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Effective oxygen or medi-cal ozone is a type of oxygen molecule which includes large excess of power which it also uses to destroy HIV, worms bacteria and bacteria on contact. Effective air / medical ozone also eliminates HIV and infections utilizing the byproducts produced when it combines with body fluids. At low concentration i.e. beneficial concentration, omnivore effective air / medical ozone is a colorless and odorless gas. The medicine / medi-cal ozone is as it dysfunction rapidly in to oxygen (typical oxygen that we breathe) a volatile gas that cannot be located and must be used simultaneously. Which means omnivore active oxygen is used upon generation directly from the device.

Medical ozone is created by moving medical pure air through high-voltage quartz tubes and a chilly interest method can be used to build uncontaminated medical ozone, ergo safe and appropriate for treatment purposes. At focus, medi-cal Ozone Therapy eliminates 99.999% fat viruses and germs in the test tube, water, body fluids and while in the air. Effective air deactivates and in the course of time kills herpes by destroying its protective skin. Using omnivore medicine precisely will decrease the HIV viral load in the body, allowing the body to fight opportunistic infections by itself.

Omnivore gas is easily absorbed into the lymph and whole body, also into the bone marrow where it works from the infections. The effective o ge ’s destru ti e ess hara ter o irus, HIV a d a teria is partly related to the oxidation (burning of viruses) of unsaturated bonds in the phospholipids and lipoprotei stru ture of the a teria, iruses. All iruses a ’t are o li i g i o ge , (they breathe nitrogen), ergo surrounding them with very effective kind of oxygen / medi-cal ozone will begin to inactivate and destroy them.

Omnivore therapy fuel doesn't just destroy HIV or opportunistic infections, but in addition really helps to raise the immune systems by increasing the CD4 count. The defense mechanisms includes various kinds of cells that help protect your body from disease. One of these simple forms of specific cells is named the CD4 or T-cells. HIV strikes these kinds of cells and uses them to produce more copies / grow. And in doing this, HIV weakens the immune system, rendering it struggling to protect the human body from illness and infection. The less the CD4 cell count the more you're vunerable to AIDS producing infections.

Certain electric current levels, when exposed directly to HIV adversely influences it multiplication process by tearing off its skin and sooner or later the kills it. The current that's pulsed to the body to destroy the HIV is all about 10, 000 times smaller than the current required to electrocute the average human being or harm human cells. These micro electric current pulses, help production of essential CD4 cells, ergo improving the defense mechanisms. The cells are expected to destroy dangerous body’s egg viruses, bacteria that enter your system. Without or with several CD4 cells, you'll be vulnerable to AIDS and into a wide selection of opportunistic infections. Microcurents are so powerful in cell regeneration, it’s also i pro ised to a elerate ound-healing and for face-lifts. HiCare uses electromagnetism to encourage micro-currents deep in to your body and lymph process to destroy and inactivate HIV by tearing off its protective protein package /lipid level.

The most powerful medicine is harnessed by the built in electroacupuncture ( Acupoints ) system recognized to man, that's curing s ste a d od ’s o or al healing. In line with the axioms of acupuncture, electric micro current pulses are also sent by it (or wave form) to encourage the proper movement of electromagnetic energy towards the appropriate section of your system. Utilizing the Approved Medical Ozone Grade micro-current patches, it is possible to target distended glands and the main lymphatic system to inactivate and destroy the worms and other opportunistic infections locked inside. Acupoints doesn't only help combat the HIV, but can be very successful in enhancing the defense mechanisms and increasing muscle restoration, cell regeneration. In reality, such may be the achievement of Acupoints that to-day it's utilized by doctors and medical experts around the world to deal with countless minor and serious illnesses – even though the rest has failed.

HiCare also includes a lightweight Far Infrared Radiation Detoxification System, which delivers much infrared radiation energy deep in to the body to assist rid the body of, poisonous heavy metals, reduce

od ’s a ou t of p a d deposit i ludi g he i al to i su sta es (egg -products of chemical medicines), free radicals due to HIV, and other pollutants. Infra-red light battles attacks, also improves blood flow, improves basic wellness, pain-relief, and reduces frustration and physical problems.

HiCare treatment helps you to combat HIV / AIDS by inactivating the herpes virus and fighting opportunistic infections leading to AIDS. It generally contributes to immune destruction where your body is vulnerable to various attacks, if HIV progression isn't controlled. Typically HiCare minimizes viral load to near or undetectable levels within 6 months, with no negative effects. The less the viral load in the torso, the stronger the immunity system may become. HiCare keeps the defense mechanisms strong enough to fight opportunistic infections by itself.

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