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Asiga MAX™

orthodontics • crown & bridge surgical guides • dental models custom trays • dentures UV RPD frameworks

Is your Laboratory using the world’s most advanced 3D High Definition Printer? *This price includes the following package: • Asiga Composer software, maximises speed and productivity • 1x Resin Tray • 1x 250ml/500ml/1kg bottle of resin (size of bottle depending on printer model) • 1x Asiga flash flashcure unit • 1x Calibration kit • Asiga Lifetime Support • Accept STL, SLC and STM files from all laboratory or Intra-oral scanners

ONLY £10,995* (including licence-free software)** EA6002A

The new Asiga MAX (X, Y pixel size of 62 µm) has been optimised for dental applications, with a build plate size of 119 x 67 x 76mm it is suitable for the production of multiple full arch C&B models, Ortho models, partial frameworks, custom trays, surgical guides, splints, inlays, onlays & crown and bridge casting patterns and RPD frameworks. The entire range of Asiga printers are highly compatible with our exclusive range of Dentona, Detax and Asiga resins.

**This includes 12 months comprehensive telephone and remote support from an Asiga user and qualified Dental Technician, plus license free Asiga Composer software and a consumable bundle (worth £700).

Bracon also supply an entire range of 3D Printing resins, for printing models, splints, surgical guides and many other items, including biomedical resins for Class IIa use. Call Bracon today and ask for more details about our offers and Courses with verifiable CPD for the Dental Team.

VITA ToothConfigurator and ShadeAssist VITA Assist currently combines the VITA ShadeAssist and VITA ToothConfigurator modules The VITA ASSIST with the Tooth Configurator allows patients to be involved as early as the treatment planning stage; this smile design software can both simulate the tooth shade and shape, as well as changes to the centre line, smile line, or gum line at the touch of a button. Using a photograph of the patient, the smile design is displayed directly on your monitor and can then be modified as desired, adjusted and finally confirmed in real time. This facilitates communication between the Dentist, CDT and the Patient, as well as the Dental Technician. Simple to use and very effective with easy and safe communication between the dental team and the patient by unique digital documentation and data exchange. Exclusive offer: Bracon and VITA are proud to present a free to attend webinar. Register today by emailing and in the subject line type FREE Webinar. After attending the webinar you can order with the VITA Assist with Tooth Configurator at 70% off the normal VITA pricing. Promotional Product Code: VTDASSISTSETE05 Promotional price with discount £103.62

Metalprimer Z – one step bonding • For improved bonding to precious alloys and enabling a strong bond to non-precious alloys and even to Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate for certain indications • A quick and easy procedure, without the need for any additional equipment • No heat treatment required, creates a permanent bond even in a wet environment • Can be applied directly in the mouth, or used in the laboratory Promotional product code SG5122 and price £124.84 Search ‘bracon ltd’

EVE Diacomp Plus TWIST RA A unique 2 step polishing system for pre-polishing and final high shine on all Composite materials. EVE Diacomp Plus Twist RA, Diamond Impregnated polishers. SETRA342 £44.99


Dentapreg Innovation

FREE e-book downloads

Dentapreg splints: Simple and reliable tooth stabilisation, designed to let Dentists do splinting work with the minimum of fuss. Made from fiber-reinforced composite material that won’t let you or your patients down. Perio Splints, Post-Ortho Retention, Trauma Splints. Dentapreg PINPost and Dentapreg PFM: The perfect solution for reinforced Biomimetic Dentistry, able to mimic the tooths dentinoenamel junction (DEJ) and as a result occlusal forces are spread across the crown, preventing cracks and increasing longevity. Dentapreg PINPost is a solution for fast risk free crown retention following endodontic treatment.

Use the links on the left to download your free e-book. Contact Bracon if you are interested in a free webinar or courses on DENTAPREG materials, just email us on and in the subject line type Dentapreg.

BRACON Clinical Products

Dentapreg DELIVERS

- Reliab le gsplinti Dentapre DELIVERSng madeng easy - Reliable splinti made FREE easy E-BOOK Bracon Limited • Unit C • Swife Business


Park • Burwash Road • Broad Oak • Heathfield • East Sussex TN21 t: +44 (0)1580 817000 f: +44 (0)1580 8UP 819455 e:

OFFER 1 One free (6 cm) strip of your choice with Dentapreg PINPost or Dentapreg PIN Post Large. Please specify when ordering. Promotional offer PINPost code SD1410 £36.97 includes 1 free 6cm strip Promotional offer PINPost Large code SD1404   £69.52 includes 1 free 6cm strip OFFER 2 One free (6cm) strip of your choice with any Clinical  Standard or Economy Package of the following, please specify when ordering. Promotional offer Dentapreg SFM – Splinting, code SD1501 with free strip £116.86 Promotional offer Dentapreg PFM – Anterior Bridge, code SD1502 with free strip £116.86 Promotional offer Dentapreg PFU – Posterior Bridge, code SD1503 with free strip £116.86 Promotional offer Dentapreg UFM – Crowns, code SD1504 with free strip £116.86 Promotional offer Dentapreg SFU – Reinforcement, code SD1505 with free strip £116.86 For the larger economy packs please call for pricing and corresponding codes.

GC RELINETM II Soft & GC RELINETM II Extra Soft An enhanced version of previously successful GC reline soft and extra soft products. RELINE II Soft and RELINE II Extra Soft helps patients with dental prosthesis to have optimal comfort!


When to use each product? • GC RELINE II Extra Soft is particularly helpful to normalise irritated tissues and support healing of tissues after extraction or implant surgery. It can stay in place for days or weeks • GC RELINE II Soft is ideal to use in case of anatomical problems and for relining dentures supported by implants after the healing phase. It can stay in place for weeks or months • Can be used chairside or in the laboratory Features and Benefits • Cartridge delivery system offering a simple direct application • Easily flows under pressure to reproduce even fine anatomical details • Improved trimming for perfect finishing of even fine margins • Improved adhesion to resin with a new GC Reline II primer • Easily added to within 3 months after initial application, for adapting to changes of oral mucosa after healing • New GC Reline II silicone remover enables faster and easier removal and replacement of the reline layer Patient-friendly for a long-lasting fit and comfort • Silicone, therefore no temperature increase during setting • Remains smooth and odourless in time • Durability allowing it to stay in place for weeks or months • Elasticity maintained in time to buffer masticatory pressure Search ‘bracon ltd’

OFFER 1: GC Reline II Soft Intro Kit, comprising 1 x GC Reline II cartridge soft,1 x GC Reline II primer for resin, 1 x GC Reline II point for trimming, 1 x GC Reline II wheel for finishing, 1 x GC Reline II Remover for resin, 6 x Mixing Tips size L (green), 3 x disposable brushes, 1 x plastic spatula. Buy 1 GC Reline II Soft Intro Kit and receive an additional soft reline cartridge free of charge worth £49.20. Promotional product code 010259. Promotional price £183.10 OFFER 2: GC Reline II Extra Soft Intro Kit, comprising 1 x GC Reline II cartridge extra soft, 1 x GC Reline II primer for resin, 1 x GC Reline II point for trimming, 1 x GC Reline II wheel for finishing, 1 x GC Reline II Remover for resin, 6 x Mixing Tips size L (green), 3 x disposable brushes, 1 x plastic spatula. Buy 1 GC Reline II Extra Soft Intro Kit and receive an additional soft reline cartridge free of charge worth £49.20. Promotional product code 010262. Promotional price £183.10


New promotional offers on Miglionico Dental Chairs We continue to have some really exceptional promotions on these Dental Chairs. Miglionico and Bracon are delighted to present these new packages, all with a Miglionico 4 year warranty included. 100% designed and Manufactured in Italy. Finance examples include VAT

Dental Unit with either hanging hoses or continental style top delivery.

 Chair equipped with large backrest and a head rest adjustable

in all 3 axis movements. The chair is also equipped with a left armrest (right armrest an optional extra), colour to be chosen by the customer.

 Operator Control Panel features a multifunction keyboard with controls for chair positions including memorised and recall movement, control of micromotor rpm, tumbler fill activation, cuspidor water active, operator light on/off switch. The console also includes a Stainless Steel tray holder. Operator’s instruments include as standard, 3 in 1 Minimate 3F Luzzani Syringe, 1st turbine module, 2nd High Speed turbine module Midwest F.O, handpieces not included, Miglionico Piezo LED scaler module with 3 tips (EMS compatible)

 Assistant side, on an articulated arm, suction hose (high vacuum) suction hose (saliva ejector) multifunction control panel.

Special promotional pricing £8,499.00 +VAT* *Pricing does not include installation, which we are happy to arrange and quote for. The Finance example below is based on the promotional price and includes VAT. 60 months at £197.65 a month, £8.98 per working day (22 days per month). Other options could include a choice of three models of stools, adding a Bien Air Micromotor or curing light, intraoral camera with Sony sensors, additional 3 in 1 on the assistant side, all in one touch screen computer with intraoral camera software and windows. Images for illustrative purposes.

 Hydro Unit including ceramic cuspidor, Durr cuspidor drain system with selection valve and Metasys included.

 Operating Light Faro MAIA light 35,000 lux model with autoclavable handles

 Multifunction electronic foot pedal with pneumatic control of turbine

Special Promotion – Miglionico Nice Glass comes complete with many extras: • Matching Clinician and Assistant Stools

• 2 suction hoses, Saliva and Surgical

• Chair Syncro • Luzzani 3F angled syringe

• Durr Cuspidor Drain System with selection valve and metasys included

• Bien Air MCX LED

• Multi-function foot control

• Ist turbine module

• Hygiene independent supply system with bult in water bottle and bypass switch on/off

• 2nd turbine module • Miglionico Piezo Scaler Module with 3 tips (EMS Compatible) • Right armrest • Double articulated arm with control panel, assistant side

• Fara Maia Operating Light 35000 Lux • Multimedia Pack including software with intraoral camera and touch Screen Computer/Monitor.

Promotional offer with savings of over £3,000 on this fully loaded unit, complete with matching stools, finance example from £385.54 a month including VAT. Please call for further information on this very special offer! Only one supplied from stock at this amazing price. All pricing based on current exchange rates.

Complete cabinetry packages all ready to go for £4,995 White Cabinetry manufactured in DKP steel electrostatic powder coating (white) 3 metres by 2.5 metres, 2 white ceramic sinks, with long lever chrome faucets, cabinetry with soft close drawers, 30mm laminate post formed worktop, cabinets all in white with chrome handles. Consisting of D49 Corner Unit with internal shelf, D51 X 2 sink units with internal waste bins, D63 with Clinical Instrument drawers, D72 cabinet includes moving shelf which slides out with two UK electric sockets, further sliding drawer and cupboard, D65 five drawer cabinet. There is a 73cm space beneath the cabinets which could be utilised for a drawer extractor and micromotor for adjustments to dentures etc. Search ‘bracon ltd’


More money saving offers continue... OFFER ONE InstrumentSafe Alcohol Free Disinfectant 1 Litre (dosage bottle) saving 25% High performance liquid concentrate suitable for cleaning and disinfection of thermo-stable and thermolabile dental instruments. An aldehyde and phenol-free, easy to dispense concentrate that has a shortened contact time when used with ultrasonic baths. 1L of concentrate makes a 100L 1% solution of InstrumentSafe.

OFFER TWO PracticeSafe alcohol based disinfectant 5 LITRES... BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Very effective against harmful bacteria. HBV/ HIV/HCV/ BVDV, vaccinia are deactivated within 30 seconds. Dental professionals will value the versatility of PracticeSafe when disinfecting alcohol resistant surfaces of a dental practice and laboratory to a very high standard. PracticeSafe hard surface disinfectant cleaner is ready to use with a pleasant lemon fragrance. PracticeSafe facilitates the fast, effective cleaning and disinfection of busy dental practices and commercial laboratories including the disinfection of try-ins, models etc. PracticeSafe is a class II b disinfectant.

Effective Spectrum:

Promotional offer: Buy 1 x 5 litre and get another 1 x 5 litre free, £50.95, code SASUN226

Bacteria: TB, MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus. Viruses: Vaccinia, BVDV, HIV, Hepatitas B, Hepatitas C. Fungus: Fungicidal


Promotional offer: 1 Litre (dosage bottle) saving 25%, £19.01, product code SASUN211

OFFER THREE PracticeSafe Impression Soak 5 Litre Promotional product code: SASUN243 This concentrate is used for disinfecting dental impressions including Alginate, Silicone, Polyether. Impressions need only a three minute soak in an impression bath – which prevents shrinkage or swelling of impressions. Promotional price buy 1 x 5 Litre and get 1 x 5 Litre Free, £88.25

Prophylaxis Paste This unique formulation from Kemdent is clean and easy to use in 200 gram containers. • With a very special viscosity to ensure that the paste clings to the prophylaxis brush and will not spatter. • Two grit sizes, medium for normal use and heavy duty for outside the norm. • Available in six fresh flavours: Original, Bubble Gum, Citrus, Spearmint, Strawberry and Apple Promotional offer code SALAB071 for Prophy Paste Citrus flavour 200g x 4, saving 30% at £16.46 Why not give your patients the choice of a few different flavours?

Instrapac Single Use Disposable Metal Sterile Instruments From a recognised UK manufacturer, we bring you these disposable sterile instruments, available now with the highest standards as Class IIa medical devices. Fully compliant with Legislation and Standards and assessed by a Notified Body, all packaging and sterilisation also carried out in the UK. After use, simply dispose of in a regular sharps container following HTM07.01 guidelines. Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians, CE Marked. Outstanding disposable single use metal hand instruments. • Saving time and money • Ideal for domiciliary visits or outside hours • Always available for use, no cancelled appointments • Significantly reducing the risk of cross infection, reducing risk to both patients and staff • No plastic, mirror size 4, stainless Dental Mirror No.4 Product Code PAC7806 supplied as 40 individual sterile packs £67.99 Dental Probe Product Code PAC7807 supplied as 40 individual sterile packs £67.99

Vita EasyShade V – the guaranteed shade solution for every dental professional With the new VITA Easyshade V, high-precision VITA vEye technology and the VITA vBrain neural network, guaranteed exact tooth-shade determination is complete. Equipped with the latest 32-bit micro-controller with an ARM Cortex M3 core, the new, 5th generation VITA Easyshade is not only faster, it also offers new applications to support daily practice routine. Determine your patients' tooth shade for selecting CAD/CAM materials, ceramics, selecting prosthetic teeth, choosing the materials for indirect/direct composites, and planning aesthetic, cosmetic cases Call Bracon to arrange a free demonstration and for promotional pricing, limited time offer as long as existing stocks last! Save £330 off normal pricing. Finance example from £33.95 a month, including VAT. Search ‘bracon ltd’



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Bracon Bulletin 201 January/February/March 2019 (Clinical Edition)  

All the latest offers from Bracon Ltd.

Bracon Bulletin 201 January/February/March 2019 (Clinical Edition)  

All the latest offers from Bracon Ltd.