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...THE KING OF CRUNK CAN DOWN A PIMP CUP OF CRUNK!!! ENERGY DRINK AND CURSE OUT HIS CEO IN A SINGLE BOUND! What song are you featured on for David Banner’s new album Certified? The song I’m on, “Treat Me Like,” featuring Jadakiss, was supposed to be on the album, but [my label] TVT are some bitches. In case y’all didn’t know, I’ll never record another album for TVT again. You’re hearing it right here in OZONE. Wow. This sounds like it’s gonna be an interesting interview. Yeah. I don’t fuck with [TVT Records owner] Steve Gottlieb. Why’s that? He don’t know how to pay people and take care of the people that helped take his label to another level. You’ve gotta take care of the people that helped you make money and basically made your company and made other artists wanna come to your fuckin’ label. Is he just birdfeeding you, giving you small checks? He ain’t even doing that. I ain’t getting shit. How many copies did your album sell? Total, with all the albums that we’ve ever put out, I’ve had record sales totaling probably about ten million, and I ain’t seen no money from the label. None at all. Zip, zero. Show money and production is how I’m getting paid.


Is there some legal action being taken? We’ve got some things going on with Mr. Steve Gottlieb. How can he do that, legally, if you’ve got a contract? Well, you know, people hide things and claim that there are reasons why you ain’t got your money. But it’s all bullshit. Claiming that they’ve got to recoup expenses? Yeah, that’s part of the bullshit, but damn dawg, we sold a lot of records. Shoulda recouped by now. I don’t wanna get into all the contract details, but basically, fuck Steve Gottlieb. I need my money. What about the other artists that you helped bring to the label? Are they getting paid? I don’t know if Pitbull is happy. I don’t know if Ying Yang is happy. I don’t think Jacki-O is happy. I don’t think Teedra Moses is happy. I don’t think anybody’s happy at TVT. So what’s the problem? Wouldn’t a CEO want to keep his biggest artist happy? Yeah, you would think that. One of the main rules of having a record company is to take care of your people. Take care of your little soldiers and they’ll be down with you forever. He don’t take care of nobody. It wasn’t an issue before, with previous albums? Yeah, it was, but sometimes you let stuff build up so you can get a more substantial payday later on. When is your contract up? I have a couple more years, but legally, that stuff will all be worked out. Somebody else might wanna pick up the contract or whatever. Who knows what could happen. All I know is that I don’t fuck with Steve Gottlieb. I’m not gonna do any more records for TVT. I’d rather quit rapping than give this muthafucker another album. So because of the issues with TVT, you can’t appear on other


ALTER EGO: JONATHAN SMITH COSTUME: PLATINUM GRILL, SUNGLASSES SUPERPOWER: ZERO TO CRUNK IN 60 SECONDS! artists’ albums? Right, and that goes back to the Banner thing. [Steve Gottlieb] and Banner had worked out something, and I guess he’s reneging on their agreement. Whenever you’re signed to a label, you have to get clearance to appear as a feature on other artists’ albums. Banner personally talked to Mr. Gottlieb on a couple occasions about me getting on a record for his album. I think Mr. Gottlieb told Banner that he would clear it, but since now I’m not recording for Steve or even talking to Steve, he thinks he can get back at me by not clearing features. He won’t even let me get in videos. I did the “I’m A King” song with P$C and he sent the label letters preventing them from using the footage. I can’t get in the video for the YoungBloodz “Presidential.” It’s a bunch of fuckin’ bullshit. He’s hating. But he can’t get to me, because I can still make money as a producer. He can’t hurt me. Why wasn’t a video filmed for “Lovers & Friends”? There were rumors that you had problems with Usher. Do you feel like the record coulda been bigger than what it was? That was the labels again. When you’ve got a song with three superstars from



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Ozone Mag #37 - Aug 2005  

Ozone Mag #37 - Aug 2005

Ozone Mag #37 - Aug 2005  

Ozone Mag #37 - Aug 2005

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