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Diver by Guinand at Guinand one since has apparently even get that, to put a diver. The design is, as always with Guinand, of course a matter of taste, but I like them not so bad and the price seems also not unfair to me. the design gives it several times... the Davosa Argonautic has been on the market for about 1 year. Mercure and now Guinand. Does that somehow make sense with the same clock? Yes does not look bad, but the word "Mass" of the rod and lack individuality thus gets a new meaning. Fire diver Navigator there is there, maybe even a by arctos.

Alone this is a iwc price not to buy the clock. But we have at least the selection, the price namely differ. This is really without words, how do the producers argue the. Guinand is a business just like many others. But the service is very good and the price for a 30 bar clock but perfectly alright. So the most that Yes this ugly tonneau bother me! Otherwise she like just fine, maybe the rubber! That there is equal to three times the same watch, well... you say what! Sometimes ne stupid question: Helmut alive now, if so how old is he? and precisely because he is 94 I understand not the power he now (apparently) not more yourself. previously he has installed furnituren en masse old and that was a good thing. There was some retrokracher there. Unit train to jump is now on the ' very bad idea! but actually not necessary has the old warhorse! Mr. Hassler's new Managing Director will try just to make money now. He

is still alive to my knowledge and plays chess with Johannes Heesters. Is not exclusive, what one sees in the price. But I also think that you get a good, upbeat watch there for his money. Guinand is anyway nice to me. Time set the clock to the side, about most everything important is said. I have just again seen the HP of Guinand. If with the brand in the future really money to be made, you must change something m.E. urgently on the HP. The following occurs as me: 1.) better photos of watches from the front 2.) photo's of the works, especially when the clocks with glass bottom (E.g. Unitas seconds stop at 12) 3.) much more pictures of watches from the side etc. 4.) more information about the ordering options, possibly through a shop. The whole presentation of the HP not really appeals to me personally. So it has done this in the late 80s, today there is yet quite other ways to present the watch appealing. Vintage has also charm, but not exactly at a current HP with direct sales.

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