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Disclaimer: These interviews are anonymous, so we cannot verify if they are true or not. All details (cities, club names, hotel names) have been removed. These stories do not necessarily represent the opinions of OZONE Magazine. These stories did not necessarily occur recently, so if you are currently seeing one of these fine gentlemen, no need to curse him out. These stories are from different women.

SLICK ‘EM (PRETTY RICKY) How did you meet Slick ‘Em from Pretty Ricky? We actually went to high school together. We had a class together and we were friends first. I really didn’t like him cause he’s not all that attractive to me, but he had a nice personality.

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Was he in the group Pretty Ricky when you met him? They were forming the group, but they weren’t very well-known at the time. They were just starting out.


Was it more exciting because he was in the group? Yeah, a lot more.

Where did you meet Lil Wayne? We met after a concert, several years ago. Did you approach him, or did he approach you? How did you meet? Actually, one of his friends had approached me outside the club and we were talking. Then Wayne came by. I guess he tells his friends what to do or whatever. I ended up talking to Wayne. Was it a friendly conversation or pick-up lines or what? It was just a little conversation like, where I’m from, stuff like that. He asked me if I wanted to get on the bus with him. Me and my friends went with them. Were you a Lil Wayne fan before you met him? Yeah, I am a big fan of his. That was my main reason for wanting to get on the bus.

he is. Why do you think he was interested in you? I’m just his type. He likes light-skinned girls with long hair. That’s just what I’ve observed from being around him. We never really talked about it. How was he in bed? Oh, he’s good. I mean, cause he’s such a little guy, people wouldn’t expect much out of him. But he’s good. He’s very energetic. He can go for a minute. Did he do anything unusual? Not really anything unusual, but he does stuff during sex. Like, he might be smoking during sex, or drinking during sex. Stuff like that. And he always says, “Please, say the baby,” like in

Did you have a relationship with him or just a one-time thing? We dated for a few months. When did it become sexual? We were at their house. It was just me, Slick, and Pleasure, and we were chillin’ in the room watching movies. We were watching the movie “Baby Boy” and Slick ‘Em was like, “That’s gonna be us one day.” We were just playing around and stuff and eventually one thing led to another. How old were you? We’re the same age. We were both 17. Do you think you were too young to be having sex? Nah, not really.

“[Lil Wayne] is such a little guy, people wouldn’t expect much out of him. But he’s good in bed. He’s very energetic. He can go for a minute.”

Was the bus headed back to the hotel? Yeah, we went back to the hotel after the show. It was cool. His friends were around for a minute. I think they had to leave a few hours later, so that time, nothing really went on. We just exchanged numbers. He called me and we kept in touch. We met back up a while later in [another city]. Then we lost touch for a few months. He’d switched numbers. One of my friends had been at the show too, and she hooked up with one of his friends. When she went to see him, I ran into Wayne again and we got back in contact.

When did it become sexual? When me and him started fucking, that’s when he was with Nivea. I started reading magazines that said she was his girlfriend, but he never said anything about it. But he’s kind of a ladies’ man about it. He wasn’t trying to jump into it. He was a gentleman. He’s a real respectful guy. What was the situation when you finally hooked up? His friends were all in the room, smoking and stuff, and when everybody left it was just me and him. He took a few phone calls, but when my phone rang he wanted me to cut my phone off. We were in the front room of the suite and then we moved into the bedroom. It was like 4 or 5 in the morning. We started talking and one thing led to another. Obviously, he’s got a lot of girls chasing after him because of who

that song “Soldier.” (laughing) Did you only sleep together once or was it a relationship? No, it was several times. Did he ever throw on a Lil Wayne CD to listen to during sex? He played a Lloyd CD once during sex, but mostly, nah. He never played a Lil Wayne CD. It’d usually be so late we’d go to sleep right afterwards. Why did it end? He got married, so I respect that. We talk every now and then but we don’t sleep together any more. There have been rumors that some people in the Cash Money camp are gay. Did you ever see anything that would make you think that? Oh, no, no, not at all. I haven’t seen any signs of that, and I’ve been around all of them a lot – Cash Money and Sqad Up and the new Young Money camp. I never saw anything like that going on. Would you consider yourself a groupie? No, I wouldn’t consider myself a groupie, because I wasn’t doing it because of who he was. I was kinda into him as a person. I acted the same with him as I would with a regular person who’s not a rapper.

So was it good or bad? I’d say it was pretty good, but, I guess because he was young – still is young – he liked to play around and joke around a lot. That’s kind of a turn-off when I’m in the mood to do something. He’d be telling jokes, acting silly, playing around. What did you do in bed? He likes really rough sex, and he likes to take it out and cum on your stomach. He does that a lot. So you think he just needs to grow up a little. He needs to grow up a lot. Even when I see him on TV, he’s the loudmouth. He’s always the one that wants to play around. He acts the same in person. Do you still sleep with Slick ‘Em now? No, but we still talk occasionally. We’re not together anymore. Why did it end? I don’t really know. I think it’s because the group started getting bigger and people started to know who they were. He started to get bigheaded about the situation. He feels like girls are always gonna want him wherever they go, so he doesn’t need to have a girl. I don’t really know. When you see him on TV, how does that make you feel? Just to know that other girls want him, that makes me want him back. OZONE AUGUST 2005


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