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Shot by Yiorgos Mavropoulos


e got to know you better thanks to the SAINT LAURENT Fall 2017 show, for which you changed your look. Do you think that this new look will help your career? I think a change of image is something what we sometimes need - it gives a chance to show our other side, a new one. From my experience, I can say that it was a very good decision. After Yves Saint Laurent, I’m trying to maintain my new look. I can trust only professional hairdressers or make-up artists, for example in Poland I go to only one hairdresser, my lovely Christian Lange. Also, you took part in the Rick Owens show, who is one of the most ingenious designers of the time. What that experience was like? I think that taking part in Rick Owens show was one of the best experiences of my life. After this, I had the opportunity to work with him for his look book as well. I can say that between us has developed some kind of connection which is hard to define. Rick is an incredibly warm, nice and calm person. I have to admit that I miss him already! I hope that I will have another chance to work with him in the future. When traveling what are the five items you must have with you? Now everything is easy. I just need my phone and I have everything what I really need to have with me. Generally speaking before a trip, I’m trying to have a subway map of the city I’m going to. Sports shoes like nike or other brand, are also important because I have to run like crazy between castings, especially during the fashion week. Google Maps is also indispensable, as is Skype in order to stay in touch with my family. I always keep a few books handy just to kill time when I’m feeling lonely. Which fashion person do you admire the most and why? If I have to choose just one I think that would be Chanel. She’s the fashion icon, a legend and a symbol of France. She ditched corsets and taught women how to wear trousers and smoke cigarettes, providing them with some kind of freedom and power. That’s the reason that in my opinion, she will always be the best designer. Chanel created something more than just new trends and collections; she created a new era in fashion for all women. What’s your most memorable direction a photographer has ever given to you? One of the best it was with Elina Kechicheva in Paris.

If you had to wear only one designer who would it be? Depends on what kind of clothing you’re talking about. For everyday clothes I’d go to Alexander Wang; his clothes are casual/simple but with character, which I love. But in general I love Saint Laurent, Chloe, Kenzo, Celine, Dior and of course my lovely, Rick Owens. As a woman I love to change. Obviously, people love taking photos of you. Do you understand what people see in you? I think that in this business it’s not enough to just have a nice body and a beautiful face, as there are beautiful women everywhere. I believe that personality is half the work. I always try to create a nice, friendly and chilling atmosphere while working. It builds up closeness which one could see later in the final result. Do you think modelling is a luxury? Luxury? For sure it’s close to luxury but not all the time. I’m grateful for every chance I got so far; I visited the most beautiful places in the world, I met the biggest celebrities, I got to know personally the most important designers. Also, I had the chance to present the collections of some of the greatest and most talented fashion designers in the world - for example in front of Anna Wintour. So yes I can say that modeling is a luxury. For our fashion story, we’re inspired by an 80’s mood. What’s your feel about this decade?  Are you kidding me? If only possible, I’d love to go back to that decade! The whole world looked completely different then. Life seemed simpler. There was greater respect and peace among people. Even days seemed to last longer and music and fashion was something amazing. In my opinion, it was one of the best ones.

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OZONRaw #116 - Rebel Yell  
OZONRaw #116 - Rebel Yell