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a) Subject to approval, Exhibitors may be granted permission by the Organisers to construct, and set up their Stands/Pavilions or schemes themselves provided they follow laid down procedures and designs as communicated from time to time by the Organisers. b) Before commencing such construction the Exhibitor must have a confirmed space allocation and must also submit the drawings for the proposed construction for necessary approval in writing by the Organisers or their designated agents. c) The Exhibitors shall be liable for any damage caused to neighbouring or other Exhibitors, or the common property of Visitors by such Exhibitor or their servants or agents during such construction. d) The construction, furnishing and decoration of all stands/pavilions or shell scheme stands, must be completed by 6pm of 9th August 2013. e) Any Exhibitor whose constructed stand extends beyond the space paid for and approved for such Exhibitor, shall be liable to pay as penalty an amount equal to double the cost of such additional space.

Construction of Stands/Pavilions


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August 9-18, 2013 Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Ibadan, Oyo State




August 9-18, 2013 Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, IBADAN, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Globalization of Manufacturing

ver the past several decades, the globalization of the manufacturing ecosystem has driven more change and impacted the prosperity of more companies, nations and people than at any time since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Nations around the world have taken part in and benefitted from the rapid globalization of industry and expansion of manufacturing. Globalization of manufacturing has been a key driver of higher-value job creation and a rising standard of living for the growing middle class in emerging nation economies. This has dramatically changed the nature of competition between emerging and developed nations as well as between companies. Recent research confirms manufacturing has been immensely important to the prosperity of nations.

While digital technology and free trade proliferation will continue to enable the flattening of the world and the globalization of manufacturing supply chains, the dominant factors that shaped the disaggregated supply chains we find today will not be the same as those that carry us through the next several decades. The global environment is changing. Many emerging economies used by multinationals as locations of low-cost labour, have developed significant manufacturing and innovation capabilities permitting them to produce increasingly advanced manufactured products. At the same time, these economies have begun to experience a corresponding escalation in wages and costs, following in the footsteps of their developed nation counterparts. Greater prosperity and higher wages are helping drive an increased ability, and desire, to consume by these growing middle classes, making them much more an exciting market of new consumers and much less a source for low-cost labour. With the seeds planted by these multinationals, and the opportunity to serve these new markets, powerful new competitors are growing every day. This will profoundly reshape manufacturing supply chains over the coming several decades. But this reshaping will also be influenced by complex macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges, including exposure to currency volatility, sovereign debt pressures and emerging protectionist policies of many countries to gain access to emerging and prosperous new markets. All of these factors are driving more localized manufacturing supply chains. While we expect the forces that initiated this rapid globalization to continue, we also see some clear and important new trends emerging that will define manufacturing and competition over the next 20 years. These trends will require the attention and collaboration of policy-makers, civil society and business leaders. Oyo Mega Trade Fair is one of such platform that will quicken this trend. This is a rear privilege for you to be an exhibitor at Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013. While building Oyo State, remember you are building your Brand(s).


Manufacturing Opportunities in Stimulating the Nigerian Economy for Investment Evolution Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Ibadan, Oyo State. th th Friday, 9 August - Sunday, 18 August, 2013 Important Note: Please read the Rules and Regulations before filling and signing this form

APPLICATION FOR SPACE/ADVERT/SPECIAL DAY AT THE OYO MEGA TRADE FAIR 2013 1. Full Name ofApplicant (Company):_________________________________________________________________ 2. Address:_____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Telephone:____________________


With respect to the provision of the Official Rules and Regulations for participation at the Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013, I/we hereby apply to the organizers for space allocation/advert/special open day. A] SPACE ALLOCATION TICK

Please tear off here and send to the Organizers, Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013

A number of factors have enabled this rapid globalization, including a significant change in geopolitical relations, the widespread growth of digital information, physical and financial infrastructure, computerized manufacturing technologies, and the proliferation of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. These factors, along with others, have permitted the disaggregation of supply chains into complex global networks allowing a company to interact in the design, sourcing of materials and components, and manufacturing of products from virtually anywhere, while satisfying customers almost anywhere.
















































































150 200 250

330,000.00 440,000.00 550,000.00

10,000.00 10,000.00 10,000.00

30,000.00 30,000.00 30,000.00

16,500.00 22,000.00 27,500.00

361,500.00 477,000.00 592,500.00


660,000.00 1,100,000.00

10,000.00 20,000.00

30,000.00 30,000.00

708,000.00 33,000.00 55,000.00 1,170,000.00

12 13 14 15



* indoor = N8,000 per square meter


N C] SPECIAL OPEN DAY I/We will prefer the Special Day on: Date of Proposed Special Day:______________________________________/August 2013 Proposed Time:____________________________________ Duration:_________________


Cost of Special Day is N100,000 for the first 1 Hour. Additional Hour attracts N80,000 only

________________________________ Name ofApplicant

______________________________ Position ofApplicant

________________________________ Signature and Seal ofApplicant

______________________________ Date

FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Date:______________ Stand(s):_________________Allocated by:___________________________ ChairmanAllocation Committee Remarks:___________________________________________ Financial Manager's Remark:_______________________________________________ NOTE: All payment should be made by Tansfer/Bank Certified cheques payable to Oyo Mega Trade Fair


1. INTERPRETATION: Unless otherwise provided, the terms: a) “Exhibitor” means any company, partnership, firm, government, or individual to whom space is allocated for exhibiting products/goods, services at the Trade Fair including its employees, servants and agents. b) “The Contract” means the Agreement entered into between the Organizers and the Exhibitor for the allocation of exhibit Space/Stand/Pavilion to the Exhibitor on the Fair grounds. c) “The Exhibit Space/Stand/Pavilion” means the space stand or pavilion of stated dimensions/size allocated to each Exhibitor. d) “The Fair Grounds” means the grounds on which the Fair is holding. e) “The Exhibits” means the products, goods, materials and/or services displayed or mounted by each Exhibitor for ether sale or viewing or for patronage. f) “Project Staffs” means Recruited Staffs for marketing purposes only as independent operatives who should conform with the laid down regulatory conditions and terms including those in this document. g) “ Participant ” means exhibitors, paying (ticket) visitors, Organizers, invited guests, trade fair officials and anyone lawfully holding the Organizer's official I.D Card. h) “Consultants” means approved agencies with sole responsibility to organize, coordinate and execute the trade fair in question. 2.



APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION a) All applications for space for participation at the Trade Fair shall be made on the prescribed application form issued by the Organizers, Consultants, or as shown on the Oyo Mega Trade Fair website. b) Duly completed forms should be returned with full payment to the Organizers to qualify for allocation. c) On signature by the appropriate parties and compliance with terms stated on the application form, the document becomes a binding contract between the parties. d) The exhibitor shall not assign the contract to third parties without the express consent in writing of the Organizers. ALLOCATION OF FAIR SPACE a) The Organizers shall allocate space/stand/pavilion to each Exhibitor in accordance with the Organizer's sectoral classification of products/materials/services. The Organizers reserve the right to allocate and re-allocate available space, size on the Fairgrounds. b) The Organizers reserve the right to change the allocation of any Exhibitor without being liable for damages or compensation if circumstances call for such change and/or if the Exhibitor failed to take possession of his space/stand within the prescribed period. c) Exhibitors must strictly adhere to the standard module of space booking of 20m2 minimum and subsequent additions of 10m2 during payment. Bookings not in this module shall not be allowed. d) Exhibitors with prefabricated or special stands/pavilion or tents are to make available the dimension and areas of the tents at the time of payment to enable the organizers put such into space allocation considerations. e) Exhibitors with special/additional service or utility requirements (e.g. water, electricity or any other special request) should indicate at the point of payment for planning purposes. f) Exhibitors with false information especially on services/materials or products grouping shall have his/her allocation disqualified. USE OF FAIR SPACE a) Exhibitors shall exhibit only the particular products goods or materials or product group or type stated on theirApplication Form already approved by the Organizers. b) Products, goods or materials which offend the local culture, religions or the standard public decency shall not be exhibited. c) Exhibitors must man their stands with competent personnel at all times throughout the duration of the Fair. d) Exhibition of good on walkways and corridors is strictly prohibited and any good displayed in these areas will be confiscated and will not be returned to the owners. e) Hawking of goods under any guise is strictly prohibited and person caught in such act will be arrested and the good confiscated and will not be returned.


CONSTRUCTION OF STANDS/PAVILIONS a) The Fair Grounds shall be open to Exhibitors at a date fixed by the Organizers for the purpose of the construction of their Stands/Pavilions and the mounting of their various Exhibits, materials and products.All stands must conform with the prototype provided by the Organizer.


METHOD OF PAYMENT a) All payments due to the Organizers for the allocation of space, charges for utilities and advertisements in the Trade Fair catalogue shall be paid in full by Transfer/Bank Certified Drafts made payable to Oyo Mega Trade Fair or deposited into the Trade Fair account. b) Payments by Nigerian Exhibitors (Companies registered in Nigeria) or its accredited agents shall be made in Naira.


CONSTRUCTION OF STANDS/PAVILIONS BY EXHIBITORS a) Subject to approval, Exhibitors may be granted permission by the Organizers to construct, and set up their Stands/Pavilions or schemes themselves provided they follow laid down procedures and designs as communicated from time to time by the Organizers. b) Before commencing such construction the Exhibitor must have a confirmed space allocation and must also submit the drawings for the proposed construction for necessary approval in writing by the Organizers or their designated agents. c) The Exhibitors shall be liable for any damage caused to neighbouring or other Exhibitors, or the common property of Visitors by such Exhibitor or their servants or agents during such construction. d) The construction, furnishing and decoration of all stands/pavilions or shell scheme stands, must be completed by 6pm of 9th August 2013. e) Any Exhibitor whose constructed stand extends beyond the space paid for and approved for such Exhibitor, shall be liable to pay as penalty an amount equal to double the cost of such additional space.



MOVEMENT OF EXHIBITS a) Exhibitors shall be responsible for the cost of transporting their Exhibits to the Fair grounds and shall also be responsible for the cost of dismantling and removing them at the conclusion of the Fair. b) Movement of vehicles and off-loading of Exhibits/goods shall not be allowed during the hours of the Fair (i.e. 8.30AM-6PM) throughout the duration of the Fair. SECURITY a) All reasonable security precautions shall be taken by the Organizers throughout the duration of the Fair for the safety and protection of Exhibitors and Visitors to the Fair. b) Exhibitors shall however be responsible for the security of their stands/pavilions exhibits and goods and the Organizers shall not be held liable for any loss, or theft or damage to such Exhibits/goods before, during, or after the Fair. c) In order to ensure adequate security for all persons, the driving and parking of vehicles on the Fair grounds (except designated car parks) between the hours of 8.30am and 6pm daily is prohibited throughout the duration of the fair.

10. FIRE REGULATIONS a) Materials used in stand and display construction must be properly fire-proofed in accordance with local regulations. b) Fire men shall patrol the Fair grounds and would be authorised to limit or stop any demonstration by any Exhibitor that in their estimation could be a potential fire hazard. c) All Exhibitors shall be required to provide Fire Extinguishers and other fire prevention equipment at their stands/pavilions. 11. MOBILE EXHIBITORS/HAWKERS Mobile Exhibitors, Hawkers, Vagrants, itinerant traders, beggars etc. shall not be allowed within the Fair Grounds during the Trade Fair. Hawking of goods is prohibited within the Fair grounds. Such goods shall be confiscated.





he acquisition of the sobriquet “The Pacesetter State” by Oyo State cannot be regarded as fortuitous, self-imposing or window dressing. The state has a rich cultural tradition, vibrant economic climate and intimidating political history which became a show-piece for other component parts of the country. Oyo State is synonymous with the milestone achievements, recording “FIRST” in many aspects of human endeavor, particularly in the establishment of infrastructure which were later copied by other States of the Federation. These include among others: Ÿ The Nigerian University : University of Ibadan established in 1948 Ÿ The television station in Africa: Western Nigerian Television (WNTV) now Nigerian TelevisionAuthority (NTA), Ibadan established in 1959. Ÿ The first General Hospital in Nigeria: The Adeoyo General Hospital, now Adeoyo State Hospital, Ibadan. Ÿ The first Teaching Hospital in Nigeria: The University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. Ÿ The first Five-Star Hotel in Nigeria: The Premier Hotel, Ibadan. Ÿ The first high-rise building in Nigeria: The 25-Storey Cocoa House Building, Ibadan, opened on 30th July, 1965. Ÿ The first motorable road in Nigeria: The Ibadan-Oyo Road Ÿ The first Government Secretariat Complex in Nigeria: Oyo State Government Secretariat,Agodi, Ibadan. Ÿ The first branch of the Nigerian society of Engineers (NSE) Ÿ The first NSE President: Late Engr. (Dr.) ChiefAdeniyi Williams. Ÿ The first Technical University established in 2013

BRIEF OF OYO STATE Located in the South-West geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Oyo State was one of the three States carved out of the former Western State of Nigeria in 1976. Oyo State consists of 33 Local Government Areas which are: Akinyele, Afijio, Egbeda, Ibadan North, Ibadan North-East, Ibadan North-West, Ibadan SouthWest, Ibadan South-East, Ibarapa Central, Ibarapa East, Ido, Irepo, Iseyin, Kajola, Lagelu, Ogbomosho North, Ogbomosho South, Oyo West, Atiba, Atisbo, Saki West, Saki East, Itesiwaju, Iwajowa, Ibarapa North, Olorunsogo, Oluyole, Ogo Oluwa, Surulere, Orelope, Ori Ire, Oyo East, OnaAra. GEOGRAPHY The state now covers a total of 27,249 square kilometers of land mass and it is bounded in the south by Ogun State (Gateway State) and in the north by Kwara State (State of Harmony). To the west, it is bounded partly by Ogun State and partly by the republic of Benin, while in the east, it is bounded by Osun State (State of the Living Spring). POPULATION The Oyo State Population stood at 9,591,589 comprising 4,809,840 males and 4,781,749 females. THE PEOPLE: The state is homogenous the main, people of the Yoruba ethnic group who speak the Yoruba language. Like all other Yorubas, they claim descent from Oduduwa. They are rich in culture and believe in strong kinship ties as a means of holding the society together. This is revealed in extended family system. This notwithstanding, there is a substantial number of people from other parts of the country who settle, live and trade in the state, mostly in the urban centres. Non-Nigerians from West Africa, those of Asian, European and American stocks can also be identified. AGRICULTURE Agriculture is the major source of income for the greatest number of the people of Oyo State. This sector, therefore, being the mainstay of the State economy, cannot be over-emphasized.Apart from the primary roles of providing food and shelter, employment, industrial raw materials, it remains an important source of internally generated revenue in the state. The climate favours the growth of food crops like yam, cassava, millet, maize, fruits, rice and plantain. Cash crops such as cocoa, citrus, tobacco and timber also abound in the state. The State boasts of the followingAgricultural institution and Facilities: Ÿ Arural-based agricultural outfit called Oyo StateAgricultural Development Programme (OYSADEP) specifically established to stimulate efficient agricultural production by transfer of farmer's productivity enhances their income and standard of living. Ÿ Nine farm settlements with a total land area of 18381.13 hectares (Ido, Ilora, Ijaye, Ogbomosho, Iresadu, Eruwa, Ipapo (Iseyin), Lalupon and Akufo. Ÿ The Oyo State Agricultural Input Supply Unit (OYSAISU), Oyo Unit is saddled with the sole responsibility of procurement of fertilizers and chemicals and distribution of farm inputs to farmers in the State.


Agricultural Credit Corporation of Oyo State (ACCOS) with grants loans at reasonable rates and terms with the farmers' resources. The cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN), Ibadan. The International Institute of TropicalAgriculture (IITA), Ibadan. The Forest Research Institute of Nigeria (FRIN), Ibadan. College ofAgriculture, Igboora. Tree Crops development, Unit. (TCDU)- Cocoa, Cashew, Oil Palm, Ibadan.

EDUCATION The following Educational Institutions can be found in Oyo State: 2,105 Public Primary schools (Regular and Special), 57 Nomadic and Migrant farmers' Schools, 584 Junior Secondary Schools, 432 Senior Secondary Schools, 2,146 Private Nursery Schools, 502 Private Secondary Schools, 7 Schools of Science (Pade, Idere, Oyo,Ogbomosho, Okeho, Elekuro, Ibadan and Oke-Bola), 5 Government Technical Colleges, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo state School of Agriculture, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo with a Satellite Campus at Lanlate, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomosho, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Federal College of Education, Oyo, Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research (NISER), Ibadan and National Centre for Economic Management andAdministration (NCEMA), Ibadan. HEALTH The following Health Institutions can be found in the State; 5 State Hospitals (Ring Road, Ibadan, Ogbomosho, Oyo, and Saki), Adeoyo Maternity Teaching Hospital , Yemetu, 27 General Hospitals, 351 Primary Health Centers, 166 Primary Health clinics, 113 Rural Health Centers (health posts), 1 Maternity and Dental Centre, Aremo serves the people in the State Capital, 2 Nursing Schools including College of Advance Nursing Studies, Oyo, 1 Children's Hospital ( Oni Memorial, Ring Road, Ibadan), 7 Dental Centers (Ring Road, Ibadan), 1 School of Midwifery, Yemetu, Ibadan, 1 School of Hygiene, Eleyele, Ibadan, 887 registered Private Hospitals and Clinics, The University college hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Oyo State Central Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, Total Garden, Ibadan and School of Nursing, Eleyele, Ibadan. INFORMATION The array of media organizations established in Ibadan the State capital has been supporting the state Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism which is the official organ of government in disseminating information on government activities, events, program, prospects and achievements to the people of the state. Among these are Ibadan Zonal Centre of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Ibadan established in 1959 and first in Africa under the name WNBS/WNTV, the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) 1982; Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the Galaxy Television, the first private television station in Nigeria. SPORTS Oyo State was the nucleus of sporting activities under the country's regional arrangement. It produced men and women of national and international status. The first national stadium named Liberty Stadium located in Ibadan, the State capital, was commissioned in1959. It was constructed by the then Western Regional Government. The arena had been used for international and national competitions. It was however, taken over in 1977 by the Federal Government. The Lekan Salami Sports Complex, Adamasingba, Ibadan has since been constructed as a replacement. Other stadia in the state are: Olubadan Stadium, also in Ibadan; Durbar Stadium, Oyo; Soun Stadium, Ogbomosho and Eleruwa Stadium, Eruwa. There is the Executive Gymnasium, Mokola Hill, Ibadan. TOURISM Among places of interest to tourist are: National Museum, Captain bower's Tower, Cultural Center, Ado-Awaye Suspended Lake, Oke-Badan Hill, Agbele Hill, Mapo Hall, Zoological Garden, Old Oyo National Park, IITA, Nigerian Television Authority, Ikere George Dam, Iya Nla Hill, Asabari Hill, Alaafin's Palace, Igbo-Ona, Irefi's Palace, Soun's Palace, Oke- Olorunkole, Cocoa House, Angel's Foot Print, Eluku rock formation, Eleyele River, Leather Work, Calabash Carving Centre, Agbaku Cave, University Teaching Hospital, University of Ibadan, Trans Amusement Park, AsoOke Weaving, Kurumi Relics, Aseyin Palace, Moshra Hill, Odo-Eye, Asejire Dam, Liberty Stadium, Messo Hill


BUILD IBADAN ...BUILD YOUR BRAND! he acquisition of the sobriquet “The Pacesetter State” by Oyo State cannot be regarded as fortuitous, self-imposing or window dressing. Oyo State has a rich cultural tradition, vibrant economic climate and intimidating political history which became a show-piece for other component parts of the country. Oyo State is synonymous with the milestone achievements, recording “FIRST” in many aspects of human endeavor, particularly in the establishment of infrastructure, commerce, education, politics; which were later copied by other States of the Federation.


The Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 with the theme: “MANUFACTURING OPPORTUNITIES IN SENSITIZING THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY FOR INVESTMENT EVOLUTION” was conceived to sensitize the Nigerian economy for investments using opportunities in the manufacturing industry. The Trade Fair is designed to showcase and promote locally made products in Nigeria. The Trade Fair will bring together an array of indigenous manufacturers, government agencies and companies to showcase their products, generate leads, increase visibility and interact with customers and buyers. Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 will enjoy wide publicity on the electronic and print media before, throughout its ten (10) day duration and after; thereby presenting a unique opportunity for Exhibitors to advertise their products, services, inventions and innovations to both Nigerian and Foreign audience. The Fair is supported by the Oyo State and her South West States Governments, and will be well attended by numerous Government agencies seeking new ideas, inventions and innovations necessary for the attainment of the objectives for which they were set up. The Fair will provide opportunities for various trade groups and professionals to present new products and new ideas. Also, our foreign visitors will have the privilege of visiting places of interest in the State through our hospitality/tourism programmes. Eminent dignitaries and decision makers from all over Nigeria will visit the Fair on a daily basis throughout its duration.

Delivering the Right Audience With more than 1000 corporate organizations, numerous returnees, government agencies, trade associations, marketing consultants, foreign participants; and a visitor drive of over 300,000, Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 promises to be the largest domestic trade fair in the history of Nigeria.

Who Should Exhibit? Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 is the most comprehensive exhibition of products and services being offered to today’s end users. Exhibitors will include: • Agriculture & Allied Products • Oil & Gas • Building & Construction • Plants & Equipment • Automobile & Allied Products • Household & Domestic Products • Banking, Finance & Insurance • Food, Drinks & Beverages • Cosmetics & Beauty Products • Fashion & Textile • Pharmaceutical • Healthcare & Sports • Art & Crafts • Hardware suppliers • Recruiting Agencies • Non Governmental Agencies • Industry Associations • Educational institutions • Academics, Publication & Stationeries • Solar, Hydro & Renewable Energy Products • Electrical & Electronics • Furniture & Fitting • ICT/Telecommunication • Government • And more

Press Announcements and Media Coverage Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 will attract widespread media attention, and key press representatives are invited to attend.

A special publicity programme will be mounted in collaboration with our Publicity Consultants and will include: - Press advertisement and editorial coverage; - Press Releases, Press Conference and briefs; - Radio and TV interview and coverage; - Posters, billboards, neon sign advert, banners, and other below the-line visual materials; - Exhibition Catalogue - Exhibition Press Review and - Exhibition Press Supplement.

© © ©

Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Research & Educational Institutions Local Governments in the South West States

Exhibits The floor plan has been configured to provide minimum of 10 sq/m booths which include electricity, water, toilet, cleaning and security. Details on how to order carpet, fittings, furniture, electronics, and stand builders will be available in the exhibitor prospectus, which will be sent to exhibitors in May 2013.

Who Should Attend? © © © © © © ©

Business organizations in Nigeria Overseas organizations Diplomatic Missions & Trade Representatives Federal & State Government-owned Companies Agencies & Parastatals Nigerian-German Business Forum Ghana-German Business Group

Interact With Us! Forum: Facebook: Twitter: Yookos:

Supporting Activities Supporting activities of this exhibition will include: opening ceremony; workshop for manufacturing plan; meeting for exchange of technical experience; exchange conference; news conference and negotiation conference. These supporting conference activities will be held concurrently at the fair ground. Major stakeholders in Manufacturers Association of Nigeria will present keynote speeches/lectures revolving round the theme of “Stimulating the Nigerian Economy for Investment Evolution” and the program of action of “Build Ibadan … Build Your Brand”. Government authorities, such as the Ministry of Trade, Investment & Cooperatives, Ministry of Land, NAFDAC, SON, OYSAA, NCC, and lots more will have the opportunities to educate and inform the populace on their formation policies and operations.

Innovations The organizers of Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 is much more widely open to embrace both local and international Digital Expert in Trade Promotion The organizers of Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 is working with experts in Discount Card and Access Control technologies to give you a lasting memories of high sales

Objectives of the Fair The main objectives of the Fair are to promote the following: © Build Brands of major manufacturers in Oyo State © Open up Oyo State Business Opportunities to investors within and outside Nigeria © Join in attaining Vision 2020 Goals and Transformation of the Nation's Economy. © Exchange of Technical and Commercial Information. © Industrial and Technological Innovations. © Nigerian Non-Oil Exportable Commodities. © Agriculture and Agro-based Industry. © Prospects for Foreign/local Investments © Joint Venture Projects © Scientific Research and New Technologies © Enhance Commercial Relations © Made-in-Nigeria Products © Capacity Development and Governments

Reserve Your Space Today!

Exhibitors who wish to announce new products or services at Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 may send 50 copies of their press releases to The Organizers, Oyo Mega Trade Fair between 1st June - 31st July. These will be included in the press kits that are distributed at the different convergences.

02.200.9020 02.903.1193

Due to the interest we have received, we expect booth space to sell quickly, so we advise you to reserve your booth without delay by contacting: The Organizers, Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 110, Adekunle Fajuyi Road, Adamasingba, Ibadan, Oyo State, NIGERIA. EMAIL: CALL: 234(0) 234(0) 234(0) 234(0)

703.477.6777 808. 882.4222 705.847.9138 803.860.9970


Do you want to Sponsor or Partner with the Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013? Send email to receive information to BENEFITS, RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES of participation and collaboration.

Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 e-PROSPECTUS  
Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 e-PROSPECTUS  

Another opportunity to enhance your corporate performance is here again. Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 is schedule to hold 9th-18th August at Lek...