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Jim Long

The Truth about Marigolds I’ve been hearing tales for years about how one should always plant marigolds in the garden to keep away inspect pests. Never quite believing the stories, I decided to search for the truth. Like many stories and myths, there is a grain of truth inside this one. Fortunately lots of research has been conducted on the subject. I looked at research from the Universities of Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona and California. Here’s what I learned. First, companion planting, meaning scattering marigold plants among vegetables, has no proven beneficial effects. Second, what marigolds truly are useful for, is combating root nematodes. Root nematodes are microscopic, not seen by the human eye and whether you have them or not can only be confirmed by a soil nematode analysis from a University Extension Office. All soil has nematodes and some of them perform good soil-building functions while. others will attack the roots of vegetables. The symp-

23 Feb. 2012

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Ozarks Gardening toms are excessive wilting, with stunting or weakness in a plant. (Once that is observed, provided the cause is root nematodes, there is no treatment other than to remove the plant and destroy it). What is true and proven about planting marigolds is this. First determine that you have nematodes with a soil analysis. Next, devote the entire bed or that part of the garden to growing marigolds as a cover crop for one season. Nematodes don’t thrive when soil temperatures are below 64 degrees F., so you could potentially grow a spring crop of peas, radishes, lettuce, etc. As soon as those are done, plant that entire bed in a variety of marigolds that are proven to combat root-knot nematodes. It’s recommended you plant a marigold every 7 inches, in all directions and keep the area weeded. Weeds attract destructive nematodes, so keep them pulled. You can follow the total-bed marigold planting with vegetable crops the next season. However, to be effective, you will have to alternate planting marigolds then vegetables, season to season. Fortunately, most gardeners in the Ozarks aren’t severely bothered by nematode infestations. If you do plan to do this crop rotation with marigolds this year, here are the varieties that work best and

some to a v o i d . (Keep in mind, we are talking about the little French marigolds ( Ta g e t e s patula) we plant in the flower bed and not the “ p o t marigold” (Calendula officianalis) some people confuse with marigolds). Best varieties for combating root-nema-

todes: Bolero, Bonita mixed, Goldie, Gypsy Sunshine, Petite Harmony, Petite Gold, Scarlet Sophie, Single

Gold, Petite Blanc, Sophia and Tangerine. Avoid “signet” marigolds (Tagetes signata or tenufolia) because nematodes feed and reproduce on those. Included in the signet series are: Lemon Gem, Red Gem and Tangerine Gem varieties. To see photos of the helpful marigolds as well as the ones to avoid planting in the garden, visit February is the month to prune grape vines, clean beds and dispose of old garden debris. Turning the soil now is a useful, to help expose grasshopper and cucumber beetle larvae where the sun and cold weather will destroy them. Happy gardening!

Bearly Used Store receives recognition from BBB The Ozarks Sentinel wishes to congratulate Penny Rawls, owner of The Bearly Used Shop in Kimberling City for recently being recognized by the Better Business Bureau as a business upholding strong integrity and ethics. Ms.

Rawls will be formally honored at the 2012 Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics dinner and awards gala on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at the Clarion Hotel in Springfield. The Bearly Used Shop will re-

ceive a BBB Gold Star Award in recognition of an outstanding record of no customer complaints received by Better Business Bureau of Southwest Missouri in the threeyear reporting period ending December 31, 2011.

Galena High School to hold annual Camp and Shootout The Galena High School Archery Team is holding their 2nd Annual Camp and Shootout on February 25th, 2012. Fifth through 8th graders will be attending an archery camp held by the high school team from 1pm to 4pm. They will then get to compete in an archery shootout (with prizes) from 4:30 to 6:00pm for the public to see.

After the elementary and junior high compete, we will be auctioning off some AMAZING items, including themed baskets, Under Armour Gear, sleds, three exhaust tips from Baillie Diesel Inc, and so much more. The high school archery team will then compete in a shootout (with prizes) for everyone to see. At the end of the evening, we will be raffling off a Matthews DXT bow

($5 per raffle ticket) which is valued at over $800 and a 250lb hog from Gregory Farms ($1 per raffle ticket) and the winner is responsible for the processing fee. We are going to have an amazing night to help support the Galena High School Archery Team! If you have any questions, please contact Erin Paterson or Tyler Fox at (417)357-6618.

FOOD FROM PAGE 11 handler must print his/her certificate; SCHD does not have access to food handlers’ login and password in order to print certificates. The online course is available in high quality fully audio -visual interactive presentations in five languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese. While most food establishment owners and managers have ex-

pressed an interest in the online course, Chris and Paul will continue to offer the food safety class in-person (with at least 5 individuals participating). Due to a decrease in funding from the Department of Health and Senior Services, as well as the increase cost of printing the 50 page course manual, the classroom training cost is $30 per person. To request a classroom training, contact Chris or Paul at 357-8200.

The Stone County Health Department encourages food handlers, needing to be certified in food safety, to use the new online service now being offered. “The online course is convenient and will provide food handlers a training in a language other than English (if needed) as well as easier course availability thereby eliminating the need to close their establishments for staff to take the course” says Chris Thornton, EPHS.



ONLY 25 Cents!

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012

SSCFPD firefighters save home of former member’s mother in Reeds Spring Firefighters from the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District were able to save the home of the mother of a former member on Tuesday of this week. According to the District, they received a call of a fire at Victory Lane , Reeds Spring at approximately 1:28 p.m. The first Engine arrived and found smoke showing from the single wide mobile home. Firefighters made an aggressive interior attack and contained the fire to the laundry room and bedroom. The home was occupied by the mother of our former Lieutenant Damon Tillman who passed away last year from cancer. She has doing laundry and took a nap on the couch. She woke to the sound of a pop and the smell of smoke.

She was able to get her pets out and escape without harm. The cause was determined to be an electrical short at the dryer connection. Sixteen Firefighters spent just over an hour on scene. Mercy EMS, Stone County Sheriff Dept. were also on hand at the scene to assist. No injuries were reported in Firefighters from the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District were able to the blaze. save the home of a collegue’s mother.

Reeds Spring Police and County Health Dept. team up with TestMyTeen Reeds Spring Police Department (RSPD) and the Stone County Health Department (SCHD) unite against substance abuse among adolescents in Stone County. Police Chief Arin Hart and Health Educator, Kim King announce a new alliance with TestMYTeen, an organization that recently has donated $5,000 worth of free, home drug test kit vouchers to be shared anonymously with parents/caregivers who need them in Stone County. Through the assistance of , RSPD and

SCHD are providing parents access to helpful information and vouchers for testing kits that detect 10 different drugs at no charge (limit one per family, only shipping fees apply). The drug kit vouchers require no interaction with police. They are electronic and protect the anonymity of parents who redeem them online. Ordering is done online at and shipping is done using non-descript packaging to protect privacy. Parents will need a special voucher code to redeem their free drug kit voucher online. Parents can stop by

the RSPD or SCHD, Galena or Branson West location, to anonymously pick-up a handout containing the special voucher code and information on “how to get a home drug test kit for free”. The handouts will be among other information or brochures in the lobby of each location, so parents/caregivers seeking the information remain as private and confidential as possible. TestMyTeen has spent millions of dollars in research and development to make sure their testing kits provide exceptional accuracy. Since 1991,

their parent company (AMO-Employer Services, Inc.) has served hundreds of corporations such as U.S. Foodservice, Purina Mills, Miller Brewing, and Land-O-Lakes by providing them with pre-employment testing and applicant screening services. The same technologies being used by many of America’s most successful companies for substance abuse testing are being offered to parents/caregivers concerned about their adolescent’s current or potential drug abuse. The drug testing kits screen SEE HEALTH, PAGE 3

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The Truth About Marigolds

Don Phillips Capitol Report Reeds Spring Grad selected as finalist in fashion show Paisley to help raise funds for area food bank Food handler training offered online And More!


23 Feb., 2012

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Branson West nabs one in drug case

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Following a tip from a local business, Branson West police stopped a vehicle that they suspected was involved in illegal drug activity. According to Chief Doug Rader, a Green Forest man, 30, was arrested after police discovered numerous items used to manufacture methamphetamine inside his vehicle. Milton R. High was taken to Stone County jail and has been charged with a class C felony of having possession of items to manufacture drugs, and a Class D felony of intent to manufacture. Rader said High’s bond was set at $25,000 cash only.

Kimberling Bluegrass is BACK! Missouri Boatride Bluegrass Band will be performing their Winter Concert Series FREE on Feb. 25 and March 10, 24 HELD IN THE OZARKS ROOM AT HILLBILLY BOWL - 7 P.M. SPONSORED BY: Cope Marine ; Rustic Timbers Furniture ; Kimberling City Tire; Custom Glass & Mirror; Don Phillips, State Representative, District 62; Outdoor Rooms by Design ; Kimberling Pharmacy ; Home-N-Hardware ; The Bearly Used Shop ; Table Rock Community Bank ; Parmesans Pizza ; Happy Teriyaki; Shepherd of the Hills Realty; Kyle Tire and Automotive ; Lakeside Computer and Sign ; Country Mart Food Store ; The Chic Cave; Rundy’s Grill; The Ozarks Sentinel Newspaper ; Specialized Marine Inc. ;Garden Terrace Restaurant ; Shelter Insurance; Keller Williams Real Estate ; Peoples Bank ; Leona's Deli ; Paw Prints for Dogs Daycare ; Titan Propane; RT's Restaurant/Hillbilly Bowl ; Stone County National Bank ; Johnny Lee Excavating; Kyle Tire; Tin Bender; Table Rock Garage; DCB Excavating; Debbie Scobee; Aspen Heating & Cooling; Billy Gail’s Restaurant; Cindy of Kinderhook Cabin; Table Rock Chiropractic; KC Bistro; Committee to elect Doug Rader, Stone County Sheriff; Cliffs Auto Barn; Grand Rental Tool and Storage; Buck Stoves;Spas and More; 96.9 The Mountain FM; Table Rock Lake Area Chamber of Commerce; White River Propane.


Rev. Lilly L. Smith, Chaplain to Southern Missouri Retired Clergy, Episcopal We have once again reached the period in the church year known as Lent. The Bible tells us of Jesus' temptations in the desert. “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.” Matt. 4:1. An old hymn addresses the temptations of Jesus. “Forty days and forty nights thou wast fasting in the wild; forty days and forty nights tempted, and yet undefiled.” Though he was severely tempted he sinned not once. Oh, that we could be so pure, so free from sin. But since we are not, we have this season of penance, a special time to repentant. We have the opportu-

23 Feb. 2012

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Forty Days and Forty Nights nity to come to the Lord in our sinfulness and spend time with Him in repentance. A note on my Lenten calendar it states, “This Lent, God wants us to quietly listen to the words of his Son.” In response to this statement I am hoping that the next six weeks will gently and peaceably guide us to and through some of Jesus’ most profound words and give us some notion what those words mean to us and hold for us in our present life in this world of many hard times as well as in the joyous periods in our lives. Jesus said to his followers, “…The Son of Man must undergo great suffering, and be rejected by the elders, chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised.” Then he said to them, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny them-

selves and take up their cross daily and follow me. Jesus tells us he must be rejected, abused, treated like a common criminal and then killed. He also mentions being raised on the third day but with all the horrible statements, of beatings, cruelty and death who do you think “hears” ‘raised from the dead’ or, in fact, heeds that statement or separates it from the chaos? Apparently nobody. He goes on to say we should take up our crosses and deny ourselves. A regular person, the man in the street, might easily come to a quick conclusion that either in Jesus’ time or today, the idea of ‘following Him’ is less than an ideal situation in which to find oneself. We have before us what appears to be a great leader, a Savior, the Christ who claims to be our salvation but alas, he is going to die.

These very words stated by Christ himself. Read and reread his words. He will suffer, he will die and he will come back into life and save us to live on in eternity with the Father, the Holy Spirit, himself and the hosts of angels in the heavens. And all he asks is that we take up our cross and follow him. To take up our cross does not mean that we must suffer a fate such as his. We know that we all suffer to some degree in this life, that is common knowledge. And sometimes we do not suffer in silence. It just hurts too much. But even with the cross firmly on our aching shoulders we are able to quietly follow our Savior and the day arrives when the cross is removed and we are in the safe and secure place of his arms where he promised we

would be. Come. Let us repent and be his companion through this Lent.

Stone County Health Department Offers Online Food Handler Training The Stone County Health Department (SCHD) announces a new, convenient service for food handlers. SCHD is now 1 of 8 counties in the state of Missouri offering online food safety training for food handlers. SCHD’s Food Ordinance states, “at least one person on duty at a food establishment must have successfully completed a food handler training course”. Until recently, food handlers had to contact the Environmental Public Health Specialists (EPHS) Chris Thornton or Paul Terry, at SCHD, to schedule the food safety training or wait until the training was being offered at another location in the county with at least 5 people registered to attend. Now food handlers can take the food handler’s training online by visiting our website and clicking on the “*New Feature* Online Food Handler Training” link (left column on homepage). This links food handlers to the State Food Safety website where the online course can be taken. To access the course, scan cursor to “Food Handler Courses”, a dropdown box will appear; scan cursor to “Missouri”. Another dropdown box will appear with a list of the 8

counties offering the online course, then click on “Stone”. The fee for the online course is $20 (including a printable food handler certificate) and takes about 4 hours to com-

plete. To receive a certificate, the food handler must have completed the online course and exam having scored a 70% or above. The food SEE FOOD, PAGE 12


#90 Silverbridge Lane - $550/mo, Utilities Paid. South of bridge, overlooking lake – near Point Seven. First month’s rent and security deposit required prior to move-in. Call 417-239-7215 or 417-7391141

BE SAFE! We sweep Chimneys FULLER’S Highway 13 Business, Branson West.

Call For Appt.


Kornerstone looks to provide new jobs in community Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff, so let us take care of the cleaning while you worry about the things that really matter. Residential or commercial, weekly or one-time, for yourself or as a gift; our services are flexible and designed to fit your needs. So give us a call, tell us which package you want, then sit back and relax...we got this!

Kornerstone Kleaners is a program/business of Kornerstone, Inc. developed for two purposes. The first is to provide local jobs for Kornerstone program participants, and the second is to help financially supplement our other programs. Interested in more information or a free estimate; please call 866858-2887

WRIGHT CONT. Fender guitar company had production backed up due to demand and Gibson expanded the Kalamazoo factory to accomodate orders . Hairstylists were doing "beatle' cuts and clothing companies were making sharkskin jackets without collars but, but through all this i endured Beatle boots and all.I was lucky because i had a early jump on all of this nonsense and would go on to play top 40 , blues , and folk music in Chicago .From 1965 to 1969 i made good money ( 187.50 a night , my share ) . 1969 to 1972 i made really good money ( over $1100.00 plus expenses a week .)

One last thing . Back in the early days we hired members for how they played, Not, what they looked like , who they were related to , who their friends are ,or being in a click . I suppose all those things went on in my time too, it just wasn't as in your face as it is today . Somewhere experience was left behind because a new breed of player emerged .You know the one - He has and will allways assume that 6 months on the guitar entitles him to question years of experience. Earn your $50.00 a night kid . You deserve it.


23 Feb. 2012

Reeds Spring looks at Oct. event An event that had success in its first year, will once again be part of the Ozarks festival scene. In 2010 the Bonnie and Clyde Festival drew 2,000 people to Kimberling City for a one-day event filled with entertainment, vendors and family fun. In 2011, the organizing body of the festival decided to refocus its efforts, leaving the festival without a home or date. However, in 2012, the event, now

called Bonnie and Clyde Days is looking to resurface in the place where the historical events happened, Reeds Spring. A committee of citizens met last week to discuss the possibility of holding the event in the Reeds Spring and Branson West area. Rather than just a single day, however, the committee decided to extend the event to two days. The first day will be Friday, Oct. 5, beginning at noon.

While many of the events are still in the planning stage, Bonnie and Clyde Days is actively seeking vendors who wish to participate in the event. Information for vendors, and event information is available online at The City of Reeds Spring, the Branson West Business Association, the Table Rock Lake Chamber of Commerce and RSVP are all represented on the committee.

Kimberling Area Library news

THEME: THE OSCARS ACROSS 1. Type of eclipse 6. *1941's "How Green ___ My Valley" 9. Drink too much 13. Being of service 14. Gilligan's home 15. Chicago's ORD 16. Smelling _____, pl. 17. In the past 18. Type of beam, also an acronym 19. *Best Picture nominee set in Jackson, MS 21. "Ripley's Believe It or Not" showpiece, e.g. 23. Accused by some of breaking up The Beatles 24. Obama to Harvard Law School, e.g. 25. Bud or chum 28. Cough syrup balsam 30. To mark with spots 35. ____ vera 37. *Nominated for role in "Moneyball" 39. Like sound of pinched nose 40. Chess piece that looks like castle 41. Barges 43. Circus venue 44. Reason by deduction 46. "The Iliad," e.g. 47. *Mechanically-inclined film orphan 48. Seaman or sailor 50. Bus ____ 52. Room in a house 53. Like acne-prone skin 55. Charlotte's creation 57. Hotel meeting place 60. *"The Descendants" nominee 64. Wavelike patterned silk 65. Make imperfect 67. Home to BYU 68. Curving outward 69. "___ to Joy" 70. Pivoted about a fulcrum 71. It usually contains the altar in a church 72. Women's organization 73. Rub out

DOWN 1. A deadly sin 2. Beehive State 3. World's longest river 4. Even though, arch. 5. Wish ill 6. Smack or sock 7. Leo month 8. It has no back and no arms 9. Bangkok inhabitant 10. Kiln for drying hops 11. The hunted 12. "Ever" to a poet 15. *He played Cold War spy 20. Grommets, e.g. 22. Milk ___, popular at the movies 24. Coroner's performance 25. *Place of Woody's midnight magic 26. Unaccompanied 27. Used for washing 29. Often spread in the classroom 31. Beaten by walkers 32. Imposter 33. *Best Actress winner in "Tootsie" 34. "Crocodile Rock" performer 36. Augmented 38. Foolish person 42. Frown with anger 45. *"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" 49. Band event 51. "We the ______" in the Constitution 54. "30 Rock" character 56. Emerald Ash _____ pest 57. "Wolf" in French 58. Great masters' medium, pl. 59. Strong desire 60. *It works with the cast on films 61. Most luminous star 62. Day before, pl. 63. Yesteryear 64. Earned at Sloan or Wharton 66. "Much ___ About Nothing"

Solution on Page 3

Now that we have had a little snow, we are reminded winter is not over. Remember, when the Reeds Spring Schools close, so does the library. But don’t worry about your overdue books. We never charge a fine for the days we have to close due to road conditions. We do not want you or our volunteers to be at risk at any time. Remember also if you have a book due you can always phone in and renew it for another two weeks unless someone is waiting for it. For those of you going on a trip and you need books for more than two weeks, just ask the smiling volunteer at the desk for an extended time and we can do that. Of course, with cold weather you may just want to stay home and cook up something warm and hearty. Check out a recipe book to try something new, which may mean you need to go shopping. If you do, remember how much we appreciate the support from Harter House in return for the sales receipts you turn in. In the calendar

year of 2011 we received $1,800 from Harter House. I know they appreciate your shopping with them and we certainly appreciate your help in saving the sales receipts and dropping them in the collection box in our entryway. We also appreciate the cash coupons from Country Mart and the Best Choice bar codes. All of these help add new books to our collection for your enjoyment. By this time all of you who enjoy quilting, fabric, new patterns, new idea and fun, know that “Quilt Day at the Library” will be March 3 thanks to the Coveside Quilters from Our Lady of the Cove Catholic Church. But you may not know about the beautiful basket stuffed with “goodies” donated by the Lakeside Quilters. This basket is on display at the library and will be given away at the end of the party on Quilt Day. You do not have to be present to win, so get your donation tickets now. All proceeds benefit the library. Our newest shipment of large print books came in a short time

ago and are now on our shelves. Among these are “Down the Darkest Road” by Tami Hoag. This best selling author is known for combining thrilling plots with character-driven suspense. Here she continues to explore the early days of forensic investigation. “Nanjing Requiem” by Ha Jin is a historical novel set in late 1937 when the Japanese were poised to invade Nanjin and an American missionary decides to remain, convinced her American citizenship will help her safeguard the Chinese men and women. She is mistaken. Raymond Khoury turns out another edge-of-your-seat story, “The Devil’s Elixer,” that reaches from the present day back to the 1800’s Mexico. Packed with the nonstop suspense and unexpected twists his fans delight in. These are just a few of the new books this month. Check our New Arrivals list for more. Come see us at the Library.

HEALTH FROM PAGE 1 urine for 10 different drugs including “meth”amphetamine, cocaine, amphetamine, opiates (codeine, morphine, heroin), marijuana, barbiturates, oxycodone (oxycontin), ecstasy, methadone, and benzodiazepines. If the test results for these drugs are positive, then your son or daughter need intervention by a counselor, rehabilitation, a drug and alcohol program, or law enforcement. Chief Hart and King are strong advocates for educating and empowering parents/caregivers and adolescents to take charge of their lives by protecting their families and themselves against the dangers of

substance abuse. “By drug testing your adolescent, you are giving your child a “socially acceptable” way to say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Peer pressure to try these substances doesn’t end when kids say no. In fact, pressure can increase when friends try harder to make kids feel like dorks, wimps, chickens, or outcasts when they don’t go along with the crowd”, states Chief Hart. King adds, “The words ‘my parents test me’ are the equivalent of saying I’m 100% certain I’ll get caught, get in trouble, and asked where I got the stuff”. SCHD, RSPD, and parents can now work together to ensure safer schools, homes, and neighbor-

hoods in Stone County. Kids can prove their trustworthiness to their parents and dissolve pressure from peers. On-going random testing continues to provide kids with the excuse they need and parents/caregivers with the peace of mind they deserve. To get a free drug testing kit voucher (shipping and handling not included) visit the SCHD (Galena or Branson West location) or the RSPD in Reeds Spring. For more information contact Kim King at 357-6134, or Chief Hart at 272-3107.

Betty Davis

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23 Feb. 2012

Train up a child - Ways to say “I Care” Sometimes we get so busy that we overlook opportunities to express to our children just how much we care about them and their lives. There are many ways that we can show them we care that take very little time and are easy to do but have real impact on their attitudes and long-time positive results. In this column, I would like to share a few ideas that work. In our family, my husband always made a big deal of the children getting new clothes. He would always ask them to try them on, so

he could see how snuggly they were. They would go put on their new clothes and come smiling waiting for dad’s big hug and comments about how snuggly the new clothes were and how nice they looked. He would also ask them to see how fast their new shoes could run. He would always have comments about how fast the shoes could run when the children knew all along he was bragging on them. I started the custom in our family of giving the children $5 whenever I received a an

Brad Paisley to help raise money for area food bank

Page 4

unsolicited compliment about their behavior. It was tempting for one son to encourage people to brag on him, but he knew I would catch on to what he was doing, so he gave up that idea. This encouraged good behavior because they never knew what was going to get back to mom. One son didn’t want to take the money, so I donated it to a charity and let him know how it was used. We started the custom of giving our grandchildren $5 for each “A” they received on their report cards and $3 for each “B”. I think they may have enjoyed the bragging we did about their grades more than the money they received. They knew we cared and were paying attention to how they were doing. Many parents are good

about attending activities where their children are involved. This is a great way to show they care. Modern technology offers wonderful ways to show we care. I e-mail our grown children periodically sending them a Scripture verse that I think might be helpful in their current situation or simply a verse that comes to my mind that I think would be good for them to consider. It made me feel good when I sent the verse about trusting in the Lord and He will direct our paths when our youngest son wrote back and told me it was his favorite verse. “I have it written on a rock in my shop,” he told me. I also e-mail them just to tell them I hope they are having a good day and that I love

By Kathee Baird

them. Teachers in a classroom can pull out their cell phones when a child does something especially well and say, “I know your parents would like to know how well you have done. What is your mom’s (or dad’s) phone number? I am going to phone her/him right now and let her/him know how well you did!” Truthfully, if we really do care for our children, we will find ways to show it. When we can be creative and think of special ways to show we care, the children are reassured of our love and they feel that they are special in our eyes. - Pat Lamb

Country music superstar Brad Paisley’s Virtual Reality World Tour 2012 is coming to Springfield on Feb. 25 and will help feed those in need by collecting non-perishable food items and monetary donations for Ozarks Food Harvest. OFH supporters will have a chance to win two VIP tickets and meet-and-greet passes by donating

to The Food Bank before the concert. Community members who donate 10 non-perishable food items or $10 will be entered to win the tickets and passes. No previous ticket purchase is required, and there is no limit on the number of entries. Donations will be accepted at Ozarks Food Harvest’s O’Reilly Center for Hunger Relief, 2810 N. Cedarbrook Ave., Wednesday, Feb.

22 through Friday, Feb. 24, between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Donors should enter on the north side of the facility. Donations will also be accepted at JQH Arena, 685 S. John Q. Hammons Parkway, between 2:45 and 5:30 p.m. the day of the concert, Saturday, Feb. 25. Contest participants should look for Ozarks Food Harvest’s Mobile Food Pantry truck and food bank volunteers. Donors

will be required to provide their name, cell phone number and address when making a donation. Ozarks Food Harvest staff and food drive volunteers cannot enter the giveaway. The winner will be drawn and called at 5:45 p.m. on Feb. 25. Tickets will need to be picked up outside JQH Arena. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.; concert starts at 7:30 p.m.

A listing of most needed food items can be found at Examples include canned meats like tuna, boxed meals like macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and canned fruit. Glass containers or expired food will not be accepted. Brad Paisley will headline with special guests, The Band Perry and American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery.

Reeds Spring graduate to appear as finalist at fashion show Maura Posek, a student at Reed Spring High School fromKimberling City, Mo., will be a finalist in the Project Prom contest and Fashion Show, this weekend. he Stephens College Fashion department will host a [project] PROM Fashion Show at 1 p.m. and at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012, at the Stephens College

Warehouse Theatre, 100 Willis Ave. General admission is $8; tickets are available at The show, which features prom trends, is being produced by Stephens College fashion students and is part of a 2012 Fashion Creative Express Project competition. Junior and senior high school stu-

dents throughout Missouri were asked to design their fantasy prom; submissions could include an essay, a mood board, an original dress design sketch or photo of a garment they’ve made, or artwork. The five finalists were selected by Stephens fashion faculty and Ashley Litton, Miss Missouri USA 2004, a Stephens alumna, gown

designer and co-owner of Sassy Chic in Kansas City. All of the finalists will receive a prom makeover and a starring role on the runway during the fashion show. The grand prize winner from this group will also receive a $1,000 scholarship to Stephens, a VIP Prom Party and a gift certificate toward a limo ride to

her prom. “We’re excited to host this prom trend forecasting fashion show for high school girls,” says Caroline Sheridan, a fashion show production student. “We hope to provide a show that encourages creativity and confidence to high school girls as they live their fairytale prom night.”

Pets available for adoption

Christ’s Corner Philippians 1:3 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, The Apostle Paul was a humble thankful man. He came from a respected family, was well educated, and had been in a position of power before he was saved on the Damascus Road. After Paul met the Lord he was a changed person. He was blinded to this world until a man of God was sent to him. With his eyes opened, Paul saw things in a different light. Paul acted in a different way. His goals changed.

He no longer wanted to arrest Christians, but to see them saved. He no longer followed the directions of a priest, but he now followed the High Priest who is Jesus our Lord. Paul is an example we can learn from. Like Paul, we go about our sinful ways until we meet Jesus. Yes, friends, you will meet Jesus sometime in your life. Once convicted of sin, man has a choice. Man can repent and be saved or man can reject the drawing of the Holy Spirit and remain lost and dead in his sin. God made mankind with

freewill. We are not robots with no ability to choose between right or wrong. We do have choices. After we choose, we then receive the consequences of our choice. What will you choose? What will be your consequence? I ask you to choose Jesus and receive His promises. You can be saved and know it. God Bless; Walter D. Hill D. Min. P.O. Box 235 LaGrange, Ga. 30241 e-mail:

Galena FFA to hold community breakfast The Galena FFA will also be hosting a Community Breakfast this Friday, Feb. 24th for Na-

tional FFA Week. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. to anyone

who lives in the community. We would be glad to see you there.

MAYORAL DEBATE March 30, 7 p.m. at Kimberling City, City Hall Impartial Moderator, and Questions From The Audience Will Be Accepted. Sponsored By The Ozarks Sentinel

Dovey Shep Winona These wonderful animals are FREE to adopt! Shep is a 5 year old, neutered English Shepherd mix. He has been at the shelter since October, 2010. Shep is a very smart dog that needs a farm with a job to do and not in a kennel 24/7. He is a motivated dog that will take care of his new family. Winona is a 4 year old, spayed Lab mix. She came to the shelter toting 2 puppies which have been adopted. Winona has been with us since December, 2010. She has a great big bark and would make a good watchdog. Beau is an 8 year old, neutered Black Lab with the sweetest personality. Beau is partially blind in his left eye, but that doesn't slow him down. He is a very gentle, friendly dog that loves people and would love a new forever home. Dovey is our "office" cat until she find her furrever home. She is a 4 year old, spayed British Shorthair mix

Beau with a very sweet personality. She will come to you when she's ready. She does give the occasional "love bite" when she's had enough petting. Dovey has been with us since September, 2010. Nero is a great cat. He is 1-1/2 years old, neutered and quite handsome. He is a very playful cat, but was a shy kitten, so we think that's why he's still with us. He does love Nero to be petted and is friendly, once he knows you. Nero has been at the shelter since December, 2010. Our next trip to the spay/neuter clinic in Springfield is Marcfh 8. We can take public animals along with our animals. If people can call the shelter at 417-272-8113 by Saturday, March 3, we can get them on that trip.

To adopt one of these wonderful animals, or to adopt any animal, please call the shelter at 417-272-8113

The Ozarks Sentinel Published weekly at 13272 State Highway 13, Suite 1A, Kimberling City, MO 65686. In The Buttonwood Center. MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 3, KIMBERLING CITY, MO 65686 All contents copyrighted 2011. No portion of this publication may be reproduced either in print format or electronic format without the express written permission of The Ozarks Sentinel Publishing, LLC. All rights are reserved. 866-551-3330.


State Representative Don Phillips Capitol Report Redistricting Drama Continues A Cole Co. judge recently ruled in favor of the new map for the 163 legislative districts, however, that ruling was appealed to the MO Supreme Court and there’s been no final decision thus far. The eight district congressional map has been approved. The State Senate Map with 34 districts is still in the process of being redrawn after it was thrown out last month. All of this creates a number of possibilities and uncertainties. Sen. Mike Parsons has a bill (S.B. 773) that’s coming to the House soon asking that the filing date for candidates wishing to run for office in the Aug. 7th primary be changed from Feb. 28th to Mar. 27th. The filing period would then close on April 24th. USPS Still Looking for Cost-Saving Solutions On the federal level, the U.S. Postal Service is requesting an increase in the cost of first class stamps to 50 cents and proposes

going to a five day work week. As you know, the postal service is losing billions of dollars annually primarily due to the huge reduction in the purchase of first class stamps for letters as many people do business online; paying bills and communicating by email. The U.S.P.S. is also closing facilities and pulling out of a health care program for federal employees. The U.S.P.S. lost over three billion dollars last quarter alone! They also struggle against strong competition in the delivery market from UPS and FedEx for instance. House Bills of Interest H.B. 1700 (Sexual Offender Registration), sponsored by Rep. Rodney Schad, was heard in the Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee on Wednesday. It concerns revamping the current registry for sexual offenders. Right now, it’s difficult to tell the serious offenders from those that did something far less serious, yet were relegated to the list and are presumed to be a threat to society. There are

many people on the sexual offender list that shouldn’t be there due to special circumstances. The list should be something that people can rely on as a reference to those that pose a real threat as sexual predators. H.B. 1700 would require a tier level of classification be implemented based on the severity of each particular case, establish a board of directors to oversee the program, and change the laws pertaining to sexual registration. H.B. 1525, sponsored by Rep. Gary Fuhr, establishes the Justice Reinvestment Act and changes the laws regarding criminal offenders under the supervision of the MO Dept. of Corrections. H.B. 1525 would implement a 13-member Sentencing and Oversight Commission that would review cases of non-violent offenders incarcerated in the Dept. of Corrections. H.B. 1525 would offer probation and parole alternatives to lengthy sentences for non-violent prisoners with good behavior records.

H.B. 1147 and H.B. 1186 Sponsored by Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger and Rep. Mark Parkinson, respectively, requires Missouri driver’s test be administered in English only. Proponents say the English only testing is a public safety issue and brings driver license testing in line with our English only language position. Opponents say that to restrict legal immigrants by not allowing the driver license testing to be given in other languages is discriminatory. Missouri currently gives the written driving test in 11 languages other than English. H.B. 1147 / 1186 prohibits interpreters for the written or skill portion of the testing with the exception of providing sign language for the deaf. Several consent bills were passed on Wednesday and will be sent over to the Senate for consideration. Work Within The District Friday was a busy day for me as I attended a Joint Legislative Meeting on Friday morning, attended a

Rotary Meeting at noon, presented a House Resolution (to retiring Branson Asst. Police Chief, Steve Dalton) and then attended the Stone Co. Republican Club Meeting in Crane that evening. The Legalize Marijuana Survey Results Those of you that responded to me concerning your opinions on whether Missouri should legalize marijuana crossed the finish line together with 50 /50 results. I appreciate the input even though there was no clear-cut “winner” from the responders. If you’re visiting the capitol, be sure to stop by and say “hello.” It’s a privilege to be your representative! Email: Phone: 573-751-3851. Address: Rep. Don Phillips, House Post Office, Room 135, 201 W. Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, MO 65101.

The liberal Ten Commandments and how to argue their points I. Be creative with facts. Facts are fungible. Don’t be afraid to twist, ignore or make up your own facts, if necessary. Never let facts get in the way of winning arguments — the ends justify the means. II. Avoid arguments you can’t win. Some conservatives are just too intelligent to argue with—e.g., Limbaugh—avoid arguing with them like the plague. III. Be creative giving credit or blame. Be vague about cause and effect, but make it appear everything good happens while a Dem is President. Anything bad occurs while a Puke is President is caused to by that President. Examples? The economy began tanking while GWB was President — so vaguely claim it occurred “on his watch.” Did Uncle Joe died during his term? GWB caused it. The Dotcom bubble occurred during Bubba’s term? He gets the credit. The Dotcom bubble burst during Bubba’s term? Only

because Bubba was leaving office and GWB was coming! See how easy this is? IV. Repeat lies often. The more outrageous the better the lie. Bush lied, troops died (but don’t get bogged down defending your own people who said the same things.) Palin is dumb. McCain is Bush II. You get the idea. Lie, lie, lie! It works.The Public only hears the negatives, anyway. V. Run in packs. Get your buddies to pile on your opponent. There is strength in numbers, the more the merrier. Claim victory even when you lose, over and over and over again. It makes it appear you are winning if all your buddies pile on and cheerlead for you. VI. Avoid using logic. Stick to emotional appeals. Logic won’t convince liberals or others who are considering becoming liberals as those positions aren’t based on logic. Avoid logic as it requires thought.

VII. “Meghan’s Law” When your opponent is winning the argument, pick up on some little point they made and whine about it being a personal attack (or anything else that can distract from the conversation and instead twist the conversation to some emotional topic where you might stand a chance). Examples? You called me “fat” (even if they didn’t) or “that sounds like a racist/homophobic/misogynist/[insert politically correct word here]” and attack the person instead of the logic. That is where liberals excel, attacking the messenger. (Named in honor of Meghan McCain.) Some might argue this is merely variations of Commandment X, but really, it is a clever way to actually misconstrue your opponents arguments. Make it sound like they said something else then launch into personal attack mode yourself while claiming to be the victim. It is a less hamhanded approach to get to Com-

mandment X than to just launch directly into name-calling. VIII. Attack the intelligence of your opponents. Sarah Palin is just the latest victim in our long use of this tactic. GWB, Dan Quayle, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, even war hero Eisenhower, hell, we even used that old line on Lincoln calling him a monkey. IX. Claim the moral high ground. Any possible high ground, by creating self-described noble reasons why the position is correct and the other side’s is wrong. Examples? It’s not murder, it’s about freedom of choice! Those opposing abortion are trying to use government to tell women what they can do with their own bodies! Gay marriage is not about morality, it’s about giving gays equal rights to marry! Who can be against freedom and equal rights? When protesting, call it “Our Patriotic Duty”; when they protest anything, call it un-

American. When we dissent, it’s because we are bound by a sacred duty to stop the Republicans from steamrolling us; when they dissent, they are partisan hack obstructionists. X. Call your opponents names, the viler the better. Never let a day go by without calling some conservative or Republican, “Nazi, fascist, Neanderthal, bigot (a narrowminded bigot is even better!), knuckle-dragger, misogynist, hypocrite”, or similar term. It causes them to spend their time defending themselves instead of ripping liberal positions to shreds. Last but not least, when you find yourself losing an argument with a conservative, never, ever hesitate to call them “racist”, even if they are black. Remember, truth is NOT your friend. Appealing to emotions is always the most effective methodology. PL Booth, the Blue Eye view of MO.

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ENTERTAINMENT By Jim Wright Seeing as the month of February marks 50 years of playing bass guitar for me i thought i would report on an entertainers look back 50 years ago. 1962 the Beach Boys and the

Four Seasons were tearing up the pop charts . It had only been 10 years that Leo Fender started mass producing electric guitars and Les Paul made Gibson guitars a household word . You also have to credit Mary Ford








for being the 1st female professional guitarist. I was just 11 short of my 12th birthday when i knew i wanted to play guitar .My 1st electric guitar was a turquoise ,solid body , Sears Harmony model and of course i had to have a Sears Silvertone Amplifier I truly was the first kid on my block in a band by the spring of 1963 and of course you had to play Louie,Louie by the Kingsmen. I was buying records from england at the time from parlophone records . In their catalog they were

promoting some band called the Beatles . So i found an extended play record with these Beatle persons doing some Chuck Berry and Little Richard tunes on it so i bought it. Vee-Jay records from Gary , Indiana was the only record company that would press the Beatles records in america .The summer of 1963 i saw a beatles album on VeeJay in the local supermarket for $2.99 in mono ( monoral ) . I ran home as fast as i could to play it . The Beatles contract provided the

funds for Vee-Jay records to move their mom and pop business to Chicago to a much larger facillity. It would be there that the Four seasons would sell on V-J before moving on to Phillips records. 1964 and the Beatles hit America like an explosion . Record stores couldn't keep any records in stock muchless the Beatles . Englands "British Invasion "was on . Not only records but Electric guitars , drums , keyboards where selling at phenominal rates. SEE WRIGHT, PAGE 10

Reeds Spring Sports review The Varsity Wrestling team finished eighth in team competition at the Class 2 State Tournament at Columbia held February 16-18. Freshman Hank White (106 lbs.) finished second in the State in his weight classification. Tyler White (160 lbs.) brought home a bronze medal for third place while Tyler

Miller (195 lbs.) took fourth place in the state in his weight class. Ethan Grinder (145 lbs.) and Zach Kearney (170 lbs.) also competed at the State Tournament. The Varsity and Jr. Varsity Boys Basketball teams hosted Hollister on February 14 and traveled to Marshfield on February 17 for Cen-

tral Ozark Conference games. The Varsity Boys picked up a close 5250 victory over Hollister. Travis Neels scored 13 points and Austin Selby added 11 in the final home contest for the 2011-12 season. Seniors Aaron Allphin and James Woodward, along with their parents, were recognized prior to the Varsity game. The Wolves picked up a big 50-45 victory against a Marshfield team considered to be one of the better Class 4 teams in Southwest Missouri. Austin Selby scored 25 points in the contest to lead the Wolves as they headed into District competition at Carl Junction. The Jr. Varsity team lost their contests to Hollister and Marshfield. The Varsity and Jr. Varsity Girls Basketball teams hosted Bolivar on February 15 and Rogersville on February 16 in Central Ozark Conference competition. The Varsity ladies lost to Bolivar by the score of 74-42. Danielle Curnes scored 16 points and Megan Rasmussen added 11 in the loss. The Lady Wolves bounced back on February 16 to capture a hard fought 44-41 victory over Rogersville. Sam Akromis led the way with 14 points and Megan Rasmussen scored 10 to pace the team in the win. The victory gave the Lady Wolves an overall record of 14-11 and a 3-3 mark in COC play as they headed into District competition at Carl Junction. The Rogersville game also served as Senior night for the Lady Wolves as Sam Akromis, Sabra Boes, Hadley Givens and Kortnie Vernon were recognized prior to the game along with their parents. The Jr. Varsity team lost to Bolivar but defeated Rogersville in their contests for the week.

Off The Beaten Path By: Mary Warren We recently stopped in for lunch at Lillee's Restaurant in Spokane. (You see, every Wednesday we drive up to Springfield to pick up the papers from the printer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and we know that a lot of you make frequent trips to Springfield for one reason or another). The next time you do, make it a point to stop at Lillee's on your way up or on your way back. You'll be glad you did. Lillee's is easy to find on the west side of the highway and more precisely, they are located between Handi-Mart and Nobody's Pub at 179 Calabash Drive. You'll find a variety of hearty and healthy choices. It's just a plain little country place, nice and friendly, relaxed, and family friendly. Nothing fancy here, nothing special â&#x20AC;&#x201C; except the food and it's extraordinary. The fries alone (they're practically a whole separate food group) are worth going out of your way for, but you don't have to 'cause Lillee's is right on

your way. The meat is all locally bought, USDA choice and organic (no hormones). The produce, likewise, is locally grown. They make it a priority to offer organics as well as preservative free ingredients whenever possible. Everything is made from scratch â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you will even find homemade noodles in the chicken noodle soup. Melissa, the owner of Lillee's (named after Melissa's daughter), goes out of her way to be accommodating and to make sure you get exactly what you want. For me, because I'm a diabetic, she takes special pains to make sure I get stuff that's good for me and she doesn't mind a bit. That's the kind of personal service you just don't find at chain restaurants, or even some of the bigger, fancier places. Lillee's menu has lots of great choices at reasonable prices â&#x20AC;&#x201C; great comfort food like a meatloaf sandwich, a variety of wraps, salads, of course, and much more. My husband is hooked on the

French Dip sandwich and says the au jus is awesome â&#x20AC;&#x201C; that's why he's sopping up what's left with those awesome fries. (Well, it's a homey little place and you can get away with that). You're going to love Lillee's and might find yourself heading that way for lunch even if you're not on your way to someplace else. They also do catering â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in fact, Lillee's has 12 years' experience in catering management. Lillee's is open Monday thru Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., but they are happy to open Sundays, too, by reservation for your group or party of ten or more. Be sure to give Melissa a call at 417-443-0055 to arrange for your catered event, to make a Sunday reservation for your group, or to order take-out. Melissa says, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Every customer is a friend and is special to us, just like each meal we prepare for them.â&#x20AC;? Now the secret is out. Enjoy!






Compare for Your Yourself! Y ourself! our self! TV EVERYWHERE









7ULODNHV6DWHOOLWH//& 7 ULODNHV6DWHOOLWH//&              VWKZ\  VWKZ Z\\ %UDQVRQ:HVW02 % UDQVRQ:HVW02 PRQIULVDW  PRQIULVDW WWULODNHVVDWHOOLWHOOFJHWGLVKFRP ULODNHVVDWHOOLWHOOFJHWGLVKFRP VVHUYLQJWKHWULODNHDUHDVLQFH HUYLQJWKHWULODNHDUHDVLQFH Blockbuster @Home (1 disc at a time): Only available with new qualifying D ISH service activated between 2/01/12 and 5 /20 /12. For the first 3 months of your subscription, you receive a bundle of Blockbuster @Home for $5 /mo (regularly $10 /mo) and your programming package at a promotional bundle price. PPromotional romotional prices continue for 3 months provided you subscribe to both components of the bundle and do not downgrade. After 3 months, then-current prices apply to each component (unless a separate promotional price still applies to your programming package). Requires online D ISH account for discs by mail; broadband Internet to stream content; H D DVR to stream to TV. Exchange online rentals for free in-store movie rentals at participating Blockbuster stores. Offer not available in Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands. Streaming to TV and some channels not available with select packages. kages, Online Bonus credit requires AutoPay, email opt-in for D ISH E-Newsletter, and online redemption no Digital Home Advantage plan requires 24-month agreement and credit qualification. Cancellation fee of $17.50 /month remaining applies if ser later than 45 days from service activation. After applicable promotional period, then-current price will apply. 3-month premium movie offer value is up to $132; after 3 months then-current price applies unless you downgrade. Free Standard Professional Installation only. All equipment is leased and must be returned to D ISH upon cancellation or unreturned equipment fees apply. Limit 6 leased tuners per account; upfront and monthly fees may apply based on type and number of receivers. H D programming requires H D television. Prices, packages, programming and offers subject to change without notice. Offer available for new and qualified former customers, and subject to terms of applicable Promotional and Residential Customer agreements. Additional restrictions may apply. Offer ends 5 /20 /12. H BOÂŽ, CinemaxÂŽ and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. SH OWTI M E is a registered trademark of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS Company. STA STARZ and related channels and service marks are property of Starz Entertainment, LLC.

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