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ORIOLE YORK MILLS UNITED CHURCH The Church of the Good Shepherd

June 6, 2010 85th Anniversary of The United Church of Canada


We are glad you are with us today!

“Connecting You To Christ” Our Vision: Inspired by Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, we are a caring congregation tending to the spiritual well-being of one another and reaching out to help others in the community and the world beyond. Our Mission: To bring to life the teachings of Jesus Christ and to serve as faithful stewards of God’s creation. Our Values: Caring and compassion, respect, welcoming, love, mission and service, freedom to question, growth in life-changing faith and joy. Our Prayer: That God will bless you to be a blessing to others. Ministers Pastor, Team Leader Pastor, Youth & Pastoral Care Music Director Sunday School Administrator Custodian

All the people Rev. Chris Miller Rev. Val Noakes Derrick Lewis Carol MacLean, Jean Javanshir Pedro De Pablo

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Les James Brenda Haddock Elaine Turnbull Barbara Marshall John & Marie Cruise


Juanita Pfaff Marion Felker

2609 Bayview Ave., Toronto, M2L 1B5 416-447-5941 Email:


*This symbol > invites us to stand as we are able. *Wherever you find bold text please join in. th

(This 85 Anniversary Service is adapted from material written by Karen and David Holmes, McDougall United Church, Calgary.)

GATHER Prelude ‘Sonata in C: Adagio’ (Beethoven Op.2 #3) Welcome and Announcements Lighting the Christ Candle Jesus Christ is the light of the world. May the flame of God’s eternal light find a welcome in every heart. > Hymn 412

This is the Day!

Call to Worship We gather in worship to celebrate God, the great I AM! We rejoice in both Creator and creation. We are awed by the beauty and diversity of the world. We celebrate God’s covenant with us. We remember God’s faithfulness through the ages and in our own lives. We give thanks for God’s eternal love and mercy. God is too great for us to keep silent! Praise comes naturally in response to who God is and what God has done. Our joy overflows; it cannot be contained. Let us join heart and hands and voices to worship the Lord our God. This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it!


Church Union Prayer (Catherine MacLean, 2008. © The United Church of Canada. Permission for use in worship.) God in whom we live and move and have our being: From sea to sea to sea we gather in prayer; from generation to generation we sing; on this anniversary we give thanks for your care guidance and correction. In this heritage of trust we pray for this United Church and for faithful living on this land, Our Source of Life, Living Word, and Bonding Love: Amen. Passing the Peace May the Peace of Christ be with you! And also with you! REMEMBER Introduction > Hymn


The Church’s One Foundation

Family Time Video Celebration of our Faith >Affirmation of Faith (Unison) We are not alone, we live in God’s world. We believe in God: who has created and is creating, who has come in Jesus, the Word made flesh, 4

to reconcile and make new, who works in us and others by the Spirit. We trust in God. We are called to be the Church: to celebrate God’s presence, to live with respect to creation, to love and serve others, to seek justice and resist evil, to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen, our judge and our hope. In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us We are not alone. Thanks be to God. > Hymn

567 Will You Come and Follow Me RENEW

A Reading from the Gospel of John 17:1, 2, 6, 17-23 (As in the inaugural service in 1925) (Good News Bible, The New Testament, p. 140) This is a message from the life-giving God. Thanks be to God! Solo ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ (Dvorak) (Les James) A Reading from the Gospel of Luke 10:1-12 ((From the Arnprior Assembly, 2005) (Good News Bible, The New Testament p. 90) This is another message from the life-giving God. Thanks be to God! 5

Message > Hymn

“Christians are Sent People”

596 Come and Bless us, God REJOICE

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession Having listened for the voice of God, let us now respond. One of the ways we respond is through prayer that voices our gratitude and the struggles of our hearts. We pray in word and in song, for, as Augustine said, “Those who sing pray twice.” Prayer Song: “O God, Hear My Prayer” (VU 948) O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; when I call answer me. O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; come and listen to me. Thank you, God, for the gift of The United Church of Canada. Thank you for the people you have called, healed, loved, and sent into various ministries in Canada and throughout the world. Thank you for blessing, loving, calling us to be this church. And thank you for our Anniversary partner, Emmanuel Anglican/United Church in Ignace, Ontario. Thus, gratefully, we sing: O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; when I call answer me. O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; come and listen to me. We know we have been far from perfect as church. For our failings, we ask your forgiveness -- for the harm we have done to First Nations, for our neglect of our mission, for our insecurity and our lack of generosity. For not being whole -and for choosing to remain that way -- forgive us, we pray. O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; when I call answer me. 6

O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; come and listen to me. For the church you desire, we ask your blessing. Inspire us anew with a passion for your gospel and with wondrous knowledge of your love. Bless us with aliveness and with joy, and with a heart and vision for mission. Bless our Anniversary partners, our global partners, and the whole church, we pray. O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; when I call answer me. O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; come and listen to me. For those in our hearts this day, God -- those who are sick or lonely, those who are poor, those who grieve, those who are impoverished, those in places of war and oppression -- let the power of your resurrecting love work through us for these as for all the world and in the lives of those for whom we pray in silence. Come in your Easter power, to reconcile and make new! Empower us, we pray. (A moment of silence) O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; when I call answer me. O God, hear my prayer; O God, hear my prayer; come and listen to me. Gather all of the prayers in our hearts and minds, loving God -- those that have found a voice and those still buried deep in the silence. Hear our prayers, and bless our hands with healing and compassion for your creation. We ask it in Christ’s name, who taught us, when we pray, to say: 7

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen Offering Offertory > Presentation of the Offering 541 Praise God from whom all blessings flow; Praise God, all creatures high and low; Give thanks to God in love made known; Creator, Word and Spirit, One. Communion: The Service of the Table Invitation > Communion Hymn 457 As We Gather at Your Table The Great Thanksgiving The Lord be with you! And also with you. Lift up your hearts! We lift them up to the Lord. Let us give thanks to God. All: It is right to give God thanks and praise. 8

We do give you thanks, loving God, and remember the stories of Jesus’ meals. There were wedding banquets and picnics; there were meals with church folk and meals with tax collectors. But Jesus always welcomed everyone, so we dare to believe that we, too, are welcome here. More than a welcome, though, people like us found healing, meaning, hope, and purpose in his presence. May we also find our true selves here, and our true calling. We give you thanks as we look forward to the heavenly banquet. We hope for justice at last, peace at last, freedom at last, love at last, wholeness at last. May it be so! But most of all, we give thanks for this present moment. By our side at this banquet are our old enemies Pain and Trouble. But you are also here, your goodness and mercy always able to overcome. You are here, nearer than our breathing, and closer than our hands or feet. You are here always loving us. Truly we are blessed. Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of power and might; heaven and earth are full of your glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. Loving God, we pause in gratitude before this Common Loaf. This Common Loaf unites us with every United Church across our land, that we may be one body partaking of one bread. Thank you, generous God! Loving God, we remember another loaf of bread: that of the upper room. We remember how, at his last supper with the disciples, Jesus took some bread, broke it, and gave it to them. “Take and eat,” he said, “This is my body.” We are also called the body of Christ. And like your bread, we are also broken. That is how we must 9

be, for only then can we become your food and your strength for the world. And we remember how Jesus took a cup of wine and said, “This is my very life-blood.” Poured out for us, he added. And so, like your wine, our love is meant to pour out and be shared with the entire world. Thus we say together: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. Send your Holy Spirit upon us, and on what we do here, that this may indeed be communion—a making-one with you, and with none left out, no one left behind. Amen. Breaking, Pouring, Blessing Jesus Christ, the bread of life. The life of Jesus Christ, poured out for you. The gifts of God for the people of God. Come, for all is ready. Thanks be to God. Sharing the Feast Prayer after Communion (Unison) Gracious God, it is done—we are yours, and you are ours, even our broken bodies and our poured-out lives. Not only we who are gathered here and the saints who surround us and who bequeathed this denomination to us. Not only our presbytery, our global partners, and the courts of our church. Not only our denomination and our sister denominations. Not only humanity. All creation and all of us, we are yours, and you are ours. May we truly be your blessing, in all we do and are, because we and creation are all one in Christ’s name. Amen. Commissioning Go forth now, rejoicing in the love of God. You are bearers of wonderful news! 10

Don’t keep it in! The reign of God is at hand—look, it’s right here! Breaking in, becoming reality! Go, shout and point when you see it! Uncover it for all to see! > Hymn 642 Be Thou My Vision Postlude ‘St. Peter (How Sweet the Name)’ (Healy Willan)

85th Anniversary Making Connections OYM is paired with Emmanuel Anglican/United Church for the 85th Anniversary. Emmanuel is a small church in Ignace, (NW) Ontario. Rev. Jeanne Bryan is the minister. She writes a blog about the church. She follows OYM through our website and we follow Emmanuel through her blog. Here is how they describe themselves: “Emmanuel Church is a shared ministry of Anglican and United for over 30 years! We worship together, have one council, share the finances totally and support both our larger churches [Diocese and Presbytery]. We have a strong faith family. We are an inviting & welcoming congregation and all are welcome to worship. We have Sunday School and a Youth Group. All are active participants of our church. Everyone is a volunteer. We go into the world to share God's love in our words and our actions in our daily living. Outreach is important to us. Our Sunday services are held at 10 A.M. each week. The second Sunday of each month is 11

Children's Service and Holy Communion. All are invited to worship with us.” Rev. Jeanne sent me this email this past week: “We are celebrating the anniversary this Sunday. We are using much of the original service... complete with the language of the day. The women of the church are wearing hats for this day. I remember a gate and someone singing a song as the children passed through the gate to go on to a different class in Sunday School for the fall. I managed to get the song from my old church and we are doing that, too. Should be a wonderful day of memories. We just have a couple of people who are United but we will celebrate this special occasion.” Let’s pray for God’s continued blessings on Rev, Jeanne and Emmanuel Church in Ignace as both of our congregations proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in our respective communities. Music Notes Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) was quite active as an organist when he was a teen, although his first full-time employment was as a harpsichordist and violist in the local court orchestra. His first teacher, Neefe, was the music director at a Bonn church and Ludwig produced a number of interesting organ pieces as a 13 year old (He never wrote a note for it as an adult). It was Beethoven's gift to the world to create a completely new sound and mood for music, so very different from the more aloof and stylized tone of the Classical period of Mozart and Haydn. Today's selection, although written when Beethoven was only 26, already feels like completely new music, immune to time. D.Lewis 12

6 June 2010 - Service Bulletin  

Service for the 85th Anniversary of the United Church of Canada - 6 June 2010