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Planning a refurbishment or a complete new installation?

Welcome By Stephen Judge

Dentistry is changing rapidly, we have an ageing population that is living longer, patients with higher aesthetic expectations than ever before and new technologies at our fingertips. Embracing new technologies will assist the entire Dental team to streamline workflows, as well as bringing additional benefits to patients.

“4 Years Miglionico Warranty, 100% Made in Italy, Superb design and styling, built to your unique specifications”

In addition to the Miglionico range our experienced award-winning engineers and our talented dental professional team, have years of experience in planning and design, from a single chair to complex refurbishment projects for clinics, laboratories and hospitals. With a top range of cabinetry meeting all the medical and dental requirements. So be you a single principle, a group, corporate or NHS trust, we have your best interests at heart.

The Digital Revolution is changing the face of Dentistry and the delivery of healthcare in general.

Introducing Miglionico Call us today or visit our stand H15 at the Dentistry Show NEC for special exhibition offers on these 3 very exclusive ranges with different delivery configurations, you will be surprised at the vast range of options available. Don’t even consider buying a stand- alone chair or an entire treatment centre without looking at our Miglionico range. Catalogues MIGLIONICO SPECIAL PROMOTIONS CALL TODAY, TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS AND DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE. Tel 01580 817000

Bracon work closely to support you from initial concept through to commissioning and installation, as well as continuing customer support. We understand that the requirements of each customer will vary

THE REVOLUTION MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE | Issue 1 considerably not only for each location, but also for each individual business.

guarantees exact tooth-

We work with you to establish an efficient workflow, meeting your exact requirements; this might be the entire project or just a part of the project. For example, you might have an existing installation team, we have the flexibility to meet your individual needs.

accordance with the


shade determination in internationally established shade systems VITA classical A1-D4, VITA SYSTEM, 3D-MASTER and VITABLOCS, as well as the bleached shades defined by the American Dental Association (ADA). Thanks to a complete redesign, VITA ®

Easyshade V has a truly striking appearance. The

Call Bracon today and ask about our Free Consultation service which includes planning and quotations.

seamless casing, layered structure of the internal components as

when fabricating layered

well as the shortened measurement tip

restorations using the

ensure maximum ergonomics that fit

“5th Generation Innovation, shade taking, prescription and verification made SIMPLE!”

Make your daily routine easier

application for displaying the

naturally in your hand.

shade gradient of the patient tooth shade from the incisal


to the cervical region.

Equipped with the latest 32-

Verify your fabricated


bit micro-controller with an

restorations as early as after

ARM Cortex M3 core, the

initial firing


new, 5th generation VITA Easyshade is not only faster,


Measuring the shade has never been

it also offers new applications

more innovative and precise. The new

to support daily practice

The VITA EASYSHADE V is available now from Bracon as a special promotion, don’t miss it. Promotional Code VTDEASYSHADEV


5 Generation VITA Easyshade® V

routine: Determine your

features an intuitive touch-screen,

patients' tooth shade for

color LED display. High precision VITA

selecting CAD/CAM materials,

vEye technology ensures that the

fabricating layered crowns,

digital focus remains squarely on

selecting prosthetic teeth,

tooth-shade determination and

choosing the materials for

communication. The user-oriented

direct fillings, and planning

operating concept is rounded off

aesthetic corrections using

perfectly by a brilliant colour OLED


touch display that is both convenient

Support the planning process

and intuitive. The durable and long-

for professional tooth

lasting battery technology with

bleaching through digital

integrated self-discharge protection


ensures particularly stable operation

Make the most of the variety

when in continuous use. The innovative

of options for sustained

software concept in combination with

optimisation of your quality

the VITA vBrain neural network

assurance system

Extended VITA classical shade guide with internationally recognised bleaching shades Code VTB027CV1


Spotlight on Blocks

VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte


this dental material, the dominant ceramic network is strengthened by a polymer network, with both networks fully integrated with one another. In addition to a high degree of elasticity,

These are 2nd generation VITABLOCS


blanks. The integrated shade gradient enables digital reproduction of the

Monochromatic feldspar ceramic

natural play of colour. VITABLOCS

blanks which are perfectly suited for

TriLuxe forte feature 4 layers of

CAD/CAM fabrication of inlays, inlays and partial crowns. The shades of VITABLOCS Mark II integrate very well

different shade intensity. Ideally for aesthetic anterior restorations and

into the residual tooth structure.




this innovative hybrid ceramic guarantees particularly high load capacity after adhesive bonding. Ideally suited for minimally invasive restorations and posterior crowns, including implant supported crowns. Easily characterised with Vita Enamic Stains and Vita VM LC Flow. Features/Benefits:

Compatibility with most milling

Again, compatible with most milling

systems including CEREC Call for

systems including CEREC.

details. 

Easily characterised with Vita

Practices and Laboratories

Akzent Plus stains and Vita

benefit from restorations that

VM9 Ceramics.

are easily characterised with

Vita Akzent Plus stains and Vita VM9 Ceramics.

Most milling systems including CEREC , call for details. Practices and Laboratories benefit from:

Enormous load capacity since

2nd generation proven

masticatory forces are

clinically, a million times over.


Natural play of colour thanks

Reduction of wall thickness

Proven a million times over.

to 4 layers of shade intensity,

possible to achieve

More than 25 years of clinical

mimicking tooth shade

restorations that are gentle



on oral substance

Excellent integration of the

Fast processing since seating

shade thanks to chameleon

is enabled immediately after


CAM fabrication and

Fast processing since seating is enabled immediately after CAM fabrication and finishing.

finishing. Simple CAD/CAM-aided reproduction of individual aesthetics.




The first dental hybrid ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure. In

Highly precise and particularly accurate results

Fast and efficient CAM fabrication

Tooth-like material properties




“Best solutions for implantsupported restorations” These blocks are comprised of hybrid ceramic, glass ceramic or composite for the CAD/CAM fabrication of implant supported restorations. They feature an integrated interface for an adhesive/titanium base, such as TiBase.

Vita Suprinity PC and Vita Suprinity FC Zirconia reinforced Glass Ceramic blocks, perfect solutions.

Available in three options: Vita Cad Temp IS Vita Enamic IS Vita Suprinity IS

Suprinity PC

All blocks are compatible with the CEREC system, call for details.

These blocks are enriched with Zirconia and provide high strength zirconiareinforced lithium silicate ceramic ZLS, for Practices and Laboratories.     

Brilliant aesthetics based on integrated translucency, opalescence and fluorescence Optimized edge stability when compared with lithium disilicate Simple processing with good polishing characteristics and high firing stability Posterior or anterior crowns, implant supported crowns, veneers. 2 Step material, CAM fabrication followed by crystallization firing Compatible with most milling systems including CEREC, call for details

Vita Suprinity FC Zirconia reinforced Glass Ceramic blocks Suprinity FC blocks are manufactured to a fully crystallized state, after the CAM process they can be polished and seated in the mouth without additional firing, suitable for minor restorations such as inlays, onlays and partial crowns. Compatible with CEREC milling units and in Vita classical high translucent shades

EVO Cam II Full HD (1080p) Digital Microscope A high definition digital microscope with stunning image quality that combines optical excellence with ease of use and efficient

quality with live video streaming 1080p/60fps.

simpler, faster and more reliable. View a whole implant component or prosthesis, and then zoom to the smallest detail. Ideal for use in the training environment, medical or dental clinical/laboratory.

Stunning Optical magnification up to 300x.

Stand alone, wireless or direct to monitor simplicity.

Effortlessly capture full HD Images direct to USB memory stick (without a

workflows. EVO Cam makes image capture and documentation

Exceptional high-resolution image


Live video streaming with 1080p/60fps image quality.

Auto and Manual Focus with full control. EVOCAM II PROMOTION The EVOCAM II is available now from Bracon as a special promotion, Promotional Code EVECS611 £3426.80 ex vat and




• Possibility of creating intermediate shades by mixing Product code VT360AE Need a standard Vita Classical or 3D Shade Guide? Then give Bracon a call immediately!

SOLUTIONS Chairside Adjustments and Characterisation VITA SMART FIRE Ideal for chairside

VITA SMART FIRE PROMOTION The SMART FIRE code is VTVSDSF220, the oil free vacuum pump code is VTVSDVPU220, available as a combination promotion today!

characterisation of materials such as

Popular Promotions Fantastic Products from Zhermack, the FREE* items in the promotions are provided by Zhermack UK on receipt of your invoice, during the promotional period which runs through until the end of June 2018.

Vitablocs, Suprinity, Zirconium, IPS Empress, IPS e.max, Celtra, this is a firing unit developed specifically for dental practices for the crystallization, glaze, stain, and corrective firing of all

Purchase 1 X Zeta 5 Power Act £18.66 + vat (SC810040, 1L) and receive I pack of Zeta 3 Wipes Pop Up *FREE (SC7364, 100pcs)

common chairside materials. Selecting the materials and starting the program are done in just one step. Optimally, customized material-specific programs are already pre-installed for simple

Zeta 5 Power Act: 1 percent solution

firing. Thanks to its compact design, the firing unit can be set up easily and saves space in every practice or laboratory. Features/Benefits:

 

Intuitive use - material selection and program start in one step.

The Vita 3D Shade Guide

Organised menu navigation with self-

3D-MASTER with Bleached Shades

explanatory program symbols.

• Tooth shade determination in three

   


Pre-installed programs for all


common chairside materials

• 26 natural and systematically

Convenient use, thanks to its

arranged tooth shades; in addition,

space-saving construction

three shades for tooth whitening (VITA

Reliable function through

Bleached Shades)

long-lasting firing technology

• Clear organisation of the shade

Durable housing with sealed

samples in terms of lightness, chroma


and hue

One litre of Zeta 5 Power Act gives 100 litres of disinfection solution specific for aspirators. Bactericidal, Yeasticidal, Tuberculocidal, Limited Viricidal HIV, HBV, H5N1, H1NI Phenol free and Aldehyde free, disinfect, clean and deodorize aspiration circuits.



Radiopaque, high dimensional stability. Zeta 3 Wipes:

  

Efficacy: Full protection for operators and patients. Safety: Free from harmful substances (aldehydes and phenols) Speed and convenience: disinfection and clean up in a single step

“IDEAL FOR IMPLANT IMPRESSIONS” Purchase 1 intro pack of Hydrorise Implant Heavy/Light (SC207095) 1x 380ml, 1x 50ml, 6 Dynamic Static Tips, 1 mixing tips locker, 6 yellow mixing tips. £89.30 + vat OR 1 intro pack of Hydrorise Implant Medium Body (SC207096) 1x 380ml, 6 Dynamic Static Tips, 1 mixing tips locker. £71.45 + vat AND GET 1 Pack Occlufast Rock (SC200276) 2x 50ml + 12 mixing tips medium/green.

Product details: Occlufast Rock, A silicone specific for bite registration.  

High shore hardness 5 Shore A. The high hardness allows easy trimming and avoids compression, for easy positioning. Easy to place and very precise.

Thixotropic and flowable: allows you to easily control the positioning and flowable enough to avoid pressure and slipping.

“A GREAT OFFER FOR ANY CLINICIAN” Purchase 1x Hurrimix 2 (EEC305142, 230v) AND GET 12x 453g bags of alginate Hydrogum 5 (SC302070) FREE* plus 1x Zeta 7 Solution (SC7199) 1 litre FREE*

Product details: Hurrimix 2 Empower your impressions with Zhermack state of the art, practice, alginate and plaster mixer. Simple to use and ensures fast and consistent mixing. Reliability is guaranteed by adopted proven technology. Helps increase working efficiency.  

Hydrogum 5 with 5 days of dimensional stability. 

*FREE of charge

Product details: Hyrodrise implant cartridges are 5:1 and compatible with most common automatic mixers in the market. It is a high rigidity addition silicone, available in 380ml Medium and Heavy Body cartridges. The Light Body is 50ml. Monophase - Medium Body, or simultaneous dual viscosities, heavy and light body techniques.

Guarantee extended to four years or 40,000 cycles. 10 programmable settings for alginates and a further 10 programmable settings for plasters.

An extra-fast setting alginate, with a homogeneous consistency and accurate reproduction of details. Less stress for patients, thanks to the time in the mouth of just 45 seconds.

Zeta 7 solution compatibility with all materials for impression taking (silicone, alginate, polyether and polysulphides) 

 

Complete spectrum of action developed and tested according to the latest European requirements on disinfection. Efficacy: complete protection for Dental Professionals in Dental Practices and laboratories. Excellent performance: respects the dimensional stability of impressions characteristics and their compatibility with gypsum,


improves accuracy in the reproduction of gypsum models. 1 litre makes up to 100 litres of disinfectant.

Dentapreg Clinical Line - 3 FRC strips (6 cm) for the application you need: Splint, Anterior and Posterior Bridge, Crown Reinforcement

Bactericidal: EN 13727 (S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, E. hirae) Fungicidal: EN 13624 (C. albicans) Tuberculocidal: EN 14348, EN 14563 (M. terrae) Viricidal: EN 14476 (tested on Poliovirus, Adenovirus, Parvovirus, Norovirus including HIV, HBV, HCV)

Dentapreg® is a constructive composite, a new class of fibre reinforced composite material suitable for building structures such as dental splints, temporary bridges and larger restorations.

7 SFM Economy – 5 x 6 cm Product code SD1551 Promotional Price £153.40 ex vat SFM Single – 1x 6 cm Product code SD1521 Promotional Price £35.21 ex vat Dentapreg SFM - multidirectional FRC strip for perio, trauma and post-orthodontic retainers, space maintainers.

Product code SD1501 (SFM Splinting), SD1502 (PFM Anterior Bridge), SD1503 (PFU Posterior Bridge), SD1504 (UFM Crown), SD1505 (SFU Reinforcement) Promotional Price £99.33 ex vat

Adapting cutting-edge technology from the aerospace industry, Dentapreg® combines the best of two worlds: technology and dentistry. The unique properties of Dentapreg® are achieved thanks to perfectly balanced highest-class components and advanced manufacturing technologies. It is composed of glass fibres, which were originally developed for the strength requirements of a space shuttle, and a special blend of light-curing resin that is compatible with all light-curing composites.

Next Dentapreg INTRO - introductory package including 1 SFM, 1 SFU, 1 PFM, 1 PFU and 1 UFM strip, and 1 vial with 12 Dentapreg PIN Post - find the solution for any clinical situation!

FREE E-BOOK DENTAPREG DOWNLOAD Your FREE E-Book download is waiting for you here DON’T MISS IT!

PFM Economy – 5 x 6 cm Product code SD1552 Promotional Price £153.40 ex vat PFM Single – 1 x 6 cm Product code SD1522 Promotional Price £35.21 ex vat Ideal for temporary and semi-permanent anterior bridges.

Delivered in three forms, either sticky pliable glass fibre strips pre-impregnated with light curing resin, tiny flexible glass fibre pins suitable for endo-posts or para pulpal posts and mesh sheets for the reinforcement of any acrylic or resin prosthesis. Dentapreg® Clinical Line brings you a topquality material for the fabrication of splints (perio, trauma, post-ortho), minimally invasive adhesive bridges, reinforcement of larger restorations and minimally invasive retention of the crown (root posts).

PFM - Ideal for Anterior Bridge (3 x 0.3 x 60 mm) Product code SD1502 Promotional Price £99.33 ex vat

Product code SD1560 Promotional Price £167.23 ex vat Dentapreg® Clinical Line SFM - Ideal for Splinting (2 x 0.2 x 60 mm) Product code SD1501 Promotional Price £99.33 ex vat



PFU - Ideal for Posterior Bridges (2 x 0.3 x 60 mm) Dentapreg PFU - strong, unidirectional FRC strip for temporary and permanent posterior bridges. Product code SD1503, Promotional price £99.33 ex vat

PFU Economy – (5 x 6 cm) Product code SD1553 Promotional Price £153.40 ex vat PFU Single – (1 x 6 cm) Product code SD1523 Promotional Price £35.21 ex vat

PINPost Large Refill – 4 x 12 pins, Product code SD1404, Promotional price £59.10 ex vat

NEXT Suitable for oral vestibular and occlusal splint reinforcement, trauma cases, post orthodontic retainers, anatomical posts

PFU - Ideal for Posterior Bridges

SFU - Ideal for Reinforcement (2 x 0.2 x 60 mm) Product code SD1505 Promotional price £99.33 ex vat SFU Economy – (5 x 6 cm) Product code SD1555 Promotional price £153.40 ex vat NEXT UFM - Ideal for Crowns (4 - 10 x 0.1 x60 mm) Dentapreg UFM - stretchable FRC strip for crown reinforcement and the reinforcement of composite veneers or denture repairs. Product code SD1504 Promotional price £99.33 ex vat

SFU Single – (1 x 6 cm) Product code SD1525 Promotional price £35.21 ex vat


(available in packages of 12, 22 and 48 pins call for details)

UFM Economy – (5 x 6 cm) Product code SD1554 Promotional price £153.40 ex vat UFM Single – (1 x 6 cm) Product code SD1524 Promotional price £35.21 ex vat FREE E-BOOK DENTAPREG DOWNLOAD Your FREE E-Book download is waiting for you here DON’T MISS IT!

PINPost - Ideal for Retention (⌀ 0.45 x 20 mm) Dentapreg PINPost - thin flexible pins for minimally invasive endo/root posts and Para-pulpal posts Product code SD1410 Promotional price £31.43 ex vat PINPost Small Refill – 12 pins, Product code SD1402 Promotional price £ 17.60 ex vat


3D Printed Surgical Drill Guide: Case Study


The CBCT scan was combined with an intra-oral scan on the Blue Sky Plan software. The tooth positions were planned and then the implant positions were decided.

Dr Bill Schaeffer, Dental Surgeon, The Implant Centre, Hove and Jon Dolding, Dental Technician, Ceramic Designs, Hove.

Always at the forefront of dental technology in the UK, Laboratory manager Jon Dolding from Ceramic Design Studio in Hove, UK was asked by his client Dr Bill Schaeffer (The Implant Centre) to manufacture a surgical guide using a 3D printer. Here is a classic case where guided surgery has been indicated; we decided to print the surgical guide using the Asiga Pro2."

The surgical drill guide was designed and exported as an stl file.

This was then simply imported into the Asiga composer software that comes with the printer and the print supports were generated.

Asiga 3D printers, Otoflash G171 flashcure unit & Detax Freeprint resins are available from Bracon Ltd. Post processing was then carried out using a high grade isopropyl (99.5%) in conjunction with an ultrasonic bath unit, the residual isopropyl was removed with an airline and the print left to dry. The material that was used is a long term biocompatible resin and as such, this particular material must be cured in an inert gas atmosphere to validate its classification as a class IIa medical device.

In this case it was cured with an Otoflash G171 flashcure unit to fully remove the inhibition layer from the resin.

The surgical drill guide was printed with Bracon's Asiga Pro2 (385nm) DLP 3D printer, which is an open material system. In this case using Detax Freeprint splint resin, which is suitable for DLP 3D printers with a 385nm UV light source.

This was the plan; two 3-unit bridges with the distal implants squeezed into those little nuggets of bone. This results in a superior finish which, fully hardens the resin and leaves no tackiness or residual resin whatsoever. This method also leaves the finished article opaque and free from the discolouration that you get from other printers/resins available. The titanium drill sleeves were then inserted manually



Radiographs of the placed implants were taken to verify that they had been placed as required. Once the surgical guide was finished, it was transferred to the surgery and tried in the mouth.

Apparently the guide just “clunked� down into position very definitively, so that there was no doubt about the seating. The print precision avoided the need for any adjustments to the surgical guide. The surgeon then placed the fixtures and healing caps In conclusion, surgical drill guides are an ideal solution for tricky implant placement and guided surgery speeds up implant placement time, with predictable results. Note the cut-out windows, which we integrated into the design to allow the surgeon to confirm the guide was fully seated.

The final radiograph shows one of the bridges in place

THE REVOLUTION MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE | Issue 1 An in-house 3D printer offers a fast and efficient way to produce drill guides and many other appliances. Recent developments mean that cost-effective bench top 3D printers are within the reach of most of the dental team, allowing us to save both time and money. The Asiga Pro2 printer is easy to use and suitable for a range of applications

   


Custom Trays for Prosthetics or Implant cases Occlusal Rims Orthodontic Models Models with Gingivae for implant cases and case planning.

Laboratories are producing an even wider range of items. Bracon supplies a wide range of resins from manufacturers around the world, including Detax, pro3dure, Asiga and others, including the latest Freeprint model caramel and Freeprint splint as featured in the previous article. The Freeprint splint resin is available exclusively from Bracon at a special promotional price for: Freeprint splint, 1 litre, Product code SK3709 promotional price £249.99 + vat Freeprint model, 1 litre, Product code SK4065 promotional price £149.95 + vat

This image shows two 3D printers in the Asiga range and Bracons Digital Specialist Mark Welch. Mark regularly runs Digital Courses for the entire Dental Team from Bracons International Training and Education Centre. These courses range from a 2 hour Introduction, to a six hour one day course that includes practical sessions. Both courses have verifiable CPD upon completion. Call Bracon today for more information

Please Note: All prices quoted are subject to VAT and all offers are valid until 29th June 2018 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT


Bracon also supply a complete range of printable resins that include Biomedical resins, Castable resins, Model resins and Tray resins. These resins have a wide range of uses within the 3D Printing world. Clinicians are 3D Printing a range of items including:    

Provisionals Surgical Guides Diagnostic Appliances Splints

Bracon work closely with manufacturers to supply high quality dental products, many of which are exclusive, as well as some of their most respected own-branded products. Bracon continue to be at the forefront at the leading edge of technological revolution, with a wide range of exceptional digital equipment and related products, backed up by in-house Dental Technicians including a Clinician and award-winning engineers who can support the modern practice and dental laboratory. Bracon promotes a comprehensive range of sundries and dental equipment, as well as some of the most stylish benching, cabinetry and dental chairs. Bracons dedicated team of engineers are available for equipment servicing and repairs throughout the UK.

Bracon a lot more than meets the eye!

Bracon Limited Unit C, Swife Business Park Burwash Road Broad Oak East Sussex TN21 8UP United Kingdom Tel +44 (0)1580 817000 Email Web

Bracon Clinical Supplement – May/June 2018  
Bracon Clinical Supplement – May/June 2018