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Last update: November 2012



INTRODUCTION As an organization, we value our members and believe that their health and wellness are crucial to their success and ours. Oxygen, CGI’s health and wellness program, was developed with this in mind and is designed to foster an enterprise culture of health and wellness.


CGI’S HEALTH AND WELLNESS VISION CGI is committed to strengthening the health and wellness of all members by encouraging the adoption of behaviors that foster the same. We recognize that, to achieve our stated vision, there must be shared accountability across CGI. Each of us, as members, is responsible for our own health and wellness and is in the best position to make choices based on our unique circumstances and needs.



OXYGEN Oxygen is intended to make CGI’s vision a reality by providing a support structure that facilitates health and wellness initiatives at the global, local and individual level.

Oxygen wants to foster a culture of wellbeing within CGI by giving members opportunities to make healthy lifestyle choices in order to improve their health and wellness.



KEY ROLES Key Oxygen objectives include the following: Communicate CGI’s commitment to member health and wellness. How? Develop and implement global communication plans to inform members about health and wellness at CGI. Promote healthy behaviors. How? Organize global health and wellness initiatives that encourage members to adopt healthier lifestyles. Help local business units develop and implement health and wellness strategies. How? Establish a structure to support the development of local health initiatives. Collect health and wellness data, identify health priorities and measure the impact of health and wellness initiatives. How? Collect, analyze and measure health and wellness data at a global level.



THE OXYGEN PORTAL The Oxygen Portal is an interactive platform that puts the focus squarely on members’ health and is available anywhere, anytime. The Oxygen Portal provides an impressive array of health content to help members learn more about local health services and to enable them to take concrete steps to improve their health and wellness.

The Oxygen Portal includes: • an impressive library of health articles • monthly features by health professionals • interactive tests and tools • and much more!


THE HEALTH CLICK QUESTIONNAIRE* Health Click, available on the Oxygen Portal, is a questionnaire for analyzing health risks. It evaluates each member’s lifestyle habits along with their desire to change. In addition to being confidential and secure, it is also interactive and easy to use.


The Health Click questionnaire enables members to: • •

receive a personalized and confidential report on their health identify certain risk factors

They will be given a personalized action plan to guide them in achieving their health objectives.


The Health Click questionnaire enables CGI to: • gather statistics on the health of all of its members • implement initiatives that address members’ needs and have a significant positive impact on their health

*The Health Click questionnaire is only available in Canada. It is slated to launch worldwide in the second quarter of 2013.




OXYGEN FAQs What is Oxygen? Offered by Human Resources, Oxygen is CGI’s global health and wellness program. The backbone of the program is a multidisciplinary team of experts specializing in all facets of health. Who is covered by this program? Oxygen is a global program that applies to all CGI members regardless of their role, geographic location or line of business. How can I learn more about Oxygen and access its services? You can learn more about Oxygen and access the global and local health initiatives it supports through the Oxygen Portal ( Do I have to sign up? Yes, you need to register to access the resources and services on the Oxygen Portal.


OXYGEN FAQs How can I find out about the health services offered locally? Go to the Local Services section on the Health Portal ( Do I have to pay? Oxygen, in general, is free for all CGI members. However, some local activities may require a fee.

Who should I contact if I have questions or comments? Send your questions or comments to Where does Oxygen stand in relation to the member assistance program and group benefits? Oxygen is not intended to replace the member assistance program or group benefits. Instead, it complements them. Is there a specific time commitment? There is no time obligation. Your participation in Oxygen is voluntary. You can take part based on your own needs and interests.


OXYGEN FAQs Does my manager have to approve my participation in Oxygen activities? Your participation in activities during work hours must not conflict with your work responsibilities or deadlines. If there is such a conflict, please discuss it with your manager.

Can my family take part in Oxygen activities? As a rule, Oxygen is only for CGI members. However, there may be local activities open to members’ families. Does Oxygen offer any corporate discounts? There are some corporate discounts available at the local level, such as fitness facility discounts. The availability and amount of such discounts is determined locally.


OXYGEN FAQs Will my personal information be kept confidential? Oxygen is committed to protecting member privacy and uses technology that ensures a safe online experience. The Oxygen Portal secures your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. It also does not use or disclose sensitive personal information without your explicit consent. What happens to my health data after I complete the Health Click questionnaire? Once you submit the Health Click questionnaire, your data is immediately transferred to a secure outside server for encryption and storage. The data is then analyzed by a computer system. No CGI member will have access to your health data, and it is impossible to identify questionnaire respondents.


CONTACT For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:



Oxygen - CGI's Health and Wellness Program  
Oxygen - CGI's Health and Wellness Program  

CGI is committed to strengthening the health and wellness of all members by encouraging the adoption of behaviors that foster the same.