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VITA V60 i-Line Ceramic Furnace

VITA Smart.Fire


Please pass on our enclosed C linical Edition to a Dental Practice, thank you

DV601220 Furnace DVPU220 Oil Free Vacuum Pump

The VITA V60 i-Line is suitable for all dental ceramic firing (incl. VITA SUPRINITY and lithium disilicate) and technical details like the well-known, durable VITA quartz firing muffle deliver perfect firing results. Parameters such as vacuum hold times, lift positions for pre-drying and long-term cooling processes can be individually set.

VSDSF220 Furnace VSDVPU220 Vacuum Pump

A rapid cooling programme is also provided. Operation is very simple due to the touch display and self-explanatory menu navigation. In addition, no complex setting up before first use – simply connect and switch on the TÜV-certified energy efficient device! It is equipped with a hard-wearing metal housing and durable cooling trays. The modular construction ensures easy access to all wearing parts as needed.

Ideal for Vitablocs, Suprinity, Zirconium, IPS Empress, IPS e.max, Celtra, is a firing unit developed specifically for chairside use in dental practices or laboratories for firing, glaze, stain, and corrective firing. Selecting the materials and starting the programme are done in just one step. Optimally, customised material-specific programmes are already pre-installed for simple firing. Thanks to its compact design, the unit can be set up easily, is quite portable and saves space. Buy with or without a vacuum pump.

DV601220 Furnace + DVPU220 Oil Free Vacuum Pump:

Call us for a demonstration in your Laboratory.

£3,999 +VAT and carriage

Special promotion whilst stocks last £4,694 +VAT and carriage, inclusive with controller and vacuum pump, without vacuum pump £3,999 plus carriage.

DV601220 Furnace without pump: £3,400

+VAT and carriage as long as stocks last. Finance examples includes VAT, furnace and pump £93.96 a month based on 60 months, £4.27 per day based on same period 22 days/month. Furnace only, £79.89 based on 60 months, £3.63 per day based on same period 22 days/month.

Finance example includes VAT, based on promotional offer with pump from £109.14 a month or £4.96 per day, (60 months or same period per day 22 days/month).

Mestra Model Surveyor complete with tools

Daylight Lumi™ Straight LED

An essential item for any laboratory, in measuring and marking undercuts for defining the path of insertion and planning the design of partial dentures. The Mestra Model Surveyor features a heavy, stable base, an adjustable model holder/table with an easily lockable ball and socket joint. The strong, articulated, analysing arm and a vertical pencil holder, allows for constant accurate use in every position. The height of the holder can be fixed by means of the locking nut on the swivel arm. Supplied complete with tool kit, comprising: 1 parallel analysing rod, 3 graduated depth gauges, 1 wax trimmer and 1 pack of lead markers.

Are you struggling with tired eyes now that the clocks have changed?


£279.99 +VAT AND CARRIAGE Search ‘bracon ltd’


It’s that time of year again when lighting is very important and these lights are hard to beat. So we are featuring them again. With long lasting LEDs, this colour corrected illumination is ideal for accurate shade matching and an even spread of light. This light is a firm favourite amongst our customers, whatever type of work they are doing.

Now £79.95



Asiga MAX™ The world’s most advanced 3D High Definition Printer *This price includes the following package: • Asiga Composer software, maximises speed and productivity • 1x Resin Tray • 1x 250ml/500ml/1kg bottle of resin (size of bottle depending on printer model) • 1x Asiga flash flashcure unit • 1x Calibration kit • Asiga Lifetime Support • Accept STL, SLC and STM files from all laboratory or Intra-oral scanners

ONLY £10,995*

orthodontics • crown & bridge surgical guides • dental models custom trays • dentures UV RPD frameworks

(including licence-free software) EA6002A

The new Asiga MAX (X, Y pixel size of 62 µm) has been optimised for dental applications, with a build plate size of 119 x 67 x 76mm it is suitable for the production of multiple full arch C&B models, Ortho models, partial frameworks, custom trays, surgical guides, splints, inlays, onlays & crown and bridge casting patterns and RPD frameworks. The entire range of Asiga printers are highly compatible with our exclusive range of Dentona, Detax and Asiga resins.

This includes 12 months comprehensive telephone and remote support from an Asiga user and qualified Dental Technician, plus license free Asiga Composer software and a consumable bundle (worth £700.)*

Respair P3V Carbon Filter Face Masks

Respair P2V Face Masks

Carbon filter dust masks to reduce dust and monomer inhalation. These lightweight, ergonomically shaped masks have adjustable head straps to ensure an individual fit. The adjustable nose clip allows a good seal around the nose and the exhalation valve ensures easier breathing. Non allergenic and conforms to European standard EN149:2001.

General purpose, lightweight laboratory face masks. Ergonomically shaped for comfort and ease of use with adjustable head straps to ensure an individual fit. The adjustable nose clip allows a good seal around the nose and the exhalation valve ensures easier breathing. Non allergenic and conforms to European standards EN149:2001 and A1:2009.

SC9008 pack of 5

ONLY £14.99

Platinum 85 Putty This Hard 85 Shore A, biocompatible A-silicone has a high flowability, superior dimensional stability. Its excellent detail definition and easy handling makes Platinum 85 ideal • Can be used for long processes (for example, implants with diagnostic wax-up) without altering the dimensional references •C  an be used with thermoplastic materials, thanks to heat resistance of up to 200°C •E  asy to work, one to one ratio, base and catalyst.

Platinum 85 1Kg + 1Kg SC7112 now only £49.99

SC9009 pack of 10

ONLY £10.99

Bracon Vitrile Gloves (latex free) Another firm favourite, if you have not tried them yet, there’s never been a better time than now, with this promotion on any three boxes. These high quality, latex-free Vitrile gloves are seamless, un-powdered and have a matt surface finish to prevent slipping. Available in boxes of 100. Small SR1001 Medium SR1002 Large SR1003 X Large SR1004


Sarros Supa Modelling Wax 2.5 kg

SINIAT Plaster Superstone Plus (KD Alternative) • Type 3 stone, creamy pastel yellow colour with high strength and durability • 20 MPa compressive strength @ 1 hour LP1015 25kg


The precise pink universal modelling wax is incredibly popular due to its high quality and low cost. SS1010 £22.95 +VAT

Hager Protho Clean • Fully synthetic cleaning product for cleansing and high-gloss polish of dentures • Aesthetically upgrades the presentation of your prosthetic works

Dental SP • White, fine type 2 plaster for general model work (Surgical/Dental Alternative) LP1000 25kg

• For the removal of polishing agent and monomer residues from prosthetic work • Spray on and leave for a short while before wiping off with a soft cloth • Pleasant mint flavour

£9.95 SH2008 75ml

Search ‘bracon ltd’

ONLY £10.50 BUY 5 GET 1 FREE


Detax Freeprint Ortho UV 1L For the 3D printing of base parts for orthodontic appliances, drill guides and X-ray templates, occlusal and fixation splints. For all LED/UV printers with a light spectrum of 378-388 nm. Benefits: maximum reliability of construction process, mechanical strength, easy to polish. Breaking strength, elasticity and influence of moisture following the orthodontic standard. Adaptation of the occlusion field, easy fixation of orthodontic wire elements and auxiliary components with Freeform® fixgel. Resistant to oral conditions, neutral odour and taste. Freeprint® ortho UV: Validated processes for sterilisation in autoclaves. Medical device Class IIa, colour: clear transparent. *Detax Freeprint resin is compatible with SK4065 £369.95 Asiga and other 385nm 3D printers, including Rapid Shape.

Detax Freeprint Temp For the 3D printing of temporary crowns & bridges. For all LED/UV printers with a light spectrum of 378-388 nm. Exceptional breaking and flexural resistance, high abrasion resistance. Natural tooth aesthetics, brilliant, translucent colours. Easy surface polishing, can be characterised individually with the smart repair® system or composites. Low viscosity for low material consumption and more rapid cleaning. Resistant to oral conditions, no odour or taste irritation. Medical device Class IIa, Shades: A1, A2, A3 Detax Freeprint Temp A1 500ml Detax Freeprint Temp A2 500ml Detax Freeprint Temp A3 500ml

SK4066 £230.00 SK4067 £230.00 SK4068 £230.00

Detax Freeprint Denture coming soon, register your interest by calling us today! Light-curing, biocompatible 3D resin for the generative fabrication of removable denture bases. For all LED/UV printers with a light spectrum of 378-388nm. High process reliability thanks to high initial hardness following printing. Low viscosity for reduced material consumption and faster cleaning. Displays maximum mechanical flexural and tensile strength without becoming brittle. Colour stability, odourless and tasteless. MMA-free. Medical device Class IIa. Colour: pink-transparent.

Contact Mark our Digital Specialist, for more information on 3D Printing and Scanning, demonstrations and verifiable CPD courses on

Superior detail and accuracy direct casting material suitable for partial frameworks for RPD and Crown and Bridgework, pressables.

£204.95 500ml

Asiga DentaModel High resolution material with the likeness and feel of gypsum, for printing highly accurate dental implant models or models with removable dies. SA6201 385 to 405nm printers

£169.95 1 litre Search ‘bracon ltd’

• Non-precious Type III casting alloy for use in the construction of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays • Exceptional castability and superior burnishability • Clinically tested for Biocompatibility and corrosion resistance


£46.95 per pack

Buy 2 packs for £84.60, saving 10% VITA Courses – book your place now! We are holding a 2 day VITA course at our BITE centre in East Sussex, split into two days on 11th and 25th January 2019. Give us a call on 01580 817000 or email including the word VITA in the subject line, for further information or to book your place now.

Asiga SuperCast V3

SA6203 385 to 405nm printers

50g N.P.G. Alloy

DAY ONE Scanning and a brief demonstration of Exocad with cutback on a zirconia coping UL1 and full anatomical design of an UL6 Presentation on Zirconia, VITA YZ T, HT, ST & XT Workshop on how to colour copings and how to shade zirconia before sintering, for individual effects

DAY TWO Demonstration of the preparation of the STL files for 3D model printing and printing process Layering of the Zirconia copings we designed and coloured during day one, with Vita VM9 Ceramic

All our courses meet GDC guidelines for verifiable CPD Interested in Verifiable CPD Courses? Drop us an email and we will keep you posted on all our new courses during 2019 so that you don’t miss anything, email


OMEC Aries 10 Burnout Furnace Burnout Furnace equipped with a new simple and functional electronic digital display allowing you to store a three-stage cycle with customisable temperatures, rate of climb, standby and cooling time. Can be connected to an extractor equipped with an intake fan. Safety micro-switch on the door complying to the European Standards. ARIES.10.P.00 EO1093 – £939 +VAT and carriage Max Temp 1100°C • Power 1700 W Chamber Dimensions12x16x9h cm Cylinder Capacity n°6--3X | n°3--6X Weight 18 Kg • Dimensions 33x53x62h cm ARIES.10.M.00 EO1095 – £1,189.95 Max Temp 1100°C • Power 2400 W Chamber Dimensions 16x16x11h cm Cylinder Capacity n°9--3X | n°5--6X Weight 30 Kg • Dimensions 41x56x65h cm ARIES.10.G.00 EO1096 – £1,475.95 Max Temp 1100°C • Power 2850 W Chamber Dimensions 16x26x11h cm Cylinder Capacity n°8--6X | n°6--9X Weight 35 Kg • Dimensions 41x66x65h cm

80mm Bracon Excel Calico Lathe Brushes

EVE Technik Bur bundle deal

• 5 row, long lasting high quality brushes

Silicone carbide abrasive for smoothing, pre-polishing and polishing Size 12 x 22mm

• A general purpose brush giving the service of Calico and the polishing properties of bristle.

E13240S H330K Coarse

E13250S H330KM Medium

E13260S H330KF Fine

Removing and Shaping Bur £1.85 each

Smoothing and pre-polishing bur £1.85 each

Final High Lustre Polishing Bur £1.85 each


Pack 10


Buy all 3 for £3.90 and save 30% Kenda Queen Polishing Points For fast smoothing of acrylic resins, prior to final polishing and a superb finish. The use of this product instead of sandpaper or stones, results in considerable time saving. Use dry at 5’000-10’000rpm for SH4004 optimum results.

Pack of 25 polishers for only £59.95 – great saving!

No. 15 Swan Morton Blades • Small curved cutting edge, ideal for making short and precise incisions • Non sterile and individually wrapped

SW8009 Pack 5

Search ‘bracon ltd’

Buy 5 packs for £4.25 get Swan Morton No. 3 handle FREE (SW8010) Save £2.75

Buy 1 pack, get a FREE 1kg trial pack of Medium*60/90 Pumice Bracon will be closed from 5pm on 21st December 2018 reopening at 8am on 2nd January 2019 Thank you for your custom in 2018 and we wish you, your family and staff a very happy festive season and a prosperous new year – from all at Bracon.


Bracon Bulletin 200 November/December 2018 (Laboratory Edition)  

All the latest offers from Bracon Ltd.

Bracon Bulletin 200 November/December 2018 (Laboratory Edition)  

All the latest offers from Bracon Ltd.