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Autumn 2012 Newsletter

ACHIEVERS THIS TERM Foundations Level 1 Samantha Griggs Michaela Hitchman Natasha Ward

CELEBRATING 14 YEARS This month N&B celebrate its 14th year providing quality professional training and development to the Early Years practitioner. N&B was founded in 1988 by Director Norman B Clark. It started as a small family run business offering training for the care industries. Today it continues to run successfully with Samantha Clark (Norman’s daughter) in the Directors chair.

Tania Wood

Level 2 CYPW Samantha Edwards Rebecca Sharpe Sadia Tanveer Larna Bateman Zoeanne Fitzpatrick

We are proud to still be offering a variety of training courses in the children and young people’s workforce with recognition by the local authorities and awarding bodies for quality in delivery. We have recently widened our provision by offering training in customer service, business admin, accounting, hospitality & catering, parenting & babysitting and soon to be Health & Social Care.

Please continue to support us…..

Donna Green Andrew Hunnable Samantha Jarman

Level 3 CYPW Natalie Murphy

Talisa Baptiste Charlotte Bray


Denise Bridger Gemma Chattaway

Where you can join in debates and keep up to date with relevant child care news and training.

Hollie Lloyd Michelle Scanlan Louise Smith Orooj Ahmed Tya Franaszek Sarah Feline Marie Gelder

We are also delighted to be celebrating with our Assessor Caroline Peaston, who has been Assessing with us for 10 years! Congratulations to Caroline and long may she continue supporting students to successfully achieve their qualification and promote good knowledge.

Siobhan Gray Beverley Hicks Kim Souster Norah Stevens Natalie Williams

SEASONAL ACTIVITIES & CELEBRATIONS Leaf Crown Collect a variety of leaves. Select and remove the leave stalks. Overlap the leaves and pin together using one of the leaf stalks. Take another leaf, remove the leaf stalk and pin. Keep going, adding one leaf at a time until there are enough joined together to go around your head. Use the final leaf stalk to join the first and last leaves together.

Harvest Festival is a traditional British celebration originating in pagan times, now celebrated in churches and schools throughout the country on a Sunday near the Harvest Moon usually towards the end of September and sometimes in October. With the Harvest Festival we give thanks for the harvest and the food that has been brought in and stored for the winter months ahead. Obviously in years gone by a successful harvest was crucial, and that is why we have similar festivals all around the world, including Thanksgiving in Canada and the USA. It is traditional to bring food to schools and churches (to be distributed to the needy), pray and sing hymns, and, in schools, to use the occasion to learn about the harvest process and farming, and about fruit and vegetables. Many schools and churches now use the Harvest Festival to raise money and awareness for food shortages in developing countries.

EMPLOYERS TIPS TO SUPPORT YOUR APPRENTICE Your support and training through practice is vital to produce a successful practitioner. As an employer of apprentices you have committed to ensuring that you encourage and support best practice in the child care industry. As training providers we value your support and feedback, to ensure that your staff member achieves their qualification.

It is essential that……      

Time out of ratio is allowed when Assessor’s visit Assessors are informed of any achievements, promotions or issues surrounding work performance Time is made for Managers to spend with Assessor’s for feedback and planning Assessor’s are informed in advance if students are not available on day of visit Encourage attendance of workshops as they are an added value to training and practice sharing Support students with work assignments to ensure that they are in on time.

“The benefits of Apprenticeships are numerous, including increased productivity, greater staff retention and more highly motivated workforces, Government remains committed to Apprenticeships and has backed up this commitment with funding to support training costs. There are now over 200 different Apprenticeship programmes covering practically all industry sectors, so there is almost certainly a programme to meet your specific needs.” - Apprenticeship Ambassador Network, Employers For Apprentices NAS

SUPPORTING UPSKILL REQUIREMENTS FOR FUNDED LEARNERS IN MATHS, ENGLISH, ICT As part of a students framework criteria, students are required to sit exams in the above subjects. All of our exams are regulated by our awarding body, City and Guilds with English being a pre-scheduled exam date. Therefore is essential that students are released when specified. Learners can however obtain an exemption if they have achieved an A-C grade A Level or GCSE 5 years prior to the apprenticeship start date. So please encourage your staff to pass these on to your allocated assessor.

Autumn 2012 Newsletter  

N&B Training Co Ltd Newsletter Autumn 2012

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