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nominees PATIENTLY WAITING TEXAS Big Tuck (Dallas, TX)

The lead-off solo artists from Dallas collective DSR, Tuck is prepared to carry the city on his back.

ESG (Houston, TX)

Although he’s been in the game for years, national acclaim has thus far eluded ESG, known for his wicked freestyles.

G.R.i.T. Boys (Houston, TX)

This group, affiliated with Paul Wall, brings a fresh new flavor, speaking on Ghetto Reality in Texas.

Kiotti (Houston, TX)

Young and charismatic, this former battle rapper has a bright future in front of him.

Money Waters (Dallas, TX)

As the Houston hype slowly dies down, it looks as if Dallas is next to blow, with Money Waters ranking high on the list of the city’s talented artists.

Trae (Houston, TX)

Trae is straddling the thin line between patiently waiting and full-out blown up. After gaining the attention of several major labels with his single “Swang,” he signed with Rap-A-Lot.


p until maybe last year, the Patiently Waiting column was practically tailor-made for Texas. The rap scene in that great state had been bubbling and building for years, until finally it peaked and a bunch of artists from Houston reached the top. Well, Houston is a big city, but Texas is a huge state and hot on the heels of Paul Wall, Chamillionaire and Slim Thug are a hot new crop of artists who are popping off from border to border. Here’s a look at what’s next for Texas. A lot of people have Dallas metro star Big Tuck pegged as the next to blow out of Texas. His countrified voice has a very direct and imminent delivery that makes what he has to say hard to ignore. A member of the group Dirty South Rydaz, Tuck’s reputation is solid in the streets, the clubs and the booth. DSR is certainly the biggest group in Texas from outside of Houston. Houston-based ESG has been patiently waiting to get that national exposure for some years now. His 1995 hit “Swang and Bang” is a Texas anthem to this day and ever since then he has consistently dropped some of the hottest independent releases in the region. He’s been eating well off of the rap game for over 10 years, but is now pursuing that major label status. He’s the backbone of the Houston rap community and one of the folks who pioneered the sounds you are currently hearing from the Lone Star State. Also hailing from Texas, the G.R.i.T. Boys are one of the hottest young groups in the streets of Houston and their affiliation with Paul Wall has been taking them all over the United States. Their name stands for Ghetto Reality in Texas, so you won’t hear a lot of the same ol’ same ol’ from these guys. Their stories are ones of struggle and pain, coupled with the lighter side of life in the hood. They are some lyrical giants who come from the same area as most of the Screwed Up Click and hold those values tight, but have an original sound and a whole different energy than their predecessors. Recently signed to Asylum Records, Kiotti is best known as a battle rap champion around Houston. But you can’t sleep on the regional hits he has been a part of, most recently “Minute Plan” also known as “The Phone Song.” He’s a serious hustler who has been at it since his early teens and seems set to finally blow nationwide. Dallas representative Money Waters comes with a whole different perspective than the other artists on this list. He is more like the old sage - though he is young – who you can turn to for advice or a funny story. This vibe runs throughout his CD’s and his live show where often he comes off as a brilliant blues man rather than your average rapper. Recently signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, Trae has been hot in the streets of Texas since his first release in 1999, the debut album from his group, Guerilla Maab. He is a voice for the voiceless in Houston and beyond, representing the hard streets with his reality based raps. He’s seen a lot of struggle and strife in his life and has no problem telling you all about it. He is possibly the most reality based rapper the game has seen since the early days of Scarface. - Matt Sonzala

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