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Carbon Fibre internal parts

for Micro Magic RC sailing boat User Guide

Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of Micro Magic Carbon carbon fibre internal parts. By using this kit your Micro Magic will be lighter, stronger and prepared to maneuver faster and more efficiently. Also important, is that carbon fibre is a material that doesn't deteriorate and doesn't absorb water, avoiding the weight increase of the parts. The components that constitute it are virtually indestructible if properly used.

Extremely lightweight and strong Given the characteristics of the material they are made of, several layers of carbon fibre 200g/m2, the parts of your kit are extraordinarily light and particularly strong. Hence they guarantee a minimum weight in Micro Magic and a maximum strength and stiffness when they are applied to the effort for which they were manufactured.

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Unbreakable even in the toughest conditions The resistance of the parts is far superior to the originals, giving more strength to your Micro Magic in the most demanding conditions. Even under conditions of high humidity or the presence of water carbon fibre keeps all its properties and does not show any signs of deterioration for a virtually unlimited period of time.

Warranty The Micro Magic Carbon carbon fibre internal parts when mounted according to your Micro Magic building instructions, is in itself a guarantee. However, Oxyblack-composites, Lda is at your disposal for any query via the e-mail: NOTE: Prior to initiate assembly with your Micro Magic Carbon carbon fibre internal parts, read carefully the instructions below.


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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS All parts of the kit were previously cut by CNC (Controlled Numeric Cut) machine with an accuracy of 0,01mm to have the exact measures and to be easily assembled. Overall parts thickness: 1mm (aprox.) Total parts net weight: 14g (aprox.)

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Easy to assemble 1- CARE DURING HANDLING: The dust released during the cutting, sanding, drilling and preparation process is toxic. You should always use breath protecting mask and gloves. Also if you use a mini-drill to cut the parts you should ware protective glasses. 2- REMOVE PARTS FROM FRAME: To remove parts from the carbon frame use a small blade saw, a small file or a mini-drill with de adequate accessory. 3- PREPARATION OF THE SUFACES FOR BONDING: The carbon fibre surfaces to be glued need to be previously sanded with an average grade (600 grs or similar) and afterwards cleaned and degreased with acetone or benzene. To check the adequacy of the surface for bonding you can do the “water drop test�. The test consists in spraying the surface with water (Fig. 1), and checking its behavior: If the sprayed water distributes evenly over the surface creating a continuous area (Fig. 2), the surface is ready to be bonded after drying; If otherwise, the water separates into small drops over the surface (fig. 3), you should repeat the sanding/degreasing process.




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4- GLUING: The same epoxy glue that is used to assemble the boat can be used in the same manner to glue the Micro Magic Carbon carbon fibre internal parts. Note: Carefully follow all instructions respecting the amount of mixing and curing times specified by the manufacturer of the epoxy glue to prevent the risk of not getting a good bond. Preferably use a digital scale to dose the right quantities. Mix the two components properly in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture. 5- DRILLING AND FIXING: To drill and fix your Micro Magic Carbon carbon fibre internal parts, you can use the tools that you would use for the original material. NOTE: Carbon fibre is conductor of electricity, therefore the electrical components should be isolated. OTHER COMPONENTS In case you are looking for other carbon fibre parts for your Micro Magic or any other RC Model don't hesitate to challenge us via email, .

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7 Parts numbers (1)

11 22





7. Servo mounting support 11. Servo plate 12. Sail servo reinforcement 15. Cockpit bulkhead 17. Rudder servo reinforcement (large) 21. Canopy launch reinforcement 22. Stern reinforcement 23. Stern side reinforcement


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19 13 20


6 7


18 20


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Parts numbers (2) 6. Mast support reinforcement 9. Bow reinforcement 10. Rudder bush reinforcement 11. Servo plate 13. Jib trim servo reinforcement 16. Rudder servo plate 18. Rudder servo reinforcement (small) 19. Central bulk head 20. Shroud reinforcement


About OXYBLACK - Composites In OXYBLACK we design and built products from advanced composite materials of high quality for various purposes. With a constant care about design and innovation, we develop different and unique solutions that give the guarantee of complete satisfaction to our customers. We produce carbon fiber parts, from specific technical products. Our products offer durability at the highest level, are extremely resistant and virtually indestructible. We look for versatility, exceptional lightness and elegance combined with sobriety. We are dedicated to developing quality products in high technology materials.


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Micro Magic carbon fibre internal parts user guide  

Micro Magic carbon fibre interior parts. By using this kit your Micro Magic will be lighter, stronger and prepared to maneuver faster and mo...

Micro Magic carbon fibre internal parts user guide  

Micro Magic carbon fibre interior parts. By using this kit your Micro Magic will be lighter, stronger and prepared to maneuver faster and mo...