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UAE National Sports Day


From the Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, Learning at our school aims to allow students to improve their intellectual, social and personal resources that will enable them to participate as global citizens who contribute positively to all aspects of our diverse and changing society. November has been a month that has been very productive with many curricular and extra-curricular activities being offered to our students; from participating in UAE Innovation week through What Work Makers, to Market day enterprise, celebrating Unity in Diversity to challenging activities during the Science week, Sports fixtures to attending educational seminars, thus ensuring their holistic development. We are looking forward to continue providing engaging and purposeful learning opportunities for all our students in future and ensuring that they are involved in developing big ideas, key skills, critical thinking and analysis which are the most valued learning processes and outcomes. The monthly Parent Coffee morning on Saturday 28th November focussed on ‘Parenting digital Natives’ and ‘Assessments Policy across Primary and Secondary school. I would like to request you to let us know of any topics you might want us to conduct workshops on. Further I would like to request that as part of our school policy on ‘Parent as Partners’, if you would like to share your skills as a professional or any talent you might have with our students for our ‘Share a Skill ‘ programme it would be great. I will be sending a circular in this regard very soon. I would like to remind you that it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that students are in school on a daily basis and availing all opportunities to learn. A day lost due to absenteeism means loss of 6 hours of learning. I look forward to your support in this. Wishing you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year in advance.

Regards, Aisha Ansari Principal

A Show of Love and Appreciation for HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin rashid al maktoum : a School Parade HH Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum visited the Creek Park on 3rd November, 2015 at 11:45 to unfurl the UAE flag. Nearly 12,000 students from different schools participated in this parade, to express their love and respect for the country and His Highness. The revolutionary changes to the Emirate and UAE is undoubtedly remarkable; his innovation and transformation is not only limited to just industries but has also brought tremendous changes in the educational sector. His passion for change in the field of education is remarkable. The Flag Day was celebrated, as a noncommercial event to support the community efforts. The Oxford School, Dubai participated in the programme to honour the raising of the UAE flag in the presence of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. Upon the arrival of Sheikh Mohamed, the students cheered and enthusiastically greeted him with a huge round of applause while the music played to support as the parade by the Army, Navy and Airforce took place. In line with the directives of HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid, the flag was raised at 12noon to showcase the strength of the Union and patriotism for the nation. HH Sheikh Mohammed himself, unfurled the flag with the National Anthem being played along. The students waved and saluted the UAE flag. The Oxfordians were very fortunate to meet and greet him closely as they expressed their gratitude towards the nation. Back in Oxford School, the Principal raised the UAE Flag along with the Section Heads, Student Council and other staff members. The UAE National Flag Day marks the love, appreciation and affection of the citizens towards the country.

11/11/2015 Recycled Fashion Show Thinking Green leads to Acting Green

Taking corrective action to make environmental responsibility a reality. A Fashion Show for parents with recycled materials was organized on Wednesday, 11th November 2015. The enthusiasm of our parents was evident as there were mums who had used recycled materials to recreate their costumes from head to toe. There were also mums who had created wealth from waste and they came in with lampshades, bags, earrings, headbands fruit baskets, pencil stands which they had created from waste.

3/11/2015 - Colour Mixing The primary and secondary colours were introduced to the children through play and exploration. The children experimented through colour mixing and they were surprised to see new colours emerging.

4/11/2015 and 5/11/2015Magic Milk Experiment From the freedom to explore comes the joy of learning, they learned about interesting science facts by experimenting with milk, food colors and dishwashing liquid and found that it reacts in surprising ways. They enjoyed learning about colour blending in an interesting manner.

18/11/2015 - Experiment with Mum and Dad The month of November was celebrated as the ‘Science month’. Experiments with mum and dad was organized as hands on experiences is a very important aspect of learning science. The children along with their parents demonstrated experiments to their classmates which made learning Science meaningful and fun.


Trip to the Supermarket A trip to Carrefour was arranged for children of FS2 to learn about plants and their products. It was a great learning experience as children were able to reinforce in a practical way some of the most important concepts they have learnt in classrooms. They were able to learn where the food comes from before they arrive at the grocery store.


Mini Chefs- Sprouted beans salad Along with the theme on ‘Germination’ in order to inculcate healthy eating habits among the children,” Sprouted beans salad ” making was arranged. Children brought in various sprouted beans and helped their teacher in preparing a healthy salad for themselves.

Primary Section

Year 4 Blue Assembly: Conservation of Water Grade 4-Blue hosted an assembly on 3rd November, 2015 in the MPH. The theme for the assembly was ‘STOP THE DRIP, TO SAVE THE DROP’. A short video clipping on the theme helped immensely to drive home the point. The essence of the assembly, which was much appreciated by all, was that the entire class participated in order to send the message loud and clear to the student body. Each participant of the assembly had a head gear with a drop of water labelled on to it. An Arabic version of the message followed the main assembly.

Assembly 1 Yellow - 15th November The students of Year1 Yellow presented the assembly – ‘Prevention is better than cure’. They students presented the assembly by talking about the “Do’s and Don’ts” of keeping themselves safe by avoiding playing with sharp objects, fire etc. Then, they spoke on how to help others and to take them to the clinic, when they get hurt. They displayed charts showing “Safety and first aid’.

3 purple assembly

The students of Year 3 Purple conducted an assembly on Healthy Eating on 19th Nov 2015. They performed a role play on healthy eating habits followed by a song related to the topic of healthy eating. Children danced to the tune of the song, They held a banner on healthy eating and placards with pictures of different food items on them .Each student spoke about the importance of eating nutritious food .They conveyed the message that “ Eating healthy was important for a disease free life “

18th, November Year 2 Violet Assembly The Assembly began with a quotation of MARTIN UTHER KING .The students presented a small skit “The hare and the Tortoise” to depict that one should not be overconfident. They also understood that “slow and steady wins the race”. They were inspired to always speak the truth and never tease others. Students also presented the parts of the body in Arabic .

Sports Day Years 1 and 2

The Annual Sports Day Year 1 and 2 at The Oxford School, Dubai began on November 5th, 2015 at 8.30am with the Quran recitation which was translated by the student of Year 2. The students then sang the UAE national anthem. The walk past began, with the parents cheering the children. This was followed by a motivational speech by the Principal. Students from both the year groups presented aerobics to the tune of upbeat music . It was great fun watching the students perform the novelty races , with their parents eagerly watching them win. The winners were given certificates and awarded medals by the Principal, Primary Head and the Supervisor. The event came to an end with a vote of thanks by the Head of Primary.

‘Sport is health, education and life, which brings the world together.’

As the world celebrated International Science Day on the 10th November 2015, we at The Oxford School celebrated science through Science Gala. Year 5 and 6 students planned and carried out amazing experiments, that got our little learners from the lower school super excited. The theme for our Science Gala was –WATER, the magical liquid. There were many experiments like magic bubble, making snow, walking water, Water oxy, reflecting and refracting light in water, sink and float… to name a few. Science is certainly a very fascinating subject to learn as it arouses children’s curiosity about the nature and whatever happens in our everyday life. Science Gala, as an event, gave our primary students this opportunity of exploring the everyday magic of science.

Recycle Fashion Show

11th November

The Recycled Fashion Show, an educational event organised by The Oxford School, was intended to inspire others to preserve and protect the environment by rethinking recycling. Parents were to create anything new from recycled materials in a runaway style fashion show. They used recycled or reused materials, like cardboard, steel/tin, aluminum, newspaper, coloured papers (magazines, junk mail, and catalogs), and paper bags and came up with fantastic creations. One of them was dressed up like a princess. They were judged on creativity and presentation. The students enjoyed watching their parents walk on the ramp in recycled costumes. T h e participation and enthusiasm of parents made the event successful.

Spelling Bee -17th November

To enhance the English language amongst the students, The Royal Spelling Bee competition was held in The Oxford School. The students from Years 1 to 10 participated with lot of enthusiasm. The first round began at 10:30 am with the dictation, followed by jumbled words. The students had to unscramble the jumbled words to arrive at the correct spelling which was very challenging. The third round was the oral round which took place for those

who qualified in the written rounds. This was again taken level wise. Finally the time came for the certificates. The winners were awarded certificates and medals. All the students were given participation certificates. The winners have qualified for the 2nd round – The Interschool round, which will be held in February 2016.

Community Helpers:19th November

To explore the meaning and importance of community helpers in our lives, Year 1 celebrated this day by dressing-up like different community helpers such as police-man, fire-fighter, doctor, nurse, teacher, engineer, city worker, painter, chef, security guard, news-reader, bus driver etc. The students spoke a few lines on the characters they were representing. The main motto of this activity was to make the students aware about the real life community helpers and to learn to respect them.

UAE National Sports Day 25th November Being active is the most basic aspect in a life of a student . ‘It takes efforts to win a game, but it takes courage to change a game’. Yes the spirit of sports and games makes it going all through out. The UAE National Sports Day was celebrated in The Oxford School on the 25th November as a part of the Innovation week as declared by HH Sheikh Mohammad from 22nd to 28th November 2015 as Innovation week in UAE. The enthusiasm was seen all over the school where different sports activities took place right from FS2 to Year 13. The FS2 performed a drill on two different music pieces, followed by Years 1 and 2 . The students performed a variety of exercises. The senior boys played competitive football matches with scores and points. The basket ball matches for the boys was also very enthusiastically participated by the students. The girls too, played basketball with lot of zest and zeal. Hence the UAE National Sports day was fun with lot of activities, bringing a sporty and active atmosphere in the school.

‘Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

Market Day - 22nd November The Commerce Students, our future entrepreneurs of Year 11 and AS arranged a

MARKET DAY showcasing their entrepreneur and marketing skills at the stalls. Students had set up different stalls of food items, henna, face painting, photo booth, nail art, games, etc. to raise money for a good cause. During the break time, Year 1 and 2 were given a chance to visit the stalls so that they could buy the variety of things put up for sale and contribute to the society. Teachers of Year 1 and 2 also contributed in this great cause.It was a great effort made by the Commerce Students.

Finale of Science Fair- 26th November The Theme for November being science, hence The Oxford School organized Science Fair for Year 1 -6 to exhibit their ideas on science. The fair was inaugurated by the Principal, Ms. Aisha Ansari. She appreciated the efforts of students who participated in the event. Students displayed their exhibits and innovations to the principal and the students.There were exhibits from all the year groups based on the different concepts learnt in the first term. The experiments were judged by a team of judges and winners were declared after a long discussion and deliberation.

Dubai Municipality – Painting Competition on World Food Day Food Safety Festival The students had an amazing opportunity to showcase their art skills in the Painting competition held on the occasion of World Food day – titled ‘Food Safety Festival’ which was organised on 26th November 2015. The students exhibited their art skills and it was exciting to see students from so many schools, in one place showcasing their talent . Over all it was a great experience for the students. The judges really appreciated the art work that was done by our students.

Report – Burj Khalifa On 1st November 2015, the students with their respective class teachers and asst. teachers had a trip to the world famous structure BURJ KHALIFA. The students reached there well on time at 9:00 am and were all excited to be at the top of this tallest structure in the world, standing and viewing the world around them from the 125th floor. Their little faces were gleaming with pride to be at such a height. They explored every corner of the floor to get a bird’s eye view of the topography down below. We all returned back to the school

Report – Class AssemblyConservation of Water

Grade 4-Blue hosted an assembly on 3rd November,2015 in the MPH. The theme for the assembly was ‘STO by 12:30 after having spent a good 2 and a half hour at the top of this structure….all tired but very contended. P THE DRIP, TO SAVE THE DROP’ The assembly began with the Quran recitation followed by the National anthem of the UAE. A short video clipping on the theme helped immensely to drive home the point. The essence of the assembly which was much appreciated by all was that the entire class participated inorder to send the message loud and clear to the student body. Each participant of the assembly had a head gear with a drop of water labelled on to it. An Arabic version of the message followed the main assembly.

26th Science Collage Making Competition Another science month event, collage making and poster-making competition, was held on the 19th of November, 2015. Poster making competition for Years 1 and 2. The theme for Poster making was “The universe”. Collage making competition was for Year groups 3 to 6. The theme for Year 3 and 4 was “Cool Science Inventions” and for Year 5 and 6 was “Science of the future.” These events were held during circle time and the winners were given certificates .

29th Year 1,2 Bio-Farming . The Oxford School had organized Bio Farming activity for Year 1 and 2 to enable students to learn about importance of trees on the 29th of Nov, 2015. The event was inaugurated by planting a sapling. Then the class representatives of each class planted different saplings of different vegetables. Some of the students dressed up like a plant and spoke about the importance of trees in the environment. The students then took oath to take care of them. It was a great effort endorsed by the little ones to ‘put something back’ into the environment and encourage birds, insects and other creatures to settle into that habitat.

30th November UAE Commemoration Day We, at The Oxford School, take great pride and honour to be a part of the diverse multi-cultural society of UAE. As a mark of respect to this nation that has given us so much the students and staff observed a minute of silence on 30th November for the brave martyrs of this country. The head boy and girl along with the Principal raised the flag at 11: 30 am which had been at half-mast since the start of the day as a mark of respect to the martyrs. The national anthem was played whilst the Principal, Head Boy and Girl along with their deputies raised the UAE national flag and School Flag. Our prayers are with the families of the martyrs.

UAE National Day Celebration Unity In Diversity - 30th November “Unity in Diversity”, the name itself suggests different people of different countries all in one gathering. The Oxford School celebrated the cultural diversity and 44th UAE National Day with this theme. It was filled with fun, excitement and food for the students of FS2, Year 1 and 2. They had the magic show followed by Popcorn fountain to enjoy the tempting popcorns. Students took home the goody bag with food packets and a puzzle to play with. Students from Year 3 to 13 had the class decorating contest, where in the judges of the respective sections took a round to judge the 3 best decorated classes. It was a delight to see the whole school engaged in fun activities, contests and still learning taking place. Our student council body, teachers, HOD’s, Section Heads, and other staff of the school were present in the school compound at this moment to pay their respect to the Martyrs.

Door Decoration Competition- Years 3-6 The classes of Years 3-6 decorated their doors on the occasion of the UAE national day celebrations on the 30th of November. A lot of effort was put in by the teachers and students, for over a week . The decoration on the doors were judged on –theme, originality, completeness, craftsmanship and visual impact. The following classes were the winners.

Assembly Reports - Year 9 to 13 TOPIC_ “Marketing and Islam”. This assembly on November 1st 2015 marked the beginning of the Commerce month in our school which focused on the importance of Commerce as part of our everyday life and its correlation with other disciplines like Science, Math, ICT and Islamic Studies. For the first assembly our students chose to highlight how a major aspect of commerce --marketing is correlated to Islam. Students clearly communicated the meaning of commerce by highlighting it as a component of business which includes all activities, functions and institutions involved in transferring goods from producers to consumers through effective marketing. Information about the 4P’s of marketing in relation to Islam were shared. The presentation also gave a message that Marketing of Islam is done through what we do and how we conduct ourselves as entrepreneurs in various fields of work. By marketing Islam, it does not mean we treat Islam as a commodity, but as the most valuable brand that we are representatives of. The assembly concluded by Ms Deepa and Ms Amina’s address who gave their input and acknowledged that the message was positively presented by the students and applauded them. Later, hadith handouts were distributed to the teachers.

“Islam can continue to contribute to the eco system for the benefit for all and truly be a blessing to all, not just with words but with real action and contribution”.

TOPIC- SCIENCE Month Inauguration “Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure SCIENCE .Science isn’t about why …. It is about why not?” The Science Month Launch conducted on 8th November 2015 was certainly a moment that we all at The Oxford School savored and enjoyed. It all started with a dream …. A dream of motivating young learners to explore, discover, invent and work together on a common platform. This event was very important as it gave the realization that the scientific base must be enlarged and strengthened by providing opportunities to the students to come forward, design and express themselves. The event saw young enthusiastic students of AS, Fazal Amin and Mohammed Tahir Ansari coming up with their innovative documentary titled “Science…Past, Present and Future “and Nethmi Gunathilake and Ayman Azmi of A2 presented various career options in Science with an endeavor to promote scientific inclination among bright young promising students. Innovation is critical for the continued survival of any civilization and the students of The Oxford School have been given ample opportunities to create and innovate. As a part of this effort, students designed a Science screensaver and the winner,

Zeinab and Hamda of Year 9G2 were awarded certificate and the screensaver was officially launched. Ahmed Sohail of 10B2 also launched his science app “SCIFORD” and the Bio farming club also announced its venture. The assembly ended with the message: Never fear to follow dreams and to never stop questioning!

Topic- E-Commerce in UAE: Life meets Digital’

On the 15th of November 2015, the Commerce students organized a special assembly to mark the commerce month on the topic ‘E-Commerce in UAE: Life meets Digital’. Oxfordians had prepared an advertisement to illustrate the importance of E-commerce. Furthermore, oxford students had carried out a market research on E-Commerce in UAE and explained their findings to the audience. The students were also made aware about the different career options available to them in the commerce domain. A quiz was also conducted where the students had to identify logos, famous entrepreneurs and advertisements. The winners were given chocolate gold coins as a prize. Lastly, the principal was called on the stage to award the winners of the various competitions held in the commerce month. Students were also informed of the upcoming fun activities during the month and a specially designed credit card was shared with the management team.

Topic- Energy Conservation schools initiatives in conserving energy. Teachers and students reflected on why saving energy is important as well as the ways of conserving energy.

On the 22nd November, 2015, Year 9 students conducted an assembly on Energy conservation. The assembly innovatively discussed the idea of conserving energy through a role play. This role play was based on depicting different types of appliances which consume different amounts of energy. The assembly then showcased through a video the

This was an important assembly asitspreadawareness amongst students about how to save our energy sources for the future and aimed at creating responsible global citizens.

Assembly Reports – Year 7 and 8 Topic- Innovation

Students of Year 7G1 conducted assembly on 2nd November 2015 with an interesting topic – Innovation. As we all know that young minds are very curious and each student can put his ideas and create useful things and can become an innovator. Students of Year 7G1 explained how useful it is to form new ideas and bring them to existence and validate them. They spoke about different types of Innovations. Students presented about Steve Jobs as an example of a GREAT INNOVATOR, and his successful Entrepreneurship skills. Students concluded it with quiz on innovation.


Students from Year 7B1 conducted assembly on 9th November 2015 on the topic Inventions and Inventors. Invention is the activity of investigating and finding a new method of achieving something. They spoke about great inventors as Edison, Einstein etc. who dedicated their lives to their field and to the good of mankind. Many of them sacrificed their personal life and made our life on Earth today comfortable. Students also took oath that they will make earth a better living place and will not do any harm to it. Assembly was concluded with quiz.


A very informative assembly was conducted by Year 7G2 on 16th November 2015 on the topic –Fueling technology. The main points that discussed in the assembly event are the impacts and the evolution of technology in: (i) Medicine -treatment for different diseases like smallpox, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and many more and prevention in nutritional deficiencies, (ii) Agriculture -

massively increasing the amount of food available to feed the world and simultaneously transforming the economic structure of agricultural practices, (iii) Electricity - the relationship between electricity and magnetism, science has steadily built up our understanding of electricity, which today carries our voices over telephone lines, bring entertainment to our television, computers, radios and keeps the lights on and (iv) Transportation – Without understanding of Science we couldn’t make hot-air balloons, we wouldn’t have ships, or boats to sail, trains, jets and airplanes as a mode of transportation. The event also talked the importance of applying the knowledge of Science in the rapid changes of technology. Assembly was concluded with quiz and riddles. Students’ Council members were introduced by our Head of Senior School.

TOPIC- EXPLORATION Students of Year 7B2 shared valuable information in the next assembly which was conducted on 23rd November 2015 on the topic- EXPLORATION. Man has followed Nature to its hidden places, uncovered the secrets of the Earth and aims for the sky. Man has endeavored to gain knowledge but is nothing without the Almighty’s blessing. Explorations by scientists in various areas like Biology, Health and well being, Geographical Resources and Space were researched by different groups and the information was organized into a proper format for the presentation. The breakthroughs in the field of Science such as Programmable plants to communicate through sensors and gene modification for stem cell research were applauded by the audience. It was followed by riddle questions that tickled a few brain cells of the audience. The Anti bullying Poster competition and Spelling Bee completion winners were announced and awarded with certificates by our Head of Senior School.

World Food Day - Distribution to Labour Camp “All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart”. Action speak louder than words and we at The Oxford School proved it on Friday, 6th November 2015 when students organized a food distribution drive to labour camps in Sonarpur on the occasion of the World Food Day – 2015 as a part of the TOS Community Enrichment Programme. Food items which included rice, sugar, cooking oil, pulses, biscuits and milk powder from the students. These were packed by students in such a way so as to provide one basic food item in each bag and were taken to Sonarpur in the school bus. The students of the sixth form volunteered in distributing these packets to about 200 labourers living in the camps. The morning brought smiles on the faces

of the workers as they received their daily necessities. Ms. Roshni, a social worker associated with “Care to Share” organization, assisted our students with the selection of the camp and distribution of the packaged food too. This campaign aimed at making a difference in the student’s outlook on life and inculcate humility in them to help them to become compassionate citizens of the world. The members of the TOS Community Enrichment programme would like to acknowledge the overwhelming support of teachers, parents and students alike who helped to collect, organize and pack the food so they could be distributed to the labour camp.

Green Hope Conference

The First Steps to Sustainable Development Transforming Our World: Sustainable Development Goal 2030 The Green Hope conference on Sustainable Develoment Goal 2030 was conducted at The Amled School on 7th November 2015 wherein 13 schools participated from Dubai and Muscat. There were 17 goals and agendas that were discussed, out of which the highlighted topic was “Eradication of Poverty” Oxfordians contributed in spreading this awareness by performing a play in which we won the best role play amongst the 13

participating schools. The winners were awarded a trophy and certificates by Ms. Kehkashan, Former Global Coordinator for Children and Youth ,UNEP MGFC, Youth Ambassador World Future Council, Volunteer - World Youth

Foundation and Founder President of Green Hope UAE. This event and the appreciation received as a result gave a platform to our young adults to showcase their skills. They even participated in “Patching a Plant” activity and a group activity based on the solutions to attain the SDGs which took place at Dubai Festival City.

WHAT WORKS – EDUCATIONAL EVENT This educational event was organized for schools at Emirates Aviation University to focus on making a creative and useful object from any material that is of no use.

“Something out of nothing.” The theme helped to highlight how schools in Dubai are already developing innovation skills in students and teachers alike. The Oxford School’s project was aimed at the 15th Sustainable Development Goal of the 2030 Agenda, Life on land, which mainly focuses on deforestation. The materials used were cable wheels, old newspapers, magazine cutouts, cardboard and tissue paper rolls. The outcome was a sturdy table and a stool – WOW!! Our students astonished one & all. Other students, teachers and high profile dignitaries couldn’t resist complimenting us. Some of the remarks were:

Jayasheela: "Very creative concept of reusing." Qameria Al Mayahi [ from KHDA]: "Very creative and innovative. Love it." Bijol: "Very well coordinated" Fereshteh: "Very useful good luck!" Taney Chouhan: "Quite innovative & entertaining!"

The joy of our students grew no bounds when they were invited by KHDA during the innovation week to share the innovative skills used in making the table & stool.

Our students are, no doubt, all set to join the innovative bandwagon!!

DEWA WORKSHOP On 12th of November 2015, students of Years 7 and 8 gathered in the Multi-Purpose Hall of The Oxford School, Dubai for a very special seminar on DEWA Conservation. A representative from Dubai Water and Electricity Authority conducted the seminar “to promote a culture of conservation and environmental awareness, and to encourage individuals and institutions to adopt best practices in conserving the environment� quoting His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Mr Ali Mohamed started the seminar by asking students of the average water consumption of a UAE resident. On average, a UAE resident is consuming 500 liters of water. He explained the possibilities that would happen because of this over consumption. UAE ranks 3rd after USA and Canada with the highest consumption of water. With this, he mentioned that there is a projection of scarcity if the consumption will not decrease. A short forum was held for the queries of the students. Students were very active in sharing their concerns. Special prizes were given to those who participated. In the end, Mr Ali Mohamed challenged the Oxfordians to be part of the conservation challenge of DEWA, in cooperation with KHDA.

ED-TECH Seminars 2015 16-17 November 2015

Teachers at ‘The Oxford School’ are trained to become adaptable learners and for this reason the school sent some of the senior staff members and SEN department members to attend a two day exhibition and seminar for EDTech (The future of education in MENA region) organized by the American University in the Middle East. It was a two day exhibition which was held on 16-17 November 2015 between 10: 00 am-5 pm. It united four targeted events together under one roof. Some of the important topics that were covered in the seminar were assessment tools, strategies in creating a digital learning and device strategy and flipped classroom learning.

“Create-Smart Apps” On 12th of November 2015, Monday, a workshop was conducted for Year 11 students which taught us about how we could create one of our own ‘applications’ –the aim being to guide students to build profitable Android apps with no previous experience. Representative from the Birla Institute of Technology had come to give us a brief introduction on applications. Mr. Abdul Rehman Hijazi, although a student shared his innovation with all of us and introduced the steps in creating an app. He discussed the average income of some of the very popular apps and it left us in shock. He explained how we could create our own apps and get them published! We were encouraged to brainstorm and some of us came up with brilliant ideas. He then proceeded by telling us how we could make an app from our own ideas. We were shown the entire procedure on how an app was created on the projector and it was very interesting to learn. He explained every single process in detail. By the end of the session we had an app ready to be published! In conclusion, the workshop helped to highlight the importance of technology skills in our lives and how amazing it would be to bring our ideas to reality and get them published! Tazveer-e- Zahra—Year 11

The basic purpose of a football quarterback when throwing a pass is to throw the ball as accurately as possible to minimize the chance of an interception and, many times, as fast as possible in order to maximize range. When a quarterback releases a well-thrown, tight-spiral pass, many forces are involved in the action. In order to accomplish this so-called perfect pass, the quarterback would be well advised to study the forces experienced by a football moving through the air—what is called aerodynamics.

Students of AS went through a process of research on the aerodynamics of football and presented their findings through a seminar. A lesson with a mix of football and Physics what more could Oxfordians ask for!!!

Anti-Bullying week Activities Year 7 and 8 A Bully is an unfortunate person who looks at someone else and sees his own faults – Sigmund Freud As a part of Anti Bullying week observed at Oxford School from 16th – 20th November, students of Year 7 and 8 participated in expressing their thoughts and ideas about bullying through posters. Students researched about the types of bullying and guidelines to deal with and seek help from elders when faced with such situations. The activity was monitored by the teachers during Circle time on 17th November, 2015 where the students worked in groups of 5 to create brilliant posters to protest against bullying. Students were enthusiastic to showcase their opinions through this activity.

Anti-Bullying Week Activities Year 9 to 13: 15th November – 19th November 2015

Handling a bully can be tricky, pamphlet making competitions especially when the intimidation or were conducted class wise during insults occur online. Social media the early morning circle time. The has become a platform for cruelty best posters were displayed in that wasn’t seen in generations corridors and on soft boards in the past. It’s not just the cyber bullying section. The posters and pamphlets that eats you up on the inside, other were very creatively designed by types of bullying can also bring students. down your confidence as well. Theweek’sactivitieswerecertainly To create awareness and to ensure an eye opener as students realized zero tolerance to bullying in our that they need to assert themselves school, a one week awareness drive if they are ever confronted by a was organized. A Special assembly bully. was




had a brainstorming session on Thus, TOLERANCE IS THE KEY - Tolerance of others and of their how to stand up against bullies ways is vital in the building and in the circle time. PowerPoint cultivation of fairness and justice. presentations, poster making and


The Innovation Week was launched • On 22nd November, there was an from November 22nd -26th Nov. this year opening ceremony of innovation week, by KHDA.The event seeks to celebrate many students from different schools the best in ideas on innovation from a participated in different performances spectrum of government and private • The students were then given recycled sectors. The motive is to bring in the material like empty water bottles, culture of how to think, design and plan newspapers, magazines to decorate a new innovation during this week. For this, Knowledge and Human Development



planned some activities for the school student, to take part in this week with all their skills, the subjects for the activities were Arts, Craft, Science and Technology.

container from inside, each group of school were given a wall or corner. Our students made the EXPO 2020 logo, with folded newspapers and painted them. • There was a ROBOT building activity with the students by ATLAB, a technology-based learning solutions company, students really learned how

In this event our school visited KHDA to design and build a robot which can office and took part in as many activities perform basic functions such as walking that were going on:


• On 23rd, Monday, Students were given tyres, yarn, wooden stands, cardboard,




made an ottoman and 2 benches to form a lounge or sitting area. The KHDA team really appreciated our students and supported them in making the projects .While visiting the activities going on, the KHDA staff enjoyed the students company and checked their work particularly These activities helped our youngsters get a chance to showcase their ideas through their skills and it helped to boost our students confidence.

On Sunday, November 22, 2015 our students were invited to participate in an anti-obesity campaign at a neighbouring




there around noon and were warmly welcomed from the moment we entered the premises. The anti-obesity agenda

was chosen by the school as a part of along with the importance of exercise their effort to pursue the UAE national and healthy food. A student who had a agenda. One of the presenters informed high BMI in the past was called on stage the audience about the disadvantages to inform the students about his efforts of taking fried and high sugar foods in bringing his BMI down to normal.

Zumba dance and Brazilian Marshal Arts were performed to motivate the young generation in staying active. Techniques for self-defense also were shown inviting the volunteers from the audience. Later, we were guided towards the various stalls at different corners, i.e. Health Hut, Celebrity Photoshoot and Check Your BMI etc. where the students learnt how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and monitor their own health.

The Oxford School believes in providing the students a platform to showcase their innovative and entrepreneurial skills through various activities and the most awaited one for the students is the Market Day. The Commerce Students of Year 11and AS had organized a charity driven Market Day on the 24th of November 2015 between 10:00 AM1:30 PM. The event promoted charity through fun filled events where the students got a chance to enhance their managerial and marketing skills which is indeed required for our learners so

that they could be an active member of the diverse global society. The Market Day was organized on a larger scale by the boys and girls who had set up their stalls in different venues of the school. There were a lot of activities for the students which included the Beauty Salon, FIFA, Pin it to win it and the X-Box. There was a variety of food stalls as well and everything was financed by our students. The students will be sharing the funds collected through their hard work to a charitable cause of their choice.

U.A.E National Sports Day 2015 The Oxford School conducted many activities as a part of the U.A.E National Sports Day on 25th of November’15. All the students from FS to A2 participated on this day in various sports activities.

The motive was to make the students aware of the benefits of exercise and to promote various sports so that the talented ones can be nurtured. All the students participated enthusiastically and immensely enjoyed the activities conducted. The activities were:1. FS2 - Aerobics with music 2. Year 1 and 2 - Mass drill 3. Year 7 and 8 - Inter house Football Match (Boys) 4. Year 7 and 8 - Inter house Basketball Match (Girls)

5. Year 9 - A2 - Inter house Football Match (Boys) 6. Year 9-A2 - Inter house Basketball Match (Girls) The events concluded around 1:30 pm with winners being proud of their athletic skills and sportsmanship.


Seniors Fun Trip @ Ice Land, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates Thursday, 26th November, 2015, was undeniably one of the most awaited day for senior girls as they entered their classrooms wearing their widest smiles and eyes beaming with excitement for the entire day of fun they were expecting to have. After being assigned their respective Teacher In-charge, students were reminded about the norms of the trip. They boarded the

school bus around nine that morning with their Tornado, the Water Slide, Snow River, The cameras, phones and snacks to be shared with Rain Dance, The Arctic Waves and many their pals. The road trip from the school to Ras other adventurous ride. Al Khaimah was fun filled reflecting student’s oozing energy. Around 10:30am, the bus reached Ice Land Water Park. The beauty of the place mesmerized all .It was a unique water park with extensive theming

At 12:00 noon, students and teachers were gathered inside the Food Court to savour the sumptuous lunch prepared in an intriguing location overlooking the Arabian Sea while being entertained by good music.

in snow and ice offering a mix of traditional The fun continued as the girls went on to try water park attractions. After securing their more rides and games. After almost 4 hours of belongings in their respective lockers, students total enjoyment, students were instructed to explored the thematic Penguin Home Land freshen-up and get ready to sail back home. Water Park. Unceasing laughter and thrilled At 4:30pm, the school buses left Ice Land with voices were heard as they overcame their students filled with satisfaction and memories fear and tried all the rides: the Hurricane, the they will surely cherish a lifetime.

Islamic Tarteel Competition Oxfordians from Year 4 to Year 12 participated in the Islamic Tarteel Competition, held in the Gulf Asian School Sharjah on 28th November 2015. The different categories in the competition were Qirat,Azaan,Elocutionand Project. Our participants Noor from Year 12 came first in the Qirat competition for the seniors and Tasnim and Summya of Year 10 also came first in the category of Project making where they made a model of a mosque out of wax. The Oxford School is proud to have such talented, dedicated and hardworking students.


Topic -Parenting a Digital Nation and Assessments To interact with the parents and discuss the issues and problems teachers and parents have to face on a daily basis regarding children, The Oxford School organises a coffee afternoon every month. This month’s topic for the Coffee Meeting held on Saturday 28th November, 2015 was “How to Parent a Digital Native.”

The Islamic Coordinator, Ms. Sabeen along with Ms. Saraswathy, Head of Primary presented and discussed the problemsparentsfaceregardingthechildren who are brought up in the digital world and the role internet plays in their lives. It was an interactive session, including various activities wherein parents were asked to identify the problems faced by them and share their solutions with each other.

The second session was sharing of Assessment Policy and was conducted by Ms. Meenu Deepa and Mr. Nickie, the Science and Math coordinator for the Primary section. They discussed the assessment criteria at The Oxford School, raising awareness amongst parents about the ongoing assessment procedures in the school. Ms. Deepa Vinod, Head of senior school addressed the audience to give an insight on secondary school assessment patterns and the importance of 95% of attendance in promotion. She also explained the curriculum expectations and new benchmark of pass and promotion.


The Bio farming club an initiative of our Year 10 students was inaugurated in the month of November. Our students selected a patch of land in the school to develop into a farm of vegetables and flowers. Seeds were distributed to the students and saplings were planted. The aim of the club is to highlight

the importance of environment protection and to emphasize the need to conserve our natural resources. The land and the plants are well taken care of by the students who use their free hours to treat the land and water the plants. We wait for their hard work to take the shape of a beautiful farm.

UAE Commemoration Day

We, at The Oxford School, take great pride and honor to be a part of the diverse multicultural society of UAE. In a mark of respect to this nation that has given us so much the Principal, senior membership team & student council member observed a minute of silence on 30th November for the fallen soldiers and martyrs of this country. The head boy & girl along with the Principal raised the flag at 11: 30 am which had been at half-mast since the start of the day. The national anthem was

played whilst the Principal, Head Boy and Girl along with their deputies raised the UAE national flag and School Flag. Our prayers are with the families of the martyrs.


Students of Year 7 and 8 made a Tree of Compassion. Compassion binds each human together to other human being. It does not acknowledge artificial social,

economic and religious barriers which humans create on their own. It acknowledges the common cry of human longings, aspirations and tragedies. Our students shared their feelings for those who lost their near and dear ones.

RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITY It is important for students to know what are their rights and responsibilities. Students from Years 7 and 8 made posters on the said topic. Poster competition aims to raise students’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities and to showcase their talent and creativity and to express their feelings.

for it in the right way. They will know when they are being treated unfairly and need to If they do not know what their speak-up to protect themselves. rights and responsibilities are, thye will also be aware that they might ask for something they will be held accountable to change or they might not ask for their responsibilities.

The Oxford Front  

TOS Newsletter2015-16 November Edition

The Oxford Front  

TOS Newsletter2015-16 November Edition