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// born in Izmir, Turkey, 1991 // graduated product design degree in June, 2013 at Izmir University of Economics // working freelance

CurriculumVitae +90 505 534 5189

// Education 2009 - 2013

Izmir University of Economics / Faculty of Fine Arts & Design

2005 - 2009

Bornova Anatolian High School

Industrial Design / Product Design Option ( Cumulative GPA: 3.56 / 4 | Rank: 2 )

// Internships 2012 | August - September

Tasarım Üssü Ltd. // Design Consultancy Services

2011 | August - September

TURREK // Exhibition Stands and Display Systems

2011 | June - July

CMS Light Alloy Wheels // Manufacturing Facility

// Workshops 2012 | July 10 - July 20

Product Design Workshop - Summer Courses NABA - Nuova Academia di Belle Arti | Milan

2012 | June 25 - July 6

Intorduction to Graphic Design - Summer Courses NABA - Nuova Academia di Belle Arti | Milan

2012 | April 27 - 28

Agrindustrial, Social Meal by Daniele Savasta ( ) IEU - Izmir University of Economics | Izmir

2012 | April 20 - 22

Baby Furniture Workshop Tetöp - Turkish Industrial Design Students Platform | Ankara

2012 | March 22 - 27

Vestel White Goods / Customization Workshop by Murat Hondu IKSV - Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts | Istanbul

2011 | October 1

ilio Workshop by Demirden Design Office IDW - Istanbul Design Week | Istanbul

2011 | April 16

Manual & Digital Product Rendering Workshop by Levent Burgazlı IEU - Izmir University of Economics | Izmir

2010 | August

English Plus Art & Design, Level; Upper-Intermediate University of the Arts London | London

2010 | May 22 - 23

From 0 to 100 Clay Car Modeling IEU - Izmir University of Economics | Izmir

2010 | June 15 - 16

Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Installation IEU - Izmir University of Economics | Izmir

CurriculumVitae +90 505 534 5189

// Skills Computer Skills

3D Rhinoceros Maxon Cinema 4D SolidWorks Luxion Keyshot Autodesk 3D Studio Max Google SketchUp 2D Autodesk SketchBook Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere Adobe InDesign Adobe After Effects AutoCAD 2D MS Office Applications


Turkish English French Italian


Photography, Travel, Doodles, Paint Ball, Comic Books, Bass Guitar, Lego, Geometry

(Native) (Fluent) (Intermediate) (Intermediate)

| IELTS ( 7/9 ) | DELF B1 | CELI A2

// International Certifications Product Design Workshop - Summer Course | NABA - Milan Introduction to Graphic Design - Summer Course | NABA - Milan English Plus Art & Design, Level: Upper - Intermediate | University of Arts London - London English Language Course - Premier | Kaplan Aspect - Los Angeles English for Young Learners | Studio Cambridge - Cambridge


> Eggmek is a brand new service design on eating habits that improves egg consumption specially in weekday mornings which is quick and healthy

// Corporate Identity

// System Scheme

// Service Products

// Service Localisation

> Owl Sleep Products is a new brand design for products improving sleep quality and presents better a sleep to costumers to feel their bests by high quality neck pillow, eye mask, ear plug etc Company’s mission is to help people discover new ways to lead healthier and more active lifestyle by taking control of their sleep

// Corporate Identity

// User Scenario

// Product Scenario

// Brand & Identity Design for Rotor, a wheelchair company


// Brand Identity

// Brand Identity


> Brochure design made in summer course in NABA / Milan 2012 Aim of the brochure is to create an artistic city guide by combining photography skills with visual design thinking to determine Milan from designer’s perspective

> “Monsters Guide� composes of fictional creatures from the street arts to emphasize Milan's friendly feature This city guide created for giving the idea of how hard it is to fear from Milan

// Personal freestyle 3D Typography Experience on Optical Art

// Tattoo Design Proposal Sketches on Request

// 3D Typography Design for Advertisement

Collaboration with Advertisement Agency:

// Personal Mixed Media Experience created by low poly model and a photograph taken by me


> Foks, designed as an office coffee table, aims to present new meaning in modularity with modern style A large coffee table that provides efficient manufacturing by its modular repetitive parts in different axes

*Winner Project of

the Modeko | Izmir Furniture Fair Competition 2013

> Smallest product that can be acquired is composed of three modules These modules can be used on same axis to create a complete bookcase Foks gives an option for decorating offices with products that belong to the same elemets

*Winner Project of

the Modeko | Izmir Furniture Fair Competition 2013

> Tulip form and 'Ebru' Art (aka paper marbling) influenced this design process Tulip's main shape is reformed to create the basic outline and using layer by layer construction method, idea of Ebru's fluency feature is achieved

Plywood is chosen as main material due to being used in exterior areas which also allows to use sections as a design detail Chrome rings are used in connection points which are suitable for outdoor conditions

> L창l can be used in interior or exterior places from its modular property which presents ease at manufacturing, assembling and packaging. Colour options are available for product customisation

> Innovative small furniture for modern offices Pentagonal surfaces are combined in 3D to create a coffee table Aim of packaging proposal defines ease at transportation and assembly Plexiglass and aluminum materials are used

*Finalist Project of

Design for Export 13, National Furniture Competition by Central Anatolian Exporter Associations


> Rotor’s aim is making disabled people walk out of their homes, to adapt the social life freely and to start new outdoor hobbies (fishing, trekking and such natural sports that are effortless) and this product is designed as bi-directional to adapt outdoor conditions Product’s seating unit can be easily rotated 180 degrees in order to transform between rural and city mode

> For city usage; small wheels are at the front and larger wheels are positioned at back. When it is in rural area; wheels are repositioned exactly to opposite direction Aim of the city structure is increasing maneuverability and comfort Rural mode of the product increases balance and durability. This mode also protects small wheels from deformation on rough surfaces

> It has 26 inch main wheels and 7 inch supporting wheels to keep the balance Product’s seating unit has a locking mechanism to sustain a solid structure // Working Full-Scale Prototype

> A package design project for processed carrots The aim is to encourage consuming fresh fruits rather than junk foods and present healthy snack options Three shapes of processed carrot can be produced for future brand extensions Triangle shaped box provides efficient store and transportation

> A concept project targets users varying from young traveling students, to ambassadors The main aim is removing the borders between languages for improving globalisation Product works like a simultaneous interpreter when two or more users wear them

> There are two parts of the product; microphone and earphone Microphone is a circular film that can be stick on user’s neck to acquire voice directly from vocal cords Earphone includes translation processor in selected languages. The processor recieves opposing speaker’s words and translate them to user’s native language

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