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The program was well organised; the children were made to understand how important it is to stay healthy from head to toe. They explained how germs are everywhere; Germs are so small, that one cannot see them. Germs can make us sick and we can get rid of Germs by washing our hands correctly. The children were then reminded to wash their hands: before eating or touching food after using the toilet after blowing their nose after touching pets or any animals after playing outside after visiting a hospital

A demonstration was given to the children about „A practice of good hand washing‟; easy steps to be followed in doing so: Wet hands Apply soap; scrub finger tips & between fingers Rinse hands Use towel to dry hands Our students were very interactive and answered questions correctly after the demonstration. The activity was a good reinforcement of cleanliness habits that are taught and always reminded by our teachers. It is good to note that children tend to wash their hands often and they announce that they don‟t want to have Germs in their hands.

FS2 - VISIT TO AL RAWABI FARM 2016 To begin with, it was such a joyful bus ride for the children of FS 2 that all along they sang„ Old Mac Donald had a farm „ and counting the vehicles on the road. In the Farm – at the entrance, the vehicles were washed with sprinklers of soapy water in order to wash the dust away. The first area they visited was where the pregnant cows were taken care of: they saw the blowers that sprayed drops of water with air that came from the fans to keep the cows cool. They later saw the new born baby cows and the mothers.

They even saw the cows pass through a shower before they went in for milking. How well they are trained, for every group of 40 cows a leader assigned, they line up in rows to take their place in the milking area. We were told around 50 calves are born per day, 12500 cows in total, 35 litters of fresh milk given by each cow for bottling, they noticed all these cows were Black and White in colour. They were also taken to see the different type of food stalls which is stacked with food to feed all these cows.

Next they saw the bottling plant, where minimum man power is used to only stack the milk bottles into boxes. The entire process of making fresh milk bottles is all done by the huge machines, the Al Rawabi Farm not only produces Fresh Milk they also cater to Diary products and the major producer of Fruit Juices.

More than 15 flavoured juices, all made with the fruit pulp. They were shown the making of Orange juice, and the chilling area. They were allowed to taste the juice which was made at the time, made to perfect taste, healthy as ever. The children enjoyed every minute they spent in the farm, it was not only a joyful trip but was an educational trip where we can be sure that the visit to Al Rawabi Farm was a memorable one.

Children learn effectively when exposed to hands-on experiences. During the Fruit Salad Activity Day, the students came to school with their favourite fruit. They talked about the benefits of eating healthy foods especially fruits. Classes were divided into groups. Some of them were cutting the fruits using plastic knives and others were washing and peeling the fruits. They enjoyed the activity and at the end of it they shared the fruit salad that they had made. Cooperation and sharing reinforced during the activity.


Students of Year 3 presented Assembly on „The use of Math in our day to day life and its real application‟ on 27th October (Math month). The assembly was commenced with the recitation of Surah Naas done by one of the student which was further translated in English in The Oxford School, Multipurpose Hall. The audiences included students from Year 3-6, Primary head- Ms. Syeda Zaakiya Abbas Jafri, Principal- Ms. Aisha Ansari, SLT‟s and all the staff members. Students presented a role play regarding Mathematics and its uses in real life. It depicted the students having a discussion on Math as a part of their lives, whether they clean the house, make supper or mow the lawn. Wherever they go, whatever they do, they are using math daily without even realizing it. It just comes naturally. The assembly was further led by dialogues, narration with the various scenes which included PowerPoint presentation along with hand out displayed by the students of Grade 3..

They also presented their personal views on how they think of Mathematics while counting and calculating . The students gave the message of Math in their day to day lives and beautifully spoke by describing in detail about how math influences it and pays essential part in Planning, keeping time, calculations, maintaining schedules, cooking, gardening, etc. Finally a short Quiz was conducted for the student audiences and the one who answered the questions correctly were awarded with goodies. The students who participated received the certificate of participation and appreciation for inducement.

Assembly – “elderly house visit” Students of year 6 shared their thoughts with other students about the elderly house and how to be nice to them .


The program was started with an introduction on Kiwi fruit, given by the representatives of Zespri. The aim of this program was to spread the awareness on Kiwi fruit. The representatives started their presentation by asking a few questions on healthy and unhealthy food and its effect on us. Kids answered the questions with enthusiasm.

that Kiwis are a nutrient dense food, meaning they are high in nutrients and low in calories. Kiwis decreases the risk of obesity and overall mortality. She further continued that Kiwi has Vitamin C and potassium in it. Vitamin C helps to fight with the germs and potassium helps us to give strength to our body. At last, a song on Kiwi was sung by her along with the students. Later, she asked a few questions on the benefits of Kiwi fruit and prizes were given to students on each correct answer. A goodie bag was given to all the students of Year 1. The program ended with a meaning to edify students the importance of eating kiwi.

Lecture about purity in Islam (Tahra) With the cooperation with Rouati center the school presented a lecture about Tahra in Islam for the girls. Mrs Eman Al Daaban presented the lecture for the girls.

The month of October was celebrated as Math Awareness Month in The Oxford School. Studentsâ€&#x; actively were involved is the cornerstone in which they learn to construct their own mathematical projects. Teachers provide students with hands-on experiences and use of manipulative to encourage and promote active involvement Students wrote odd and even numbers and pasted them on the Math interactive board. They were provided an environment that helps their students recognize and make connections to mathematics.

The hip hopping activity was conducted. A hip hopper ladder was made in the corridor with the number sequencing with missing numbers. Students hopped the ladder and predicted what number comes next or in between. This activity involved most of the students during their lunch time and they used their time constructively by learning Maths by play way method

The Mathematics subject was integrated with arts. The students cut out various shapes and made “shape monsters� which were hung around in the corridors giving the corridor a mesmerising view as a part of celebration of Math month. The students researched and found out about the different invention made by different mathematician in the field of Mathematics and displayed it in the form of charts. The students researched and found out where they used Mathematics and numbers in the form of Mind Map. The students beautifully represented it in the form of 2D shapes and patterns. One of the students made Multiplication circle wheel and wrote times table of 5 and 6.

Questions are an essential element in learning mathematics. Students should feel free to ask questions, as well as teachers should ask questions to facilitate thinking and learning.

Teachers encouraged students to ask questions because it is an integral part of the learning process as well as asked them to solve the problems and posted their answers in the pockets attached on the interactive board. The “Falling into numbers Tree� was made on which the students wrote numbers in three different forms on the apple post-it- notes: Standard form Number names Partition form

The Math Exhibition was conducted in which the students made projects, displayed them and explained their projects to the various audiences.

Quiz Time: The Math Quiz was conducted; the students participated in the Quiz and answered the Questions held in three rounds. The winners were awarded.

The FS parent-teacher meeting was a great success. Parents were really happy to see their childrenâ€&#x;s activities and the learning journeys. They were pleased with the overall progress of their child. Parents complimented that FS Children have been informing them about various activities done in class/school; this indeed is very rewarding as it is evident that effective learning takes place.

Students of Year 8G1 conducted the assembly on 10th October in the MP Hall to rekindle the desire for learning Maths. They explained the history of numbers and the contribution of different cultures to the Number System and could convince the students the importance of numbers in our daily life. One of the student recited a meaningful Poem titled “Mathematics". A small video on “The Journey with Mathematics” was also presented .

Information about the upcoming events- Math Quiz, Treasure Hunt, Symposium Math Eye, Cartoon Drawing, Math Games were shared along with the video. The assembly concluded with a message of appreciation and encouragement from Ms.Deepa Vinod, Head of Senior school.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver� Students of 8G2 were given a chance to talk over the importance of being healthy and having good personal hygiene. Being clean was emphasized in the assembly as it is also a way of keeping our body healthy. Personal hygiene needs to be part of everybody's daily habits, so that we can help prevent illnesses from spreading.

Our Head of Senior School announced competition amongst Year 7 and 8 for best clean and disciplined class in the upcoming weeks.

Students of Year 7B1 conducted assembly on Breast cancer on 24th October, 2016. They discussed the causes and preventive measures to avoid breast cancer. As October has been declared as Breast Cancer awareness month, the students were enthusiastic to participate in this assembly. It was helpful to motivate their peers to educate as well as insist their sisters and mothers to avail the free breast examinations at various hospitals in UAE, an initiative that has been taken by the DHA, students pledge to motivate their family members to take care of their health and engage in a physically active lifestyle in order to keep high risk diseases and cancer at bay. The students were also updated about Oxford Schoolâ€&#x;s initiative to help cancer patients by organizing various charitable activities. These included Friendly football match on 23rd October, Bake Sale on 25th October and Mufti day on 27th October to garner support and raise funds for treatment of cancer patients.

Winners of the Salad making competition conducted on 20th October 2016, from year 7 and 8 section were announced and appreciated by Ms. Deepa Vinod with certificates and praises for being innovative in presenting creative and sumptuous salads.

.It was great to see students exploring their culinary skills as they gave a tough competition to one another and it was difficult to choose the best salad out of the entries from the section.

Students of year 9 to 13 organized an assembly on 11th October to edify the audience about Mathematics being a tool that enables one to broaden the ability to understand all the other disciplines, students shared a video to emphasis this thought. The branch parade was the highlight of the assembly where the audience were shown the significance of each branch and its origin. Year 10 students shared an important message from the life of great mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, German mathematician.â€&#x; That appreciation and positive reinforcement will shape and encourage a learnerâ€? Students engaged the listeners in a short quiz and informed them about the interesting forthcoming eventsPoster Making Competitions, Math Symposium, Treasure Hunt, Inter house Math Quiz to name a few. Ms.Deepa Vinod highly praised the efforts of the department and wished them for all the acidities that are lined up for the month

Brest Cancer Awareness Assembly was conducted by Students of A2 on 23rd Oct,2016, to stand together united against Breast Cancer. Students shared alarming facts about breast Cancer and informed precautionary measures to reduce the risk of cancer. To show solidarity towards the people, who are suffering from this diseases fund raising activities were announced such as Bake-Sale, Mufti day and Friendly Football Match, the proceeds of which will be going to provide hope to the fighters of this disease. The Medical Department of the school, organized a visit by the doctor to enlighten the audience about the selfexamination and clinical testing for the cancer. A moment of silence was observed in memory of the loss of the beloved The Oxford Faculty, Ms.Roohi Kazi who passed away due to this disease.

Astronaut Visit

Bio farming club “OxfOrd Orchard� Bio-farming club is a enriching method to use the schoolyard as a classroom, reconnect students with the natural world, a true source of their food, and teach them valuable gardening and agriculture concepts and skills that integrate with several subjects, such as Maths, Science, Art, Health and Physical education, and Social Studies, as well as several educational goals, including personal and social responsibility. The lead team of bio farming club includes Ms. Dhanya as the coordinator and Ms. Ambili and Ms. Deepa cheriyan as the mentors. The planting day was held on 27th October 2016, and the Orchard was inaugurated by Ms. Deepa Vinod ,the Head of senior section.

Our club members are highly enthusiastic and they will always uphold the slogan. “when health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.�

Brain SIM- The Business

The Brain Sim is an annual business simulation contest organised by S P Jain School of Global Management. The contest was held on 27th of October in Dubai International Academic City. Students from 33 schools across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah had participated in the event. The day began with an introduction of business simulation and the inspirational speech of Professor Arindam Banerjee, Director – Admissions, Professor of Finance. The students were separated into two batches where the three students of our school appeared to be in Batch2. The students then proceeded to the hall for the games round, which lasted for two hours from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The games involved students coming up with global issues and finding the solutions of those problems. The ideas were presented in creative ways by making models, charts and posters.

There were five teams each of 10 to 11 participants who later presented their solutions to the judges. Meanwhile, the teachers and counsellors attended the happiness workshop organised by Professor Christopher. The next round was the Live Business Simulation Game held in ICT lab. Teams from each school had to compete against others. The game involved teams to be separated into 11 OPEQ worlds of 3 countries: Alba, Batia and Capita. The three oil producing companies had to decide the oil supply thus settling the equilibrium price for oil using the market forces of demand and supply. The goal of each team was to achieve the highest profit within 12 years. The simulation game lasted for another two hours from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The fun and interesting event ended with the closing ceremony held in the “leadership room� from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The winner and three runner-up teams were awarded with the trophies, medals and gifts. Whereas all other students received their participation certificates

October is known internationally as the 'Breast Cancer Awareness Month'. A month dedicated to honor those suffering with breast cancer, a disease that takes away the lives of millions every year. At the Oxford School, we believe in spreading awareness and so several activities were held to honor all the breast cancer survivors worldwide and spread awareness amongst our students. The month started with a brief assembly as an introduction to what the month is all about and the assembly also highlighted the importance of spreading awareness. The students were encouraged to participate in a number of activities to raise money for those in desperate need for medical funding to tackle their breast cancer. Throughout the month, students were able to purchase pink ribbons which signify breast cancer awareness

This activity was later followed by a bake sale wherein the students brought in as many food items as possible to be sold, as well as a friendly football match arranged by the senior boysâ€&#x; section, with all the funds being donated towards the „Friends of Cancer Patientâ€&#x;. The month ended with the traditional mufti day; a day where students get to spend a school day in casual clothes with a minimum fee of 10 AED, also of which were collected and donated to the hospital.

The week ended on a high note as this prompted awareness and hopefully helped in the saving lives of those in suffering.With all these activities students have collected 16,801.25 dhs , which will be donated to charitable organizations to help the cancer patients treatments

CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE We, the students of The Oxford School, got a chance to visit the North American International School on the 22nd of October 2016 for a climate change conference that was organized by Green Hope. About 8 schools participated in the conference and each spoke about how climate change affected different factors and areas of our society and environment. We were given the topic Climate Change and how it affects Women and Girls. We were given 3 minutes to give our presentation and 2 minutes to perform, in which we vocalized a poem we wrote. In addition to that, we had panel discussions in which people in their area of specialization spoke about what incentives their industries take to reduce the impacts of climate change. We were also given a presentation about what Green Hope is doing to spread awareness about our changing climate and the campaigns they conduct internationally.

We also took part in activities such as recycling collection and tree planting. We made pledges about how we are going to be responsible towards the environment. We were all categorized in different groups and had tasks such as designing a slogan and creating an eco dress, in which we got prizes for.

We got to learn a lot about how our environment is changing and what we must do to make that change positive, not only for us, but also for the next generations.

Meeting Conducted by: Ms Aisha Ansari, Ms Deepa Vinod, Ms Zaakiya Attendees: Parents Venue :MP HALL Discussion points :DSIB action plan External examinations and its impact on child‟s earning.

Our Principal Ms. Aisha Ansari has addressed the parents with a warm welcome note and shared our 2016-‟17 School Action Plan. Followed by that Head of Senior school explained school's assessment structure and also shared the details of different external examinations such as CAT4, PTE, PTM , PTS , IBT and Check point exams in English , Maths and Science. At time of the meeting parents were standardized tests oriented about benefits of these assessments and its impacts on child‟s learning. Parents were happy to know that the differentiation is happening in classes as per the data analyzed through these

CPD Reports Subject: To strengthen Bloomâ€&#x;s Taxonomy and set SMART objectives while planning a lesson On 30th of October teachers of Senior school and SMT had attended a workshop on Bloomâ€&#x;s taxonomy in the library. The session was conducted by Ms. Deepa Vinod, Head of the senior school , which focused on reinforcing the need to plan a lesson which is challenging the students and encouraging them to hone higher forms of thinking, such as analyzing and evaluating concepts, processes, procedures and principles, rather than just remembering facts (rote learning). The interactive session was geared towards helping teachers use it in developing their lessons by creating SMART lesson objective that gives a learner opportunity to ask deeper questions and challenge themselves, thus maximizes the learning

Subject : TO REINFORCE THE RATIONALE OF INNOVATION CLUB Faculty member, Ms. Preeti Manoj , Head of science department presented an important component of National agenda- Innovation and how to be innovative at all levels on 30th of October in the library. The UAE Vision of 2021 sets out the National Agenda for the UAE to be among the most innovative nations in the world. The national agenda strategy provides the UAE with a comprehensive plan to develop the entire „innovation ecosystemâ€&#x;, which extends into seven key areas of the economy: Renewable Energy, Transportation, Health, Water, Space Technology and Education. It was informed that we at Oxford School, should nurture and prepare individuals with highly innovative skills through innovative teaching and learning approaches that will produce a generation of youth that is equipped enough to establish a culture that encourages novelty and entrepreneurship.

On 15th October,2016,few of our teachers attended the workshop at The Gems World Academy,Al Barsha, Dubai on Digital Learning and Innovation. The agenda for the day was Discussion, debate and collaborate. Teachers shared ideas and best practices of utilizing digital approaches in learning. The first session was led by Mr. Phil Cosby ,who enlightened us about the educational apps that are used by the Gems group to challenge and nurture creative learning opportunities for the learn. The other interesting presentations were about Learning Bird Portal for interactive learning and GIZMO – Game based Simulation tool for Mathâ€&#x;s and Science concepts.

Presentation on SAT, ILETS & TOFL

12th OCTOBER, 2016

On 12th of October, the students of year 11, 12 and 13 were chosen to attend an orientation related the IELTS, SAT and the TOEFL. The orientation was held by the EMCAN institute and gave the students an opportunity to learn more about these exams followed by tests which the students had to take.

The tests were short example papers of the SAT exams and allowed students to experience and understand more about the SAT.

On the 4th of October, Ms. Ayesha Shanin and her team who are working hard for a big event of Expo 2020were invited to The Oxford School. They came as part of their series of nationwide academic road shows. The main purpose of these road shows are to educate young people on Expo 2020, as well as inspire and inform the students about the diverse opportunities available to them.

All the expos that have been held in the past have all had special themes and objectives. The UAE's main theme for the expo is; „Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.‟ Opportunity, mobility, and sustainability are the three main subthemes, and it is these themes that will be our main focus and targets for Expo 2020.

As mentioned above, one of the main aims of the road shows was to inform youth and get them involved in the entire process as well. The UAE is full of talented and innovative young individuals, who have the skills and flair to be able to participate and become part of Expo 2020. Youth connect is a program that is launched by the Expo 2020 team. This programme is dedicated to youth under the ages of 28, and will include many different activities, motivational speeches, etc. Youth connect is a programme that will help young individuals explore and nurture their talents and interests across a huge range of topics, through various workshops and other things. There are also many different buildings, projects, and other amazing things being planned and developed for the expo, and for the future. They are looking for volunteers of various age groups and nationalities willing to participate. Overall, the roadshow was a great experience, and our students managed to learn so much that they weren‟t aware of before.

FOOD COLLECTION DRIVE An important step in the nurturing of a child is to teach them the practice of being grateful, and this is very important to us in the Oxford school. We believe in giving back to the community and to the people who are truly in need, those bonded for the blessings we see every day. What better way to do this than by hosting a Food Collection Drive? In honour of World Food Day, which is observed on October 16,2016 every year. Oxford school studentâ€&#x;s council members started a Food Collection Drive from 16 October to 23rd October. Students council members encouraged all the students to bring canned food products such as rice, pulses, beans, powder milk, oil etc. to donate. This gave students a chance to get bigger outlook on what was happening around them, hopefully motivating them to think twice before throwing or wasting away their food. The event was a success, thanks to the numerous contributions. Lastly, the event ended with all the food collection donated to a labour camp owned by students of TOS.

Presentation for AS & A2 Students on Studying Abroad The seminar held on 23rd October in the auditorium from 11 am-12 noon and was extremely helpful. This was done by the consultants named as Gyanberry. Gyanberry is an education consultancy firm, which helps students prepare for external examinations- including preparation, having mocks and improvement tips. They help students choose a particular field and how to get to it. They also help students with applications and forms that are mandatory for when going to a foreign country to study. The representative made it very clear to us about the scope of studying in a British curriculum and its roadmap to the future. The power point presentation contained only the points which made it very easy to read quickly before they moved on. most helpful one.

SESSION ABOUT TAHARA (PURIFICATION) On 20th October 2016, Mrs. Eman Daaban from Rouyati Center visited the school and conducted an one hour Islamic session about “Tahara�for students of Year 9- Year 13 in the multi-purpose hall for secondary girls. Tahara is an Arabic word, which means (Purification). Mrs. Eman explained the role of purification in Muslim's life, and that water is the key to purification. She further explained how purification is different from cleanliness and many more Islamic concepts related to purification. Later,the questions were collected from students on papers and were answered. It was a meaningful and informative session for all the girls and they were grateful to Mrs. Eman for visiting the school.

Inter – House Math Quiz Competition One of the best parts of Math Month is the InterHouse Math Quiz Competition. On19th of October, the “Final Round” of Annual Junior Inter-House Math Quiz Competition was held in the Multi - Purpose hall . Students of Years 7 and 8 gathered together to witness the battle of the houses. Four students, two from year 7 and two from year 8 represent each house. Before they reached the final round, elimination round was conducted and the highest scorer of each house advanced to the much - awaited final round.

Each house battled enthusiastically with the five rounds of competition: Ice breaker, Scattegories, Buzzer round, Visual round and Rapid fire round.For every round, the battle becomes more exhilarating and more thrilling as each house were very intense to conquest. The rapid fire round left everyone amazed as the participants answered questions in quick succession. To make the competition more exciting to the audience, there were questions given to them in between rounds. Everyone waited with baited breath for the announcement of the final scores. In the end, the Sapphire house made it to the top followed by the Emerald house. The 3rd and 4th position were secured by Topaz and Ruby house respectively. The Medals and trophies were distributed by Ms. Deepa Vinod, Head of Senior school and Ms. Smriti Kulkarny, Section Head Year 7 and 8. Nonetheless, it was an enriching experience for all those involved.

The Oxford School held its first Math Symposium on 26 October, 2016 in the senior library. Objectives of this symposium was to ďƒ˜Promote student engagement in the mathematics, including projects and research (completed individually or in groups). ďƒ˜Provide students the opportunity to share and celebrate the work they have completed in the mathematics. ďƒ˜Introduce students to topics and applications of mathematics which are new to them.

Topics were: Maths &Brain ,Maths &Sustainability ,Maths & Climate ,Maths Drives Careers. The event was judged by : Ms. Aisha Thasneem – Head of Section [Yr 9-13] Ms. Indira - HOD [Humanities] Team – Omega bagged the 1st position with an outstanding performance. The 2nd position was held by Team Alpha. Ms. Deepa Vinod, Head of Senior School awarded the winners with trophies and medals.

3rd Inter-School Young Business Talent Hunt 2016

On 18th of October 2016, students of The Oxford School from the Commerce Department were given a great opportunity to join the Skyline University Business Talent Hunt Competition 2016. The three participating teams from school had prepared innovative and creative business proposals. The competition had commenced at 9:00 am in the morning with over 200 teams where they were divided separately into different rooms waiting to present along with other teams from schools across Sharjah and Dubai. There were judges from the university as well as from famous organisations that were evaluating the groupsâ€&#x; presentation. The experienced judges were given three summaries and a copy of the complete business plan for assessment. Each group had a maximum time of ten minutes to present their ideas and impress the judges, hence they had to manage their time effectively and efficiently.

The teams had countless schemes ranging from the sale of smart education software, crime prevention tools, to global applications. The groups had utilised their original concepts to enlighten their business proposal. However, despite the strong competition, we were able to utilise our well written business plan, as well as a confident and appealing presentation to grab the judgesâ€&#x; attention. It was a worthwhile yet a tough contest, showcasing our studentsâ€&#x; talents and potential. It was a good occasion for the students to become more confident, dedicated and enthusiastic by utilising their skills and specialities.

TEACH-IN DAY EXPERIENCE SHARED BY STUDENTS On October 6th, we were gathered for an Assembly arranged by the Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy. They appreciated all the students who participated for the Teach-in Day. The students who participated were called up on the stage and selected students were asked to share their experience on the Teach-in day. The Head boy encouraged all the students to participate in all the activities and be an active member of the schoolâ€&#x;s progress. He specifically stressed on to the fact that, school is not just a place for gaining education but also to develop skills to face the real world. These skills can be attained only by participating in various activities. The assembly was ended with a note of appreciation to all the Teachers who work really hard to impart knowledge onto the students.

In honor of World International Teacherâ€&#x;s Day, The Oxford School celebrated their annual teach-in day on Wednesday, 5th October, 2016. Senior students were chosen to replace teachers from Years 7-11 for the first 5 periods of the day. The student teachers were chosen from a series of applications followed by interviews taken by the student council heads and deputy-heads. They were then given confirmation letters followed by a meeting which discussed their timetables as well as taking lesson plans from their respective teachers. Each student-teacher was given an individual time-table which they had to follow for the following day. The student-teachers were asked to come in formal attire and were directed to their student staffroom, which was the A2 classroom. The students were accompanied by their respective teacher, who were in charge of offering guidance as well as evaluating their performances.

The following day on Thursday, 6th October, an assembly was organized by Team FESZ to thank the student-teachers as well as the Nujoom award winners. The student-teachers were called on stage and some were chosen to share their experiences, including what they liked most and what they disliked the most. The teach-in day was an amazing experience for everyone involved as it taught students to appreciate their teachers more after learning of their hardships as well as teach students to be more responsible.

TREASURE HUNT On 26th OCTOBER, 2016, a much awaited, a very interesting and enthusiastic Treasure Hunt Activity was conducted during second and third lesson The students who were involved in Treasure Hunt were divided into four teams. Each team was headed by a teacher. The involvement of students and along with their teachers in solving the questions and hints to reach the place where treasure was hidden was spectacular and amazing. It was really a healthy game that is a combination of present mindedness, and Physical and Mathematical skills. This activity focused on observation and description as well as creative interpretation. The winners of the treasure hunt students found a gift as a treasure they competitively looked for, and were the first ones to reach there. Finally the treasure was found by the team consists of Shariffa , Mushtaba ,Saqib and Euvganiawho were guided by Ms. Jemima

The winning team was awarded by a treasure box full of gifts and chocolates by Ms. Aisha Thasneem . Runner up team was TEAM-2 guided by Mr Manoj & Christopher The complete activity was conceived, designed and planned by Zainab Khokar & Salma Moutasim coordinated by Soha Mohammad & Rawan Adel under the guidenace of Ms. Lathika Nair The Treasure Hunt Activity was successful because of the immense support and encouragement given by Ms.Aisha Thasneem ,Seconday Supervisor and Ms. Dhannya , Maths HOD.

The first term PTM was conducted on 27th Oct 2016. Teachers discussed about CAT 4 assessment and their childâ€&#x;s performance. They also discussed about forthcoming IBT assessment and suggested them the ways and approach for further improvements and they understood the importance of learning so as to balance their curriculum for a holistic development. Many parents appreciated school authorities for their constant help and support in academic as well as non- academic areas. Parents were happy with the teacher support provided to the student in exhibiting their talents in their own area of interest. Parents felt that children are encouraged to study on regular basis and not take undue stress during examination. PTM went off smoothly. The overall turnout was good.

UAE National Agenda and Happiness – Collaborative Planning Session Written by Ms. Jamima To wake up late on a Sunday morning, great news. To go one hour late to school, the best news. A non instructional day for students, music to my ears. But wait!! The best was yet to come. On 30th October, 2016, I reached school, met my colleagues each quizzing the other, What is the agenda for today?? We headed to the Senior library, expecting a regular meeting where we would be required to listen and be instructed. I was busy thinking about my starter for the next dayâ€&#x;s class, notebooks to check and which movie to catch up tonight. Curiosity piqued up like an antenna as I observed the hush hush discussions around me. What are we going to do today??

I felt excited like a child on her first day at school. Our Senior School head, Ms.Deepa welcomed us with a bright and happy smile. I could feel the restless energy around the room as all our thoughts were perked up with one question, what do we know about the clubs at Oxford? Each of the groups listed the various clubs at school which were launched with the help of Mentors assigned for the clubs. The Clubs are: 1. Bio Farming club mentored by Ms Deepa Cherian and Ms. Ambili 2. Sustainability Club – Ms. Sukhaina Ali 3. Young entrepreneurship club- Ms.Veena 4. School of Future – Mr.Christopher 5. Innovation Club- Ms.Lata Ganisetty 6. Literati Club- Ms. Jemima, Ms.Akifa and Ms.Anuradha.

Mission and Vision: Mentors of each club presented their clubâ€&#x;s objectives and visions in a nutshell, with some variations, the gist is as given below: Creating a learning environment for students where they explore creative use of their strengths and face their challenges open mindedly. Design activities beyond the classroom by imbibing international minded values to develop citizens of tomorrow. Ensure active participation of students by creating challenging, differentiated learning engagements for students to make them confident risk takers, responsible, expressive thinkers who are aware of their roles as students and individuals. Collaborative planning and implementation of standards and practices in activities to create a window to the world through global perspectives to local and international issues. As members of Oxford, we are proud to be a part of these clubs which encourage active participation of students and their involvement ensures all these aspects to permeate into their mindsets creating International minded 21st Century learners.

Then came the breeze of innovation. Ms.Deepa asked us to connect the individual clubs to each other and to the UAE National Agenda and Happiness project. Bang! Boom! Smash! Ideas sizzled across the room. That explained the charts and markers!! The Process: UAE National agenda gives ample scope for the clubs to explore various aspects of studentsâ€&#x; creativity and innovation. Assorted perceptions took shape, discussions and debates to represent the connections in the best possible way. It reminded me of the same creative vibes that reverberate through the class room as students engage in collaborative sessions with disparate designs measured and calculated to bring out the optimum conclusion The main idea to relate Clubs to UAE National Agenda was successful as the different perceptions interlaced together to put UAE on an international forum, to be the best in the world in education, health and safety. The UAE Government wants to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment and to achieve a perfect balance between economic and social development. The process of creating exciting associations between seemingly independent clubs was a refreshing activity.

Creative Connections: School of future, where we use digital approaches to learning, digital assessments and evaluations linked with the Young entrepreneurship club as the fiscal budgeting and sales pitches can be designed by the members of this club. Innovation is in every aspect of our day to day learning which is directly linked to the Literati club where the students use reading skills and independent research to design new ideas and develop prototypes and record their design processes. Usage of I pad for learning creates happy opportunities for students to encourage innovation. Innovation and Sustainability are directly proportional to the Entrepreneurship club where the students work out feasible ideas to develop economically sustainable projects. Literati Club explores the happiness quotient through the Project- City of stories where students use innovative techniques to interview immigrants from various countries who have made UAE as their home and have led a sustainable lifestyle in UAE.

Health and safety which is a highlight of UAEâ€&#x;s National Agenda is encouraged by all these clubs. Relation between Bio farming, Young Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability club use creative concepts to create environment friendly farming techniques with marketing strategies to gain optimal financial returns. Utilization of 3Râ€&#x;s conceptReduce, reuse, recycle to reduce wastage by recycling organic and paper wastes to create compost for sustainable fertile farms. All in all, it was a great day of learning, innovation, technology and collaboration. It was interactive and different from all other CPDs conducted so far. At the end of the day, I felt a warm feeling of belonging to this world of innovative learning. I almost wished I was a student at Oxford School.

Birthday Celebration: as we all are encouraging the idea of Happiness in UAE as a part of that initiative Oxford School have started celebrating Birthdays of the staff every month. in the month of October. Birthday cake was cut by the teachers and birthdayâ€&#x;s songs were sung by all other staff and as a small gesture they were given customized Birthday Cards and pen as a souvenir. This happiness drive will continue in all the upcoming months and will increase positivity & happiness all over.

Wetex and Dubai Solar Show 2016 On 6th of October 2016, senior members ofThe Oxford School‟s Sustainability Club visited the Wetex Exhibition at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre - the perfect platform to depict how all sorts of energy can be saved and sustained for our future generations. They had displays of upcoming and proposed projects. 9:00– 9:40 –We boarded the bus at 9 the Exhibition Centre while we had a short meeting amongst the members on thoughts of saving water and energy and views on what the exhibition would be. 9:40 – 10:30–We reached our destination by 9:40. We were directed to World Green Economy Summit, part of Wetex 2016.The panel discussion highlighted the need for sustainable plans, projects and energy reduction and green Dubai. A very fruitful panel discussion.

10:30 – 12:00–We moved tothe Wetex Exhibit Halls where we saw humongous models of upcoming sustainable building and plantsthat will empower the city of Dubai and learnt why these changes would be important for our future generation.We also received miniature plants as souvenir by The Sustainable City. 12:00 – 1:15–We represented the Oxford School at The Dubai Solar School Seminar: During the seminar, all the attendees were briefed on how ten pilot schools have initiated the project; the main benefits they are offering to school; the roles of the school, government, financing organizations and contractors and how a major change is underway. We were also briefed about the School Competition that was launched. 1:15 – 1:30–We were invited to the, The Solar Movie, a documentary: Before signing off, we were invited to see a short documentary how solar panels save energy consumption and the importance of the sun‟s rays and the impact of its energy t our planet Earth and the consequences if the sun loses its energy. Once the documentary ended, we boarded our school bus and drove back to school. It was really wonderful and enriching experience.

“What WOrks happiness”

Date: 24th October, 2016 Venue: Emirates Aviation University, Dubai Academic City, The Government of Dubai, KHDA, organized a daylong event with the theme – Happiness. “We will seek to create a society where our people‟s happiness is paramount, by sustaining an environment in which they can truly flourish. - HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum The logo of the event – a sunflower – symbolizes how the flower moves and grow with the sun, getting nourishment from its light and warmth. It teaches us to look to the positive so that we can grow and transform teaching and learning in Dubai. Just as the sunflower looks towards the sun, if we focus on our individual strengths, we cancreate an alignment of strengths that makes our weaknesses irrelevant.

Many different workshops were organized with the fundamental idea of sharing how various schools in Dubai are creating a positive environment among their teaching learning community. 1. The Dubai Future Accelerator Program This showcased two different organizations – the Pixel Bud – which is working with the Dubai government to promote a positivity in Primary Arabic. The second was the Labstar organization which is creating hi-tech gadgets for engaging students in science. E.g. a virtual world goggles that allow learners to experience virtual environments and experiments in sciences safely with real time instructions. 2 How we do happiness by Swiss International School This showcased a successful approach to create a holistic environment within the school community by catering to the concepts of healthy and sustainable living, holistic learning, a positive environment and innovative learning.

3. Ten Characteristics of Good Schools by Barnaby Lenon Chairman of Independent Schools‟ Council, Mr. Barnaby has over 34 years‟ experience and shared his knowledge of the common characteristics evident in all good schools. 4. The Minister of Happiness Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi shared her views on how the UAE came to include Happiness in its agenda. She shared her experience in Bhutan – a country that measures prosperity by gauging its citizens' happiness levels, not the GDP – and how this small nation‟s happiness measure has inspired the Happiness quotient in the UAE. 5. How GRIT leads to success and happiness by DPS Dubai The school was inspired by Angela Duckworth, a MacArthur “genius” grant winner, researcher, and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, to include her concepts in motivating students to aim higher and attain more in academics as well as life. Overall, it was a very fruitful experience and the learning and ideas acquired there have been shared amongst the SMT members in our school.



Azaan Competition Azaan in Islam has a great significance. This is an appeal from an individual soul to the soul of humanity to turn to Allah. The Azaan competition was organized to bestow the importance of Azaan and respect of a Muezin in our students. The objective behind the competition was to encourage the students to show case their talent and take pride in being a Muezin of the school. The competition was a success with 15 students participating and 3 winners with their beautiful and heart touching voice.

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Newsletter october