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Dear Parents, It is indeed a pleasure to introduce the October newsletter which contains a kaleidoscope of activities, visits and competitions which complement the academic learning and complete the holistic education of the students. It is delightful that we are able to feature so many positive achievements by TOS students. It is gratifying to see their triumphs and contributions include curricular, sporting, community and charity events, undertaken by students and participated with full verve and enthusiasm which were very heartening to witness. Canned food collection drive or Breast Cancer awareness, all were planned and organized by the students which reinforced their commitment to developing their communication, collaboration, community service and global awareness. The Science and Mathematics month of October focused on promoting Creativity and Curiosity through an array of challenges for students, be it quiz, seminars, symposium or the STEM Festival. There were a multitude of opportunities to discover one’s talents and passions. Under the guidance of teachers and peers; students build relationships that foster deeper learning. The safety of all staff, students, and parents is of outmost importance to us. As the doors of Gate 6 will be locked shortly after 7:35 each day and partially open for additional 20 minutes for student arriving late, who then receive a late slip. Anyone coming later than that, needs to come to the front main entry door and to the reception. All parents are required to enter the building through the assigned main gates and check in at the reception – not go through student entry doors into the buildings. Our security cameras allow us to properly identify people coming into the school, We thank you for your adherence to this policy.

Aisha Ansari Principal

OUR ENJOYABLE TRIP TO ‘THE LITTLE EXPLORERS’ The FS students went on a field trip to ‘The Little Explorers’ on Thu 26th October 2017. Explorers is an exciting mix of education and entertainment for children from with a focus on learning and acquiring skills in a fun and safe way. It’s got an edutainment concept that is unique to see and is specifically designed to help younger children explore their environment through an interactive learning experience. The essence of Little Explorers is on learning through play, with themed zones within the educational arena. Children were excited to explore different areas in the zones. They played with water, building blocks, puzzles and mechanical toys. Our little explorers got a chance to improve their Gross motor skills. They did some running exercises as well. It was a fun day; children enjoyed their trip

Children were excited to explore different areas in the zones. They played with water, building blocks, puzzles and mechanical toys. Our little explorers got a chance to improve their Gross motor skills. They did some running exercises as well. It was a fun day; children enjoyed their trip.

FS CHILDREN THINKING MATHEMATICALLY‌ Children learn about maths through play and their daily experiences. We make it more meaningful by providing hands on activities, both indoors and outdoors. We support them in developing their understanding of Mathematics by allowing opportunities to explore, sort, compare, count, calculate and describe. We support them to be creative, critical thinkers, problem solvers and to have a go‌.

Today, critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning ability and the ability to communicate mathematically are essential skills. These processes are the foundation of mathematics.

Our teachers engage children in thinking and talking about mathematics, providing an important key for unlocking their future success.

BRAIN GYM EXERCISES AND YOGA SESSIONS Brain Gym and Yoga poses help children to develop confidence and concentrate better. Today, children encounter many emotional, social and physical challenges. At Oxford, we provide a dedicated and intentional yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, skillful brain exercises, behavioural guidelines and physical postures that are incredibly valuable for the children to overcome any challenges that they might face.

We incorporate rhythmic movement together with Brain Gym. Children enjoy these and practice the breathing exercises as well. The concentration, actions, and the way children learn to react to situations, will lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness.


GRANDPARENT’S DAY The Grandparent’s day celebrated in FS was an amazing event. Many Grandparents participated enthusiastically; students gave them a very warm welcome. They sung songs for their grandparents, played games and made small gifts to for them. The grandparents in return also sang songs for the students and read stories to them. The grandparents felt very special and honoured.

Taking time to teach children about the special contributions of grandparents provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the special relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. It sure was a memorable day for the students and the respected grandparents.

SCIENCE EXPERIMENT WITH PARENTS It was Science month and parents of FS were invited to come and conduct. The Parents participated enthusiastically in the Science experiment day on the 24th Oct 2017.Parents did many different experiments; from mixing of colours to eruption of a volcano.

One of the experiments was done using vinegar, food colour and soda bicarbonate; it showed the children how the vinegar and soda form bubbles and how it oozes out of the container. The students were very excited to see foam formed by the reaction. Later the parent poured a teaspoon full of soda in the balloon and vinegar in a bottle, she capped the bottle with the soda balloon and mixed the soda with vinegar and showed the children how the foam reaction inflates the balloon. The children were in Awe on seeing the balloon inflate. Another parent did an experiment using paints and created patterns with a thread. One of the parents used oil, water and food colour and showed the children how the oil floats on the layer and doesn’t mix with water and food colour. All in all, we had many wonderful AMAZING experiments. A huge THANK YOU to all our parents.




LETTER WRITING ACTIVITY YEAR 2 “To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart” Phillys Theroux Letter writing is the exchange of written or printed messages. Distinctions are commonly drawn between personal letters (sent between family members, friends, or acquaintances) and business letters (formal exchanges with businesses or government organizations).

In a world full of endless forms of communication and technology that is constantly changing, one would think sitting down and writing a letter is considered “old fashioned.” But, there is something special about sitting down and reading a note meant for you, especially if it’s written by someone you care about. In our ever-growing tech savvy world. Many of us can agree that pen and paper are not our go to channels of communication. Even in today’s fast-paced society, Letter writing still holds an important component in our communication.

In Orford school, year 2 students express themselves through letter writing. They experienced the fun in writing letters. Through this activity, it helps them learn to compose written text, and provide handwriting practice. It helps them develop their way of thinking and their ability to respond to something better. Most of all, they realized that letters are valuable keepsakes.

MUFTI DAY YEAR 2 “Believe You can and You’re Half way there.” Every Year the Oxford School Dubai, is organizing Breast Cancer Awareness on October 12, 2017. This is a good thing that we/ the students can help small amount of money but has a bigger impact to the ones who are ill. It is Mufti Day for the

students to raise money and awareness. The students can come to school in smart, decent shades of Pink and White for Girls and shades of White and Blue for Boys. On this occasion a Bake Sale is also conducted, and are asking for a little help to everyone to participate in the said event. Students can bring money 10 AED above depends on the parents. This Charity drive will be donated to Cancer Patients. Year 2 students went down to buy some foods for the Bake Sale. There were cupcakes, sweets, juices, donuts and many more. Students loved seeing those foods and they kept on coming back to each stall.

SCIENCE EVENT It was indeed a successful event for year 3 again after unmeasurable effort of those who made this even more wonderful than last year’s. The students were more competitive and they showed amazing performance. Science Event for Year III: Mr./Ms. International Healthy Food The students were asked to represent a country and its healthy food. The details were gotten from the song they used as their music during their dance, Sid,the Science Kid/Sid’s Health Day. More so, each student said something about the food how nutritious it is and its effects to our health. CROSS- CURRICULAR LINKS The impact of this event on the students’ emotional, social and intellectual intelligence were evident as Science, Social Studies and English linked together making it more exciting and challenging for our students.




Healthy Food


Alexis Chole

Greece England

Yogurt Fish


Mirza Zarifa

France Wisconsin

Cheese Milk


Hamiz Si Yuan

USA Japan

Orange Sushi


Hyder Kyla

China Hungary

Rice Cake


Umer Fatima

Morocco Spain

Pita Bread Broccoli


Johny Zainab

Rome Frankfurt

Spaghetti Franks

The letters were given to the parents of the 12 representatives to let them be involved in the said event. We received positive feedback from them. We are grateful and ecstatic. The rubrics and criteria for judging was used effectively by the judges, Ms. Milicent Nyaga and Ms. Shiella Bustamanete, Year 3 and 4 supervisor and English coordinator respectively.




Wit and Intelligence


Personality / Stage Presence


International Costume


Science Involvement/ Entity


Audience Impact



Congratulations to Chloe of 3A and Hamiz of 3C for being our second runner-ups, Zainab of 3F and Alexis of 3A for being the first runner-ups, and and Johny of 3F and Si Yuan Go of 3C for being the Mr. and Ms. International Healthy Food 2017 respectively. It was indeed unbelievable. Our deepest gratitude to all the people who made this event a successful one. We look forward for more events which are fun, interesting and informative.

Thrill and anticipation was seen in eyes of every student, parent teachers on that very moment announcing the winners, Mr. and International Healthy Food.

the and on Ms.

TEACHERS DAY We all had that favourite teacher growing up; the one who went above and beyond to make your year special. On World Teachers’ Day, celebrated yearly on 5 October, “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers” is the theme of this year’s World Teachers' Day, celebrated around the world since 1994. The empowerment of teachers emerged as a priority when the United Nations adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal for Education. In conjunction with bringing awareness to the overwhelming amount of children in THE OXFORD SCHOOL, World Teachers' Day aimed to honour every teacher around the corner. Every teacher waking up at the crack of dawn to educate today's youth, usually with little to no praise. The Primary Team planned to sincerely thank the teachers and tell them how much they mean to us.

NO PENS DAY WEDNESDAY Don’t expect your friend to be a perfect person. But, help your friend to become a perfect person. That is true friendship! ~Mother Teresa

No Pens Day Wednesday is a day dedicated to showcasing the importance of speech, language and communication within the class room. It encourages schools to put down their pens and run a day of speaking and listening activities.

In this regard, our school also celebrated No Pens Day on Wednesday, 11 October, 2017.The aim of the day was to see the positive impact on all pupils while using speaking and listening in learning and to support the children who are struggling with written communication i.e. Dyslexic learners. The day was full of fun and learning for the students. Students thoroughly enjoyed the hour dedicated as they got an opportunity to express themselves without having to write.

It was a joyous moment as students found the idea quite novel and thoroughly participated in it through news casting, role play, Math games, reading, interviewing each other etc. Students expressed their talent and creativity without monotony of pen and paper. The pupils really showed how much they can get done without a pen for a day!

CREATIVITY TO CURIOSITY We at the Primary School believe in parental engagement as they are the most valued partners in their children’s education. To celebrate and cherish this valuable partnership, The Oxford School, Dubai conducted an “Curiosity to Creativity parental involvement event” for year 5 and 6. The “Curiosity to Creativity” is a new initiative at The Oxford School, Dubai where the parents are invited to participate in building a Creative Craft or Art of their choice along with their child. Showing children that education is important, building their confidence and connecting with their school, helps to shape children’s learning and wellbeing. On Wednesday 25th October, between 10.30 am to 11.30 am, the parents of grade 5 and 6 students were invited to participate in the creative activity along with their children. Under the planning and guidance of our Art Teacher Ms. Mari Vinu, the parents created their masterpieces along with their children.

It was not only an occasion for parental engagement but a celebration of INTERNATIONAL ARTIST DAY where parents along with their children got the time out of mind and express themselves. “Curiosity to Creativity” gave them the opportunities to tinker with many activities like Decorative drawing in canvas (with beads, pom poms ), Creativity inside shoe box (theme- UAE), creative painting in A4 canvas, Mold your clay etc. The students presented their creations at the end of the event. End of the day many parents come up to compliment us on how smoothly the event ran or how successful it seemed. It also included positive comments like “It was great experience working with my child in school. It brought back my childhood Thank you Oxford for the opportunity!” “Congratulations on having such an event. It helped me know more about my child. Fantastic Experience!” Altogether it was a successful event for the month of Curiosity to Creativity.

IGNITED MIND LAB A Mental Math Competition was organized by IGNITED MAIND LAB and students from primary school enthusiastically participate in it. Most of our students reached the finals and we take pride in sharing that 12 students from Primary School were awarded gold medals in a ceremony held at Amity University Dubai. The occasion was graced by H.E. Suhail Mohamed Al-Zarooni who is a Guinness World Record Holder and a successful entrepreneur. We look forward to bringing more accolades to school in the years to come. A job well done by our young Mathmagicians!

AL NUJOOM AWARD CEREMONY The Al Nujoom Award ceremony was held at The Oxford School on 12th October, 2017. At the outset the Principal welcomed the gathering which was followed by the Quranic Recitation and Translation. The Award ceremony for the Primary Section began after the prayers. In order to highlight the activities of 2016-17 the audience was updated through a video presentation. The students were awarded for their efforts and hard work for the academic year 2016-2017. The awards were divided into the following categories. • • • •

Best Endeavour Best All Rounder Subject Toppers Academic Excellence

Two students were awarded the “Honours” for scoring the highest marks in Science at the ACER IBT exams. The function came to an end on a pleasant note.


Theme:- “Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Ribbon; universal icon -Breast Cancer� This October, honors National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Students of Year 10 Girls organized an assembly in English and Arabic to promote awareness. The students shared the key facts and ways to fight breast cancer, which is early identification of the disease. They informed the events planned in UAE and the usage of modern applications to identify symptoms, risks and prevention of Breast Cancer. Highlight of the assembly was when Bardiya Gilanshi of year 9 shared his research work on easier way to fight cancer, that was presented in UK with audience. Audience was informed about the charity activities; the Bake Sale, Mufti Day, Charity Matches and Sale of pink ribbon, the proceeds of which would be given to Friends of Cancer Patients.

Theme: Breast Cancer Awareness Students of year 8G2 conducted an assembly on Breast Cancer awareness. Through the amazing words of our students, others were educated on how they too can become aware, proactive and informed about what they can do as a community to help prevent breast cancer Students enacted a skit to share tips on how cancer can be detected at an early stage and how it can be prevented.

YEAR 7 - 13

Theme: Anti Bullying Assembly

Special assembly on anti-bullying was conducted by Ms. Deepa Vinod, Head of Senior School. As we know bullying may be a problem, to do something about it, scheduling an assembly seems to be the first idea that comes to our mind, as it seems an easy to implement solution. Different types of bullying were discussed and whom to approach if a student is victimized. The message conveyed to these students were very strong and clear. She emphasized on the fact that everyone understands that bullying behaviors are unacceptable, and we have zero tolerance towards it. Further, to add to this what steps and consequences students need to face if they are found bullying others. Theme:-

“ SCIENCE AND MATH MONTH :” Imagine, Invent, Inspire. Make little things count.” POSITIVE TRAIT CURIOSITY AND CREATIVITY

Creativity and Curiosity is not limited to artistic and musical expression—it is also essential for science, math, and even social and emotional intelligence. Assembly organized by Science and Math students informed the audience that, the activities planned under this theme will model the Creativity and Curiosity. We live in an age of astonishing advancements, engineers can land a car size rover on Mars. Physicists wrote the essence of all matter while we communicate wirelessly on a vast worldwide network. But underlying all of these modern matters is something deep and’s been called the language of universe and perhaps the civilization’s greatest achievement, its named mathematics. But where does math come from and why does it work in science so well . Theme: Maths and Science Launch Assembly

We live in an age of astonishing advancements. The young scientists and mathematicians of year 7 and 8 emphasized the importance of modern world with the understandings and technology enabled by science and math. They discussed about strategy to build an understanding of our world which is extremely valuable for our society, and they spread the message…. Imagine, Invent and Aspire. The audience participated enthusiastically in some of the science and math tricks; Newton color disc and finding age using mathematics.

Theme: : Creativity and Curiosity Students of Year 9 conducted an assembly to educate the audience of – Development of Technology over the time, which has stemmed from the creative and curios human mind. Young curious minds among the audience predicted a brighter future if the current trends were to follow. Audience was motivated to develop the skill of being creative, as creative and curious people are more flexible and better problem solvers, which makes them more able to adapt to technological advances and deal with change—as well as take advantage of new opportunities.

Theme: Creativity and Curiosity by Arabic Department Students of Years 7 and 8 conducted an assembly on Creativity and curiosity under the guidance of Arabic department. They spoke about various scientist and how creativity led to innovations and changed the world. Theme: “ Compassion “

This assembly conducted by the students of year 9B1, modeled the choice that we have when we see someone in need. Do we react with compassion or with selfishness? The enactment and the poem recited, show cased that, compassion isn’t about some outlandish or overly generous thing that we do, but it starts by just understanding and being there for others. Students were motivated to organize Break Fast On Us! To show their appreciation and compassion towards the Ancillary Staff.

Theme: Creativity and Curiousity The students of 7G2 presented assembly on the theme “creativity and curiosity”. They started with a note “curiosity is the key to creativity”. They conveyed the importance of being curious and creative to the students. A short video about classroom creativity and curiosity was presented. The assembly was well scripted by the students. The students were challenged to be creative in anything they do. Students were awarded with certificate for Volunteering in Al Nujoom and Investitures Ceremony followed by Salad competitions winners.

Theme: : Closing Ceremony : Science and Math Month Activities The assembly on 29th October marked the end of the Science and math month with a glimpse of the activities that happened in the month- plastic challenge, stop the spread challenge, wind power challenge, down the drain project, math and science quiz , math symposium and seminars. Mohammed Mustafa of year 11 b2 exhibited his talent with Rubix Cube solving it in a minute. This was followed by awarding the certificates for various competitions. Though the assembly marked the end of Science and Math month it left behind the sparks of curiosity and creativity that will form the essence of all the learning to come. Theme: Closing Assembly for Maths and Science The assembly on 30th October marked the end of the Science and math month with a glimpse of the activities that happened in the month- plastic challenge, stop the spread challenge, math and science quiz, math symposium and seminars. Mohammed Mustafa of year 11 B exhibited his talent with rubix cube solving it in less than a minute. This was followed by awarding the certificates for various competitions. Though the assembly marked the end of Science and Math month it left behind the sparks of curiosity and creativity that will form the essence of all the learning to come

CIRCLE TIME REPORTS YEAR 7 - 8 Circle time creates a bond between class teacher and students. This is aimed at the holistic development of students. In October, the activities included: Science and Math project on Plastic Challenge and Stop the Spread Challenge. Students of year 8 made their own hand sanitizer. They designed their own bottle for it including the name of their product, ingredients and its description. Students of year 7 prepared various items which were displayed during Mufti day. To improve reading and comprehension skills of our students a reading literacy programme was conducted during circle time. They were supposed to submit the assessment for the comprehension read.

YEAR 9 - 13

REPORT ON BREAST CANCER CAMPAIGN October is the month dedicated to Breast Cancer awareness. The annual campaign held in many places all over the world increases awareness of the disease and raises funds for the treatment and cure of Breast cancer patient. The Oxford School has held many events to support the warriors of this invincible disease possible during the month of October. The following are the events that were held by the students of Oxford School. •


AWARENESS ASSEMBLY. It was held by the AS students to raise the awareness among the Oxfordians to make the students have better understanding about the disease and how to look after and manage their health. PINK RIBBON SELLING. Pink ribbons, being an international symbol of breast cancer awareness, were sold to students throughout the month for 5Dhs only. BAKE SALE. Held on the 12th of October, it was the highlight of the month. The students contributed by bringing varieties of delicious baked items from home to be sold at during the bake sale which included cakes, baked pastas, brownies, cookies, etc. which were priced ranging from 3Dhs to 10Dhs. Coupons were purchased by the students and then redeemed for the item wished to be purchased at the food stall. MUFTI DAY. Accompanying the bake sale was the Mufti day: students dressed up in white and pink as the colours symbolise the hope and support we all give to our brave warriors, and the unspoken motivation that they are not alone in their battle by paying a small amount of 10Dhs for the privilege of dressing down. CHARITY MATCH. Money were raised by charging entry fees of 5Dhs from the girls for watching the girls’ basketball match, and from the boys for watching the boys’ football match held against the teachers The money raised was donated to Friends of Cancer Patients to hopefully cure those who cannot afford treatment or to invest in further research for the advancement of medication. All the events held were of great benefit through which the students were educated about Breast Cancer, raised money to be donated, and stood in solidarity with our warriors by showing support, motivation, and love.

Career Talk -University of Groningen, Netherlands On the 24th of October, 2017, a seminar was organized for the high school students where the delegates from The University of Groningen, which is a public research university in the Netherlands, paid a visit to The Oxford School, Dubai to share an insight on the possibilities of research and student exchanges for international students. This seminar offered student learning from the alumni and individuals working internationally and taking degrees in graduate schools. They spoke about the nature and scope of the work they do and the path that they took to their career. As career planning is important for students who are on the verge of completing their high school, one of the delegates illustrated the courses available at their faculties, which could be opted by the students after A levels, and certain criteria that must be adhered to for the admissions. These details help high school students identify and prioritize their future career goals and prospects.

Towards the end of the seminar, a question-and-answer session was held wherein students from AS & A2 clarified their doubts about the admission process and were able to apprehend the main purpose of the seminar and the numerous career opportunities in Netherlands.

CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE – ART COMPETITION The students of The Oxford School Dubai were once again invited by the Green Hope foundation for the Art Competition held on the 14th of October 2017. The foundation conceptualizes and delivers the message of the importance of environment as well as social rights and justice to bring forth awareness for the future generation, and so, the students of The Oxford School have taken their share to witness this wonderful event. The event began with the foundation tackling the causes of climate change and its devastating effects on Earth. It was then followed by a panel discussion by professional guest speakers to talk about their views on the matter. The event proceeded with ample activities and contests such as performance and art in which different schools participated: one of them being The Oxford School that had gladly taken part in the art competition. Three students from year 11, Sumaiya Binte, Zheng Yue, and Clariza May were involved in the contest wherein they had a time limit of 40 minutes to start and complete their art work. Once done, the team had to present their paintings to the judges for the final scoring. The Oxford School proudly secured 2nd place in the art competition which surely made the event even more worth the time and effort spent by all the young people who graced the event.

COLLABORATIVE SESSION ON SKYPE The Oxford School, Dubai VS St-Paul International, India “The Richness of Global Species and Global Hotspots” was the theme behind the collaborative session that was held on the 4th October 2017.Selected students from Year 8 represented the session and shared what The Oxford School has been doing and has accomplished in the last academic year on the afore mentioned theme. Information was exchanged on various endangered species in UAE and India. A discussion on Hawksbill turtle, Arabian leopard, Houbara Bustard and Spiny tailed lizards were held. The Oxfordians emphasized a lot on Conservation of Nature and shared what they have been doing to sustain the environment which in turn will help the nature in whole. The Oxfordian’s team also shared the methods that they have adopted which includes Bio-Farming, Can Collection Campaign, Earth Hour, Best out of Waste, Recycling Bottles, and other activities. Furthermore, they told St Paul’s how interactive the display board in their school is and how students have a say on these topics. On the other hand, St Paul showed and spoke on what they have done for the conservation of their region and their efforts to save the species through spreading awareness with the help of posters, charts, and research work.

They also showed how impressed they were with what the Oxfordians have done. Overall, the session was fruitful and enriching for both partner schools and it gave them insight into how different regions are trying to sustain the environment for the future.


WORKSHOP ON INNOVATION IN MANAGEMENT IMT Dubai conducted the Management Lounge Meetup in October 2017 at the campus in DIAC. The theme of the event was “Innovation in Management� which was graced by prominent personalities from various schools in Dubai.

The workshop presented by Professor Jeremy Williams encouraged the participants to reflect on what it means to be a professional educator, a school administrator, or a school counselor in the 21st century. Its main purpose is to critique some of the popular beliefs about the characteristics of the current generation of students in schools and what strategies might be employed to foster student engagement. The workshop also shared the possibilities and probabilities of employment and employability in the management side in the current job market. The Management Lounge Meetup is a unique platform that reaches out to school partners for an interactive-academic collaboration. This is an initiative that benefits the principals and students through university engagements, projects, and talent-need collaborations.


The Workshop was basically an information session on promoting the Oxford AQA Examination in schools in place of CIE. The session included some resource materials from Oxford publications that were shared. In addition, a presentation on how Oxford AQA Exams were better geared to have Inclusion in comparison with the CIE. The venue was OliOli - a soon to be launched Hands-on activities place for students to understand science concepts. (Quite interesting really!)


REPORT ON DUBAI SHAMS SOLAR ROLLER CAR COMPETITION In line with the announcement of HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and in compliance with the directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to make the UAE Innovation Week in November, 2016, a high-profile event to mark innovative achievements, and in line with DEWA’s strategy to become A Sustainable Innovative World-Class Utility, DEWA has launched one of the innovation week activities: the Shams Dubai Solar Rollers. What is Shams Dubai Solar Rollers? It is an energy-focused design challenge competition for high school teams. Each team designs, builds, tests, and races a custom solar-powered radio-controlled racecar. Videos and more information can be found at

How difficult is this challenge? Shams Dubai Solar Rollers is designed to support beginner teams using a template design with just a few handheld power tools in a normal classroom. It also appeals to more advanced technology classrooms using CNC machines, 3D printers, vacuum lamination, advanced circuitry, etc. Every team is urged to challenge themselves to create and thoroughly test the most efficient, reliable, and powerful car that they can possibly bring to the race. Five students from year 11 participated in this challenge and attended the launch in November 2016 where they were oriented to the program and provided with the kit. They then joined the online tutorial to take their training and were in the process of making the solar roller which they compiled by October for the competition. October 18th, 19th and 22nd marked the competition days. The first two sessions were the interviews by the panel of judges and the 22nd marked the race day. The Oxford School secured the third position in the academic session of this competition making us all proud.

REPORT ON SCIENCE AND MATH QUIZ The Oxford School Inter House Science and Math’s Quiz seeks to promote the study of the sciences and mathematics, to help students improve quick thinking, and to instigate a probing and scientific mindset about the things around them while encouraging and fostering a healthy academic rivalry among the students.

The competition started with a preliminary round in classes for the selection of best 4 for each team. This year, the Sapphire house won the competition followed by the Emerald house. An enthusiastic participation from the audience added flavor to the competition. The quiz was hosted by the senior students: Hassan Tavari of year 11 and Hafsa Irfan of AS. To all the students who could not make it to the grand finale, we wish them better luck next time.


SCIENCE MONTH ACTIVITIES Challenge given : The school charity are looking to broaden awareness of the work they do so want you to design a product that could be sold. They would like the design to have a strong sustainability message so would like you to use plastic ‘waste’ that is easily available. the product should be cheap to make but safe to use and have a high quality finish. Your prototype should be handmade and you will need to consider the target market, the charity branding and also what will happen to any profits made. Students came up with creative ways of using and recycling plastics to create handbags, bird feeders, toys , math puzzles , self watering plants , measuring instruments and decors for home and offices. They further organized a stall in school, went around primary section to create awareness on reducing and reusing plastics and sold their prototypes to their peers . They then donated the money collected to charity.


YEAR 8 Challenge details: Imagine you are charity workers working with a group of primary children in a school to improve their general hygiene. Your task is to encourage them to wash their hands more frequently and to help them understand why this is important in reducing the spread of infectious disease in their community. Design and build a handwash that can then be used by pupils to wash their hands when in school.

Students worked in teams to design and create hand washes. They then spread the awareness to their peers on the importance of washing hands through talks and discussions .This was then sold in school and the money donated to charity.

Down The Drain Project Research question given : How much water do you use everyday in your home? Would you be surprised to learn that according to the statistics the average UAE resident uses between 132- 145 gallons (approx. 500 – 550 liters) of water per day? Do you think people in other parts of the world use more or less water than UAE residents ? Well, this collaborative project will help you find out the answers to these questions. By collecting data on water usage from people around the world you will be able to see how your water use compares to others and determine what you might do to use less water. You will submit a final report where you share all your data and what you have learnt in this project.


Design challenge given : Design a simple wind turbine capable of lifting a cup off the floor upto bench height . The winning team would be the one producing a machine that lifts the maximum weight.

Seminar – How does playing video games impact human health? – By AS – 25th October In video games, you’re in a virtual world where enemies lurk around every corner. But how do these games impact your body in real life? The excitement of a computer or video game can be intense. Does your body know the difference between real life enemies and those on the screen?

Have you ever played a video game that made you break a sweat? Or pant a little bit? The majority of video games are sedentary, meaning done in one position, but there is an increasing trend toward video games where the players are physically active. Do you think these video games can be considered exercise?

This was the problem statement given to our AS student seminar group 1

Seminar by AS students – Working together to live together – 1st November Problem statement :You are responsible for designing a new housing development for a certain area. But there’s a catch! The local environmental group is in an uproar about your development because of a species native to the area that the environmentalists are concerned about. So, you must practice responsible engineering by reducing the impact of your development on an animal engineering species. Typically, engineers evaluate and design for many possible effects that a development might have on a biome, and think about multiple plant and animal species. You will focus on protecting just one species, and get a taste for civil and environmental while doing it! Students selected the biome deciduous forest and designed a plan of a housing society to protect the endangered species, wood turtle. They then presented their proposal to a panel of judges.

STEM LEADERSHIP SUMMIT The “STEM Leadership Summit” was a unique independent summit series designed to provide a platform for practicing STEM Teachers, aspiring STEM Teachers, School Leadership Teams, and service providers related to STEM Education to attend and learn everything they need to know about Implementing and Managing STEM Education in the school. It was organised by Digital First on October 28th at Tower Rotana Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Strands like STEM education – a deep dive, STEM education lab, design thinking, and coding were discussed by some handpicked STEM education experts like Gavin Mc Lean, an International STEM Education Expert, Areej El Sayary, a Curriculum Advisor and STEM Specialist at Al Ittihad Private School, also a STEM Education Expert Speaker, Shady Elkassas, the head of Science Dept. of Sharjah American Int. School-Shj Campus, also a STEM Education Expert Speaker, and Laura Toma, an Education Consultant at Bon Education.

Sustainability Workshop ‘Electricity and Water in Dubai – Get the bigger picture’ On the 11th of October 2017, I had the privilege of representing The Oxford School at the afore mentioned event. It was a three-hour session held at KHDA headquarters in Dubai, Academic City. The main aim of the workshop was to sensitize teachers to sensitize students on the need to shift from the current electricity generation methods in Dubai to more sustainable ones. Since Dubai is blessed with sun on quite many days of the year, the brain child behind this move identified solar energy as the most viable option. Various experts who spoke emphasized on the ever increasing demand of electricity which outmatches the supply of the resources used to generate electricity. A brief history was given to show us where Dubai came from to where it is headed. The Chief Engineer mentioned key government departments given the responsibility to ensure new buildings adhere to a new building code aimed at making buildings ‘green’.

Officials from DEWA mentioned plans to build the world’s largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project. It will generate 700 megawatts (MW) of power when completed. Using the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model, it will include the world’s tallest solar tower, standing 260 meters tall. The school was challenged to adopt solar-powered lighting. Teachers were also encouraged to visit Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park which is spread over a total area of 77 km² in Seih Al-Dahal, about 50 kilometers south of the city of Dubai, on top of spreading the message.

SWOT ANALYSIS REPORT “The more reflective you are, the more effective you are.” – Hall and Simeral On October 18th, with the leadership of Mrs. Deepa Vinod and the participation of the teachers of the Secondary Level, the Senior School held a meeting for a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The teachers were asked to reflect upon their everyday experiences in The Oxford School and to list down three reflections for each aspect. The meeting was also used as an opportunity for teachers to communicate their concerns and difficulties in teaching and dealing with the students. Mrs. Vinod, as well as other teachers, provided their comments and suggestions to help the teachers deal with their predicaments.

TEACH IN DAY The Teach-in Day, conducted on Thursday, the 4th of October, is a vigorous attempt to express appreciation to teachers on the World Teacher’s Day. All the selected students proceeded to their classes according to the timetables given to them. It was wonderful to see all the students trying to be at their best possible level and feel the essence of being teachers.

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Business, Accounts, Islamic, Arabic, English, and other subjects were being taught with enthusiasm. The students of each class were very keen to know their student-teachers for the day, and as for every class, it was evident how much they enjoyed learning from them. Not only this, the head students of the school took the charge of handling the principal’s office. By the end of the prescribed teaching day, all the student-teachers including the real teachers assembled in the school library to take photos. Lastly, the heads shared their experiences with the principal, which was really motivating and made the all the students feel the extent of work their beloved teachers do.


A Teacher Training Workshop was attended by Ms. Aisha Tasneem and Ms. Zaakiya at Eton Institute Dubai on 21st October 2017. The instructor Ms. Cheryl Paul focused on planning inclusion in the classrooms. The session facilitated interaction with representatives from three schools to share best practices. The strategies practiced in the schools were critically analyzed and evaluated.

WORLDSKILLS ABU DHABI 2017 In line with UAE's economic vision, WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 aimed to inspire young people to study technical education and vocational skills for their career. The Oxford school also envisions a society of the next generation where the career opportunities do not only focus on academic degrees, but the power of skills as a vocational degree is also of prime importance. The Oxford school provided its students with an opportunity of a lifetime: the senior students attended and witnessed the world's largest skill competition which was held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on the 16th of October 2017. Over 3000 participants from 77 countries showcased their skills and competed in 51 different competitions.

Upon attending this event, the students were given a chance to learn something new while having fun at the same time. They were taught numerous team building skills and a sense of independence. The students were put through a series of challenges, competitions, and activities, that exposed them to a friendly and competitive environment in which they were able to enhance their skills and boost their curiosity levels as well as their confidence.

The venue was divided into various categories that were based on gardening, cookery, mechanics, maintenance, heavy machinery assembling, and IT. Students were categorized according to their skills which gave them a chance to check their aptitude in each of them.

In the beginning of the event, the students were almost empty-handed having just a few questions in mind; however, when it ended, they were filled with curiosity and a burning desire to gain knowledge, to develop current designs and technologies, and to hone their skills that can give them an edge over the others.

Overall, it was an event worth visiting; as with the new global changing trends, now, the Oxfordians have the exposure to another variety of careers that they can choose from.


On the 16th of October 2017, the students of Year 11 participated in the 4th Young Business Talent Hunt 2017 Competition. It was indeed a great and new experience for all the attendees. The competition was held at Skyline University, Sharjah. There were many students from different schools who prepared for this event. In the contest proper, the participants were tasked to create an innovative advertisement on the spot. After the first round, the students needed to present the work through a presentation. Such competitions assess student’s spontaneous actions as well as how capable they are to apply theoretical knowledge in the real world. They also taught students how to be more confident and gave them an idea about the creation of advertisements which would be very helpful in the near future.

AL NUJOOM AWARD CEREMONY An award is a form of honour—a kind of recognition aimed to felicitate one's excellent contributions in a chosen field. As every year, The Oxford School held the Al Nujoom Awards on the 12th of October evening to not only mark the excellence but also to tremendously boost each individual to strive and excel higher and aim for even bigger accomplishments in life. It is the ultimate token of recognition of purest of talents and highest of accomplishments given to each excellent deserving Oxfordians for their hard work and dedication and achievement in the last academic year 2016-2017.

The incredible evening began with the Principal, Mrs.Aisha Ansari’s heart-warming welcome speech and appreciation of the students for their distinctions in IGCSE and A Level Exams which was then followed by her giving of awards to the CIE Toppers (A2/AS/IGCSE) and a motivating speech by the previous head boy Fazal Amin.

Later, Ms. Deepa Vinod , Head of Senior school addressed the awardees for the concerted efforts and support in enhancing themselves and acknowledging their hard work for securing Al Nujoom and giving of awards for ACER-IBT and Excellence in Checkpoint Examinations.

Following in sequence, the rest of the awards were given: • Academic Excellence by Ms.Deepa Vinod • All Rounder by Ms. Aisha Tasneem • Subject Toppers by Subject Heads • Best Endeavours by Ms. Smriti

The ceremony concluded with Ms. Aisha Tasneem's vote of thanks and congratulating of all the winners of the Awards for their outstanding achievements and remarkable personal growth.

MEETING ON INCLUSION Awareness to Teachers about inclusion/SEN

- Workshop given by Ms. Vidhya

Members Attended: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Ms. Mukta Bakshi, Head of Learning/ Inclusion Champion Special Educators Counselors Year 4, 5 & 6 Teachers

Discussion Points: • • • •

Started with basic awareness about inclusion/SEN There should be consistent practice Teachers should know the concerns Teachers needs to work with SEN students in class even though LSA is available Asked for feedback from teachers about the strategies which work with the particular child Briefing about SEN graduated approach Wave System (Easy referred system) How to use LSAs effectively Language barrier is leading to behavioral issues

Suggestions: Build up rapport with the student Try to understand the emotional aspects and root cause of the problem in case of behavioral concerns Meet with parents and try to understand the history of the student. Give the student some time to settle down if he/she is new to UAE and build trust in the meantime.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP The Oxford School presents – Grey market Promoting Entrepreneurship skills – as a part of Moral Education Program. Moral Education Program is introduced in the schools as per the directions of Ministry of Education, UAE. Students were encouraged to submit a business proposal as a part of Financial Awareness. The profit made out of the business is shared between the school and the student. The profit share given to school will be used for charity. We are proud that Neda Abdol Hamid of Year 10 G2, Deva Gayathri, Saliha Rizman of 10G1 and Joy Kaizzel of 10G2 started their respective business in school, under the mentorship of our Guidance Counselor – Indhumathi.R

Look out here for the information regarding our stall: If you are a book lover and want to explore more books reach out to the stall “Bibliocave” of Neda. If you are running out of stock of stationeries reach out to “Manuscripts” of Deva and Saliha’s stall. If you are looking for a trend setter, attack the stall, “KPOP- Hopes” of Joy Kiazzel. These students have proved that sky is the limit for achieving. Perseverance and hard work will help them succeed and we wish all the best to our students.

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