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Income and Supported teams

In producing Swaythlink, we try very hard to deliver a magazine that is useful and interesting to you, our residents. Swaythling residents, who sit on our Editorial Panel, contribute many of the ideas in the magazine. At a recent event, they got together with their opposite numbers at Drum and Windsor Housing, to discuss ways of improving the magazines. One idea that was adopted is to have a resident as ‘Guest Editor’ for each edition. The Guest Editor could be you! You can influence the articles that we focus on for that edition. You may be retired, a single mum or dad, a disabled person, unemployed or none of the above – but if you think you might like to be our Guest Editor please get in touch. Call me, Michael Luckie on 023 8062 8158 or email to talk it through. A resident has pointed out to me, I’ve never really said who I am! My name is Michael Luckie and I’m a Community Development Officer in the Community Involvement Team, as well as the Editor of Swaythlink.

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Front cover image: Swaythling Recycle & Sew launch event; see page 18.


Swaythlink Spring 2010

If you want to contact any of these teams, please ring 023 8062 8000

Supported Housing Team Leader: Dawn Johnson Tenancy Support Officers: Nicola Saunders, Sita McAree & Cheryl Kernoghan

Scheme Managers Kelly House: Jan James Grange Court: Mary Need & Sonyia Russell (job share) Doreen Wellfare House & Stokewood Close: Karen Dancey St Francis House: Mary Eltherington Leslie Loader Court: Joyce Marsh Hesketh House: Kathryn Dougherty Welfare Benefits Advisor: Rachel Robertson (Direct dial 023 8062 8175)

Income Team Team Leader: Phil Conway Abdul Shan: Totton, Fawley, New Forest, Ringwood, Bournemouth and Poole Charles Porter: Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Salisbury, Andover, Romsey, Fordingbridge and Wiltshire Mel Mines: Swaythling (including Mansbridge) Woolston, Merryoak, Bitterne and West End Sally Hashemi: Southampton City, Bursledon, Weston, Sholing, Portswood and Bevois Valley Fiona Henderson: Basingstoke, Petersfield, Liphook, Liss, Fareham, Portsmouth, Winchester, Four Marks, Hedge End and Bishops Waltham

If you would like Swaythlink in large print or on audio-tape, please contact us on 023 8062 8000. We can also provide translations.

Your questionnaires

Making changes We had a fantastic response to the questionnaires we sent out in recent editions of all three Radian magazines – Voices, Contact and Swaythlink. The feedback we receive from you is central to how we plan and select articles and also how we design and develop the magazine. Your feedback has resulted in some immediate changes that we hope will improve it. How did we decide on changes? Having received the questionnaires, members of staff from the magazine editorial panels digested the comments and then met with the magazine designers and copy editors. We were delighted with the many positive comments, but we also needed to address some of the issues that were raised. So we took these to a meeting with residents in Basingstoke and asked them

what they thought. The result is what you are now reading, a magazine that covers local issues as well as wider ones, gives advice and help about day to day issues and focuses on you – the reader. If you have strong feelings about this new format please contact us using the details below. We welcome feedback and we are always looking for people to join the various editorial committees. Contributions We are always looking for contributions from residents. Whether it is a letter about something you feel strongly about, a complaint about our service or an incident you wish to report, a story or poem, an interview with someone you feel has had an interesting life, memories of your childhood or an amusing short story we, would love to hear from you! Contact Michael Luckie 023 8062 8158 or email

The BIG magazines meeting Residents and staff from Windsor, Drum and Swaythling got together at a hotel in Basingstoke to discuss the Radian magazines. We worked hard but there was also a lot of laughter and some great ideas for future editions.

Between us, as Radian, our magazines go to 17,000 residents across seven counties. We all agreed that there are plenty of articles that would interest everyone and we will look to share these in future editions. There were lots of other ideas including bigger prizes for competitions across

the group and a guest editor to be invited onto the magazine for each edition. The day was a great success and we hope to hold these combined meetings on a regular basis.


Is it an emergency? It’s outside office hours and you have a repair that needs doing. But is it really an emergency? If a tradesman gets called to something that is not a true emergency, it may mean that someone who does have an emergency situation will have to wait longer and suffer the consequences. Please ask yourself – can this repair wait until the office is open?

Below is a guideline of some of the main things we consider is an emergency: • • • • • • • • •

Serious, uncontainable leaks Failure of lighting or electrical sockets Water in contact with electrics Structural wall damage or insecure ceiling An alarm that is going off and sounding constantly Complete failure of hot water (if you feel it cannot wait until the next day) Complete failure of heating during winter months Seriously blocked drains A blocked toilet where it is the only one in the property.

Please consider the situation before calling for emergency repairs.

Water bills Southern Water will increase all bills by more than £20 for Hampshire residents. The changes will come into effect on April 1 2010 until March 31 2011.

Focus on historic Woolston It is all starting to happen down in Woolston! Long awaited building work is going to start in the spring on Centenary Quay, historically the home of a major ship building company which employed thousands of local people. Residents are now gearing up to some big changes. New homes on the waterfront, a new supermarket, new marine industries, a hotel and lots


more will transform the face of this charismatic old part of Southampton.

During consultation with residents last year, the idea of organising community events

Swaythlink Spring 2010

was raised. With support from residents, Southampton City Council, Raglan Housing Association and other local groups we got the ball rolling last Christmas with the Woolston Christmas Festival, which lasted three days and was a big success. Many more projects are planned for the future as this lively and forwardlooking community embark on a decade that will make Woolston a great place to live.

Budget Busters Benefit changes Watch out for benefit changes – they may affect YOU! The pension information is particularly important for those who are NOT yet of pension age.

State pension changes What? Here are the main changes: New weekly credit to help carers qualify for state pension.

insurance contributions to increase their pension.

contributions needed to obtain a full basic state pension.

Gradual increase in the state pension age for women born on or after 6 April 1950 to bring it in line with the state pension age for men by 2020.

When? Changes come into effect from April 2010 onwards.

Removal of pension increase for a dependant (usually a wife or husband).

Gradual increase in the state pension age for men and women born after 5 April 1959 so it rises from 65 to 68.

Change in rules to allow husbands, wives and civil partners to get a pension based on their partner’s national insurance contributions.

Gradual increase in the minimum age that you can claim pension credit and winter fuel payment, in line with the rise in women’s state pension age.

More people able to buy additional voluntary national

Decrease in the number of years national insurance

Who needs to take action? Anyone reaching state pension age on or after 6 April 2010 may be affected. A few people who have already reached state pension age may also be affected. How? Check the State Pension Profiler on www. to find out how the changes affect you. Alternatively, contact the Benefits Adviser on the contact details below.

Home owners: increase in benefits

Tax credit increase

What? The help with mortgages and other housing costs such as service charges has been increased so more people can qualify sooner.

What? The allowances for children are increasing.

When? From 5 January 2010 Who needs to take action? If you are a home owner and have been refused income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance or income-related employment and support allowance because your income was considered too high, you should check whether the new rules help you. How? Contact the Jobcentre Plus office that deals with your claim, or contact our Benefits Adviser for more information.

When? April 2010 Who needs to take action? If you already receive tax credits your claim will be adjusted automatically. If you are responsible for one or more children and your income has previously been too high for you to qualify for child tax credit, you should consider putting in a new claim. How? Contact us if you would like to check your entitlement, or contact the Tax Credit Office on 0845 300 3900 or taxcredits to make a claim. This advice is for information only. Viewpoints should not be taken as a statement of the law or regulations. You can contact your local benefit advisor Rachel Robertson on 023 8062 8175


LinkUp Taking your views into account

Gilbury Close office opens Our new estate office is now officially open in Gilbury Close, Mansbridge. Yda Nevitt – Team Leader, Hayley Ayres – Anti-social Behaviour Officer, John McManus – Housing Officer, Melanie Mines – Income Officer and Lynette Allen – Community Involvement Officer are all based there. If you want to see anyone, please ring to make an appointment on 023 8062 8000 as the officers are often out on patch.

My Heather Road Wave 105 DJ Steve Power attended an event organised by Swaythling Housing, Western Challenge and New

Forest District Council, to award prizes to residents of Heather Road in the New Forest. The event was run to

recognise the efforts of local residents and to get everyone together as a community.

New sheltered housing panel Sheltered housing residents have been talking with Swaythling staff about ways in which the existing Sheltered Customer Panel could be improved. Supported Housing Officer, Lucy Johnston and Community Involvement Officer, Stephanie Stanley,

discussed ways that residents could have more influence on the group. Residents said they wanted to meet regularly and have a representative from each Sheltered Scheme at every panel meeting. It was decided that residents should put

An evening to thank residents panel Over 50 residents got together at the Novotel Hotel in Southampton for a special three-course meal to thank them for all their help and hard work. Residents from many of the customer focus groups, panels and committees were present. A delicious meal was rounded off with games and a quiz.


Swaythlink Spring 2010

themselves forward for nomination as the resident representative for their scheme. If you would like to be involved in the new Sheltered Housing Panel please contact Lucy Johnston on 023 8062 8201.

LinkUp Taking your views into account

Our Design Strategy Radian designs homes and creates local environments that improve people’s lives and locations. We are asking people how we can improve the way we design our homes and using the answers to create a Design Strategy. What is good design? Good design is not just about looks, but also space, insulation, environmental efficiency, and creating a safe and attractive environment ‘where people flourish’. What are we doing to achieve this? We have asked residents, consultants and staff for their ideas and feedback and listened carefully to what you have said. In response we have made improvements to the design process. We are keen to involve everyone in the ongoing process, and have set up a number of opportunities for residents:

• We have regional panels, and we are always looking for more members to sit on them (particularly from our Black, Minority and Ethnic residents). We provide training and support, and we thoroughly involve you in the process! Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far. Please do come forward if you would like to get involved or find out more – contact me on 023 8062 8367 or email: Jonathan Rickard Head of Design and Compliance

• We have set up a development continuous improvement group (CIG) to make recommendations and scrutinise our procedures

Consultation corner We have introduced requested ‘allocated parking spots’ for residents at Bampton Close, Millbrook, to stop residents and visitors from taking their spaces. Residents at Birch Close, Pyland’s Wood asked for parking permits to control non-resident parking taking spaces. Consultation revealed that only half the Close were in favour so the proposal could not go ahead. There is a similar problem of non-residents taking parking spaces in Paynes Road, Southampton. Residents are being consulted about allocated parking.

Residents at Keelan Court, Portsmouth were asked if they want to apply (at a cost) to Portsmouth City Council for road markings. In cooperation with Raglan Housing we consulted residents at Harbour Reach, Poole, who voted in favour of introducing car clamping for non-residents parking. Residents from Keelan Court and Meadowsweet Way, Portsmouth, North Hill Close, Winchester, Uplyme Close, Poole, and Weston, Southampton joined Lynette Allen of Community Involvement, on a Walkabout to identify problems such as broken fences. Lynette then sent residents a newsletter to say how issues were resolved.


At Roberts Road, Southampton, residents requested allocated parking.


Housing Jason’s HomeBuy success Jason Kivett is a construction worker with two children. Jason was renting a single room in a shared flat but desperately wanted to get his own place to share with his two children, Beth and Anthony. On the advice of a friend Jason looked into the HomeBuy scheme. He found out about a new development just outside of Salisbury in Amesbury, called Archers Gate. Swaythling Housing Society, part of the Radian group, offered a mix of properties on the development through New Build HomeBuy. “Archers Gate was in a great location for me and the children, as their school and friends are all near by. I arranged a viewing and went along to find out what was on offer.”

Swaythling Housing had a 3 bedroom house that was ideal for Jason and his family. Jason purchased a 40% share of the 3 bedroom house for £72,000. His total monthly outgoings are now approx £800 for a brand new family home, something he couldn’t have been able to buy without the help of the New Build HomeBuy scheme.

For further information contact New Build HomeBuy Archers Gate, Swaythling Housing. Part of Radian Tel: 023 8062 8004.

Crackdown on tenancy cheats Housing Minister, John Healey has launched the first-ever national crackdown on tenancy cheats, to recover up to 10,000 council and housing association homes from fraudulent subletting and release them to those in real need. If you suspect fraudulent subletting, please contact your Housing Officer in confidence on 023 8062 8000.

If your rent has changed – Here’s why… You may have received a letter in February telling you that your rent has changed. Many people received a reduction in rent although some have had a rent increase. The reason for these changes is because the Government uses a formula that takes various economic factors into account in order to set fair standard rents. This is called a ‘target rent’. In September 2009 there was an unexpected drop in the inflation rate, which is part of the ‘target rent’ formula. Rents were checked using this formula and taking the drop in inflation into account. If you were already paying the


Swaythlink Spring 2010

correct ‘target rent’ you will have received a rent reduction of 0.9%. However, if you were paying below a ‘target rent’ you will have had a small rent increase to bring you into line with government standards. Please note: Changes do not affect service charges. Properties rented through the market rate will not be affected by these changes in the 2010–2011 period. Please see page 9 on how to pay your rent online.


Visit our new website

We have a new website! Along with our Radian partners, we now have a great new site that is easier to use and can be used to make life easier for you as residents. You can report a repair, pay your rent and leave us feedback about our services and other issues – all online. There's lots of advice and information, as well as contacts to help you resolve any issues quickly. Check out the new website at

Pay your rent online We will soon be able to offer you online rent payment through the website. This will mean that you simply enter your rent account number and you will be taken to a secure server to make an online payment. Keep an eye open for this service! If you have an Allpay card you can use this for online payments now.

Who needs housing? The Government has given councils more say in how they manage their housing waiting lists. The new guidance states that those in greatest housing need must be given priority. This increased flexibility allows councils to prioritise families with local connections, those seeking local employment and to tackle overcrowding and under-occupation in their communities.

Reporting repairs online Housecall is our online service for reporting repairs that are not emergencies. Housecall can be found on our website at To report a repair, you simply visit the website and follow the on screen instructions. It's simple to use and means you are able to report nonemergency repairs at any time of day. Your request is forwarded from the website to the Customer Services team, who will contact you to arrange an appointment with one of our tradesmen.


Struggling to get around? Still thinking locally Swaythling, Portal, Drum and Windsor are part of Radian. But while we’re bigger we’re still thinking locally! This is why we are introducing local Area Panels to help us set local priorities and standards for their areas. Swaythling and Portal residents together will have area panels called Solent and Avon. Each panel will have eight residents (including a shared owner or a leaseholder) and four independent members. Drop-in sessions have already taken place across Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire so that residents could find out more. We still need more resident area panel members for Avon and Solent, including shared owners or leaseholders. So if you are interested, please let us know by calling us on FREEPHONE 0800 141 0042, emailing or looking on our website The selection process for becoming a panel member will be held in June.

Radian is made up of: • • • • • •


Drum Housing Association Longwood Park Portal Housing Association Swaythling Housing Society Turnstone Support Windsor Housing

Swaythlink Spring 2010

We can fit handrails and other adaptations to help you! If you need a little help getting around the home, we can make minor adaptations, such as fitting grab and handrails, lever taps, keysafes, half steps and small access ramps. The service is part of our commitment to help those in greatest need. This scheme is open to all residents in need of assistance and who currently receive a full repair service from us. To take advantage of this free service please contact us on 023 8062 8000.

Gas – the silent killer Important gas information: A qualified Gas Safe engineer must fit all gas appliances installed into your home. It is your responsibility to ensure that your own appliances are safe and properly fitted. If you have installed any gas appliance without using a Gas Safe engineer please act now to get it checked. Your DIY could be putting the lives of your loved ones at risk! It is your responsibility to ensure all gas appliances are installed by a Gas Safe (formally Corgi) qualified technician. You can find your local Gas Safe technician by visiting

Performance How many complaints did you get in January?


Target Time to answer phone in January?

Response to enquiries within two days in January? How quickly do we let empty properties April 2009 to January 2010?*

☺ Great Improvement

Have we improved since last month?

20 seconds 25 seconds

First time response to enquiries in January?







30 days

26 days

Stayed the same

We recently had a meeting with residents from Windsor, Drum and Swaythling to discuss the future of the magazines and give everyone a chance to have their say. We discussed many things, but when it came to publishing our performance figures, our residents told us very clearly that they don't want spin. Whilst they are always pleased to hear the good things, they also want to know when things aren’t going quite so well. So we’re going to regularly feature performance figures. We measure ourselves against our Customer Charter Plus, which is agreed with residents and indicates the minimum standard you can expect from us. This is shown as the target figure. The actual figure is the one we achieved. We put the faces in to tell you what we think about them.

Not as good as last time

We think you’re owed an explanation when we miss our target. So, for the first one we missed, which was answering the phone, I can report that the figures were negatively affected by the excessive snow we had. Many of our staff could not get into work, which put a lot of pressure on those who did. With regard to responding to your enquiries within two days, we haven't managed to achieve this and we have to say “sorry”. We will look at this and find ways to improve. Let me know if there is a particular service you would like to see figures for – Michael Luckie 023 8062 8158 or email If you would like a copy of Customer Charter Plus, please ring Customer Services on 023 8062 8000 or email

*We don’t let properties over the Christmas period. That is why we think it’s fair to average the figure from April 2009 to January 2010.


Mutual exchanges – quick guide If you want to swap your home with someone else, you can put your name down on our mutual exchange register or join Homeswapper at www.homeswapper. You can search for a social landlord property anywhere in the United Kingdom. Once you find a suitable swap, you must complete a form and return it to your Housing Officer. The person you want to swap with will do the same with their housing association. We then have 42 days to grant the mutual exchange or give our reasons for refusal. We try to answer much sooner. Your Housing Officer will visit you and write a report about the property. There are a number of procedures to go through. But once the nuts and bolts are approved, you can agree an exchange date with the other tenant.

We can refuse mutual exchanges under any one of 10 grounds under Schedule 3 of the Housing Act 1985. The main grounds for refusal are: • A Possession Order or Suspended Possession Order is in force • A Notice of Seeking Possession is in force or a Notice of Demotion is in progress • The transfer would result in the property being over or under occupied • Where a property has been adapted for a tenant with special needs. If you are considering moving because of serious social problems such as domestic abuse or you fear for your life, please discuss the situation with your Housing Officer on 023 8062 8000.

Competition winners Spot the Robin There were 10 robins hiding in the Winter Swaythlink. And Rachel Cox’s correct entry was the first out of the hat to win a £10 Tesco voucher. Rachel, it’s on it way to you in New Milton.

Win a Tradesman for a day Congratulations to Mrs C Hayward, of Fareham, who was the first winning entry to be picked from the draw.

Competition Spot the football Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .......................................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Post Code . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I have found — footballs hidden in Swaythlink Swaythlink Spring 2010


How many footballs can you find in the magazine? Tell us how many and send in your entry. £10 Tesco voucher for the first correct entry pulled out of the hat! Send your answers to Rosemary Hawkins at Collins House, Bishopstoke Road, Eastleigh SO50 6AD (The above football is excluded from the count!)

The Radian cartoon winners Congratulations to Andrew Oates, our cartoon competition winner chosen by our joint editorial panel, and a big thank you to all the people who entered – we had over 70 entries! Andrew wins the £100 first prize and a commission to produce three further illustrations at £100 each. In second place is Michael Durrell and in third Lauren Gardiner. Other finallists were Adam Dunford, Suzanne Saunders and Nick Robson. Highly commended entries were

Emma Hardiman, Emily Reagan and Wai-Yi Lee, The standard of entries was very impressive and it was an extremely tough decision picking a winner. The competition challenged entrants to use four illustrations to show an anti social behaviour incident being resolved.

The winner Michael Durell (Southampton)

Andrew Oates (Basingstoke) O ( )


Lauren Lauren Laur en Gardiner Gardi diner (Salisbury)




The New Forest Millions of people visit the New Forest every year to enjoy the area’s natural beauty. Here is a brief insight into some of the properties we have there. Life in Vinney Close, Brockenhurst Vinneys Close is a mixture of rented and shared ownership homes in the picturesque village of Brockenhurst. Sarah Pole and her partner Michael O’Mara moved into their brand new flat in The Close in July 2008, having been on the waiting list for five years. “Everyone in the village was so happy

for us,” Sarah said. She spoke warmly of how friendly the neighbours are. “The kids play out in the square and that’s where you meet people,” she said. Other locations In nearby Pilley we have a small development called Hudson Davies Close. Across the forest is Fawley, where we have approximately 170 properties in Heather Road. These are a mixture of 2, 3 and 4 bed houses. About a mile away is Pavilion Gardens, which was completed in 2008 and is a development of mixed tenure offering both general needs housing and shared ownership opportunities. In the lovely town of Lyndhurst we have a small development of houses called Dearing Close, located very close to the town centre. The properties were built in 1990 and are suitable for families, couples and single people.

Make a difference as a Resident Auditor? If you think our services could be better, then why not become a resident auditor and help us improve them. We give you full training, pay your expenses and support you in the role. You will meet and talk with staff, review the way we do things and go out to meet other residents in their neighbourhoods. You also get the chance to review the way other housing associations work. If you would like to find out more contact Stephanie Stanley on 023 8062 8157 or or write to her at Collins House (full address on the back page).


Swaythlink Spring 2010

Electrician by day – DJ by night By day Martin Malyon is one of our electricians but in the evenings he is a DJ on Skyline Radio 102.5 FM. Martin hosts two afternoon drivetime shows during the week, and hosts his own Saturday Breakfast Show. Skyline is a community radio station broadcasting in the Hedge End, West End and Botley areas. However, his show also

goes out online –, providing listening anywhere in the world! Martin has requests from as far away as Canada and Australia. Martin has 15 years experience of hospital radio at Haslar, Southampton and Portsmouth. He has a massive record collection with over 2,000 old 78s records and 4,500 45s. His favourite music is Motown, funk and soul. If you are a local or listening online, Martin is delighted to play requests. Call him on 01489 799000 or email him at

Let the games begin! The 2010 Football World Cup kicks off on 11 June this year in sunny South Africa. No doubt many of you will have the game dates and times already worked out and a few barbeques with friends, in the calendar. Of the 204 teams that competed for the World Cup 2010, only 32 are now left to fight it out for one of sports most coveted trophies. This is the first time that South Africa has hosted the World Cup, and an estimated 3 billion pounds sterling is being spent to ensure that they can cope with the huge number of supporters expected to flood into the country.

It is 44 years since England last won the World Cup. They made qualification look easy but can they get it right on the big stage. Their first match will be against the USA on the 12 June then Algeria on the 18 June followed by Slovenia on the 23. If they make it through, they are four matches away from the final. During the 18 tournaments that have been held, Brazil is the only country to have played in every tournament and have won five times. Italy the current Champions have won four times and Germany three times. Uruguay and Argentina twice with England and France winning the Cup once. Every World Cup has its own mascot and this year it is

represented in cartoon format by a yellow leopard character with green hair, called “Zakumi”. The name has come from the merging of “ZA” which is the international abbreviation for South Africa, and also “Kumi” which translates as the word “ten” in African dialects. So, whoever you support, chill the beer, dust off the barbeque and let battle commence amongst the world's football elite on 11 June.


w e i v r e t In with Nan Georgia Curtis sent us this wonderful roving reporter interview with her Nan. Congratulations Nan, when you were a child what was it like? I was born just before the war so most of my childhood was in the war. Times were quite difficult but we just had to get on and take things day by day. Now-days you have a good supply of food but when I was younger most things were rationed so we had little supply.

If you h article ave a stor y or a us, th you want n t e o sway n send it t share wit h o h win £ Y editor@ 20 if i t is pu ou could blishe d! imagine for my parents it must have been difficult. I remember hearing the planes that bombed fly over but luckily we lived in an area that wasn’t bombed.

Where was your dad? My dad was in Palestine. Why was he in Palestine? He was in the military police.

What things didn’t you have?

Tell us more about the things he sent you.

We had no holidays, hardly any cars and no TV, only the radio but there were less stations on it.

My dad sent home sweets like Turkish delight and sugared almonds. I loved the Turkish delight but not the sugared almonds but I liked the sugar so I used to suck the sugar and then spit out the almond.

What did you do to entertain yourself?

Do you remember your time at school? Yes, I went to the local school and liked it a lot because it was something different to do.

We played games like Ludo and Snakes and Ladders. We also played card games like Happy Families and Snap. My mother also taught me to knit and I still do till this day. Do you remember when the war finished?

What was different? A lot of things – nowadays you have PE but we had sport recreation – this is where we went to the park opposite the school and did games. I loved doing sport and I was a good runner and I ran for Surrey in a competition. I didn’t win but taking part in something I enjoyed was good.

Yes, down the street I lived at we had a big celebration and had a big bonfire in the middle of the road. All of the adults were relieved and my dad came home safely. Thank you for letting me interview you. Georgia Curtis Age 13 years

You said you were brought up in the war, what was it like? ? It was hard, not so much for me because I was quite young and nd didn’t really understand but I

“We ha d any ca no holidays , r radio b s and no TV hardly statio ut there wer only the ns on i e less t”.

ChildLine wants to know:

HOW U FEELIN? Marvin Humes, from the pop band JLS, is helping us to spread the word about the ‘How u feelin?’ campaign and ChildLine’s new online service. You can still call ChildLine on 0800 1111, but now you can find more information and support via the website There’s information and advice on issues that affect you, and it has fun things like games, videos and tools so you can get creative too. You can tell us how you’re feeling on the ‘daily moodtracker’, and if you feel worried or upset, you can email or post a message on the site or request a one to one chat with a counsellor online.

Marvin Humes says: “I’m really proud to support ChildLine and the great new website that lets children express their feelings and get help for their problems. Everyone has bad days, even popstars. When I’m touring with JLS it can get stressful and I miss my family, but talking to my bandmates about it makes me feel better. If you find it difficult to talk to your friends and family about a problem, ChildLine is there for you.” Check out the website now on

Cutting out bullying We are in our final year at Horndean Technology College and, like all schools, friendship problems and teasing do arise sometimes. When it does happen, it is always dealt with quickly. We are helping to give strong support to people going through bullying. One of the most successful approaches has been peer mentoring. This has been running for two years now and students use this of their own accord. Peer Mentoring is where Year 10 and Year 11 students (including ourselves!) are available for students to explain their problems to at lunch time in a private room.

All of the peer mentors have been to Winchester University on a course to learn how to deal with certain problems. Everything that is said is strictly confidential and the peer mentors are only permitted to tell a teacher what is going on if the student is in danger. The problems that do arise can be simple like helping with homework. However, some other students do have more serious issues which the peer mentors help with. Another scheme is the library antibullying box; this is where a student writes on a note what their problem is and then they will be assigned a peer mentor who will best suit them

and the situation. They won’t need to see a teacher and will have someone who is comforting and open to speak to, they will not judge anyone and are very kind and positive towards any and every situation. We were the first school in the country to sign up to the National Anti-bullying charter and we always take part with presentations and activities in Anti-bullying week. Hannah Johns and Salma Akter

Fashion from old fabrics Swaythling has been working with The Recycle & Sew Company to provide workshops for residents, teaching them to design, produce and sell recycled items. We have funded 18 workshops teaching them new skills and sharing design ideas for using materials. As part of the course, residents are helping The Recycle & Sew Company to produce promotional items such as tea towels, aprons and shopping bags, to welcome new Swaythling residents. If the venture proves successful the residents themselves will be encouraged to develop the workshops into a small business. The workshops have been a great success so far and provided valuable social networking as well as new skills for many residents. June

Allnut and her daughter Ria run the Recycle and Sew Company. June said, “The workshops are open and embracing. They involve people from right across the community and cater for every level of ability”. If you are interested please contact Jade Missen, Community Development Officer, Swaythling Housing Society on 023 80 628170. For more information about Recycle and Sew please visit:

New jobs, new homes Swaythling Housing is to build 101 new homes in Portswood Road, Southampton, on the site of the former Wickes store. The development will create about 200 new jobs. It is one of the first building projects to be funded by the government’s Kickstart programme, which is aimed at stimulating the construction industry during the recession. The development should be complete in March 2011. If you would like to find out more about the new homes, application forms are available from Gateway, at the Civic Centre or any local Southampton Housing Office – or visit the website


Swaythlink Spring 2010

Kids stitch up history Amesbury Archer Primary School in Archers Gate is working with our ‘Recycle & Sew’ project to make a quilt. Children from the school have been taught how to quilt and sew. They are using their new skills to create a quilt from recycled materials that shows the history of the area and the things that make them proud to live there. The quilt will be ‘unveiled’ at a school assembly and displayed on the wall of the school hall. To get involved with our Recycle & Sew project call Jade on 023 8062 8170 or email:

Snow patient Thank you for being so patient with us during the deep snow falls in early January. Like most other organisations across the country, we experienced problems with running a normal service and some of our staff were unable to get in. However, we did our best and got back on track as soon as we possibly could and to attend to the inevitable problems that the snow and ice brought.

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Housing Officers and their patches Louise Corbin Aldermoor, Basset, Coxford, Freemantle, Lordshill, Lordswood, Maybush, Millbrook, Old Redbridge, Regents Park, Shirley and Shirley Warren. I shall be concentrating on items that could cause an obstruction in communal hallways and landings to comply with Fire Regulations. Please ensure all items in communal hallways are removed. Ashlley Goss, Hilary Garnham Woolston, Bitterne Manor, Harefield, Itchen, Merryoak, Midanbury, Thornhill, Townhill and Weston. We are concentrating on estate inspections on all our schemes. Like to accompany us? Then please call us on 023 8062 8000. Samantha Edwards Bevois Valley, Chapel, Sarisbury, Fareham, Portswood, Northam, Southampton Central, Knowle Village, Highfield, Churchill Court and Bitterne Park. I’m concentrating on two things: improving the surroundings in my patch and reducing anti-social behaviour by tackling it as a community. Melissa Nasr Test Valley, Sholing, Totton, Polygon and Alexander Square (Eastleigh). My priority is protecting residents from fire. This includes fire evacuation plans for anyone who may difficulty evacuating their home. If you live in a flat and think this might apply to you, please contact me on 023 8062 8000. For the full list of Income and Housing team members see the inside front page.

If you’re thinking of moving, East Hampshire District Council operates a ‘Choice Based System’ for allocations. Call them on 01730 234378 to book an appointment with an advisor either at your home or in their office.

Rosie Prior Winchester, Key Worker Market rented. Just back from maternity leave, I’m looking forward to re visiting my patch on my monthly estate inspections. If you would like to meet me when I visit please contact me on 023 8062 8000. I look forward to seeing you all again!

Hayley Ayres & John McManus Mansbridge. There’s been a marked improvement in items not being dumped. This has helped the grounds maintenance team and cut down recharge costs to residents. Katie Ashbrooke-Motte Bursledon, Hamble, Netley Abbey and Eastleigh Centre. Pilands Wood residents: We’re working on a new service level agreement to improve grounds maintenance. Katherine Renfree Basingstoke, Hedge End, West End, Botley, Fair Oak and Chandlers Ford. Welcome to all our residents who recently moved into all our new homes on Dowds Farm. I’m continuing to work closely with Police, Eastleigh Borough Council, other housing associations and schools.

Solent Housing Team

Area Housing Manager: Robert Reid Team Leader: Tade Olalekan, Yda Nevitt (part time) covering Mansbridge Housing Assistants: Colette Oliver, Cheryl Kernoghan, Ann Key

Wessex Housing Team

Area Housing Manager: James Maxwell Team Leader: Yda Nevitt (part time)

Barbara Hodges Bournemouth, Poole. I’ve recently worked closely with our solicitors, Police and other agencies on reducing anti-social behaviour. A result is that Swaythling obtained an injunction to prevent an individual from visiting a Bournemouth area for two years. Mathew Barton New Forest District Council. I’ve recently worked closely with Police to encourage residents in an area of Lymington to make us aware of issues that affect their community. Glyn Perrens Salisbury, Ringwood. New Swaythling homes are due for completion in Summer, 2010 at Archers Gate, Amesbury. Anyone interested in renting them, should contact Homes4Wiltshire on 01380 734734 or look on line at Housing Assistant: Caroline McCulloch

Community Involvement Team

Manager: Jill Stafford Team Leader: Cita Jâgot Team Secretary: Carolyn Manyuira Community Development Officers: Giv Thornton, Michael Luckie, Jade Missen Community Involvement Officers: Lynette Allen, Stephanie Stanley

Customer Services: 023 8062 8000 Main Fax number: 023 8062 8390 Email:

Our out of hours emergency number is 01243 779828 between 5.00pm–9.00am on weekdays, all weekend and bank holidays.

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The Swaythling Housing Society Ltd Collins House Bishopstoke Road Eastleigh Hants SO50 6AD

Serife Law Portsmouth and East Hants.


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