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Punjabi Tadka, Salisbury Menu 

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Lunch Specials (Available 11.30 a.m - 13.30 p.m) Non-Veg (Exculding Seafood) 1 x Non-Veg Curry, 1 x Rice, 1 x Pain Naan, 2 x Pappadums & 1 x Can of drink PRICE $8.90

Vegetable 1 x Veg Curry, 1 x Rice, 1 x Pain Naan, 2 x Pappadums & 1 x Can of drin k PRICE $7.90

Punjabi Tadka Special Meal Deal One 2 x Butter Chicken, 2 x Butter/Plain Naan, 2 x Large Steam Rice, 1 x Daal PRICE $35.00

Meal Deal Two 2 x Any Non Veg Curry, 2 x Butter/Plain Naan, 2 x Large Steam Rice, 1 x Daal PRICE $38.00

Meal Deal Three 2 x Any Vegetable Curry, 2 x Butter/Plain Naan, 2 x Large Steam Rice, 1 x Daal PRICE $35.00

Entree Samosa Crispy home made pastry shaped as pyramid stuffed with potatoes, green peas and served with mint or chilli sauce.

PRICE 3 Pieces $7.50

Samosa Chat / Tikki Chat Grated potato patty stuffed with green peas garnished with mint and tamarind chutney. PRICE 2 Pieces $7.50

Onion PakorasOnion fritters coated in chickpea batter then deep fried. PRICE 6 Pieces $6.50

Mirchi Bhaji Famous Indian sour and spicy starter, dressed in long green chillies stuffed with sweet and sour tamarind mixture, coated with chick pea flour and fried. PRICE 3 Pieces $7.50

Aloo TikkiMashed potato cutlet mixed with authentic spices and herbs deep fried served with mint chutney . PRICE 3 Pieces $6.50

Vegetable Pakoras Pakoras made with mixed vegetables which are dipped in besan flour batter and deep fried. PRICE (6 Pieces $7.50

Paneer Pakoras Indian cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt and spices and deep fried . PRICE 6 Pieces $8.50

Mix Vegetable Platter1 Samosa, 1 Mirchi Bhaji, 2 pcs Paneer Pakora, 2 pcs Onion Pakora, 2 pcs Vegetable Pakora. PRICE $16.00

Chole Bhature2 Fried naan with chickpea curry, sliced onions and mixed pickles . PRICE $12.50

Tandoori Dishes Tandoori Chicken Wings Tandoori Chicken Wings marinated & then barbequed on skewers in tandoor and serve with salad. PRICE 6 Pieces $10.00

Chicken Tikka (7/15 Pieces)Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in combination of yoghurt, ginger, garlic & roasted spices & then barbequed on skewers in tandoor. PRICE Entree $9.50 PRICE Main $17.50

Seekh Kehab (2/4 Pieces) Chicken & Lamb mince with cumin, fresh coriander, herbs & spices then finger rolled and skewered in tandoor.

PRICE Entree $8.50 PRICE Main $16.00

Chicken Satay Marinated chicken pieces skewered in tandoor then cooked with peanut sauce & serve with cucumber. PRICE Entree $9.50 PRICE Main $15.50

Tandoori Chicken Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic, spices then barbequed in tandoor. PRICE Half $9.50 PRICE Full $15.50

Chilli Chicken SpicyBoneless chicken cubes marinated in spice fried with capsicum and onion . PRICE $16.00

Tandoori Lamb Chops (3Pcs)Marinated in a blend of Indian spice and grilled in the tandoor. PRICE $16.00

Tandoori Platter Two Pieces of each- Combination platter containing Chicken Tikka, Lamb Chop, Seekh Kabab. PRICE $17.50

Main Course - Chicken Dishes Butter Chicken Boneless pieces of chicken tikka roasted in tandoor then simmered in creamy fresh tomatoe based gravy, herbs, spices and cashew nut. PRICE $16.00

Chicken Jalfrezy Chicken pieces cooked with seasonal vegetables and flavoured with herbs & spices. PRICE $16.00

Chicken Korma Boneless chicken cooked with onion, cashew nut gravy, cream & indian paste . PRICE $16.00

Mango ChickenBoneless chicken cooked in mango based sauce & spices . PRICE $16.00

Kadahi Chicken Tender boneless pieces of chicken cooked in onion, tomatoes, capsicum and indian fresh herb based gravy. PRICE $16.00

Chicken Vindaloo Boneless chicken cooked with ginger, garlic, vindaloo sauce, curry leave, mustard seed & onion. PRICE $16.00

Chicken ChanniPunjabi style cooked chicken, onion, curry leave & coconut milk. PRICE $16.00

Punjabi Sag Chicken Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with pureed spinach, onion, garlic, ginger & cream. PRICE $16.00

Tandoori Chicken Tikka MasalaMarinated chicken tikka cooked in tomato sauce with capsicum diced onion, ginger and finished with chop coriander. PRICE $16.00

Egg BhujiaScrambled eggs with onion, tomato, ginger, chillies & gram masala. PRICE $12.50

Tandoori Chicken Masala with Bone Marinated tandoori chicken cooked in tomato sauce with capsicum diced onion, ginger and finish with chop coriander. PRICE Half $14.00 PRICE Full $16.00

Main Course - Lamb Dishes Rogan Josh Pieces of dice boneless lamb cooked in kashmir prepared traditional curry with spice, herbs & garnish with coriander. PRICE $16.00

Lamb Spinach Tender pieces of lamb cook in puree of spinach with onion, tomatoes and flavoured with spices. PRICE $16.00

Lamb Vindaloo Dice boneless lamb cooked in hot vindaloo sauce, freshly ground spices & fresh red chillies . PRICE $16.00

Lamb Madras Dice cubes lamb cooked with madras sauce, mustard seed, curry leave and flavoured with coconut based spice. PRICE $16.00

Lamb KormaTender lamb pieces cooked with creamy based cashew sauce, herbs & spices . PRICE $16.00

Goat Saag/Goat Curry/Goat Masala (with bone)Goat pieces cooked with onions, tomatoes and a selection of spice to provide this unforgettable dish. PRICE $16.50

Main Course - Beef Dishes Beef Vindaloo Tender pieces of beef cooked in freshly ground spices, red chillies and hot vindaloo sauce . PRICE $15.00

Beef Korma Cubes of beef cooked in spices and cashew based creamy sauce and fennel flavour. PRICE $15.00

Beef Channi South indian style cook with beef, onion, curry leaves & coconut paste and garnished with coriander leaves. PRICE $15.00

Beef SaagFresh spinach with diced beef pieces, onions, tomatoes, and a selection of spice to provide this unforgettable dish. PRICE $15.00

Beef MadrasTender pieces of beef pieces cook in coconut based gravy with touch of spice, curry leaves and mustard leaves. PRICE $15.00

Main Course - Seafood Dishes Punjabi Fish Curry Seasonal basa fillet fish curry in traditional spices cook with onion, garlic, ginger, mustard seed, curry leaves and finish with coconut cream. PRICE $17.00

Fish or Prawn Masala Fish or Prawn cook with garlic, ginger & onion with spices. PRICE $17.00

Fish or Prawn Vindaloo Fish or Prawn cook in traditional hot based curry. PRICE $17.00

Prawn Goa CurryPrawn curry cook in tomato base gravy & finish with coconut cream. PRICE $17.00

Prawn Jalfrezy Prawn cook in flavours spices of jalfrezi paste cooked with capsicum, onion, tomatoe . PRICE $17.00

Main Course - Vegetarian Dishes

Punjabi Paneer Chilli Masala Home made ricotta cheese cook with onion, capsicum, tomato, herbs & spices . PRICE $12.50

Shahi Paneer Indian cheese cook with tomatoes, ginger, onion, herbs & spices . PRICE $12.50

Paneer BhujiaMashed indian cheese cook with onion, ginger, tomatoes & herbs . PRICE $12.50

Malai Khofta Deep fried indian cheese & potatoes cook in mild spice yogurt with onion, coriander & spices . PRICE $12.50

Paneer Butter Masala Indian cottage cheese cook with ginger, onion, tomatoes & cream. PRICE $12.50

Eggplant Masala Mash eggplant cook in onion, tomatoe gravy with garlic & ginger. PRICE $9.00

Mix Vegi Makhani/Korma Fresh vegi cook in creamy sauce, spices & herbs . PRICE $9.00

Mattar PaneerFresh peas & cottage cheese cook with tomatoes, onion, garlic, herbs and cream. PRICE $9.00

Punjabi Aloo Gobi Punjabi favourite cauliflower & spice seasoned potato cook with herbs . PRICE $9.00

Saag PaneerSpinach cook in ricotta cheese with ginger, garlic & onion . PRICE $9.00

Vegi Mixed JalfrezySeasonal vegetables stir fried cooked with capsicum, cumin, spices & herbs . PRICE $9.00

Aloo ChanniPotatoes and chickpea cook with yogurt, tomatoes, cumin and blended spices and herbs . PRICE $8.00

Punjabi Daal Combination lentils punjabi style cook with ginger, onion, garlic and spices . PRICE $8.00

Double Daal Tadka (V)Yellow lentils boiled and tempered with cumin, chopped onions, ginger and garlic . PRICE $8.50

Vegetable CurryCombination of seasonal vegetables cooked in fresh herbs, tomatoes and blend of spices . PRICE $7.00

Aloo PalakSpinach puree cook with spice potatoes, garlic and dry ground spices . PRICE $7.00

Tandoor Naan Breads Chapati Wholemeal bread baked in tandoor or pan. PRICE $2.00

Garlic RotiWhole meal bread with a touch of garlic baked in tandoor or pan . PRICE $2.50

Plain NaanPlain flour bread baked in tandoor. PRICE $2.00

Butter Naan Plain flour bread baked in tandoor lightly brush with butter. PRICE $2.50

Garlic Naan Buttered naan dressed in roased garlic baked in tandoor. PRICE $2.50

BhaturaDelicious punjabi golden deep fried yougurt bread. PRICE $3.00

Tandoori Pratha Whole wheat bread layered with butter. PRICE $4.00

Paneer Naan Naan bread stuffed with ricotta cheese. PRICE $4.00

Aloo PrathaWhole meal bread stuffed with mash potatoes . PRICE $4.00

Potato Naan Plain four bread stuffed with potato & spices . PRICE $4.50

Cheese NaanPlain flour bread stuffed with cheese baked in tandoor. PRICE $4.50

Keema NaanNaan bread stuffed with mince lamb.

PRICE $5.00

Chicken Tikka Naan Pieces of tender chicken tikka fill in naan. PRICE $5.00

Garlic Cheese Naan/ Chilli Cheese Naan Naan bread stuff with cheese top with garlic or chilli. PRICE $5.00

Biryani Vegetable Biryani Basmati rice cooked with selection of seasonal vegetables, fragrant spices, herbs and cashew nuts. PRICE Small $10.00 PRICE Large $12.00

Lamb/Chicken/Beef Biryani Marinated Lamb/Chicken/Beef with curd and masala with Indian spicies cooked with Basmati Rice in Dum style with fried onions and garnished with mint leaves . PRICE Small $12.00 PRICE Large $15.00

Basmati Rice Steam Rice PRICE Small $3.00 PRICE Large $4.00

Jeera RiceBasmati rice cook with cumin seed PRICE Small $3.50 PRICE Large $4.50

Saffron RiceBasmati rice cook with saffron PRICE Small $4.50 PRICE Large $5.50

Accompaniments Cucumber RaitaNatural yoghurt combined with cucumber & mild spices . PRICE $3.00

Sweet Mango Chutney PRICE $2.00

Mixed Pickle PRICE $2.00

PappadumLentil Wafers deep fried (4 Pieces ) PRICE 4 Pieces $2.00

Garden SaladA Selection of greens including tomatoes, cucumber & onio n PRICE $4.00

Gulab Jamun (3 per serve)Juicy dumplings made of cream milk in light syrups . PRICE $6.00

Mango Kulfi Home Made ice cream blended in mango PRICE $4.90

Drinks & Indian Lassi Salt Lassi PRICE $3.50

Sweet Lassi PRICE $3.50

Mango Lassi PRICE $4.00

Soft Drinks (Can) PRICE $2.00

Soft Drinks (1.25L) PRICE $3.50

Soft Drinks (2L) PRICE $5.00

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30% Off -Punjabi Tadka-Salisbury - Order Food Online  

Order food delivery and Indian takeaway online from Punjabi Tadka, 5108-Salisbury Check reviews & online menu, Pay online or cash on deliver...

30% Off -Punjabi Tadka-Salisbury - Order Food Online  

Order food delivery and Indian takeaway online from Punjabi Tadka, 5108-Salisbury Check reviews & online menu, Pay online or cash on deliver...