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their stories Tapere & Shane now holiday without worrying about their rental


“HOW WE FOUND OXYGEN” Trevor My wife and I had been managing our own

the money, so to speak. It was then that it

investment property for over seven years.

dawned on me that Oxygen was in fact a

Whilst it hasn’t always been smooth sailing,

property management company and that

we didn’t see the point in paying someone

perhaps instead of selling, I was better to

when we could do it all ourselves; up until

get some professional help from a property

now of course.

management company.

We did the odd inspection of the property

I spoke with an Oxygen Property Consultant

every now and then and it seemed ok apart

and asked if she would be happy to

from it being a bit messy, we didn’t want the

accompany me to the final inspection. I

tenants to move out so we didn’t leave them

envisaged this inspection would be getting

with too much instruction to clean up. Once

the keys from the current tenant, signing

receiving our tenant’s letter saying she was

of the bond release form and to show her

moving out, I thought at that point, it was

around the property so she could market

probably best to sell the property.

the place and get it re-tenanted as soon as

It was not long after this, I was sitting in the


reception area of Oxygen’s Head Office. I

When we met Oxygen’s Property Consultant

was not there to seek their advice, I was

at our investment home following Friday,

there as one of their suppliers to make a

what we had envisaged was far from reality.

delivery. As I waited in reception, I observed

We opened the front door and we were

how the receptionist dealt with ongoing

devastated to find the place deserted and

enquiries. I operated my own retail business

left looking like a bomb site.

for over 25 years and know full well the importance of good customer service.

There was rubbish all over the place, the garage was full of all sorts of things that had

I was impressed with her manner and how she dealt with all the different types of customer enquiries. She mentioned application forms and explained how they were to be completed. Most importantly the ease at which she had them pay the required fee i.e. rent in advance, bond and rent due impressed me. She was completely professional, thorough and got

“...perhaps instead of selling up, I was better to get some professional services from a Property Management company...”

been left behind, the shower was damaged,

quite like this before, but don’t worry, my

holes in the walls, window latches were

team and I can have this place fixed up and

broken, curtains were ripped, light fittings

hopefully rented out again in no time.”

were broken, the stove and dishwasher were no longer working, the fridge was filled with rotting food, the washing machine was left full of water, the carpets were ripped and stained, the grounds were out

She came back to us straight away with quotes and her recommendations. Within a period of three to four weeks she did exactly what she promised.

of control and just to top it all off there was

The house looked fantastic and because of

dog poo everywhere in and outside the

this we were able to increase the rent. We


now have some great tenants and all of this

As we walked around the property

was done without us lifting a finger.

together, Oxygen’s Property Consultant

With all that we have been through, I can

took photographs and notes on what

now see that the cost to get our property

needed to be repaired, cleaned up and

managed is nothing compared to the peace

thrown out. She then turned to us and said

of mind that I now have in getting Oxygen to

sympathetically, “I have never seen anything

manage my investment property.

“HOW OXYGEN PROVIDED MY FAMILY WITH PEACE OF MIND FROM AFAR” Tim Tim and his wife moved to China about

When Tim brought the management across

eight years ago to pursue careers in

he met with one of the dedicated New

education. They knew that they might like

Business Consultants. Tim was immediately

to come back to Wellington at some stage

impressed by their knowledge base and

in the near future so chose to purchase a

open communication. They were able to

rental property as an investment that would

add value to every situation and found Tim

work for them while they lived overseas.

great tenants for his property. He finds the

They decided to purchase an apartment

Oxygen tenanting process simple to follow

in Wellington and rent it out, meaning that

and the documentation nice and clear. This

they always had a base to return to.

is particularly important to Tim since he is

During a trip back to Wellington about 5

still based in China with his family.

years ago Tim decided to bring the property across to Oxygen. The decision was made simple for Tim, already knowing that Oxygen managed the Body Corporate for the building, he was assured knowing that Oxygen knew the building’s history.

Tim is just one example of a happy Oxygen customer who appreciates our open communication, and no surprise approach.

“OXYGEN HAS GIVEN US THE CONFIDENCE TO EXPAND OUR BUSINESS” Carey Carey is an investor who owns a number of

Carey’s advice is that it is good to listen to

rental properties and has done so for the

those who have the experience as it can be

last 20 years. Carey discovered that working

very easy to throw a lot of money at things

full time and managing the properties

which we mistakenly think might work. “I

himself was a bit of a handful. This is where

would like to give a special thanks to the

Oxygen stepped up to help.

Property Management team who have gone

Carey met with a New business consultant from Oxygen and handed over part of his portfolio for management immediately. Initially Oxygen only managed one boarding house which started off with about 50% occupancy; Carey is happy to report that this property now averages 90% occupancy. This gave Carey the confidence to purchase a second boarding house which is also now operating at a similar occupancy under Oxygen management. In any rental situation difficulties can arise but Carey has found Oxygen to have reacted proactively in sorting any issues and suggest improvements and ways to achieve better results.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Oxygen as reliable proactive property management experts.”

out of their way to manage my properties. I have no hesitation in recommending Oxygen as reliable proactive property management experts.”


We wish to thank Oxygen very, very much for all the help, advice and support you provided to get our tenants back on the ‘right track’ with their rent. The team’s calm and careful explanation of how the Tenancy Tribunal works and why it was so important for us to take each step to protect ourselves as landlords are lessons that will not be forgotten. His service, personal attention and follow up have been extraordinary. Thank you.”

My Oxygen Property Manager provides that essential link between the tenant and owner. They manage all those week to week tasks regarding maintenance and regular inspections allow me to plan annual maintenance effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending Oxygen to manage your property.” CHERYLL – UPPER HUTT


I managed my own property until 2007. Then I had a problem when I was overseas and Oxygen took over and sorted it out brilliantly. I had intended to resume managing it myself when I returned in 2008 but everything was so convenient with Oxygen I just stayed there. I feel they have my best interests at heart and care about what happens to my old home, now my investment property.”

Oxygen offers excellent service and advice, they are happy to deal with all aspects of property management have their finger on the pulse and are without doubt superb value for money, I fully recommend them.” GEOFF – HAWKES BAY


Oxygen has been managing my investment property for a number of years now and I’ve always been confident in their abilities. Living and working overseas means that communication and trust is critical. With this in mind I’m pleased to say that the team at Oxygen have always gone above and beyond. They quite often recommend trades people for any work needed on my wife’s and my residential property in Stokes Valley. I like the way that the team genuinely takes an active interest in my property and I quite often drop in to the Oxygen office in Upper Hutt to catch up. The best way for me to sum up the service that Oxygen provides is that they manage my investment with care and give me peace of mind. MATT – AUSTRALIA


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Our Wellington Property Owners Tell Their Stories  
Our Wellington Property Owners Tell Their Stories