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2016–17 Compiled by Vibha Shrivastavva

Promethean Concepts While contemplating the topic for a school magazine editorial, it suddenly struck me that our school’s ultimate aim is to unleash creativity. Not ordinary creativity, but creativity that dares to break existing boundaries; that expresses itself despite impediments; that makes itself visible without apology and with a boldness that is compelling. Like the Titan hero Prometheus, from Greek mythology, who stole fire from heavens and gave it to humans, TOS chooses to bring out the daring required to face the world as a strong individual. The Promethean challenges the world with a smile on the lips and with a heart full of music; with a swing in the stride and a lilt in the voice; with a happiness in the mind and a pride in one’s work; and with a confidence to boost not just one’s own morale but also to inspire others to strike out on their own. The contributions seen in the pages of this magazine are the attempts to be that Promethean. They may not always be perfect – but they are certainly the first steps that create that unique trail that is followed by numerous others. My heartfelt gratitude to all those who made the effort to contribute to this magazine. You are the Oxford Promethean.

Vibha Shrivastava, Editor, Promethean Concepts

Dear Parents, Famous Chinese philosopher Confucius had tremendous foresight when he made this statement, “He who learns but does not think, is lost, he who thinks but does not learn is in great danger”. Centuries later, these words still hold great significance in the current world of transformation and innovation. Never did we need to learn more than now; never was it more important to apply that knowledge intelligently than in the present. This very thought propels us to train our students and ensure their well preparedness for future challenges. Challenges which constantly arise due to the everchanging world of education which require knowledge, awareness and skills to be able to overcome them, challenges which make us aware of our inner strengths and hidden abilities. This is a journey of key discovery and enrichment both personal and academic life of all students, a revelation of tremendous knowledge and information. There are many changes in the offing for the next academic year. Changes in the way we teach and challenge our students as well as the change in assessment criteria. Change will also be seen through creative and innovative opportunity to explore and learn. Unlike earlier beliefs that creativity is a trait people are born with, latest research shows that creativity is a learned behaviour: it is not restricted to exceptional people and it is not even a solitary activity. Creativity, the evidence shows, is most often socially-engaged and often undertaken in group situations. Research also demonstrates that creativity is not an ill-defined, somehow esoteric quality but a set of cognitive approaches that generate innovative ideas. Basically, creativity is just a way of thinking and acting differently to the way we are normally encouraged to think and act. From a vaey early age, children explore their world through play and creativity. They learn through active explaration of the environment and trial and error acted out through play. Recent research suggests that this capacity for play and explarationn persists through adulthood and fosters creativity. Stuart Brown, MD, founder of the Ntional Institute of pla, believes that “the opposite of play is not work – it is depression” and play fosters and encourages creative thought. In fact, play IS creativity. There are a few ways we plan to further foster creativity further in our school: •

• •

Foster exploration of the environment: We allow children to figure out answers to questions through exploration and lead them to activities where they can find out the answer through trial and error. Take the lead from the students on how best they learn: Students will show us how best they learn, by trying to engage in these activities. We shall take their lead. Foster curiosity: This is the hallmark of creativity. We will nurture curiosity by encouraging an interest in the activities they need to learn. As we want to encourage children to be lifelong learners, we will foster their creativity and motivation to learn.

Give students time to ask questions: Teachers incorporate opportunities for students to ask questions and intentionally design lessons that allow for wondering and exploration.

Tapping into multiple intelligences is key: Creativity requires us to use various parts of our brain and we often bridge connections between seemingly unrelated areas to make new concepts emerge. We shall allow students to use their strengths to find innovative ways of approaching a topic or solving a problem.

Supporting the curiosity and creativity of our students within the constraints of our educational challenges is no easy task for teachers. It requires them to be creative to promote innovation and creativity in children. So, students can help adults foster their own creativity. Let’s all nurture our inner play, curiosity and creativity, and reap the benefits. I take immense pleasure in informing you that in the inspection cycle of 2016-67, the school has strongly consolidated the ‘good’ features of last year and improved the very good features. This has been possible because of the creative and enthusiastic students, the committed and dedicated staff of TOS and the visionary and instructional leadership of the school leadership team. The ACER IBT results further added many feathers in our cap when majority of students performed above the international standards, with a substantial number winning the high distinction and distinction awards in all three core subjects. There were 6 students who were on their ‘Honour award’ list too. Many congratulations to all students, parents and staff. I look forward to your continued support to the school to demonstrate a strong home school partnership. Your views are extremely important for school improvement as one of the key stakeholders. These lead us to reflect and evaluate our practices to sustain the improvement process spurred on by the implemented changes as reflective evaluation periodically through a variety of sources ensures that the change is continuous and realistic criticism is the best way to move it forward. Knowledge Empowers!

Ms. Aisha Ansari Principal

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression

and knowledge.” “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind” -Albert Einstein We, Educationists tend to require too much time to keep up with present trends and to adopt stateof-the-art pedagogies which work towards catering for short attention spans and multi-tasking – both of which are evident in young people who are our future generation. It’s not because we don’t recognize the urgent need of it, but because of the partnership we have with this field. Both creativity and critical thinking have been flagged as essential 21st century ckills, yet some of us think they are separate as oil and water. How easy is it to inculcate these skills in our students? The strategy is flexible and allows space for continuous improvement to keep up with the present changing scenario, where new digital technology and interactivity is concerned. Education has placed too much focus on preparing students for selected job opportunities. Also we’re living in times of massive unpredictability. The kids who are starting school this September will be retiring around 2070. Nobody has a clue what the world is going to look like in five years, or even next year and yet it’s the job of the educationist to help kids make sense of the world they are going to live in. So, what is the solution? It is a simple one. Teach our children to be creative, critical thinkers and independent problem solvers. Can we do that? The answer is a resounding Yes! But there are two ways of thinking about teaching all these. First, we can teach generic skills of creative thinking, just in the way we can teach people to read, write and do math. Some basic skills can free up the way people approach problems – skills of divergent thinking, for example, which encourage creativity using analogies, metaphors and visual thinking.

But in addition to teaching those skills, there is also personal creativity. People often achieve their own best work at a personal level when they connect with a medium or set of

materials or processes that excite them. So here technology plays a major role! When used correctly, technology is a platform that allows students to engage in meaningful creative activities and explore their own potential. It lets them learn through curiosity, collaboration, and critical thinking. Increasingly more and more employers are looking not for employees with highly specialized academic skills, but those with good thinking and communication skills. Employees who learn quickly and can solve problems, think creatively, gather and analyze information meaningfully. Many of the highest paying jobs require critical thinking skills, such as generating effective ideas and making important decisions. Emphasis should be increasingly placed on the transfer of skills and knowledge gained and on the ability to adapt to new contexts and situations. The fact that everyone has access to diversity of ideas and the means to actualize -intent means that we all can be more creative. ‘Creative thinking - in terms of idea creativity - is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practiced and nurtured.’ Edward de Bono

Ms. Deepa Vinod Head of Senior School

Passing thoughts from the Head of Primary School Creativity is a surprise. It awes you when one doesn’t even know the end results. Nature is the biggest and the most evident masterpiece of creativity. It is a work of creation that opens the eyes of soul to review the vivid colours. To me, creativity is an addiction. It’s infectious and passes on and on and surprises you, when you least expect any. It ignites the inner and genuinely describes you. It brings out the genius inside you. But being creative is not easy. It is the champion of obstacles, it is the obstruction that blocks one part of your mind from thinking in monotony and making the other part go wild. Creativity, being an integral aspect of modern learning skills gives learners an insight to think collaborate and create uniquely. Not only this but builds and develops in them the traits of acceptance resilience and tolerance. Students at Oxford School are exposed to challenges that make them utilize their mental abilities to the fullest. Creating the world they see in 2020 and defining it to the minutest of the details, generating ideas to promote sustainable environment promoting happiness and helping others are amongst a few examples of creativity and innovation exhibited by the Oxfordians.

Ms. Syeda Zaakiya Abbas Jafri Head of Primary School

It was the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017; I had the opportunity of receiving 250 most beautiful and amazing little buds. These were placed into 10 beautiful flower vases; 25 buds in each vase. The aim was to look after these buds, nurture them and help them blossom. It was clear that these buds would take a full academic year in order to grow and blossom into beautiful flowers I then handed over these to my 10 lovely teachers and teaching assistants. Together they had the most wonderful experience. Not only did these buds bloom into most beautiful roses/flowers but they had a fantastic year of growth. Our task was to see that these little buds grow into strong flowers that would be able to tackle the challenges of different seasons that they would be exposed to. Each day we watered these buds with hope, kindness, and love. We fed them with the nutrients of knowledge, character, and dedication. We cared for them so they could bloom with creativity, curiosity, intelligence, citizenship, and leadership. Yes! As you have guessed, these buds were the most beautiful little children of FS 2. We had an amazing journey during the year; together we played, experimented, explored, discovered, investigated and learned so many new things and got them ready for the next journey which is the formal learning in Year 1. We implemented effective ways to build their self-confidence, strong values and beliefs. Alas, it was time to hand over these most beautiful little flowers that blossomed and matured to the next door lady….The Supervisor and Head of Year 1! We realised that we would miss our children dearly but then their smiles and chatters clearly explained that they were ready for their next journey and were happily saying good-bye dear teachers…we’ve had a wonderful year!

The Promethean buds

Marat Aisultan FS 2 B- Peer Assessment on Subtraction

FS 2 B -Nature walk-collection of leaves and investigation Child initiated activity.

FS 2 B -Danica Jasper – Child initiated activity during outdoor area.

FS 2 B - Ahmed Mohammed Investigation for light (Science Corner)

FS 2 B - Rayyan Haq – Tyre painting in the sand area

Aiza Islam - FS 2 B – Best out of waste – Science Tray – Made a bangle out of plastic bottle and glitter.

The Growing Promethean Anti Bullying Campaign by Years 1 & 2

A Trip outside school always creates awareness Year 2 in Action: They don’t just enjoy their whole day in the field trip but they do explore and appreciated their learning through their simple reflections

Origami in Year 1 & 2

Year 2 in Action: Character parade during the literacy month

Year 2 in Action: Making Octopus Puppet

Year 2 in Action: field trip (Bird show and dolphinarium

Year 3 in Action: Little Poets

Year 2 in Action: octopus puppets

Emirates Environmental Group drawing competition 2017 Students of Year 2 participated in the Emirates Environmental Group drawing competition 2017: GIVING BACK TO NATURE




NEWSPAPER PROJECT: CHARACTER MAKING Students of Year 2 participating in newspaper project in group each group has 5 members. By using baloon, newspaper and crepe paper they made funny

3D and colourful characters.

Getting ready to create sports records!

APPRECIATED AND RECOGNIZED. Primary students and teachers during the morning assembly to celebrate World Book Day and award some of the best readers.

Biography Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoun become prime minister and vice president of the United Arab Emirates in 2006. He attended the Bell School OF Languages and was appointed Crown Prince of Dubai in 1995. In his mission to help transform Dubai into to lush and desired business location, he helped develop the Palm Island, the Burj Al-Arab hotel, the Burj Khalifa, Skyscraper, the Dubai World Cup and the Dolphin stables. By: Hassan-5A


Terrorism all over the world is increasing. Can somebody answer this? No, Nobody can answer those who tried to stop terrorism the next day we saw their dead bodies. Can someone stop this? The annual death toll from terrorist attacks has risen from 164 in 2003 to 3318 in 2009. By: Gull-5A

Treasure Hunt

Once we had a trip to Egypt. There are so many tricks, but the valley was not that much scary. And there were some bones. One of the bones have the map. We struggle a lot. Then suddenly a voice came “you, you go away” The Kay said “ We are not scare of you and where are you, where!” Then the land was almost to shake out but it didn’t. There was a bone which was shaking. Then Sam thought this is the bone “hoo”. Said Sam. “What happened? Said Roseth. They saw that the treasure was in the pyramid. They went in pyramid “Wow! It’s wonderful” said the group. “Hey! See there!”There is a box” said Rachel. The box box was locked. In that box the treasure was safe then suddenly the box opened and they got the treasure.” Super, lovely day”. Said the group then they went to their home. By: Zainab Waqar-5A

Black Balloon David was a dark complexioned boy. He stood watching the balloon man in the country fair attracting customers by releasing a red balloon, a blue balloon, a green balloon and a yellow balloon. They all went soaring into the sky until they disappeared. The little boy asked “Sir, if you send the black one up, would it you go as high as the other?” The balloon man understanding the boy’s question snapped the string that help the black balloon and as it soared upward and said, “ It is not the color son. It’s what is inside that make it rise.” What makes you feel inferior or superior to other are you not unique and much more the how you look and what you have?

By: Kashaf Afzal-5A

The Emerging Promethean myON is my own (A dialogue between a poor reader and a good reader) Mustafa: Hello Yousuff! How are you? Yousuff: I am all right. What about you? Mustafa: I am also fine. How are you going on with your day? Yousuff: It’s okay. But I am not getting on my studies as I am supposed to do. Mustafa: Oh, I see! It is undoubtedly a matter of concern. Yousuff: You are correct. But nowadays I do not find interest in reading textbooks or any kind of books. Mustafa: But why? You should spend more time on reading books. Yousuff: Yes, I know but knowledge cannot be perfected by reading textbooks only. Mustafa: You are perfectly right! That’s why we have myON, an on-line digital library where we have an access to over 1700 different books online anytime, anywhere! These books are in full color with great illustrations and we may choose to have them read to them or read them alone.

Yousuff: Oh yes, myON! I already read some books on myOn and I find those books interesting. The only problem with me is I do not give more time on it. Mustafa: Oh, I see! But come to think of it, without reading we are unable to expand our knowledge. In fact, reading makes a man complete. Yousuff: Exactly! I agree with you. Mustafa: And you know what? myOn also helps students like us in our academic homeworks and activities. It simply helps us to gain more knowledge in our different subjects in schools. There are books for English, Maths, Science, History, and even Scary or Mystery things, both fiction and non-fiction. You, what’s your area of interest? Yousuff: Well. I like Detective novels. From now on, I will spend my leisure time reading books. Mustafa: Excellent! I think a book is like a living person and a good book is a good companion. Yousuff: I also think so. A book is always ready to be by your side. Thank you. Mustafa: Yes it is. You are most welcome.

(A letter of Gratitude for the Reading Teacher)

You proved to me that Reading is not boring. Especially when you introduced myOn to our class, an online library where we can access the largest collections of books with reading supports. Before, I am not into reading but now with the great and interesting vast variety of books online, my passion for reading comes back into track. The morals that I got from the stories I have read awakened my soul and thought me how to be a better person. As a Reading Support Teacher, your title can ensure a role of heightening my knowledge in reading. However, you see me not as one of the many students you have, but instead you value me for my uniqueness and strengths. You promote an environment where I feel like I am able to not only share my contribution, but also know it is actually considered and appreciated. Thank you for being genuine. Thank you for seeing me as a partner in learning and sharing. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being one of the few great teachers out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have. And also thank you to myOn. With gratitude, Rabiya Raheel Gadit, 6D

Getting Through It

I just hate walking to school with an annoying neighbor. Whatever I look at, especially something that's got to do with plants, she looks at me with total disgust and rounds off her eyes. Her name is Rachel AKA disgust. And oh, silly me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Emma. I am nine years old and I am in fourth grade. It's just my first year in Oxford Academy and this neighborhood. This is about now, I mean like the present. I don't like my new school and you wouldn't know the reason why unless you read on. It's a long but interesting story. So here it goes.. I finished third grade and summer vacation just started. The good news: school's finally over, the bad news: I'm shifting to a new school and house. I could've made a list of disadvantages for this terrible idea but unfortunately, I didn't. If I conclude all my disadvantages, I can make one for both, shifting to a new school and house. The big disadvantage is that I'll miss all my close friends who always support me. If you could just understand how I felt... I don't know why but I had a feeling I won't get along with my new classmates in year 4. I called my friend, Amaya, and talked to her about it. "I really don't want to leave anywhere. I feel like it's going to be too hard." I moaned. "It's going to be fine, Emma. You'll have new good friends. You will be the star student of the class!" encouraged Amaya. "I don't know how you think so positive but I'll think about this once again." I replied. I tried to think about the positives but obviously, it didn’t work for me. The next day I moved to my new house. "Home sweet home!" said dad trying to cheer me up. "Yeah, right! Home sweet home" I replied sarcastically. I went upstairs to my room and EWW! I saw a dead rat on the floor, right under my bed. The next second, doorbell rang. DING DONG! "I'll get it!" said Mom. As she opened it, I climbed downstairs and saw a girl with brown hair and grey eyes holding a box of chocolates. "Welcome to the neighborhood!" She said. "I'm Rachel." "Hi, Rachel. This is my daughter, Emma. I'm sure you two will get along really well." said Mom glancing at me. We introduced ourselves to

each other and when she said she studies in Oxford Academy, my mouth hung open. Not because of shock, more like 'No Way!' because I didn’t seem to like her a lot. We talked a bit more about her interests even though I didn't want to. She left at dawn after drinking juice my mom made for her. My mom said she is a sweet girl but I said "Ya, as if" in reply. At night I called Amaya again. We talked for a while and suddenly, she suggested a great idea to get rid of my sorrow. "Come on! You have to be resilient! How about a party at your house, a small one like a leaving party?" "Oh Yes! Like a half leaving and half housewarming party. Hmmm... I think it just might work." I replied. The next Friday, I decorated my house with balloons for the party. I invited five good friends of mine. Two of them gave me gifts. We had so much fun in the party. We played games, we did a puppet show and we even did arts and crafts. This party felt like it pulled me up from the underground to the surface. "Thank you, Amaya." I said as she left my house. "All the best in your new school." She said showing a thumbs up. From that day onwards, I started to think positive about everything. School started after a month and I still didn't get along with Rachel. In the beginning, like I said, I didn't like my new classmates. Each time I thought about it, something whispers in my mind like 'Come on! You have to be resilient!' (Amaya's voice) She motivated me. After a while, I started liking my new friends and teachers. Everything was going well. My parents were glad that I was happy at last. Before I end, let me give you a tip on being resilient, a tip I learnt from my experience: have self-confidence. By: Juwairiyah Mohammed Shah

The Developing Promethean Interesting art Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the aesthetic dissemination of art. Art is a way of communication using creative paintings or artwork. There is way also of getting money by selling your paintings. The price of the artwork will be depending on the quality or the message it gives us. Famous artists: • • • • •

Leonardo da Vinci (15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519) Pablo Picasso )25 October 1881 – 8 April 1973) Vincent van Gogh ) 30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890( Salvador Dali11 )May 1904 – 23 January 1989) Andy Warhol )August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987( Famous paintings:

• • • • •

Mona Lisa The starry night The scream Girl with a pearl earnings The last supper Art consists of different types of art:

1. Visual : • • • • • Compiled by Vibha Shrivastavva

Sketch: make a rough drawing of. Painting and drawing: Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments Calligraphy: decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering. Portrait: a painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders. Abstract: relating to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality.

3D drawing: object or thing you draw upon a piece of paper that shows you the perspective and shading used to help make the drawing more realistic.

2. Crafts : • • •

DIY models: Do it yourself (DIY) is the method of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals. Sculpture: make or represent (a form) by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques. Textile crafts: are arts and crafts that use plant, animal, or synthetic fibers to construct practical or decorative objects.

3. Acting : • • • • •

Mime: the theatrical technique of suggesting action, character, or emotion without words, using only gesture, expression, and movement. Tragedy: an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe. Comedy: professional entertainment consisting of jokes and sketches, intended to make an audience laugh. Drama: an exciting, emotional, or unexpected event or circumstance. Melodrama: a sensational dramatic piece with exaggerated characters and exciting events intended to appeal to the emotions.

4. Music : • • • • • • • •

Instrumental & dubstep Pop music & DJ & rap & hip hop Culture & classical & jazz Opera Ballet Melody Orchestra Disco

5. Dancing: • • • • • •

Breakdance Dance-hop Dabke Mambo Salsa Samba

by : Oumar Mamoun – 8 b3

Best Friends You guys are the two guys that I adore, You guy were there when I need you And so much more. And I pray that God always keep you both in his sight guiding and looking after you two Morning, noon, and night.

P.E – 8B3 The class of 8B3 Is filled with joy and glee When they get to go for their P.E To enjoy what they see Football is what we play It is our moulding clay Learning, watching every tactic Even though it gets a bit pathetic We get that whistle for go To get ready to fight our foes Celebrating ever goal And appreciating every soul For without them We would not have that stem To grow like all the rest To become the very best!

Chocolate Chocolate is tasty But eating too much can get nasty It can cause you trouble And make it double Don’t eat it at night, May be just a bite And make sure you keep your teeth white By brushing before night, By Mohammad Arsalan 8B3 Compiled by Vibha Shrivastavva

For all the goodness and all the love that you guys share you both deserve all the blessings that the Lord can spare. Thank you for being a giving soul you both are the most thoughtful And caring people I know. Valeed and Esrom by- Andre 8 B3

Shape poem Come at night go at day, really high up in the sky! Can you guess who am I? I come in three shapes and am the king of the night! by: SHAIKH MOHD JUNAID - 8 B3

Thirst I ran into my house I stopped to catch my breath I just hoped My thirst wouldn’t be a threat Because I had to go out again To meet my friends and eat They had told me We would have a great feast I took a glass of water I begin to drink I drank half of it The rest went through the sink Thinking about what I did I knew my act was wrong I thought a little bit more I knew what my act had cause

Tick tock, tick tock goes the clock. Time swiftly flies, but you do not realize. At the end this comes as a surprise. The timepiece chimes and beeps, then ridding one of precious sleep. This is a cycle that goes on repeat. The clock is truly valuable as it keeps us on track, and in arrangement we may not lack. There it stands, the clock. A timepiece is a gimmick as the big hand tells the minutes, but the small hand has all the power because it tells the hours. BY BRIAN 7B2

Eating Disorder A question that used to race through my mind was "am I sick enough to have an eating disorder?" Just like everyone else, I didn't think it was that bad because i was eating. The fact I didn't understand was that everyone with an eating disorder eats. If you don't eat, you will die. It all depends on how you feel about your body. If you restrict your food, and consequently, often go hungry, you're sick enough. If you stare at your body in the mirror in disgust, you're sick enough. If you don't listen to your body and give it what it needs, you're sick enough. If you use food as a drug to get rid of your pain, you're sick enough. This was, at least, how I went through years of distress that came along with bulimia. I wasn't over weight or too thin, I was perfect... I was 'me'. It just didn't hit my mind that eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes. Therapy didn't help me much, I got great advice but it just didn't work out. Maybe it was because I was certain that nothing was really wrong with me. What did help me, however, was family. It doesn't always have to be family, it can also be spending time with your real friends. The secret to beating the sickness is to live mindfully. Living with consciousness, automatically makes us eat with love. Now, I know this has nothing to do with family, but a day out with my loved ones, was what made me realize the world I was so intimidated by. So i started really concentrating on everything i did. From brushing my teeth, to doing the laundry. It didn't matter what I was doing. The important thing was that i was present. And with better practice, I got better with mindful living, which solved all my problems and lead to a better life than what I hoped for.

Compiled by Vibha Shrivastavva

DOES HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF? Will everything that happened in the past be repeated again? The events that have taken place before always come around to happening again, some point in time. Any structure that gets built tumbles down, and rises again elsewhere. It’s an elaborately complex cycle that few consider. Maybe not in the exact sense, but from one angle or the other. An example is how Hitler attacked the Soviet Union in roughly the same tactics the Napoleon had, and for roughly the same reasons, and suffered roughly the same fate. Many theorise that at the time of the event of Noah’s Ark, humanity was more technologically advanced than it is today. Given that history only started being recorded since 3500 B.C, which was presumably after the event of Noah’s Ark, it stays a speculation. Though this would explain the formation of the Pyramids of Giza; the size and composition of the structures are much baffling as to how the people of that time managed to build something like that without the proper tech. Since the Flood was universal, it can be assumed that the all evidences of the advanced tech had been demolished. Though some of the sturdy structures survived the Flood (i.e. the Pyramids).

Because it was all wiped out, civilisations started evolving once again, setting the cycle into motion, which brings us back to our point of discussion. Déjà vu is another relevant case –


feeling of already having experienced something that is currently being experienced. Psychologists undoubtedly have their own theories to explain this, but it can be viewed with relevance to the topic at hand as well. To wrap it up, I’d say this is an interesting possibility to ponder on. There are no solid evidences to it, which gives us an open passage to explore and speculate.

-Suniyah 9G3

Choosing the road less travelled by… Life is full of surprises. Every minute we come across a negative or a positive event and basically, that is life. Do you think life would be fun without risks, risking thing comes with more of negative chance but its always good to look forward that little positive chance to be unique. A decision that one takes only by believing himself makes the person confident and independent. During this the person learns to fall and rise back again, no matter what situation might arise. along with this, comes curiosity to know what no-one has ever known thus leading to adventures and personal satisfaction that make and individuals personality lively and full of fun. Success and fame follows risks like a shadow; if you succeed, they would bloom. Who doesn't know Einstein or Bill Gates or Neil Armstrong? Well, these are the few names but there are a lot more in the list. Fame wasn’t gained by them but earned by them! They began their journey with a decision that was not taken by many and even though they were looked down by

others in the beginning but sheer faith and handwork led them to leave a mark on the world! It is good to expect the good but more important to expect the worst. Taking risks is not easy as we know nothing comes on a plate. It demands not only a lot of physical hard work but mental too! Gamble and risk are synonyms, there is no guarantee of an assured future. You might risk everything and product could be none. No one knows the future your risk might change your life. I believe “An Oops” is better than a “What if”. Follow the road less travelled because you never know you might come across a paradise covered with the woods. : Mehak Khanani, 9 G3

Pems by Year 9 girls Compiled by Vibha Shrivastavva

COMMUNITY SERVICES Community service is when you work for free to help benefit the people or your community. Engaging in community service provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society. Community service or volunteerism enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most. Participating in community service not only makes a difference to the organisation and people being served, but also makes a difference to every student’s career prospects. Participating in community service activities helps to enhance student resumes by allowing students to obtain work-related skills prior to graduation and builds good references for employers. It also helps students to develop civic and social responsibility skills and become more aware of what their society needs. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.� Mahatma Gandhi

By Komal Aftab Events Co-ordinator

Walk for Education

Students Visit to Autism Center Dubai

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Food Donation in Labour Camp

Debate Owning Animals Animals have been kept as pets for as long we can remember, but why exactly did we keep pets? Studies at the department of history, in Toronto have suggested that cavemen had kept pets to use as transportation or for hunting. In the UAE, animals are owned by many of the residents, here's why. Pets can be kept as stress relievers or as a friend, in fact, many families consider them as a part of their family. People who live alone keep pets as a roommate, so they don't get lonely, or they can be kept by those who require them for basic tasks, such as a blind man gets a seeing-eye dog to help him navigate. Pets also teach responsibility to children, as they have to learn how to take care of them. However, pets can also be quite the hassle. Taking care of a pet isn't easy, so not just anyone can do it. You have to bathe and clean up after them regularly, especially those who enjoy the outdoors. They can be expensive to maintain, depending on their needs, and that means those who are less fortunate cannot afford them. I, myself have a pet cat, and to me and my family, he is a part of our lives that we can never forget. In my opinion, those who can afford it and is responsible enough to care for one should consider getting one as they are amazing and will keep you happy. -Ayaan Chowdhury-9B 3 PETS: ARE THEY WORTH IT? Animals are loved by most of UAE’S and quite frankly, the whole world’s population. Whether it is a dog or a cat, you cannot deny the fact that animals bring joy and happiness to most human beings. However, having a pet means having additional responsibilities. If you’re thinking of buying one, you may want to consider; Are they really worth your time? Firstly, as mentioned earlier, pets come with responsibilities. No matter what it is, it could be a dog or perhaps, even a fish. Being a pet owner, you would have to take care of it by feeding it, washing it, playing with it, almost as if it were a baby! This brings us to the next point that is, how most people buy pets just for their own pleasure and refuse to take care of it. So before thinking of getting one, you might want to consider all consequences. A 2006 study proved that pet animals bring happiness into most people’s lives. Many people buy pets and treat it like a friend, almost. Especially the people who tend to be lonely. But do not get me wrong as this is just one of the reasons why people buy pets! Most of the time, people buy them simply because of their love for animals. They do not necessarily have to be alone or isolated to get one. But one must remember that once you have a pet, it is going to be very needy and would ask for a lot of attention. So you must either be ready to deal with that or do not get a pet at all. They most certainly do not deserve to be ignored or left alone. Lastly, I would like to stress the point that animals are not monsters, especially not the pet animals. Believe it or not, they have feelings too, just like humans and deserve to be treated with love and affection. So yes, it is totally acceptable and worth it to have a pet living in your house, just as long as it is not a lion and as long as you are willing to clean up its messes! Zoha Kamran 9 G1

OWNING PETS Do you own a pet? Well, a recent study reveals that almost 71% of people these days own pets and according to them, it is very beneficial. There are many reasons why people want to keep animals. A recent study shows that 43% of people these days think that their pets make them feel less lonely and scared. Moreover, 68% of people own these days own dogs. Some people keep animals because they make them feel safer. Let's take an example of a dog. They say that a dog is the most faithful friend one can have. It will always stay by your side and protect you. Dogs are also very loyal and they have the tendency to make their owner smile whenever they are depressed or stressed out. However, keeping an animal is not an easy job. A recent study shows that 30% of people who work in offices complained about their pets running away from home just because they couldn't spend enough time with them. If you want to keep an animal, it is your responsibility to feed it and give it the attention it deserves. Even though animals are very useful and the best “mood-makers�, Do you think they should be kept as pets? As I've already said, keeping an animal is very beneficial, but it also has some drawbacks. Animals do not care about how they look or where they are. They simply do whatever they want, wherever they are. They can make your house look dirty and unpleasant. Your pet may also disturb people around you, for example, many people find the sound of a dog barking annoying and extremely disturbing. Despite all the problems, people still prefer to keep animals as pets as they make them feel loved and safe. In my opinion, keeping an animal is actually a good idea as we can learn a lot from animals. Like the way they eat, they don't eat more than it's required. They will never betray you and can even risk their own life just to protect you! Izah Sohail - 9g1 OWNING PETS: GOOD OR BAD? Owning pets has become a sort of tradition nowadays. Young or adult, pets always seem to excite us humans. But have you ever wondered how your pets feel about you? How much care and attention your pet requires and little of that you give? To begin with, a study by suggests that children who grow up with pets are 48% more likely to do well at school. Secondly, pets energize and revitalize us. They give us the affection that others might not. Pets - specifically dogs - are known to protect their owners and be loyal to them throughout their lifetime. Nobody can argue that pets do bring out the more positive, sensitive, playful side in all of us. On the other hand, owning pets comes with its own disadvantages. Pets require extensive care and attention. This includes (but is not limited to) monthly checkups, vaccinations, countless trips to the vet, proper pet food etc. Not to forget, all of this can be pretty expensive. In UAE, it is even more difficult to own a pet as there are additional rules and regulations on adopting or owning a pet. You initially require a valid license to own a pet. Secondly, most UAE expats have to travel frequently and pet owners have to bear further discomfort as many airlines have strict rules and do not allow passengers to carry their pets with them. Moreover, pets are living things, and will die someday. Death of pets can be a devastating experience as is proved by a survey conducted in 2015 where almost 85% of individuals stated that they suffered from

depression and anxiety for almost two months following the death of their pet. It is also shown that pet owning is one of the leading causes of animal extinction-specially fish species. On the whole, I feel that animals are all things: beautiful, playful and cute but having them as pets can be a nuisance for both; animals and humans alike. Animals require special care and attention in order to survive, most of which can only be given by animal research and healthcare centers. According to me, the ideal way of admiring an animal is to observe it from a distance and/or donate some money to those organizations that work day and night for the proper health and safety of these marvelous creatures. BY: RUSHMEEN ANWAR 9G-1

It was just another normal night in summer, Me and my friends Faiqh and Yassin were spending the night at an arcade playing a new fantasy game called ‘The World of the Demon king’. It was a normal night for us, until the arcades lights shut off, “Wait what?” said Faiqh confusingly, “Did we get shut- “Yassin tried to complete his sentence but was interrupted by the arcade machines suddenly shocking us with electricity, however, it didn’t hurt one bit. When I woke, we were in a dark room, but it had one glowing ball of light just a few footsteps away from us, we all just had woken up and were fairly confused on what had just happened, but as we approached the light, we realized that it was no regular ball of light! It was some sort of pixie, and it greeted us and explained the situation. “Greetings gentlemen, you have been brought here to experience something out of the ordinary. You have been brought to the world of the demon king!”. “We were all too astonished to speak a word”. It then continued to instruct us to touch a peculiar looking ball, and said that it would determine our bodies when we get into the physical world of the demon king, so we all looked at each other

in complete amazement and then slowly approached the ball and touched it. I was to become a crusader, a person of strength and courage, who goes into the middle of battle and takes hits for their ‘squishier’ allies. Faiqh became a mage, a person of great intellect and power, who stays behind the rest of the team and casts highly effective spells and magics, and finally Yassin was an assassin, a person of great mobility and quick executions and thinking, who would silently and quickly sneak behind enemies and get rid of them before they knew what hit them. Then the pixie said that our usual names would be unusual and that we should be given new names to fit in. She recommended us a few names and so we chose, I was Garen, Yassin was Talon, Faiqh was Niyo. With our newly given names and appearances we were then created into the world by the pixie. When we appeared, we were already wearing out starter gear. I was a very large and well built, Yassin seemed to be very nimble, and Faiqh… Faiqh became a woman! “HEY! What’s up with this! I’m not a woman!” shouted

Faiqh at the slowly fading pixie who seemed to have a very smug grin on its face. Me and Yassin couldn’t control our laughter as we rolled around in the fresh grass laughing our lungs out. After cooling down, we noticed that we were in front of a fairly large town with a sign on the top of the games reading “Beginners Town” and a subtitle “Where every adventurer starts off”. “I’m guessing that’s where we should be heading.” I said as I started running towards our awaiting adventure. When we reached the gates, we were asked where we were from by a guard, and as anyone who was just teleported into another world would do, we lied. “We are travelers from another continent, but we got our memories robbed by magical elves!” I proclaimed followed by nervous laughter. “Alright, get in.” said the guard, “But first go to the town hall and get your profiles done, it’s compulsory for all beginners!”. So, we headed to the large building that read ‘TOWN HALL’. “I think we should avoid calling each other by our real names while were here so that it doesn’t cause suspicion” suggested Yassin followed by mine and Faiqh’s agreement. When we entered, we were greeted by a loud atmosphere. It was full of beginners like us who are looking to become adventurers. “Welcome! Would you like to get your profiles done?” asked a lady who seemed to be the leader of the place. So, we continued with her and filled out a form which required us to put a drop of our blood on some sort of magical looking marking, which immediately revealed our ‘stats’, which showed what we are capable of. Niyo had an absurdly high amount of magical energy meaning that ‘she’ could do high level magic already. Talon had immense luck and sneakiness, meaning that he could literally get away with anything, and me? I had an unusually high amount of strength and, for some reason a bit of magical energy, which was unusual for someone meant to be a crusader.

But after we got our profiles and stats revealed, we realized that we were hungry, and had no money. But luckily food was free for the first day for new adventurers, but we had to find a way to get some money so we can at the least survive, so we decided to consider the quest board. Literally everything seemed too hard for us, so we chose the quest that seemed the easiest. All we had to do was kill a monster that was causing trouble for surrounding villages, we were given a map and were told we can keep anything we get from the monster. So we head off to the location marked in the map. When we arrived, we saw that the monster was sleeping in the cave we were directed to by the map. “How lucky can we be!” whispered Niyo. “Let’s just try and kill it all at once”. We could make out the appearance of the monster as we approached closer and when we got close enough, we noticed that this monster seemed to be just a very large frog. So we continued with our plans and decided that we would all hit it all at once, but that’s when Niyo realized, that ‘she’ didn’t know any spells. “oh, just whack it a few times with your staff or something!” I said. Talon used his sneakiness to get behind the monster and stabbed its back while me and Niyo whacked it with our weapons, but it didn’t die as fast as expected, so it got up and seemed extremely angry, so I ended up panicking and then I felt something take control of my body, I don’t know what was happening, I could only see what was going on and couldn’t control my body, I started approaching the monster and I slammed my sword into the ground which caused a giant magic sword to appear from thin air and slam the monster into the ground killing it immediately. My friends were amazed and were praising me but I didn’t even know how I did that at the time, so we just grabbed the small blue orb that it dropped and ran off back to the town. When we returned, we were offered half of the towns deposited money for the blue orb, as it was a extremely legendary item only heard in folklore. “We hit the jackpot!” all three of us shouted as we walked to our newly bought home in the town. But this was only the start of our adventures… Ayaan Chowdhury – 9 B3

The Great World of the Demon Lord A summer evening, Ayaan, Yassin and I were, like always, playing the wonderful new fantasy game ‘The World of the Demon King’. We were quite excelled at it and were breaking records when one day suddenly the lights turned off, “What just happened,” I said with mixed feelings. “I think we-“, Yassin was cut off. A glittering blue light shone, and it was as if we were pulled inside of it and again suddenly, we were in a quite abyssal area. We lay there, stunned “What is this,” Ayaan questioned, we were all extremely surprised but we decided to adventure that place. It was quite dark but one ray of light shined brightly and it guided us towards it. When we arrived, we saw a pixie, a fairy of light that appeared to guide us. “I am Cheryl, you have been brought for a mission, ‘To destroy the demon lord and his evil minions’. “I give up, send me back please!” Yassin sighed. The pixie ignored Yassin and continued, “I will now send you to the World, and your character and your new names will be decided once you breach the gates of the World. Good luck!” We again awakened from our slumber, and decided to look at each other, “Ayaa-,” I was cut off and was forced by my brain to say ‘Garen’, he was very bulky and huge, it was as if I had shrunk to a smaller size when guess what…. ‘I did’ “You’re a girl, you are an actual girl!” Yassin and Ayaan began to roll on the grass laughing their souls out. I didn’t realize what they were laughing to and then I tried to look at myself, I actually felt my feminine presence, in both mind and soul. “Oh my god, I can’t believe it!” Yassin sounded fresh for the first time. Although he looked cool and strong but not as big as Ayaan, he was actually just a bit taller than me. “Fa.. Fa.. Niyo! Wait, I can’t say your name!” ‘Garen’ exclaimed. “The same thing happened to me earlier,” I also included myself to Garen’s demeanour, “Wait, I can feel it, my name is… TALON!” Yassin seemed very excited. “I’m a girl, I can’t believe this, why did this happen to me?!’ I shouted. Compiled by Vibha Shrivastavva

Dubai an amalgamation of culture: A Small Replica - The Oxford School Having spent a decade in UAE- Dubai, and having met people from every corner of the earth, tells that this place is at global major crossroads having multicultural residents, possessing different perspective and this is an unique feature which , resonates tolerance and acceptance, and has played a key role in Dubai’s hospitable environment. A newcomer or a stranger would be surprised, on being invited by traditional Emirati family. One gets to see a juxtaposition of mosques with churches and temples. The Arabic chatter in coffee shops; the sweet smell of Arabian shisha (hubbly-bubbly pipes); and also the kadak chai; the beautiful intricate calligraphy, and the festive celebrations – Eid, Diwali, Christmas, … is symbolic of people from different beliefs are living harmoniously in a pluralistic society. The Oxford School is a Multinational school, and its diversity is mirrored by student representation from almost 60+ nationalities. The Oxford School has accommodated students from different strata of the society. The schools’ leadership and vision, includes characteristics like a positive ethos, a culture of teaching and learning and a caring, welcoming atmosphere inclusive of all ethnicity. Professionalism manifested by the teachers of The Oxford is an asset to the school, where teachers are ever willing to share and are eager to learn and practice positive education that support learning for every child hailing from diverse background. Dubai’s tolerant society is all-giving and the city has organised events in all fronts, to name a few, breakfast diversity, Flag Day celebration, International Yoga Day etc. In line with the vision of the UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan declaring 2017 as the ‘Year of Giving’. The call of the hour is to gauge our contributions by the differences we make: the differences in one’s life, in a society, or in a nation. The Oxford School is foremost in promoting unity in diversity. Students feel a sense of belonging. We from varied nationalities give importance to the holistic development of the students. Events such as Ethnic Day, Charity Drives, Walk for Education exemplify this unity in diversity. The Oxford School is all for accepting diversity and believes in uniting each diverse bits and pieces in one bundle of Oxfordians and yes! Oxford School is truly an Amalgamation of Cultures.

Ms. Aisha Thasneem Head of Section 9-13

Expo 2020 and its impact on UAE’s economy November 2013, came as a jubilation day for UAE when it was announced that Dubai will have the privilege to host the World Expo 2020. From that time only the benefits that the UAE economy was going to reap could be understood by many people. Every country bidding for the chance to host the important event knew that winning would come with significant benefits, advantages that Dubai will be able to enjoy during the next five years, after its 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future' concept was chosen as the victor. According to the committee that will organise the Expo 2020, the theme echoes the powerful spirit of partnership and co-operation that has been

the driving force

behind the UAE's success in the creation of new paths of

development and

innovation. It is believed that millions of exhibitors and investors will come and share the challenges that are faced by most of the world economies and come up with solutions. The idea behind Expo is to create an unforgettable experience for the visitors. The World Expo is considered to be the third-largest global event in terms of economic and cultural impact, coming after the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. It attracts millions of visitors during its six-month run, with the 2020 edition expected to lure 25 million between October 2020 and April 2021. Not only will the economy benefit in terms of increased GDP and higher living standards but other sectors like travel and tourism, hospitality and construction sectors will likely to see a huge boom in their revenues. Expo, hence, will create large number of jobs for the people. The construction industry has already started to take shape in the form of magnanimous projects that have been initiated and completed this fall. These includes the water canal project, theme parks and adventure lands like IMG Worlds and Bollywood theme parks and resorts. Universal Studios is also in line. Thus, we cannot ignore the fact that Expo will bring in a lot of revenue, employment and increased opportunities for the citizens of UAE.

Mrs. Hina Umair Head of Commerce

Greetings from the Science Department! The Science department strives hard towards the goal of providing innovative and quality education with high standard to achieve academic excellence. The process of learning is extremely important in life. What you learn, how you learn and where you learn play a crucial role in developing one’s intellectual capability, besides career. To understand what science is, just look around you. What do you see? Perhaps, your hand on the mouse, a computer screen, papers, ballpoint pens, the family cat, the sun shining through the window … Science is, in one sense, our knowledge of all that — all the stuff that is in the universe: from the tiniest subatomic particles in a single atom of the metal in your computer's circuits, to the nuclear reactions that formed the immense ball of gas that is our sun, to the complex chemical interactions and electrical fluctuations within your own body that allow you to read and understand these words. But just as importantly, science is also a reliable process by which we learn about all that stuff in the universe. The word "science" probably brings to mind many different pictures: a fat textbook, white lab coats and microscopes, an astronomer peering through a telescope, a naturalist in the rainforest, Einstein's equations scribbled on a chalkboard, the launch of the space shuttle, bubbling beakers …. All of those images reflect some aspect of science, but none of them provides a full picture because science has so many facets. We love to wonder and that is the seed of science. Questions are more important than answers. Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge. We hope to develop these lines of thinking and contribute to the mysteries of matter and life through science.

Mrs. Preeti Manoj Head of Science

The Promethean Facilitators:

Passing thoughts by a teacher . . .

Purple is the sizzle of freshly chopped aubergines, sauteed to perfection Purple is the cloak of royalty, sign of prominence, a swell of pride, a curtain of secrecy, Purple is the burst of tangy mulberries, tingling my taste buds to an edge. Purple is the sky on a dark stormy night, myriad hues play a tap dance, now blue, now gray then streaked with silver, Purple is the tune of my soul, strumming gently, straining to be heard, Purple is the breath of anticipation, at the prospect of something laying wait to be unleashed, unbound... Purple is the throb of my beating heart, swollen with dreams untold, whispers unraveled, promises broken... yet.. still beating, still living, with a thin sliver of purple hope...

Vanities of Modern Life: We enclose ourselves in conditioned confines, Infusing lungs with recycled breath, Whining why life ain't normal anymore... Afraid to let down the shades, Free breeze like free will, Both restricted; though the tag spells free... Systems slacken, Blood corpuscles struggling in vain To replenish Degenerate energy... All to be blamed on the fixtures called the Couch... The TV Wonder who should be called so ?? The Object or the Subject With his eyes and himself glued on perpetually onto both...

Summertime blues I miss the cool showers of June yonder, The scorching heat of summer makes me wonder. Baleful warm winds sigh through the day, Children pant as in the blazing sun they dare to play. Lemonade and Ice are the only good friends, To quench the parched throats, crying hoarse till the lane’s end. Bags and books are long forgotten, Fun and frolic are the only agenda till schools reopen. How lovely these moments in childhood seem! When the reality of life is just a dream.

Ms.Jemima Cherith

Dubai: City of Stories

Dubai never fails to impress me with its heterogenous society. Every face in that crowded mall, every visage on the road has a story to tell. Each person carries an aura of mystery that just awaits somebody eager and curious enough to want to know the real person beneath that façade. The diversity present in the city is never intimidating – on the contrary it invites and compels one to wonder and to accept the difference and celebrate the disparity. Nowhere is this diversity more homogenous than in The Oxford School. When we launched the City of Stories project in the Literati Club in Secondary section, the primary thought that pushed the idea was the eclectic life apparent in this city. The following stories created from the interviews of people that our students contacted speak volumes not only of the acceptance in Dubai culture but also the courage and spirit of adventure Dubai’s denizens have to make a mark in their own way in this world.

Ms.Vibha Shrivasatava HOD – English

Autobiography written by Yousef Albadi (10 B1) and Hassan Tavari (10 B1) City Of Stories – The Dancer Dancing. One of the most beautiful and amazing kind of art that humans have used. What makes it really amazing is how different societies and different times, all had the same. It's amazing not because of how sound makes our bodies move, as at the end sound is just vibrations in the air, but what they do is truly magical. And that's what really brought me into the scene. I really had so much passion doing this. How amazing it was as I pondered upon it. It really made me think about this miracle and made me really enjoy my time while dancing. It all began when I was eight. My uncle brought a tape recorder that had a lot of music in it which I could play. At that time, there was no internet so it was a little bit difficult for me. You couldn't see different tutorials on how to dance, so basically I had to learn myself. These challenges that I have encountered during those times are not applicable today anymore which is a great step in the right direction. Thankfully, I did find a few dance classes in my area which helped me tremendously because no matter how much you learn by yourself, it’s still better to have a trainer by your side who helps you in learning the new moves that are hot in the dancing world. It was an extraordinary and truly fascinating experience. I had a trainer called Abdul who helped me into becoming who I am now. I mean, without his help, I would probably not be where I am today. So, let me tell you the story of what happened on the first day of my class, when I was twelve which means four years after I started dancing by myself for the first time. It was a new experience because I had never been dancing in front of people. I did dance in front of my family or friends but not really in a professional scene which made it really thrilling for me. First, I was really nervous as I didn't know what to do. I was thinking what if they don't like me or what if I was just not good...... So, everyone had to dance basically. I was pretty nervous after seeing all that talent and that really made me doubt myself. At the end when I went on the stage, I saw my trainer, looking at me and giving me a smile which boosted my confidence! I didn't know he was going to be my trainer at that time but I was really hoping he would be, because of the way he smiled. You could really see the goodness in this man and the passion he had for his students. After I finished, all I could hear was claps. The sound that gave me chills. It’s an experience which I will never forget. For the first time ever, people appreciated my art. For the first time ever, people admired me. It was out of the ordinary. I may never be able to fly; however, this was the closest feeling to flight you can ever imagine. I felt marvelous. After everyone was done, my trainer came up to me and gave me a pat on my back. He told me one day I'm going to be a great dancer. I still use that memory as an inspiration when I feel down. When I don't feel motivated, that motivates me! I smiled as my heart was hammering in my chest at that time. The point is that the system was that each student would find a trainer and request to be his student. The fact that he came up to me and said he wanted to be my teacher made me feel that I may have a chance. If I could impress a trainer at this stage, what could possibly be my future? Not going to lie I did feel proud at that time. That was unfortunate, because that pride didn't let me have friends at that time. Whenever someone would sit next to me, all I could think of was that I'm a better dancer than them. Why? Because my trainer selected me, instead of me choosing my trainer. Anyhow, they say you learn from your mistakes, so this really helped me to become more humble.

Later that day, my parents, all my friends and family told me they're really proud of me. It was a good day. In fact, it was one of the most notable days of my life really. These are the days that really count. These are the days that make your life what it is right now. That was my important day, the day that really defined who I am today. I knew that this was for me, that this art belongs to me. For weeks, all I could do was daydream about that day. How everyone stood up clapping and admiring my art. Imagining things like a bigger stage, with a larger audience. Just clapping. It seems a pretty silly thing to say right now but I was a kid at that time. I realize now that those dreams are kind of impossible as a dancer. At the end it doesn't really matter; what matters to me was that I am a dancer and I'm doing what I like. This is my philosophy of life really, doing what you like no matter what happens. The class I was in lasted for about four years. I was fifteen when it was all over. And all I could think of was where life would take me next. Like any teenager of course, I had the mindset that I was already an adult; that I could take on responsibilities and I was fully cooked for life. That was my mistake. I didn't listen to the adults’ advice. I failed to realize, at the end I was still a kid. This led me into taking one of the worst decisions of my life- quitting school. I would see all those professional dancers with stories on how they left school at the age of sixteen or even fourteen and now they're successful and rich. That was my plan. I thought school is getting in my way; in the way of my dreams. Failing to realize those stories I read are one in a million. Not every day stories, definitely not. And I'm not going to claim that there was no one to stop me and tell me it was a bad idea because plenty did. My parents cried for me. Like any teenager all I did was argue and talk back. It was one year I was trying to make a career out of dancing. But I had no luck. Having \ no productive thing to do for a year is a really depressing thing which made those years of my life one of the darkest. I really didn't have anything productive to do. I would just go home, eat food and then go outside looking for a job related to dancing. It became my hideous routine. I was really desperate; anything that was related to dancing, I would go for it. My parents told me and advised me to give school another shot. Maybe being an engineer is what I was meant for, not a dancer, even though they're worlds apart. I still refused. I just knew dancing was what I was put on this Earth for. I realized that I was not happy at that time. However, I always had these words in my mind; ‘with patience everything gets better’ . I was seventeen when I met a friend of mine. His name was John. He was also a dancer, I mean that's the reason we met in the first place. It was at a concert. So, me and him were strangers at that time and we just started dancing with each other at that place. I mean everyone stopped dancing, and just watched our moves. It speaks for itself. Fortunately, he had a lot of connections. Because of him, we could enroll in different competitions. It made it easier for us to show the world, how we could dance; to show the world our talents. Ten years have passed and I'm twenty-seven right now, still dancing, still participating in different competitions. Sometimes I still think what if I didn't drop out of school? Would life be a lot easier? Sure. But would I be happier? It's dancing that gives color to my life. I may regret certain decisions I made in my younger days, but I would never ever change any of those. I don't say that because I think my decisions were perfect. I say that because from mistakes I can learn. And I would never want any of my mistakes to be erased from my life because it is those mistakes that helped me achieve my goals. Those mistakes are the old wise men of stories, of my life.

As a child, I wanted nothing more than to become just like my father, I wanted to be as brave as him, as strong as him and I wanted people to respect me the same way they respected him. However, there was one problem: I was as stubborn as a bull. Because I was so obstinate, I was sent to the military school my uncle worked in. He was vicious at times and would beat me mercilessly like a dog. On other times, he would be insanely kind and would treat me really well. His bipolar attitude was one of my main influences to stand on my own feet by becoming an electrical engineer. I was very sure of what my goal was, and that was to get my degree in electrical engineering and start my own enterprise in Ghana. I also wanted to progress in order to ensure that my homeland would also prosper. Since I needed job experience, I moved to the infamous UAE. Upon leaving, I was very excited but I was also sad that I had to leave my wife and 3 kids behind. However, I knew I was making such sacrifices so that my family could have a good life. It my first time in UAE, due to which I felt out of place and alienated. Moreover, I didn’t know anyone there, so I was completely on my own. Due to these reasons, my family also believed that I wouldn’t be able to survive in UAE for more than a week and would come rushing back to my homeland. My top priority at the time was to get a job and the first offer that I got was to become a security guard. Without any hesitation, I took it. I have been struggling here for one year and three months, however, I am still holding onto my dreams. Zahra Khokhhar-8 G Interviewer: Momen Abu Omer (11 B1) Interviewee Saha (Aeronautical Engineer) Biography: Momen An Omer (11 B1) I never wanted to leave India but I had no choice. My mom was sick and my dad had to leave for the army. At that time, people serving the army didn't make enough money and her medicines and doctor appointments were very expensive, so it was either my sister or I who had to leave the country not only to provide a better treatment to our ill mother, but also to secure a bright future. My sister was very young and was also engaged to be married, so the whole responsibility fell on my shoulders. With a heavy heart, I left my country, although today, when I look back, I believe I made the right choice. In school I studied Aeronautical Engineering which was surprisingly easy and then I applied for the UAE visa , which I had trouble with, but after I submitted my father’s papers, the fact that he worked for the military boosted by visa process and I got it right away. Within a few days, I reached Dubai. Mind you, I didn't know anyone or anything there. Since I had no other place to stay, I resided in a cheap hotel and then started my never-ending journey to find a good job. God was in my favour since I did not have to go through a lot in order to find a job. I asked my manager for an early pay shifted at my co-worker’s place. From then on, I saved almost 75% of my salary and sent it to my family in India. I only kept 20% to pay the rent of the small cubicle I lived in. By the 15th of the month, I hardly had any money left to buy something to eat. I lived through this time of harsh poverty until my mom got better. After that, I decided to get married. I have 2 of the best children and am in the happiest place of my life.

Biography by : Qazi Amaan Alam-8B2

Let me shed some light on UAE’s past before recounting my story. In the past, the UAE was a very different place then it is now as it was not a country before; there were only different states and no cities. I distinctly remember the 60s, when I used to travel for eight days from Dibba to Dubai to sell my dates, I never thought that this place was going to change so rapidly. Life for everyone was harsh before the union of the seven emirates. I worked day and night at my farm, harvesting dates and plant palm trees. I also used to sell my dates and wood to people in Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai. To reach Ras Al Khaimah, I had to travel on my donkey for four days, while it took eight days to get to Dubai or Sharjah. After the union of the seven emirates, circumstances changed. The government gave us houses in the ’70s and we had electricity. Unofficially, I also used to work as the imam who called the people of his community to prayer in a masjod in Al-Raheeb. Later on, I was officially hired as the imam and I still receive a pension of Dh 10,000 for my past services. The masjid in which I was an imam was 1 kilometer away from my house. Now, only the ruins are left for me to help me relive the moments passed there, in the service of Allah. According to my family members, I am one of the only remaining father figures left in the Hassani family since four of my five brothers have passed away. My first wife died at the age of 46. Despite being in good health back then, I think today’s life is better because the hardship I went through in the past was very challenging. It was very difficult, we did not relax; all that we did was work indefinitely. Food was little and we lived from hand to mouth. I do have diseases today, but at least I can relax. Even today, I live peacefully in Dibba. Some months ago, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum came to my house. It was a shock to see his in front of my eyes. Now I live relaxed in my small traditional house over the mountains of Dibba. I live with my 91 year old wife named Aisha bint Mohammad bin Ali Ezyeed and the rest of my family. My house has traditional cushion seating and many other traditional things. The only thing I want to say is that UAE has progressed for the betterment of its people. I love the UAE from the depth of my heart and will remain forever remain faithful to it.

Haiku By Year 11 Girls

Birds Soaring free and above In another realm above Unknown to humans

HOPE: Don’t forget to breathe Through all those sorrowful times Tomorrow will come.

Tree It shakes in the wind, In all of its hues of green Sharing all its beauty. Diandra Clarabel 11 G1

Cute childhood treehouse sweet memories of kids And pure hearted dreams -Daniya Dyussengulova 11 G2

A Mountain

Reaching the blue sky Towering in prominence Eternally lone

By Hibah Mariam - 11 G2

Le Travail Pendant Les Vacances Scolaires Aujourd'hui,je vais parler de mon travail pendant les vacances scolaires .L'année dernière j’ai décidé de chercher un job à mi-temps pour gagner de l'argent et pour obtenir de bonnes expériences dans la vie professionnelle. Mes parents et mes amis m’ont beaucoup encouragée à réaliser cette idée super. Pour moi,c’était une bonne idée de travailler et de compter sur moi-même car je préfère etre indépendante dans toute ma vie et j’aime me payer tout ce que j’achète. C ‘est pourquoi quand j’ai fini mes examens, j'ai commencé à consulter les petites annonces publiées dans les journaux et postées sur les sites de demande d’emploi du net pour en trouver un qui me conviendrait. Un jour,j’ai vu une annonce publiée sur le net ou on cherchait une réceptionniste travaillant à mis-temps dans un superbe hotel du centre-ville. Immediatement j’ai contacte le manager et j’ai eu une entrevue avec lui. Grâce aux langues que je connaissais et aussi à mes compétences en informatique, j’ai passé l’interview avec succès. Deux-jours après,le manager de l’hôtel m’a appelleé pour venir commencer le travail. J’étais si heureuse et fière car j’ai été sélectionné parmi tant d’autres candidats. En fait,depuis longtemps j'attendais avec impatience ce genre de travail qui me permettrait d’etre en contact avec des gens de nationalités differentes .En effet j’adore l’ambiance des hotels et j’aime aussi parler des langues étrangères avec les touristes. Au début,j’étais si inquiète parce que je ne connaissais personne à l’hôtel et parce que je n'avais pas d' experiénces precedents dans ce domaine mais peu à peu ,j’ai commencé à m’a adapter au travail. Heureusement, mes collègues étaitent si gentils et sympa avec moi.Ils m’ont beaucoup aidee et expliqueé tout ce que je ne comprenais pas. Rawan Adel 10G Bonjour, je m’appelle Mouhammad Malick et puisque j’aime la nature je voudrais vous parler des saisons. Il existe quatre saisons qui sont; l’été, l’hiver, l’automne et le printemps. Le printemps est une des quatre saisons et comme toutes les autres , il dure trois mois. Au printemps, les oiseaux chantent, les arbres bourgeonnent, les fleurs colorent la nature, les animaux sont amoureux et le soleil illumine nos journées. L'été est la deuxième saison de l'année, avec lui vient le soleil et les vacances. Il fait beau et c’est l'occasion de prendre du bon temps, de se reposer, de s’amuser et faire des grandes promenades à la découverte des zoos et des parcs aquatiques de votre région. Bref, l’été est la saison des aventures. L'automne est la troisième saison de l'année, elle arrive au milieu du mois de septembre et avec elle vient la pluie et le vent. A cette saison, les arbres deviennent rouges, orange et jaune. La nature se transforme ! Les petits plaisirs de cette saison sont de cueillir des champignons et ramasser de belles feuilles. L'hiver est la dernière saison de l'année, avec lui vient le vent, le froid et la neige. L’hiver est la saison la plus froide de l’année. Pendant trois mois, il faut mettre doudounes, écharpes, bonnets et gants pour ne pas attraper de gros rhumes. C’est durant ces mois que l’on voit tomber la neige avec laquelle on peut faire des batailles de boules de neige. C’est aussi le moment où on peut faire du patin sur glace et même découvrir les joies du ski. Mouhammad Malick 11B2

Mon chanteur prefere Bonjour, je vais vous parler de mon idole. C’est un chanteur et réalisateur qui s’appelle Stromae, mais son vrai nom est Paul Van Haver. Il est né le 12 Mars 1985 en Belgique de père rwandais et de mére belge. Au mois d’avril 1994, il y avait une guerre qui allait annoncer la mort de son père, alors Stromae a decide de vivre avec sa mére ses frères et soeurs. C’est a l’age de onze ans, que Stromae a commencé a s’intéresser a la musique surtout aux percussions. En 2000, il choisit le pseudonyme Opsmaestro pour commencer dans le monde du rap, mais cette pseudonym étant similaire à celui d’un autre artiste, alors il decidai de changer son nom à Stromae, qui est verlan du mot ‘’Maestro’’. En 2009, il sortit une chanson qui s’appelle ‘Alors On Danse’ qui parle de la vie dure qui poussent les gens a danser pour faire oublier les problémes, c’était trés populaire a l’echelle intérnationale. En 2013, il a sorti une autre chanson qui s’appelle ‘Papaoutai’, ça parle d’un père qui a abandonne son garçon, cette oeuvre a eu beaucoup de succes surtout dans le monde francophone. Maintenant, Stromaae a decide de prendre une pause et il est en couple avec une styliste nommee Coralie Barbier .

Pratiksha Prakash 11 G

Un oeil sur la francophonie Les francophones sont les gens qui parlent la langue française. C’est la langue qui est enseignée dans tous les pays du monde. Des scientifiques et des techniciens francophones ont inventé le ballon à air chaud, le cinema, la radiation, les cartes à puce, la television HD, la motoneige, la saxophone, le Velcro et beaucoup d’autres. Vingt-neuf pays dans le monde sont francophones donc ils utilisent le Francais comme langue officielle. Par exemple la Belgique, le Bénin,le Burkina, le Burundi, le Cameroun, le Canada, la République centrafricaine, le Chad, les iles Comores, le Congo, la RDC, la Côte d'Ivoire, le Djibouti, la France, le Gabon, la Guinée, Haïti, le Luxembourg, Madagascar, le Mali, Monaco, le Niger, le Rwanda, le Sénégal, les Seychelles, la Suisse, leTogo, et aussi le Vietnam etc. Parler le Francais est une chance puisqu’il permet d’avoir a des universities d’excellence et aussi travailler dans les pays francophones. Montaser Chowdhury 8B2

‫زریں‬ ‫جماعت دہم کی‬ ‫زینب ریاض کی‬ ‫طرف سے لکھاگیا‬ ‫عمدہ اقوا ِل زریں!‬

‫متحدہ عرب امارات کے ایجنڈے کے بارے میں‬ ‫لکھا گیا ایک عمدہ نثر پارہ ‪ ،‬جس کو جماعت دہم کی ملیحہ عبدل واحد نے تحریر کیا‪-‬‬ ‫ملیحہ عبدل واحد جماعت دہم‬


‫جماعت دہم کی طالبات کی‬ ‫جانب سے تحریر کردہ ایک‬ ‫مضمون‬


Oxford celebrates Adnan Shah of 7B2 and Omar Ahmed of 9B2 were selected from over 7000 players across the UAE during the LaLiga du Football Champions UAE Schools & Street cup for their outstanding show of talent.

Adnan Shah reached the final round of the selection. Mifzal Rukhsaid of 10B3 was selected for Dubai under-16 cricket team among 2500 players all over dubai. And with his brilliant performance throughout the tournament dubai won the championship.

WEERAHANNADIGE DINAYA HANSAL FS 2First prize trophy for FS Primary Colours Spelling Competition

Ganesh Ramm from The Oxford School, Dubai represented UAE in the International Level round in New York City on December 18, 2016

Citra Uniqra team who won the best collaborative award for the #HappyPlant2016challenge ...An innovative project initiated by KHDA in collaboration with Kalebr

UAE Topper – A -level – CIE exam 2016


Raed Shared of Year 9 won the second place in Islam & Real Muslim competition.

World Scholar’s Cup – Debate Champions: Team 692: Zainab Khokhar 10 G2 Abdullahi Mohamed 10B1 Mouhamed Malick 11 B1

A video documentary on a charity event in the Holy Month of Ramadan by Fazal Amin of Year 13. The short documentary was endorsed and appreciated by Ms. Sara Al Madani, board member of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and industry.

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