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From the Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, Welcome to the first newsletter of the Academic Year 2015-16. Each new school year brings with it a renewed sense of stimulation and keenness for learning. Students come prepared with new excitement and teachers are animated to greet a new group of eager learners. This year, The Oxford School is making a strong initiative towards school improvement and aiming at better learning opportunities for all students. The revised Mission and Vision statements of the school add testament to it. I had the pleasure to meet many of you during the parent orientation day and Parent Coffee Afternoon. Our young learners are also hard at work with academics, student council, special weeks, field trips etc. happening. We could not do this without the support of our parent community, dedicated Staff and of course the wonderful minds of our students. Any school is successful only if the students were in attendance of 98% of the time. Keeping our students healthy and at school is so important. You, as parents play a crucial role in your child’s life by reinforcing what is expected at school. The loss of learning and subsequent effect of that on students due to unscheduled leaves is tremendous. Please review the Code of Conduct with your child and discuss school rules and procedures. It is available in the school diary and the website. Thank you for all you do to encourage your children to come to school every day and to do their very best to learn. Looking forward to developing a strong Home School partnership.

Aisha Ansari Principal

VISION of TOS To empower each individual with creativity and values to become compassionate life-long learners, enabling them to be contributing global citizens. MISSION of TOS To develop a community of creative and independent learners, sensitive and tolerant to the needs of a diverse global society.

Head Boy’s Note Students in the 21st century have stepped forward in education and are looking out to satisfy their ambitions. They need motivation so they can achieve their best in the academic year. We, the student council board, have discussed among ourselves to bring about a remarkable change in the school. To begin with, we plan to have more indoor and outdoor activities. More clubs will be planned for both activities and there will be house tournaments as well. Sports day will be taken to a whole new level where students will experience the pleasure and joy. Not only races but fun activities will be available too. The canteen will now offer a wide range of mouth-watering snacks! Group projects and assignments will be introduced where students will unite and compete as teams to improve their team-working skills. Active teaching will be introduced to make students love what they do. After all the changes that we have discussed about and shared, we still open our ears for any new ideas that students would like to share. There will be a suggestion box in each block where your suggestions will be read and considered. In return, we expect positive behaviour from students inside and outside the classroom to make the school a better place. Abdullah Saeed

Head Girl’s Note I’m Alaika Lehen Mohamed; your Head Girl! Let me start off this note by expressing how excited I am for this year. I’m honestly so happy because the Student Council is so amazing! Everyone is so cooperative and ready to do their work so responsibly; they are making my hopes to fill this year with amazing things a reality. Personally, my main goal is to make my girls super confident and ready to take on the world someday because, trust me, being confident in yourself makes such a huge difference on your perspective; which leads to you doing more for yourselves and the community. So, let’s put our brave faces on this year and do more, participate more, and be more. I’d like to conclude by asking you all to cooperate with the Student Council so we can do all the things you want to, smoothly. Alaika Lehen Mohamed


Message from Head of Junior School Dear Parents, It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the first communication between the school and the parents. “Teaching children is an accomplishment; getting children excited about learning is an achievement.” - Robert John Meehan At The Oxford School, we believe in bringing out the best in our children by developing their cognitive skills, through experiential teaching, self-learning and introspection. We continually aim to provide a conducive environment which empowers our students to achieve their true potential. In addition to English, Math and Science we have introduced Humanities this year which would improve the children’s knowledge of the world around them, with specific importance to the UAE – our home. The study of languages – Arabic, Urdu and French while also nurturing the extracurricular talents in our children is one of our key focus areas. Needless to say there are a lot of dynamic developments in ICT, which you will witness soon. With our team of proficient teachers, the guidance of our Principal - Mrs Aisha Ansari and the Management and of course your whole hearted support; we will be able to achieve our mutual goal of nurturing our children into wellrounded, accomplished adults. We welcome your comments and suggestions to help our children achieve their true potential. Thank you. Saraswathy N. Murthy

Welcome back assembly

a Vox Pop in which new students shared their experience in the school. Cards were It was a perfect day for a fresh start as sunny distributed to the new teachers as a token of skies and warm weather greeted students at love. The Principal, addressed the students the Oxford School. A ‘Welcome Back’ assembly and shared the importance of breakfast. She for the primary students was conducted on 7th introduced all SMT members. Ms. Deepa September, 2015. Vinod, Head of Secondary, declared for there to be Puzzles and English Vocabulary in future assemblies. A minute of silence was observed for our beloved teacher Ms. Ruhi, who passed away in July, and 45 Martyrs who lost their life in Yemen.

Hajj assemblies Our respected Principal, Mrs. Aisha Ansari addressed the students and spoke to them about the school uniform, punctuality and encouraged them to read books regularly and write short stories that can be read out while coming to assemblies.

During the Islamic month of Zil-Hajj, several Year groups introduced the importance of Hajj. Students of Years 1-2 participated in sharing their understanding of the holy month with skits and activities, as well as demonstrations of the rituals were also carried out.

Another assembly was conducted on the 13th September by girls of Year 8G2.

A short video was prepared to welcome the students who joined this year. They had done

On the 17th of September 2015, students of Years 3-6 and teachers of the Arabic and Islamic Department organized a ceremony to celebrate Hajj, which started off with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and Hadith by Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

This was followed by a poem with the name of ‘The light reflected in the skies’ said by one of our students about Hajj, followed by a dialogue between students explaining the steps of Hajj. Boys of Year 8B1 also emphasized on Hajj as a pilgrimage, showing that we are one nation, bound by religion. During the religious event, Muslims who make the journey are required to spend five days in the desert surrounding the city of Makkah in modern-day Saudi Arabia. They travel between specified points to perform rites laid down in Islam’s holy book; the Quran. These rites commemorate the life of Prophet Ibrahim, or Abraham, who built Islam’s most revered structure, the Ka’aba. A quiz was also conducted by students to test their knowledge regarding the importance of Hajj.

spoke about five core values of our School: • • • • •

Respect Friendship Cooperation Honesty Responsibility

The significance of core values was discussed along with the importance to inculcate those values in our students when they are in school. Teaching values to our youth is more important than ever in this fast growing world.

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The assembly was followed by an Arabic skit.

Core values assembly An assembly on core values was conducted on 27th September by the girls of 8G3. Students

Answers will be published each month. HAPPY ASKING!


SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2015 To inculcate the importance of healthy diet for a healthy lifestyle and living, ‘Fruit Salad Day’ was celebrated, wherein each class, the students were engaged in making fruit salad and learned the health benefits of eating fruits.

The Theme for September was� I am Amazing� The children were informed that each of THEM is Unique and Amazing in their own special way. They were told how they are different from each other due to their choices and interests. But, there is one thing that is COMMON among them and that is, they all are born with a Special Talent! On 8th Sept 2015 A FOOD ACTIVITY was conducted where the children designed a portrait of themselves using carrots, raisins and crackers.


To inculcate healthy eating habits among our little ones, a “Fruit Salad Activity” was conducted on 16th Sept 2015, where the children enthusiastically participated by bringing their favourite fruits and helping the teacher in preparing a healthy meal for themselves. The “Fruit Salad Activity” was conducted to let the students know that fruits are not only beautiful to look at, but are also beneficial for us in a variety of ways.

They were informed that colourful and crunchy fruits are an important and enjoyable part of their daily diet. Fruits contain essential nutrients that are important for their health, growth and development. GALLERY

FS Parents Orientation Day Programme- 3rd Sept. 2015 Children are great imitators! So give them something great to imitate. Orientation day is undoubtedly one of the most important day in the life of every preschooler, so was it for “Our Little Ones”. For many Parents, Foundation Stage is their child’s first school experience and possibly the first time their child has spent a significant amount of time away from them. Orientation Day was organized on Thursday 3rd September 2015 from 3 to 5pm to provide parents a chance to meet the teachers of their young ones and to learn about how the School is run and to get a feel for what their child will experience. A presentation was shown to give parents an over view of the Foundation Stage curriculum. The teacher shared information about arrival, dispersal, regulations, classroom schedules and activities.

Health Campaign Years 3-6

A healthy mind in a healthy body’ is a famous age old saying. Yes, at The Oxford School, we see the depth of wisdom in this phrase. The Al Sadia Group of food was invited to create an awareness amongst the students’ community of Years 3 and 4. The team spoke out their sequence of thoughts under the banner, very appealing to the young minds ‘fit to learn’.

Next, the chef moved in to demonstrate the making of a healthy salad, in a simple ‘do it yourself’ style thereby motivating even a nine year old to prepare his/her own snack box. Everyone was encouraged to carry such salads comprising of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and a little of fats as well.

What was very evident was the enthusiasm that every child present was charged with. Their little faces spoke volumes of great expectations. The team of Al Sadia Group came well prepared to cater to their need.

Exercising the muscles of the body carried equal weightage and what better way to do just that was dancing the ‘Zumba’. One of the team mates brought everyone to their feet tapping and arms swinging to the lively beat of the Zumba.

The session commenced, with the nutritionist briefing the children on the essence of healthy eating habits, using a power point presentation, and having a well balanced food. She discussed in detail the five basic components of a healthy diet and more importantly explained to the children what each of them should carry in their snack box daily to school.

Every student thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and applauded the Al Sadia Group for their ‘Par Excellence’ presentation. It was in deed a very educative session for one and all.

Kiwi Awareness Campaign The Zespri Kiwi Fruit campaign was held by Ms. Crystal and her group members for Years 1 and 2. She spoke about the importance of healthy food and fruits. Ms. Crystal spoke about the importance of Kiwi fruit and how it helps us to grow and give strength to our body. She asked a few questions on healthy and unhealthy food. At last a song on Kiwi was sung by her along with the students. A quiz was played where in 5 student won rewards. A goodie bag for all the students and class teachers of Years 1 and 2 was presented.

“Communication is the only means to build up relations and trust�. The Parent Orientation Day was held on 3rd September 2015 for Years 1 and 2 in their respective classrooms at 3:00 PM. This meeting was aimed to apprise and orient the parents with the curriculum transaction and evaluation. They were informed about the events and activities lined up for this academic year, and helped them understand the importance of encouraging a child to participate in co-curricular activities for his/ her overall development. The teachers in charge welcomed the parents and guided them to the respective classrooms of their ward. A presentation was shown to inform them about the school: core values, policies, activities and procedures. The class teachers acquainted the parents with the teaching methods to be followed in order to make learning easy, interesting and enjoyable. The teachers provided an insight on how one’s child can make a smooth transition from a lower Year to a higher one. The parents were guided in the facilitation of the teaching process to ensure proper revision on a daily basis. They were made to understand that spending some quality time with their child will go a long way in producing a model citizen of the world. Later the parents interacted with the class teachers regarding their various concerns and were briefed upon them. The parent orientation day turned out to be quite effective and interactive.

Event: Cleaners Appreciation Day Date: 14th Sept, 2015

‘You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all’. Yes, the time given to our students by the most patient and smiling faces in the school is our cleaners. You ask for it and it is done. They are the ones who take care of the needs of the students smiling all through out every day and every time. Saying ‘thank you’ by gifting them is not just a gesture, but a very small measure of showing how much we are grateful to them. Our never ending demands and their never ending help is most appreciated.

On 14th September where we had our students from Years 8, 9 and 10 who took the responsibility of inviting the cleaners of the school and handed a small token of thank you. Our student first spoke a few words and shared her experience of how she was helped and taken care of by the cleaners ever since she was in FS till date. Then our Co-Curricular coordinator translated in the language that they could understand, and make them feel how much we owe to them. We are thankful for their patience and hard work. Lastly our Principal spoke a few words and expressed her gratitude towards them. The event was entirely conducted by the students and it showed a mark of respect, love and appreciation.

Event: Year 1 Field trip to Carrefour Date: 8th October 2015 Venue: Carrefour, Madina Mall, Al Quasis, Dubai Report: A trip to Carrefour was organized by The Oxford School for Year 1 Students on the 8th October 2015. Students were taken to Carrefour at 9:30 A.M. by our school buses. One by one each class entered along with class teachers and visited the entire place. Students were shown different kind of sections inside the Carrefour. Children saw the bakery, meat, chicken and fish, pharmacy sections, They were then taken to the vegetables and fruits sections. Children observed that there were different types of same vegetable but they are dissimilar in shape, size and color. Similarly they took a round of entire Carrefour and observed the place very well. Once all the classes finished with their tour, they were sent back to their buses and then to school. It was a one hour trip. Students loved their visit to Carrefour.

Punctuation Day

Tuesday, 29th September 2015 Punctuation Day was celebrated on 29th September in all the sections of Year 1 within the classes. Teachers explained the students about punctuation marks which included Full stop, capital letter and question mark. Various activities were done along with explanation. Cut outs were given to the students for collage work in the note books. Some of them gave cut outs to colour and so on. Mini posters were displayed in the class and activities were done on the white board as well.

2015 - 2016

Event: Assembly of Year 2 Red Date:28th September 2015 Venue: Girls’ Basketball Area

Year 2 Red students got the opportunity to share their thoughts on “Good manners”. Each child spoke about good manners with the help of a placard in their hands, while others talked about the importance of good manners and to inculcate good habits in their daily routine. In the end the students were asked a question on General Knowledge.

Thematic Assembly Year: 2 - Blue

The Weekly Assembly was conducted for Year: 2 – Blue on 14th Sept 2014 with Punctuality as the theme.The assembly began with an introduction followed by the Quranic recitation and its translation. The UAE National Anthem was then sung by the students. A speech was given on the importance and meaning of punctuality by the students. The assembly was about building up the self-confidence of the students of Year 1 and Year 2 to help them become confident and unique. In addition the students were told about the importance of time and that time is worth a lot of money. It cannot be brought back. The students sang a small song about punctuality which was enjoyed by everyone attending the assembly.


Message from the Head of Senior School It is my immense pleasure to welcome you to Oxford Senior School; a vibrant and growing part of the Oxford family that aims to respect and develop the academic and pastoral abilities of all students. We work with families to ensure that students have high academic aspirations, achieve success in all areas and discover interests that stay with them for life. We are proud to enable our students to develop the skills and attitudes to be lifelong learners: to think independently, to challenge and discuss. We educate students to secure places at the world’s leading universities and to prepare them for careers of their choice. This requires our curriculum to be flexible and to focus upon the higher order skills of collaboration, communication and creative problem solving. To accomplish that we allow students from Year 9 onward to bring their own device to maximize the benefits. Our students and teachers are embracing it; also we are aware that technology is a double edged sword. Here I would like our parents to be vigilant and alert at home on their usage of technologies. School attendance is an important factor for their success, so make sure your child is present on all the working days. We at Oxford give our students more opportunity to be active and committed to society through various activities including afterschool enrichment programs; thus teach to take canonical place in society. Thank you for entrusting your children in our hands. It is our privilege to be educators and we take care of them with utmost care. Deepa Vinod

Assemblies are an effective way to communicate about pertinent issues with students by representatives from within the student body itself. Hajj assembly

Welcome back assembly The academic session started off with a special welcome assembly wherein A-level students welcomed both new and returning students from Year 9-13. The assembly also marked a remembrance to the martyrs of UAE and our beloved Mathematics teacher, Mrs. Ruhee Kazi. A Level students also shared their views on how to tackle the challenges of the academic year ahead showing deep commitment to make a positive difference to the school.

Core values assembly

The month of September was celebrated as the Islamic month since it was the month of Thul Hijja. The Arabic department along with the Islamic department conducted the Hajj Assembly. The main focus of this assembly was to inculcate the importance of Hajj in a Muslim’s life. An interactive Quiz was conducted to ensure that the virtues of Hajj, brotherhood, patience and tolerance were infused in students to make them better citizens. The students of AS Science presented an assembly about the benefits of the first 10 days of Thul Hijja wherein the virtues of these days were discussed based on the Quran & Sunnah. The students highlighted that Hajj is an act of Worship which requires both physical and spiritual preparation. It is a manifestation of brotherhood, equality and Unity. The importance of the 9th day of Dhul-Hijja when Hajj pilgrims gather at the mount of Arafat praying and supplicating to the Almighty was underlined.

The next assembly on the theme “School core values and Islamic values” was conducted to ensure students understand how school values are imbibed in Islamic values. Students were encouraged to adopt these values to nurture compassionate and global citizens.

Voicing our Concern: Green Hope Conference We, the students of Year 10 were privileged to be a part of Climate Change Conference organized by Green Hope, a nonprofit youth organization based in UAE supporting environmental causes. The conference was held on 17th September, 2015 at the Emarat Atrium on Sheikh Zayed Road from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The aim of the conference was to develop in the youth of today an understanding of the dangers of climate change. It also aimed to emphasize the role the children and youth of today have to play in influencing the strategies to tackle climate change. All the schools were asked to prepare a presentation on different aspects of climate change. The topic given to Oxford School was “Climate Change and Agriculture.” We made a power point presentation which showcased how climate change was having an adverse effect on the agriculture and impacting the economy of the country. With the belief that art can play a role in promoting various issues, we also presented two artworks on the topic “Peace and Sustainability”. Some schools had chosen music to support the cause of climate change. At the end of all performances and presentations, members of Green Hope presented their music. The winners for each category were announced at the end of the event. We did not win, but then participating in such a wonderful conference has opened a new perspective for us.The conference provided us an opportunity to interact with the student community of other schools and exchange ideas on how we can make a difference to the world. Vishali Pradeep Kumar 10 G2

INVESTITURE CEREMONY 2015-2016 On Monday 28th of September 2015, The Oxford School honored the newly elected Student Council members during the investiture ceremony indicating that the inculcation of leadership qualities starts at school. The investiture ceremony started with the welcome note followed by the arrival of the procession of the student council. The recitation of the Holy Quran and UAE’s national anthem was followed by words of wisdom from our esteemed Principal, Mrs. Aisha Ansari and our Head of Senior School , Mrs. Deepa Vinod. The awarding of badges was followed by the oath taking ceremony administered by the section head of Years 9 to 13, Mrs. Amina. Our newly appointed head girl, Alaika Lehen and head boy, Abdullah Saeed were requested to address the audience wherein they voiced their resolve of bringing about a positive change in the school community by their initiatives.

MATHALON COMPETITION 3rd August, 2015 Six students from AS and A2: Touqa Beltagui, Radwa Mostafa, Mahdi Abdullah, Ahmed Ibrahim and Sohaib participated in the Mathalon Competition on the 3rd of August 2015, held at the University of Wollongong Dubai in Knowledge Village. The day began with a campus tour and breakfast, followed by a seminar on the usage of ICT in Mathematics. Then came the competition, which was indeed very tough and healthy. An incredible performance by the Dubai Drums was done for the students to brighten the atmosphere, followed by the prize distribution. The students enjoyed the event and had gained some knowledge on the level of preparation required to get into prestigious universities.

School Survival Guide Everything you need to know to survive this school year We might still be months away from exams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing now. Welcome to the first installment of the School Survival Guide. This ongoing column will tell you everything you need to know about surviving everything from IGCSEs to your weekly tests. Before you can take your exams, you have to study. But you don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry. This month, it’s all about study tips; we’ve got the easiest ways to make sure your studying is as productive as possible.

Manage your time Make a weekly schedule, and devote a certain amount of time to each subject. Try to stick to it as much as possible. Make sure you stick to your schedule as much as possible but don’t be afraid to go off of plan sometimes to study more for the most recent upcoming exam. Make sure this study plan is realistic and not impossible. Don’t forget to schedule in everything, from eating to sleeping to just having fun.

Get enough sleep Make enough time in your schedule to get enough sleep. Get a good night’s sleep every night and you’ll be making the best of your study time. This is important as you lead up to the test, and especially important right before you take the test. Studies have shown that sleep positively impacts test taking by improving memory and attentiveness. Staying up all night studying may sound like a good idea, but skip the all-night cram session. If you study throughout the weeks, you won’t need to cram anyway. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you perform better.

Eliminate electronic distractions One of the worst distractions for studying is electronic devices. They are hooked up to social media, you receive texts through your phone, and your laptop is hooked to the internet. Silence your cell phone or keep it in your bag so it’s not there to distract you if someone calls or texts you. If you can, don’t open your laptop or connect it to the internet.

Helpful Hints

Comic Strips


Whether it’s anime, DC/Marvel, or anything. Create and submit by 5th November. Latest Top 3 would be selected and awarded HAPPY ART-ING!

By : Manahil 10 B1

Pratiksha 10 G1

Vishalie 10 G2

Views From Students

Beach Pollution

Ever taken a long stroll on a beach, listened to the splashing of the deep blue sea, and seen the wonderful flora and fauna which lie on the beach, and suddenly, you trip and fall over some rubbish? Pollution takes away all the beauty of our beaches. I hate to go to the beaches on weekends and see trash bags lying on the sand, cigarette butts buried in the sand, and soda cans floating in the ocean. Another thing that irritates me is when I see people walking right by rubbish and pretending that it’s not there. If you see rubbish, you should do your part in protecting the land by picking it up and throwing it away.

The main problem is obviously man. It’s all our fault. We can’t blame it on the dogs or the fish, we must blame ourselves. We leave our trash behind. We pretend the rubbish isn’t there. Everyone has to do their part to solve this problem. It can’t be just a few trying to do the job. There are a lot of things that we can do. For one, we can help pick up trash along the beaches. We could also join an organization, which provides opportunities to participate in plastic pollution removal. But if we don’t want to do that, we can just simply pick up our own trash and throw away all the trash that we see lying around. While terms such as Marine Debris and Ocean Trash have been used to describe the garbage that enters the ocean, a growing number of scientists, researchers and marine-based organizations have adopted

the term Plastic Pollution, not only because 90 percent of floating ocean trash is plastic, but because the term pollution highlights that we are dealing with a pervasive substance that contaminates water, the cells of organisms, and knows no boundaries. Eighty percent of plastic pollution that enters the ocean originates from land. Common sources include: recreational beach users, people who drop litter on sidewalks and streets, plastics manufacturers and transporters, illegal dumping, and areas with inadequate trash receptacles. All land-based plastic pollution has the potential to become ocean pollution. Plastics easily get blow into the ocean and get washed down storm drains that flow directly into the oceans. Plastic never fully biodegrades. If everyone does their part, the beaches around the world would be a wonderful and beautiful place. We need to start now before the beaches are damaged beyond repair.


4. REFUSE to use plastic single-use items, such as plastic grocery bags, plastic tableware and plastic cups. 5. DISPOSE of your waste properly. 6. KEEP storm drains clean.

Newspaper: 4 – 6 weeks

Plastic Bag: 10 – 20 years

Cotton towel: 6 months

Cigarette butt: 1 – 5 years

7. SPREAD the word! Tell friends how to properly dispose of trash and recycling, and encourage them to do so. 8. GET INVOLVED in local politics and encourage our leaders to pass bans on plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, and more. 9. PARTICIPATE in an SOS beach or river cleanup! 10.

Tin Can: 50 years

Aluminum Can: 80 – 200 years

REPORT litter incidents.

Amina Dak Al Bab 10 G2

Mavisite auMaroc

Plastic Bottle: 450 years

Glass Bottle: 1 million years

You can be part of the solution by making some lifestyle changes: 1. BUY products with little or no plastic packaging, and products made from recycled materials. 2. REDUCE the amount of plastic and other waste you use by bringing your own metal water bottle, coffee mug, bag, etc. 3. RECYCLE as much as possible.

Bonjour,je m’appelle Mouhammad Malick, j’ai 15 ans et je suis en classe de dixième à l’école d’oxford de Dubai. Les vacances passées, je suis allé au Maroca Casablanca. Nous sommes partis en avion (Ma famille et moi). Nous sommes restes pendant une semaine et avons fait le tour de la ville. Casablanca est une ville magnifique. Nous avons eu la chance de visiter les monuments comme la mosquée Hasan 2 et aussi beaucoup de musées et des parcs d’attractions. Nous étions loges à l’hôtel et tous les jours, nous partions au restaurant pour déjeuner et aussi diner. C’était très amusant et j’étais triste de devoir rentrer a la maison car c’était des vacances inoubliables. J’aime le Maroc car c’est un beau pays.

Mouhammad Malick 10B3

MesLoisirs Bonjour, je m’appelle Chad et je vaisparler de mespasse-temps. Dans ma maison, j’aimejouer de la guitare. J’aimeaussijouer au basket àl’ecoleetdans le parc le soir. Tous les jeudis, j’aimejouer aux jeux videos. Tous les week-ends, je vais au theatre. Je fais du sport trois fois par semaine. J’adore beaucoup ça. Je courstous les matins pour garder la forme. J’aimeaussi faire de la natation particulierements’il fait chaud. Maisce qui me passionne le plus c’estjouer aux parcequ’il me rend plus intelligent. Je joue aux echecsquandj’ai du temps libre. Chad Nigel Year 10-B1

THE REFUGEES An Islamic poem

I see them in the newspapers, I see them on TV, abandoned and forgotten, Running from the people whose hearts are rotten. I see them oppressed, I see them troubled, Then, I see them as the ones that are blessed, As, every hardship faced with patience brings rewards in this life and the next Even when they are sad and depressed. They are the chosen ones, For troubles come to only His loved ones, As He wants to raise their status in a life that never ends, He gives them opportunities in a life where problems never end, But despair not, for he does not burden a soul greater than it can bear. So be hopeful, for He is with the ones who are patient. Anonymous

The Oxford Front  

Newsletter - 2015-16 September Edition

The Oxford Front  

Newsletter - 2015-16 September Edition