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Özge Nur IŞIK

2007 - 2011

Basmane Live / Work

Genetic Architecture Workshop

Rhino Grasshopper Workshop

Turan Storytelling Terminal

Sunscape Plaza

Aegean Culinary Academy

Seescape Observatory

Seescape Observatory The project which is located on a site in Inciralt覺, at the south coast of Izmir; consists of the design of an observatory and research center. In addition to the main research center, three observation rooms are created from the sections that are most suitable for observing the sea, the land and the sky.

The land observatory is focused on framing the views while observing.

Observation for the sea can be done from above and also from the same level as the sea by using two levels.

In the sky observatory, while going inside, the sky disappears on the roof, later on it appears again on the north side, revealing the brightest north star.

Aegean Culinary Academy Relating to the context is the principal concern in this project, which is located in an irregular urban setting with varying heights of buildings throughout the surrounding site.This idea of varying heights is adapted to the design of Aegean Culinary Academy, in which there are teaching kitchens, cafe and restaurant, and a shop to deliver its products to the local people.

Sunscape Plaza This project focuses on a garden at the coastline that is created with simple lines, dots, arcs and an underlying grid. Collage technique is used when creating a compositional journey in the site. 3 outdoor rooms; movement, hearing and seeing are included to refer and invoke senses while exploring it. In the second stage, 2 more outdoor rooms -Morning Meditation, Afternoon Workshop- are added with screen elements from natural patterns.

Collage tells about the story of life with its ups and downs. Later on, ‘seatwalls’, paths, 3 outdoor rooms: movement, hearing and seeing are added to complete the design.

Movement Room: Climbing down the stairs that each have different sizes and heights, one can experience the act of movement.

Seeing Room: Sitting and facing to the sea under the shades of the trees, one can experience the action of seeing. in a more intense way.

Hearing Room: Turning back to the sea and sitting, one can only hear the sea and experience it without seeing it.

Solar shading studies are done with models and how the structure comes together,how the solar shading units are attached to the structure are studied. Pattern studies defined the shape of the sunscreens in the morning meditation and afternoon workshop outdoor rooms.

Turan Storytelling Terminal The site is located on the north coast of Izmir, an abandoned industrial zone in a relation with the railroad.There was a need for rethinking and redesigning the area in terms of masterplaning; the sea, the buses and the train station are connected to create an open space for pedestrian circulation in between these transportation nodes.After that, in this community, a storytelling center for visual storytelling is designed and it is related with the bus stop nearby.

The second step of the project continues with a storytelling center design on the site closer to the bus stops which is in the middle. Here there is a chance to relate the building to the central node which contains the historical building as its focal point.

The visual storytelling center has two buildings, one private for studying and one for the public where the conferences or gatherings are held.These two buildings are connected with a bridge which has vertical sunshaders that could open and close and act as a projector screen when needed.

Rhino Grasshopper Workshop Using the plug-in “Grasshopper� for Rhinoceros, possibilities of parametric design are explored. First the surfaces are populated with individual patterns, later on the membrane piece is applied on a surface to be functioning as a canopy.

Surface modifications / box morphing tryouts. The final piece of two intersecting membrane is chosen and it is applied to a curvilinear surface of the canopy.

Genetic Architecture Workshop With the Professor Karl Chu known with the works of self replicating / genetic architecture, the one week workshop began with the basic ruleset of letters and transformed it into a possible building or urban design proposal.

The simple ruleset that consists of 4 letters and 3 loops are used to define a self replicating system.

Later these systems are represented with color and patterns are formed. When these patterns are intersecting, the extrusion is done. By doing this the simple ruleset became an hypothesis for a building design or even a city layout.

Using the final design as a complex building structure and faรงade.

Using the final design as a city footprint when rotated upwards.

Basmane Live/Work Community In the heart of the city Izmir, Basmane is a place where everything intersects, commercial, residential, industrial. At the chosen site of the historical trainstation, a live/work community is designed to help freelancers at the beginning of their work life. The 3D modeling is done in Rhino using the plugin Grasshopper.

* Live/Work community

Shared Space Network of People

* Greenery

Sustainable Environment

* Natural Light

Required for Effective Workplace

Giving Less Harm to the Nature

Saving TIME, Saving MONEY, Saving the PLANET

Shared Street


type C

type B

type A

- Using the sun as the main parameter - Rhino + Grasshopper + Ecotect Integration

Component: ‘Curtain’ sun brakers / stripes using the total radiation > closing at night

ud ina longit


live/work units retails

garage tickets security

metro entrance 1 = 2, 100 m 14 x 0, 15

0,17 16 x


3 4 5 6 7 8 9


10 11


0,17 21 x


= 3,500 m


17 x 0, 17


= 2, 900

Work + Kitchen 35,23 m2



52,20 m2


= 1,920 13 x 0,15

Work + Kitchen

= 2, 700



4 5



6 7

Work + Kitchen 61,13 m2

8 9


10 11 12

Work + Kitchen


66,83 m2


Work + Kitchen 78,17 m2







x 0,1

Shop 102,22 m2 Shop 110,22 m2 Shop 89,05 m2

63,86 m2





19 18 17 16 15 14


Ticket Office

parking garage entrance



= 2,700


180 = 3,


0, 17 16 x



= 3,100



= 2,700

0,17 18 x

0, 17 19 x

16 x









13 12 11 10

green piazza

2007 - 2011 Izmir University of Economics Dept. of Architecture, Izmir - Turkey Bachelors of Architecture

Architecture School Portfolio  

Özge Işık's architecture school portfolio 2007-2011 at Izmir University of Economics, Department of Architecture.

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