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A Goddamn Tragedy Again and again My heart longs for you - my love. The dying stars inside your eyes; Even in death they radiate beauty. Oh! How I long to kiss the colour Of your lips, Oh! Those sweet pink lips. My soul belongs Not to me But to you, I may - no I will Die without your soul Entwined with mine; If your spirit does part And your body sinks – collapses Into the earth Oh! My sweet love The life will leave my eyes; The goodness of us Of me and of you Destroyed. A goddamn tragedy How I hope that my lungs, Your heart, The spaces between my fingers Remember how dainty, How full of life We together once were. How I hope that my lungs, Your heart, The emptiness in my hands, Remembers Every moment, Every kiss, Every touch we shared If you leave without me Again and again I will shatter the structure of this body, For I know that I will never again Feel your love in my bones Darkness becomes me. Beauty a foreign country. We – us destroyed, A goddamn tragedy -

Oyinda Yemi-Omowumi

A goddamn tragedy