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From The Principal’s Desk Dear Parents, Empowering students with 21st century learning skills at our school aims at students improving their intellectual, social and personal interaction and resources that enables them to participate as global citizens. November has been a month that has been very productive with many curricular and extracurricular activities being offered to our students; from celebrating Ethnic day, Universal Children’s Day, UAE National Day to challenging activities and competitions during the Math and UAE month incorporating the value of Courage, Sports day to ‘Share an Experiment’ programme, Enterprise activities across school, thus ensuring their holistic development. We are aiming to foster creativity and critical thinking, promoting problem solving through lessons and activities, providing engaging and purposeful learning opportunities for all our students in future. This will ensure that they are involved in developing big ideas, key skills, critical thinking and analysis which are the most valued learning processes and outcomes. Well-being of students is a key focus for the school and we would be arranging workshops for parents and students to enhance awareness of physical and mental health. Wishing you Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year in advance,

Best regards,

Aisha Ansari Principal

FLAG DAY The little Oxfordians celebrated FLAG DAY on Thu 1st November 2018. The UAE Flag Day is a very symbolic day as it brings all communities together under one flag.

STEM Family Project Our FS parents were invited to participate in a STEM innovation activity whereby they enjoyed constructing a little model with their children using recyclable material. It was a huge success as it complimented our integrated approach to teaching and learning skills of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that are well enjoyed by our students in the classrooms and learning centers. Our endeavour is to have STEM invention in every child’s hand.

ETHINIC DAY The FS children joined the rest of the school in celebrating ETHNIC DAY on Thursday 15th Nov 2018. They came dressed in their traditional/cultural attire and brought traditional food to share with their friends and teachers. Our lovely parents contributed by bringing delicious traditional food and joined the stalls with other parents from their country. Students and staff visited various stalls; the little ones had a great time sharing, relishing and appreciating a wide range of traditional cuisine.

POSH PAWS FARM ANIMAL VISIT We had such a great time with our visiting animals from Posh Paws! The children were excited and wanted to touch and feel the animals; they were all very brave and such risk-takers when they helped to feed and pet the animals.

FS Celebrating Universal Children’s Day Universal Children's Day is a day to recognize that children are important and valued members of the society. It is a day to listen to children, to marvel at their uniqueness; most importantly, it is a reminder that children need love and respect to grow to their full potential. Our children celebrated it with much enthusiasm; they dressed in their colorful clothes and had prepared a special performance for their peers. They visited other classes and did their performance for a different audience within their large peer circle. They had lots of fun and finally shared food with their friends.

Colouring Competition The publishers of ‘Little Genius Magazine’ conducted a colouring competition for the FS section on Wednesday 21st Nov 2018. All the children were given an opportunity to participate. They were very excited and enjoyed the session.


Smoothie Making Activity

Having learnt about dairy products, children of FS decided on a SMOOTHIE making for their kitchen corner activity. They made smoothie and sold it; the proceeds were given towards charity. The activity surely was a good start towards developing their entrepreneurial skills

Activity - based learning Our students enjoyed many different activities; Role-Play… Exploring… Investigating… Gardening… Counting and sorting, craft work …etc. when learning about Farm Animal.

UAE National Day Celebration There was excitement and enthusiasm in the air as the FS students got ready to celebrate the 47th UAE National Day. Teachers and students were dressed in the traditional UAE attire portraying the colours of the UAE flag. FS 2C presented a special assembly; students spoke about the seven Emirates and rounded off with a beautiful song on the seven Emirates. We then had a fashion parade for mothers and our little tots. There was a very good turnout; our mothers were very supportive. The excitement was not only limited to the actual event but was also transferred to the discussions and conversations within the classrooms.

ASSEMBLY:MATH and UAE year 3 - 4 Students of Year 3-4 presented Assembly on ‘ Math and UAE and how math help us in our life when selecting in a new country’ on 15th November (Math month). The assembly was commenced with the recitation of Surah Ikhlas done by student of year 4 Abdullah Suleiman which was further translated in English by Fatima Islaah in Multipurpose Hall. The audiences included students from Year 3-4. Teachers, Supervisor and Vice Principle First Assembly begin with Event of the the “Children’s Day in India.”


And Quote : Math may not teach us how to add love or subtract hate but it give us hope that every problem has a solution. Students presented a role play : A man came from Mach Picho to settle in UAE he visited different places in UAE to exchange money and get some loan to buy a house and do some business. He became friend of Emaar group and built Dubai Frame and Burj Khalifa and visited Dubai Mall. The assembly was ended with a poem on math by year 3.

Assembly: Creativity and Curiosity year 5 and 6 Curiosity and creativity in kids encourages a lifelong drive and enthusiasm for learning. Creativity helps kids be more confident, develop social skills, and learn better. Hence an assembly was organized by students of year 5-C on this theme. The assembly started with the qur’anic recitation and translation by Ayaan Adeel and Neila. This was followed by National anthem. The students the discussed about the meaning of creativity and how to inculcate it within us. A short video was shown on the topic. Vice Principal, Ms. Deepa Vinod then asked the kids to frame some creative question using the ‘WH’ words.

Zero period Activity During the zero period, students participated in a quiz about UAE which was conducted through a presentation. Then students proceeded to create their own poems about anti-bullying. Students participate actively and they enjoyed.


Students made UAE flag on Flag Day and decorated classroom doors as part of celebration. The theme of the competition was to decorate the door with recyclable material. year 4B was announced as a winner on mass assembly.

Students learnt how to create multiplication grid and can use it for solving using various multiplication times table. They recited times table during circle time to enhance their skills.

Mental Math’s strategies were discussed to develop solving and calculation skills during math month.

CIRCLE TIME ACTIVITIES Discussion of UAE national agenda and vision




Global Goal Logo of global goals


Year 4 students did the Tangram activity . They worked in groups , cut out of shapes were given them to design their own and show the creativity

ZERO PERIOD ACTIVITY Poster making on UAE and Math Expressing through art is loved by children of all ages. With regard to Math and UAE month, students of year were instructed to create posters reflecting the connection between UAE and Math. Students researched pertaining to the topic with the help of their iPad. They explored structures and buildings in UAE with geometrical or symmetrical shapes. The innate talents of the students were reflected through their admirable posters.

Quiz on UAE and Poem on Anti bullying

The theme for the month of November is Courage. A quiz on UAE was conducted followed by making a poem on Anti bullying. The students were engaged in creating the poem. The UAE quiz was an excellent way to revise the knowledge about UAE. Here are few glimpses of the activity

MATH MONTH ACTIVITY ORIGAMI AND MATH One intriguing way of adding an element of active experience to a mathematics class is to fold paper. Forming straight lines by folding creases in a piece of paper is an interesting way of discovering and demonstrating relation- ships among different shapes, lines and angles. Paper folding not only simplifies the learning of mathematics—it also builds an experiential base necessary for further learning. Paper folding offers many opportunities for illustrating these ideas The Year -3 primary section of “The oxford school” conducted origami activity on7/11/2018, Wednesday. Children participated in this creative venture with great zeal and high spirits. The students were amazed to see transformation of rectangular flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting. Budding stars created unique and exclusive shapes and structures to showcase their finesse in paper craft. They made hats, cranes, flowers, boats, lanterns and much more. Origami provided students “schematic learning through repeatable actions”. As the teachers demonstrated, children watched closely and listened carefully to the specific instructions and then carried them with originality, neatness and accuracy. The paper folding craft was not only a fun filled experience, but it also proved to be a valuable means to develop artistic skills in the young ones.

Field Trip It was indeed a very joyous time when year four students get the chance to go out from the four walls of classroom. That day, we, all year 4 students and teachers, went to Children City






November 21, 2018.

They were immersed to uncountable avenues of

With the support and effort of teachers and

learning, having fun and nature. The first was in the

school personnel, it was a successful and

Science Show. It was a huge auditorium with

meaningful trip for our dear Year 4 Primary

numerous seats. There was another school with us,


Al Mawakeb School.






innovative initiatives and activities for our

The students were thrilled with unbelievable

primary students. Always remember that these

Science experiments that urged them to go on stage

generations will be our future. With unity and

in blasts. There was another show about the Polaris.

collaboration, together, we let our students

The students were seated on a dome-like theater

explore and have fun!

and they viewed the movie on the ceiling. It was

As Chinese proverbs say, “Tell me and I

entertaining and informative!

forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me

Games, games and more games were played by the

and I understand.� The students experienced a

students enthusiastically in the second part of the

different environment on that day. They were

day. They were all about History, history of UAE

involved in a number of explorations.

and other countries. The students were able to see some historical entities used by early people of UAE even what we have now. It was very good for their lessons both in Humanities and UAE. It was a perfect time to breathe fresh air and enjoy the nature. Lunch was eaten beside the green trees and voice of the surrounding birds. It was like a picnic. around.

MASK MAKING ACTIVITY The students of year 2 celebrated Math Month – November 2018 with a mask making activity that emphasized on symmetry and patterns. Students actively participated in this activity and used their creativity skills combined with mathematical knowledge to bring out the best of designs depicting masks with butterflies, super-heroes, geometric shapes etc. It was a colourful event and the smiles on their faces after getting their symmetrical masks ready was worth watching.

SPORTS DAY The Annual Sports day of Year 1-2 was held last November 19, 2018. It started with a march and followed by the different presentation of the cutie little ones. Parents witnessed their children performing with colourful props, soft body movements and beautiful smile on them. Year 1 presented a mass demo dance while Year 2A,B,C did Field Demo and Aerobic dance for 2D, E and F. Once the games began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. Everybody was able to witness the competition among the kids and their desire to win each game, and at the same time, you would also see evidences of teamwork and most importantly the traces of fun and happiness on everyone’s face.

On the other hand, while the kids were very busy competing against each other, you would also see their teachers supporting and guiding them. You would see them making sure that each of their students are safe and uninjured. To sum it up, it was an action-packed event and an unforgettable day for the young and energetic learners and to their parents who wholeheartedly supported them. The day ended with our principal Mrs. Ansari, congratulating the winners with medals and appreciating everyone’s effort and spirit of competitiveness. She also thanked the parents who came out to support the school’s annual event.

Field Trip: Green Planet The Field Trip at the Green Planet as per the curriculum was an exposure trip to a place of educational importance for the students. The expected outcome includes providing the students to learn about the environment and the creatures that are involved in the ecosystem. It is more on Science subject and the application to learn life situations where the students are engaging. We gathered in the school at around 8:30 am and left the school around 9 am. There are 6 sections gathered that time to have Field trip at The Green Planet. All the students are so eager to witness the majesty of the place. The place is good for the students most especially it caters the curiosity of the students and it is an educational trip that the students should learn.

ASSEMBLY ANTI BULLYING On 11th November 2018, the students of 11G2 presented an assembly on Anti Bullying under the guidance of Ms Lathika Nair [Form teacher] and Ms. Indumathi [Student Counselor ,Counseling Department ] The event traditionally started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Sara and translation by Nourin followed by national anthem. The assembly started off by giving a glimpse on “what is bullying and why it should not be taken lightly” by Angelica , Aswa, Ruth and Ingeyla. It was very informative and gave broader outlook of how Bullying can happen anywhere: in schools, at home, at work, or in online social spaces, such as text messages, emails, or posts on Instagram. They highlighted the statistics as more than one in four 15-year-olds in the UAE reported being bullied “at least a few times a month The report found that the UAE had a higher than average number of pupils being bullied.It was followed by the enthralling depiction of antibullying through a dance drama using paints which gave the information “ If you’ve been bullied don't be afraid to speak up and remember that You're not on your own “ which was well executed by Fathima Imani and Ayesha Binte Hence the assembly was concluded by Bernice/ Nourin by enlightening and informing all of us on how to overcome bullying.Mrs Deepa Vinod [Vice Principal ] and Mrs. Aisha Ansari [Principal] shared their thoughts with the students .

On 11th November Year 11

MATH and UAE Month Assembly On 4th November Year 10 The Secondary “Math and UAE month assembly” was held on November 4, at 7:35AM in MP Hall. The event was planned /executed by the students of year 10 and was attended by all secondary students. The purpose of this assembly was to introduce the importance of Mathematics in UAE. Our goal was to prove the major root that clearly describes UAE has a deep relationship with Mathematics. The event was a grand success. Briefing on all the activities that will be conducted during the math month was shown in the form of presentation to the audience. The activities were as follows: Ø Inter-house Math and UAE Quiz competition Ø Math TED TALK .Ø Math for a cause – charity drive Ø Math Treasure hunt Hosts for the assembly were Adeesha and Wajdhaan.The assembly began with the recitation of the holy Quran by Manaal and Ameenah followed by the importance of maths by Asbah and Arsallan. Later, through the short film, Harshil and Ali Aziz of 10B1 have shown the major root that clearly proves that Mathematics is linked with UAE. The next segment of the assembly was by Ahmed Ali and Halima Ibrahim that tested the basic knowledge of everyone present that lightened up the fun. The assembly had gone well as planned. However, for next year we are planning to incorporate more innovative ideas in Assembly.

Outstanding Cambridge Learner awards R E P P O el T E Lev A U AS ysics Ph

Vishwesh Kumar

DIABETER WALK 2018 It was a blissful morning on the 23rd of November 2018 when about a hundred students from The Oxford School proudly joined the Walk to Beat Diabetes at Zabeel Park. The event was organized by The Landmark Group and has been running for the past ten years and our school has been a proud attendee from last years. The goal of the event is to share awareness towards children, adults and young adults about Diabetes and there is certainly no other better way to learn this than join ‘The Beat Diabetes Walk’.

ETHNIC DAY Last 15th November 2018, The Oxford Dubai embraced cultural diversity within our school. In celebration of the event, the innate desire of every child to dress up, look good and feel was accomplished through this event when all the students from all year level were given the chance to wear cultural outfit to represent their own roots. It was a joyous event held at the school Turf area that started with a parade from each country. Different booths from each country was mounted to home varieties of delicacies. It was also a great pleasure to have few parents who took time from their busy schedule to participate in the event. They brought different foods from each of their country while students from different year levels had a taste from their home-made foods.

DUBAI VISION WORKSHOP On 5th of November, 2018, the students from The Oxford School and the The Buds Public School participated in the final workshop conducted by the Dubai Vision Competition at the Amity University, Dubai. Two students from our school, Fatima Afrooz and Deva Gayathri presented the project details, our progress and how both the partner schools worked together for the completion of the project. Around 50 schools participated in the The deadline date for DVC was announced on same day which is 12th of December, 2018.

As a part of year 10 STEM lesson, a talk on sustainability was conducted by Ms. Huma, EM Teacher, for year 10 boys and girls as two separate sessions in the school senior library. The session for boys was on 22nd November 2018 and for the girls was on 27th November 2018. The session gave an insight for the students to design their tiny house keeping in mind the concepts for sustainable practices. The use of cork oak tree for flooring was a striking concept for all.

FITNESS DAY Last 24th November 2018, as part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge for the month of November, The Oxford School, with the full participation of the whole academic and admin staff all joined together to do Aerobic dance and exercise. Led by the PE Teachers, the whole staff showed great enthusiasm in all the moves.

Anti- Bullying Month Activities “People will forget, what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. We, at The Oxford School, believe in nurturing social skills amongst our students. The Department of Counseling and Special Education, organized various activities during the International Anti-Bullying Week. The objective was to instill awareness on bullying and the effects of bullying on a person. “What is Bullying and how to deal with Bullying”, was the theme of the year. Anti-bullying awareness activities were conducted across all the year levels. Awareness assemblies were conducted for the students across. Classroom sessions were conducted by school counselors. Year 5 and 6 were involved in preparing an Anti-Bullying anthem. Year 11 students presented a contemporary dance on the impact of bullying on a person and Year 3 conducted a shadow play for the awareness assembly.

FLAG DAY The UAE flag represents meanings of justice peace, tolerance, power and moderation, under which all Emiratis live a decent life and enjoy security and stability. This comes in continuation of the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It contains the Pan- Arab colors which are red, green, white and black to show Arab unity. Students from all Year level gather together as they decorate their classroom door to celebrate UAE Flag Day. They were able to showcase their talent using recycled materials.

FOOD HERO’S DAY The Oxford School Dubai is one of the lucky twelve schools all over Dubai to be invited for the event organized by the Dubai Municipality. The event was named as ‘Food Hero’s Day’. It was help last 22nd November 2018 at International Center for Culinary Arts (ICCA), Dubai knowledge Park. It was an eventful day filled with different varieties of food. Six student representatives from each school are selected to join. The goal of the event is to educate young individual such as the students to be aware of the different food groups available and to be introduce develop proper diet. All participants went back to school with a full tummy and additional knowledge about healthy diet along with some gifts from the event.

LABOUR CAMP VISIT We at The Oxford School Dubai believe that it is always good to give back. Each student from the whole school has given little donations from their own home to share and all the little donations when joined together surely made a difference. Last 23rd November 2018, we have chosen a Labor camp in Muhaisnah, a home where our hardworking laborers are forced to live, leaving the comfort of their home country to distribute. Working hand in hand, our student council members volunteered to participate in the distribution of the goods collected by the whole school to share with the laborers. It is such a fulfillment to be able to share and see the grateful faces of the laborers after the distribution.

SCHOOL GARDENING COMPETITION ORIENTATION WORKSHOP On 29th November, Ministry of Climate change and environment sponsored an introductory workshop, which focused on raising environmental awareness among schools and school students. The Conference was open to selected 26 schools in UAE which registered prior to 25th of October and approximately representatives from 24 schools were in attendance. Ms. Dolly Pradhnani attended the workshop from The Oxford School, Dubai. The workshop mainly focused upon participation of schools and students in planting trees and small plants at their school or developing a greenhouse. The workshop began with an introductory message by Sir Hamid, who listed the importance of school gardening competition whose major agenda was food security. A video to advocate the same was played before us and the video focused upon how UAE began its journey of planting trees and vegetation. The video also advocated that how Sheikh Zayed’s work has proved it to be a major landmark in the history of UAE to practice agriculture. Mr Mohammed, an organic farmer then proceeded with the workshop and explained about different plant families and which vegetables to be grown in which season. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants were allowed to ask questions related to the workshop and representatives helped them in understanding the process of registration in the school gardening competition or any help the schools need in order to initiate gardening in their campus.

Math For a Cause The event - “Math For a Cause� -was conducted on Monday, 19th November, 2018 as apart of Oxford Fete at the Basketball area of The Oxford School, Dubai. The young mathematicians of year 3 to 9 were organizing game stalls to encourage their peers to do strategic mathematical thinking to find different ways for solving problems and deepen their understanding of different skills. The purpose of the event was to engage the students in a mathrelated fundraiser. Our goal was to raise a little amount to help the needy students/people, by putting up Math based game stalls. The event was a success. We had about 14 game stalls which had games to be played using mathematical skills. 3 of the stalls were put up by primary students and the rest by the secondary students. Whoever wanted to play had to buy coupons from the counter and then move to the stall area. Children from FS to year 6 came and played the games, trying a hand at their mathematical skills. Little children beamed with happiness as they went back with handful of gifts. We could raise AED 1000. Students learned to plan and execute a program for a social cause. The participants had put good deal of energy in buying and designing the props for conducting the game. This event involved almost every year group and every participant put up interesting games. They had planned exciting gifts as well. Students loved the games so much this event helped the students to grasp the concepts of mathematics through a hands-on activity that makes learning fun and eventful.

MATH TED TALK REPORT The “Math Ted Talk” was held on November 14th, from 10:10 – 11:10 A.M. at the school’s multipurpose hall. The aim of this competition is to equip young students with the skills of thinking clearly, speaking persuasively and listening to the opinions of others critically and constructively. It enables young people to test and demonstrate their knowledge in Maths and the fluency in English. The objectives of the Math TED Talk are three-fold, namely: – To provide young people with practical experience in the fundamental skills of public speaking; – To provide a focus for the learning of Mathematics and communication skills; and – To give students the opportunity to meet, exchange views and form friendship within the global village. Over the years, we have witnessed a growing interest in the TED Talk competition . The confidence was evident in each candidate and they made sure that they caught the attention of the audience The event was a success. We reached our goal by making sure that the students from Phase-1 to 4 participated. Some of the topics were “The math and magic of origami”, “How folding paper can get you to the moon”, “The Beauty of Math”, etc. Students learned to plan and execute their speeches, connected their topics to real life applications of Math. The audience was as expected. For the coming years, we hope to get more students to participate.

MATHS AND UAE QUIZ The Inter-House Senior Math and UAE Quiz was conducted on 7th November,2018 in the zero period MP Hall. The contestants from year 8 to 11 participated in the quiz with full enthusiasm and zeal. The competition helped the students to assess their mathematical skills, proficiency and aptitude which played an integral part of our academic curriculum. There were all together 6 rounds. The first round was Ice Breaker round which followed by Scattegories. The third round was Google Doodle followed by Visual round. The final round was Rapid fire round which hogged the limelight of the show as it examined the contestants in depth knowledge and their IQ level as well. All the rounds were keenly conducted. There was audience round in between each round were in the intelligent minds answered the questions with full excitement and confidence. Their involvement was remarkable. There was a tough competition between the contestants, but in the end, most exciting, thrilling and evenly contested battle was won by TOPAZ HOUSE. The Topaz house bagged 1st position with their outstanding performance. The 2nd position was bagged by RUBY HOUSE whereas the 3rd and 4th positions were grabbed by SAPPHIRE and EMARALD HOUSES respectively. The audience comprising of year 8,9 and 10 enjoyed watching and participating in the quiz. They gained a lot of knowledge about mathematics in the bargain. The program ended up with a motivational speech by vice principal Ms.Deepa Vinod. She inspired the students to participate in such competitions in future as well to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Medals and certificates were distributed to the winners and runner ups. It was a great learning experience for the children as they enjoyed the quiz very much.

TREASURE HUNT The Treasure Hunt Activity for the Math Month was conducted on 11th November 2018 during zero period from 10:10 AM to 11:10 AM at Oxford School, Dubai. The Event was conducted and led by Tenth formers Zahra Khokkhar Adisha and Asbah. under the guidance of Ms.Lathika Nair .s The purpose of the event was to exhibit the mathematical, analytical and numerical skills to solve different problems which led the student to different places of the event to find the treasure and to enhance team co-ordination The event was successful as Students in teams solved each problem and puzzles which was hidden in a place and also helped them to identify the particular place which led to the final destination where the treasure was hidden. A preliminary test was conducted 2 days before the event and candidates were selected to form four different teams. Each team was led by a teacher and a student who took the responsibility to capture the pictures of the whole event. Students learned how to plan events for extracurricular activities. Participants learned how to work in a team. It helped to strengthen the bond between the teachers and students Some of the participants didn’t show up hence the numbers of students in a team got affected. So, there was a random shuffling in the team and the event delayed by 5-7 minutes. Next time the student’s presence for the event will be checked the day before and take assurance and in case of nonattendance new students will be taken from the list of preliminary tests conducted

November 2018  
November 2018