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Elder-Blue-Purple-Writers: Maria, Lidia, Tino, Jose, özgür

Cinderella's Adventures in the Modern Life

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young lady named Cinderella. Her hair was blonde and shining like a gold medal and her eyes were sparkling like two black pearls. But while she was still very young, her mother died and because her father felt very lonely after mourning his wife for five years, he married with another woman. He was hoping that Cinderella will be happy having a stepmother and two stepsisters by her side and they will be a family again. Unfortunately, Cindy’s stepmother was an evil and haughty lady, and her stepsisters were two ugly and very malicious girls. From the beautiful young lady she was once, Cindy’s stepmother transformed her into a maid. Cinderella was getting lonely and no one was there for her. Her only joy was now to dream that one day everything will be as before her mother’s death... Our poor maid Cinderella was sweeping the floor when Santa and Little Fairy visited her that afternoon. Hello little lady said Santa “As much as we can see, all the town is empty but why are you here alone?” “Don’t you know?” said Cinderella “All the people went to Siringe to celebrate. It’s Mayan Doomsday-Christmas party! My stepmother took my stepsisters there leaving me here in case Mayans were wrong and when she is back she wanted the supper be ready. “But...” said the little fairy “I’ve heard that The King is giving a last party tonight. The prince and a lot of handsome gentlemen will be there, too. ”

“You’re damn right, I hate that wicked woman and those stupid sisters; I’m the one who should be there not them but I don’t think I can go there because, although I have my driving license it takes more than 24 hours from Athens to Şirince. I don’t mention about the flights as all of them are full.” “Don’t worry for that my little child” said Santa, “What do you think my old fellowdeers are for? You can have my sledge and I have a stylish love-necked evening dress of Dolce&Gabbana in my sack for you, too. You will look terrific in it.” "And the poor necklace of yours will turn into a pearl bracelet" said the little fairy adding "Also you will be a rich duchess with Santa's sledge being turned into a red Cabriolet. "Thank you both" ,said Cinderella. "You are very kind people, I wish my stepmother could have just half-of your kindness". She got on the sledge or let's say her Cabriolet and was about to take off when she hardly heard Santa shouting, "Cinderella, my child don't forget you shouldn't drink alcohol during the party otherwise the deers will return here without you!!" When Cindy (yes, on her way she had decided to change her old-fashioned name) finally managed to park her car and reach the party yard after a long struggle it was late evening. One would expect our prom-queen, Cindy to take all eyes on with her pearls and stylish Dolce&Gabbana, but it really didn’t happen that way. Nobody cared or they didn’t notice her as they were already drunk, and were busy talking, laughing, crying, arguing or kissing. Her eyes searched for the Prince but she was late for him as he had already gone with Ariel . First Cindy tried to enjoy herself dancing in the party but as time passed she got stressed being alone and nobody to enjoy the time with. Coming here her plans were different. She had planned to marry the Prince but as Prince was not available she had to find a rich gentleman. Hours passed and passed the party was full of people but she felt the loneliest person in this damn world. She was so full of stress when she got her first glass of martini a young man gave her. She totally forgot what Santa told her and she needed a relief. Thanking our gentle lad she began to chat with him. The boy was of a well-built and good-looking kind. He won a Gold-medal that year in the London Olympic Games. Yes, that is right he was a good swimmer.

Cindy was attracted by this boy already and accepted his proposal to have some drink at the bar bench. They drank, talked, danced and laughed all night long, Cindy was very happy now... Afterwards, they did so many things together shared happy moments and created memories and this legendary relationship ended up a splendid wedding on a nice mid-summer evening . Once ,when she was on vacation in Kenya, she was walking in the streets of Nairobi when she ran into a poor child crying.She asked why he was crying and he told her that he was lost and didn’t know how to return back home. When she heard that, she had not any doubt about offering him her help. She told him that she would take him to his home if the boy did not mind.The boy who was lost two days ago, could not believe himself, so he accepted her help. The first thing she did was to go to the local police. When the boy told them where he lived, police said that he was from a village 8 hours from Nairobi and the roads were very bad and dangerous to get there. She did not care. She hired a driver and a bodyguard to accompany the child to that place. Finally it took a day and half to get there because it was rainy season and they had to wait because of the rain several times. Once there, she saw that it was a very nice small town, similar to the Masai village but modernized. The boy took the hand of her to carry her to his house. When they reached it, his parents had given him up for lost or abducted so their joy was immense. They said that as they were so grateful they would like to offer her a great free safari where she could admire the wildlife of their local animal. She could see giraffes, elephants, rhinos, lions and many more exotic animals. She said she would accept the invitation with pleasure, but had to return because her husband came to Nairobi this weekend and then both of them would return to that wonderful place for safari. Two weeks later, she and her husband went back as she had promised and safari was much more exciting than she could ever imagine. When finished the safari, she told the village chief that she would never forget that day and was very grateful for the great present they had given them. Yet there was still something missing. Although she was in the lap of luxury ,tears were coming down her eyes at nights and a knob in her stomach kept her awake till the early hours. Then the Little Fairy appeared and asked her.�Why are

you crying Cinderella ?”Hasn’t your life dream been fulfilled ? Aren’t you married to a rich man as you always wanted?” Cindy’s eyes filled with tears and asked for one more wish of hers to be realized,” My beloved Godmother, I deeply love my husband and cherish every moment I spend with him but a baby in my arms, is a wishful desire of years that I humbly ask to be fulfilled . And the miracle happened .Twelve months later Cindy was holding her little angel ,the most valuable pearl of all who set his handprint in her heart for ever. She then realised that real beauty is seen through the colorful glasses of life creation and is worth all the treasures of the world. Now she was the richest woman in the world and her life was a magic fairy tale. But all of a sudden she heard her stepmother yelling “ Cinderella what are you doing ? Are you dreaming again?” Lying on the floor for hours , with a happy smile on her face Cinderella got up and realized that everything was just a sweet dream. She took her broom and continued cleaning the house. ... THE END

A Modern Cinderella  


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