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Recycling Campaign




From the Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, October had been a month full of activities and campaigns which were effectively undertaken by the students and participated with full verve and enthusiasm which were very heartening to witness. Canned food collection drive, adopting a labour camp or Breast Cancer awareness, all were planned and participated by the students which reinforced their commitment to developing their communication, collaboration, community service and global awareness. The Health and safety Month was celebrated as well with many initiatives to promote good health and keeping safe. Cancer awareness talks, Health workshops, focussed assemblies were some ways of raising awareness about personal as well as global health and safety. We also had second Parents coffee morning on a Saturday as you had requested and two sessions were presented; ‘Role and impact of Technology on Students’ learning’ by the Head of Senior School Ms Deepa and HOD Humanities Ms Indira while the other was ‘How to support your child’s learning in Arabic’ which was conducted by HOD Arabic Ms. Lamya. We look forward to many more such meetings to strengthen the Home School partnership.

Regards, Aisha Ansari Principal

Annual Prize Day Success is the product of diligence, zeal, and motivation. Reward and praise are essential to encourage students who have excelled throughout the year and are inspiration to others to work harder. In this spirit, Oxford Al Nujoom Awards Day Year 1 to 13 was celebrated where we recognised the achievements of our students; it was the day to applaud and award. Students were awarded in the three categories of Academic Excellence, Endeavour and All round Performance per section every Year group as well as Al Nujoom Excellence award per Year group for the five core subjects. Year 9 onward, the awards were subject specific for other optional subjects. The Highest Achievers for the CIE examination series of 2014-15 were also acknowledged and their achievement applauded. Al Nujoom Awards Day brought festivity and commendation for what our students have achieved. It will definitely be our motivation to achieve further successes for all.

Activity Reports: October 2015 Assembly of Year 1: Blue The theme being “Respect”, Ms. Sadia’s class showcased their talent in singing. The students narrated the meaning of respect. They talked about the importance of respect in their daily lives. Then, they sang the song with a message about respect “Show respect to everyone you meet”.

Assembly Year 5: Orange Video of health and safety was shown to make the students aware about health and safety precautions. Besides, the group of students, prepared by Arabic department from different levels, shared information in both Arabic and English languages regarding health and safety.

Assembly of Year1: Red Being healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living ! Year 1 Red students got the opportunity to present their assembly on “Healthy Living”. They showcased their talent through a short speech and quotations. They spread the information to live a long healthy life and gave few tips on healthy living.

Assembly of Year 2: Green Year 2 Green students got the opportunity to present their assembly on “Honesty”. They used quotations for inspiration and motivation such as: • Honesty refers to the quality of being honest, truthful and sincere • An honest man is fearless and courageous. • Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. • Be true to your work, your word and to your friend. • Honesty is the best policy. A Song with the lyrics “Honesty is true something you should do never tell a lie” was sung by them.

Assembly of Year2: Yellow Year 2 Yellow enthusiastically talked about the Importance of exercise in the assembly on 29th Oct 2015. Exercise being important for a healthy body was demonstrated with the help of an action song and a poem on exercise.

Year 1 and 2 celebrated World Teacher’s Day which was on 5th October 2015. Ms. Rabia, Year 1 Orange, gave a very inspiring introduction on World Teacher’s day. Greeting Cards were given to the Principal Ms Aisha Ansari, Head of Primary- Ms Saraswathy, Supervisor Ms Meera and all the teachers by our students.

Zespri Kiwi fruit campaign

Students from Year 1 to Year 3 had a fun filled and delightful morning, on the 6th of October with the Zespri Kiwi Team, Dubai. The team brought to light the features and health benefits of KIWI - the lesser known or the lesser liked fruit by children. The hostess of the show along with the mascots demonstrated the two varieties of kiwi. Sungold being of a tropical flavour and Mighty Green being the sweeter variant. Its nutrient values were discussed and it was explained that potassium in kiwi provided the long lasting energy required by growing children and it also contains vitamin C which fights away bugs to keep children healthy. The show concluded with a special Zespri Kiwi song instructing the children about the special way of eating the kiwi with a SPIFE. The children were also given out fantastic Zespri Goodie bags to promote healthy eating and living. The assembly was well organised and the children took great pleasure in the presentation.

Punctuation Day 5th October 2015

Punctuation marks can make or mar the meaning of a sentence. The importance of these figures of speech was emphasised through activities.

Field Trip to Carrefour-Year1 A trip to Carrefour was organized by The Oxford School for Year 1 Students on 8th October 2015. Students were taken to the Carrefour at 9:30 A.M. and visited the different sections inside the Carrefour.

Recycling Campaign Recycling campaign was held with regards to the Green Week on 18th October, 2015 in the MP Hall. Year1 and 2 all sections went to the hall for the Recycle campaign held by Ms. Ayat and her group members. She spoke about the importance of Recycling and how it will help the Planet Earth.

She called up few students and demonstrated the bin with different sections of collecting waste and later to be recycled.

Best Out of Waste: 19th October, Monday Best out of project was conducted in the respective classes of Year 1 on 19th October as one of the events of the Green Week. The main objective of this project was to spread awareness of recycling among students. They were shown a presentation related to recycling. Later, they were involved in making different articles along with the teacher.

Civil Defence Training Date: 20th Oct 2015 The civil defence training for Year 3 and 4 was conducted by Mr. Shehab from civil defence. The anchor informed about emergency numbers, what steps to take in case a person’s clothes catch fire, how to exit in case of fire etc. A cartoon character Salma was introduced to the students who gave a valuable message, which was later translated in Arabic, by Mr Shehab.

Burj Khalifa 25th October to 1st November 2015 Years 1-6 were taken on a field trip to Burj Khalifa –on the 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th October and 1st November. It was a good learning for most of them as they were taken to ‘At the Top’, guided by the teachers.

Parent Teacher Meeting 29th October, 2015 The Parent Teacher Meeting held on 29.10.2015 was very positive and went very well. It was a good opportunity for Teachers and Parents to discuss the challenges faced by students in class. Overall the response from parents was very positive and everyone’s looking forward to the continuous progress of the student. Activation of EDMODO, ASEP, and the progress of their ward were all discussed. Certain areas of concerns were raised by the parents and they are in the process of being addressed.


This month’s theme was Health and Safety. Year 8 B3 conducted an assembly on Cancer Awareness on 5th October 2015. Students discussed eating healthy food which consists of vegetables and fruits can decrease chances of cancer by 20%. Various other factors which causes cancer were also discussed. End of the assembly they conducted a quiz to verify students’ understanding.

On 12th October Years 7 and 8 had assembly on the topic ‘Class room and bus safety Rules’.

As most of their time is spent in the class room, it becomes very important for these young minds to understand the importance of classroom safety. The rules to be followed for Class Safety were given. Bus safety is an important practice to be adopted by students. The rules to be followed for Bus Safety were discussed. After explain the safety rules, students conducted tongue twister challenge . Followed by that Arabic department conducted a skit on “Hazards of smoking”

On 26th October the assembly was conducted by Year 8 B2 students on the topic- ‘Wellness and nutrition’. Importance of balanced diet and eating healthy food were explained. Students discussed that eating unhealthy diets can lead to malnutrition, poor development and insufficient physical and mental health. Over diet may lead to Diabetes, obesity and other heart diseases. Hence Balanced diet is very important to attain healthy weight and energy balance. Assembly ended with question answer session on Balanced diet. Students were asked to do a research on BMI and encouraged to calculate their own index .


The month of October started off with an assembly on the World Teachers Day where in students recognized the importance of teachers in their lives and highlighted the purpose of World Teacher’s Day. The assembly was concluded by distributing bookmarks designed by the students to the teachers. The students recognized the vital contribution that teachers make to education and their personal development. The assembly enabled the students to acknowledge the mission and dedication of the teachers and their priceless service. A very informative assembly was conducted in the second week on Cancer awareness which apprised the student about various types of cancer and the precautions to adopt in order prevent ourselves from the disease. The students also remembered their mathematics teacher, Ms. Ruhi who was a victim of cancer. In order to understand the importance of World Food day Year eleven students conducted an assembly wherein students appreciated the plight of the less fortunate in different parts of the world. The assembly concluded with a solemn promise to avoid wastage of food and helped to raise awareness about the food to be collected for workers at labour camps in the vicinity of the school. Students shared valuable information in the last assembly for the month about the types of Cyber Bullying, effects of Cyber Bullying and were also informed about Cyber Safety. The assembly projected relevant issues faced by youngsters and proposed solutions for the same.

Islamic Lecture

The Islamic Department organized a lecture for Years 9 and 10 on the 20th October, 2015 in the MP Hall on the significance of Hijrah .The guest speaker was Mr. Tamer Saad, who is a dignified member of Dar al Ber Society and he enlightened the students with his knowledge and helped them to be cognizant of the event about how we can implement the teachings of Hijrah in our daily lives.

Visiting an Old People’s Home: 1st October 2015

In celebration of the “International Day of Elder Persons”, students of Year 10 and 11 of The Oxford School were amongst the many youngsters who devoted their time to visit the beloved elders of the Sharjah Social Care Homes Complex (Al Fayha, Sharjah). The Oxfordians demonstrated generosity through the collection of money and giving presents to the elders, such as blankets, snacks and bouquets. The Head Boy, Abdullah Saeed, and the Deputy Head Girl, Zubiah Farooqi represented the school by presenting the gifts to the elderly people. About the Complex : The Old People’s Home at the Sharjah Social Care Homes Complex is the second home to 40 elderly people, providing them with total nursing care, which includes medication and bed-side nursing. Sister Helen, the chief nurse of the Old People’s Home, has built a remarkable bonding of a parent and child relationship with the elders whom she has cared for and loved like her own for almost 30 years. She says that the friendly working environment

at the Old People’s Home has kept her motivated to work this long. The management of the Sharjah Social Care Homes Complex expressed their ut-most gratitude towards the students for their time and kind gestures that brought smiles on the faces of the elders. The event aimed to encourage the youngsters to realize the importance of the el-ders in our family and communities – no doubt the aim was fully achieved.


The salad making competition brought a fitting end to the month long activities of the Health and Safety month. The enthusiasm shown by both senior boys and girls was commendable. Students managed to create healthy and delicious salads within a space of twenty minutes. As a part of the competition they were also asked to give creative names to their salads, a task they enjoyed immensely apparent from the unique names they came up with. The judges including our principal Ms. Aisha Ansari were faced with a dilemma when choosing the winners. Certificates were distributed in the assembly and hence the importance of healthy eating was reinforced for students as well as teachers alike.

CAN COLLECTION DRIVE- 2015 The last week of September and first week of October were eco-friendly weeks for the senior school as the annual Can Collection Campaign was held from the 29th September 2015 to the 11th October 2015 . Students were expected to collect and bring as many cans as they could from restaurants, cafes and houses. The students of the Oxford school collected a remarkable total of about

1000 cans this year. A certificate was awarded to Sumaiya Binte Jakir of 9G2 for collecting the highest number of cans (a staggering 190 cans to be exact) while the class with the highest number of cans collection was 9G2. (280 cans). This reinforced that recycling is essential to reduce littering and energy consumption while concentrating in saving non-renewable resources.


191 students from Years 7 and 8 went to Burj Khalifa trip which was on 19th October 2015. This educational trip marked a pioneering experience for the students as well as the teachers. This visit paved way for a numerous cross curricular subjects such as History, Geography, Science, Mathematics, UAE and Travel and Tourism Burj Khalifa pushes the frontiers of engineering, construction and design expertise. Bringing Burj Khalifa to life has been achieved

through immense vision combined with a lot of science together with the best professional in the world to convert this dream into reality. At the top, located on level 124, not only offers visitors’ majestic, vistas of Dubai; but also takes them on an evocative and interactive journey through the history and evolution of Dubai. Travelling at a speed of 10 meters per second, the journey to level 124 takes approximately 60 secs. The trip proved out to be very effective for students who dwelled


in a lot of information about BURJ KHALIFA other than its mesmerizing structure. Standing tall at 828 m, the 200 plus floors structure has 160 habitable levels .

World records: Tallest building in the world Tallest free standing structure in the world Highest no of floors in the world Highest occupied floor in the world Highest outdoor observation deck in the world Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world Tallest survive elevator in the world It is also described as a Global Icon by the Council on Tall Buildings and urban Habitat.

World Food Day World food day is celebrated on October 16th every year. In order to appreciate our blessings the student body started a food collection drive from 14th October to 26th October 2015. Our school joined the global movement of the World Food Day to end hunger. Many students generously donated food items as rice, oil, pulses, milk powder, and sugar to support the food collection drive as a part of the community enrichment program. Students were very excited to help by contributing in this drive and all collections will be delivered to labour camps by our students. This food collection is another initiative that supports our students to be responsible citizens of tomorrow.


Parents were invited to attend coffee afternoon on 24th October from 11:00am - 1:00pm. The Principal welcomed the parents. There were two sections; first half was on -how to support child’s learning in Arabic. Arabic head Ms. Lamya discussed in detail about its importance, culture, way of learning, new goals and initiatives of the department and how parents can help the children in learning this subject. It was an effective interactive session where parents got opportunity to understand the focus on Arabic and how well they can support After a small coffee break the second session started by Ms. Deepa Vinod, HOSS who explained the role and impact of technologies on students’ learning. Parents were oriented about active and passive learning, 21st

century learning skills, different technologies, and Apple TV –a new initiatives of our school. A demo of these apps are given by Ms. Indira, HOD of Humanities. Parents enthusiastically participated in Kahoot, an interactive learning App. Many more Apps were introduced like Mind Space, Myimaths, Socrative , Google Classrooms, blendspace, Edmodo etc. Using these and many more ensures that students are engaged and involved in their learning.

Cancer Awareness Campaign October 2015

In honour of all the survivors out there and the heroes who have died bravely struggling with cancer, The Oxford School created awareness amongst the students through various events conducted throughout the month: • Special assembly – a very informative assembly was conducted which apprised the students about various types of cancer and the precautions to adopt in order prevent ourselves from the disease. • An informative session for senior girls was also held by Dr. Pragati from Prime Medical Centre educating our students about breast cancer which has become very common amongst women. • Ribbons were sold to raise awareness and the money was donated to charity. • Bake Sale was also held which generated 6000 AED plus within a short span of two hours. • Mufti Day was celebrated as part of the campaign where students were dressed in casuals and donated Dhs.10 each for charity.

Bake and Sale Day Bake & Sale Day was celebrated on the 12th of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Many students brought cakes and other delicacies and participated actively. Students bought cakes from the stalls put up by the senior boys and girls and the proceeds of the same were given for charity.

An Informative Session on Career Prospects in Aviation Industry A informative session was conducted for the Travel and Tourism students by the Department of Humanities in the MPH on Sunday, 25th October 2015 . This interactive session was conducted by Sharaf Aviation Services Academy LLC. They apprised the students about the career prospects in the Aviation Industry and demonstrated that it will be one of the booming industries of the future as Dubai will remain a major tourist destination and 2020 will bring a complete metamorphosis in air transport. The presentation ended with a question answer session. Feedback was also taken after the session in the form of an online Quiz. “I will surely join the Aviation Industry as it has so much career growth !�, said an enthusiastic 11th Grader. No doubt, it was a very fruitful and informative presentation .

“PARENT TEACHER MEETING ” 29th October 2015 “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” Jane D. Hull

The first term Parent Teacher Meeting was held on 29th October, 2015 between 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm witnessing a huge attendance of the parents. Parents met class teachers, subject teachers and concerned section heads. Discussions related to academic attainments and students’ overall class performance was conducted on one to one basis. Feedback was given and suggestions were also shared so that the required support could be given to students. Overall, it was a fruitful and a successful meeting focusing on how the parent school partnership can help our students to become global citizens.

PINKATHON 2015 (30.10.2015)

A group of 30 students participated in Pinkathon as a part of Breast Cancer awareness program in JLT park. They walked a distance of 5 km to raise awareness in this aspect.

The important thing is not how many years in your life, but how much life in your years.

Health and Safety first- the rest is next.

The Oxford Front  

Newsletter 2015-16 October Edition

The Oxford Front  

Newsletter 2015-16 October Edition