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William Shakespeare's Hamlet Kindle Edition You can download from the link below. Â

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, is part of the Barnes & Noble Shakespeare series. This unique series features newly edited texts prepared by leading scholars from America and Great Britain, in collaboration with one of the world's foremost Shakespeare authorities, David Scott Kastan of Columbia University. Together they have produced texts as faithful as possible to those that Shakespeare wrote.

Each volume in the Barnes & Noble Shakespeare includes: New Scholarship - Premiere scholars introduce each play with contemporary scholarship. An essay on editing the text provides an in-depth look at the quartos and folios used in the edition. Contextualizing Essays - Essays on Shakespeare's England, language, and life, along with essays on performing Shakespeare and significant performances frame the play in both historical and theatrical context for readers. A look at the lasting influence of the play on music, art, film, and dance creates an interdisciplinary framework with which to approach the play. Better Notes - Through one-word margin definitions, facing-page glosses, and longer end notes after the play, our innovative approach to notes pulls readers away from the text fewer times while providing them with more information and comprehensive analysis. Further Reading - An annotated bibliography of titles, hand-selected by the introduction author, takes readers

beyond the edition for further reading. Shakespeare's compelling treatment of guilt and revenge in Hamlet has fascinated playgoers and readers for 400 years. The editor, Jeff Dolven, brings a professional poet's eye to the introduction and notes, providing a uniquely informative take on the play. Â

About The Author Ann Thompson is Professor of English Language and Literature and Head of the School of Humanities at King's College London. She has edited The Taming of the Shrew, and her other publications include Shakespeare's Chaucer, Shakespeare, Meaning and Metaphor (with John O. Thompson), and Women Reading Shakespeare, 1660-1900 (with Sasha Roberts). She has also published widely on editing Shakespeare and Shakespeare's language. She is one of the general editors of the Arden Shakespeare. Neil Taylor is Dean of Research and Dean of the Graduate School at Roehampton University. He has edited Henry IV, Part 2 and (with Brian Loughrey) Thomas Middleton: Five Plays. He has also published widely on editing Shakespeare, Shakespeare on film, and other aspects of Renaissance and modern drama.

Reviews Stunning! There is absolutely no doubt about this being the text to buy . . . for those students who will be studying the play at university. This critical edition gives the reader the Second Quarto Text (1604-1605), annotated with intelligence and care, a wealth of historical and cultural references and a survey of different critical approaches to the play.

"Hamlet," in my opinion, is the best written Shakespearean play. The questions it creates about sanity and human nature was pure brilliance. You can almost feel the chaos jump off the page and it keeps you turning the pages till the very end. This play will not disappoint you.

I had read Romeo and Juliet and Othello before going into Hamlet. Though Othello and RJ were my favorites, I really did enjoy Hamlet. It's very interesting and makes you think about common issues in life such as revenge, and right and wrong. The notes make it easy to understand. Shakespeare is once again, brilliant.

This is one of the best annotated books of Hamlet yet produced, in my opinion it is superb! All the pathos, intrigue and tragedy are explained in highly readable interpretations because of the annotations. In this day and age, Elizabethan English must be explained to reach a broader understanding. The essay in this book by Harold Bloom is excellent and appreciated!


You can download from the link below

William shakespeare's hamlet kindle edition  
William shakespeare's hamlet kindle edition