like Crime Mob’s ‘Rock Ya Hips.’” - Candy* (Strokers) * Fictitious name

You really can’t decipher who tips good because when they come in the club, some people reserve where they’re gonna sit. So they could be dipped off in the corner and you don’t know how much money they spend. Some people will sit there and get dances all night and have big ass piles of money underneath ‘em. Some people will sit by the stage and tip all the stage sets. Jeezy comes in and spends a lot of money. Lil Wayne spent a lot of money when he came in. Allen Iverson spends a lot of money when he comes in. If you had to guess how much money they probably spend, how much do you think it would be? They be getting stacks of $5,000, sometimes $10,000 one [dollar bills], you know what I’m saying? They be getting money. Ron Artest was in there one night; he must have got about $20,000 dollars in ones. They be spending money! Damn! So have any of the celebrities ever said anything out of pocket to you that made you go off on them? When the Da Brat came in the club I was just trying to introduce myself because she’s from Chicago, and that’s where I’m from, so I was just trying to say what’s up to her and she kinda didn’t want to speak and she was real conceited. I didn’t say nothing else to her, I just walked off. Why do you think rappers are so obsessed with strippers? I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re obsessed, but rappers are guys and a guy is gonna be a guy. If he sees a lady that has a big ass, or some big ass titties, or whatever it is that attracts him to that woman, it doesn’t have anything to do with him being a rapper. It’s the same thing as a normal guy off the street. Rappers could probably pull almost any female they want and get them to strip without even having to pay money, but they continue to go to places like Magic City and spend thousands. Why is that? That’s the thing, it really doesn’t have nothing to do with the girls. I think it has to do with them trying to stunt, trying to show out, trying to see who has the most money. They do it all the time, the DJ even gets involved with it at Magic City. For instance, when a rapper is in the club they’ll play his song, and say Jeezy’s in the club for example, when his song comes on; they expect him to tip, tip, tip, tip, tip. If DipSet is in there, they’ll play “Ballin’” and they expect them to tip, tip, tip, tip, and if they don’t, they’ll get to talking about you. So it’s really kinda like a competition for niggas to let other niggas know they got more money than them. It’s just like a car, just like your bitch, just like your clothes, it’s just stuntin’, trying to show off. Damn, you really broke it down. So what do you think is the best stripper song of all time? I don’t know, but I can’t even lie, I like that Akon song, “I see you windin’ and grindin’, up on that pole…” That’s crazy, I was just listening to that song in my car on my way over here. So, do you think stripping is addictive? Anything can be addictive; it just depends on the person fighting the temptation. It’s not addictive for me. I could stop now if I wanted to. It’s just that the things I’ve acquired can’t be obtained from a regular job. It’s hard to find a job here in Atlanta paying the amount of money I need. If you had to rate how good of a stripper you are from 1 - 10, what would you give yourself? I guess overall, I’d say I’m about an 8.

So what’s the worst part about being a stripper? Working the pole, getting bruises on your legs. People think it’s real easy, but its not. Some days I’ll just feel so exhausted and it won’t even be from not sleeping, it’ll be from my body being so sore and tired and worked out. Moving to the next topic, do you think prostitution is a big problem at strip clubs? I mean, yeah. Some clubs they do it openly and some clubs it’s like you might be getting a dance from a girl and you slip her your number and you might meet afterwards, but at Magic City, they’re not involved in any of that. If anything like that goes on, they don’t have any knowledge of it. But it goes on a lot at strip clubs, especially with rappers, because a lot of them don’t wanna have to deal with these court cases and shit like that when some crazy bitch they was dealing with is trying to take them to court. So, they would rather pay a girl to have sex with them or give them some other sexual favors just so they can get off their nut and go on about they way. They just want they nut and you just want your money. So in your opinion, what percentage of girls who dance at strip clubs go out and prostitute on the side? Once again, it all depends on the club, but I’d say about 85%. Damn, that’s a lot. So what do you have to say about the lack of respect some strippers have for themselves? These strippers that are out giving strippers this bad name, like we only have sex for money and all types of different stuff, they need to start respecting their bodies more and respecting themselves more. Not even just because you’re a stripper, but purely because you’re a woman and you’re supposed to. The rappers, they need to respect us more too. A lot of them don’t realize that yeah, because we’re strippers we are kind of degrading ourselves, but still, we don’t anymore degradation. They might try to smack you with stacks of money and they think that shit be funny, but it’s not. They need to respect us more because this ain’t no shit we wanna do. It’s not fun, it’s not something we be excited about, it’s not fun at all. What are you looking to do after you’re done stripping? I currently go to Clark Atlanta University, majoring in music. and I sing as well. That’s what I plan to be, a professional singer, and dancing has helped me in some ways, like networking and meeting different people. Being a fulltime college student, how are you able to manage dancing, school and your singing career at the same time? I’ve just gotten used to it. I just have to do it. I try to schedule my work and school as best as I can and I just do it. I can go to bed at 4 o’clock in the morning and get back up at 6 or 7 o’clock that same morning. My body has gotten used to it. What advice can you give girls who are considering becoming a stripper? If you’re interested, don’t be stupid. I think there are stupid strippers and smart strippers; I would consider myself a smart stripper. There are so many strippers I know that have been stripping for 10, 20 years and have nothing to show for it. If you’re gonna become a stripper you need to save some of the money you make and invest it in something that will benefit you, you just gotta hustle.








hen you see Gene Thornton a.k.a. Malice and Terrence Thornton a.k.a. Pusha T walk into an Atlanta Blimpie restaurant separately, you can still tell that they’re brothers. Their facial features are almost identical. Their skin complexions and voices are damn near the same. Hell, they even order similar sandwiches. But those are the dead giveaways. It’s the more subtle things that show that they are bound by blood.

macist, my dad was a general manager at the postal office. In our house it was about not being dumb and ignorant. Life is cruel, and if you not smart it will pass you by. But our parents weren’t always that. We were born in the Bronx and moved to Virginia. Plus we had an older brother who was big on the Hip Hop scene in the streets. He would record stuff on the boom box and rap to the songs. It wasn’t easy street for us. We had what we needed, but not everything we wanted.

They talk to you and others in a manner that keeps you at arms length without pushing you away too far. But the communication between the two of them is different, closer, intertwined. They can make eye contact for a split second and have the glance make ten statements at once. A brief chuckle to you is a secret paragraph to them. Even when you actually hear them exchanging words with each other, it sounds like they are speaking a completely different language, one you will never be able to decipher.

Since it sounds like your upbringing was decent, what do you think of poverty constantly being stressed in the music? Sometimes it sounds as if you can’t be a regular dude who likes it or wants to be a part of it. Malice: I mean, well, Hip Hop has always been about letting out frustration and what’s going on with you. I know why the caged bird sings, because he can. It’s an outlet. However, the people who didn’t have both parents and came up hard, there are times when that and other shortcomings have an effect on your character but there also comes a time when you have to take responsibility for yourself.

They tend to share that same rapport with their cult following of fans. People who listen to the Clipse understand them. They can hear the mastery of the English language in their lyrics. They can hear past the cocaine and car references and see that not only are they are two brothers who push their brains and pens to the limit, but two honest dudes. For a minute, critics in the media were placing your music in a genre called “Coke Rap.” How did you feel when you first saw that? Pusha: Well, [laughs] that’s what we do. But for real, at first I was slow on it. I was like damn, I’m seeing what they said and seeing the comparisons to the other artists doing it, and seeing we was coming out on top. It was like, damn, someone is giving us some praise. But that’s all they were harping on; coke rap, coke rap, coke rap! To me it’s way more than that, this is definitely an art with our shit. I think that’s why a backpacker can fuck with the Clipse just like a random street nigga. No matter what you talking about, that fundamental element of Hip Hop is there. There’s people that say it’s coke rap, but if you know anything about Hip Hop you know that we got verses and we got the fundamentals down to a science. We take it up and down whatever we want to do with it. It’s not just on the corner hustling. Malice: Every time I see them give us praise and comparing us to people talking along the same lines [pauses] I don’t wanna fall in the same category as anyone else, I somewhat feel slighted. When you see or read, “Clipse do coke music,” you think that’s all that it is. That just gives the media and white people something negative to say. Can you understand why they would say negative things? After all, you have posed for pictures with cocaine innuendoes. Malice: Yes, because they don’t understand. They take it at face value. You gotta scratch beneath the surface. Even when we got the cover of Mass Appeal, I’ma tell you, I wasn’t feeling that joint. I knew what it was, a big play on coke. In retrospect, I wouldn’t have done that, but it was a lot of politics going on at the time. I wasn’t even thinking straight. “No Business Like Snow Business”? I’m not feeling that. They snuck one in on me.

People tend to gravitate towards rap music because they can relate in some sort of way. Do you think some people relate too much to the point where they forget the entertainment element? Pusha: You always have to keep in mind that it’s entertainment. You just have to, however you look at it. People believe in artists. The successful artists are successful because they’ve bought into them. If you nice and you’re true to yourself, people will fuck with you. But this is entertainment; everybody just trying to get a buck, for real. Malice: But a lot of guys are painting a glorious picture of dope selling and hustling and getting bitches because that’s the “lifestyle” and that’s unrealistic. You gotta talk about everything. Going to jail, getting robbed, not just the good side. That’s what touches people, when you can see the vulnerability and you just not on top of the world. Vulnerability is definitely a feeling Clipse know well. They can tell you what its like to be on top of the world, and off the map. After a disastrous stint at Elektra records, where what was supposed to be their 1999 debut album Exclusive Audio Footage was shelved, they got a second chance three years later. Off the strength of their instant classic “Grindin’,” 2002’s Lord Willin’ went gold in just one month. World tours and cameos with everyone from E-40 to Justin Timberlake followed. Naturally, the duo hit the lab to capitalize off their success with a followup album, Hell Hath No Fury. But 2003 saw things come to a screeching halt. Their recording home Arista records folded into Jive Records during the Sony/BMG merger. After a year of pushed back release dates and frustration, Clipse took the street route. They went back to the drawing board, linked up with Philly MC’s Ab Liva and Sandman to form the Re-Up Gang and released the first installment of their infamous We Got It For Cheap mixtape series. The following year they hit their thirsty fans with volume two, arguably one of the best mixtapes of the past decade. Now, finally in 2006 it looks like Hell Hath No Fury will be hitting the shelves.

People who don’t listen to your music often tend to say that your lyrics go over listener’s heads or say that you only talk about selling drugs. How does it feel your have your work misinterpreted? Malice: Honestly, it doesn’t bother me much. That’s why we do these interviews. We fuck with the people out there so we try to get our points across all the time. But again, this rap is not for the dumb muthafucka. If you’re dumb then our music is not for you. We talk about shit in our verses. We pull from different parts of life and some of those things are very intellectual. If you don’t understand the fundamentals of Hip Hop like metaphors and similes and you don’t have your thought game on and if you not bright, a lot of stuff is going over your head. You’re just listening in vain. Sometimes we say a lot of shit and be like, damn, nobody is going to get that” But we sacrifice that for the dopeness because someone out there will catch it and when someone does get it, that feeling is worth a million bucks. We don’t sacrifice our lyrics. Even when I was just a listener of Hip Hop and I caught something everybody else didn’t I would explain it to them and from that point on whoever I enlightened would fall in love with that song.

With this Hell Hath No Fury album, is it going to be the music from 2004 that was never heard, or is it new material? Malice: It’s totally current and relative. We changed things, not because it was dated but because we’re at a different place from where we were back then. We’ve been through a lot, its been an emotional roller coaster for everybody. I think the fans would have loved it the way it was, but we’re giving them where we are at now in our lives. It’s more than current. It’s 2010.

Do you go out of your way to craft lyrics like that because you don’t hear it as a music listener? Malice: This is us. From the articulation to the vocabulary and the insight. We didn’t set out to try and sound intelligent, this is truly us.

Those mixtapes were treated as albums almost. That being said, how do you feel about the mixtape scene right now? Pusha: It’s definitely saturated. Malice: And dumb. Pusha: We drew inspiration from the mid-to-late 90s mixtapes. Volume one showed you what we wanted to do, which was come with some East coast fly rap shit. Volume two was about competition. It was, “I’ma take

Where would you say you inherited your intelligence? Malice: Well, we just had great parents, for one. My mom was a phar-

You guys are going to be brothers forever. But as far as being in a rap group together, did the record label drama strain your creative and business relationship? Malice: Never among us two. We’re tight knit, we have great understanding. That’s the magic of us getting along well. We know everything ain’t gonna go your way, but dealing with the industry and the old white men who don’t know what we’re really about, it took a lot of the magic and fun out of it for me. That’s why we did the mixtapes. We was feeling like we were 15 years old again with those mixtapes.


this beat and do better than you. Let’s compete, right now.” That’s what it was about. The DJ Clue mixtapes, Doo-Wop’s 95 Live, the Bad Boy mixtape series, all that shit, that shit wasn’t about having exclusive new music. It was about taking other people beats and busting over them. If an exclusive got on there, cool. We all heard the story about Puffy trying to hunt down Clue for leaking Biggie’s “Hypnotized.” But basically, our mixtapes were about the spirit of competition. These other guys put out all these mixtapes and the only thing hot about them is the cover. Malice: And they have a hundred damn songs on there! Pusha: Yeah, what the fuck can’t you say in 16 songs? If the first 50 weren’t hot, what you gonna do with the next 50?

self. The whole animated idea of what a rapper is supposed to be off TV. If you nice, you nice, if you got a million rap books, that’s cool. But a lot of cats are just rapping for nothing. It’s simplistic, elementary, and it’s not on any type of intellectual level. They don’t drop gems, there’s no food for thought in these rhymes. Even in our rhymes, as coke infested as they may be, you can still get a good grasp on life and the ramifications of what you do and the consequences. It’s not pointless rap. It’s cool to have your rap book. Hip Hop is an art form and we definitely respect that. At times I wish I could be one of them cats that had endless rhymes, but it’s not always necessary.

On the song “I’m Not U” from Lord Willin’ you stressed that you are not like rappers. What did you mean by that? Pusha: I just wanted to differentiate myself from other rappers out there. Other rappers live and die this shit, and just perpetuate this corny lifestyle, the cliché rapper lifestyle, it’s so whack. Like, “I gotta roll my blunt before I go in the booth, and spark up.” Just cliché bullshit, where all they do is write and battle all day and make diss records and all that silly shit. When we made that record, we was like, we never doing that type of shit. No one writes every day. We live life.

After spending a day full-of-off the-record conversations with the Thornton brothers one thing becomes clear: they are not posers in any sense of the word. They don’t attempt to present themselves as people they are not. They will tell you about the mistakes they made that can’t be blamed on record label drama. They will tell you what it’s really like to be a rapper working with one of the most recognizable producers in the game, Pharrell. They will give you the lowdown on how it is living in Virginia.

Can you respect the dudes who have that kind of hunger? Pusha: If you nice you nice. It’s not about dissing. I’m talking about the corny cliché, “Roll my blunt lets spark up together my rap brother, we just meeting up but let’s just smoke some weed together, let’s get it in,” all that shit. Naw dawg. I’m not talking about people who do those things, I’m talking about people who do those things because they’re a rapper. Were you seeing a lot of that when you first got in the business? Malice: Even before we got in the game ourselves, you could see it your


Yeah, Clipse aren’t posers, especially not for cameras. “C’mon, do something, give me something,” urges the photographer for the shoot accompanying this article. “C’mon fellas.” “What do you mean give you something, I’m standing here,” says Pusha mischievously, shooting Malice another one of those brotherly glances, which is responded to with another brotherly chuckle. Wonder what they are saying? We may never know.






Monereys’sident Cashig Prod aaylnPe speaks Lil Wis bond with on h , his rumored Babyionship with relat ge and the Solanitude of mult ual haters. habit nd we almost Oh, at - sex! forgo


wayne Carter is a juggernaut. At 24, the last Hot Boy standing is on top of the world and “can’t see you lil’ niggas, [cause] the money in the way.” Wayne has almost single-handedly kept Cash Money Records afloat, and with the kind of paper the Hollygrove hustler has accumulated; you’d think he’d be content. Nope. Wayne is a perpetual paper chaser who calls two places home, but if you’re thinking Miami and New Orleans, you’ve got the wrong idea. Weezy F. resides solely in the studio and on the road. He and his entourage members, who have recently been accused of instigating a riot at Morgan State University’s homecoming concert by throwing money into the crowd, take it to the road on their tour bus from coast to coast damn near daily. They’ll spend one day in M.I.A, the next in Atlanta, then to Tallahassee for Florida A&M’s homecoming concert, two days later it’ll be New York City for a taping of 106 and Park, and then 48 hours later Wayne arrives in California to film the video for Outkast’s “Hollywood Divorce” (take a breath). Wayne’s World is a busy place, full of potent marijuana smoke, willing women, and a bevy of heinous haters. Many of whom are disgruntled former Cash Money employees such as Gillie Tha Kid, who has not only claimed to have ghostwritten for Wayne on several past projects including “The Carter,” but also takes responsibility for circulating the now infamous picture of Wayne and his surrogate father, Cash Money CEO Bryan “Baby” Williams, kissing on the lips. Wayne’s response is “Stop hating, get money,” which appears to be advice that remains much easier said than done for the everlasting legion of Cash Money haters. Regardless of whatever the naysayers may allege, Baby and son are still champions, possibly the most powerful father-son combo since Georg W. Bush and his pops. These two Cash Money half-billionaires have a very special bond dating all the way back to the early 90s when Wayne was only 11 years old. Though many aspects of life are now different, some things never change: Cash Money’s still the company and Weezy’s the boss! You’ve been a signed to Cash Money Records since you were 11. How has being signed to a record label at a young age influenced how you grew up? It made it better, because I rapped and nobody else did. I rapped when nobody else was rapping, everybody was doing something else so rapping kept me from doing what they was doing and getting into trouble. 58

I heard you used to freestyle on Baby’s voicemail back when you were trying to get signed. Not many eleven year olds have that kind of hustle. You know, I got it however I could get it. I love what I do, and that was just a perfect example of how much I love what I do. No charge, I was dropping hard-up 16 bars on nigga’s voicemails for nothing. A lot of other rappers who start off as pre-teen sensations never really get respected as genuine artists, but you’re highly regarded as one of the best lyricists in the South, is that something… [interrupts] I’m one of the best lyricists period. I agree, but the South will always be on your back. Basically, the question I’m trying to ask is, do you believe good emcees are born or made? Good emcees can be made, but great emcees are born. Damn, that’s poetry. So speaking of great emcees, you claim that you’re the “best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired,” but now that Jay-Z has stepped out of retirement, are you still the best rapper alive? Didn’t I say that? Well, are you still the best even though Jay-Z is back? Ah-huh. He’s still the greatest. I’m the greatest too, though. So you’re saying there can be more than one greatest rapper? Big’s the greatest, Pac’s the greatest, ya know. I’m one of those type of niggas, that’s all that means. Since we’re on the subject of Jay-Z, everybody knows he was trying to recruit you to Def Jam, so why exactly didn’t that work out? We talked, but I was more hungrier than what he had on the plate. A lot of people have speculated that you might have had more success on a label like Def Jam, but you’ve continued to stay loyal to Cash Money Records throughout your entire career. Why is that? Loyalty is hard for any human to do, to stay and stick with something when it’s down, when it’s up, or whatever; but the effects of the situation taught me how to be real, keep it solid.

I know your bond with Baby has to be partially responsible for your loyalty to Cash Money. Can you talk about your relationship with Baby? Do you really think of him as a father? That’s my Pops. He’s a father, B. What was the very first question you asked me? I asked you about how being signed to a record label at age 11 influenced your life. So, I’m guessing it was Baby that helped you grow as an artist and individual? He’s a father. You gotta father an 11 year old, and I’m 24 now, my nigga. You can’t tell me that he ain’t a father.

Mariah, I’m gonna try to get seen with her. Where she at? I’m gonna get caught in one little picture with her and they gon’ be like, “That nigga fucking Mariah?!?!” Nah, but me and Solange is just cool. Judging by some of your exes and the girls that star in your videos, you seem to have pretty good taste in women. What’s your type? I don’t be trippin’, you can’t pick and choose cause you’ll never find what you want. I ain’t got no type, ain’t nobody ugly to me really, like I don’t be trippin’ off nobody’s face or nothing. It’s hard to be ugly to me; you gotta be a ugly person inside for me to call you ugly.

You two recently released the Like Father, Like Son album. Are there going to be any more collaborations from you two in the future? Nah, Baby got his album coming out, and of course I’m helping him with that, so that’s gonna be extravagant.

Seeing as this is the sex issue, what advice would you give to all the girls, pretty or ugly, that wanna get in bed with you? [laughs] What would I tell them if they wanna get in bed with me? I’m gon’ tell them to buy my album! [laughs] ‘“Go buy the album, baby!” I’d tell ‘em to pray too, pray hard. Prayers get answered.

Some people are saying that Rick Ross is replacing you as the fourth member of the Boyz in Da Hood. Can you clarify that situation; are you a part of the Boyz in Da Hood? Yeah, if they do something in the future, most likely, I’ll be a part of that, 89 to 90 percent chance. Yeah.

You must have those divine intervention groupies. So what’s the freakiest text message a girl has ever sent you? I got a text message where a bitch was showing me a picture of her pussy and the message read, “She’s thinking of you.” I felt that, like, I saved that for some months. That was gangsta, sexy than a muthafucka!

When you made the “Georgia… Bush” song, you kind of crossed over into a political activist role. Was that song just a way to vent your anger or were you actually trying to make a statement? I was just doing me, man, and that’s what came out that night. Ya know, I don’t write nothing down, so whatever you hear, it be me.

Now you’re gonna have every groupie that reads OZONE sending you coochie close-ups. Describe the worst sex you’ve ever had in your life. Aw, Lord ha’mercy. This is OZONE like a muthafucka! [laughs] I don’t know, dawg. I don’t have that much sex and everytime I do it I try to make it good. I ain’t had no bad sex in a minute.


I hear you’re in the studio working on a CD with Juelz Santana called I Can’t Feel My Face. Originally that was just going to be a mixtape, but now it’s going to be an album released under a major label? Yeah, exactly. We’re gonna shop it and of course I’m tryin to get it done under my label but we’re gonna come to agreement and we’re gonna go with whatever we agree on. Somebody else might pitch us some ends behind that, so I’ll be another soldier somewhere else just for that project.

Being that you’re the President of Cash Money Records, you probably have a lot more on deck than people know about. Curren$y’s album Music To Fly To is droppin’ soon. You got the first single, “Where Da Cash At?” featuring Remy Ma, we ‘bout to put the video out for that. Me and Baby bout to go to 106th [and Park] at the end of the month, and whenever we do that we’re gonna drop the Curren$y video. He’s the first artist under Yung Money/Cash Money. Like you said, the Can’t Feel My Face with Juelz, I’m heavy in the studio on that, too. I got my artists, we’re doing a mixtape called Louisiana Bayou Blast for the Bayou Classic, a little something for them to vibe to while their down there. You know, newcomers come to the city, we hit ‘em off with a disc so when they go back home they know what I’m doing down here. So when [new Yung Money] niggas come out they don’t be like who the fuck is that, cause they got the mixtape. So when was the last time you were in New Orleans? I was just there. I got my own day there. They gave me a Day, like a Lil’ Wayne Day. So I was there on my day, ya dig? Congratulations. You’ve knocked down a lot of barriers and opened a lot doors in your career. Why do you think you’ve been so successful? Sticking with it, never stopping, never quitting. Keep doing it, keep going in the studio and shit like that. When a muthafucka think I’m in the club or when a muthafucka think I’m fucking or something like that, I’m in the studio. That’s why I ain’t got no girlfriend. People don’t understand; I love my job. It seems like Trina has been a very important part of your life for the last couple of years, but you two aren’t together anymore, right? Why is that? I just be chillin’. C’mon Wayne, can I get you to elaborate a little on that, what happened with you and Ms. Birdman Jr.? Nah, we just be chillin’. We just - we ride for each other. I hear you and Solange are getting pretty close. Is that true? Nah, I just know her, but is that what you heard? Shit, tell whoever told you that to tell me too! That’s some good shit. I’m trying to hear some shit like that too. That’s gangsta when you can just know somebody and niggas think you with ‘em. Fuck that, I’m bout to start going out with

Going back to one of the past issues of OZONE, you were featured in Groupie Confessions and she said you kept telling her to “Please say the baby.” Is that true? That bitch was lying. I don’t know who that is. I read that shit, man. That bitch trippin, I don’t say no dumb ass shit like that. “Please say the baby” while I’m smashing? Bitch, I ain’t say that. I probably fucked her but I ain’t say no stupid shit like that. Straight up, I don’t want nobody thinking, This nigga be feeling himself. Nah, that bitch was probably in there saying that shit herself. I ain’t say no stupid shit like that. If you had to guess, how many times have you had sex in the last year? Stop playing. Stop playing! None, cause I don’t have sex, I make love, daddy. Okay, you obviously have more money than most people will ever obtain in life, so if you had to choose between never making another dollar again in life, or never “making love” ever again in life, which would it be? I’d cut my dick off my fucking self. I don’t need no pussy, nigga. I’d just get my money and eat the fuck out some pussy. I’d eat every bitch walking. Shit, I’d eat a nigga out a house and home, boy! I’m telling you, you better eat your bitch, or don’t bring her around a nigga like me. So what are your thoughts on HIV and AIDS? Don’t get it. Don’t catch that stupid shit and if you got it, bitch don’t come around me, a nigga gon’ kill you. Straight up, and that’s my word. IF-YOU-GIVE-ME-AIDS and I find out, bitch I’m gon’ kill you. Straight up, I’m gon’ kill you! I protect myself, but sometimes you be in love and shit. You know? Those be the bitches that give it to you, it don’t be the bitches that you feel you need to put [a condom] on for, it be the ones you think, “Aww, that’s my baby!” And that bitch done fucked Tony, and Tony done fucked Tony and brought [AIDS] back to her, fucking with them boys. You know out ’chere in the A [down low brothers are] heavy, so I don’t fuck with no females out here in Atlanta. Young Buck recently said some pretty bold statements in an interview about you and Baby supposedly kissing on a tour bus. Who that is? I don’t know who you’re talking about. Okay, so do you have any messages for all the haters who have made different allegations about you recently? Stop hating, get money. 59


ou can say whatever you like about Bryan “Baby” Williams, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t care. He’s driving around in a better whip than you (all 50 of ‘em), going home to a bigger house than you (one for each of his whips), and sitting on a bank account with more commas than a college textbook. Yes, life is sweet if you’re the Cash Money CEO with Lil’ Wayne on your roster and the rumored reason behind the Russell-Kimora break-up. Baby has defied nearly all odds, turning a dream shared by him and his brother, Slim, into a record label that has attracted the attention of the entire world and has led the way for countless other independent Southern record labels. By the mid 1990’s, Cash Money had sold over 4 million records before ever releasing a music video or having a Billboard hit. By the year 2001, the label was responsible for a total of 18 top five singles and 11 platinum or multi-platinum albums. Though turmoil leading to the ousting of several original Cash Money artists soon followed, Baby’s label continues to produce platinum plaques to this day, and his record label’s success has also led to a number of lucrative endorsement deals. In fact, Baby has amassed an estimated $80 million dollars just from his Birdman Lugz shoe alone. Additionally, he has inked endorsement deals with Sean John, Jacob the Jeweler, and Aire Watch USA. “Niggas just enjoying life, enjoying our accomplishments and we still rolling,” says a confident Birdman Sr., who is currently in the studio working on his third solo album. He just released “Like Father, Like Son,” a group project with his son, Weezy, and with new acts on deck in 2007, Cash Money looks to stay fly even amidst all the allegations made in attempt to clip the Birdman’s wings. Baby is too smart for all that, he’s a genius, and if you disagree, just look at his bank account (it’s a large amount). This year CD sales have been way down. As a record label CEO, why do you think album sales have been declining so much? Shit, it’s tough, but what ain’t tough, ya heard me? I mean it’s fucked up that it’s like that but it’s just tough money. It’s rough everywhere. How much do you think bootlegging and people downloading music are affecting the industry and record sales? It’s taking its affect, but to me it all goes back to who it’s supposed to be going to anyway. It’s an organized business they got going, but that’s the logical excuse they want us to believe the problem is.


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What is Cash money doing to stay afloat and to continue making money the way y’all been doing it? We ain’t changed nothing, bruh. We just keep upgrading shit. We just staying focused and keep it moving. This time we gonna try new talent, like the Currencys, The Brisco Allstars, we gon’ continue to break new talent. That’s our goal this year, for me and Lil Wayne to break new talent. You and Wayne recently released Like Father Like Son. What prompted you to make an album together? Well really, our relationship. We’re the last two from the whole little era we had and it’s something I always wanted to do because I always felt like a daddy to the lil’ homie. So we came up with the idea for Like Father, Like Son. We

just felt it was time and then it was just me and him anyway and I didn’t want to do a solo. I wanted to do a group album with him and I wanted to name it Like Father, Like Son. You and Wayne seem to have a very special relationship, I was talking to Wayne the other day and he wholeheartedly thinks of you as a father figure. In what ways is he like a son to you? Every way. Really, since I met him he’s been like a son to me. You feel that vibe. I’ve been with the nigga about 15 years, he ain’t nothing but 24 years old, ya heard me. I always been there, and you know where we come from its not too many father figures, you go to the block for that. I was just a young nigga raising young niggas, ya heard me. So in the fifteen years you’ve known Wayne, what is the biggest change you’ve noticed in him? See, he’s been a man to me, a little young man. He took care of home as a lil’ man, he did manly things that grown men did. He’s young but he got an old mindset because he been around older cats all his life. I’ve seen him develop from that, to transform into, ya know, I don’t even know how to tell you that shit, bruh. It’s some unbelievable shit just watching him develop. I can’t even put that shit into words, the way he transformed and how he’s become who he is today, but the shit happened right in front of my eyes. It was like magic. That’s sounds like the definition of fatherhood. So what’s the most important piece of advice you’ve ever given him? We always firm in God, that’s always first, but I always tell him no matter what, however things in life might be, stand up to it, whatever it may be. Don’t never bend, don’t never fold. Ya heard me, homie? That’s just life, we got mouths to feed, muthafuckas depending on you, so it ain’t no room to bend. And as far as the business, I always tell him just make sure you’re shit’s straight. Cause when I was young I made a lot of young mistakes and I don’t want him to make those mistakes because every mistake has a penalty and the penalty is a price. So I try to make sure all his shit is straight with all his acts and everything he’s trying to do. Cause I learned the hard way. When he was talking to Jay-Z, were you ever afraid he was going to leave Cash Money? Nah, I ain’t felt like it was going to happen. I never felt like it was gonna happen. Ma’fuckas trying to take that and twist that but I never felt like that was gonna happen. I mean, niggas come from a different cloth, ya heard me? We’re cut one way. I expect it from them fuck niggas, but I wouldn’t never expect it from my son. The thought of Wayne leaving to go to Def Jam never crossed your mind? I never felt that in my heart. As CEO of Cash Money records what’s the hardest part of your job? Um… really, I don’t really have a hard part as much as I used to when I was young. Right now, my shit is together. All my shit is together, more to my level of attainment. My whole thing now is reproducing new acts. As far as all our business, I’m straight, and that part is the most important, to have your business part straight. If your business ain’t straight, you’re just doing the shit for nothing, you’re all fucked up. What’s the biggest problem in your life right now, either personal or professional? My biggest problem is really just getting my shit back on track cause that Katrina shit kinda took a toll on my life. I had to move my whole family to Miami, and we cool in Miami, I love Miami but I love my home [in New Orleans] and I wish it wouldn’t have happened. It’s a day to day struggle with that, but as far as just living life, we got money, we ain’t complaining. Niggas just enjoying life, enjoying our accomplishments and we still rolling, but I wish none of that shit would have never happened. So speaking of enjoying life, I heard you and Kimora Lee Simmons had a little thing going on. Is that true? I mean, I just don’t put my personal business in the street, dawg. You might hear anything about me, ya heard me? Rumors start, and I don’t put my personal business out there, but if you see it you saw it, if you heard it, you might know, ya heard me? But in due time everything comes out. I respect you for that, but you know this is the sex issue, so I gotta ask you what females in the entertainment industry you wouldn’t mind givin’ it to? Kimora is definitely attractive, she’s the shit. She everything, ya heard me? She a very attractive ma’fucka, ya heard me? I don’t even wanna…

you know what it do, bruh. I feel you, so I saw the “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” video and you looked pretty swole, dawg. Have you been hitting the gym? Yeah, I been in there everyday, bruh. You know, I can’t be lookin’ all sloppy and shit. Okay, hypothetical situation, say you were gonna be in a porn movie, what would your porn name be? I’d never fuck with that type of thing! What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done to sleep with you? You know fans go far with shit, bruh. Ma’fuckas follow you from city to city with that shit, boy. But I’m an O.G., so I really don’t fuck with that like that. I give all them women they respect and I don’t put myself out there like that. Maybe when I was young I did a lot of wild shit, but now I don’t fuck with that shit. So, in your opinion, what part of the country has the sexiest women? I’d say the South because we like ‘em thick. That’s my kind of vibe, you feel me? Well, I used to like ‘em thick, I like ‘em slim now. What are your thoughts on safe sex? I mean you gotta do safe sex homie, if you care to live. That’s the way of the world right now, with these hoes; you never know what a muthafucka got. You got to protect yourself. In sex, or in life, or whatever, you gotta protect yourself. Man, I was watching Jay Leno a while back and Wayne was on there talking about some of your whips. I heard you have 50 of them, is that true? Probably about 20, 25, some shit like that. So, I know you’re an O.G., and you’re probably past this stage, but if you were to have to sex in any one of your whips, which one would it be? I fuck in all my whips. Damn, my fault, dawg. So which whip is your favorite to smash in? The Phantom. My wifey loves to fuck in my cars, so we fuck in all of ‘em. It sounds like you gotta good thing going. So, in your opinion, what are some of best rap songs to fuck to? “I Need a Hot Girl.” Okay, you got any other ones? Not too much our music, but really to me, as far as sex, I don’t be into all that shit. Why is the rap culture so overly sexual? You know, that’s all that pimpin’, bruh, it’s all about pimpin’. Okay, so moving from one controversial topic to the next, Gillie Tha Kid claims that he ghostwrote for Wayne. Is there any truth to that? Nah, man. It’s just really for some attention, man. I mean, how can you ghostwrite for Wayne? That’s unbelievable, man. That nigga say shit the mind don’t think, man. I wish that nigga [Gillie Tha Kid] would just get money and chill, man. Maybe the nigga would feel better, man. Ya heard me? So in your opinion, who is the greatest rapper alive? Oh, it’s hands down Weezy Baby, man. But we like that challenge, anybody that feels different, we like that challenge. Every year we prove it, and we gon’ put numbers up. This gon’ be the first year that you really see shit escalate. Where do you think Wayne’s place in rap will be in the future? He’ll always have his rap shit, but the nigga’s looking for other things too. We want to make other acts, too. Ya heard me? That’s one of our goals, he gon’ always be Weezy Baby. He’s gonna work hard at it, like any professional he’s gonna work real hard at it, but we want other acts. Another topic that I gotta have you speak on is Young Buck. He’s been mouthing off about you and Wayne supposedly doing gay shit on a tour bus. Do you care to address the situation? Who mouthing off? Young Buck. I mean, Young Buck can’t mouth off about us, man. He can’t say not a fucking thing about us, all I can say is the mouth is like an ass, anything come out it. The mouth is just like an ass, anything could come out it. 61


EXT N H T I W P U K H S LD HOO U O SMA H S E N Y A MEN LIL W now? Wayne holla at il L ld u o sh o h lange. W - reportedly - So to a n ri T to ea Niv He’s gone from x Lauren London

10 WO x Beyonce

Lil’ Wayne is infatuated with Jay-Z, and we don’t see this Solange thing going anywhere, so why not swing for the fence? The Rihanna rumors have caused Beyonce to ring the alarm, and it won’t be too long before Jayonce is headed for Splitsville. When things fall apart, Weezy should be right there to pick up the pieces. No one could upgrade Weezy to Jay-Z status better than the girl that had Jay crazy in love. Jigga will be just fine – he’ll probably go back to running bases like Juan Pierre.

x Kelly


If Beyonce is out of Wayne’s league, he can always settle for Beyonce’s #1 wig brusher. He may have a chance with Kelly. She’s been looking for a soldier with a gleaming grill that talks country slang for a while now. Weezy fits that profile, and he might be able to help Kelly rebound from that wack solo album with a “Crazy In Love”-type collaboration.

x Khia

What better way for Wayne to get back at Trina than to exchange fuck faces with the female rapper Trina despises the most? But still, going from Trina to Khia would be a major downgrade. After a breakup you’re supposed to date up, not down! We’ll give Weezy a pass, because this move is straight out of spite. As long as he doesn’t lick Khia’s neck, back, or crack!

x Keyshia


er // by Randy Rop

T.I.’s boo in ATL seems perfectly comfortable in the presence of rappers. Young Carter has been linked to Ms. London as a long-time friend, but maybe it’s time for Wayne to get half-crazy on her ass Musiq Soulchildstyle and ditch the “just friends” act. Wayne needs to get his acting on, and Lauren would be a perfect coach. They could spend their nights roleplaying as Rashad and New-New.

x Eve

Eve has done it all. She’s a successful actress, fashion designer, and a much better rapper than Trina ever will be. This pitbull in a skirt is the ride or die chick Birdman Jr. is looking for. He likes ex-strippers with a passion for rocking mics. With this Aftermath dime and Queen of Philadelphia on his arm, Weezy shouldn’t have any problems getting a Dr. Dre beat for his next album or walking the streets of Philly. Gillie who?

x The

Olsen Twins

If Wayne plays his cards right, he could bag both Mary-Kate and Ashley. They’re legal now, and a menage a trois with gorgeous twins is every man’s fantasy. A menage a trois with gorgeous twins worth $300 million is fathomless. This is a one and a billion opportunity, with these girls’ net worth Weezy might finally muster up enough balls to leave Baby and Cash Money. And with twins, Wayne could get head two at the same time without changing faces.

x Paris


She’s a ghetto songbird from Oakland, and he’s a project boy from N’awlins. This could be a match made in ghetto heaven, but only if Wayne could pry Keyshia away from Jeezy. Things might not work out with Keyshia, though. She’s seems stubborn and she might not want to say the “baby” when Weezy F. asks her to.

Wayne needs more publicity, and Paris Hilton has the paparazzi wrapped around her finger. A Wayne and Paris hookup would be on the cover of every tabloid in the country. As long as Paris doesn’t make Wayne rap on her next album (Fat Joe and Jadakiss should be ashamed) or film a night vision sex tape, this relationship would work wonders for Weezy F. Baby’s career.

x Hoopz

x Meagan

This one should be easy. Hoopz had her tongue in Flavor Flav’s mouth, so how could she say no to Wayne (or anyone, for that matter)? She’s been spotted with T.I., so she has a thing for rappers in their prime (sorry Flav, your time is up). But Wayne better hurry up if he wants to get a piece of Hoopz; her 15 minutes of fame is at about 14 minutes and 30 seconds.


She’s the next big thing in Hollywood. The only thing she’s missing is a Hollywood hookup to get the people talking. Good girls like bad boys. After watching Waist Deep, we know Meagan’s got a little thug in her. And since Meagan is a good girl, Wayne won’t have to worry about anyone catching her legs open and trying to smash that. Lil Wayne photo by Shannon McCollum; ladies photos by Ray Tamarra

62 62

10 Freakiest Artists of All-Time by Randy Roper 1) R. Kelly This list wouldn’t be the same without R. Kelly on top. We all know he’s the biggest freak in the game, no matter what he says. He tried giving his life to God and switching to making gospel-like music, but changed his mind faster than Mase, and reverted to his freaky nature. No other artist can take any topic (“You Remind Me of Something”) and turn it into sex (“In the Kitchen,” “Remote Control”) the way Kells can, that alone makes him the Freakiest Artist of All-Time. We didn’t even mention the sex tape. 2) Uncle Luke Luke Campbell is the freak of all freaks. No other artists had as much controversy over sexual lyrics and lewd conduct as Luke and 2 Live Crew. Uncle Luke’s Miami bass sound and booty music was Uncut before BET. Luke is the originator of the video hoe, and his shows aren’t just shows they’re “freak” shows. Anytime Luke is in the building, girls are inclined to be as nasty as they wanna be. It’s been 20 years since the release of 2 Live Crew’s debut album, and Luke can probably still get more ass than today’s chart topping rappers. 3) Too Short Too Short was pimpin’ hoes when most of today’s rappers were shitting their diapers. Short (along with Ice-T) have been credited with bringing pimping into hip-hop culture, and Short is the creator of the hip-hop catchphrase “Bee-yatch.” Short Dog is 16 albums deep into his career, and each album can show you how to be a player better than Bill Bellamy. 4) Lil’ Kim The Notorious K.I.M. by far is the freakiest female rapper of All-Time. From her introduction in the rap game, her femme fatale style took feminism into uncharted waters. In the mid ‘90s, songs like “Crush On You” and Junior Mafia’s “Get Money” made Kim the wet dream of countless male listeners, while paving the way for the female sexism of artists like Trina, Jacki-O, and Khia. She was the baddest chick before Trina, and many men would pay all Kim’s bills for five minutes with her magic clit. But they’d probably end up giving her oral while she watches cartoons. 5) Notorious B.I.G. Despite his unattractive appearance, Big Poppa was a sex symbol, and as freaky as they come. When it came to getting off, Biggie Smalls had no limits. His albums featured skits with talks of “shitting on a bitch” to arouse a partner, and dirty sex talk that should have been filmed and made available on DVD. Songs like “One More Chance” and “Fuck You Tonight” add to the idea that Biggie was a nasty boy. 6) Trina When Trick Daddy said there was “Nann Nigga,” Trina was right there screaming back there’s “nann hoe” like the Diamond Princess. From the outset, we knew a girl that would “fuck bout 5 or 6 best friends” and who was, “quick to deep throat the dick, and let another bitch straight lick the clit,” was destined to take freakiness to another plateau. But what do you expect, she’s from Miami. 7) Foxy Brown When Fox Boogie dropped her first album Ill Na Na in 1996, she took her spot right next to Lil’ Kim. Foxy was as nasty as she wanted to be. The only problem was she was 16, and there’s a slight issue with a young girl so seductive with songs like, “I’ll Be” where Fox spits, “Put me on a bass, and throw your face in it, fucker, Na Na, y’all can’t touch her. My sex drive all night like a trucker.” Little girl, shouldn’t you be in school? 8) Ludacris Anytime an artists’ first hit single is about licking women from their heads to their toes (“What’s Your Fantasy”), you have a freak on your hands. Throughout Luda’s career, his freaky persona Chris Lova Lova has made countless appearances. Whether he’s chasing pros in different “Area Codes,” “Pimpin’ All Over the World,” or making “Splash Waterfalls,” Luda is always ready to blow a back out. Also, hit appearances on freaky classics like Missy’s “One Minute Man,” Chingy’s “Holidae Inn,” and Lil’ Jon’s “Lovers and Friends,” have made Luda the go to guy for a freaky 16 bars. 9) Trick Daddy Trick came up under Luke and gave Trina the platform to flaunt her freaky stuff, that resume alone qualifies Trick Daddy Dollars as an all-time freak. But songs like “Sugar (Gimme Some)” and his new single “I Pop” further cement Trick’s position as Champion King Dingaling. 10) Pimp C 9 times out of 10, if a rapper has “pimp” anywhere in his name, he’s probably a freak. Pimp C is no exception. Pimp C isn’t one for sexual innuendoes, his lyrics are usually straight to the point. Sweet James Jones is one pimp that loves to “see that hairy asshole.”



Rappers Who Get No Ass

Rappers Who Get a Lotta Ass

T-Pain T-Pain looks too damn thirsty to accumulate a decent amount of ass. He is sprung one day and in love with a stripper the next. If he is gettin’ ass, best believe he’s paying for it.

Lil Wayne It’s still perplexing as to why Weezy has so many women in love with him, but maybe it’s because he claims he doesn’t have sex; he “makes love.” Then he whispers in their ear, “Please say the baby.”

E-40 He’s a hyphy hero, but if he ever leaves the west coast he’ll be trying to get to you and dat pussy for a long time. 40 is a cool dude, but he shouldn’t make songs about sex. It’s not a good look (put ya stunna shades on).

Shawnna- With as much head as Shawnna claims to get, she has to being giving up a lotta ass.

Chamillionaire Cham might be ridin’ dirty, but he’s just not the sex havin’ type. Can’t you just picture Chamillionaire growing a lizard tale and turning green right before he’s about to fuck? Three 6 Mafia These Memphis mongrels give ugly ma’fuckas a bad name. Even the little kids that played them in the “Poppin’ My Collar” video were atrocious. It wouldn’t be surprising if all the members of Three 6, past and present, were virgins before they became famous – except perhaps Juicy J. Lil Jon Lil Jon is that dude, but regardless of how much we like Jon, that taco meat that often grows on the side of face has to halter his level of ass attainment. Bizarre Bizarre says shit about fucking his grandmother in the ass. What kind of perverted, slug face looking muthafucka says shit like that? Even the most desperate girl should kill her self if she even considered fucking Bizarre. Remy Martin Remy seems like the type of chick that has to pay for sex from recently released prison inmates. Not that she’s ugly, but she is just so damn manly. She probably likes real soft dudes so she can whoop their ass. Bubba Sparxxx Groupies finally figured out that Bubba Sparxx is not Paul Wall. The surge of slutty sinners he once had is no more, leaving him at home on Friday nights masturbating to his “Ms. New Booty” video. Kaine from the Ying Yang Twins Have you ever seen that movie Leprechaun in the Hood? Kaine strikingly resembles that scary muthafucka and looks like he would frighten the fuck out of a girl in bed. Not only is he way too damn horny, but his music videos look like a scene out of Gremlins 2.

Jay-Z With Beyonce catering to him and Rihanna being unfaithful on his account, Jigga man stays getting a lot of ass. Jay-Z is at the point now where he gets that living legend type sex. It wouldn’t be surprising if Hov hit Danica Patrick after the “Show Me What You Got” video shoot. Lloyd Banks People commonly refer to Lloyd Banks as Blue Heffner. He’s always dressed in blue and according to numerous reports, Banks gets more pus’ than the warden of a female corrections facility. Farnsworth Bentley Despite what some people might say about Mr. Bentley, he’s got to be getting some major smash. The only question is whether he’s the giver or the receiver. T.I. It’s apparent that T.I. loves Tiny, but damn, you know dude is still fucking up storm out here. C’mon, wouldn’t you if you had it like Tip? Pimp C Pimp C was in jail almost four years, but best believe he’s still getting all the ass he can manage. Flavor Flav We all know Flav is deliciously hideous, but regardless, he is garnering more ass than any rapper in the game right now and it’s all because video hoes and aspiring porn stars know that fucking Flav leads to fame. Just look at Hoopz and Deelishis. Too $hort Any ma’fucka with a mind iperverted enough to think of the freaky shit Short Dog says in his rhymes has to be getting a whole lotta ass. His career depends on it.

Any rapper from Houston With the rapidly spreading rumor that an unknown Houston rapper is headed down the “die-slow” path of HIV, any girl ought to be scared to fuck with the H-Town homies.

Non Rappers Who Get A Lotta Ass Honorable Mentions:

Non Rapper Honorable Mentions:

Hoopz Her fifteen minutes was supposed to have already been up a long time ago; she must be fucking a lot of influential people to remain in the spotlight.

Oprah Oprah looks she fondles herself frequently without even realizing it, but don’t think for a second that Stedman is getting any, at least not from Oprah. Bobby Brown If he keeps fucking up, Whitney might never let him get some again. Kevin Federline If K-Fed is fucking he needs to be ashamed of himself. Britney fell off hard and Mr. Spears already has too many damn kids. Condoleezza Rice Condi is the most powerful woman in the world and she supposedly likes to have all the power in bed as well. Problem is, what sane man in his right mind would stick his dick in the devil? Terrell Owens He fell asleep in practice, attempted suicide, and hasn’t done well on the field this season; it sounds like TO is having major girl problems, which means he’s probably ain’t gettin’ no ass. 66

Jim Jones Apparently, girls like mean, dirty niggas who say goofy shit. Not only does Jones have every girl from Harlem to Hollywood obnoxiously screamin, “BAWLLIN’,” but it seems that he has an abundance of women who look at him like he’s the next Denzel.

Barack Obama Nothing attracts pussy like power, and Barack’s got a lot.

Terrence Howard Movie stars always have a lot of sex. T-Howard is now getting that Oscar winning ass and after Beyonce damn near caused him to explode on stage with the lap dance she performed at the BET Awards, Deejay (that’s the name) can’t settle for anything less than top shelf ass. Dr. Phil He’s Oprah with a dick. Desperate housewives all over America would love to get a piece of that bald head lovin’ and Dr. Phil looks like a horny old man who would much oblige. Dwayne Wade We know he seems faithful to his wife, but he won the NBA Finals MVP and he lives in Miami. Need we say more?

Rap Sex Dictionary By Randy Roper Sex slang in rap music changes most than sexual positions at a swinger’s party, so we thought we’d help you out with some sex slang definitions. babies n : sperm, semen, unites with female egg to produce offspring during reproduction, hence the children reference “She swallowed my babies.” beat up v : sexual intercourse, often times in a rough manner “I been there, done that. Knock the pussy out now she running back. I beat it up.” Young Joc brain n : oral sex, head. Karrine Stephen’s specialty. “Do you know who you playin’ wit? Wayne/Chillin’ like a scarecrow, looking for some brain” Lil’ Wayne cut n. : sexual intercourse. It’s not as bad as it sounds. “Can a nigga get in them guts/Cut you up like you ain’t been cut” Trillville

Cum Again?: The Gayest Rap Lines of the Millennium No, we’re not implying anybody on this list is gay; all we’re saying is that they just spit some gay shit. (No homo) “I’ve been lying my ass off, all this time me and Dre been fucking with hats off” -Eminem “I Think My Dad’s Gone Crazy” “When I met you I admit my first thoughts was to trick, you look so good huh, I suck on your daddy’s dick” -Biggie Smalls “Me and My Bitch” “Yayo, bring the condoms, I’m in room 203” -50 Cent “Piggy Bank” “Finger near a nigga’ asshole, like whoa!” -Black Rob “Like Whoa”

head n : see brain, or see Shawnna “Dis nigga yawn while he talkin’ so I knew he was red/And bout six in the mornin’ he forgot what he said and I was (gettin’ some head)” Shawnna

“I read somewhere I’m homophobic, shit/ go through the hood, there’s mad niggas on my Dick” -50 Cent “Ryder Music”

kids n : see babies “Oops there goes my kids all over your face.”

“Got a bill in my mouth like I’m Hilary Rodham -Ali G. “Grillz”

Laffy taffy n : see money maker “Gurl shake dat laffy taffy/Dat laffy taffy” Fabo

“I’m like J-Lo… going through niggaz” - I-20 “We Got”

Lollipop n : see brain. “Lick, suck, deep throat, stop, cough, hop on, hop off, lollipop off. I know it’s white, but here come the hot sauce.” Cam’ron

“I give this faggot a french kiss” -Jadakiss “Last Day’”

money maker n : A woman’s rear end; esp. used by strippers. Thrusting in front of ballers usually leads to rain. “Shake shake shake your money maker/Like you were shaking it for some paper” Ludacris

“When you awaken, your manhood’ll be taken” -Big Pun (R.I.P.) “You Ain’t A Killer” “Let’s eat and talk about all them niggas we cut” –Lil Wayne- “The Mobb”

pussy pop v : vaginal movement involving contraction and relaxation, strippers are skilled in this. See Ludacris’ video for “P-Poppin’” “Now she pussy poppin’, it’s goin’ down /Slap the waitress on the booty, tell her get another round” skeet v : release of semen during sexual intercourse, cum, nut. Unprotected sex may result in skeeting all over the place. “Y’all skeet skeet motherfuckers (Motherfuckers)/Y’all skeet skeet god damn (God Damn!!!)” Lil Jon. wet wet adj : extreme vaginal moisture, turns the best of them into minute men “Shorty got that fire she ain’t let me down yet/Got a Aquafina flow, call it wet wet” Young Jeezy



P The Greatest FuAGE 69 ck Songs of 20 by Randy Rope r

x Shawnna “Gettin’ Some”

Luda was right: Who would have thought a song about gettin’ some head would be all over the radio? DTP’s First Lady was all about women empowerment and the power of the P.U.S.S.Y. This Too $hort looped track had men everywhere ready to give Shawnna some oral satisfaction.

x Cam’Ron f/ Lil’ Wayne “Suck It or Not”

After the show, the party, and the afterparty the question is, you gon’ suck it or not? While Weezy was “chillin’ like the Scarecrow looking for some brain,” Cam’ron went to work with exact directions on how he likes his Lewinsky: “Lick, suck, deep throat, stop, cough, hop on, hop off, lollipop off.” Damn, Cam, anything else?

x T-Pain f/ Twista, Pimp C, Paul Wall, R. Kelly, MJG, and Too $hort “In Luv Wit’ a Stripper” (Remix) T-Pain got an all-star cast of freaky rappers and R Kelly to come clean and confess their love for strippers. Strip clubs are one of rappers’ favorite pastimes. No one wanted to admit that they loved a stripper until now. I guess rappers really do love them hoes.

x Akon f/ Snoop Dogg “I Wanna Fuck You”

Akon didn’t beat around the bush. No wining, no dining, no Ying Yang Twins style whispering, he was straight up “I wanna fuck you.” But Akon’s a singer, so he makes these words sound so soulful.

x Janet Jackson f/ Khia “So Excited”

Oh yes, Janet (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty) has rediscovered her sexy side. In this track, JD’s girl calls on Ms. “My Neck, My Back” herself for a little assistance with the nastiness. Janet slips in a few sexy lines that go unnoticed and Khia delivers her usual Florida-style freak lyrics on this JD-produced, Herbie Hancock-sampled track.

x Rasheeda “My Bubblegum”

Make no mistakes about it, this song is not referring to the type of bubblegum you get from a quarter machine at the mall. Rasheeda’s bubblegum comes in one flavor – peach - and it’s guaranteed to be juicy fruit.

x Young Dro f/ T.I. “My Girl”

Dro took the line, “My girl’s got a girlfriend” and made a banger with it. On this one, Dro and T.I. go back and forth about the perks of having a girl with a girlfriend down for the get down.

x Pitbull f/ Ying Yang Twins “Bojangles” (Remix)

At this point, it’s safe to assume any rapper from Miami is a damn freak. Pitbull does little to debunk this notion, teaming up with the Ying Yang Twins to tell the ladies how much they love to lick it, lick it.

Justin Timberlake f/ Timbaland “Sexy Back”

Despite the fact that you’ve probably heard this song, or references to it, more than your own voice over the last three months, it’s still a hot track! JT and Thomas Crown (Timbaland for all you non rap fans) really struck gold with this one (actually platinum), and now even little ol’ ladies are bringing sexy back. Renew the life insurance policy and whip me if I misbehave.

x Cam’Ron “Wet Wipes”

Wet Wipes, which are manufactured by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation has supposedly reported an immense increase in their stock prices since this Cam’Ron song hit the airwaves. With all the money Cam has made for them, you’d think they would throw him a little change, right? Nope. Well at least his song made our list.

x T.I. “Why U Wanna”

Don’t leave your girl around Tip. On this track the King of the South was smooth in his approach, but just like everyone else, he was just trying to hit that ass. You know how Tip does, he tells them what they wanna hear and doesn’t take “no” for an answer.


& Eric Perrin

x Yung Joc “Knock It Out”

There’s no subliminal messages in one of the hottest fuck tracks of the year. Mr. “It’s Goin’ Down” boasts on how he “beats the pussy up like an old beat machine” and likes all “kinda hoes, some go to Spellman, some dance with no clothes.” Plus, he is even nice enough to give ‘em Tylenol when their jaws hurt. What more can you ask for?

x Kelis f/ Too $hort “I’m Bossy”

Anytime you have Too $hort on a track, the song is going be at least remotely related to fucking. The always sexy Kelis proves once again why she has Nas so damn whipped. After watching this video we can’t even hate on the homie from Queensbridge.

x Lloyd f/ Lil Wayne “Want You”

Lloyd laces this track with unbelievable vocals reminiscent of something found in an old-school love song, and Wayne rips it well enough to preserve the sexiness of the track while still adding a rough edge. You could either fuck to this song or make love to it, it’s up to you.

x Remy Ma f/ Ne-Yo “So Good”

Remy may look like a hardcore chick, but she needs to get broken off too. She brought in Ne-Yo (a certified freak), and together they created one of the best Fuck Songs of the Year. If the label had shot a video for this single maybe Remy’s album wouldn’t have tanked.

x Trap Squad “Tea Bag that Hoe”

How can you not like a track when the first line is, “Drop them nuts all in her throat”? Though you’re more likely to hear this song playing on the opening credits of a porno than on the radio, it’s a hot song nonetheless.

x Juvenile “Rodeo”

This R. Kelly sampled track is a smooth follow-up to Juve’s 2004 smash, “Slow Motion,” although missing a Soulja Slim hook (R.I.P.) and a better video. Though it may have never topped the charts like Juve had hoped, it has definitely earned a spot on our list.

x Ludacris f/ Pharrell “Money Maker”

This lead off single was hot enough to secure Luda the “Number One Spot” on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Although this track is technically a club banger, lyrics like, “I just wanna take a little right on your curves, and get erotic giving your body just what it deserves” make this a great song to do more than just “bump to.”

x Nelly Furtado f/ Timbaland “Promiscuous”

Traditionally, this is not the type of song you would find in an OZONE list, but it was too hot not to make this years “Best Fuck Songs of the Year” list. And if you think about it, a promiscuous girl is nothing but an educated way of saying hoe, anyway.

x E-40 f/ T-Pain and Kandi Girl “U and Dat”

Fortywater had to bring his best Bay area slanguage to get that monkey, while T-Pain was “shaking, sticking, and moving” for it. And Kandi Girl popped up to ask the question, “What you gon’ do with this pussy?” Fuck around with Forty and he’ll “knock the breaks off that pussy.”

x Rick Ross f/ Rodney “Hit U From the Back”

Rick Ross broke down how he treats a lady before he puts her in his favorite position on this Runners-produced ode to back shots. Ross treats his women sort of like his cars; he’ll “hit it, hit it, hit it hard.” Believe that; he’s a big dude.

x Sean Paul f/ Keyshia Cole “Give It Up”

Don’t be fooled by the thick accent and the dance rehearsal in the video, Sean Paul was trying to bust something down and Mrs. I Should Have Cheated seemed game. That Jamaican accent always gets the girls horny.



The HIV/AIDS epidemic is con sistently


overlooked in th e rap communit y. What you do n’t know can hu rt by Maurice G. G you. arland


hen the news broke in 1995 that pioneering rapper Eric “Eazy-E” Wright had died from AIDS, it sent ripples throughout the Hip Hop and African American communities. How did a disease that was typically exclusively associated with gay white males claim the life of a seemingly invincible gangsta rapper?

“It’s not my place to tell people what they should or shouldn’t be doing, but it’s better to know and get treated than to be out here doin’ things and not knowing what’s happening. There’s a solution to every problem and if you catch things early enough it’s a lot better than if you let it go on without getting any type of treatment. I hear a lot of people say that they don’t want to know, but that’s not the way to think. A lot of things can be taken care of if they’re caught early on, and certain things that are not caught early enough can turn into more serious things. That’s just part of respecting yourself; respect your body.” – Pimp C “It puzzles me when you hear stories from fellas and girls where they talk about such-and-such getting pregnant [accidentally]. I don’t know how, in 2006, you can be having unprotected sex unless you have a loved one and you’re trying to have a baby on purpose. I don’t understand how people who we consider to be very smart people can just walk around fucking raw. I urge people to really, really, really protect themselves at all times. I see that shit on Maury Povich and fuckin’ Jerry Springer every day. If you hate the bitch and you don’t like her, what the fuck are you doing fucking her raw? And that’s the most disturbing thing I hear, cats having unprotected sex. And I happen to think there is bitches and hoes in the world, but for the most part there are intelligent women and smart sisters. As I get more and more mature, I’ve figured out that women run the world. Any revolution, the ladies fought for them. Anytime you see a nigga ready to die on death row, it’s a bunch of women outside with a candle. There are always women who’ll take on the president. They actually might be stronger than men, to be honest with you. So how these women allow these muthafuckin’ dudes to fuck ‘em raw? I have no clue. You should really, really be careful, and 100% of the time be protected. If something happens at that point, hey, there’s nothing you can do about it. But you should try your best to protect yourself. Nobody wants to talk about AIDS because everybody is scared of it. It’s the biggest fear in the world. Even if you’ve got a dude that you feel is your man and you trust him, you should still protect yourself even if you love the guy. Protect yourself because you don’t know if he is out there doing other shit.” – Fat Joe “I don’t know anybody that’s been affected [by HIV/ AIDS], but I bet I’ve ran across somebody or been associated with somebody that has it but I just didn’t know. I ain’t even scared, though. I watch myself on this road. I ain’t the type of cat to be wildin’ out, you know? You’ve gotta catch me drunk. Girls, you gotta catch me super drunk, and on top of that, you’ve gotta catch me super drunk without Adam [Favors] or my people around cause they’re gonna look out for me.” – Rich Boy

Fortunately, since Eazy-E’s death, the Hip Hop community has not lost another rapper to the deadly disease. Even though rumors surface every now and then, no rappers have revealed that they have been infected with it since Eazy’s death. But with the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting that African Americans account for 47 percent of the 1 million AIDS cases in this country and the overwhelming majority of rappers being of African decent, why is Eazy’s death the only point of reference relating to AIDS and Hip Hop? Could the lack of discussion be an extension of the black community’s failure to talk about it more? “Blacks are scared to speak on AIDS because its a touchy subject,” says Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B. “Plus that shit take chunks out of people’s families. Anything that hurts and haunts, blacks push it to the back burner.” A headcount or witch hunt for a rapper with AIDS would do nothing but cause strife and embarrassment, leaving the epidemic in its problematic state. However, one has to ask: With so much promiscuity being presented in rap music, where is the balance? In the late eighties and early nineties, Ice Cube (“Giving Up the Nappy Dugout”), Boogie Down Productions (“Jimmy”) and even The 2 Live Crew (“Who’s Fucking Who?”) had songs warning you about the ills of being reckless. But recently there haven’t been any hits promoting the use of condoms or sexual responsibility. “Conscious rap is something that people don’t want to hear,” says Snoop Dogg, who once quipped “ain’t no pussy good enough to get burnt while I’m up in it,” about the lack of songs addressing sexual responsibility. “But we as rappers still help as much as we can. I performed at LIVE AID. We do our part and we should be commended for that instead of being pointed at.” “Rap reflects the sign of the times, and people want to party right now,” adds David Banner. “I don’t think artists are afraid to make songs about it, it just don’t make money. Anytime a

rapper tries to do something about it, it [negatively] affects his career. Something bad has to happen before America listens to us.” Sometimes it takes something bad to happen personally to make something happen. “With my music I try to keep people aware of everything that’s going on in the community from AIDS to cancer to everything that effects blacks,” says F.A.B., who lost his father to AIDS in 1992 via intravenous drug use. “The sex in music will always be relevant but it’s up to the people participating in it to take responsibility for their actions. Be adult if you’re gonna be doing adult activities.” While there have been songs like Coolio’s 1995 hit “Too Hot” and movements including the AMAA initiative in South Africa to show that Hip Hop can, and is, being used to educate listeners about the dangers of unprotected sex, they are few and far between when compared to the music that dominates the airwaves. “I think the radio and record companies have changed the climate of rap,” says Banner. “They don’t support us enough to make records like that; we got to make hit records that cater to people.” While songs aren’t the only way to reach people, a group of artists including Common, Twista and Eve are using their celebrity, partnering with corporations and organizations to spread sexual awareness. One can only hope that the trend continues to grow. “I’ve always used my power in AIDS awareness, whether it’s traveling to Africa and doing a benefit concert in South Africa or going into the shanty towns,” says Hip Hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. “I’ve gone into the actual clinics and met the people who have AIDS. You have to do as much as you can do and speak out about it as much as you can and make it something you promote. We have the power and I definitely take pride in doing as much as I can do for that cause.” Of course, it’s preposterous to say that Hip Hop causes AIDS. That and other sexually transmitted diseases were here long before the Sugar Hill Gang advised disgruntled boyfriends to “switch and take her friend.” But with eleven years passing since Eazy’s death and the disease being reported at all time highs, the dangers of sexual irresponsibility and condom use could stand to be mentioned more frequently outside of the occasional “fill up the Magnum” reference. 71


ER: S O L C S E I M E OURutEhN Y c Perrin D N A E S ing sex. // by Eri av O L o C ab S k D in OURs yFouRshIoEuldNknow all about before you even th KEEP oY m enemie Ten bedro

Pubic Lice

Nickname: Crabs Population: An estimated 7.4 million new cases each year. What It Does To You: They infest your pubic area. The female crab can lay around 40 eggs at a time, twice daily. These eggs harvest and grow in the pubic hairs, hatching in ten days. Pubic lice cause irritation and constant itching, which becomes worse at night when the lice bury their heads inside the pubic hair follicles to feed on human blood. How You Can Get It: Having sex with an infested person, sharing clothes, sleeping in an infested bed, sitting on infested toilets, and a variety of other ways. What Happens Next? They will live, breed, and multiply until you seek help. Pubic hair must be fully shaved or combed with a fine toothed comb and the area must be treated with medicated shampoo or lice-killing cream. Lice can also survive in bedding and clothing, so these items must be treated and sterilized before use.

Trichomoniasis Nickname: Trich

Population: An estimated 7.4 million new cases each year. What It Does To You: Often there are no symptoms, especially in men. In some women it causes a thick and foamy vaginal discharge that is very smelly and yellowish-green in color. It can be somewhat painful and cause discomfort in the genital area within 5 to 28 days after exposure to the parasite. Men may have discharge from the penis or a minor burning after urination or ejaculation. How You Can Get It: Through unprotected vaginal intercourse. What Happens Next? Antibiotics can cure the infection. In women, Trich can cause complications during pregnancy.

Chlamydia Population: There are over 3 million new cases each year, the highest rates are among women aged 15 to 19. What It Does To You: There are no symptoms in most people who have it. Some women may experience vaginal bleeding when they aren’t on their period, an unusual discharge or pain during urination. How You Can Get It: Through unprotected vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. What Happens Next? Antibiotics can cure the infection. However, if it is not treated as soon as possible, it could leave you infertile. It also increases the risk of HIV infection.

What Happens Next? Antibiotics can cure Gonorrhea. This STD leads to an increased risk of infection of other STDs, including HIV. In women, the infection can spread into the uterus and fallopian tubes, which can lead to infertility.


Nickname: Genital Warts Population: An estimated 6.2 million new cases each year. At least 20 million people already have it. HPV is a viral infection with more than 100 different types of warts, 30 of which are sexually transmitted and can infect the genital area, both inside and out What It Does To You: It causes soft, itchy warts in and around the genital area (vagina, penis, testicles, and anus).These warts may appear weeks or months after exposure. Many people have no symptoms however, but are still very contagious. How You Can Get It: Through unprotected vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse. It can also be contracted by touching an infected area, even if the infected area isn’t noticeable. What Happens Next? There is no cure, but warts can be treated by medication or can be removed through other methods, such as painful laser removal. Even with such treatment, the virus stays in the body and may cause future outbreaks. In women, certain types of HPV can lead to cervical cancer.

Syphilis Population: About 70,000 new cases a year. What It Does To You: In the first phase, a single sore may appear on the genitals or mouth 10 to 90 days after contracting the disease. Many times there are no noticeable symptoms. In the second stage, several weeks after the first sore has disappeared, a variety of symptoms can appear, including a rash on the palms of the hands, feet, or genital area. Though symptoms may disappear, the disease is still present. If the disease gets to third stage, it will begin to cause damage to the brain, heart, and/or nervous system. In extreme cases it may cause death. How You Can Get It: Through unprotected vaginal, oral, or anal sex and also through kissing if there is a lesion on the mouth. What Happens Next? Antibiotic treatment can cure the disease if it’s caught early, but medication can’t undo damage already done.

Hepatitis B Population: Over 70,000 new cases per year.


What It Does To You: Hepatitis is an STD which infects the liver. Symptoms could include fatigue, aches, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, darkening of urine, or tenderness in the stomach. Jaundice, which is the yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes, can also occur.

Population: Approximately 700,000 new cases a year. The highest percentages of new cases are in women aged 15 to 19 and men between the ages of 20 to 24.

How You Can Get It: Through any form of unprotected sex including: vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse. In addition, sharing contaminated needles or coming in contact with an infected person’s blood, semen, vaginal juices, or saliva could also lead to infection.

What It Does To You: Most people infected have no symptoms. Those who have symptoms may experience a burning sensation while urinating, green or yellowish vaginal or penile discharge, anal discharge or discomfort. Women may experience pelvic pain and/or abnormal vaginal bleeding. Symptoms can appear within 2 to 30 days after infection.

What Happens Next? Most cases clear up within one to two months without treatment, during which time you should not drink alcohol until liver function returns to normal. Some people will be contagious for the rest of their lives. Hepatitis leads to an increased risk of infection of other STDs, including HIV. It could possibly lead to chronic, persistent inflam-

Nickname “The Clap”


How You Can Get It: Through unprotected vaginal, oral, or anal sex.

mation of the liver or even liver cancer.

Genital Herpes Population: Over 50 million cases already exist in the United States; an estimated 1 out of every 4 people in America has or will have Genital Herpes. What It Does To You: Genital Herpes outbreaks can occur frequently and cause inflamed, red bumps that turn into painful blisters or sores on the genitals. During the first outbreak, flu-like symptoms occur (fever, headaches, and swollen glands) Symptoms usually appear within 2 weeks of infection and take from 2 to 4 weeks to heal. How You Can Get It: By touching an infected area, many of which are unnoticeable. You can also get it from unprotected vaginal, oral, or anal sex. Some people may be contagious even when they don’t have any symptoms. Warning: Even the use of condoms doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get Genital Herpes.


* A person can be infected with an STD even if they have no symptoms. * More than half of all Americas will get an STD sometime in their life. * By the age of 25, 1 out of every 4 people will have already gotten an STD. * There are more than 20 STDs that can be contracted. * There are 75 million Americans (24% of the population) living with an incurable STD.

What Happens Next?: The virus lives in the nerve roots and keeps coming back for the rest of your life. There is no cure, but medications can help reduce the pain, itching and frequency of outbreaks. Medicine can also reduce passing the disease on to other partners.

* Americans spend $17 billion a year treating STD’s. STDs affect anyone regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or how much money you have.


* There are over 1 million people living with HIV and/or AIDS in America. (That’s more than the entire populations of Atlanta, and Miami combined).

Population: An estimated 40,000 people in the U.S. are infected each year, mostly through unprotected sex. Over 1 million people in the United States have HIV and an estimated 250,000 are unaware of their status!

* Almost two-thirds of all STDs occur in people younger than age 25.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

What It Does To You: Through all forms of unprotected sex including: vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse. It can also be passed through contaminated needles and breast milk. You can NOT get it through kissing, hugging or coming in contact with an infected person How It Kills You: HIV Slowly destroys the T-Cells in your blood that are needed to fight bacteria and disease, causing AIDS and crippling your body’s immune system to the point where even a common cold could kill you.

* Herpes, which causes painful blisters on the genitals, NEVER goes away! * There are 50 million Americas living with Herpes. * The more partners you have, the more likely your chances of getting an STD. * Most of the time, STDs cause no symptoms, especially in women.

Symptoms: Most symptoms take 10 years or longer to appear however some immediate symptoms may include unexplained weight loss, diarrhea, fatigue, night sweats, headaches, or severe or recurring vaginal yeast infections.

* HPV has been linked to cervical cancer in women.

What Happens Next? AIDS inevitably follows HIV and there is no cure for HIV or AIDS. Contrary to popular belief, not even money will save your life. Modern medical advancements have drastically extended the life expectancy of those infected with HIV, but cannot cure it. It is common for a person with the virus to take as many as 40 pills a day in order to prolong their life.

* STDs may be passed on to your unborn children. The baby can be permanently disabled or even die if untreated.


* Over 15 percent of all infertile American women are infertile because of an untreated STD.

* If left untreated, Syphilis will cause brain damage. * Blacks make up only 12% of the U.S. population but 49% of all HIV and AIDS cases in America.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

* Less than half of Americans ages 18 to 44 have ever been tested for an STD other than HIV/AIDS.

Population: Worldwide over 40 million people have AIDS, 90% of which come from third world countries. In America, over 1 million estimated people are living with HIV and AIDS

* 871 new Americas get HIV every week.

AIDS in America*: -Out of the estimated 1 million Americans living with HIV or AIDS, 250,000 are unaware of their status -African Americans are 6 times more likely to contract HIV than any other race in America. -Blacks make up only 12% of the U.S. population but 49% of all HIV and AIDS cases in America. -AIDS rates among Black women are 19 times higher than White women and 5 times higher than Hispanic women. -Black women are now the most likely group of Americans to contract new cases of HIV. -The leading cause of new HIV infections among Black men was sexual contact with other men. -Injection drug use is the 2nd leading cause of HIV infection in Black women and 3rd among Black men. - 73% of all infants born with HIV were Black. - Over 200,000 African-Americans have already died from AIDS.

* Many STDs can never be cured. * African-Americans are 6 times more likely to get HIV than any other race in America. * There are 250,000 people in America who don’t know they have HIV! * AIDS rates among Black women are 19 times higher than White women and 5 times higher than Hispanic women. * AIDS will eventually kill you. Information obtained from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Social Health Association, and The Kaiser Family Foundation.

* Statistics comprised from reports by The Kaiser Family Foundation, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Planned Parenthood Federation of America



RUMOR CONTROL There was a rumor going around that a Houston rapper gave AIDS to his girlfriend. Since you are a Houston rapper, do you have a comment on that? Aw, man, that was crazy. When I heard the rumor I knew initially everybody was gonna be [looking at] me because I was single and I be wildin’ out. I had to send in my [HIV test] results to the Allhiphop.com rumors dude. I had just took the test for my life insurance [policy] so I sent it in. Man, I had to get that out there. But on a serious note, do you have any advice to give our readers as far as getting tested? You gotta do that, man. It’s crazy out here; you gotta strap up for real. That’s like shootin’ yourself in the head if don’t strap up, cause there’s too much goin’ on out here. It ain’t like it used to be. You gotta strap up and take your tests. I’ve been hearing some stories about you and Gloria Velez. What’s that about? Gloria Velez, she’s a cool girl. I met her a few times. Ain’t nothin’ happenin’ though, we was just kickin’ it. You’re in LeToya Luckett’s new video. Are y’all back together? Nah, it was just a good look to keep the streets talkin’, you know? It was some good controversy, that’s all it was. I’m single. I’m too young, man. It don’t make sense to lay it down right now. We had a girl call in to the groupie confessions hotline about you a few months ago. Was the story true? I don’t remember it, but Mike Jones was sayin’ it was true. Were you a little tipsy, or what? I ain’t gonna say I did do it, but I ain’t gonna say I didn’t do it either. I don’t know. I don’t just be wildin’ out with the groupies, but you know, a lot of them girls is groupies so there’s no tellin’. - Words and Photo by Julia Beverly



Rap’s original pimp offers some suggestions on what to download to your iPod when it comes time to get your mack on:

Beyonce “Speechless” R Kelly “Come to Daddy” T.I. “Chillin’ With My Girl” Al Green “Simply Beautiful” Lil Kim & Too $hort “Call Me” Van Hunt “Seconds of Pleasure” David Banner f/ Jazze Pha “Fucking” Lil Wayne f/ Jazze Pha “Earthquake” James Brown “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” Ludacris f/ Bobby Valentino “Pimpin’ All Over The World” - As told to Maurice G. Garland (Photo by Shannon McCollum)



the new Flavor Flav show. I’m a little freak, I jack off to all them hoes. What are your thoughts on the HIV and AIDS epidemic? Aw man, that’s not a good look. It’s not what’s up. Everybody need to wrap it up. Its scary, its scary, its scare-eee! Have you ever been scared to mess with a fine female who was begging you to hit? Fucking right, looks is deceiving! A lotta niggas be gambling with these hoes, and these hoes fuckin’ up a storm out here. What position are you best at? I like a few different positions. I like it from the back, I like to get up under them, sitting on the dresser, ya know. I like a bunch of positions. What region has the sexiest girls? The South. I like everything about them. Ya know, girls from New York and shit, they be thinking they too much and they be harder than a nigga. In the South, they just fine and aww man, they lovely. Lovely! What can we look forward to from you and the Chopper City Boys? You know I got they album coming out. I got my independent project I’m working on. I just signed with Atlantic so I got a whole lot of shit going on. I’m in the studio now doing my new album. My album gon’ come out in March on Atlantic, T.I. executive producing it with me. Chopper City Boys album comes out in January and we going from that. Describe the worst sex you’ve ever had. Back in ’97 I saw the baddest hoe at the club and got her home and it wasn’t what the outside portrayed it to be. You be like, “Fuck!” And I done fucked some ugly hoes with the best pussy in the world, but some of them pretty hoes? Ya know. Okay, so when the sex is good, what’s the fastest you’ve ever busted? Like 30 seconds.


.G. has been a southern rap legend since before he could legally drive a car. The no longer “Baby Gangsta,” who first signed to Cash Money Records at age 12, has been defining the term “Hot Girl” and bedding “Project Chicks” since Clinton’s first term in office. Today B.G. proclaims that his “dick is tired,” and defers most of his groupies to the other Chopper City Boys, but at the age of 26, the 13th Ward, New Orleans hornet has a buzz greater than ever. With T.I. executive producing his new album on Atlantic Records, Gizzle is sure to sting the competition. How you want it? Show him his opponent. Have you ever paid for sex? Naw, I ain’t never had to. I might throw them hoes something just feeling sorry for ‘em but I ain’t never had to. If you had to choose between never having sex again or never earning another dollar again in life, which would it be and why? I wouldn’t get no pussy, cause I could still jack off. If you had to jack off to any female in the industry who would it be? I done jacked off to Tyra Banks before, I done jacked off to Deelishis from


A candid conversation with B.G.’s leading lady, Ms. Cynthia Dorsey.

Hey you win some, you lose some. So what was the age of oldest woman you’ve ever had sex with? I don’t even know, brah. When I was younger though, I had a few grown women molest me. [laughs] So since you’ve been a celebrity, what’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done to sleep with you? Aw man, she had to fuck about four of the niggas out the entourage first. Ya know, work her way up the ladder. What advice can you give to all the females reading this that wanna get in bed with B.G.? I done grew out of that. I let my Chopper City Boys have that. I’m more laid back now; I’ve been doing this so long and touring since ‘95. My dick tired. What’s your best physical characteristic? Just my swagger in general, ya know, my whole appearance. If you were a porn star, what would your porn name be? I wouldn’t. I can’t even think like that.

he was 12, but before then did he have a lot of girlfriends? No. He had one serious girlfriend.


What message do you have for all the groupie females out here you want a piece of your son? Go home and go to bed, cause it’s not worth it. I mean, it’s just a one night stand and he gon’ kick you out the door as soon as the night’s over with, you’re a groupie.

Why’d they break up? They just was too young, that’s what it was. Still in junior high.

Say you could pick any celebrity female for B.G. to have a child with, who would it be? Damn, that’s hard. It would probably be Mariah Carey.

Has B.G. ever brought a girl home that you didn’t approve of? Just about all of ‘em.

Dang, Mariah Carey? You really don’t want B.G. to be with a project chick. No!

So have you ever caught B.G. in action with a girl before? No, but he probably been in the house doing something while I was gone. People done told me about it when he was young.

Why is that? Because he always picks the ghetto hood chicks that are just as gangsta as him.

Do you give him advice about sex? Yes, I’m always telling him about safe sex.

I know he signed his first record deal when

Okay, so you don’t like the gangsta girls, what kind of girl would you like to see him with? Just a decent young lady, you know? No hood

What message do you have for the youth about STD’s and HIV? Just be careful and stop sleeping with different men. You’ve got to protect yourself.





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You were in our groupie confessions not too long ago. Was the story true? To respond to my groupie confession, everything was true except the part where she said she coulda stole my [jewelry]. I had all my shit with me, right by my bed. She called me, too, that same girl called me after that issue came out like ain’t nothing happen. Do you still fuck with her? Nah, one and done. I done slowed up now, though. When you first got on the road, you went buck wild? Yeah, I was wild, I was. What made you slow down? After a while, you get used to it. It’s the same shit. Anything that ain’t making you money, after a while if it gets in the way of that, it ain’t even important. There’s a few rumors floating around about you. Do you have one lady in particular that you’ve settled down with? I’m chillin’. I ain’t fucked with no big celebrities or nothing like that. Are there any celebrity women you’d like to get with? Nah. Them celebrity bitches, they too much [work]. Most of them look better on TV. But one advantage of a celebrity woman would be that she lives the life I live, so she would understand certain things better. What type of woman would you want to settle down with? Funny. Cute. Intelligence is always a good thing, and somebody that’s open-minded. One thing a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m goofy as hell, so I’d like somebody I could laugh and trip out with. Physically, I like ‘em petite with a fat old ass. Have you ever paid for sex? Not directly. But when you pay for somebody to fly somewhere or pay for a hotel room, you done paid for some. But handing over money for sex, like, “Here, I’m gonna give you this and you gonna give me some ass,” nah, I’ve never done that. What’s your favorite position? It depends on the woman’s attributes. I like a lot of head. I like it from the back cause I’m an ass man. What advice would you give to a woman when it comes to giving head? Keep your mouth wet and keep your teeth back. You just gotta lose yourself in it. If you don’t enjoy doing it, it ain’t gonna be good. You gotta have fun doing it. You can’t be giving head cause somebody wants it, you gotta give it cause you want to give it. What about returning the favor? What about it? [laughing] That ain’t no random thing. For me to lick anything, you gotta be a special lady. I know you’ve got a real sexy live show. What’s the craziest thing a groupie has done to try to get at you after a show? Really after the show, I be tryin’ to get outta there. My show is a little intense. I done came in the room to find women and I don’t know how they got there. Wild shit. Girls will meet me anywhere. I’ll go to the bathroom and there’ll be a girl in there. Let me think. A lot of that shit gets faded. It all blends together, basically. If you could have sex one place that you’ve never done it before, where would it be? I ain’t never really dreamed or fantasized about no one place, but it’s a lot of fun places you can have sex outside. Maybe in the middle of a football field – nah, I’m just fuckin’ with you. Let me think. I’m a wild boy, I done did a lot of things. Sex is fun in the car. I’ve done it in my old Chevy drop top. I ain’t got it no more. And outside, in a parking lot.

Have you had any embarrassing moments during sex? Nah, I ain’t never been embarrassed by nothing I did during sex. Do you have any weird fetishes? Nah, I just want some head and I wanna bust a nut and go to sleep. For real. A lot of women think cause I’m an R&B singer that I’m gonna make love to ‘em, but I can’t make love to everybody. Who do you think the gay rapper is? I don’t know who’s gay. I don’t know nothing about that? Have you ever videotaped yourself or taken pictures of yourself in the act? Ne-Yo had some pictures of himself getting head all over the internet. Would we find something like that if we hacked into your Sidekick? Nah, you ain’t gonna find no pictures of me doing nothing. I don’t think that’s necessary to look back at it. It is what it is. You know you’re getting head, so why you gotta look back at you getting head? You know you hittin’, so what do you need a camera for? I’m not a porn star, I’m a singer. It’s a time to be sentimental, but if we talking about sex, it’s just sex. The groupie confessions article said you were packin’. Yeah, I told you everything was true. What’s the difference between groupie sex and wifey sex? Groupie sex is sex and then you leave. We not gon’ lay up and do none of that extra shit. Sometimes, depending on the girl, you might want to fulfill a fantasy and make it good for them. But outside of that, it is what it is. With wifey, it’s whatever wifey likes.

up a lot of mytaking was “sex tired. think nigga a be time, leaving when i should .” pussy ing about about getting money thinking Are there differences in bed between different races? Yeah, it’s a difference, but I couldn’t really explain them. I’ve found that most Spanish girls are hella freaky. White girls are hella freaky too, but they just don’t have no rhythm so that don’t really be fun. Black girls is always good. Well, not always. [laughing] Most of the time. You get some girls that don’t know what they doing. I don’t know if they’re scared or what. I don’t think it’s their race, though. Some of them say, “This is my first time doing this.” So you’ve popped some cherries? I mean, if they say it’s their first time, you don’t always know if it actually is their first time. Some girls be lyin’, straight up groupies talkin’ about “it’s my first time” but when you ask the next nigga, he hit it three months ago. Have you had any group sex experiences? The most was three women. That was wild. They ain’t even know each other. Two of them was together and the other one met them at the room. I told them they could either be with it or leave. Somebody had to watch. Do you prefer a more aggressive girl or one you’ve gotta chase? Depends on how I feel. Sometimes you wanna chase, sometimes you want a women who’s gonna tell you what it’s gonna be.

How old were you when you lost your virginity? I think I was 13 or 14. I ain’t gonna tell the whole story, cause somebody might read this and get in trouble.

Do you get tested regularly for STDs? Any advice for our readers? You should get tested, for real. I pack my condoms every time [I go on tour]. Every time I leave the house my mama puts a 12-pack [of condoms] in my bag. Outside of being safe during sex, you’ve gotta get tested regularly if you gon’ be having sex like that. Just be safe, for real. Like I said, I done slowed down a lot. A lot of the stuff I said [in this interview] is old shit. Sex was taking up a lot of my time, leaving a nigga tired. Thinking about pussy when I should be thinking about getting some money, for real. Like they tell you in school, for real, the safest way to have sex is to do it less. The less sex you have is the only way you can stay safe. Nowadays there’s so much shit going on that you ain’t got no control over. She could be the baddest bitch in the world but dirty as hell.

Do you normally fuck with younger or older women? Usually my age or older. I usually attract older women, I guess because of my demeanor. I do like older women, because they already know what it is as far as sex goes. You’ll find that the older women are peaking sexually.

Your new album comes out in March? Yep, Trey Day. It’s a lot of sex on the album. A lot of babies will be made to the album. I’m just musically challenging myself as well as other dudes to step their game up. I’m testing myself with what I can do vocally.

What city do you think has the best women? Houston and Atlanta. It’s a lot of women out there the way I like ‘em.




erson thhatathI’asm marry aspab “I didn’tpec ut w st tion o, an d mo erson false ex d ta who I am p ar about an ’t m rygeain tly, I didento to an importan ch ould havrent.” that I win someth g diffe You commented in a previous interview that a lot of rappers are hiding, doing “gay” things. By “gay,” do you mean homosexual or what? I mean homosexual. But let’s clear it up. There’s nothing wrong with being gay if that’s what you are, but there’s something wrong with being in the closet. There’s something wrong with being a gay basher and then behind closed doors you’re playing with boys and letting boys play in your booty. Are you speaking about anyone in particular? Do you have a theory on “the gay rapper”? Nah, I’m not speaking on nobody. Unless I see it with my own eyes, it can’t be true, right? But they know who they are. They’re in the closet. They’re out here tryin’ to get with the ladies but that’s just a smokescreen, cause they’re really in the room having sex with their manager and playing with their hype man on the side. Eventually that’s gonna get out. If that’s what you are, come out of the closet and let us know. I can deal with you on a better level if I know what you’re about. If you come around me talking about “I hate them gay people” but you’re in the closet, that’s wrong. See, I’m not homophobic. A lot of gay people buy my records because I never gay bash. UGK has never bashed anybody gay. Just be what you are. How can you do anything that you’re ashamed of? I don’t do things that I’m ashamed of. I don’t do things that I’ve gotta hide in the closet to do. If I gotta hide to do it, that means I don’t need to be doing it, right? We know who you are. If you wear makeup and dress up like girls in the room and let them girls hit you with the dildo, you’re gay, boy. In a lot of your rhymes you talk about puttin’ it in a woman’s asshole – What’s wrong with it? Make no mistake, though, anything that a man does with a woman is cool in my eyes. A woman’s ass and fucking with a nigga is two different things. I went to prison for four years, and at no time in jail did a nigga’s ass ever look like nothing that I wanted to deal with. An ashy man can never be like a woman. He might dress up and look like a woman, but he ain’t no woman. Yeah, I’m not talking about the gay stuff anymore. But what’s the fascination with a woman’s asshole? I want something that they ain’t giving to everybody else. Let me get something special, yeah, let me knock you off. Some people are with it, some people aren’t. Different strokes for different folks. Some people are 78

all the way wit’ that, and it disgusts some people. Either way, it’s cool. Is that a requirement to fuck with Pimp C? Naw, man. I’m really a square. I’m not out here tryin’ to be no porno star. I don’t really be giving my dick away to nobody, man. I’m really on some tryin’-to-get-some-money and work-work-work shit. It’s just entertainment. But hey, man, if that’s your thing, then do your thing. I just talk about what the other niggas don’t talk about. There’s a whole lot of these broads that like to get hit in the ass, but they might be scared to tell you. I heard you’re working on a porn? I’m not gonna be in the movie. I want to executive produce the porn. We’re on our way to do that now. We got the girls in line and we tryin’ to find the guys. Porn is a multi-billion dollar business. People like porn. You can’t dispute that they like it. People are fascinated with what they want to see, and they live out their fantasies through other people. If they wanna get on the internet and pay $19.95 to have a girl tell them what to do, I’m gonna serve them that, and let ‘em do they thing. As long as ain’t nobody getting hurt and everybody’s a consenting adult, ain’t nothing wrong with it. So porn is more of a money thing for you than anything else? Yeah, it’s a money thing to me. It’s space age pimpin’. I want some paper. It can’t be nothin’ but money with me. The only thing that makes me jump is money. You have a rhyme that says that pimpin’ has moved to the internet. It has, hasn’t it? A lot of the prostitutes are soliciting through the internet now. People are going to the websites and seeing what they want to see. And they can actually type in the things that they want to get involved with. They get on pages where they can meet people that are down with what they’re down with. The whole world’s gone cyber-crazy. Everything is computers now with sex. You’ve gotta evolve with the times. What about you? Do you send out freaky emails and text messages? No, I’m personally not a freak. I can take it or leave it. That’s not my thing, but I know a lot of people who do. Do you think prostitution should be legalized in the United States? I don’t think that many people would indulge if it was legal. Part of the

excitement is doing something wrong. I don’t know the answer to that question. I’d have to think about it, but I know it’s the oldest profession in this country. And a whole bunch of squares sittin’ up there in Congress and in the Senate and in the White House are indulging, believe that. You’re married, aren’t you? Yeah, I’m married. I think any successful man over 30 years old that’s not married should ask himself a question about why he’s not. I got kids. I’m a family dude. Do you think it’s difficult for your wife and kids, having a husband and father that’s on the road a lot? And being famous you have a lot of women that will do whatever you want – do you think that puts a strain on the relationship or is there enough trust there that it’s not really a factor? It’s extremely difficult. Anytime you’re absent it puts a strain on things. Fortunately, though, I didn’t marry no square. I didn’t marry a person that has false expectations about what I’m about and who I am, and most importantly, I didn’t marry someone that I would have to change into something different. And she’s not tryin’ to change me into something different than I am or the person that she met. I think the mistake people make is getting wit’ folks and thinking they’re gonna change them into what they want them to be later on. That’s not reality. In my case, my wife ain’t no square. You can’t run any type of game on my wife. She ain’t gon’ fall for the okey-doke, you know what I mean? A mouth can say anything. The devil is a liar. When you do shows, do you have groupies coming up and saying crazy things to try to get with you? People don’t really talk to me crazy. I think real recognize real, and folks are gon’ try you on every level. They’re gonna see how far they can go with you. I don’t really have no wild stories about nobody coming at me sideways. And you know, life is a buffet table. Just cause it’s layin’ out there on the table, you aren’t gonna eat everything out there, are you? You’ll get sick, right? How do you decide which plates to try on the buffet table? As far as I’m concerned, I’m not even in the game. I’m like the square guy, and again, I’m not no freak. Even when I was in the game, I wasn’t tryin’ to have no ménage a trios and all that type of shit. I’m not tryin’ to wake up in the room with three or four people. I never was no superfreak type of dude. I’m pretty much a normal guy. That might sound boring, I know. No, but people might have those expectations of you because of things you talk about on your records. Yeah, but even from my name, if my name was true in the sense of the word “pimp,” it ain’t about layin’ up. The women are supposed to get their rocks off with the trick, man. It’s really not about that, and in my case, I’m not a pimp. I’ve never been a pimp and I have yet to meet a bitch who’s pussy can make enough money to sustain my lifestyle. I have $200,000 on my neck. I haven’t met a bitch who’s pussy can sustain this jewelry game I’m putting down and this car game that I’ve got. If there is one, I want to meet her! At the end of the day, all the pimps that I know are really tryin’ to get out of that game and tryin’ to get into something legal. And the drug dealers I meet are tryin’ to get out of the drug game and do something legal cause they’re tired of looking over their shoulder. Do you think prostitution is degrading to women and exploiting them, or do you think they make the decision themselves? It depends. If a woman is with a man and she’s giving him her all and she’s giving all her money to him and she isn’t seeing anything in return – she’s not living in a nice home, she’s not having progress in her life, she’s not getting taken care of, things are not happening for her, she’s wearing Payless shoes and he’s wearing Louis Vuitton – there’s an imbalance there, don’t you think? That’s wrong, that’s not what it’s supposed to be about. It’s not supposed to be about one person prospering and the rest of the people doin’ the work and being dirt poor, being all the way broke down. [A pimp] is supposed to manage their money. A lot of folks don’t know how to pay their own bills and don’t know how to save their money, so they need a motivator to make them get out there and get it. If you’re goin’ out there and gettin’ it, if you a broad that makes a thousand dollars a night and you work six or seven nights a week, that’s $6,000 or $7,000 a week. If you’re wearing Payless shoes and this dude is driving a Rolls Royce and wearing hand-cut suits, it’s an imbalance there. And let’s be clear about something right now: pimpin’ ain’t got nothing to do with no violence. Any man that’s got to put a hand on a woman, he done ran out of shit to tell her. The only time a man uses their hands is when they brain and they mouth aren’t working with one another. A good pimp don’t have to use his hands with a woman. I don’t hit no women. The

only broads I ever hit was broads that hit me first [laughs]. What do you think is the key to controlling a woman’s mind? I couldn’t tell you that, cause I’m not a woman and I’m not a mind controller. My thing is, if a woman is risking her life every day and goin’ out there and [selling pussy], she should be living in a comfortable place. She should have the best clothes money can buy, and her kids should be in a private school and well taken care of. If you wearin’ hand-cut suits, she should be wearin’ mink, man. And if you ain’t learned that part of the game then you not really in it at all, are you? At the end of the day, that’s not just a broad that’s workin’ out there, that’s your woman. You’ve got to let her know that she’s your woman, no matter what lifestyle you’re in and what you’re doing. If she don’t feel special, you’re going to blow her. She goin’ to move on. It might not be this year, but it’s going to happen. The misconception is that the [pimpin’] game is “cop n’ blow.” Get a broad and hold her and just blow her. But that’s not the game. The game is not “cop n’ blow.” The game is cop, lock, and get her to sock it to your pocket and give her something in return that she can hold on to. You asked me if it’s degrading? It can be, yeah, if it’s done the wrong way. But I got more respect for a woman that gets some money to have sex and protect herself than a woman who falls in love with a new nigga every year and fucks with no rubber and at the end of the month calls the nigga talkin’ about give her some money for rent. Bitch, you just a hoe deferred. I’ve got more respect for a call girl and a prostitute than a bitch that’s dancing in the club for dollar bills; a bitch that only goes to work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the broad just smokes weed in the house and don’t work. If you dancing for dollars and showing everything you got for some dollar bills, you garbage. You a hoe, you just ain’t out on the stroll. I’m gonna name some celebrity woman and you can theorize what they would be like in bed – I don’t think that’s a good thing to do. That’s not fair to them, cause if I don’t know them, it would be hard to tell you what I think. And you need to print that I wouldn’t do that. And another reason is that some of these ladies that you name might have relationships with guys that I know, and it would be disrespectful for me to talk in a sexual way about one of my friend’s wives or girlfriends. I think it’s a very disrespectful thing for men to lust over their friends’ or associates’ women, even after a woman is not with a man anymore. If she was with a guy that you are associated with, it is against all morals for you to have a sexual or any type of relationship with that woman. Do you agree or not? I agree, but it’s funny that you would have a moral issue with that but you don’t have a moral issue with prostitution. Prostitution is not personal at all. You don’t think sex is personal? It depends on the way it’s done and the expectations that are put on upfront before it goes down. If a woman knows that she is a prostitute and that man knows that he is a trick and they know that they’re doing business with each other, what’s the difference between that and sellin’ somebody drugs? All you’re doing is providing a service that’s going to be provided by someone, regardless. You have a young daughter, right? When she gets to an age where she’s starting to learn about sex, what do you plan on teaching her? I would hope that my daughter would at least get with a man that’s on my level or above my status in life. If she gets anybody that’s anything close to how I am, she’s gonna be alright, cause I’m one of the most respectful people you could ever meet in person on a one-on-one level. My records is not my place to try to raise people. I don’t try to be nice on records. I’m Pimp C the character on records, but that’s not how I treat people in the streets. I’m really a respectful dude til you rub me the wrong way. I’m gonna lace my daughter up to know the difference between a real dude and a fake. I want her to understand when somebody’s tryin’ to run some fugazi game on her and when a person is being genuine with her. Make no mistake, though, you can’t be naïve. Kids are gonna do what we did as kids and they’re gonna experiment. So I’m gonna lace her up and let her know, if you’re gonna do this, do it this way. Know that if you’re gonna do this, this is gonna be the outcome. When you do get in a bind and get in trouble, come talk to me cause I’m not gonna be the judge and jury. I’m going to be your father and help you through it. The problem is, a lot of times parents get demonized because if you go to them and tell them what’s going on, the parents look down on [their kids]. You can’t do that because then they’ll freeze you out and won’t tell you what’s going on in their minds. I’m not sayin’ that it’s good for you to be your kid’s friend, where they can play with you, but you need to be on a level where they can talk to you or you’re not gonna be effective in their life. 79



Okay, so you seem to know what you want sexually, but what is your least favorite thing about sex? If I don’t get mine it’s like, what the hell was the point, what was the purpose? That’s very important. In your opinion, what region of the country has the sexiest men? It’s between the South and the East coast. Southern dudes, they’re real sexy and they have their own type of thing going on as far as the countryness of them, their slang, and the way they get down. But up North dudes, especially the Uptown Harlem dudes, they got that sexy, straight thug ass, gangsta kind of vibe to ‘em. My thing is just, I like a real confident, stand alone type of nigga who ‘bout they business, and thuggish, and know how to treat a woman. What’s the most essential element in having good sex? In other words, what makes good sex great, in your opinion? It’s really good when you’re doing it with somebody you love. I like emotion, I like intensity, I like grabbing and yanking, all that. Grabbing and yanking, wow? So what’s your favorite position? Wow! You’re really asking some questions. Positions? I like ‘em all. As long as I can bend that way. [laughs] If you could have sex in one place that you’ve never done it before, where would that be? I’ve fulfilled all my fantasies. I’ve done everything I’ve wanted. Okay, since you are known as the Georgia Peach, I gotta ask you, in what ways do you compare to an actual Georgia peach? I’m just so round and sweet and scrumptious and delicious and juicy. I’m full of flavor. In your opinion, what is your best physical feature? Besides my face? [laughs] My legs.


ot since Adam ate the forbidden apple has a fruit been as sinfully tempting as this Georgia Peach. Rasheeda has made Atlanta her lyrical Garden of Eden and doesn’t plan on letting any snakes impede her path to paradise. The provocative lyric purveyor has made a name for herself as one of ATL’s sexiest female emcees. Bestowed with lustfully luring lyrics, ‘Sheeda the seductress is full of flavor and she knows you want a taste of her Georgia Peach. Rasheeda, how have things been? What have you been working on lately? Everything’s been going pretty cool. It’s a hard business being independent and being a female. I’ve been taking everything in stride and trying to keep it moving. Right now I’m totally independent and looking to make some good decisions and get out here and shoot the video to the new single, “My Bubblegum.” How important do you believe sex appeal is to the success of a female rap artist? Something that I’ve learned over time is that women are sexy. They’re looked upon as being sexual. People want to see something that is sexy or something that is appealing. And when it comes to women emcees, I feel as though we have a choice of how far we wanna take the sex thing, but as a woman, you have to get out there. We have to do things that are not only appealing to men, but to other women [as well] and sex is a universal thing. As a female emcee, I just try to come in and talk about the things that I can relate to that are sexy, and I try not to take things to far because that’s not me. Are there any sexually related topics that you won’t speak on lyrically? There’s not anything I would say that I wouldn’t speak on, but my thing is that I try not to be down right, flat out nasty about shit. You know what I’m saying? When I talk about certain things and express certain things, I try to keep it in a classy sense. You’re known to have a lot of descriptive, sexy lyrics, but in your opinion, what is the sexiest lyric you’ve ever delivered? I have two. One of them is, “Sometimes you gotta direct them like traffic / I don’t come quick, but when I do, it’s fantastic!” And the second one would be, “First things first, I Sheeda / Fuck around wit’ no man that won’t eat her.”


Can you talk a little bit about your thoughts on unsafe sex and HIV and AIDS? Honestly, don’t be out here having unsafe sex, period. People don’t tend to think that it’s a serious issue because they don’t think it happens in their own backyard, but let me tell you something, black people make up something like 70% of new HIV cases and that’s not a good look. Unfortunately, the bad thing about it is that’s its something we could prevent. Instead of being just caught up in the moment, think about your kids or future, or your could-be kids, cause you could be laid up in the hospital somewhere dying of AIDS just for a minute, or a couple of hours of pleasure, it’s stupid. People need to be safe, wrap it up and be cautious about what they’re out there doing. A lot of times in the rap world, young, naïve girls are used just as semen receptacles for male rappers and entourage members. What advice can you give to the young girls who go out here and have sex with rappers just because of their status? It’s real unfortunate because it’s so evident and it’s gotten worse and worse. The funny thing to me is that, what these women don’t seem understand, honey, is that these men have wives. The majority of these dudes are married or in committed relationships. So all you gon’ get out of it is some sex. And if that’s what your goal is, then that’s you, but at the end of the day you’re not having any respect for yourself. I don’t understand why a woman’s goal in life would be to sleep with these rappers who don’t give two shits about you. As a sexy female rapper, you probably have a lot of male groupies. Do you consider male groupies to be worse than female groupies? To me, male groupies are worse. With niggas, it’s always like “Damn, shawty. Lemme eat that peach, shawty!” You know, you don’t even have to come at me like that. That’s a turn off. Just say, “What’s up?” Okay, you briefly mentioned your turn-offs, but what turns you on? Men that are in shape, you know, have a nice body. But really just like, a nice swag, the way you carry yourself, all of that is just a big turn on to me. And sexually, somebody that knows how to caress and touch you in the right places and kiss you in the right places, that’s a big turn on. If you had to choose between never again having sex in life, or never again making another dollar, which would it be and why? I plan on having more kids, and I wanna have a family. I could do without the dollars cause you could cut me a check. [laughs] Plus, my mate should be able to hold me down anyway. I gotta have the sex.



somebody, so nah, I ain’t never got into the muthafuckin’ sex tapes. So nobody’s gonna make any money off me. I’m sure you’ve been getting some interesting voicemails and text messages since you’ve started to blow up. Yeah, I get them pretty often. I get the ones where they leave messages of them playin’ with themselves. I get some in-depth voicemails, and I get some in-depth coverage at the shows too [laughs]. It’s been good. Do you ever call back? No, I’m in love with money. Sex is sex but I’m in love with money. Somethin’ like you; I think we probably some kin. I get off on paper, I don’t get off on that. But judging from your song “I Wanna Fuck You,” it sounds like you get off on both. I definitely get off on both, but me personally, I prefer cash over pussy. You’re kind of a short dude. What are you, about 5’5”, so [laughing] I’m good. I’m straight. According to your groupie confessions, [my size] was alright. You said the groupie confessions wasn’t true though! Nah, nah, I ain’t gonna pick parts and say that some was true and some wasn’t. Ain’t none of that shit true.


e had a groupie confession about you a few months ago. Yeah, I heard about that. It wasn’t nothin’ about that interview that was true. That’s some crazy shit to me; muthafuckers wake up one morning and [make some shit up]. I ain’t got a problem with it cause everybody is attracted to success, so fuck it. So as you get more successful, have your groupies been improving? I don’t really call ‘em groupies. I just call ‘em muthafuckers who looking for opportunities. I can’t be mad at somebody who’s tryin’ to do better for themselves. I don’t really look at ‘em as goupies, straight up. What type of opportunities do they get? From what I hear, some muthafuckers get a couple dollars. Some muthafuckers get a fun time. What about you? What opportunities do they get from you? Oh, I ain’t got no groupies, like I said. It’s just muthafuckers lookin’ for opportunities on my end. I’m a very chill dude, so that’s it. Who are some celebrity women that you’d like to hit? I ain’t got no hit list because I don’t do free promotion, for niggas or broads. Off the record I’d probably tell you, but on the record, no. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? Aw, man, I’m a freak. I’m a habitual freak. I’m definitely out there, so it just depends on the situation. I’m a however-you-can-get-it type nigga. It don’t really matter. If it’s a spur of the moment type thing, if I can get off, let’s do it. A lot of people think rappers just spend all their time fucking – do you think they fully understand what your daily schedule is like? No, I don’t think most people do. Especially when you get to a certain level, it’s a corporate game at that point. And on my end, it’s not about what you see in the videos. That’s what people use to sell records and to glorify situations. On my end it’s about getting a paycheck every day when I wake up. My grind won’t ever stop. Besides music I’ve got a whole different grind. Music is just one grind. Most muthafuckers that get involved in this rap shit, they just make music they like. Music ain’t my life. What’s the difference between a woman you would just fuck with and a woman you would wife? One you fuck raw and one you don’t. On my end, I think it’s about longevity. I don’t think nothing is happening overnight. When it comes between women and broads, I like a muthafucker that can stand on their own. Anything I do for them is extra. Anytime I’m dealing with someone like that, they’ll last a while with me. Have you ever videotaped yourself? Nah, nah. I ain’t got no sex tapes. I always knew someday I was gonna be

What are some of the crazy things girls have done at your shows? I get the no-panties-in-front-of-the-stage thing, and I get a lot of panties thrown on stage. I had a show in Daytona where a muthafucker didn’t have no clothes on. Like, no shoes, nothin’. That was probably the wildest one, in Daytona. Does that turn you on or does it make you hesitant to deal with somebody that’s that aggressive? No, but it’s good for show purposes. It’s good for DVD material, but as for me, it don’t get me off. Do you like a woman that chases you down or one that you have to chase? I like a freak, man. Like I said in one of my songs, I don’t like a quiet fuck. I’m into the whole verbal sex thing. I don’t like a quiet muthafucker. Quiet muthafuckers aren’t good for nothin’ but going to church. I like somebody that’s all the way out there with it. What’s the wildest thing a woman has said to you in bed? Damn, that’s a good one. You fucked me up with that one, JB. I don’t know. Well, what’s the wildest thing you’ve said? [laughing] For real, if I could think of something, I’d tell you. You just really caught me off guard with that one. Were you thinking of one particular experience when you wrote the “I Wanna Fuck You” record? That was the concept of the record, and it was an ideal situation to me. It turned into “I Wanna Fuck You” and I think everybody feels like that. All my music is definitely from experience, so to answer your question, it was definitely from a direct situation. How old were you the first time you had sex? I was probably about 12. When you’re in the hood – I got lil’ cousins and shit that are about 13 or 14, and they know more about sex than most people. I think it’s different now. When you go hood to hood and suburb to suburb, muthafuckers are crazy now at 13. They’re getting pregnant at 13. I definitely remember the situation [the first time] I had sex. I stole myself some pussy. One of my little homegirls and my mother was down in Jacksonville. My mama went in the store and I caught myself stealin’ the pussy. We was hunchin’ and she had her panties on. I think I had my drawers on, but I ended up rubbin’ up against her and the rest of it was what it was. Do you get tested for AIDS and other STDs on a regular basis? Any advice for our readers on getting tested? Yeah, in terms of keepin’ yourself up in general. I mean, I’m a heavy drinker, which is not the best for me. But in terms of hygiene and safe sex, that’s important, man. That 30 minutes [of sex] ain’t worth your life. I’ll tell that to anybody who’s willing to listen. I ain’t gonna try to force my ideas on anybody, but if you’re out here in the streets, that’s huge, man. That’s important. 81


feel very comfortable. We’re very laid back and our accent is cute. I hear that a lot. Describe your ideal romantic, sexy setting? A nice dinner restaurant, with good, good food and candlelight. Just a cute little spot overlooking the water, with nice music playing in the background and a real handsome man in front of me. One with good conversation, not no brick. So what kind of music do you listen to when you’re trying to get in the mood? Do you ever listen to your own music at all? Nah, that’s awkward. I just listen to some nice R&B music, maybe some Teddy P, Bebe, or some Luther. That’s that old-school love making music. So what is the best part about being a sex symbol and do you enjoy being looked upon with lustful adoration? [Laughs] I don’t know, that is so crazy. I focus on natural beauty and letting the beauty in the inside shine through more than your outer beauty. So what are your biggest turn-ons, what do you find sexy? Personality! Also, a man that has real strong relationship with God. You know, a down home dude that ain’t afraid to be emotional, and I don’t mean some dude that’ll be crying his eyes out all the time, but I’m just thinking somebody that can open up and express themselves. That’s real sexy to me.




eToya Luckett is not your average R&B diva. The down-home HTown chick has a girl next door type of demeanor and refuses to let fame tarnish her character or compromise her morals. Despite the fact she is a gorgeous, world famous, Grammy winning singer and songwriter who was the first artist on Capitol Records to have a number one selling album on the Billboard Top 200 chart since MC Hammer in 1990, LeToya remains a humble hummingbird, blessed with a beautiful voice and matching personality. For our annual sex issue, Ms. Luckett speaks to us about her break-up with Slim Thug, the things she finds most sexy in a man, and the rumors of an unknown Houston rapper with AIDS. LeToya, you’ve been hustling lately, I’ve seen you all over the country doing shows, how have you been functioning with such a hectic schedule? You know, this is just my life right now. Outside of this, I don’t really have time for anything else. I can’t complain, I’ve been working and that’s always a good thing.

Wow, you seem like you’d be a good role model for a lot these wild girls out here. If you were talking to a room full of teenage girls what would you tell them about sex? One, if I could just sit ‘em down, I’d tell them, “Hey baby, men will be there. All that is still gon’ be there when you about a good 27, 28 and when you can make better judgment.” For a lot of girls, sex is what they’re seeing on TV, what they hear in music, and what they think is cool. But 27, 28 is like waiting an eternity in today’s world. I don’t think having sex at an early age is the smartest thing to do, cause sex can turn into other things like babies, and things like that. At a young age, how are you gonna take care of a child? It makes things more difficult on you and your family and whoever you decide to conceive a child with. It’s hard, and I don’t even have a child but I’ve watched women have babies at early ages and a lot of the dreams and things that they wanted to do when they got older were cut short and that’s hard because you really have to give up your life for someone else’s. If you’re not ready to be that giving, then the child is going to suffer. Speaking of babies, on Wendy Williams you said that you and Slim Thug broke up because he cheated and had a baby with another girl. Yeah, that’s true. Do you care to elaborate on that situation at all? Nah. Okay, so would you prefer to be in a relationship with an entertainment industry dude or a normal guy? I would probably say a guy that’s outside of the industry. [laughs]

The music you make is very refined, especially for today’s standards, but it can still be considered sexy enough to fit into the mainstream culture. Yeah, that’s what I focus on, and if I ever do any kind of record that people might even think is a sexy record, I try to make it very, very tasteful.

Describe your ideal “normal” guy. Someone who is saved, great personality, handsome, and knows how to work under pressure. [laughs] Someone that I can confide in and who’s mature, that’s hard to find.

Have you ever been tempted to make an all-out Janet Jackson type freaky song? No, even some of the songs that I have on my record were very difficult and crazy for me to write cause I’m just not good at making sexy records. I don’t know, it’s just very personal for me. To let people in to that part of my personality was difficult, but I never really thought about doing a sexy record like that.

Yeah, but it can equally hard to find a mature woman mature as well. Yeah, you’re right. The world is just going through something right now. I don’t know how to explain what it is, but it’s going through something.

Why do you think the hip-hop culture is so sex crazed? It’s hard for me to answer that question, but that’s just what people think is hot. A lot of people aren’t so much focusing on the art of music right now. They’re more focused on how much money they can throw at a club, and how big their rims are and that sort of thing. Why do you think Houston produces so many fine women? I think because of our personality, and our southern drawl makes men

That’s an understatement. What are your thoughts on the rampant spread of HIV and AIDS, especially among the young black community? Protect yourself! I think your life is worth more than just a good… 10 minutes and up. It ain’t worth it. There’s been speculation that a famous Houston rapper has AIDS. I heard about that! I don’t know anything about it, so I can’t say that much about it, but I did hear about though. That’s super scary, because that’s close to home, you know? That would be sad because I’m cool with all the rappers here in Houston, and they’re great people. AIDS is something that can take your life, and the fact that we would lose a great artist out of Houston over a sexually contracted disease is very sad. 83



An exclusive interview with porn’s biggest star, Lexington Steele.

by Eric Perrin

Why have you been so successful as a porn star? I think my success has to do with the fact that if I’m in a scene, people know I’m going to be giving 100%. If the average Joe was given an opportunity to have sex with some of the dymepieces I work with, he would definitely go about it as it were the last piece of ass he will ever have. Every scene I do, I give 100% energy into it so the guys appreciate watching the scene. Has there ever been a woman in the industry that put it on you to the point where it almost messed up your game? Yeah, Bella Donna was amazing. Jada Fire, she’s fantastic, ya know. And there was one girl that captivated my heart. I was engaged to Vanessa Blue, we were together for 6 years. How has the porn industry affected your dating and relationship life? I was with Vanessa since 1999, so my personal life outside of the industry has been dominated by my relationship with her. So, I’ve actually been in a monogamous relationship outside my profession. But I have not started or initiated relationships with people outside the porn business because what we do is very hard for a civilian girl to handle. So if you ever get married will it be to someone who is a part of the porn industry or a regular “civilian girl?” It’s difficult for me to lean one way or the other but I do know that it is possible to find a wife in this business, so it’s hard to say. It could go either way, but I’m always up front about what I do.

Lex (right) with his ex-fiance, fellow porn star Vanessa Blue


f you’ve watched porn at all within the last seven years, chances are who’ve witnessed one of Lexington Steele’s infamous movies. Having appeared in over 700 scenes with more than 1300 girls, Lex Steele is the ultra pimp in the whoring business of porn. Steele attended Morehouse College in Atlanta and graduated from Syracuse University in 1993. The Man of Steele then spent 6 years on Wall Street as a stockbroker before leaving the nightmares of corporate America to pursue his wet dreams in porn. He packed his bags and moved to the wonderland of L.A. where he has since achieved all of his fairy-tail asspirations. Lex has literally gone from Manhattan to Manhammer and made himself a multimillionaire along the way. Currently, the porn industry’s leading man has leveraged his liquid assets into his own porn production company, Mercenary Pictures, which is leading the way in adult entertainment. Lex, you know this interview is for OZONE’s sex issue and I’ve been asking a lot of rappers what their porn names would be if they ever got into the industry, but since you are already a porn star, how did you come up with the name Lexington Steele? I liked the last name Steele because I always felt that it lent itself nicely to a male performer. I was living in Manhattan and I was a stock broker with Oppenheimer, and one afternoon I was working in the World Trade Center Tower 2. I would have been in the World Trade Center on 911 had I not gotten into porn. I was going uptown to meet a client and I got off the subway at Madison and Lexington, so I looked up at the sign and I just liked the name. I literally looked at the street sign and liked the way it went the last name I had already picked out, so I ran with it. It has definitely worked out for you. Do you consider yourself to be the Michael Jordan of porn? Yes, from the standpoint that Michael Jordan was an original. There wasn’t one before him and there won’t be another one after him, so I consider myself an original within my game. I’m a champion, the only 3 time winner of the Male Performer of the Year. In 2004, I was the first American to win Male Performer of the Universe. This year I was named International Director of the Year for 2006. I consider myself a professional sex athlete. One difference is that porno limits the impact I can have on American culture, and Michael Jordan is the closest you’re gonna get to controlling 100% of the American media but I am considered a hero to many people, I can walk down the street in any country in this world and somebody will say my name, even if they don’t speak English. 84

Being in porn, do you enjoy sex more, or have you gotten bored with it? I enjoy sex outside the business so much more than ever, but being in the industry has definitely made me into more of a freak. Quite honestly, I’d never had anal sex with a girl, nor did I have any intentions of having anal sex with a girl. But a lot of the scenes I do with these girls are comprised of anal sex, so hey, I’m putting it in places I hadn’t intended to before. One thing that affected me dramatically is the variety of girls that I’ve been exposed to, girls from every corner of this earth. I haven’t been with an aborigine before, but every other type of woman I’ve bedded through this business. The most crazy stories that one could think of; I’ve actually done. So what is the craziest thing that sticks out in your mind? A reverse gangbang; five girls fucking me on a yacht speeding across the south of France headed to Monte Carlo to watch the Formula One Races the next morning, that type of shit. I’ve been in a strip club in Costa Rica and was mobbed by ten strippers literally tearing my pants off so they could look at my dick and blow me, just cause they heard this porn star from the United States was down here with a foot-long dick. I’ve met women at nightclubs in Tokyo at 3:45 AM with the club closing at 4 AM and been fucking them by 4:30 at their place, neither of us speaking either of each other’s language. I closed the deal in 15 minutes not speaking a word of Japanese. There’s a lot more crazy stuff that I don’t want to put out in public. I’ve never considered myself a trophy, but I’ve learned that women are just as likely to put a notch on their bedpost as a man is. I’ve found myself objectified as a sex object, and it’s not a bad place to be in. How much can they expect to make in their first year in the business? Females will make more, but a male performer can make six figures easily. How much can a girl expect to make, and which sex acts would mandate the most money? A girl would garner the most money from doing a gangbang, which is five guys or more. If she does a gangbang she can get anywhere from $2,000 to 5,000 dollars, but that is an infrequent occurrence. A DP, which stands for double penetration - one girl being penetrated by two guys at the same time, one in the pink, one in the stink - is the most a girl would make from a regular scene and that’s pretty common. Regular vaginal sex will earn a girl $900. How much do men in porn make per scene? A guy could start at $300-400 dollars per scene and he could progress to $500-600. Then, the most professional, best of the best, upper echelon type porn stars make $800-900 and then there’s me, at $1,000 dollars a scene. But that was before I started my own company, Mercenary Pictures, and began appearing in my own movies. How much do you make from appearing in one of your own movies? It’s an exponential difference. If I perform in someone else’s movie then I make $1,000. If I perform in one of my movies it’ll bring in about $48,000 per movie, but I have to pay expenses. We produce a scene almost every day and there are five scenes that appear in each movie.

How many scenes have you performed in and roughly how many girls have you had sex with? I would say about 700 scenes and probably around 1,200-1,300 girls. Wow, congratulations! [laughs] It’s a job. I definitely can’t stress enough that it’s a job and once you become acclimated to the game, the work is there. After your first year you’re no longer that kid in a candy store and you really realize that the girls aren’t there because they really want to have sex with you, but because she’s being compensated. Lex, you seem very educated. I understand you were a Morehouse man? Yeah, I did two and half years at Morehouse and then transferred to Syracuse and graduated in ‘93. So during your time at Morehouse did you bed a lot of Spelman women? [laughs] I will go on record and say that I didn’t do any more damage than anybody else. I got mine, but I wasn’t really killing it. Do you ever go back to Atlanta and reminisce on your days in college? It’s been a long time, but I’ve been there within the last four years. I went back to the city of Atlanta on business, but unfortunately I haven’t been back to the campus. As you know, the Southern rap game has taken over the whole world by storm. Are you a rap fan at all, and if so what kind of rap do you listen to? I don’t listen to anything but hip-hop. I have an appreciation for Ludacris and Scarface, but at heart I’m a New York guy so I’m into Ghostface, Method Man, 50, most of the New York cats. I’ve never found myself captured by the West coast sound. I appreciate it, but I don’t have any west coast rap in my car’s CD changer. I’m listening to Luda’s new joint in my truck right now and I play Scarface with regularity, but I’m really a New York, Wu-Tang type kid. If you could have sex with any female rapper in the game right now, who would it be? I would have to say Trina. Kim is fine but I don’t really like all the artificial stuff. Trina is the type of girl I would step to if I saw her in the real world, like at a club or something, whether she was famous or not. If you like Trina you must be an ass man. I would say the sexiest part of a woman’s body would be a combination of her hips and her ass. You can buy a nice pair of breasts, doctors can create beautiful breasts, but only your mom can give a nice ass. Out of all the different races of women you’ve been with, which ones are the most attractive? The most fantastic females that God placed on this earth are in Brazil, specifically Rio de Janeiro. There is nothing that compares to Brazilian women. They have an influx of beautiful genes, the body of a black woman, the features of a European woman, and the constitution of the indigenous people from that region. What’s the worst part about sex? The worst part is that sex can be deadly. You can ruin your entire life just by having 45 minutes of action. Why doesn’t the porn industry use condoms more frequently? I don’t believe that there should be condom use in porn movies. When you’re watching a porn movie and you’re fantasizing, you’re not thinking about having sex with a condom. We are providing a fantasy, and if you are going to interrupt the fantasy of the consumer, then why would he purchase your product? Has there ever been a girl you were supposed to do a sex scene with that you found repulsively unattractive or unclean to the point where you refused to do the scene? Oh yes, it’s happened many times, in situations that were very difficult for me to hold my ground, but I did so and am glad that I’ve done so. There have been situations where a girl has had the funk of 40,000 years coming up out of there, like something died. And there have been some girls where visually, you can see that you don’t want to put yourself in that situation because that environment looks to be under fire.

DNA test and it is the highest form of testing available for the presence of HIV. We also test for the full panel of STD’s that makes sure within these last thirty days you were neither carrying or have contracted any STDs or HIV. Everyone that is in the business has to test every 30 days, so everyone’s tests are pretty current. But, the web has holes. Even if I got tested today, I could still have sex with whomever tonight. Then tomorrow I’ll still have the test I took yesterday, but I could have contracted something last night. Have you personally known any porn star that has contracted HIV? Yes, yes I do. One male and a couple females. But here is the measure of comfort: I know that the girl I’m working with has been tested, and I can check her tests. But if you have unprotected sex with a girl you may have met on campus or at the club, there is no telling what she could have. That’s why, to be quite honest, I feel more at risk having unprotected sex with a girl from the general public than I do having unprotected sex with a girl in the porn industry. Have you ever caught an STD? I have a test every 30 days going back to December 1996; negative, negative, negative on everything, verifiable. People have a misconception about the cleanliness of this business. I’ve never contracted anything, and I have had sex with over 1,300 women. Knock on wood even as we speak, cause hey, I’m going to Berlin tomorrow and I know a lot of European women that are gonna be there, and they’re gonna be down, and so am I. And I’m not bringing one condom with me.

BY AS MOBBED W I , A IC R A A T E “IN COS IPPERS LITERALLY T RDTEN STR TS OFF SO THEY COUL N LOW ME.” B ING MY PAM D N A K IC D LOOK AT Y You’ve been able to rise to greatness in the porn industry; do you think it’s more because of your physical or mental ability? Being a sex performer doesn’t require that much intellect, it’s just physical. At a certain point your physical attributes will begin to fail you, and at that point you have to rely on your professionalism and how you implement your intellect and business acumen. For me, I’ve been well educated. I came into the porn industry being college educated and having been a Wall Street broker for six years. I can run my company for the next twenty years but I couldn’t fuck for the next twenty years. With as much as sex as you have, how are you able to always keep it up? Do you have a lifetime supply of Viagra? I’m not the type of guy that’s into the chemicals. With any professional athlete in any professional sport, you get to the point where you really know how to execute your job. Getting a hard-on is not the problem, maintaining your hard-on is the hard part. Herbal supplementation is the best way to add strength to your performance. Go to the male vitality section of GNC, or my website lexingtonsteele.com and you can buy the product that I endorse. It’s a pill called Maxximum, and it’s the only herbal supplement that I use. How does your family deal with you being in porn? They have been very supportive and non-judgmental. When I first told them what I was doing, my father had no misunderstanding. He knew I was doing hardcore XXX, but my mother thought I was on late night cable television. So I had to tell her, “I do the stuff that you can only buy in stores behind that door that says ‘Adults Only.’ Once she fully understood, she didn’t flip out. She has never watched a porno in her life, but her friends have. So I have my mother calling my phone talking about, “One of my friends want you to send her Manhammer, or something like that.” So it gets weird, you know. But my mother does watch my Playboy TV show, Lex in the City. Do you have any advice for people looking to get into the porn business? Anyone coming into the business, male or female, they have to understand this is not a game. This is not party. This is a business, and if you do not make a whore out of the business, the business will make a whore out of you. I’ve achieved ultra pimp status, only because I’ve regarded it as a business.

Do you think a lot of people in porn contract STDs? It is out there, but we use something called a PCR (above): Just another day at the office for Lexington Steele


I don’t know, I ain’t never had nothing too crazy. The funny ones to me are when they try to front like they’re not groupies and don’t know who you are. They try to act like they don’t know nothing about you. I’m like c’mon, shorty. DJing of course is an art form, and you can relate most art to sex in some kind of way. How would you relate DJing to sex? You know, I get ‘em ready. What we do is like the warm-up. If I’m rocking in the club and I’m getting the women ready, hot and heavy, then I’m making your job easier when you’re trying to take her home. You know what I’m saying? Also, DJing relates to sex cause I work with my hands, that’s what I do. So when it comes down to it, you know, I work with my hands. Are there any other similarities between DJing and having sex? Yeah, because they’re both highs. They’re both performances. It’s all about your performance. The same feeling I get when I’m up there rocking is the same feeling you as when you’re, you know, gettin’ it in. You want to perform to your best abilities, you’re trying to make them scream, you’re trying to make they heads go in the air, you know? You trying to keep it moving, keep they ass on the floor!




hile many DJs hide their face behind turntables and speakers, DJ Drama has become a prominent face of southern hip-hop. And with fame; sex, lies and videotape inevitably follow. In this interview, the Aphi1lliates’ ultimate hustler reveals his most scandalous Myspace message, his favorite songs to smash to, and how DJing relates to sex. Hey, they don’t call him DJ “The Fuck” Drama for nothing, right? The fame and fortune that coincides with famous rappers and DJs affords them almost an endless supply of women who would be damn near willing to anything asked of them, so in your opinion, why are rappers so in love with paying for strippers? It’s more about the culture than anything. It’s not about not being able to get women, it’s just about the culture of the strip club and what it means to the music and the whole industry. Rappers almost have an endless stream of money, or they would like to make it seem like they have an endless stream of money, so the strip club is just like a set. It’s a place to show off, to live that life and make it seem glamorous, so that’s why a lot of people go there and “make it rain” or whatever. But it’s also about the music. It’s where a lot of the music is broken, you know, if you can get it poppin’ in the strip club [you can take it to the] next level of success. So why do you think hip-hop culture is so sexually charged? I don’t think it’s just hip-hop culture; I think it’s the American way, especially in the music business. Being in hip-hop is like being a rock star. We’re the new rock stars and groupies aren’t anything new and sex ain’t anything new; before rappers was doing it, the R&B singers was doing it, before the R&B singers were doing it, the rock & rollers were doing it, before the rock & rollers were doing it the doo-wop heads were doing it, and before they were doing it the blues and the jazz musicians would get ass. It ain’t nothing new, it’s just part of the music business. What’s the craziest way a groupie has ever approached you before? 86

What are some of the greatest rap fuck songs? Any favorites? Um, “Tear That Pussy Up” by Jeezy is a good one. “Ain’t No Fun If The Homies Can’t Have None” by Snoop Dogg. Those are two good ones. Okay, what about the worst rap songs to fuck to? I mean, I would never do nothing to Bow Wow or Lil’ Romeo. I might leave the snap music alone too, but I don’t really have sex to rap music. The majority of it is not the best music to have sex to. Okay, you’re from Philly, but you live in Atlanta. Since you have ties to both the East and the South, in your opinion, what region has the sexiest women? The South. We breed ‘em down here, and not only that, but the best of the best from all other coasts come here. Yeah, that’s true. I like West coast women. What do you think about Cali girls? Really I love everywhere. I love Cali, I love New York, I love Miami, I love overseas. I’ll find beautiful women everywhere. I love Texas, I love Houston. You know what I mean? I’ll go to any city and see beautiful women so that’s not a problem, but in the A you gon’ get the born and raised Georgia peaches, you gon’ get the Calis, the jawns from Philly, you’gon get the ones from New York, you’ll get all of them right here at home. That’s true. They all come here to model. Can you name some female celebrities that could get it? Mary J. Blige. That’s that grown woman status, baby. You can have fun with a grown woman. I’d put Eve in there also, Eve could get it. Sanaa Lathan can get it. Nia Long can still get it. Yeah, I definitely agree with the last two. Changing topics a little, I see that you’re on Myspace pretty often. I know a lot of those freaky ass Myspace girls probably send you all types of crazy messages. What’s the wildest Myspace message you’ve ever received? Man, I get a lot of them. I mean, they send crazy stuff to me on Myspace. You know, they tell me to come get ‘em, they ready. Some of them talk about how they get wet when they hear my voice on a mixtape. That’s one that kinda caught me off guard. This shorty was describing how wet she gets when she hears me on a mixtape and how she loves to hear me talk so she could get horny. Man, it’s just something about Myspace that brings the hoe out of a girl. So, being that you’re a full-fledged celebrity now, how has your sex life changed? Ahh, no comment. Okay, I’ll leave that one alone, so tell me your thoughts about safe sex? Strap up! What advice can you give to our readers about the current HIV and AIDS epidemic? Have you ever known anyone personally that has HIV or AIDS? Yeah, I’ve met people with HIV, and I know people that have passed away from AIDS. It’s a serious thing. I think it’s very important to practice safe sex and be aware and get tested. Don’t sleep around like that. I don’t care if you’re in the music industry or not; that stuff gets old.




can definitely get pussy when I want it. But does it also make you more hesitant, because you don’t know what motives a woman might have? I’m definitely more hesitant on who I fuck now. Very, very. I’m picky. I treat my dick with respect. I ain’t stickin’ my dick in everybody out here. You do talk about a lot of freaky shit in your records. It seems like Miami men are more open to certain things sexually. I practice what I preach. We grew up like that: 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan. We grew up off that freaky shit, strip clubs, coke, you get all that Caribbean shit and mix it up and you get freaky, dawg. Trick’s a freaky-ass nigga. Luke’s a freaky-ass nigga, and I came from all that. You can’t tell me nothin’ about being freaky. I’ve seen all the freaky shit. You were on the road with Uncle Luke at one point. Do you think seeing all that distorts your opinion on women when it comes to having an actual relationship? Definitely. You can break women down quicker. When I meet a woman I can tell if she’s freaky, or open to becoming freaky. And there’s some women that you just can’t turn ‘em out; they’re on some empowerment shit. Do you get with the women that are doing freaky shit on stage, or like Luke says, he likes the librarians? I like the educated, professional, respectful women who play their position but in the bed they’re a fucking whore. They bring friends, girlfriends, everything. It’s funny because almost all rappers say that, but women still dress like hoes to get their attention. It’s all about being sexy and classy. If you want to dress slutty that’s the type of nigga you’re gonna attract, and he’s gonna treat you like that. Be classy and sexy.


e featured you in the sex issue a few years ago, but you really weren’t too talkative. Yeah, I’m not talkin’ about the whole sex thing because we grew up with that mentality: Don’t talk about it, be about it. Niggas talking about their dick all the time will probably be the first nigga to cum in like two minutes. All I know is that any woman I’ve been with had a good time. But of course, even Tiger Woods has off days. What complaints have you heard on your off days? No, no. I haven’t heard any complaints. I’m sure there’s some out there, though. You know, everybody has off days. It’s all about chemistry. If a woman’s a freak and she’s willing to open her mind and go there with you, it’s cool, but some women aren’t open like that. That’s why I deal with Spanish women. Spanish women are very sexy, very passionate. They go crazy in bed. I’m actually surprised we’ve never gotten any calls about you in the groupie confessions column. I don’t really deal with groupies. I’m very low-key. I only deal with certain people. I’ve got a team and that’s it. But you are pretty visible with a lot of women. Yeah, I be with my friends. But that doesn’t mean I’m fucking them. What makes you decide which ones to fuck? It’s that chemistry, man. Plus, you’ve gotta make sure you’re with somebody that’s not going to open their mouth giving groupie confessions. [laughing] Whether it’s good or bad, it’s just something that needs to stay in the bed. I be reading these groupie confessions and I’m like, damn, I wonder what this nigga would say about her? I wonder, was she shakin’ anything or was she just dead in the bed? You know, there’s three sides to every story. Right, his side, her side, and the truth. Well, have you found that your celebrity status has increased your sex life? I mean, you could definitely say the odds are better. The ratio is better; I

If you meet a woman and have amazing chemistry and hit the first night, would you still be able to respect her? I would be with her again, and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t give a fuck about that “fucking on the first night” shit. It’s all about the vibe. You can tell if a woman’s a good woman by the way she acts around other niggas. You’ve got to look at the reasons for her being around other niggas and the reasons for her being around you. Smart ones know how to play the position and make sure they’ve got a good relationship with you. But I don’t hold no woman back from what she wants to do. So if you’re messing with a girl and you hear that she’s messing with another rapper – I don’t fuck with her. Bottom line. That happened with a girl that I was messing with once. I told her to go do her thing. A couple months later she wanted to holla at me. We could go out and have some coffee or some shit, but other than that, I’m straight. As part of the sex issue, we’re talking about HIV/AIDS. Of course it’s a sensitive topic – do you have any friends or family that have been affected? To be honest with you, a cat in the neighborhood passed away from that shit, and that’s why you’ve gotta watch who you fuckin’ mess with, bottom line. You’ve really gotta be careful out here these days. And that’s why I’m so careful with that shit, cause you never know. He had full-blown AIDS, and the whole neighborhood knew. He talked about it openly. Most people don’t talk about it openly. Why do you think there’s such a stigma attached to it? You hear statistics but rarely hear of actual people that are affected. Even in the rap game, someone like Eazy E is never mentioned when you talk about rappers that have passed. It’s a very scary situation. People are so scared of it. And if they tell anybody they’ve got it, they’re going to be an outcast in society or in their neighborhood. Do you get tested on a regular basis? Of course I get tested. I get tested, my women get tested, and we’re good. How do you approach that topic with a female? I don’t have to approach it. It’s pretty much a “we gotta do this” thing. That’s the only way I go. But it’s not a situation where it’s like. “Go get tested and then we’re gonna fuck.” [laughs] It’s just a conversation. You gotta bring it up. At the end of the day it’s Russian roulette, dawg, and people out here are playin’ with a muthafuckin’ full clip. 89



I get irritated at a point. Sometimes they gotta keep they goddamn hands to theyself. So what does an asshole like to do in bed? They call me Trae the Truth. Everything about me is the shit. I’m the truth. What’s your situation right now? Are you married, got a girlfriend, wifey, friends, or what? Playa status. I’m single, man. I’m open minded, if I find somebody real, but that shit don’t always happen that easy. Right now I just stay to myself. I’m cool with people, but I’m on my lonesome. You’ve got a record on your album telling a girl to leave you alone and stop calling you. Are you basically just focused right now on the rap game? In my situation, if it makes sense, I’ma be able to deal with it. But a lot of muthafuckers, I know what they around for. If I see what they around for, shit, I might as well stop it where it starts. If a female ain’t genuine, there ain’t no need to be calling my phone or even talking to me in the first place. Do you have a little test to find out which females are genuine? If they even get to the point where we’re holding conversations like that, I’ma always peep they swag. I’ma peep how they handle real-life situations. Off top, if you ain’t even been through no struggle, I can’t relate to you. We don’t have nothin’ in common cause you can’t understand what type of nigga I am. What about celebrity women? Is there anybody Trae would like to get at? Man, you put me on the spot. Let me think. [Homeboy in the background yells, “Melyssa Ford!”] Naw, naw. She ain’t my type. I met her in person. I’m probably one of the coolest people you could deal with, but she had one of them super snobby attitudes. Once you rub me the wrong way, that’s just what that is. I’m real down to earth. Anybody who’s bold enough to come holla at me knows that I’m cool as hell. She was just on some stuck-up shit, and I wasn’t even tryin’ to holla at her like that.


irst off, you’ve got that gangsta persona, and you’re not a real approachable type of guy. Do you have a soft spot for the ladies or are you an “asshole” 24/7? I ain’t gonna say I got no soft spot, but shit, real recognize real. If a real lady approaches me in the right way, I’d respect her. As your career has progressed, have you seen a difference in the way women react to you? Of course. I think you could’ve saved yourself that question because I think that’s how it is with any real nigga doing they thing. Is there anybody that dissed you in the past and now is jocking you? You know, it’s the same ol’ story with me. I was a lil’ broke nigga coming up in the hood. Back then I had the mouthpiece in the game, but sometimes your weight gotta be up. My weight wasn’t up. Now my weight is up, but them hoes ain’t really got a chance. I’m going for the muthafuckers who don’t really give a fuck about what I’ve got going on right now. Them the muthafuckers I respect. Do you have any interesting groupie tales about girls coming up to you after shows sayin’ crazy shit? For the most part, muthafuckers just let me know that they’ve got a lot of love for a nigga and they respect what I’m doing. Some people just want to be cool, and you know me, I’m a down-to-earth nigga, so some of ‘em get that opportunity and some don’t. At shows sometimes we’ve got girls grabbing all on us. Some niggas think that’s fly. I’m cool with that shit but 90

Maybe you weren’t famous enough yet. Man, I still ain’t famous enough for her. But we got a surprise coming up for they ass. But that girl Christina Milian, she’s the business. Mya too. Real recognize real, so tell them to bring they ass my way. Shit is real over here. What’s the difference between a woman you just fuck and wifey? A real woman is somebody I’ll be able to spend time with. Whenever they come with me I just do what I do, whether it’s on these streets or on the road or wherever. She gotta be a teammate, all around the board. With someone I just kick it with, I’m straight and to the point. It is what it is. If you were dealing with a female and found out that she fucked with other rappers, would that turn you off? Hell fuck yeah, cause half of these muthafuckers ain’t real. That’s like rule number one with me. Hell fuck nah. I ain’t dealin’ with her. Would you deal with a woman who’s married or has a boyfriend? A woman that has a boyfriend ain’t as bad as being married. Sometimes you might meet somebody who’s married and they might be realer than a muthafucker, but their circumstances might be fucked up that they’re still married and ain’t been able to get out of that. I ain’t gonna just go find someone that’s married and fuck up their shit on purpose, though, because I wouldn’t want nobody to do that shit to me. Have you had anything embarrassing happen to you during sex? [laughs] I had a situation where we was doing what we was doing, but when it got to a point where it was time to actually do it, the girl was super-intimidated. She was like, fuck naw, I can’t do this. I guess she got scared or something because she just assumed that because most niggas

are normal –

I don’t be eating and shit, but I do prefer to have my cake.

So you’re not “normal”? [laughing] Most niggas are normal. She was like, aw, naw, I didn’t know it was like this, I gotta chill.

No eating? What if they do it for you, you won’t return the favor? This is what I tell people: don’t do it [for me] because you expect it in return. Do it out of the kindness of your heart. [laughing]

What are you trying to say? You’re working with something serious? I’ll let your ass holla at females from the past.

Not even for wifey? I’m a real nigga, so I’ma keep it all the way real with you. When it comes time for a nigga to settle down, that’s what that is. But right now that ain’t nowhere near what I’ve got going on, so until I find that, hell naw. That shit even a factor right now. Some niggas out here who do that shit don’t even understand how that makes them look retarded.

So she didn’t want to get hurt. The funny moment was just her comment. Her exact words were, “Oh, fuck naw.” That was it. Well, what about voicemails or text messages? You gotten any interesting groupie messages lately? I be getting that shit all the time. I don’t even be knowing how they get ahold of my number. I think I get the worst messages on myspace though. I get them so much, it’s not even one that I could single out. I get them messages on the regular. So the best way to get at Trae is through his myspace page. Yeah, they might get lucky. I don’t actually do my myspace, but some nights I might get bored and [log on] there myself. If I see something that’s worth paying attention to, that’s a good way to get at me. What makes you pay attention? The thing that turns me on the most about a female is probably their legs. That titty shit don’t cut it for me. I tend to talk to a lot of light-complexioned girls. I don’t know why, that’s just what I’m used to. In your experience, what’s the difference between different races of girls in bed – black, Hispanic, white, Asian, etc.? I haven’t been with no hellafied white girls. I’d say Hispanic girls and white girls tend to like it rougher. Black girls don’t really like that rough shit. So the asshole gets down in bed? You beat ‘em down and shit, pistol whip ‘em? [laughing] Hell naw, I ain’t gon’ do ‘em like that. But I do what I need to do. What about the grill? Does your grill come out during sex? It can, but not all the time. Shit, sometimes I don’t even come out my shoes. Damn! In a hurry like that? Yeah, but my hurry is still a long time. I take my time. If I’m in the car or I’m in a room and I ain’t tryin’ to be sittin’ in the room that long, I do what I do without taking off my shoes and get ready to send ‘em on they way. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? In the movies, on the top deck.

You think returning the favor makes a man look retarded? We don’t think so. I know you don’t. It’s different for a nigga though than for a female. That’s just what it is. That’s not fair. Yes it is. We’ve got excuses. What if a girl is on her cycle? You can’t do nothing with her, but she’s still gotta fulfill her obligations. You won’t do anything with a girl if it’s that time of month? The only thing she can do is give head. If any nigga do that, he’s nastier than a muthafucker. Mark my words. I said that. That’s gayer than a muthafucker. That shit wasn’t meant to be done. God didn’t put that shit there for that. If a girl called our groupie confessions hotline about you, what would she say? I don’t know. I don’t have those problems because I don’t fuck with them type of females. I don’t believe half that shit [in the groupie confessions]. Sometimes they’re telling the truth, though, and some of these niggas need to be exposed. Some of that shit is lies, though. If a bitch did do that shit to me, I wouldn’t be mad at that hoe. I’d just come to realize that hoe is riding my dick so much that she’s gotta take time out of her schedule to think of a story to tell y’all. But I wouldn’t recommend that y’all publish that shit, cause if it pisses me off it’s gonna be all hell to the world. I don’t get pissed off that easy, not until you push them buttons. But when you do hit them buttons, that’s your ass. If a bitch takes time to do that shit, I’m gon’ find that bitch. I’m gonna dedicate my day to finding that hoe for lying and slap a bitch dead. But if she was telling the truth, I can’t be mad.


That’s some high school shit. Yep, that’s exactly when it happened.

Have you ever videotaped yourself having sex? Hell naw. That’s how niggas set theyself up for failure.

Are you into porn and strip clubs? Nah. I did strip clubs all the time. If I got a chick that wants to watch a flick, I can do that, but other than that, nah.

Okay, on a serious note, we want our readers to be informed about HIV/ AIDS testing. Is that something you do on a regular basis? I get tested for AIDS twice a year, and for regular shit I get tested every couple of months. I recommend everybody do that. When that girl started the rumor about Houston rappers [having HIV], shit, if you interview a nigga from down here and they haven’t taken their test, something’s wrong with them.

Do you have any fetishes or anything weird that you’re into? I ain’t with all that. Some niggas do crazy shit, but I’m straight. I don’t need nothing complicated, none of that extra shit. The way I look at it, them niggas that have to do that extra shit had to be the ones that came up not getting no pussy. So they’re experimenting, doing that extra shit. I ain’t with all them fetishes. I don’t even want to get into that shit. Is there anything you want to do sexually that you haven’t done yet? That’s a good question. I want to get with three girls at one time. I guess you’ve done two then. Yep. I haven’t done three though. It ain’t shit til you do three. How would that work? Sounds complicated. It’d be more them doing them, and I’d just pick whoever I want at the time. Would that be having your cake and eating it too?

So nobody was looking at you sideways when that rumor came out. Hell naw, man, see, I’m respected like that. I don’t fuck with any and everything. A lot of these niggas go out of town to different cities and they’re so happy that hoes want to get with them, they go to the first thing moving. That shit ain’t smart at all. Think about how that bitch is running up under you – with the next nigga she’ll be doing the same thing. I’m not trying to call ‘em “bitches” and “hoes,” I’m just being real. Anybody who dedicates themselves just to fuck someone who’s got a name, yeah, that’s a bitch. That’s a trifling muthafucker. Anything else you’d like to say? Tell ‘em to hit me up with a message on myspace.com/TraeThaTruth if they badder than a muthafucker and single. I need somebody real. Tell ‘em to say [in the subject], “JB sent me.” I’ll pay attention to that. 91


Is it annoying or flattering to have women throwing themselves at you? It can be both. When you’re trying to get a job done and you’re trying to get your shit together, a lot of times it’s a distraction. Here you are, a young male striving in an industry that’s so shady. You know, you’re trying to make the best moves at all times, man. And you’re constantly targeted with all kinds of temptations.


So after the show are you tryin’ to get some pussy or tryin’ to get some work done? Honestly, to tell you the truth, a lot of times after the show I’m headed to the next city. A lot of people don’t really understand the demands of being on tour. They think you’re with ten girls every night. They really don’t! People think it’s all fun. They see it as a big party. It is, if you wanna look at it like that. But at the end of the day, it’s a job. It’s a career and you’ve gotta treat it like that if you want to be around for a while. What’s the main type of woman that you go for? I just like women who understand who they are, first and foremost. You can’t understand me if you don’t know who the fuck you are. That’s just what it is. You’ve gotta love yourself before you love me. And it shows, when a woman loves herself. She’ll go the extra mile to make me happy, and I appreciate that. That’s just the type of dude that I am. I like women who are taken care of, with good hygiene. I like hips, I like ass, I like pretty smiles and pretty teeth. And I’ve got a foot fetish, so I like a woman with pretty feet. I enjoy that shit.

HOTO: P & S D WOR EVERLY JULIA B Since you’ve came up in the game pretty quick and you’re a lot more visible now, I would imagine you’ve got a lot more women coming at you now. Women making advances at me, of course. But I try to keep it moving. I’m focused right now. I’ve got a career ahead of me and I’m trying to establish a sense of longevity. So you don’t really pay attention to the “I’ll suck your dick” offers? [laughing] “I’ll suck your dick” offers? Well, I was on stage at a show in Louisiana, and I was doing a part of the show where I give a tribute to all the fallen soldiers, the dead homies and whatnot. So I’m saying to the crowd, “Have you ever lost a loved one, a family member? You know, in 2004, I lost some of my closest pa’tnas, like my best friend Steve, rest in peace.” And this bitch, outta nowhere, yells, “Fuck that shit!” Everyone in the club looked at her, like, what? It was no time to say some shit like that. She says, “Fuck that shit! I’ll suck your dick and make it feel better!” That really threw me off, but that just shows you, some of these women will just throw themselves at you for whatever. And you can imagine what a female in this industry gotta deal with; they really go through the bullshit and the headaches. 92

So you suck toes and all that? Or you just like to look at pretty feet? How far do you go with the foot fetish? I just want to make sure she feels good. That’s kinda extra right there. But if the chick turns me on, I’m not gonna tell her what I’m gonna do to please her. I ain’t gonna say in no interview, “Yeah, I’m gonna suck your toes.” This ain’t no song, I ain’t tryin’ to impress no woman. A woman might read this article and find it attractive that a nigga will kiss her feet and suck her toes, but I ain’t finna put it out there. It just depends on the relationship and the female. There’s no limit on what I might do.

What else do you lick? Do what you do [laughing]. That’s my opinion. You can learn a lot about a person by certain things they do. You know, you can tell if a woman takes care of her shit. If she cherishes her body, you can feel comfortable with her. If she ain’t just givin’ it up to everybody every night, then do whatever you need to do to please her. Have you ever paid for sex? Nah, I don’t tip. What about at strip clubs? I don’t even do strip clubs that hard. But you are from Atlanta. Isn’t that like, an Atlanta requirement? It is, in a sense. But when I go in a strip club, if I’m gonna pay for a dance, I gotta make sure it’s the one that I like. I ain’t gonna just go in there and make it rain. Well, we do make it rain, but I ain’t stupid. I know some niggas go in there and spend ten, twenty thousand. To them maybe that ain’t no money, but to me, that is a lot of money. I know we make songs all day talkin’ about “I blow this, I blow that,” well, kiss my ass. If this rap shit slows down, I wanna make sure I have a security blanket with a cushion. I ain’t tryin’ to go back to the streets, I’ma keep it real with you.

What about porn, are you into that? No, I don’t get into that shit either, cause I’m the porn star in the bedroom. Do you have cameras and the whole nine? I’ll make a woman wish there was one, so I could replay it over and over again. If one of your tapes was leaked, what would we see? You know what you would see, honestly? You would see a cat who really knows what he’s doing. His aim is to please, and he’s got a lot of stamina. I don’t drink a lot and I don’t smoke a lot. I moderate everything I do, so when it comes to sex, I’ve got a good back. I’m very young and I aim to please. Oh, and I drink a lot of water and pineapple juice. So you taste good. And the more water you drink, the more you’re gonna sweat. Uh oh. You’re one of those guys that drips all over the sheets and you’ve gotta wash them afterwards? It just depends on the woman. If she takes what I have, then yeah, she’s gonna have to change the sheets when I’m finished. What’s a lot of stamina? Are we talkin’ three, four, five hours? It depends. One thing I’ve learned is that it don’t matter how long you go. It’s how well you please them and what you’ve got. I’m definitely not no minuteman. I don’t even know how to have a quickie. Even if I try to make it quick, I can’t. It just don’t happen like that. I like to get into it and enjoy myself. Well, have you had sex in any creative locations? You said you don’t do quickies, so that kinda eliminates some places. Well, hold up. Even if I’m in a limo or a car, it ain’t gonna be no quickie. Ain’t nothing wrong with a quickie, but a quickie is when you just get your nut and get it over with. Me, I ain’t that fast. You might get your nut, but I ain’t gonna get mine. It’ll take a minute to get mine cause I’m aiming to get it right. But I don’t want to talk about my most creative places, cause if I give it up, it ain’t creative to the next woman. If she reads this article, she’ll be like, “You did this already.” Do you have any fantasies that you haven’t done yet? Yeah, I wanna have a threesome with two hot movie stars. Like who? Who’s on your celebrity hit list? Gabrielle Union and Tracee Ellis Ross at the same time. That would probably be the biggest nut I ever bust in my life. It would take me like three weeks to replenish myself. What about singers or rappers? Any females you’ve got your eyes on? I wanna fuck Shawnna. You wanna give her some head? She can give me some, with her pretty little lips and brown eyes. Shawnna makes me wanna bust it open. Well, we’ll let Shawnna know. Would you like to give an open invitation to Shawnna? She already knows the deal. Oh, you’ve already talked to her about this? I got her CD and she’s got mine. So who’s CD will be playing when y’all are fuckin’? Oh, I do that old school shit. There’s no tellin’ what will be playing, it just depends on the mood. If I’m feelin’ real hood and it ain’t about no lovemakin’ or sex and it’s just about a good fuck, I’m gonna put on some UGK or 8Ball or some shit [laughing]. But if I’m into it, I’m gonna put on my favorite record, some Marvin Gaye shit. What’s your favorite position? Women go crazy when I spoon ‘em and hit ‘em from the back. I like to wrap their legs around me and fuck ‘em standing up. That shit’ll drive them crazy cause that weight, that gravity, you gon’ come down on that shaft and hit the bottom every time. And that allows her clit to rub up against my shaft harder and she gets more freaky. And she bust a nut easier. And then you lay her down and give her some slow strokes. Works every time.

Damn. Sounds good. You ever had bad sex? Yeah, I had a bitch piss on me one time. She was ridin’ and she was like, “Oh, baby,” and I looked down and there was just too much liquid. The bitch pissed on me. That wasn’t no nut. I was layin’ on my back and my belly button filled with piss. I said, “This is not cum. You done pissed on me,” and she was like, “For real? I can’t tell the difference.” That’s when I knew that was a wrap. So you’re not into that R Kelly shit. Nope. Don’t piss on me. It did not turn me on, but it did kinda make me feel good to know that I was hittin’ that thang so right that she couldn’t hold on no more. [laughing] When was your first time? My first time? I was about 12 years old, but she was older, like 17. I’ll never forget that shit. We did it on the bunk bed. Canyon Creek Apartments. Who do you think the gay rapper is? I don’t care about that shit. It ain’t me. If you were a porn star, what would your name be? Yung Cock? [laughing] Aw, shit. I don’t know. What would you name me? I said Yung Cock. I don’t know. Well, what about voicemails and text messages? I’m sure you get some crazy ones. Yeah, I don’t know if this was a joke or not, but there was this girl who called my voicemail and said she was from Oakland and was like, “Me and my girl were gonna do this for you live, but you ain’t answering your phone, so we gonna show you how we do it in the Bay.” She said, “We gonna eat each other’s pussy and leave it on your answering machine.” And it was funny cause she was doing it as she was saying it. I don’t know if it was for real or not, but it sounded like it. And you know how your phone’s [voicemail] can only record for so long? Then it’ll say, your message can only go on for 8 more seconds. So you could hear that shit like, “Ooooh,” and then it’d cut out and come back in again. How many times did you replay that message? [laughing] Oh, I listened to it a few times. Can you ever have too much sex? Yeah. After so long, come on. If you fuck like I fuck and you mean it, your dick be hurting. If you can feel your heart beating in your dick, that ain’t sexy. Anybody besides Shawnna you want to get with? I want some head from Fantasia, because she’s got nice lips. And D. Woods from Danity Kane. Well, y’all are on the same label, so you should be able to make that happen. Nah, we ain’t like that. We just cool. So are you into any toys or any weird shit, or you just suck toes? Nah, I ain’t into toys and all that freaky shit. And I ain’t suckin’ on no toes! You said you have a foot fetish. That don’t mean I suck toes. I just like pretty feet. That’s something that just turns me on, I can’t help it. What’s your advice to our readers when it comes to getting tested for HIV/AIDS? Just do it. It’s better to know. Some people are just scared to hear the truth, but the truth will set you free. Do you get tested? Yeah, fuck yeah. Let me show you. [Pulls out a very large Gucci bag] Is that a man purse? No, this is a wallet, honey. [Pulls out an insurance card] That’s a man purse. [laughing] If you fuckin’ with a dude, ask to see his insurance card. Cause if he gets tested, he’ll have one. Ask a muthafucker to see his insurance card, or ask him what’s his blood type. What’s your blood type? I don’t know, I forgot. But at least I know what a blood type is! 93



what I do with my money? What I do with my money is my business. I don’t have to explain that to her or nobody else. I’m living good and I look good, all the time. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about you and Benzino. The newest rumor is that he bought you a Bentley and now he’s trying to get his money back. [laughs] I’ve never heard that story before and I really have no idea – if that’s the rumor – where that came from or where that stemmed from. Were you involved with Benzino? No, I was not. We’re cool. We’re friends. He’s a good person, and I know his whole camp. I hosted The Source Awards. Everybody’s cool, but as far as buying me a Bentley and all that, no, that’s not true. Everyone wants to know what’s going on with you and Lil Wayne. I don’t even want to talk about that situation, respectfully. That’s just a subject that I do not want to discuss or care to talk about. Well, just in general, being a celebrity, how important do you think it is to keep your personal life out of the spotlight and the magazines? I think the strength of a relationship is based upon the two people. I know the tabloids and the media and magazines and the public can do some sort of damage to a relationship, but when you’re entertainers, your business is going to be public knowledge and people have a chance to voice their opinions [on your relationship]. Sometimes it makes it a lot harder to try to be normal. Everybody in a relationship – not just for artists – wants to be normal, be a regular person. You don’t want to be a “celebrity.” Even though you’re on stage and performing, at the end of the day you’re a regular person. I think our privacy is taken away, and everybody thinks they can decide whether you should be with this person or whether you should break up or whatever. They make such a big deal of [celebrity break-ups]. People break up all the time, get married, divorced, move on. Different situations happen and that’s just the way life is. Not just in this generation, not just with celebrities; normal people.


irst off, what’s going on with your label situation? I heard you got dropped from Atlantic and have a new deal on the table with Def Jam. I really can’t speak on the new deal. Actually, it was my choice to leave Atlantic. I just felt like it was time to move on. I did not think they did a great job with my last project. It was a mutual decision. It wasn’t a problem or a situation where I got dropped or they didn’t wanna work with me. We came to an understanding. I didn’t wanna do my next album with Atlantic so everybody came to an agreement. I do have a new deal, I’m just not allowed to speak about it. I heard there’s a couple million on the table. [laughs] There’s so many rumors circulating. Money always talks. Money is the key, so you know, it’s a great look. I’m happy, that’s all I’m gonna say. My next move is great.

There’s been some controversy lately with the whole “Queen of the South” thing – you, Khia, and Jacki-O. I really don’t care about that. I really feel like if you’re doing your thing, just do you and you can claim whatever’s your territory. Nobody should be having a problem with that. Wherever you’re from, just do you. I really don’t even care about that. I just do what I do. I make music and just do me. All the beefing and the back and forth and all that, that’s really for people who are trying to get attention that they’re probably not getting. Everybody should want to be a queen. That’s the highest ranking; the queen calls the shots. But you’ve got to work and grind and show people why you’re the queen. I’ve done a lot; I’ve proven myself. So I really don’t have to clarify my position, you understand? As far as the beefin’, that’s all because of [other people’s] jealousy and insecurity. And I really don’t have a problem with Jacki-O at all. There was never beef with me and her, it was just a lot of outside people with a bunch of different misunderstandings. And as for the other chick [Khia], she’s not even relevant. When we interviewed Khia, she criticized you saying that you spend all your money on hairstylists and makeup. How does she know what I spend my money on? She’s not my accountant or financial advisor. She doesn’t work for the label. How does she know 94

Were any of the people you named in the “Big Ol Dick” record based on personal experience? That wasn’t a personal record at all. It was a real silly record. I was in the studio and we were joking around, and there really wasn’t no names on the record. We were just talking about the average John Doe and Bob. The producers I was working with, we were sittin’ in there, me and my girls, and we was joking around. Everybody was like, “What if you said entertainers names, that would make it so much more interesting.” It was catchy. My thing was to make the song about the artists that I liked the most and I thought was hot and had made such a great impact in the game. It wasn’t no personal relationships; there’s no skeletons popping out of the closet. Nobody I had dated, just generic, just dudes I thought was doing they thing. Do you prefer dating celebrities over regular guys? No, not at all. I just like a dude that’s got swagger, somebody that’s intelligent and got a head on their shoulders. Somebody who’s smart and knows what they want out of life, somebody respectable and nice, that’s very attentive to me. It’s not about being an entertainer or anything like that, it’s about being a nice person. A good person, period. Miami girls are known for getting money and gifts out of guys. What’s the biggest gift you’ve gotten from a guy? The biggest gift I’ve gotten from a man was a house. I’ve gotten so many different gifts, but that’d probably be the biggest, most solid thing I’ve ever gotten. What is the secret to getting a man to buy you things? The secret is just you, as a person, as a woman. You’ve gotta know what you want to get out of a situation, whether it’s a long-term relationship, a short-term relationship, money, or whatever it is. Me, I don’t go into situations looking for something. If it’s something I like or somebody I’m seeing that’s a nice, solid person, then maybe that’s what I want to do. I’m a relationship type of person. It’s easy for me to understand what it means to be in a relationship. You have an event coming up called Diamond Dolls, right? Yeah, it’s my birthday weekend, November 29th – December 3rd. It’s a foundation to try to uplift and motivate younger girls and teach them what’s going on in the world. To help them with their dreams and aspirations and whatever they want to be. Just show them that there’s so much you can be; so many things you can get involved in to make a great future for yourself. I’m trying to help them get on the right track, because so many young girls are off focus and off-track. They don’t have their head

on straight. A lot of girls have low self-esteem and aren’t confident. A lot of young girls think they actually can fuck their way to the top. They aim for that because that’s the only thing they know. Some girls don’t know no better and they think that’s what it takes to be able to get something out of somebody. But that’s definitely wrong; the less you give, the more you’ll receive. So if you’re giving it all up too easy, it defeats the purpose. You know, a man will always want something he’s never had. Especially in the music business, a lot of people do have that perception that all successful women have slept their way to the top. It’s such a cliché, and as a woman in this industry, we constantly get downplayed because of it. It’s just because of – I’m not even gonna say images – but it’s just the way the industry and society is built. They’ve gotta realize that as a girl, we work just as hard as the guys, but why is it that we can’t just be doing us and making our own money? It doesn’t have to be about being with that person, cause you’re getting something your own way. You’re out grinding yourself. So I definitely think that women get overlooked. I don’t know how much you followed The Source sexual harassment trial, but that was kinda the focus of the trial. I honestly haven’t followed the whole trial. I don’t know too much about what’s going on with that situation. I just heard bits and pieces of the story, but I never got too much involved. I do know that as a woman in the industry you have to be on point, because guys do get disrespectful and rude and they feel like it’s cool to say and do whatever. They may do things that make you uncomfortable as a female. If you’re at a video shoot, they might be just thinking you’re a jumpoff. You have to know your position and be able to stand firm and not let nobody take advantage of you. You should be able to work without being harassed and bothered and humiliated. Unless that’s what you want, and I don’t think women who work for magazines and women who are hairstylists and makeup artists and video models, I don’t think that’s something they want. During the trial, it was alleged that Benzino bragged about sleeping with you and other female rappers to people working at the magazine. Regardless if it’s true or not, would you feel disrespected if someone threw your name out there bragging that they’d slept with you? I would definitely feel disrespected but I honestly have never heard that [Benzino said that]. I don’t want to say the wrong thing, because it’s just word of mouth. Me, I never heard him say that with my own two ears, so I don’t know the case. If that was true I would definitely feel disrespected and be upset, but I’m not gonna say anything about him because I don’t know if he actually said that. If he did, that would be very disrespectful. With your Diamond Dolls weekend, you might catch some backlash portraying yourself as a role model for young girls. Your lyrics aren’t exactly clean. Would parents want their kids looking up to someone who raps about “fucking five or six best friends”? There’s always going to be backlash; that’s just the ignorance of the world. To be an artist is based on creative thoughts. As an artist you’re speaking of things that happened in your life and things that you’ve seen with your friends and homeboys, anything that goes on around you. Regardless if you’re talking about sexuality or money or whatever, it’s a form of expression, but you’re still a woman and you have rights and a say-so. You have a chance to say yes or no. I can tell a girl, “I wouldn’t go this route.” I may see somebody that’s going down a route that I took before, and I feel like if I rewound the hands of time I wouldn’t have gone that same route – so I can help somebody. I can prevent them from making the same mistakes I’ve made or mistakes that somebody I know has made. That’s the whole purpose. You’re always gonna get backlash because a lot of people live in a world of denial. I live in reality. I know what goes on around me in the streets and in the clubs. I’m a person that’s attuned to that; I’m aware of everything I speak about because it’s real. A lot of people like to live behind a wall. You’re not a virgin or St. Mary, so you know what’s going on. With modeling, acting, or whatever, there’s all types of stuff that goes on. There’s no perfect world to live in. Everybody has probably indulged in something that they could say, “I wish I wouldn’t have did that.” If not, the world would be a perfect place. Are you going to discuss safe sex during the Diamond Dolls weekend? We’re gonna talk about safe sex, teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and we’re gonna talk about girls that have invested time in these relationships with guys that are beating them. We’re gonna talk about any situation that a girl has been through. Girls are afraid to say certain things because they feel like they’re alone or they feel like someone would judge them. It’s not about that; nobody’s perfect. There’s girls that have been raped, assaulted, or molested. [All those topics] are gonna

come up. It’s all about building their confidence and letting them know that they’re not the only person in the world that may be going through depression or going through these things. A lot of younger girls look at us as celebrities and feel like it’s such a non-real world. But we’re not robots. As a woman I’ve been through situations myself. I know what it’s like to be happy and to be sad and to have my heart broken. I know what it’s like to be humiliated, be criticized, and be appreciated. I’ve been through all that so it’s easy for me to speak out. I know you said you don’t want to talk about Lil Wayne, but I wanted to ask you about the B.G. diss record where he alluded to the rumor that you were sleeping with Baby before Lil Wayne. I’ve never actually heard that record, but I heard what it said. When I did the [diss record “What’s Beef”] just being mad that incident came up, that’s why I addressed it. I don’t have a problem with [B.G.], but as far as what he said on the record, that’s not true. That’s a big ass lie. The only way to know [that I slept with Baby] would be if you were there. I felt that it was very disrespectful to me. I never said anything disrespectful to [B.G.]. I addressed it, but I don’t got no beef. I ain’t got nothing bad to say about him because I don’t know him like that, but what he said was disrespectful and mean. And it’s a lie, so it definitely pissed me off. I saw you and Ludacris together at a show a while back and y’all seemed like a couple. Were you involved with him? I never was involved with Ludacris, we’re just really good friends. I’ve been knowing him for so many years. When I used to go on the road with Trick, Ludacris had “What’s Your Fantasy” and I used to perform with him. It’s like a family. Me, Chaka, Ludacris, we was all real cool. But I wasn’t dating him, it was never like that. Especially when dealing with men in the industry, is it hard to tell who’s genuine and who just wants to brag that they got at “Trina”? I think for me, I can kinda tell. I’m very observant and I’m very aware of the game. I watch guys and their approach, and everybody has a different motive. Everybody sees Trina on TV, but that’s not the real Trina. The Trina in real life is different from the Trina that’s on TV or shaking her ass on stage or in the videos. So when guys approach me or even think about coming at me any type of way, I can tell if it’s for the character Trina or for me. It takes a long time to get to know me. I can count on a few fingers the guys that really know the real Trina. I definitely know how to weed out the fake from the real. Is there anything else you’d like to say? I’ve got my perfume out, Diamond Princess. I also have a mixtape coming out in a couple weeks, Rockstar, hosted by DJ Ideal. I got a bunch of features on there: Rick Ross, Deuce Poppi, and Plies. I got a reality show I’m filming which is gonna be good – I’ve actually got some footage from the OZONE Awards on there. I’ve been working on my new album, which is crazy. I’m almost done. I’m excited. It’s gonna be a great new year for me, and I’m looking forward to that. I’m good. I’m waiting to shoot MTV Cribs; I’ve got a brand new $2 million dollar house. I have a great life, and nothing to complain about.

Trina and some of her “Diamond Dolls” (Photo: Bogan)






ow that you’ve got a hit single and you’re blowing up, have you seen a difference in the way women react to you? Of course it’s always a change. I guess I would say I have a different crowd of girls that are attracted to me now. I always had chicks, though. I been doing this shit since high school. You’ve got a real unique style with the linens and gators and such – what type of woman attracts you? Does she have to have style? Yeah, I like girls that got fashion about theyself. I like girls that are on point, the chicks that are rockin’ them Mohawks, wild stuff. I go over the limit when I get to dressing, so I would prefer a girl that’s pretty much got her own taste. You can tell the type of girls that like designer clothes, they just go all out with it. Them the type of girls I like. Kelis is a perfect example, but no disrespect to my boy Nas. We’ve got a column called Groupie Confessions – if a girl called in about you, what would she say? Oh, she’ll say good shit about me. I’m a different type of rapper, you know? I was broke for so long, I know how to be good to everybody. When you’re a broke muthafucker, you have to be nice if you want something [laughs]. So I guess it stuck with me. I still treat people the same way. I’m a good guy. I don’t think I’d get no bad reviews. And everybody still fucks with me, everybody stayed down. Now that I got that money I got different kinds of people that come around, but I still got my solid 200 people that I fuck with. I could show you 200 muthafuckers that’s still down with me. Have you ever paid for sex? Naw, hell naw. That’s against the code. Fat ugly niggas pay for pussy. Even when I was broke and ain’t have no money, I was still fly as a muthafucker and I ain’t have to pay for sex. Them niggas that be paying for pussy are them ugly niggas. I ain’t with that shit. Girls used to be taking care of me. What’s the best gift a girl has gotten you? It’s a number of things. The best gift I think would be an apartment. A chick got me a condo one time. I got it just to get kicked out of it, like my boy Rick Ross say. We was just wildin’ out. But listen, I’m pretty much a loverboy though. I’m a woman connoisseur. I like women, period. I like the charisma a girl has, that shit excites me a lot. It don’t matter what kind of flavor she is, nothing like that, as long as it’s a beautiful woman. I could find beautiful things about any girl I see. So you’re a romantic dude. Candles and rose petals and all that? Not to that degree, but yeah, I’m a homebody. We can smoke a kush blunt and lay up on the sofa and just kick it. When I kick it with a chick, they be damn near thinking we’re married.


That’s how cool I am, We kickin’ it on the first night and I make ‘em feel real comfortable. “Yeah, baby,” stuff like that. That’s just how I am. And then when they see we ain’t gonna be together, they’re like, damn. It’s some husband and wife type shit. So you’re a romantic dude, but also a heartbreaker. I’m not a heartbreaker. I’m just confused right now. But I can get attached to somebody. I’m a funny muthafucker when it comes down to my feelings. I don’t want no girl playing with me, so I just really gotta be careful. I be thinking that everybody’s gonna try to do some stupid shit to me. I keep myself preserved; I guess that’s one of my downfalls. I know what a girl will do to a guy, because I used to be the other guy. [laughs] What’s your favorite position? From the back. I gotta do it from the back. I don’t know what’s up with me hittin’ it from the back, but if you aren’t hittin’ it from the back, you aren’t really having sex. [laughs] You got to hit it from the back. What’s the craziest thing a groupie has done or said to get at you? I mean, it’s the usual, really. It ain’t nothing too crazy. But I could tell you what I seen though. I seen this chick that had bear claw hands, black nails, shawty, and the inside of her hands was black. It looked like she walked to the hotel on her hands. And once she got into the hotel she got on her feet and was sittin’ there waiting for me. I don’t know what the fuck was going on with her. She looked like she came to the hotel on all four. Them thangs had fungus on them. What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? Out on my balcony on the 26th floor of my penthouse in Atlanta. It was in the morning and cars was going by. We was just naked on the balcony. How old were you when you lost your virginity? I think I was in the 9th grade. I coulda gone for it in 8th grade but my pubic hair had not grown out yet so I decided to wait. I was so player; I been had my swagger. The girl didn’t know I was a virgin. She thought I had been doing it, but I wasn’t. She kept wondering why I pushed her to just give me head. I really just didn’t know where to stick it at. She never did know I was a virgin. What’s the sexiest part of your body? My whole body. You gotta see it, shawty. You gotta see it one day. Once you see it, you’ll know what’s going on. I got a big-ass scar on my stomach, too. That shit looks good. I got shot, you know, so that makes it look more edgy. Have you gotten any crazy groupie voicemails or text messages? Hell yeah, we be getting crazy voicemails. The most memorable one was a chick that called me and sung the whole Beyonce song “Irreplaceable” and then at the end she was like, “Nigga, come get your shit.” I ain’t have nothing but a goddamn tank top [that I left over at her house]. What’s the difference between groupie sex and wifey sex? Groupie sex is that shit where it’s like, everybody knows what’s going on and it’s cool. “Come give me some, and I’ll get some next time I come around.” But the sex with your old lady, it’s like, “Baby, I’ma fuck you real good and I’ll be back home soon, okay?” Do the groupies have to work their way up to you through the entourage? Nah, we don’t really get down like that. Everybody just gets ducked off. We’re all real player about the situation. We used to do that shit when we was younger, but now we just get our chicks and couple off and have a good time. We all sit down and have a little kush session and then we break off. We go have our fun and wake up the next morning and talk about it. What’s the biggest group sex experience you’ve had? I done had about five girls in the bed before. It’s real easy, everybody participates in doing something and I’m gonna make my way around to all of y’all. See, you have to be the man about the situation. First of all you’ve gotta get a big ol’ pack of like 24 Magnums and then you get some kush and patron and make sure everybody’s on the same page. My girl really do have a girlfriend, that has a girlfriend, that has a girlfriend. So you really have to be the man; you get her and then they start doing they thing and tell them “Y’all two come here.” It’s real simple. The girls are gonna listen to you because they like you, and they like girls. They wanna get down. They really pleasing theyself; it probably ain’t even about me, they just pick me to be that guy. Have you ever videotaped yourself having sex?

I don’t do the videotape thing cause I’m not really that much of a show off. Not to say that I wouldn’t do it. I could tape it and let it float around and I’d be cool with it. I’d love for somebody to make a tape of me fucking five bitches, that’d be a big show off. The moral of the story is that I’m just having fun. This shit will not go on forever. It’ll be cut out in a couple hears, I hope, and we’re gonna get on with our life. We’re having safe fun. Speaking of safe sex, do you get tested regularly? You have to keep yourself straight. I have to keep myself straight, cause you never know. I strap it up, that’s why magnums come in a gold pack. They real, real sturdy so you don’t have to worry about that shit. Trojan made them nice brand magnums, extra large, please. It’s real easy to find them in the store. As you’ve been traveling, what city would you say has the best females? ATL, baby. I can’t even lie. Ten girls to one guy, ATL got the best ladies hands down. But Texas got some bad ass muthafuckin’ girls too. Boy, they tight. It’s just a different breed of women. Do you have a racial preference when it comes to women? It doesn’t matter, but I kinda like Chinese women. I got a thing for Chinese women. I’ll marry Lucy Lu. If she ever reads this article, let her know that I be dreamin’ about her, shawty. I used to dream about her when I lived in Bankhead in the projects. I might have been in the projects, but me and that lady was together in my mind, shawty. Lucy Lu. Are there any other celebrity women you want to get with? Hell yeah, I wanna mess around with Sandra Bullock. I’d hit Avril Lavigne, and Rihanna is gonna get it. If I see her one more time, I’m gonna say something to Rihanna. But it’s just something about the way a Chinese lady looks that’s got me fucked up. I think I wanna marry one of them muthafuckers. You could get a Chinese mail order bride. I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t order no girl from China. That’d be fucked up. I want an American Chinese girl that can speak the language, and I don’t wanna just order the bitch, I wanna meet her naturally. I wanna see her and walk up to her and say something to her. What would you say? What’s your best pickup line? I’m not really good with game like that. That’s why girls fuck with me, cause I don’t really know what to say. So I end up saying something stupid and it’s cute to a girl. It works every time. I might say the wrong thing and then I’ll apologize, so they’re thinking, okay, this nigga got a little sense plus he dresses well, so hey, call me. But I don’t really know. I don’t really be trying to pick up girls. I’ll be quiet. I’ll ignore a girl. I ignore them; that’s how I get a lot of girls. Act like you don’t them. They’re thinking, I am too cute for him to be walking past me. So they grab me. “What’s your name?” [laughs]

of big ol’ pack . a get “you gotta , kush, & patron magnums 4 2 like do have a girl , really my girl has a girlfriend friend, thathas a girlfriend.” that Is there anything you want to do sexually that you haven’t done yet? I’ve done it all. I would love to get married. After all this shit, you know what, I still do [want to get married]. I wanna be in love with a chick and marry her and get old and have kids, but for right now, I am having a bunch of fun. Young Dro a.k.a. Porn Star. So any single Chinese girls should holla at you. Yep. I got a myspace page where they can holla at me, www.myspace. com/youngdromusic or my website www.youngdromusic.com. I don’t check it much, but you know, I’m finna start. I ain’t really no laptop guy or computer guy. It wasn’t no computers in the trap so we didn’t play with them, but I get fan mail and stuff and I read it. Is there anything else you wanna say? Yeah, wrap it up. That’s the way to go have fun and do what you do. Make sure you pay attention to what you do so your dick won’t fall off. I have a lot of fun, but it’s nice clean fun. Let ‘em know that. 97


VERLY E B A I L S: JU WORD : KING YELLA PHOTO Is your song “Distant Lover” based on true life? All of it’s true life, I just didn’t say their names. I said the states [they’re from] instead, but yeah, all of it was true. All the girls, every state, all of it was true. They know who I’m talking about.

When they come back to the room, they already know what’s up. They really just go down on me and it go from there. I just lay back and let them go to work and then I start having sex with them and then they gotta go. I don’t let them stay the night.

So you’ve been getting a lot of love on the road. Yeah, I been getting a lot of love on the road. I been getting anything I want on the road.

Have you had any bad sexual experiences on the road? I had a couple bad experiences. I was fuckin’ one girl and she threw up all over the room. I was fuckin’ her from the back and she just threw up. I don’t know if she was drunk or if I was just fuckin’ her too hard or what, but she threw up. I let one bitch stay the night and she stole like $500 from me. I got a jewelry holder [on the road] with me now. When I go in the room I take off all my jewelry and give all my money to my boys, so they can’t get me no more.

How do you decide what you want? Really, I like to go through all the [girls] from the beginning of the night to the end of the night. I pick the best or sometimes I pick two of ‘em. What’s the criteria to decide who’s the “best”? The looks. The body and what kind of feelings they showing. If they licking they tongue, most of the time they gonna go with me. Do you remember their names? I remember some of their names. Some of them I just remember by they state name. I call ‘em “Michigan” or “California” or “thugged out.” Hoes in different area codes. Different area codes, every area code I go, I got bad bitches. Why do you think women are attracted to you? I think it’s my raps. I think it’s my voice. I think it’s my looks. I think it’s my image, how I be clean all the time. And it’s my smile. So, let’s say I’m the one who gets picked at the end of the night. What’s a night with Lil Boosie like? 98

What’s your favorite position? From the back, yeah. That’s my favorite position. I don’t like to look at ‘em. You got to be real pretty for me to want to get on top of you and look at your face. That’s kinda fucked up. You don’t wanna look at their face? It’s not that it’s fucked up. When you hittin’ from the back, you know, you can just look a different way. You can look out the window or somethin’ and hold your nut longer. When you looking right at a girl and fuckin’ her, you gonna skeet quicker. You have kids, don’t you? Two daughters and a son, from all different women. Why did you decide to have a baby with those particular women? Really, I had those kids when I was like 17. I was just wild in the streets. I

wasn’t tryin’ to make a baby – well, the first one I was – but the other two just happened.

What’s the most creative place you’ve had sex? In Tennessee, on the 16th floor on the balcony looking down at the city.

Well, babies “just happening” leads me to the question – what do you do to protect yourself from STDs? That was when I was real young. Now, we’re really up on safe sex. It’s just my baby mama, my old lady [that gets it raw].

Is there anywhere you want to have sex that you haven’t done yet? I wanna have sex on the beach. I’ve never had sex on the beach before. I’ve had sex on a boat in the water, but I haven’t had sex on the beach. I wanna go to sleep and wake up on the beach, too.

Does she know that you sleep with other people on the road? I think she knows what I do on the road. I don’t know how she feels about it cause we don’t even discuss it. I’m sure she knows, but maybe she don’t really wanna know. She’s in denial.

What’s the craziest thing a girl has said to you after a show to get at you? Most girls be like, “I want Boosie to fuck me in the ass while I suck Webbie’s dick.” That’s what they be saying. They want that.

Do you think it’s disrespectful to her? I know it’s disrespectful to her. The only thing I could say is good is that I think about her when I [fuck other girls]. I be thinkin’, damn, I’m a fuckin’ dog, man. I hate doing this to my girl and shit, but goddamn, it just be the moment. Why not bring her with you on the road? I bring her with me sometimes. She’s with me right now, actually. But sometimes I get tired [of her]. I don’t know, man, I get in that nightlife and it just happens. The excitement of having a different girl every night? Yeah, the excitement is having a different girl every night, but it’s really not just one girl. One girl don’t really be exciting to me. It’s when I have like two or three at one time; that’s exciting. One girl really don’t excite me; I just wanna catch a nut and go on about my business. But when I’m drunk or high or rollin’ or whatever, I like two or three at one time. Do they come together or you introduce them to each other? They come together most of the time. I had three girls myself one time. [Another time] it was like ten on three. It was like three of us and ten of [the women]. You let the crew join in? Yeah, the homies gotta get some. Ain’t no fun if the homies ain’t get none. Do the girls have to work their way up through the entourage to get to you? Yeah, if they not the baddest bitch out the clique, they gotta work they way up. Have you ever paid for sex? Yeah, I done paid for sex. I done went to cities in Cali and New York where everybody don’t know Boosie. So yeah, I done went and paid $100 for whatever it is. It ain’t trickin’ if you got it. In the Dominican Republic them hoes was goin’ for $30. Was it worth the $30? It was just for like a little quickie. Ten or fifteen minutes. You know, you buy the girl for like $30 and then you gotta buy the room for like $20. It was just a little fling to get off while you ‘cross seas. What about getting girls without paying for them? Yeah, I could get girls. Sometimes when I go to other states I duck off and don’t wear my jewelry. I meet girls and tell them my real name. I be wanting a challenge sometimes. But at the end of the night when it’s time for me to get in they drawers, I just tell them who I am. I’m used to it now, so I might as well go with it. Why pay for it, though, if you can get it for free? It’s like, it’s a difference between women and whores. A woman who’s doing something for herself, I wouldn’t try to pay for her. I wouldn’t just give her money, but I’d show her better times. I’d show her big [hotel] rooms, big trips and shit. But a whore, I’m just gonna pay her for sex. A woman, I’ma still bait ‘em in with the money. What’s the biggest gift you’ve given a woman? Really, I don’t buy women gifts. I’ll give her a couple hundred dollars, maybe, if she’s a girl who been down with me and we been fuckin’ for a while. Like $200 or $300. What made you choose your main girl? She been down with me for seven years now. My little girl is five. She been down with me for a minute, through thick and thin, and that’s why I’m still with her.

Do you do it? Nah, I don’t like the ass, cause one time I was fucking a hoe in the ass and she had doo doo a little bit. Do you and Webbie double up? Yeah, we double up on ‘em. Triple up, all kinds of shit. Everybody gets down in Trill Entertainment. We have big ol’ orgies. Who do you think about when you jack off? Being a rapper, you have so many women that you get to the point where all the women blur together. So when you fantasize you gotta think about celebrities. You can’t be thinking about too many girls; they run through your head too fast. Most of the time I be thinking about Paris Hilton, or Halle Berry when that white man fucked her in Monster’s Ball. I be thinking about Eve, Ciara, a lot of them muthafuckers. Didn’t you talk about that on a record? Yeah, I said I wanna make a caramel sundae with Paris Hilton. I ain’t got to meet her yet, but tell her I’m lookin’ for her. Her and Lindsay Lohan at the same time. I heard they like to party.

. IN IF YOU GOTTIT ’ IN K IC R T H ’T “IT AIN EPUBLIC KEIEM R N A IC IN M O THE D A QUIC .” R O F 0 3 $ S A W HOES Have you hooked up with any celebrity females? No, I really haven’t. But I know it’s coming, though. Man, I wanna holla at Keyshia Cole. I would like to just fuck Keyshia Cole and squeeze and suck on them big-ass titties. She’s gangsta so me and Keyshia Cole would go good together. We both gangstas. How old were you the first time you had sex? I was 14 the first time. I had a little girlfriend. I was tryin’ for that, but I could never get the right girl. I had to go and get with an older girl. She showed me where to put it, and I put it in, and ever since then I been humping. What city has the best women? H-Town. They just have a better selection of women, and they get straight to business. I like ‘em thick, too, I don’t like them skinny girls. What’s the difference between black women, white women, and Spanish women in bed? I think black girls are more aggressive, but white girls like to suck it a lot more than black people. And Spanish girls, they’re wild. Have you videotaped yourself having sex? We done video taped some girls, but it’s only for our crew. It’s like, confidential. We ain’t gonna put the shit out like porn stars. I don’t wanna get sued. What’s the quickest you ever came? Probably this girl named Juicy. She had two tongue rings and she swallowed everything. She’d have me done in like a minute and a half. Have you gotten any crazy voicemails or text messages from girls tryin’ to get at you? I don’t even check my phone for that, Julia. Every girl who gets at me, she gotta get at me through my boys. If you were a porn star what would your name be? The Black Jackal, cause I hump fast. You know, the jackal shoots them bullets out fast. 99


Title: The Princess Diary Words by: Eric Perrin Sample Sexy Lyric “Princess need a thug to please her, put it down and be me teacher. Punish me but nicely, I’m sexy, sweet and spicy. ”-Lifestyle Crime Mob’s Princess chooses her words carefully. As the royal rhyme spitter meticulously answered our questions for the annual sex issue, the teenage emcee proves to be wise beyond her years. In this interview, Princess divulges some sound advice to other teenage girls about sex, tells us her biggest turn-off, and clarifies her crush on the King. Check it out! I asked Diamond this earlier today, but in your opinion, what separates the ladies of Crime Mob from the rest of the female rappers out there? I think it’s a total package, cause number one, we’re young. The second thing is that we’re in a group of four guys. So in every way, even though we’re family, we still have to compete with them lyrically and stage performance-wise, because it’s a male dominated game, but we can come as hard as the guys do. Okay, you know this is the sex issue, so I gotta ask you some sex questions. What are your turn-ons sexually? Anything that turns you on really starts in the mind. It’s all a mind thing, so it’s one thing for a male to brag about they size or what they can do with their tongue action, but it’s another thing when you can actually have a good conversation with that person and be with them mentally and spiritually. That’s the biggest turn-on. Anybody can turn you on sexually but really it’s a mind thing first and after you got me in the mind and we connected mentally and spiritually then we get to the sexual part. The turn on then would be simple stuff; back massages, foot massages, doing spontaneous stuff, nothing ordinary. I’m a very spontaneous person. So what do you think the worst thing about sex is? The worst thing about sex is to think you’re on a certain level with somebody and then y’all take it to the sexual point and then afterwards it’s like, you’re not on the same page. Maybe they were in it for the wrong reason or turned out to be something you didn’t think they were. You know, like they were just feeding you bullshit. How would you describe yourself in bed? Would you say you’re wild, medium or mild? It depends on the person, how long I’ve known that person, how deep our connection is and what level we’re on. Cause like I said, I’m a very spontaneous person, I’m just gonna leave it up to whoever is reading the article to decide what that means. I’m very open minded. What’s your biggest turn-off from a sexual standpoint? The biggest turn-off of course would be if they don’t know what they doing. No, actually, the biggest turn-off is if they brag a lot, and then don’t know what they doing. Does size matter to you? We had this song that we did, it was me, Diamond, Rasheeda, and Gangsta Boo called, “Lifestyle.” It’s on Rasheeda’s “Georgia Peach” album. Basically the whole song we were talking about if you’re a Magnum, a Trojan, a Lifestyle or whatever. So of course, the gold pack or the black is where it’s at, but I would really say it’s about the motion in ocean. Even though size does play a part in that, it does.

No. I want to elaborate on that, cause I know people are gonna be like, “She lying, she bullshittin’.” But honestly, as of right now, no, I wouldn’t do it. That’s not even in the plans for that amount of money cause in a way, that’s selling myself short. I don’t know what I might be doing in the next 10, 15 years. By that time, I could just laugh at 5 million. My standards are very high, especially when it comes to my career. I heard that you have a crush on the King of South, Mr. T.I.P. Is that true? [Laughs] Did Diamond tell you that? Don’t worry about it, but it must be true if you’re automatically assuming it was Diamond who told me. People have been asking me that a lot lately, like it’s really something going on, but no, it’s not even like that. Wait, ask me your question first? And then I’ll explain. Are you involved with T.I.? No. Okay, do you like T.I.? Nooo... Now let me explain. Yes, I am still young and even though I am in the music business, I still admire him, you know? You know how people admire somebody, like a lot of niggas admire Janet Jackson or Hallie Berry on looks and stuff? It’s kinda like that, but it’s like, I admire his aura; it’s a demeanor, a presence that he carries himself with, as well as his lyric abilities. You know what I’m saying? Its way beyond just looks and what he may be able to do sexually, fuck all that. We both have that royal mentality, that’s all it really is. I’m a Princess; he’s a King. So if T.I. said, “Princess, I wanna make you my Queen,” how would you respond to that? [Laughs] You goofy! I would say, I mean, just like if it were any other person, we’d probably go bowling, like I always do. Then do something, putt-putting or something. I’d treat him like a regular person, cause at the end of the day, he’s still a regular person. He still puts his pants on the same everybody else does. On a serious note, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is a huge problem, and it’s increasing rapidly, especially among the among young, black female population. What are your thoughts on that and how can this problem be stopped? First of all, everybody needs to start being real with themselves first and know what they want instead of being on the DL or whatever, females included. Everybody needs to come clean with whatever they’re doing because they’re lying to themselves, sayin, “Aw, naw, I’m not gay and I don’t do this and I don’t do that.” They’re lying to themselves and other people. And that’s putting other people’s lives in danger, people who don’t know they do that kinda stuff. So you gotta get yourself checked out, no matter how cool you and the person who you messin’ with is. You still gotta get yourself checked out.

Okay, where was the craziest place you’ve ever had sex before? Man, these questions…I gotta clean some of these answers up cause my parents might be reading this. Yeah, I understand, my mom will probably get mad at me for asking some of these questions, but that leads me to my next topic. Have your parents ever caught you doing anything sexual before? They’ve never, ever caught me doing anything before. I’m not gonna say I’m a sneaky person but the only thing close to it was me sneaking out the house and getting caught. Well I didn’t get caught, I came back too late. I overslept and got caught trying to come back in the house. This question is probably gonna make your parents even more upset, but if you were to ever become a porn star, what would your porn name be? I can’t even answer that cause I don’t think I would ever become a porn star. So, say Hugh Hefner came up to you and said, “Princess, I’ll pay you five million dollars with no taxes if you pose naked in Playboy.” Would you do it? 101




SLEEPY BROWN MR. BROWN Purple Ribbon/Virgin Records

In a perfect world, one without money disputes and controversial contracts, Like Father, Like Son would probably be a fourth Hot Boy$ album. But with Turk’s legal issues, Juvenile and B.G. pursing their solo careers elsewhere and Mannie Fresh achieving independent success, Lil Wayne and Baby are forced to hold down the Cash Money fort. Not that they mind. With Wayne vying for the title of Dopest Lyricist not only in the South, but rap period, and the addition of extremely talented Suave House alum T-Mixx on production, the album more than adequately establishes the next chapter for Cash Money.

C-Murder’s latest album, The Tru Story…Continued, isn’t the worst thing out, but it’s definitely light years away from being the best. Most of the album’s material comes from his 2005 album, The Truest Shit I Ever Said. Now the album gets a much needed boost thanks to the six new tracks and a DVD that contains exclusive interview and video footage. One could only assume that Tru Story is the New Orleans’ rapper’s attempt to set the story straight about murder charge he was hit with following the 2002 murder of a 16-year-old teen. Sadly, however, C-Murder spends the majority of the album’s 23 tracks spinning tales about exactly how cold and ruthless he is.

As the founder of Organized Noise (Outkast, TLC, Goodie MOB, En Vogue, Ludacris), the son of an original member of the seventies funk band, Brick, and the leader of the underground soul groups, Society of Soul and Sleepy’s Theme, the expectations for Sleepy’s solo debut were high. Thankfully, he doesn’t let anyone down.

The lead single, “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” sets the tone for the entire album conceptually - getting, making, keeping and showing off money. With Birdman playing the role of the veteran father and Weezy F. Baby assuming that of the son who’s expected to not only carry on, but exceed the example set by his daddy, the album works despite its linear focus. On “1st Key” featuring a flawless incorporation of the UGK classic, “Pocket Full of Stones,” the production is undeniable, as it is on the self-explanatory title track where Wayne explains, “Birdman put me on when I was 11 / He was my father, so I was like fuck the lesson / He was my preacher, so I was like fuck the reverend.” Further showing why he’s Andre 3000’s favorite rapper on the neck-snapping “You Ain’t Know,” Weezy spits, “Baby and Slim still point guard and center / So much money on my mind it’s all I remember.” He doesn’t lose a beat on “Ain’t Worried Bout Shit” where he waxes poetic about grinding or on the melancholy “Don’t Die,” where he borrows from a Jadakiss line and contends that “gangsta’s don’t die, they get chubby and move to Miami” over mellow guitars. The primary downfall of Like Father, Like Son is that lyrically speaking, the “son” is far more superior to the “father” and Baby struggles to hold his own throughout the project, despite his nearly immaculate braggadocio. Thankfully he (and his fans) understands that he’s not expected to rap, only stunt; turning this somewhat mismatched collaboration into a solid album worthy of more than a few spins. - Jacinta Howard 104

Most of the album’s new additions save this album from being a total disaster. However, these songs are also where C-Murder delivers what could possibly be the most damaging testimony of all against himself. Songs like “I Live in the Ghetto” and “Calliope” serve as reminders to possible foes that he’s a product of his violent environment. Perhaps the most damaging song new addition to the album is “I’m That Villain.” In the first verse alone, the rapper warns partygoers not to get too close to his expensive threads because “I’m full of that Tanqueray / Somebody ‘bout to die today.” He then goes on to boast about his happy trigger finger before warning his enemy that he has no problem with “busting back.” The album isn’t all about guns and violence, though. The rapper tries to tap into his sensitive side with “Did U Hold It Down” featuring Bass Heavy. Even though lines like “I can’t wait to pick your cherries and strawberries” are laughable, the sentiment aimed at the special lady in his life is still sweet, nonetheless. Guest appearances are where this album shines brightest. “I Want It” featuring M.O.P.’s Lil Fame, “Die for Mine” featuring B.G. and “Camouflage & Murder” featuring Mac and Curren$y are easily some of Tru Story’s highlights. They also happen to be songs in which C-Murder is easily outshined by his guests. Although he does his best to maintain himself alongside Lil Fame, C-Murder’s fighting a losing battle as his lazy, grade-school-level flow gets lost behind Fame’s signature hyperactive flow. Even fellow New Orleanian B.G. shows up and shows out on “Die for Mine,” a reworked version of “Y’all Heard of Me,” which shows up later on the tracklisting. Fans of C-Murder will probably be more than happy to bump Tru Story…Continued in support of the rapper. However, rap fans that are checking more for lyrical content than a couple of dope beats may want to stay away from this one. Hopefully for his sake, the prosecutors of his murder trial will stay away from this album as well or else C-Murder may find himself paying dearly for the life he rhymes about. - Ivory M. Jones

The production on this project is a more universal than his previous works, as evidenced on the lead single, “Margarita,” featuring longtime friend and collaborator Big Boi as well as Pharrell. Even still, he manages to display his funky creativity and lyricism throughout the album without leaving listeners behind, weaving in melodic tales of heated sexual escapades (“Oh Ho Hum”) with dance-inspired grooves (“One of Dem Nights”). Sleepy’s biggest asset has always been his ability to merge the old with the new without sounding contrived. Shaped by strong horns, deep bass lines and snappy synths, “Dance With Me” and “Sunday Morning” are among the tracks where he’s able to merge old-school vocal stylings with hip-hop undertones. Though he takes a wrong turn on the 50’s doo-wop-like “Get To It,” which sounds a little forced and tends to drag, he gets right back to doing what he does best on the fashionable, upbeat songs, “Dress Up” and the fan-favorite, “I Can’t Wait” featuring Outkast. When he smoothly croons, “Just tell me the secrets in your head as I get into you…” on what is perhaps the album’s best song, “Till (Your Legs Start Shaking),” he seamlessly turns what could easily be raunchy lyrics into a honey-dripped declaration of desire.

Mr. Brown not only firmly establishes Sleepy as more than “that dude who sings Outkast’s hooks,” but is easily one of the best soul releases of the year. - Jacinta Howard



ACAFOOL ACAFOOL First String Entertainment


Hip-hop anthems have a way of moving crowds in an almost hypnotizing manner. For instance, try visiting any club, block party, or social gathering where Unk’s undeniable hit “Walk It Out” is played, and within three seconds you’ll find yourself in the midst of men, women, and children awkwardly dancing on the tip of their toes as Unk confidently chants, “East side walk it out / West side walk it out,” over DJ Montay’s infallible track.

Clowns are just as important to the American fabric as the government that runs it and the corporations that fund it. They supply laughter in a time of darkness, and sometimes truth in a dishonest environment. That being said, Acafool is a clown. The Tampa-by-way-of-Miami representative’s self-titled debut is a cohesive effort that showcases a producer/artist that craft songs that can craft songs that can be played in any environment. To quiet any notions of where he represents ‘Fool opens the album with “FLA” to let it be known that he has love for every square mile and area code from Da Bottom to The Panhandle.

Before the drama with “Mr. Interscope,” the thought of a GAME sophomore album without the presence of Andre Young was about as blasphemous as a devoted Muslim praying to the west. When we learned that the name of the project was The Doctor’s Advocate, Dre’s decision to stick it out with his young protégé felt all the more admirable. For reasons that nobody, including The Game knows, Doc ultimately decided to exclude himself from the process, leaving the production duties to a bevy of other quality beatmakers – Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch, Will.I.Am, Kanye West and Just Blaze among them. And, he left the world wondering if young Chuck Taylor could stand on his own.

However, creating a two minute and fifty-three second anthem is child’s play when considering that fans will expect an entire album that will somehow equate to that unforgettable song. Unk attempts to shake that “anthem” jinx with his solo debut on Big Oomp/Koch Records, Beat’N Down Yo Block. Unk steps in the ring swinging with the snareheavy title track where he gives those in big body Chevy’s something to ride to. He repeats that theme two songs later on the Loko-assisted “Comin Down Da Street.” Jazze Pha provides a much needed change of pace and soulful feel on the heartfelt track “Thinking Of You,” where Unk spills the reality of life’s unexpectedness (“Nobody knows when we’re gonna take our last breaths / Hug your mother, Hug your father, nigga, hug yourself”). DJ Montay and Freddy B use a sample from the Isley Brothers “Groove With You,” on Beat’N Down Yo Block’s most personal song. Although trunk rattling cuts such as “Slow It Up” and “Fresh Dressed” allow Unk to show his 4th Ward swagger, a portion of the album flounders with monotonous material. The hit single “Walk It Out,” is unnecessarily remade on “2 Step,” and repetitive bravado is spewed on “Don’t Make Us,” and “Flat Line.” But let’s not forget what initially bought Unk to the national forefront. He is at his best when making songs that will keep the clubs crunk and partygoers moving instead of posting up on the dance floor. On “Back It Up,” Unk pays homage to the bass movement that was a key component in establishing Atlanta’s renowned strip club culture in the 80s and “Hit the Dance Floor” is self-explanatory.


On the narcissistic “Look Good” he shows how to represent, but within his means. Lines like “Ballin’ on a budget and I still look clean and I’m fresher than you dudes in them thousand dollar jeans / I like to floss but it depends on the cost, Acafool ain’t never too cool to shop at Ross” are only outdone when the Haitian-raised rapper promises to “bring black brothas back like Wesley Snipes.” He shows more of his comedic chops on “That Shit,” an obnoxious account of a night out on the town where ‘Fool’s word choice makes you feel as if a video for the song is unfolding in front of your eyes. The theme is revisited, but with slurred vision, on “I’m Drunk.” While partying is Fool’s favorite pastime, he also uses his picture painting talents to present a less colorful side of life. The beat machine gets a rest on the a cappella number “Peaches & Cream” where he tells stories of teenage pregnancy, poverty and death. He continues to give reality doses on “I Can Feel That” where he provides his own brand of Thug Motivation with words like “my people were some slaves way back in the day, but I don’t expect to see no reparations / So I’ma stand on my own two and do what I gotta do to get my folks out the situation.” Not counting slight missteps like “Souke” and the Miami Bass tribute “Just Ride,” this album is an entertaining, light-hearted alternative that only a Fool could produce. He handles all of the frantic production himself, which is perfect for his ability to create visuals with his words.

Through a storm that includes perhaps the most volatile rap beef since Nas and Jay-Z, a torn relationship with his big brother and doubters from coast to coast, The Game stands tall on Advocate. Sparked by the Reefa produced “It’s Okay (One Blood),” it was obvious this past summer that Game hadn’t lost any ambition through the turmoil. Even as he’s disowned any beef with 50 and Dre, it’s clear that the relationship, or lack thereof still troubles him; especially on the Urban EP Pope produced “Lookin’ At You” and the DJ Khalil assisted “Da Shit.” Both Dre-ish tracks, the latter finds Game’s aggressive baritone hurling verbal tirades at his “mentors.” After he’s done beating his chest, Game is man enough to make amends on the somber title track. Alongside Aftermath lablemate Busta Rhymes and R&B newcomer Shorty, a drunk and weeping Game works to repair his relationship with Dre, reminiscing over Compton, The Documentary and their current plight. With Dre and 50’s absence, The Doctor’s Advocate is decidedly more “West Coast,” (“California Vacation,” “Compton,” “Bang” and the HiTek produced “Ol’ English”) perhaps the result of Game’s newfound freedom.

Lyrically, Beat’N Down Yo Block will do nothing to change the state of hip-hop, so it’s best to measure it by its its ability to keep party heads moving

Overall, this album can be compared to Ludacris’ independent debut Back For the First Time. With personality for days, Acafool has crafted an album that perfectly captures his raw talents and starts his collision course with stardom.

If he comes off confused or conflicted, it’s because he’s 26 and still maturing. Whether he asked for it or not, The Game was granted full autonomy this go round, and for the most part proves that he can handle it.

- A.R. Shaw

- Maurice G. Garland

– N. Ali Early



by Malik Abdul HARDCORE: RAW AND UNCUT www.realfights.com

That’s what the title says, and that’s what it is! If you like fistfights, all-out brawls, shootings, and bodies lying in the street, then this is a DVD for you. The makers of the controversial multi-platinum Ghetto Fights have put together another DVD filled with uncut brawling. This DVD also features women fighting, and these girls are throwing down! – Malik Abdul CRACKHEADS GONE WILD www.crackheadsgonewild.com You’ve heard of Girls Gone Wild, Latinos Gone Wild, and so forth, but Crackheads Gone Wild is a new one. These are real-life stories; some funny, some hardhitting. In most of them, you’ll see the lost hope of people who had dreams; the lost hope of families who have also become victims to their loved ones’ addiction. This DVD shows the reality of an extremely addictive drug. Crack has been kicked under the rug as the government turns America’s focus to terrorism. They don’t show crack addicts on the evening news, but they’re out there. This DVD exposes the government’s lost “War on Drugs.” If this DVD was edited properly it could be up for some awards, but the title Crackheads Gone Wild takes away from the seriousness of the documentary. This is a realistic view of the world of crackheads. It deals with their stories, their views, their voices, and their lives. I think it’s a bit inappropriate to rate this DVD with blunts, but I do highly recommend it. – Malik Abdul

UNDERGROUND If you liked The Fast & The Furious, here’s a DVD for you, with hot cars, hot models and underground street racing. It’s all hosted by Big C, a wild and crazy Cali dude who seems to have enough energy and exuberance to feed the whole state. He’s got enough hot models and clout to get into all the hot spots and car shows. Don’t mist he Von Dutch photo shoot, the late night street racing, and pirate radio station interviews where you have to paddle-spank the naked Asian host. – Malik Abdul WILL HUSTLE TV This exclusive DVD deals with all the new beef in the Southern rap game and features interviews with powerhouses like OG Willie D of the Geto Boys, who talks some real gangsta shit. The beef is tough out in the state of Texas. Austin is on fire right now. They’re going at Z-Ro, calling him “Z-Ho,” and actually going at the whole Rap-A-Lot camp. Trae responds. Then Z-Ro responds and tries to set them straight. Next, Will Hustle takes us down to Atlanta to talk to Rock, formerly of Three 6 Mafia. Rock literally goes off on DJ Paul and Juicy J, calling them “sucker-ass niggas” who charge their own artists for tracks. He reveals that Lil Wyte is being charged $20,000 for each track that he uses from Three 6. Rock promises that if he sees anyone from the Hypnotized Mindz camp, he will kick their ass. Loaded with underground artists, Will Hustle TV is making its mark. – Malik Abdul

PIMP C PIMPALATION: RETURN OF THE TRILL www.rapalotrecords.com From the opening intro of this DVD, you’ll see a live interview with Pimp C from behind bars up until the day he was freed. You’ll live through Pimp C himself, from hugging his mom to shopping for Bentleys and jewelry and hitting the studio to lay down new tracks. The knowledge Pimp C shares about the Texas prison system is something you should pay to hear. I could go on and on about this DVD, but it would take a whole magazine to let you know how insightful it really is. J Prince, owner of Rap-A-Lot Records, imparts wisdom about the music business. There’s also appearances from every major artist in the industry – Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Young Jeezy, Slim Thug, and Chamillionaire, just to name a few. This is definitely a DVD you should check out whenever you need knowledge and inspiration. – Malik Abdul REALITY TV: LIVE FROM NEW ORLEANS Imagine being asleep in your bed with the sound of rain pounding on your rooftop, whistling winds, and trees rocking back and forth. Your roof is creaking and the candlelight flickering. The power has been out for hours. You crawl deeper under the covers, thinking that the storm will be over in an hour or so. When you wake up, you hear screams all throughout the house. Your family is panicking; there’s water inside the house and it’s rising! You get out of your warm bed and make it to the roof. Not only are you cold, but the wind and the rain are pounding. You’re holding your newborn baby, your four-year-old is crying, and your grandmother is still inside the house because she’s too old to make it to the roof. You have to make a choice – leave the baby on the bed with the water rising, or try to get your grandmother onto the roof. You choose to save the baby with guilt surging throughout your body. Imagine surviving until the next morning and looking around in horror to see dead bodies float past. Wildlife, dogs, cats, and feces float by, and your newborn is crying from the hunger pains. Two days pass and finally a helicopter rescues your wife and two kids with the baby, take them away, and you are happy because you know anywhere is better than this place. Finally you find a way to float past all the debris, dead bodies, and stench, and you make it to the bridge, where there are thousands of people. To your dismay, there is no food or water – only more angry, confused people looking for family members. No one seems to know anything. The helicopters are coming in and bringing more people onto the bridge. The dust that the propellers are kicking up only makes your throat more parched, your skin more dry, and your clothes more dirty. After four days of this, they start putting you on yellow buses. When you get to your destination, there’s no food. No place to sleep. No place to take a bath. You smell, you’re dirty, you’re tired – and you are in the richest country in the world! This Reality TV: Live From New Orleans DVD really gives you the real inside story. The music played throughout the DVD fits every scene. But the real genius of this DVD is that it shows what New Orleans was before Katrina – the Mardi Gras, the murder rate, the good food, the good music – and then they show how the government abandoned their city. One insightful comment on this DVD noted how George Bush gave 45 minute speeches on terrorism, but a 30-second speech about the devastation. All in all, it’s a powerful documentary. – Malik Abdul

kelis&naslive Location: Tallahassee, FL Event: Florida A&M Homecoming concert Date: October 28th, 2006 Photo: Terrence Tyson



Mike Jones and Ice Age crew @ H-Town (Houston, TX) Photo: LeJaurean Hailey

Mims @ Last Damn Show 8 (Tampa, FL) Photo: Malik Abdul

Tampa Tony @ Chubby’s for JamTV Launch Party (Tallahassee, FL) Photo: Storm

Lil Wayne and Baby “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” video shoot (Miami, FL) Photo: Julia Beverly

Young Jeezy “I Luv It” video shoot (Atlanta, GA) Photo: Eric Perrin