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VATHOS designer, Vassiliki Simeonidi is making a new summer wardrobe proposal; she is an avid supporter of ethical fashion and she aims at a responsible approach towards people and the planet. Her brand is based on a fair trade and go-green policy, that can be seen through her collaboration with small textile, environment-friendly businesses.


ATHOS clothes are great for summer, mainly because they’re made of 100% certified organic, toxic/pesticide/fertilizer-free cotton. The dye used is approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard, making the final product ideal for high temperatures. The clothes are simple and comfortable to suit the everyday life of the modern woman, and can be worn all day long. The go-green philosophy familiarize us with the eco-clothing production, providing with more man-friendly garments as they’re made of high quality, non-chemical processed fabrics. The brand name mirrors the creators’ aim, i.e a “deep” approach to fashion through a different lens, based on the effects on the environment as well as on the man himself. And that’s what the Greek word VATHOS means.

OZONRaw #116 - Rebel Yell  
OZONRaw #116 - Rebel Yell