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Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken and never ever giving up the hope‌‌




From The Principal’s Desk “We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”- Mother Teresa Dear Parents and Students, In October, we had focused on many charity programmes to create awareness on breast cancer and being empathetic to people who have the disease. Each activity is carefully planned to inculcate responsibility in our students towards themselves and society. Children need to be taught how they can be appreciative and thankful for their blessings. We have conducted many events to collect donations to give back to the community. You will get glimpses of our activities in this newsletter. The money raised through the charity was donated to “Friends of Cancer Patients”-FoCP an organisation delivers moral and financial support to cancer patients and their families, irrespective of their nationality, gender, age, religion or ethnicity. Two of our parent representatives and student council members were accompanied by our staff while handing over the donation. We take a small step towards serving the society; we urge our parents to join our hands to make our initiatives triumphant. Teachers are the second parents for every student. They are the ones who turn a student into the best citizen of the country, by showing the right path to identify their innate abilities. Our students got an opportunity to appreciate their teachers on International teachers’ day. Students got a chance to enact different role on the 3rd of October- starting from teaching assistants to leaderships. Once again, we aimed to make them responsible and work collaboratively to make constructive transitions in their personality. We are rigorously participating in The Dubai Fitness Challenge, an initiative that can assist us in following healthy living habits, through various activities for our staff and students.

Best regards, Deepa Vinod Acting Principal

The Oxford School FS Times Dear Parents, Being with these lovely children is by itself a great blessing to us. There is absolutely no dearth for surprises or ‘WOW’ moments that spring on us at every corner of our learning journey with our little ones. I would like to share one such amazing moment with you all: I was observing how a teacher was working with a group of children in her class. The teacher and the group of children were learning all about using the right symbol for greater than and lesser than with numbers from 1-5. The teacher tried bringing in the crocodile’s mouth method and told the children that the crocodile opens its mouth only to the number that is bigger than the other number. She was working with a set of marbles and shells. First moment came in when one child commented that the crocodile may not open its mouth at all since the marbles could break its teeth; and the cherry on the top was when one child placed the open mouth to a smaller number, and when the teacher asked him to explain the same, the child very confidently said that this crocodile prefers to open its mouth to a smaller number because it’s on diet! With these wonder boys and girls there is no right and wrong; it is all about logic and practical thinking with them. Every learning experience leaves us either with a sense of awe or with a big question about are we doing enough? Looking ahead... With best regards, Remediana Dias FS and KS1 Head

Grandparents Day We celebrated Grandparents Day. It was a day for celebrating the connections between the generations to honor and give an opportunity to show love for their grandchildren. The celebration helped children to be aware of the knowledge and guidance older people can offer. On this day the grandparents and family members were invited to a session in class with the children. This was followed by a magic show for all in the multi-purpose hall. We all cherished the presence of grandparents in our midst.

Child-led Parent Conference FS2 had a Child-led Parent Conference on the 15th of October from 8.00-9.00 a.m. It was a preplanned meeting where the child demonstrated responsibility for the learning by providing a review of the work for parents. The child carried the parents through a discussion of their work and established academic and social goals. The classroom teacher was a facilitator in the conference process. This conference was organized with the following objectives: * Learners assume greater control of their learning progress. * Learners accept personal responsibility for their learning performance. * Parents, teachers, and learners engage in open and honest dialogue

Class Mascot Teddy Bear Project The idea of a class mascot is nothing new. In fact, it has been around for many years. It’s always been a cute way to acknowledge the class student of the week, by sending the class mascot home and asking the chosen student to write about what they did on the weekend and include some photo snaps. Class mascots can be “friends” that helps the students on their learning journey. Having a class mascot adds a little fun and humour to the classroom. We have a Teddy Bear for each of the FS2 classes. Each child will get an opportunity to spend a week with the Teddy Bear. You could do something special with the Teddy and your child like taking it to the Supermarket, to the mall, park, library, in and around your house, play area, pool, for a drive, grocery etc. The parents will click pictures or make a small video and email to the class teacher. The Teddy will be given to a child every Sunday and will be returned by you on the following Sunday. We will share the pictures, notes, videos about your time with the class mascot on Sunday during circle time

Global School Play Day Play is an essential part of learning. As children play they are developing their: * cognitive socio-emotional and physical skills, * curiosity, problem solving, verbal and non-verbal skills, * emotional intelligence skills. With these learning outcomes in mind, we introduced GLOBAL SCHOOL PLAY DAY . The objective was to learn beyond books using our favourite toys or playing games. Each child was invited to actively participate in the Global School Play day and have a day full of fun at school without books and only toys. We did a lot of activities linking the toys that the children brought to different areas of the EYFS curriculum

Class Mum Project It gives me great pleasure to inform you that we have started the Class Mum Project in FS2. The following Mums have been selected to be the Class Mum of the respective class. FS2A-Daffodils—Praveena Fernando FS2B—Daisy—Ann Weerrananthri FS2C—Lily—Hafsa Haroon FS2D—Tulip— Marie Sheanneth Calma FS2E—Sunflower—Loreta Ndhlovu The class mums will be co-ordinating the communication between other parents and the teacher, the school parent group, occasionally school administration, parent-teacher organization and support the teacher in needs that may arise. Here is a list of the responsibilities of the Class Mum: 1.

Prepare a class contact list


Work with the Class Teacher to help parents organize activities for children by parents in various areas of EYFS.


Recruit parents to help in the classroom (reading, maths, etc).


Recruit parents to accompany the class on an excursion.


Assist in special projects e.g. by sharing skills and expertise.


Co-ordinate with parents to assist in events/functions hosted by your class or the whole FS unit or the school


Support in charity events.


Assist in greater parental involvement


Help in organizing events for parents by parents.

HEALTHY DIET and EATING HABITS SESSION The School doctor conducted a session for the FS kids on healthy living. She enlightened the kids through a very interactive session about how a well-balanced diet provides you with energy and the nutrients you need for growth and repair, helping you to stay strong and healthy and help prevent diet related illness. Keeping active and eating a healthy balanced diet can help you to maintain a healthy weight. The children listened to her with great interest and enthusiasm.

Yoga Session The FS2 kids had a yoga session in the PE area. Yoga at an early age encourages selfesteem and body awareness with a physical activity that's noncompetitive. Fostering cooperation and compassion—instead of opposition—is a great gift to give our children. Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them.

Mobile Planetarium The children are very fascinated by the world beyond and the mobile planetarium was a wonderful experience for them to explore space. Our little learners looked at the planets in the solar system. It was nice to see them use their mathematical knowledge of which planet is bigger, which is smallest and to see them counting how many planets are there in the solar system. Some were fascinated to see the galaxy—The Milky Way. We have been exploring the topic of transportation in the month of October and this activity was fun for the kids to know more about space travel.

Letters and Sounds During the month of September and October, children were learning the letters and sounds using the Letters and Sounds programme. Some of the children have started blending sounds into words. Some are enjoying reading sound words. We will be reinforcing reading and writing and mathematical skills on a regular basis both in school and at home. We look forward to parents supporting the child’s learning journey and enriching it along with us. Thank you dear parents for your support. Our next topic will be Fruits and Vegetables in November.

Trip to Children’s City

We ended our month of October with a learning trip to Children’s City. At the venue the children varied information workshops on safety related to fire, swimming, emergency and hot weather. The children enjoyed the mini zoo and the mini bird area. It was a nice educational trip for the kids where they loved learning about the skeletal system, human body and exploring the library sections. The planetary models were great fun to the kids.

We take care of our minds too Mental Health Awareness Assembly

The students of Year 5-Pearl conducted an assembly whose aim was to spread awareness on the importance of taking care of one’s mind equally as the body. Further, the assembly emphasised on the importance of maintaining well-being and staying positive in today’s world. They portrayed the different ways a person can take care of his/her mental health. It was surely an impactful and relevant assembly for the audience.

Students learn differently Learning Disability Awareness Assembly Year 4 “We are different and learn differently!” This is the central message that the students of year 4 Turquoise gave everyone on ‘Learning Disability’. The assembly successfully passed on the message on importance of inclusion. It gave a clear message to the audience that students with learning disability have potentials and can definitely learn just like the rest. More importantly, it passes on a message of hope for better future of these kids and how everyone must give them all the support they need to succeed.

Make the world a better place Sustainability Awareness Assembly The students of Year 6 Coral conducted an assembly whose basic purpose was to signify the importance of having sustainability awareness in the nature, that can make this world a better place to live. Sustainability is about being part of the community that enables us to progress and preserve prosperity for future generations. This will ensure a decent lifestyle (living conditions), enriching jobs, rising learning opportunities, ease of travel and transportation, healthy social connections and good health. Our students beautifully conveyed this message and received a huge round of applause and appreciation.

“Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success� Year 4 Aquamarine students made a promise wall. This activity not only invited creativity but brought out the values of responsibility and commitment to achieve certain goals.

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing it” Cookery Club Year 6 believes that cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking, It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity. Our school cookery club offers opportunity for children to maximise their creativity and discover their inner potential and interest, and more important they are reminded about the importance of healthy eating habits. Indeed, our little master chefs enjoyed every minute of exploring new things through this experience

We discover talents and hone skills

Literacy Club-Drama

Year 4 ,we aim to develop students’ self-confidence, allowing them to express themselves more effectively before a crowd, improve students communication skills, focus and creativity in portraying several roles in different situations. Our students enjoyed this activity as they realised the amount of confidence built in them.

If you can speak you can influence and change lives

Literacy Club-Public Speaking Year 3 learners got an opportunity of learning one of the best skills – public speaking. This is the main activity of the literacy club which aims to develop not only students’ speaking skills but more importantly, organisation of thoughts and adding power to their words. They were very enthusiastic and eager to learn the different strategies and to try out themselves. For sure, through this program, they will be able to conquer their fears and eventually use the power of their words for transformation and sustainable development in various aspects.

In every corner there is an opportunity to learn LEARNING CORNERS Year 3 and 4 has set up learning corners to extend their learning beyond books. They become independent learners and explore opportunities on their own. This initiative aims to keep our students engaged and develop their 4Cs -creativity, critical thinking , collaboration and communication skills.

"If we open doors for children to freely explore, they will find their right answers!"

Field Trip Our year 3 and 4 children’s day was filled with smiles and laughter as they went on their first field trip of the academic year .They visited ‘The Children’s City’ where they played, explored, interacted, created and learned. Surely, this activity will be an unforgettable experience for our little children who are yet to conquer the world.

Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering, and math

STEAM Integration Projects

Year 3 and 4 students were all geared up to complete their STEAM projects. When students engage in activities that combine different elements of STEAM, they experience guided inquiry in which they must ask thoughtful questions, discover answers, apply what they learn, and problem-solve creatively. Indeed, this whole STEAM integration across the curriculum have inspired our learners to be thinkers and problem solvers.

Math is everywhere Mini Mart Activity Experiential education is when learners actively engage in activities or experiences. This is exactly what our year 4 students experienced. Learning mathematics and experience it beyond books. Mini mart activity was organised for them so that they could apply math in a more practical and realistic way. Indeed, an experiential learning that all children need today!

Hygiene is two thirds of health

Proper Hygiene Session A meaningful session on proper hygiene with our school doctor, Ms. Rinda. was conducted for our year 3 students. Some of the inputs were taking healthy food, proper washing of hands, and brushing of teeth. It was good to see the enthusiasm among our students and for sure, with awareness on the importance of proper hygiene, they will all keep themselves clean and healthy.

An out of this world experience Planetarium

Year 3 to 6 students had the experience of getting closer to the universe through the mobile planetarium . They have not only enjoyed the amazing visual effects but also have gained a lot of information about what can be found inside and beyond our planet.

Budding Author Writing Competition Our year 3 budding authors on their first step towards making their creative ideas known to the world! This competition aims to develop students’ writing skills and to ignite the power of their imagination to create their own world and story for the readers to enjoy.

work in progress, have fun with it! Parts of Speech Quiz Bee Soon to be grammarians, why not? Our year 4 students got competitive as they showcased

their grammar skills through our parts of speech quiz bee. Everyone wanted to win. Five brilliant kids were recognised to be the toppers, but everyone was hailed to be victorious by embracing the values of pride, humility, acceptance, and determination to achieve greater heights.

My Teacher, My Pride Teachers Day celebration 2019 Students from year 3-6 along with the whole school celebrated Teachers day in a very special way. As part of the celebration, selected students took the challenge of getting into their teachers’ shoes as they became the ‘Student Teachers’ of the day. They conducted lessons and got the first hand experience of being a teacher. Second half of the day our students showcased their talents and offered their heart-warming gratitude to the teachers with their beautiful performances. It was indeed a day of outpouring love and appreciation to the dedication of the teachers who take pride in their profession.

Scientists in the making Science Day for Cambridge Primary Learners Year 6 young scientists participated in the Science Day for Cambridge Primary Learners held at Apple International School on Friday, October 25, 2019.The participants were Razia( 6 Amber), Alexie(6 Coral), Ameen (6 Coral) and Sara (6 Pearl). The day included workshops held by expert teachers on importance of Science outside the classroom. Our enthusiastic learners got an insight of Science examples in daily life. They learnt the importance of teamwork and collaboration in exploring Science. Razia of year 6 Amber collaborated with her team from other schools and won a prize. The students also experimented and created hydrogen and tested with flame. Undeniably, they enjoyed learning, collaborating and competing with other schools.

Learning is experience, everything else is just information Interview with the Heads Our Year 3 students had a remarkable experience where they went beyond the classroom boundaries to enjoy and experience learning as they had to interview the school leaders. Some of our students took their English class to a new level as they extended their learning in verbs . They asked questions on the importance of budgeting and how it helps in daily life. They consolidated their learning by writing about their interview experience and showed the video to the students and had a discussion in the class. The 4 C’s incorporated so well – Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical thinking.

“The Only Journey is journey within .” Good mental health is related to mental and psychological well-being. The students of year 9 enthusiastically participated to spread the awareness about the mental health in the assembly. Through a small skit the assembly shed light on a grave message ,how the mental stress and depression can leave a big mark on a person’s life and how with just a small gesture we can help others overcome it. The best part of the assembly was that the quote of the day was shared in Arabic and a SOD participated in the assembly.

“Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.� Aspiration forms the plot of success. Year 8 students depicted a roleplay to portray the aspirations of students. The roleplay inspired the audience. It conveyed the message that even if there are obstacles and disagreement, achieving your aspiration is all that matters in order to be successful. A poem related to this theme written by Naimah from 8G2 was advocated by Mahnoor from 8G1and was one of the highlights of the assembly.

“Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.� A2 students created awareness amongst the students that many careers are existing around the world and emphasized on the skills that are needed to achieve their aspirations.

“Strength shows not only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over” Students of year 10 spread awareness about various types of learning disabilities that exists and affects the students’ performance inside and outside the class rooms. The presenters explained ways through which one could identify and motivate those who are suffering from a learning disability. Students presented their opinions and Mehran expressed his thoughts through a poem “United Lace.”

Year 7 to 9 students added to this awareness through musical performance conveying the message that not all humans are same, everyone is different and must be treated equally. “Learning disables are not disabled, they are differently abled’.

“Don’t limit your challenges- challenge your limits.” The Business Cup Challenge launches high school students into the business thinking at a young age. In this competition, students review and develop solutions for real-life business issues and opportunities, analyse crucial business situations and present a case to an academic and professional panel. The Oxford School got opportunity to represent its 3 excellent teams from AS and A2 to take part in this golden chance. On 9th October, the 3 teams visited ‘The Curtin University’ Dubai to attend the first workshop for BBC 2019. There were around 200 groups from schools all over the U.A.E participating in this competition. The workshop was a guide and an introduction to the competition. This year the Business Cup Challenge will focus on Artificial Intelligence and its use in businesses. In the workshop we were given guidelines about how the competition will go about. The BCC will have a new case study released at the beginning of every week and a deadline of one week to submit innovative solutions. The top 5 will reach the final the remaining of the UAE teams will enter the Elevator Pitch Round, giving the lowscoring teams an opportunity to progress to the finale.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary� In order to promote the love of reading and improve the attitude towards reading, senior students are exposed to different types of reading activities which will enhance their thinking skills. As a result of these reading activities, most of the students developed a love for reading which could be assessed through reading logs in their English and Arabic notebooks which gives a brief description of what they have read.

Mental Health Survey 2019-20 Mental wellbeing of the students is the utmost priority at The Oxford School. As a part of our mental well being programme, a survey was conducted for the students to gauge their perspectives about mental well being and to analyse how the students are reacting to different situations in their lives as far as the mental health is concerned.

“We all are different but yet equal�

Antibullying Week The school conducted various activities in order to raise awareness amongst the students about bullying, its effect and outcome. The students took part in various activities and expressed their concerns about the issue through pictures, poems, assembly, videos and collage.

Students showcasing their creative writing through poem and slogans

“A thank you letter to teachers� Written by Ousmane Malick 11B1

A few years ago we entered kindergarten, knowing letters but that was just about it And by the end of the year we can put together entire words or even sentences.

We use language as a playground and reading as a chance to explore a whole world. Miraculously, millions of students learn to read every single day Because of a teacher. Right now there is a teacher thinking about his students, he is dreaming of ways to make them feel more safe and welcome, and for a few kids this is the only place where they will truly feel safe Because of a teacher. There is language teacher who has taken a full week off of her lunch period; those blessed 20 minutes to scarf down a meal in order to help a student learn how to read. Although the progress is slow, he will become a leader Because of a teacher. There is a math teacher who has a room full of kids who started out the year saying that they are just not good at math, but now they are geeking out over ways to solve complex problems. They are learning that math can be creative and even fun. And they will become problem solvers Because of a teacher. There is a science teacher who inspires her students to chase after their questions, and on one particular afternoon, they were so excited about their experiment that they didn’t even notice the bell ring. They will become scientists Because of a teacher. There are fine art teachers who help kids find their creative voice, there are foreign language teachers who are helping students communicate globally, and career counselling teachers who help students prepare for all kind of different jobs. There are special education teachers inspiring her students to do things that once seemed impossible and building partnerships with families out of a belief that all children can learn. They will become lifelong learners Because of a teacher. I just want to say thank you to all teachers. You are making a huge difference to our life every single day. To us, you are our hero and you are changing the world in ways you cannot even fathom, every single day.

Islamic Debate Competition At Oxford School, students are expected to be engaged in extra-curricular activities to polish their skills. Debates not only promote critical thinking in students but also provide an opportunity to learn about culture of co-existence. Islamic Education department provided such opportunity to grade 11 Students to think rationally and critically about a topic in order to argue for a position (even if they personally do not hold that position). The topic for the debate was ‘Multiculturalism leads to loss of Muslim Identity.’ Ideally, they strive to make the best and most persuasive argument possible. Some additional benefits include providing a dynamic forum to explore real-world topics and issues; encouraging self-reflection and learning from peers; and enabling participants to become more comfortable expressing their opinions publicly. The winners of the competition was Year 11 girls.

Math and Science quiz The Inter-House Senior Math & Science Quiz was conducted on 16th October,2019 in the MP Hall. The contestants from year 7 to 10 participated in the quiz with full enthusiasm and zeal. The competition helped the students to assess their Mathematical & Scientific skills, proficiency and aptitude which played an integral part of our academic curriculum

One Day by Cyrill Kiersten Cecillano 11G2 “One day” The savants exclaimed with hesitation “One day” Greedy corporations whispered in dissatisfaction “One day” My parents console my “young mind” But when will one day become today? When that “one day” was proposed of action and change Now filled with shadow actions whilst shallow assurances Hung accents of red cross halls But I infer that the future only entails blood stained walls So when I envisioned hospitals healing the sick Why have we not treated the scars inflicted Tis grow anew instead of covering in green acrylic Do you hear the people scream Retaliate my brothers for the needed dawn Desolate private corporations of choice To adapt to operational reforms The hub of innovation we currently reside Utilise your vocation and dear students strive— To create instruments of environmentally benign To make toxic waste, disposables a trend of the past To eco friendly practice commonplace now “One day” Will surely come knocking “One day” Will surely expect our reaps So in order to live in an ocean blue Today taking action is due

“ Education is not the filling of a pail , but the lighting of a fire.” International Teacher’s Day was celebrated in The Oxford School, Dubai on 3rd Oct 2019. Our students got the opportunity to step in their teacher’s shoe and have a life time experience of being a TEACHER while being a STUDENT. Teachers posts were given according to their council posts. Our junior council members and other students were no behind on the path. Teachers enjoyed their day in an appreciation program completely prepared by our students.

“The greatest of richness is the richness of the soul.�

Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) To inculcate in the students the preaching of The Prophet Mohammed and to make them aware the importance of following the values of The Prophet in their lives, year 7 to 9 boys presented the significance of the preaching of The Prophet Mohammed and made them aware about the importance of following the values of The Prophet in their lives. A role play was conducted to show how to follow the values of The Prophet in their lives.

The Untied Lace Written by-Mehran Jamil 10B2 Lips Are silent, yet say a lot All thoughts combined in their so called ‘Pot’ Which for normal people Is a ‘brain’, They go through a lot of pain, Yet fight to maintain. Problems tying the lace of a shoe , Worry a lot but cannot undo. Every day is a Déjà vu Punished as if, they have no value. Hope is all they need, Just to build their own lead So look up to the sky blue, Life is bright also for you Step up and face your fear, Because we are with you right here.

Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award The Oxford School has always nurtured its students to maintain a balance between academic and non-academic pursuits. This nurturing has borne fruits as we proudly announce the achievements and awards received by our students on national levels. These awards celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of learners around the world who have demonstrated exceptional performance in Cambridge IGCSE examinations. Proudly announcing ‘Nahla Mostafa Yaseen Genidy’ , the UAE topper in the subject ‘Information and Communication technology’ and ‘Aswa Malik’, the UAE topper in the subject Urdu (2nd language). The recognition these students achieved goes a long way in portraying the academic training that’s offered by The Oxford School, Dubai.

Nahla Mostafa Yaseen Genidy

Aswa Malik

French Teaching Day in Apple International School On the 28th of October 2019, the senior French students along with the Head of the French Department had visited The Apple International School to teach French. The students taught French for the years 8, 9 and 10 on the topics ‘How to use “Passé Composé”, how verbs are conjugated in French language’ and how to use adjectives’. The students also gave some tips on how to improve their writing and brushed up on the important skills required while writing IGCSE exam papers. The students thoroughly enjoyed the teaching as they were exposed to the values of tolerance, collaboration and communication. When asked for their response they said” We really hope that more events of such happens more often as it helps build confidence and being able to share your knowledge itself is already an extremely self-rewarding feeling.”

Oxford Cares- Charity Drive The Oxford School has always travelled an extra mile to develop the values of empathy and leadership in our student community. To mark this we had celebrated the Mufti Day that marked the breast cancer awareness. The charity collected through this noble cause was donated to the Cancer Patients Organisation. The student council members along with two parent representatives and a teacher witnessed today the act of charity, empathy and kindness.

“Dubai Fitness challengeWe are in� "A healthy body compliments a healthy mind" and we at Oxford have always inculcated this in our curriculum. To mark this our fitness challenge programmes have rocked the campus with variety of activities . Glimpses of these fitness programmes.

Oxford Cares -Outreach program The outreach activities have always been a part of our on going programme titled 'Oxford Cares'. Such initiatives have always developed the values like kindness, tolerance and empathy in our students. Today's visit to old age home Sharjah was one such initiative. The students of year A2 whole heartedly participated and contributed to this noble cause. The day witnessed a variety of programmes that triggered happiness and contentment among the senior citizens of the old age home. Some glimpses of this outreach programme.

Mufti Day The Mufti day celebrations on 10th October 2019 witnessed a variety of delicacies and game stalls being installed by student Council and volunteers. As per the time slot students from FS to A2 visited these stalls. As an act of kindness and courtesy the students along with the incharge faculty went around the school premises to distribute food items to our admin staff, support staffs , cleaners, security, conductors and drivers. Some glimpses of this noble event.

Breast Cancer Awareness Drive We at Oxford have always been pioneers in charity acts and have inculcated this trait as a part of our student curriculum and on going 'Oxford Cares' programme. In collaboration with this we have organised 'Mufti Day' on 9th and 10th of October 2019. It's a charitable programme in relation to breast cancer awareness. Some glimpses of this event as on 9th October 2019

Early detection is the key to prevention! As a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Programme, a session was conducted by our school doctor Dr Rinda about the symptoms and effects of Breast cancer. The objective of the session was to raise awareness and reduce the stigma linked to the symptoms and treatment of breast cancer. The audience had shown a lot of interest in the topic and many questions were asked.

BITS MUN Oxford Participation The second edition of BITSMUN offered the delegates from The Oxford School, Dubai to get a chance to simulate the work of diplomats in committees that spanned a variety of topics, time periods, and geographical regions; they got to experience UN mock session at national level with around 150 students from different schools. A group of students participated in the conference from secondary section and a student ; Ousmane Mallick, got a Special Mention award for his impromptu thinking, diplomacy, and teamwork.

Gratitude to Teachers A gesture of kindness and gratitude shown by our A2 students touched the hearts of all the teachers. Their overwhelming speeches and kind words were like garlands to their mentors. Thanking each student for these wonderful moments that will be cherished through out.

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The Oxford Front October 2019  

The Oxford Front October 2019