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THE RAW REPORT Raw, unadulterated, fresh, and interesting! It’s the Raw Report DVD Magazine, with informative, flawless interviews. Actually, the Raw Report is probably the only DVD magazine that lets the interviewer interview themselves. For instance, in one chapter called “Up Your Game,” Bob Johnson (founder of BET and current owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats) give insights into his billiondollar BET sale to media giant Viacom. He talks about branding the BET name and his reasons for selling. The first chapter deals with the Game vs. 50 Cent beef, presented as a documentary along the lines of a 60 Minutes segment. When Raw Report interviews The Game, he is candid and funny, and answers every question with some real gully, gutta shit. When asked if he’d fucked R&B star Mya yet, he replies, “Naw, she turned me down.” When asked if he’d do a song with Memphis Bleek, he said, “Naw! Even if I died and came back with a Roc chain.” Chuck Taylor talks about his company, The Black Wall Street, being from Compton, and how he bought every house on the block he grew up on. Next, Mississippi is represented through a candid interview with Boo Da Boss Playa. Boo talks about how he was the first artist to ever drop a double CD in Mississippi, and how Clive Davis signed him on the spot. When asked about fellow Mississippian David Banner, Boo quickly lets you know that he’s from Canton and Banner is from Jackson, and their music is different. Next Boo introduces his new single, “Miss Me With That Rap Shit,” featuring Young Jeezy and Bleu Davinci. The cover features Boyz N Da Hood, so the Raw Report interviews Block, the mastermind who organized this Southern rap supergroup. All the members take turns telling their story, and you come away knowing the Boyz a little better. The Raw Report DVD magazine definitely sets itself apart from all other DVD magazines. Their commercials are flashy, the features are produced and edited professionally, and the freestyles give artists a chance to shine and show off their skills (Elliott Ness’ freestyle is worth listening to). In the “Whips” section, Luda takes you for a spin in his new Bentley GT convertible coupe, but be careful if you’re thinking of running up on him for the jack move, cause Luda carries an extra clip! Pick up a copy of the Raw Report and you won’t be disappointed. - Malik Abdul, B44




You’ve probably seen Roland Powell in a lot of your favorite music videos, BET Comicview, Showtime at the Apollo, or on Cedric the Entertainer’s Platinum DVD series. Representing Jacksonville, Florida, better known as Duval County, Roland reps the city proudly everywhere he performs under the name Lil Duval.

Louisiana is known for bringing that next-level music out of the South. It started in New Orleans with the Miller boys, better known as Master P, C-Murder, and Silkk Da Shocker. The Cash Money Millionaires took the sound to another level. It seems that the next dynasty to arise out of Louisiana is Trill Entertainment, hailing from Baton Rouge.

Here, Powell gives you hilarious skits about real-life situations (growing up in the hood, baby mama drama, player hating), and it’s all mixed with his off-tune singing. Powell also takes you to some of the hardest comedy clubs, where the audience is encouraged to boo the comedian if he sucks. Dat Boy Funny is an accurately titled DVD. If you love standup comedy and skits, this DVD should definitely be in your collection. - Malik Abdul

The DVD starts with Lil Boosie showing off his money, guns, and cars (BMW 745 and a Dodge Magnum) and giving a tour of his neighborhood. Next up is Webbie, who explains his upbringing and how he got started rapping. In this DVD you’ll hear and see for yourself how one of the summer’s biggest songs (the Body Head Bangers “Do It Big”) was modified from an original Webbie song. According to Webbie, he created the song at age 17. Magic and Roy Jones took the hook “Do It Big” and released the song nationally. To back up his claims, the DVD shows videos of Webbie performing both songs. Although rumors suggest that Boosie and Webbie don’t get along too well, Webbie denies the claims. He says that while recording the album Gangsta Muzik together, he and Boosie were like brothers. In any family there wil be differences of opinions, but the competition makes them each strive to be better rappers.

ALL ACCESS VOLUME 9 This edition of All Access features a must-see behind-the-scenes freestyle from Hot 97 featuring Memphis Bleek, the Young Gunz, and Jay-Z. Next, Clinton Sparks shows how it’s done on his Sirius radio show. The Get Familiar captain shows why and how he never stops. Gloria Velez and Joe Budden are at it again. In Volume 8 they seemed like a lovable couple, with Joe admitting that he licks her secret spot and bragging about how good Glo gives head. Now they hate each other? Gloria reveals Joe’s hidden talent by playing a saved message of Budden singing, “I wanna make love all through the day.” It isn’t flattering. She also claims that he lied about his age, can’t walk through his own hood, doesn’t have a big dick, doesn’t know what to do in bed, and couldn’t last more than five minutes. She claims that he is one of her groupies and won’t take “no” for an answer. To hear Budden’s response, you have to pick up the limited edition of the DVD. As always, there’s plenty of eye candy from behind-the-scenes at various video shoots, including Fat Joe, Beanie Sigel, and Cuban Link. These are the women Mike Jones is rapping about: “a dime that’s top of the line.” All Access goes behind the scenes of Sigel’s video shoot for “Feel It In The Air,” featuring Method Man. This DVD also includes an exclusive interview with Beanie before he went to jail. Juelz Santana talks about how Dipset is poised to bring Hip Hop back to dominance. Puffing on the best purple, Jim Jones explains why he doesn’t give a fuck about major labels.

Overall, this DVD is an interesting look at two talented artists with very different personas. Boosie has that gangsta vibe, and Webbie has star power and crossover appeal.

From the North to the South, All Access talks to the self-proclaimed King of the South T.I. In this interview, a shirtless T.I. explains how he’s been getting women since the sixth grade. The limited version of this DVD is full of hot interviews and behind-thescenes footage.

- Malik Abdul

- Malik Abdul

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